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Lady Tialait
2007-12-09, 01:46 PM
thease Deities are some of my players who just reached level 35..and defeated a long term quest for godhood...so look and enjoy

Enigma (Lesser)
SoulCrusher, Dwarf's Bane, Bob (don't ask)
(Has No true alignment) LE, NE, CE
Enigma is a high elf who is a god of time knowledge abission and power at any cost. He appers as a Tall dark cloaked figure that looms darkly over the world. His clergy teaches all things are resourse and to always look for advancement. Even tho often evil they are told that palidins are very good meatshields and must be found and traveled with. the highest skill of the order is to learn the skill of crushing a soul for the energy inside.

Domians: Destruction, Time, and Knowlage

Quests: Enigma covets souls, and protects incurtions of the future to modern times. his quests include:
killing 100 peaple and harvesting their souls.
Finding great warrirors and setting them down a path so they might kill large amounts of peaple
Distroying objects made by gnomes that Enigma decides shoulding be here

Allies: Devils, Devorerors, and High level Bards.
Enigma's Harald is a Devoreror with 15 bard levels.
Enigma's Favored weapon is the BattleAxe

Ivan Awfullich (Lesser)
Knight of the First, Knight of the Second, The Armory, Meatshield
LG only
Ivan Awfullich is a God of Just Battle. Once a Palidin of Heronious his power grew so large that he was elevated to godhood. As such he swore that he wold help Heronious in any way possible but had to tend to his new worshipers.
Domains: War, Good, and Strength

Quests: The Chruch of Ivan is small but dedicated. It's quests include
Wage War on a Kingdom that harbors criminals.
Save a Fallen Comrade
Find lost weapons before they fall in the wrong hands.

Ivan's Allies are: Gold Dragons, Archons and Coatls
Ivan's Hearald is a Coatl with 15 levels of SwordSage
Ivan's Favored Weapon is the Longsword

Li Ping(Lesser)
Nameless Monk
CN, TN, or LN
Li Ping is a Thrikreen with extrodenary life. He has been a monk most of his life but attaining full enlightenment and becomeing perfect souled his mind started to collapse he was possed by a 'Warlock' by the name of Arrodimillo who tought him the ways of Chaos. Now a Warlock himself and a begining Wildmage he has begun to obtain the startings of Divinity.
Domians: Law, Chaos, and Strangth

Quests: the quests for Li Ping Inculde
Founding Collages for the unique chaos style of fighting.
Recovering a lost peice of Arrodimillo's Soul
Recovering lost creations of Arrodimillo

Li Ping's Allies are Sladdi, Modrons, and Githzeri
Li Ping has no Harled. He either comes to you personally or sends a messager
Li Ping's Favored weapon is Unarmed Strike

These Three Deities work together to finish unfisnished busness (I hope I put this in the right area..sorry if i posted it in the wrong area) I wanted to see if i Missed anything in writeing a Deity block. And see if anyone has any opoionion