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2007-12-11, 10:51 PM
I'm a sucker for Magic:The Gathering fluff. How they can constantly make exhilarating settings and make cards about it is far beyond my brain. Now for the topic...
Lorwyn looks like an interesting setting for a D&D campaign. I once made a topic here about a year and a half ago about help making a Ravnica setting and I got tremendous amounts of high-quality ideas and feedback. I know that some races will need a level adjustment of some type (giants, treefolk, and maybe faeries) and the D&D equivalent of some races isn't accurate to Lorwyn fluff. So I ask the GitP forums, how would you stat Lorwyn? I'd prefer not making a new system or chopping up 3.5 to small meaty chunks.

DJ Scrub
2007-12-12, 01:56 AM
I don't think that Lorwyn is really a very good setting. It's a plane where nothing really bad ever happens. The races are all caricatures of the fluffy side of themselves. Goblins are still tricky, but instead of killing a comrade and sliding down a hill on his dead body for a slight combat advantage, they are now... stealing pies out of windows? It seems to me like you could use existing rules for all races and classes and just take all the nastiness out of the setting. Give your players missions like, "Poke the giant in the nose and laugh when he does his angry dance." That would pretty much capture it.

2007-12-12, 12:02 PM
First of all: There are nine races in Lorwyn. Their D&D counterparts are Merfolk, Pixies, Goblins, Gnomes, Elves, Treants, Giants, Homebrew Race for Flamekin, and Changelings.
Merfolk: Not much to change, other than favored class to druid. Take away the +2 to Dex and Con and add the half-elf's Diplomacy/Sense Motive bonuses to that +2 Cha so as to eliminate the LA. Alignment: Usually Lawful neutral.
Pixies: Going to need to nerf these some, such as removing greater invisibility. Their abilities should revolve around the enchantment and illusion schools of magic, and favored class shall be bard. Not sure on specifics. Oh, yeah: Alignment to Always CE.
Goblins: Change the bonus on Ride to a bonus on Sleight of Hand, and you have it made. Alignment usually CN.
Gnomes: Bonus on attack rolls shifts from kobolds to fey, and remove their spell-like abilities in favor of 1/day: detect thoughts on willing kithkin/gnome, 3/day: Guidance on another kithkin/gnome. Change the Listen bonus to a bonus on the Knowledge skill of choice, and make their alignment LG. Also, their deity is Cenn1, who's domains are Law, Good, Protection, Knowledge, and possibly Community.
Elves: Lorwyn's elves can sleep just like anyone else, so we'll remove the anti-enchantment tricks along with their automatic proficiencies in favor of an increased land speed, due to their hooves. Change the favored class to Ranger, alignment to LE, and deity's domains to Law, Evil, Glory and Purification.
Treants: Other than a drastic reduction of speed and a shift toward true neutral, not much to say. Perhaps their young are Assassin Vines?
Giants: Although they'll be called Giants, use the Ogre stats for simplicity. Make their favored class cleric, and their deity's domains being Travel, Dream, Knowledge, and Oracle.
Changelings: The halflings of Lorwyn. Don't change anything, but make sure there are other types of changelings that favor nonsentient forms to sentient.
Homebrew Flamekin: Working off the base of dwarves, remove Con bonus for Elemental (fire) type, remove stability for increased speed of 30 ft, remove saving throw bonuses against spells and add vulnerabilities against drowning for Fire Resistance = HD, remove racial attack bonuses and Appraise bonus to take away Cha penalty, remove Darkvision for low-light vision, change dodge bonus to be against elves, and change favored class to Scout. Alignment NG, deity domains Good, Earth, Fire, and Travel.

Other than these races, lots of shapeshifters, homebrew elementals of a different sort, goats, wolves, and whatever deer the elves ride. Random encounters may include a malicious faerie clique, an elven hunting pack, boggart thieves, a feral elemental, feral hounds, or a changeling trying out a predatory form. More to come as requested.

2007-12-12, 12:06 PM
It's a plane where nothing really bad ever happens. The races are all caricatures of the fluffy side of themselves.

I can think of the minor things that each race does could somehow go into an overlaying plot. The changelings are rampantly replacing young. Goblins are stealing more than just pies and silverware. Giants wanting to expand their lairs and having other communities in the way.
It seems that a party could only consist of one race or a race and any "ally" races. Off the top of my head, I remember Giants and Kithkin being allies as well as some Faeries and Goblins.

2007-12-12, 12:44 PM
It seems that a party could only consist of one race or a race and any "ally" races. Off the top of my head, I remember Giants and Kithkin being allies as well as some Faeries and Goblins.

Merrow: Get along with Kithkin, Faeries, and Flamekin. Indifferent to all others.
Faeries: Get along with Merrow, Boggarts, and Elves. Hate Giants. Indifferent to all others.
Boggarts: Get along with Faeries, Changelings, and Flamekin. Hate Elves, Treefolk, and Kithkin. Indifferent to Merrow, and Giants.
Kithkin: Get along with Merrow, Giants, Elves, and Treefolk. Hate Boggarts and Faeries. Indifferent to Flamekin and Changelings.
Elves: Get along with Faeries, Treefolk, and Kithkin. Indifferent to Merrow. Hate all others.
Treefolk: Get along with Kithkin and Elves. Hate Flamekin and Boggarts. Indifferent to all others.
Giants: Get along with Kithkin. Hate Faeries and Elves. Indifferent to all others.
Flamekin: Get along with Boggarts and Merrow. Hate Elves and Treefolk. Indifferent to all others.
Changelings: Get along with Boggarts. Hate Elves. Indifferent to all others.

Plot points: Flamekin rebelling against the Elves, new Boggart Auntie getting aggressive in search for sensations, elementals disrupting the Merrow Lanes, all the giants wake up at the same time, and finally Colfenor did it.