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There is no true beach that touches the shore of the Isle of Scales in its place is a 100 foot tall rock face cliff surrounding the island, carved on the face of cliff wall are runes to any who can read draconic they say Do Not Pass. After the initial cliff face there is a flat base to the island approximately 200ft from the cliff to the start of the islands great mountain range that circles the island. There are a few valleys that meet at the base however these are the most dangerous ways to pass threw the Scale Mountains. After the mountains lies the a tropical forest living off of rivers that flow despite never flowing in to the waters of the sea and having no apparent reason to keep flowing. The waters emerge from the center of the island where lies a mountain that some claim is the highest on the material plane. This is the Isle of Scales as the people of the outside world call it. Its legends are many its survivors are few.

Flora and Fauna
The plants of the island lie in the tropical forests, many of the trees are thousands of years old. People from the outside world will not recognize any of the plants that lie in the woods; even the most well learned Druid will be unable to deify even the most common flower in the wood, outside this island the plants have been extinct for millennia. The flowers of the plants are of brashly violent colors, as if they wish to scream for attention. The canopy reaches hundreds of feat into the sky the trees having grown for many years each one fighting for sunlight.

The living creature of the island with the exception of the islands many insects all share one thing in common they are all reptilian. Like the plants the species are a throw back to times long gone most no longer living outside the island. Small Geckos and lizards take the place or rodents in a normal wood or rainforest. Over the head of travelers flying lizards glide over eerily. Giant lizards prowl the forest climbing trees acting as the top of the food chain. The most dangerous of these beasts are told of in tails by the few that survived the island as Green Fangs, Displacer Dragons and one survivor claims there is one beast that can not be seen with the naked eye.

The wild animals may be a danger but the thing that kills most that come to the island are said to be what outsiders call the Greater Kobolds. This title, uncreative as it is, is correct for this race of reptilians. The Great Kobolds call them selves the Ioirtho, in their draconic dialect its meaning is “secret keepers of Io”. They are the masters of the island sent to protect its secrets by Io who selected them among all the other races as worthy of guarding the island. According to there stories they came to the island when Io called to them to protect something that he stored on the island. They did not ask the great god what this valuable treasure was they only obeyed the call of Io. For this obedience Io made the Ioirtho stronger and larger more able to protect the island then normal Kobolds could. Any who step foot past the shore of the island are enemy of the Ioirtho, they give no warning and no mercy. They kill quickly when possible, but like all Kobolds they leave traps all over there land killing many slowly. The bodies of dead outsiders are cremated; no skull of a trespasser is left to defile the sacred land of Io. The Ioirtho use there knowledge of magic, mastery of the crossbow and their dominance of the creatures of the island to protected it. The greatest of there number become what outsiders call Scaled Knights, or what they call Arrkissten; fighters who use magic, crossbow and mount to quickly kill all who step foot on the island.

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