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The Queen-less Hive


We spent days drifting on the high seas on our makeshift raft. Trying in vein to fish with Urgan's spear. After what seemed like an eternity we finally spotted land. We were far from civilized lands and the island could contain any kind of horrors. That did not stop us from using what little energy we had to hit the beach.

As we lay there on that narrow beach, laughing and crying, there was a rustle in the nearby woods. Before we had time to realize what happened, a monstrous scorpion rushed up to us, it's stinger ready in the air. We tried to flee, as we were too exhausted to fight the monster. Suddenly, it cried in agony and stopped it's charge.

Three giant spiders, carrying what appeared to be humanoid insects, circled the scorpion, confusing it into trying to attack every target at once. The humanoids were throwing boomerangs and strange flasks containing sickly green liquid. They worked in perfect harmony and the scorpion quickly fell.

Afterwards, I cast a spell, allowing me to communicate with the strange insect-men. I learned they called themselves Darmians and we were invited to their village for shelter.

In the months to come, we learned a lot about the island and it's inhabitants. Somehow, insectoids evolved on this island, creating a unique habitat."

The Darmians

"These Darmians are an amazing species. I can safely assume they evolved from the common ant. Somewhere along the line of evolution, they lost their ability to breed queens, losing their telepathic bond as well. Eventually, they created a society similar to us humans."

Physical Description

Darmians look very much like upright walking ants. They have a chitinous shell covering their soft flesh. This chitin is mostly colored dark brown or black. Only four of the usual six limbs developed for the Darmians, leaving two short and redundant "arms" at their waist. They are unable to use these limbs.

Their face is fully covered in chitin, with a slightly crested and more developed chitin on the top on their skull. Darmians have large, black eyes and antennae extend out of their forehead. On the sides of their mouths are pincers, used to feeding.


Most Darmians are infertile females. Males are rare and revered, for they are the ones able to insure the future of the Darmian race. A village only holds one male and if another one is born, it will leave the village when he has come of age. He will take a following of both fertile and infertile females and found a new village.

Despite their reverence, males hold no power in Darmian society. Their only purpose is to breed. It is the eldest of the fertile females who is the sole leader. The number of fertile females depends on the village. The smallest can have only two fertiles, while the largest might have twenty. These females are the diplomatic organ of the Darmians.

Darmians are highly militant. While most infertiles are regular workers, every one of them is a trained warrior. In combat they use complicated tactics, circling giant vermin on the backs of trained spiders. They also deploy scatter maneuvers when attacked by Ventak (described later).


The Darmians look for elevated clearings on the island. They favor areas with fresh water and nearby woods, for foraging.


Darmians are usually lawful due to their militant organization and strict social structure. Due to the fact that they have had no interaction with other races, beside the Ventak, they have little concept of good or evil.


Darmians have no concept of religion, although their males are worshipped as gods.


Darmians are naturally curious, willing to share what shelter and supplies they have. They have explored most of the island, except the areas where Ventak are concentrated.

Due to their militant nature, most Darmians are of a martial class. There are also a number of Darmian druids. Clerics are non-existent among them, while wizards and sorcerers are rare.

Monstrous Humanoid: Darmians are not subject to spells or effects that affect humanoids only, such as charm person or dominate person.
+2 Wisdom, -2 Charisma: Darmians are skilled survivors, but their isolation has made them untrained in social interaction.
Darmian base land speed is 30 feet.
Chitin: Darmians have a chitinous exoskeleton, granting them a +2 natural armor bonus to AC.
Antennae: The antennae of a Darmian gives her the Scent ability. It also grants her Blind Fight as a bonus feat.
Weapon Familiarity: A Darmian treats any Hive weapon as a Martial weapon, rather than an Exotic weapon. (Hive weapons are described later)
Vermin Affinity (Ex): Darmians hold a close link with their vermin cousins. This enables them to train a vermin's instinctive mind. A Darmian treats any creature listed as Vermin without an Intelligence score, as a creature with an Intelligence score of 2. This allows them to be trained and ridden into combat. However, because of this same reason, Darmians have trouble interacting with mammals and regular animals. They treat any creature listed as Animal with an Intelligence score of 2, as having an Intelligence score of 1. Any Animals with an Intelligence score of 1 are treated as having no score, thus making them untrainable for a Darmian.
In addition, Darmian Rangers and Druids are able to select Vermin as an animal companion, instead of Animals.
Automatic Languages: Darmian. Bonus Languages: Any.
Favored Class: Ranger
Level Adjustment: +0

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What happened before the wreck? Who is we?:smallconfused:

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"We" is a group of adventurers. I'm writing the brunt of the post in a Robinson Crusoe kind of style. The adventurers are reporting their view on the island.

By the way, a quick overview of the island in teaser form:

All creatures on the island are vermin, or vermin based humanoids (the habitat). Something has caused the vermin to evolve and overtake mammals as the dominant species (the secret).

There will be two new playable races: The Darmians, a militant, ant-like race and the Ventak, a selfish, sneaky wasp-like race who feed on the Darmians (the inhabitants)

A number of Darmian weapons and armor statted out, collectively know as Hive armory. Most of these are chitin based weapons. There will also be a special magic item/artifact. (the treasure)