View Full Version : The Matrix d10

2007-12-14, 05:13 PM
I've been thinking about converting the 1st edition Exalted system over into the basis for a Matrix RPG. I feel that the awesomeness inherent in Exalted would do well to represent the cool action that the Matrix trilogy had.

So far, though, I've run into a couple problems.

The first is fairly simple: I don't feel that Virtues work in a Matrix setting, so I want to remove them from the game, but Virtues are hardwired into the Essence and Willpower system, which I want to keep.

The second is a little more complex. Some of the Exalted backgrounds don't make sense in the Matrix. Who needs Resources? Either you can requisition it in Zion, hack it into the Matrix, or it just can't be gotten. Familiar just plain can't work, and Artifact is also in a sad state. Since they have to go, what should I replace them with?

Any suggestions?