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2007-12-15, 01:34 PM
This is my homebrew setting I intend to use in a few months. I am thinking of using the Mazes & Minotaurs system as my setting is mostly based around ancient greece and I like the simple feel of it. This is what I got so far. I was hoping to get some critical comments on how to improve it and maybe get some more ideas for possibly more cities/islands as I intend to make this a kind of Odessey like campaign with the characters moving from island to island trying to return home.

This is my homebrew setting I intend to use in a few months. I am thinking of using the Mazes & Minotaurs system as the setting is mostly based around ancient greece. This is what I got so far:


The city of Sagros
Size: Average
Special: Temple to Apollo, with a wise oracle. Best wine in the region.
Regime: Council of priests of Apollo rule the city.
Peace: Average
Prosperity: Peaceful
-All goods made of metal or stone cost 20% more since there are no mines on the island.
-Wine costs 50% less.
Happiness: The commoners are generally content.
Justice: There is some corruption.

The city of Sagros has been in war with Aitheles until 20 years ago a huge fire destroyed Aitheles almost completely. The fire was started by the warlock known as Caratacus, who's family was native to Sagros. After the fire Caratacus went to Sagros, expecting a reward for what he had done. The citizens of Sagros were affraid of him and sent him away as they feared he might do it again with their own city. Caratacus was banished with his wife and son to the small island known as Kakios.

Nowadays Aitheles lies in ruins and all survivors of the fire founded a new city, Aithelones.

The city of Spasion
Size: large
Special: Best pottery of the region comes from Spasion. There is a minority of Centaurs, Hexapods, and other non-humans in the city.
Regime: Democracy; All free male humans (so no non-humans) meet at the agora to do politics.
Peace: Currently at war with Cumolus
Prosperity: Very Rich
-The population is quit high so mercenaries cost 10% less to hire.
-Blacksmiths are very common and the quality is high. All non-weapon metal goods cost 20% less.
Happiness: Currently Unhappy because of the war.
Justice: The courts and officials are obsolutely impossible to bribe, sway or threaten

The city of Spasion is one of the biggest cities of the region. Art and Science are thriving and the city has one of the best justice systems. There is a democracy, one of the first and only of its kind. Racism(Speciesism) is minimal although non-humans do not yet have the right to vote. Spasion isn't as military focusses as the other city-states. The Cumolian empire has been trying to take over the island of Lybra for the past 30 years, but every timie the small army of Spasion is aided in the war by Epaphroditos, Aithelones and Aothm. The high priests of Sagros decided not to join in the war.
Note: Spasion is highly based on ancient Athens

The city of Aothm
Size: Small
Special: The city is often plagued by Cyclopes from the southern parts of the island and Hexapods from the sea.
Regime: A king rules the city, the House of Locusai Minor
Peace: Average, aids Spasion in the war.
Prosperity: Very Poor
-No luxury good (artwork, perfumes, jewels etc).
-Most food is taken away by the war or by the many raids of monsters. Food costs twice as much.
-Weapons are expensive. They cost twice as much here, because most of them are used up in the war.
Happiness: Unhappy
Justice: There is some corruption

The city is very poor and it regurly suffers from raids of Cyclopses and Hexapods.

Epaphroditos, the isle of Draco
Size: Average
-The king, Draco, is very famous.
-There is a great temple to Zeus in the city.
Regime: A king rules the city, the house of Draco
Peace: Constant war with the Hexapods from the sea, also aids Spasion.
Prosperity: Very Poor
-No luxury good (artwork, perfumes, jewels etc).
-Most food is taken away by the war or by the many raids of monsters. Food costs twice as much.
-Weapons are expensive. They cost twice as much here, because most of them are used up in the war.
Happiness: Happy
Justice: There is some corruption

Draco the Great has managed to build up a strong military force to protect his island from the regular raids of Hexapods. They often try to attack the city, but Draco has managed to keep them away from the island.
Note: This city is based around Sparta.

The Hexapods
They have a human upper body and six tentaclelike "legs" They live in the sea and worship Poseidon. They are a very warlike and aggresieve species and constantly attack everyone who enters their territory.

The Woods of Idalos
These woods are inhabited by barbarian (Celtic) tribes and centaurs. These centaurs are wild, unintelligent and do not try to communicate with humans or other species at all and they are hostile to everyone. The barbarians do not worship the Olympian Gods. These woods are named after the barbarian king Idalos, who slew 3 Chimeras single handedly.

These woods are inhabited by Nymphs and centaurs. The centaurs are far more civilizes than their cousins from Idalos. They are literate and play music. They are also more intelligent.

Kakios is a small mostly uninhabited island. They say there is an abandoned shrine of Poseidon somewhere on the island with a great treasure for those who find it, a Cup of Perpetual Sustenance. It is said that the sun of Caratacus still lives somewhere on the island.

Cumolian Empire
Not yet sure, maybe more focussed around Romans, but might also be Persians.

The sacred island of Artemis. This island is only inhabited by priestesses of Artemis and no one else may enter.

Size: Small
Special: The Musaelian games are the best known games in the region. They are held in honor of the goddess Hera. The games are financed by all participating city-states. You may only enter if your city has payed.
Regime: A council of magicians rules the city.
Peace: Very Peaceful.
Prosperity: Normal
-The fields around Musaeles are barren. Food must be imported and that is why it costs twice as much.
-Horses of the best quality are trained in Musaeles. A Horse costs 10% less.
Happiness: happy
Justice: There is a strong justice

This small city is ruled by a council of the 3 most powerful sorcerers. Each year near the city games are held in honor of Hera. During these games all the athletes visit Musaeles and rest there.

Other smaller islands
North-Eastern Island of Pollonia
The island is ringed by high cliffs, no sandy beaches, big waves. Difficult to get near with a boat and find an easy way to get on land. There are some villages on the island, but they are fully self-sustainable and their is no communication with the islanders. They have never seen outsiders before. There are almost no men on the island as they are regurly sacrificed to apeace an evil wicked minor goddess, who actually is a normal human sorceress. The island is filled with odd statues, automatons, crafted by the evil priestesses of the goddess. They enslave the villagers and make sure no one starts an uproar. The island is also inhabited by a small group of highly intelligent serpent men, but they live in deep caves and do not know about what is happening above ground.

Iphles is a relatively flat island surrounded by coral reefs. This forms a real hazard to ships and only an expert navigator and experienced mariner might spot the reefs in time. The island has big smooth sandy beaches and the rest of the island is largely filled with forests. In these forest are 1 or 2 small communities of Sylvans. They are very peaceful and very friendly to humans doing everything to make them stay for as long as possible, even turning hostile when the human guests finally decide to leave. The island is also filled with old abandoned mines, relatively near the beach. They were abandoned long ago. They make an excellent place to rest. On the island there is also a small population of unicorns.

Raxos and Phobos
The Eastern coast of Raxos is ringed by high cliffs, while the north-werstern has smooth beaches. On the island, the city of Sothia and and the surrounding villages suffer from the harsh rule of Satyrs. Crime is at large in the city as there are no laws at all, the tyrant Satyrs have decided so. The citizens are very unhappy and try to rebel, but this is hard. All old temples are destroyed and a new one, for Pan, has been created. All goods are expensive because the Satyrs do not allow import and export (10% cost increase of all gods).

Phobos is smaller than Raxos and has smoth beaches. There are some small communities of apemen and the ruins of an old human city, propaply long ago destroyed in a war with these same apemen. Stories go that on this island Heronethes, the son of Oceanos was born to a mortal mother. Her name has long been forgotten. Somewhere in the ruins a Phoenix lives and breeds.

Imagos, the island kingdom
Size: Large
-The city has a good economy with many import and export from outside the Heronethian islands, such as with Platanis.
-The patron deity of the city is god Bes, a small ugly gnomish god.
-In honor of him there are gladiatorial games each month. These games are a huge event where slaves who trained their entire lives fight with each other and beasts.
Regime: Monarchy
Peace: Very Peaceful.
Prosperity: Very Rich
-There is a rather high population. Mercenaries cost 10% less.
-Ships are made of the best quality and cost 20% less.
Happiness: Verry Happy
Justice: Adamant Justice

Alright, so I am using the Mazes & Minotaurs system. I have decided to allow the following classed: Archer, Amazons, Barbarians, Centaurs, Elementalists, Hunters, Lyrists, Mariners, Nobles, Priests, Sorcerers, Spearmen, Thieves.

The following classes I might use myself for NPCs, but decide not to use them, unless I am sure a players can handle them: Cavalrymen, Nymphs, Tritons

I've decided also to use Background Talents from M&M companion.