View Full Version : Panels?

2007-12-15, 09:01 PM
I hate to sound like a total noob, but how do you do panels in a webcomic and divide a page up into 8 or so even panels with lines separating them?

2007-12-15, 09:48 PM
Depends on how you're going to format the comic.

You can use the line feature, make sure the lines are going to be nice and big, and draw a bunch of lines to resemble the edges of panels. If you want the lines to be uneven, and you are using Paint, this is the best choice. If you need the lines to be straight, I've found holding down the shift key while drawing out your lines keeps them horizontal or vertical. If you're going to have even lines across your comic page, rule them out like a grid, and use keyboard commands rather than click'n'drag to make each line evenly-spaced.

Or, you can use the rectangle feature, draw a rectangle, and make your panel within the rectangle. Mind you, you will end up having to zoom in and make precise movements if you want the panels to be perfectly evenly-spaced, but this is probably the better option for users of Illustrator, Fireworks or Inkscape.

I should mention that copy and paste are your friends - they'll save you loads of time in having to draw each panel.

2007-12-16, 02:55 AM
I don't really split the page up, I just draw boxes using the line tool, it then makes it easier to colour then if you use the rectangle tool.