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Emperor Demonking
2007-12-16, 04:57 AM
This is a simple unofficial adventure making contest.

It'll end in around the 1st

You must design an original adventure with all that is needed to play it.

Marks will be awarded for completeness, how well the elements are put in, how original it is (all out of 10) and a maximum of 10 extra points.

Adventures must include:
A homunculus
An eversmoking bottle
A bat

And one of these three
A jealous npc
An npc with a broken leg
An npc who is in love with his weapon

An example

The missing blades
An adventure for first level characters

The heroes hear of sir Geoffry Knight who is offering his family gem worth 50 gp for anyone who can get one of his two ancestral blades back from who ever took them.

Act 1

Geoffry will meet them in the room with the other sword in. Meeting Geoffry he will grovel for them to help him, but if asked to raise his price he will say he has nothing else to give. Through this he makes it clear that he loves his weapon.
After the players agree to help, the room fills with smoke from an eversmoking bottle and the sword is stolen by the homunculus in three rounds. Meanwhile the players fight 8 bats (pg 268) If the players are finding it too hard let the bats escape.
When the players cork the bottle let them find the entrance to the tunnel. (You can leave it open or make them make a dc15 search check.)

Act 2

The tunnle goes straight on until they get to the swamp. They will see a man with brown hair and brown eyes who yells. "This should be my sword not my brother's. That is why the druid gave me a homunculus "
He then fights with his homunculus and won't listen to reason.
Fighter pg 117 level 1- feat power attack. He will attack the front rown combatents in turn.
homunculus pg 154

Any takers?