View Full Version : [Isle] The Falling Mountain

2007-12-17, 12:50 AM
Isle of X entry; first participation in the design contest

We were shocked; no stories from the ports of Uhrim even approximates what we found. Sure, they tell of a mountain rising from the deep fog of the North Sea, with no manner to scale it. Not a soul has stepped onto it, they say. But we have proved them wrong.

It was a month within our sailing when we first saw it. A volcano rising high above a cloud. So we pushed for it. We cut through ice into a warmer lake and the mountain seemed so close, but a fog came over us. We could not see even the length's of our arms past the boat. But we kept north. Then a shadow fell upon us. We pushed north still.

Four days in, our mast scraped against something and snapped. We had found it, and it was over us. The mountain did not rise up from the fog; it floated over it. It took us two weeks to repair and push further. When we cleared the shadow, we saw it. Molten rock spilled out into rivers from the mountain, floating amidst the air.

They cooled in the icy air, and there they made a staircase, some hundreds of feet up. It was beyond comprehension. The mountain was floating.

This is a placeholder. More to come soon.