View Full Version : Rooster Teeth vs. LoadingReadyRun

2007-12-18, 02:29 AM
I've been tossing this idea around for a while. An all out showdown between the guys at LoadingReadyRun vs. the guys at Rooster Teeth. There are 3 rounds...

Round 1: Who do you like better? Best group chemistry, all around coolness.

Round 2: Output. Pretty much videos and comics for both.

Round 3, just because we can... A fight. LRR has Graham, Paul, Morgan, Bill, and Kathleen. RT Has Burnie, Geoff, Matt, Jason, and Gus. Who would win?

We all know it really boils down to Canada vs Texas :P

Raiser Blade
2007-12-18, 03:03 AM
Round 1: Goes to loading ready run. Overall I love the fact that they seem to be just a regular bunch of friends making funny videos.

Round 2: Rooster teeth wins. Their overall quality is better than loading ready run

Round 3: This is close. I dunno who wins.

If I had to pick I would say homestarrunner pwns all.

2007-12-18, 03:07 AM
Well, according to the website comics Rooster Teeth is pretty much composed of some random drunk Texans, so...

2007-12-18, 08:15 AM
Round 3: This is close. I dunno who wins.

LRR, because they have Kathleen. Even barring the use if her feminine wiles, she's a girl, and thus not allowed to be hit.