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2007-12-19, 10:42 PM
I've always wanted to make a good campaign world, a beleivable one. I like the "Point of Light" idea. But here's what my group and I keep noticing:

After every homebrew campaign, I swim back to Eberron or Forgotten Realms, the other guy DM goes back to Greyhawk. We keep going to premade worlds.

So, here's what I am proposing: I'll say what it is I'm starting with for this world.

There will be a village in a kingdom with a capital nearby (two day's walk). It will be a temperate climate, and the technology level will be a bit closer to Renaissance, but with trains and communication towers.

The classes I want to fit in:
The base 12.
Psionics (But not Complete Psionic)
Complete Classes
Dragon Magazine Classes
Oriental Adventures classes (Sohei, OA Samurai, Shaman)
Dragon Shaman

The races:
Core races
Psionic races
Eberron races
Incarnum races except dusklings (they are never played in my campaigns. I hate dusklings!)
Bas-Lag races
Kender & DL Minotaurs & Half-Ogres
Dragon Magazine Races, speciafically Grippli and Dvarti.

As for gods, I know we need:
Three gods for Arcanists
Three nature gods
three martial deities
three rogue deities
three psionic deities
6 deities that the average joe would follow.

These can be condensed. I already have two arcane deities:

God of Fire, Messages and Learning
Domains: Celerity, Fire, Insight, Knowledge, Magic
Favored Weapon: Dagger

God of Evolution, Life and Change
Domains: Alteration, Chaos, Life, Transformation
Favored Weapon: Whip

Tanner would be almost exclusively a player character deity, while Agba can be seen as a deity of the normal man (fire and learning).

Any ideas would be extremely helpful.
And I'll post what comes to me.