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2007-12-20, 05:18 AM
Hi!! I want to share with you, guys...
I found an excellent prog - Video UserPic . it converts video files to gif ! you can make your own avatars !! I think it'll be helpful to all =)

2007-12-20, 05:28 AM
1 I see this is your first and only post.
2 You advertise it, you give no reasons why its so great
3 that makes it awfully much like spam.
4 You didnt give an link.
5 EHmm.....Run out of things to say?

2007-12-20, 05:42 AM
1. the first, but not the only one.
2. It isn't advertising, just I wanted to share.
3. this wasn't spam.
4. Link (http://www.visifly.com/video_userpic). I didn't know how to do that....
5. what? :smallconfused:

2007-12-20, 07:00 AM
That is indeed interesting, but animated avatars and sigs have been banned, so I wouldn't say it's the most useful tool for these boards.