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Admiral Squish
2007-12-20, 08:01 AM
A new race, completely from my own imagination and obsession over the rules. This is my first homebrew, so constructive criticism is welcomed.

Kroon racial traits.

The central body of a kroon is a pill-shaped structure, about three feet long, and kept off the ground by four stout legs, each tipped in a flat, round pad covered with a biological adhesive. From the middle of the body rises a pair of long, thin arms, set upside-down, so that reaching towards the face is a downward motion. The face in mention is small, about the size of a very large soup can, with small black eyes and a wide, toothless mouth that makes a kroon look rather goofy. The head in on the end of a longish, tapered neck, and the whole creature is covered with bright green fur that glows brightly in the darkness. One would never guess these creatures sentient, as they munch on cave-fungi and sing haunting tunes.

* Medium aberration
* -2 Strength, +2 constitution While their arms are relatively thin and awkward, they themselves are sturdy and are resistant to all sorts of diseases
*Speed: 30
* Darkvision 60
* Racial Skills: +8 racial bonus to climb, a kroon can take ten on a climb check even when rushed or threatened.
* Special Attacks: Bioluminescence, Stinking wound
* Automatic Languages: Common, Kroon
* Bonus Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Undercommon, Goblin, Terran.
* Favored Class:
* Level Adjustment: +1

Bioluminescence: Kroon shed light like torches from their fur in full darkness (does not activate in low-light conditions).

Stinking wound: if a kroon takes slashing or piercing damage, their fur is cut and the bioluminescent substance is released, a foul-smelling substance, producing a ten-foot radius stinking cloud (DC15 or be sickened for 10 rounds) The scent remains around them as a centered radius effect until the damage is healed, magically or otherwise.


Lands: Kroon dwell in the darkened tunnels of the underdark, foraging on cave-fungi and particularly soft plants. They are perfectly capable of forging great cities out of the rock as their neighbors, the dwarves and the svirfrnebli do. But they find this existence just fine for them.

Alignment: Neutral good, usually. The kroon are very laid-back, they have no use for labels. They really have no order to stick to, and nothing to rebel against, either.

Relations: They tend to be viewed as odd by most races for their strange choice of living arrangements. Elves appreciate their songs, and dwarves welcome anyone who can survive in the tunnels. Humans and elves tend to have very little contact with them, though they find the tunnel-dwellers interesting. Half-orcs and half-elves can understand their solitary lifestyle, and kroon begrudge them nothing for their heritage, though few go through the trouble of tracking down the kroon. Mostly, they are left alone, and they donít really mind.

Adventurers: Kroon adventurers often happen by mistake, when a kroon wanders too close to the surface and ends up exploring. Others are those who find the usual kroon life without struggle boring and take it upon themselves to find adventure. Young kroon often have a stage of semi-rebellion before settling into the gathering life, though some never grow out of it.