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2007-12-20, 01:11 PM
This is a special alloy of iron made in Blackstone, the north-westerly technocracy in the world of Hakkaros. Blackstone is basically flat expanses of black rock punctuated by the occasional river of lava or pool of molten metal.
Blacksteel is not especially difficult to make, and is as common as normal steel in Blackstone itself. Its popularity in this harsh, hot country is its one distinguishing feature - once cooled to red-hot or cooler, it is no longer affected by heat. However hot it grows (and it conducts heat as well as normal steel would) it will not melt or buckle because of the heat. It will, however, rust, break under strain, or dent as easily as normal steel.

Wearing blacksteel armour will not protect you from fire damage. However, a blacksteel sword is impervious to fiery enemies, and Blackstonic technomancers have constructed blacksteel pods that allow for travel through the nation's underground network of magma tunnels.

My question is this - do you good people of the forum think blacksteel weapons and armour should cost more than normal. If so, how much more?

Mr. Friendly
2007-12-20, 01:28 PM
Yes it should cost more.

How much more depends on the "won't rust" quality. If you mean that it is immune to the rusting attacks of Rust Monsters and Rust Dragons, then it should, IMO cost something on the order of Mithril.

2007-12-20, 01:50 PM
He said it will rust as normal.

Anyway, i'll give it a +300 to cost. as it IS helpful, and there is no drawback, on the other hand the help is not too much. its like a weak enchantment.