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2007-12-20, 10:51 PM
It's over now. The slaughter. The bloodshed. The death. All of it is over.

I was charged with eliminating life on this forsaken planet. Janus watched these mortals with disgust for a long time. Their blatant disregard of His teachings of balance left Him with only one option; expunge this planet and begin anew. But, as a being of pure Law, He could not cause wanton death, despite being the Highest being in all of Creation.

Thus, I was instructed to do it. I serve Janus with all of my being, so I did not refuse. However, then, I did not realize the full gravity of the task in front of me.

Their screams, the thousands of cries of pain, fear, and anguish, still screech at me from Beyond. Their eyes, filled with tears of dread, still stare back into my soul. Their blood, both the damned and the innocent, still feels white hot against my skin.

But, thankfully, all of that is over. I can return home to Janus' side, and begin to forget this horrible ordeal. I plant my sword in the bloodstained earth and kneel as I call out to my Lord.

"Lord Janus! I have finished the task you have laid before me! I am ready to return to Your side!"

The sky parted, and before me, the figure of Janus stood. But something was different. Instead of His normal garments, He wore a flowing robe of pitch blackness. His second face had also disappeared; the remaining, with a stern, bearded visage, glowered coldly at me.

Around Him stood the millions of souls of those I had slain, once again staring at me with the same fearful eyes as before.

"Demon Azriel!" His voice cut through the deafening silence. "You are charged with the slaughter of the innocent!" Demon?! When did I become a demon? "You are hereby banished from My Kingdom, to live in exile on the Earth you have destroyed!"

"Lord Janus! What is the meaning of this?!" I stood up, but He had already disappeared. Once again, the horrible screams the cries of babies, the feeble moans of the elderly, the sobbing of children began to fill my ears, fill my mind. Everywhere I looked, those eyes, those judgmental eyes of Janus, stared back at me. The waters around me had turned to the white hot blood of the fallen.

"So this is my punishment for loyalty," I lamented. "Left to exile. Left to madness. Betrayed by my Lord."

I now walk through the ruins of once great cities. Their walls are splattered with the grim reminder of what I had done.

2007-12-20, 11:06 PM
Awesome, are you going to post more?

2007-12-20, 11:08 PM
I have been working on a story since April. Unfortunately, I only seem to update it sporadically.

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