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2007-12-21, 01:31 AM
To qualify to become an Aluran Blue Mage, a character must fulfill all the following criteria.

Energy Substitution (Electricity), Energy Substitution (Cold), Born of the Three Thunders

Have amongst your spells known Levitation and Lesser Shadow Evocation.

Table: Aluran Blue Mage
{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells per Day
1st|0|0|0|0|Focused Spellcaster, Spell Conversion|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
2nd|1|0|0|0|Enhanced Shadow Magic +10%, Thunder Mage|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
3rd|1|1|1|1|Mage of the Frozen Storm|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
4th|2|1|1|1||+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
5th|2|1|1|1|Mage of Silent Death|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
6th|3|2|2|2|Enhanced Shadow Magic +20%|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
7th|3|2|2|2||+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
8th|4|2|2|2|Veteran Battle Mage|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
9th|4|3|3|3|Impervious Shadow Magic|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class
10th|5|3|3|3|Enhanced Shadow Magic +30%|+1 level of existing arcane spellcasting class[/table]


Hit Die

Class Skills
Spellcraft (Int), Knowledge (Arcana) (Int), Knowledge (Religion) (Int), Concentration (Con), Hide (Dex), Move Silently (Dex)

Skill Points at Each Additional Level
4 + Int modifier.

Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Aluran Blue Mage.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency
Gains no weapon or armor proficiencies.

An Aluran Blue Mage gains spells per day and spells known as if he belonged to his previous spontaneous spellcasting class. He gains no other benefits he would have otherwise gained (such as bonus feats). However, his caster level does not increase (See Focused Spellcaster).

Focused Spellcaster
An Aluran Blue Mage, due to his focus on Illusion and Abjuration, a blue mage only gains caster levels at half the rate for any other schools from this class. (e.g. A Sorcerer 6 / Aluran Blue Mage 10 has a CL of 16 for Illusion and Abjuration spells and a CL of 11 for all others.) However, this does not effect spell selection. (e.g. The same character could still pick up Teleport as one of his spells known)

Spell Conversion (Ex)
An Aluran Blue Mage may convert any Illusion spell of the (figment) subschool to replicate any evocation, conjuration (creation) or conjuration (summoning) spell at least one level lower. This replicated spell has a percentage of 'reality' equal to 10% per spell level of the converted spell. The replicated spell is identical in function to Shadow Conjuration or Evocation (as appropriate) beyond the above modifications.

(e.g. Illusory Wall is a 4th level figment and could be converted into a Fireball with 40% reality. However, the Reflex save for the Fireball is DC 14.)

Enhanced Shadow Magic (Ex)
Spells from the Shadow Subschool gain an additional 10% reality at level 2. 20% at level 5. 30% at level 10. This enhancement can be used to increase a spell's reality above 100%.

Thunder Mage (Ex)
All evocation spells emulated via the Spell Conversion Class Feature or the Shadow Evocation line of spells gain the [electricity] type. However, this is merely for purposes of interacting with metamagic and does not effect the spell's damage type. This means you can now apply metamagic feats such as Elemental Substitution, Born of the Three Thunders, Energy Admixture, and similar metamagic feats that require an elemental descriptor on the spell.

Mage of the Frozen Storm (Ex)
A Mage of the Frozen Storm when casting an area of effect spell with both the [electricity] and [cold] types may (at the caster's option) use this unique combination to create an obscuring mist, as the spell, within the area of effect for the remainder of the round.

Mage of Silent Death (Ex)
A Blue Mage is a trained combat...and he understands that the best defense is for your opponent to never know they are under attack until they are already dead. A Blue Mage's Illusion spells are automatically silenced, as if with the silent metamagic feat but without the level adjustment.

Veteran Battle Mage (Ex)
A Blue Mage is a veteran of many spell duels and may take 15 (in any situation) when making a Spellcraft check to recognize an enemy's spell. He also may counterspell (as a free action) once per day.

Impervious Illusion (Ex)
For any divination to pierce your illusions, the caster of the divination must make a caster level check which versus 8+CasterLevel+IllusionSpellLevel. This is in addition to any normal requirements and this check can only be made once for any given divination. (e.g. If an elven wizard failed to penetrate your Mirage Arcana with his true seeing spell on the first attempt. The wizard would need to re-cast true seeing to get another try.)