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2007-12-21, 06:51 PM
Trying to flesh out my country for my campaign world and I was wondering if anyone has any inputs.

Nation name: Vorel
Capital: Vorel
Head of State: Empress Yamatto Shaya
Government: Stratocracy Democracy

Vorel is located on the continent of Vorel which is located North West of Geos (the main continent) and is about the size of Australia which is about far north in the equator as Alaska on earth. Vorel also occupies a small part of Geos (about the size of Montana) named Albion located directly south of the continent of Vorel. However due to an unexplained magical force since the time of the ancients, the climate is very much tropical despite the very long nights (during the winter and days during the summer).

Much of the Architecture resembles medieval Japan and follows many of the custom and traditions with a few unique traditions of its own. For example when entering someoneís home itís customary to take off oneís footwear (itís an insult not to) and add suffix to peopleís names (like ĖSan, -Kun, -Chan, -Sama etc). The main difference between medieval Japan and Vorel is that every citizen is considered to be part of the military (including both men and women) and there are no noble families even for the Empress/Emperorís family. Another distinctive difference is that dragons are revered in Vorel, and many young dragons live on the main continent so much so that majority of their air force are made up dragon riders and their dragons.

Since every citizen is considered to be part of the military officers or higher ranking NCOs could order lower ranking enlisted personnel (even if theyíre not currently on active duty). Orders could be could range anywhere from providing meals and lodging (if space is available) to be order into active duty service (ordering to enter active duty is done by at least Lt. Colonel but mostly Generals and Admirals) etc. However there is law in place to protect individuals and usually reserved for wartime and individual is nearly always compensated (often overly compensated) later. And instead of normal noble families, officers resemble the normal nobility of other countries. However regardless of the of oneís parents (even if their parentís is the Empress or Emperor) everyone is born as an E-1 (Private, Airman* or Shipman) depending on the wishes of parent or the individual decides on going active in).

To become an officer the individual must become an NCO, be recommended by their commander and be chosen by an Academy. Although there are incentives for commander to recommend and accept NCOs from non-officer families, itís often easier for NCOs with officerís parents are more likely to get in due to their familyís influence. After becoming an officer theyíre awarded a Wakizashi and Katana (character must start at level 4 or above, proficient and purchase the weapon as starting gear for every class aside from wizards and sorcerers, whom only have purchase and wear it when creating an officer).Although fighters could become officers theyíre not often recommended for officer training, and paladins only make up a small but sizeable percentage. Instead the majority of the officer core is made up of bards (could be lawful) who are also referred to as sorcerers.

Although sorcerers and bards are very much different in the PHB, but to the inhabitants of Gaia (the material world) theyíre the same thing, in fact many bards were born with the ability to become sorcerers but who developed their martial, knowledge and other skills rather than just focusing on just their magical ability. Perhaps due to the amount of dragons in Vorel or itís because of the unexplained warmth, Vorel is home to the largest concentration of sorcerers (although majority of which actually become PHB bards), and at the same time those living in Vorel average lifespan is far longer than anywhere else (everyone who lives and grew up on Vorelís main continent follows Elf age guide in the PHB (pg109) or their normal age table whichever is higher).

Another oddity is that three fourths of the sorcerers are women and are more likely to be the stronger archanist on a one to one basis, because of this woman of Vorel are more likely to become officers which are the leaders of the country, as such it naturally became a material society. At the same time itís not to the degree of the drow society (which oppresses males like FR), instead there are equal right laws including equal voting rights for males. Previously in the past they did not enjoy much freedom and only came about 300 years ago when Vorel absorb Albion from Vorel and Elven war where equal rights was introduce to Vorel. However it was only during and after the Great War that men started becoming officers in larger numbers due to the growing acceptance of the previously taboo wizards.

Despite being a military government does not like to be the aggressor aside from participating late in the Great War (only after being attacked on Albion first to deny humanitarian relief for the Elven Kingdom). Instead has been known to avoid wars all together through diplomatic options and only goes to war after other options have been exhausted. When Vorel does go to war great care is to avoid unneeded suffering, and any prisoners of war would be treated in a similar manner of the Geneva Convention and any looting is strictly permitted. Although torture and small scale looting does still happen itís usually punished right away and usually along with their commander for letting it happen under their watch. They would also treat every prisoner regardless of race or gender the same even if they donít receive the same treatment because itís the right thing to do and in small part because itís how they want to be treated.

Government Structure:

Like previously mentioned the nobility is made up of exclusively of officers and make up the government body of the country. For Throps and Hamlet the highest ranking officer is usually the mayor of the town. While Villages and up the mayor is voted into offices by the residents from the various squadron commanders, however the higher ranking personnel votes are weighted. For example an O-3 (Captain) will require more votes to tie with an O-4 (Major) and is the same throughout their political career. Counties are made up of various towns in a region are required to be at minimum O-6 (Colonel), however itís more often than not itís usually Generals and Admirals that become county leaders, while governors are made up of exclusively of Generals and Admirals. Only after becoming a governor at least once does a General or Admiral could be elected to the senate. After becoming a senator theyíre brevet promoted to four star general so long as they remain in the senate.

Only in the senate could new nationwide law proposal or nationwide budget proposal could only be introduce by the senate and any new tax law from counties and up must be approved by the senate. The Empress/Emperor is elected every 5 years from the senate and is the commander of the chief of the entire military force of Vorel. However any declaration of war could only approved by the senate. Also any law or budget proposal vetoed by the Empress/Emperor could be over turned by the 3/4 majority vote by the senate. Finally if any Empress/Emperor breaks any laws or grossly misuse their authority could be removed by the senate. The Empress/Emperor also has the authority to appoint as many as 13 officers as judges in a Supreme Court which has the authority to overturn any law if founded to be against the uniformed code of laws. These 13 individual are appointed for a lifetime and could only remain 13 at a time, however these appointments must be approved by the senate. A lower court was recently established dealing with enlisted members who are made up 13 enlisted members approved by the senate prior to heading towards the Supreme Court.
Adventure hooks:

The western cold land of Vorel is slowly expanding and the reason behind it is unexplained. The church of Terra in Vorel wishes to solve this unexplained mystery and maybe willing to hire a group of adventurers.
High above the sky in the city of Vorel is a floating island visible in the sky known as Tuíla. There seems to be strong wards preventing anyone from approaching through any means including teleportation. Any scrying attempt has also failed even by those who world renown so and nearly every text from the ancients has been lost about the island so no one knows what exactly is on the island.

The Drow has discovered an underground tunnel that leads to Vorel continent and rumors are starting to circulate of an impending war coming soon. However they donít seem to be interested attacking according to the Vorel Defense Force (VDF), instead theyíre more interested of something else in the tunnels. The VDF wants to know what is exactly in these tunnels but is preoccupied and is willing to send adventures down into the tunnels.