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2007-12-21, 08:10 PM
This class is supposed to be a mainline combative class, just as the Fighters, Paladins, and Barbarians are. Cultist is not an evil aligned class, although it is a very stuck up and blindly zealous one.

Fluff here is below.


Most temples have a reigning Paladin, Cleric, or Blackguard leader. These are the elite among religious orders, those who draw all of their powers from without and employ the martial skills and goodly heart (or dastardly heart) from within. Yet not everyone has the discipline, or deific approval, or training, to be a Paladin, Cleric, or Blackguard. These are the Cultists; drawing only on their faith in their cause and in their clarity of purpose. To enemies, they are madmen, screaming in delight as every blow lands hard and every hit lands harder. To the people, they are religious fanatics that can be counted on to act within their dogma, each time, to never abandon their codes of honor. To allies, they are the most stalwart of combatants who wouldn’t think of backing down from any fight that they came to in the first place – they only came in the first place because their code demanded it.
Cultists adventure because they believe that is what their deity requires. They cannot enjoy a high life in their temple; the must enact their gods dictum upon the world. Cultists recognize themselves as the warriors of the priesthood, which in turn means they are the warriors of god. A Cultist, because of this thinking, may do many of the same quests as a Paladin.
The Cultist is a fanatical warrior; he gains many fanaticism based defenses against opponents’ attacks, and zealous bonuses to attacking in battle. They draw on faith, while Paladins draw on channeled godly power, Barbarians on furious assault, and Fighter on skill. This makes them dangerous in many fashions, as a Cultist can’t run out of faith; Paladins can channel power for only so long, Barbarians can stay angry and enraged for a limited time, and a Fighters skill is gone as soon as their weapon is taken away. A Cultist needs only his own knowledge that his deity approves of his work. Cultists, as they progress in power, become more and more implacable in battle, gaining immunities to poison, then to movement interference, then to certain spells, then to a broader range of spells, then entire categories of spells. They also gain abilities spell like abilities to counter defenses opponents usually have, and Fury, which makes them more and more damaging as they kill more and more people. Their abilities make them naturally well suited as aggressive front line warriors, sharing space with Paladins, Barbarians, Fighters, Duskblades, and Hexblades.
Cultists can be of any alignment, as there are deities, more than one, for every alignment. Cultists are referred to by those knowledgeable of them in accordance with their alignment, as shown below:

Lawful Good: Templar
Lawful Neutral: Justicar
Lawful Evil: Devilier
Neutral Good: Protector
Neutral Evil: Defiler
Neutral: Balancer
Chaotic Good: Liberator
Chaotic Neutral: Rebel
Chaotic Evil: Ravager

Cultists fall into one of two camps religion wise: Either they believe in a code attached to an alignment and not in a deity in and of itself, or they very fanatically worship a single deity, with the second being more common than the first, as A) Deities of that fashion are typically more easy to relate to and have a more populous clerical order and B) Because you can speak the name of what you are devoting yourself to.
Many Cultists come from a traumatic background that involves their current priesthood assisting them in some fashion. Others simply are moved and inspired by the Clerics of the order and by their example seek to do as their order would ideally aspire to. Others still feel lost, needless, in crises, without their causes to fight for, and joining a deific cult grants that purpose. Cults can be found anywhere; wherever there is Clerics, there are often Cultists. Areas without Paladins for whatever reason typically have a large amount of Cultists.
Other Classes:
Cultists regard those without a purpose or God as being unenlightened. A cultist expects other to pursue a purpose by diving headfirst, no matter how small or casually they partaker of that purpose. They find something to respect in those who win combat through skill drawn purely from within, or from a primal power from within. Warlocks are respected in this fashion because they draw power straight from their blood. Druids are respected in this fashion because of how they trade bodies in moments where a purpose must be achieved. Monks are respected in this fashion because they are epitome of devotion; using their bare hands as steel blades and combating enemies with no more than the cloths on their back ((and sometimes not even then.)) Other classes are viewed in mixed ways for a myriad of similar reasons. No matter how much they respect the skills of any person, however, they hold no respect for someone who doesn’t share their alignment and will vocalize that at any turn.

Statistical information and class table is below.

Game Rule Information:
Cultists have the following game statistics:
Abilities: Wisdom is very important for a Cultist, as it represents their maximum cap on bonuses that accrue and accumulate, as well as measures their faith. Strength is important, as they are frontline fighters who are expected by their party to succeed in a churning melee. Constitution increases their vitality and gives them the ability to stand their ground as they take more and more hits. Dexterity boosts their low armor class and gives rise to use of certain feats that compound on their fighting styles. Intelligence allows Cultists to employ their variety of skills, but is less needed. Charisma represents a useful feature for Cultists in how they can affect their opponents with their Dictum abilities.
Alignment: Any
Hit Die: d12

Base Attack: As Barbarian
Fortitude Save: As Fighter
Reflex Save: As Fighter
Will Save: As Wizard
Skills /level: 4 + Int modifier

1st level: Alignment, Cultist Aura I, Inspired Strike 1/day
2nd level: The Truth of Pain, Inspired Fearlessness
3rd level: Furious Charge, Cultist Bonus Feat
4th level: Zealous, Inspired Strike 2/day
5th level: Purposefulness, Cultist Bonus Feat
6th level: Intensity, Godly Vision
7th level: Inspired Strike 3/day, Cultist Aura II
8th level: Rebuttal, Aligned Ability
9th level: Dictum 1/day, Cultist Bonus Feat
10th level: Inspired Strike 4/day, Cleansing
11th level: More Painful Truth, Religious Frenzy
12th level: Godly Walk, Improved Rebuttal
13th level: Inspired Strike 5/day, Cultist Aura III
14th level: Lie Not of Pain, Cultist Bonus Feat
15th level: Dictum 2/day, Aligned Ability
16th level: Inspired Strike 6/day, Greater Rebuttal
17th level: Godly Strike, Purity of Faith
18th level: What is Pain, Shame the Faithless
19th level: Cultist Aura IV, Inspired Strike 7/day, Dictum 3/day, Religious Implacability
20th level: Godly Body, Purity of Soul, Explosive Retribution

Weapon & Armor Proficiencies:

The Cultist is familiar with five martial weapons of his choice, all simple weapons, no armors and no shields. Unless said otherwise, the Cultist cannot use his abilities in armor of any sort, as armor belies his faith.

Class ability descriptions in text are below.


At 1st level, the Cultists alignment teaches it that certain implements are useful outside of combat. A Cultist with a Neutral alignment gains a +5 competence bonus to Sense Motive & Diplomacy, a Cultist with a Good alignment gains +5 competence bonus to Heal and Gather Information, a Cultist with an Evil alignment gains a +5 to Bluff & Hide, a Cultist with a Lawful alignment gains a +5 to Intimidate and Disguise, and a Cultist with a Chaotic Alignment gains a +5 to Survival and Tumble. Furthermore, a Cultist adds these skills as class skills to his list of skills. For example, Reblen the Gnomish cultist, Chaotic Good, has a +5 bonus to Survival, Tumble, Heal, and Gather information, and adds all these to his list of class skills.

Cultist Aura I:

At 1st level, the Cultist gains the first of his Auras. The Cultist spreads his zealotry to do his cause in a way that inspires his allies to greater heights. All allies in adjacent squares get a +1 to saves, attack rolls, damage rolls, and AC, as morale bonuses. At levels 10, 15, and 20, this bonus increases by a point for every point of Charisma bonus the Cultist has, but not by more than one step. For example, Reblen the Cultist has a +3 Charisma score. At 1st level, all allies in adjacent squares gain a +1 morale bonus to saves, attack rolls, damage rolls, and AC. At level 10, they gain a +2 – he can’t add his third point because he isn’t high enough in level.

Inspired Strike:

A Cultist can channel his self-belief that his cause is right into a physical, overt way by showing it through his blade. 1/day at 1st level and then an additional time every 3 levels afterwards, the Cultist can make a melee attack roll as part of his normal attack and add his level + Charisma to damage and to hit. This stacks with any other modifiers and is treated as a Divine bonus.

The Truth of Pain:

A Cultist is beginning to understand what it is like to suffer in the name of ones deity, and welcomes the attacks of enemies on his body. He gains a +1 to attack rolls every time he takes damage equal to his level + Con modifier in a round.

Inspired Fearlessness:

A Cultist no longer fears enemies, and indeed, becomes more self-assured as enemies try to scare him away rather than kill him. He gains immunity to fear effects, and adds his Charisma modifier to damage rolls made against enemies who have attempted to use a Fear effect on him in the past 2 rounds.

Furious Charge:

The Cultist adds his Charisma modifier to damage when making a charge at opponents, as well as the normal charge bonuses.

Cultist Bonus Feat:

A Cultist can pick a feat off the list of Cultist Bonus Feats. He must still meet the pre-requisites. The feats are as follows: Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Iron Will, Great Fortitude, Quick Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Dodge, Mobility, Combat Expertise, Whirlwind Strike, Power Critical, Improved Critical, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization, Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Endurance, Die Hard, Toughness, Improved Toughness, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, Improved Sunder, Improved Grapple, Brutal Strike, Flay, Intimidating Strike, Lunging Strike, Spring Attack, Vexing Flanker, Adaptable Flanker, Hindering Opportunist, Dash, Fleet of Foot, Faster Healing, Monkey Grip, Throw Anything


A Cultist is infused with his own belief that his deity supports him, and fights with incomprehensible faith. He gains a bonus to saves in combat equal to his Charisma modifier.


The Cultist does everything like it is something his God needs done. Whenever he would apply the Taking 10 mechanic, he instead takes 15.


The Cultist permeates danger, violence, and a readiness to lay down life for god at any turn. His fanaticism fortifies his ability to deal with lesser, godless people. Anyone with a Charisma score lower than the Cultist takes a penalty equal to the difference between the score of the Cultist and the person talking to him when attempting a bluff. For example, Reblen is talking with a pirate in order to gain information. He has a Charisma score of 20, and the pirate has a 12. The pirate takes a -8 to his Bluff checks made when trying to lie to Reblen.

Godly Vision:

For a minute/day/level, the Cultist can manifest minor magical powers of sight by focusing his faith. He can use on himself only: See Invisibility, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Secret Doors, Detect Pits & Snares, Detect Undead, or Read Magic with a caster level of 1.

Cultist Aura II:

At 7th level, the Cultists aura has become stronger and imparts more than just focus on the fight; it imparts a surety of striking in his allies. Any allies within 10 ft of the Cultist are immune to rolling Critical Failures and do not automatically miss on a roll of 1. In addition, they also automatically score a critical hit on a roll of 20.


The Cultist believes in his faith and is willing to hurt just as much as his enemies…but his faith shall keep him standing. 1/round as part of a full round action, the Cultist can provoke an attack of opportunity from every opponent within adjacent squares. At the end of all attacks made, the Cultist can make an attack of opportunity against the opponent with the lowest health adjacent to him. If his attack succeeds, the opponent takes damage equal to the accumulated damage the Cultist took from the attacks of opportunity.

Aligned Ability:

The Cultists devotion to Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, or Neutrality is starting to pay off, granting him abilities. For the purposes of damage reduction, all of a Cultists attacks are treated as with the same alignment as the Cultist himself. In addition, the Cultist gains a single ability dependant on if he is Good, Evil, or Neutral.

Good: Purity of Strike – The Cultist rolls damage twice when making an Inspired Strike, taking the better result.
Neutral: Unshackle Others – The Cultists Inspired Strikes free others from their morale inhibitions with astounding results. People struck by the Cultists Inspired Strike must make a will save equal to the damage they took or be affected by Confusion for a number of rounds equal to Cultist Charisma modifier.
Evil: Impure Wounds – The Cultists wounds cannot be healed except by rest, which takes twice as long.


The Cultist can make a Dictum to opponents, ordering them to obey him. The Cultist treats this Dictum as a Suggestion spell cast by a caster of 20th level. The save DC is 10 + ˝ Cultist level + Cultist CHA mod.


The Cultists body is filled with faith and only faith; attempts to poison or disease him are crushed under such an iron pursuit of holy work. The Cultist gains an immunity to Poison & Disease.

More Painful Truth:

The Cultists understanding of enduring pain for his God has grown. Whenever he takes damage from a spell that inflicts damage on him that allows a save, he automatically succeeds if that same spell is cast on him again within a number of rounds equal to his Charisma modifier.

Religious Frenzy:

The Cultist knows when he’s about to depart the world, and when he has to redouble his efforts to prevent that. The Cultist is now considered to be fine even at negative hit points. In addition, the Cultists negative maximum is now -20 + his Charisma modifier. In addition, the Cultist adds his level to damage whenever he is at negative his points, on every strike. This damage stacks with Inspired Strike.

Godly Walk:

The Cultist has learned how to channel faith-magic into his movements to improve them. He gains the ability, for 1 round/day/level, to channel one of the following spells on himself only: Cat’s Grace, Haste, Expeditious Retreat, Water Walk, Blur, Jump. He can spread these uses out and use different spells. For example, Reblen is 14th level. To shorten the fight and risk to himself, he keeps on Blur & Haste for six rounds. He has used up 12 rounds worth of abilities. This leaves him barely enough to water-walk across a river at a full sprint.

Improved Rebuttal:

The Cultists Rebuttals are strong and have more adverse effects on enemies other than simply damaging an opponent. Enemies within 30 feet are Sickened by seeing the Rebuttal. This does not work on sightless creatures or if the target of the attack cannot be seen ((ie room is dark.))

Cultist Aura III:

The companions of the Cultist, in battle, fight at their peak when around the Cultist. Every ally within ten feet of the Cultist gains a +2 to a single attribute based on class, as shown below:

Bard: +2 CHA Rogue: +2 DEX
Barbarian: +2 STR Sorcerer: +2 INT
Cleric: +2 WIS Wizard: +2 INT
Druid: +2 WIS Warlock: +2 CHA
Fighter: +2 CON Warmage: +2 INT
Monk: +2 DEX Duskblade: +2 INT
Paladin: +2 CHA Beguiler: +2 INT
Ranger: +2 DEX Scout: +2 DEX

Lie Not of Pain:

The Cultist is familiar of pain and has no mercy when enemies are in it. Eager to see if others have his zealous faith, the Cultist puts others he fights in a great deal of pain. People he hits with his Inspired Strike are now affected as by Bestow Curse for the rest of the encounter.

Aligned Ability:

The Cultists orientation on the Lawful-Neutral-Chaotic spectrum shows in how he uses his abilities and what abilities he knows to bring to bear. He gains abilities as follows:

Lawful – The Cultists lawful orientation brings him to expect people to obey him, as he serves a high function in society. He increases the DC of his Dictum ability by four.
Neutral – The Cultist enacts his morale standpoint upon the world without regard to the laws or lack thereof, and gains a +4 divine bonus to AC when attacked by characters with Lawful or Chaotic orientation.
Chaotic – The Cultist blatantly trades laws for faith and is willing to do anything needed to keep that up. The Cultist will do anything to make sure his freedoms and privacy is reserved; he adds Gaseous Form to the list of abilities he can use with his Godly Walk.

Greater Rebuttal:

The Cultist terrorizes people with his Inspired Strikes, sickens them, and paralyzes them. Enemies hit with his Inspired Strike are paralyzed for 2 rounds (no save). Enemies who see his Inspired Strike and are within 30 ft are sickened (no save), and must make a Will save equal to damage done to the struck character or flee in terror (as per the Cause Fear spell. Enemies within 60 ft of the Cultist who see the Inspired Strike must make a Fortitude save equal to damage tone or become sickened.

Godly Strike:

Whenever the Cultist does an Inspired Strike, holy power bathes the area. All enemies within fifteen feet must make a Will save equal to half the damage as the person struck with the Inspired Strike or take damage equal to half of what the person struck took ((same number for DC and for damage after failing save.))

Purity of Faith:

Any spells or attacks that affect creatures of a certain alignment have no affect on the Cultists; his faith is too strong to allow him to be damaged by so simple a spell. IE, an Evil Cultist is unaffected by a Paladins Smite Evil. The alignment of the Cultist can no longer change, and radiates from his skin in a 10 foot radius, telling people of his beliefs as surely as his fanatical words.

What is Pain?

The Cultist gains a new understanding about pain; he doesn’t know what it is. Wisdom seeps into the fanaticism, and teaches him that pain is an illusion felt by your mind because it is bound to receive weak impulses from your flesh. He gains a DR = to his CHA mod.

Shame the Faithless:

Those who damage the Cultist are amazed and shaken by his faithful readiness to die and receive attacks directed at him. Any person who the Cultists ‘The Truth of Pain’ ability is stunned for a number of rounds equal to the Cultists Charisma modifier, as per the Stunning Fist ability.

Cultist Aura IV:

The Cultist emanates faith, duty, and devotion to his allies, giving them a crystal clear clarity of purpose. Allies adjacent to the Cultist become immune to mind affects, stunning, sickening, poison, negative levels, ability damage, and otherwise penalties to stats or rolls.

Religious Implacability:

The Cultist is filled with the power of faith, and cannot…be…stopped. He is dead at -50 hit points and gains a permanent Haste spell ((applied only to him.))

Godly Body:

Faith charges every atom of your body with unnatural resilience. You gain immunity to paralyzation, sickening, fear effects, mind affecting, attribute damage, and anything else that does something other than inflict damage.

Purity of Soul:

Your soul is charged with a purity of purpose that is dangerous and harmful to creatures of opposing alignment. When you use an Inspired Strike on a creature of opposing alignment, they must make a Will save equal to damage dealt or die, and have their body destroyed as per Disintegrate. If they save, they are stunned for 2 rounds. In addition, you have Detect Alignment on at all times. Finally, you are immune to any alignment changing effects.

Explosive Retribution:

When a Cultist lands a Retributive strike, he does twice the damage that was inflicted. Opponents hit with a Retributive strike must make a Fortitude save equal to the damage dealt or die. Furthermore, he explodes brutally in flying blood; all in adjacent squares must make a DC 25 Reflex save or be blinded. Finally, all within 60 ft of the explosive retribution are sickened.

Thanks for reading. Please don't comment about tables. Try to focus the conversation on the usefulness and relevenace of abilities and compare to other classes when needed, the class in and of itself is something I'm trying to evaluate, I have already made fixes for Paladin and Fighter and compared them to this, and I feel they are all roughly at the same power level. That, and I'll be playtesting tonight. Any advice for what levels I should make the playtest characters at?

2007-12-21, 09:30 PM
Just a quick note: Every alignment but True neutral gets +5 to four skills, while True Neutral only gets two.

2007-12-22, 02:27 AM
That's me trying to subtly encourage players not to play an extremist-minded character as a true neutral :P

2007-12-22, 02:34 AM
That's me trying to subtly encourage players not to play an extremist-minded character as a true neutral :P

Works better if it's not subtle :P

In otherwords "Alignment: Not true neutral"

2007-12-22, 02:47 PM
i heard you like easy to read tables

{table=head]level|base attack bonus|fort save|ref save|will save|special

+2|alignment, cultist aura i, inspired strike 1/day |

+3|the truth of pain, inspired fearlessness|

+3|furious charge, cultist bonus feat|

+4|zealous, inspired strike 2/day|

+4|purposefulness, cultist bonus feat|

+5|intensity, godly vision|

+5|inspired strike 3/day, cultist aura ii|

+6|rebuttal, aligned ability|

+6|dictum 1/day, cultist bonus feat|

+7|inspired strike 4/day, cleansing|

+7|more painful truth, religious frenzy|

+8|godly walk, improved rebuttal|

+8|inspired strike 5/day, cultist aura iii|

+9|lie not of pain, cultist bonus feat|

+9|dictum 2/day, aligned ability|

+10|inspired strike 6/day, greater rebuttal|

+10|godly strike, purity of faith|

+11|what is pain, shame the faithless|

+11|cultist aura iv, inspired strike 7/day, dictum 3/day, religious implacability

+12|godly body, purity of soul, explosive retribution


Admiral Squish
2007-12-22, 03:26 PM
Am I the only one who thinks the power of this guy is crazy? He's pretty darn likely to die, but before he goes down he's going to bring some serous pain to the table. He's got a ton of abilities that will take a crazy amount of bookkeeping to keep track of. I think it all fits, but if this is supposed to be the guy who DIDN'T make it into the clerical ranks, he's definitely overpowered.

2007-12-22, 03:42 PM
Fair enough. Alignment cannot be True Neutral.

Can you give some more descriptive reasons on why his abilities will require more book-keeping, than, oh, say a Monk? Those get plenty of immunities and resistances too. And obviously he's going to go down in hit points fast -- no armor wearing abilities. And yes, as a frontline combative class, he is going to shred people in close combat. What about him is going to make him overpowered?

And there isn't any need to say it in the tone of ''Am I the only one who feels X". That imparts a feeling that you think the judgement of others is off...I've seen that kind of wording start needless fights.

Admiral Squish
2007-12-22, 04:00 PM
Looking at it, monks have one maybe two new ability per level, this includes scaling powers like slow fall and fast movement. Your guy has two per level at least, three in some. Monks have a lot of immunities, but those are in all circumstances. Yours tend to be 'if X does Y, then Z', and they're bonuses, not immunities, so you'd have to keep rewriting scores pretty much turn-by-turn due to all the X and Y factors shifting about so much.

I admit, I missed the armor proficiencies, but thats only a couple feats or away. A human could put this guy in heavy armor by third level, especially if he's starting at fifth or something, because then he could just use the cultist bonus feats to get whatever else he needed.

In the end, you have something infinitely more powerful than a paladin or a cleric, and you're saying this was they guy who didn't make the cut. On top of that, you're discouraging multiclassing because it's low-level abilities aren't worth dipping for, ad it's high-level abilities are too good to pass up. It needs a bit of pruning before this is balanced for practical use, even though I do appreciate how much work you put into this.

I don't mean to sound confrontational about this, I just think this is a good idea that's not ready for play just yet.

2007-12-22, 04:09 PM
Oh, and the tables: THANK YOU.

Seriously. Thanks.

2007-12-22, 04:15 PM
Weapon & Armor Proficiencies:

The Cultist is familiar with five martial weapons of his choice, all simple weapons, no armors and no shields. Unless said otherwise, the Cultist cannot use his abilities in armor of any sort, as armor belies his faith.

He CANNOT use his abilities in armor. Even if he gets the feats, armor makes all his abilities null.

I see what you mean about scaling, and I reread it and definately see your point about the turn-by-turn rewrites. Stunning, sickening, parlyzation, fleeing, inflicted through Inspired Strike. Then there is the bonuses he gains when enemies do certain things.

It's definately something that someone would have to play through with a great deal of awareness.

Although, to be fair, on the levels he gains three abilities, he is usually only getting an additional use of an abiliity per day or an enhancement on a prior ability -- rarely enough to consider new and unique.

His low level, I would think, is good enough -- rough, difficult to live with, but good. The Truth of Pain allows him to gain damage bonuses by taking it. Inspired Strike functions much like Smite Evil in some ways. It IS more powerful than Smite Evil, but a Paladin gains spells. My Paladin class is modified, too, so Paladins are much more capable in the ways of defense and healing. The Cultist outdoes Paladins when it comes to damage.

I'm glad this isn't a dip class -- this is a class based on a FANATIC belief in ones beliefs. It should't be something you can just dip into to gain a few useful things.

Admiral Squish
2007-12-22, 04:32 PM
Well, I'm glad we can agree on such things.

I think truth of pain is a bit heavy on the damage taken and not heavy enough on the damage dealt. Pretty much nobody would actively attempt to use it. I suppose it could be a sort of happy accident, though.

I admit I didn't notice the 'can't use abilities in armor' bit.

You have a point, but still, referring back to the monk, such scalings only rarely give him two abilities in a turn. You went a bit crazy on the abilities, methinks.

But, I think it has a lot of promise. A few thins here, a few there, and you have a pretty interesting class.

2007-12-22, 05:10 PM
So I think something that could be useful for making this class less variable as you say it would be to lessen the amount of things that Inspired Strike does. However, the conditional debuffs it bestows are how the Cultist maintains usefulness at higher levels. What would your suggestions be?

Admiral Squish
2007-12-22, 05:27 PM
Hmm... Maybe just one effect and scale the length of the effect? Or you could make it a fear effect, and apply it to a larger area each progression. Maybe it starts off as shaken, then goes up to frightened and then even panicked? Maybe a combination of these?

2007-12-22, 06:13 PM
How does the idea of the first level of Inspired STrike Debuff shaking, then the next one frightening & shaking all w/in 10 feet, then the next one panicking and frightening all w/in 15 feet, then the final one panicking all within 30 feet?

Admiral Squish
2007-12-22, 06:20 PM
That sounds like it'd be easier to keep track of, and basically balanced, too. What are the save DCs?

2007-12-22, 06:40 PM
I'd probably say equal to damage done, just to keep them relevant at higher levels.

Admiral Squish
2007-12-22, 06:56 PM
Good idea. I should use that.

2007-12-22, 07:03 PM
Any of the defensive abilities that coudl be modified to make them more relevant and/or easier to keep track of?

The immunities? The Pain series? The Retributive strike? What there can be modified?

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2007-12-22, 07:14 PM
The Evil Aligned Ability does not give a bonus, but a penalty.

I think you meant "Wounds afflicted by the cultist"

2007-12-22, 07:18 PM
Yea. I meant that any wounds the Cultist inflicts on people he attacks in melee cannot be healed by Cure Magic or divine healing and that to heal them through rest takes 2x as long.