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2007-12-25, 07:38 AM
It begins, as these things so often do, on a fine morning just as summer has begun to lose its warmth to autumn's crisp chill.

The city of Elai-Belahm, a trade town on the border of the elven and human lands, is never truly quiet. Even now in the early hours when the sun and the merchants have barely risen, the sound of thumping and concise orders issued in muffled barks rises from the light mist that covers the city, telling of the logistics of trade going on below.

Moving closer to our scene, we pass by the riverfront, the main trade district where we see those people who are already up and about, preparing for a day of bartering and haggling. An enormous number of brightly coloured barges swarm the river in this area, moored to the banks and to one another to display the sellers' wares, making it hard to tell where the riverbanks end and the river itself begins.

Travelling on past this bright display, we find the visitor's quarter, a vast collection of inns, taverns and entertainments, bane of the city watch. On this side of the city, the human side, the entertainments are faster and louder than their more genteel counterparts across the river, but for now they are at a sort of peace, waiting for their patrons to wake before they become raucous again.

It is a far cry from the the residential district at the east of the city where those lucky enough to have become successful in trade make their expensive homes. There, the water of the river is fresh and clean, unspoiled by its trip through the busy city and the waste of industry at its seawards edge. The houses are large and ostentatious in their proclamation of the occupants' wealth and status, and a clear sense of extravagance is everywhere.

Our trip through the city will not take us that far, though: we end our journey and begin our tale in a small area on the river separating the visitor's quarter from the residential district. It is open and appealing to the eye, representing the combined efforts of the human and elven craftsmen who joined together long ago to raise these buildings, the temples to the gods.

At the centre of the temple district is a wide bridge made of pure white light that connects the human side of the city to the elven side. This old magic creation does not need to serve as illumination on a bright morning such as this, but its wide area creates a plaza where people can meet in the eyes of all the gods, forming a place where important business deals are often sealed.

A near-circular area opens from each end of the bridge with the temples around the outside to form something approaching a figure of eight. The largest temples are that of Dagan to the north of the river and Aia to the south, opposite and directly across the bridge from one another. No temple to the Etani is found here, at least not openly, but all of the other gods are represented, from the small shrine of Anshar to the sprawling, haphazard temple to Tirid.

Many of the priests are up and about already, tending to the worship of their gods in myriad ways. As the hammer of the forge-priest of Gushkan strikes an echoing anvil to mark the hour turning eight of the clock, two black clad figures emerge from the temple of Ashur and disappear quickly into the shadows cast by the Great Flame outside Allatu's temple, while a group of men standing on the steps to the library of Bel bid farewell to one of their number who peels off and heads towards Ishhara's basilica. The tune of a beautiful aubade rises from the flute of a young elf sitting on the roof of Uan's temple.

Into this scene arrives, from separate ways and separate places, a collection of people that might seem unusual if Elai-Belahm were not one of the great mixing pots of Lafinor's people. Watch them now, for this is where our story begins to unfold.

((Aaaand go! Post away everyone, and please forgive the long scene-setting. Whereabouts are you in the temple district, what are you doing?))

2007-12-25, 11:41 AM
Encarus, Firebringer

If one had looked up into the sky that morning in the Temple District, one might have watched in awe at the sight of the meteor streaking through the sky like an incandescent sling bullet fired by an angry god.

That awe might have turned quickly into utter terror as that meteor streaked directly towards the Temples, as though Allatu suddenly snapped and decided to start anew that old, terrible war.

That terror might have turned quickly into confusion as that meteor, upon closer inspection, seemed to have wings. Flaming wings, shaped like those of a dragon. The confusion might have been amplified by the fact that the trajectory was not one that a meteor would often take; the flaming object seemed to turn a bit too quickly to be a heavenly stone.

That terror might have turned quickly into wonder and awe once more as the meteor landed, and unveiled a man. A man of average height and average build, but yet oddly covered with scales, some regular ragged clothing and a traveling cloak, and possessing the head of a...well, some kind of dragon, an odd mix of Gold and Red.

A shame, then, that no one looked up.

Encarus landed in front of Allatu's sacred fire, seemingly pleased at the sight of Allatu's holy inferno in this new land. He had never been anywhere near this continent before, since his reputation often preceded him, and what sane captain would give one who plays with fire as though it were a lyre safe passage aboard a wooden ship? Fortunately, Encaraus had managed to master his inner fire and manifest it into a pair of flaming wings, and thus flew his way across the seas.

He had to remind himself to never overestimate his abilities of flight again. Nearly collapsing due to exhaustion and drowning in the sea was not the most pleasant of experiences.

He knelt in front of Allatu's fire and offered his morning prayers, making sure to melt a small handful of soil into glass as a token of his devotion. He did not mind the searing of flesh in the palm of his hand; he'd had worse, far worse, as the burns across his face and body attested.

After that was done, he pulled out his pipe, which was a fine, black one made of carved obsidian, stuffed into it some cheap tobacco that he scrounged up from elsewhere, and gave it a good puff. Oddly, yet perhaps not unexpectedly, he did not bother lighting it, yet when he breathed in a small glow came from inside the pipe. He let out a small cloud of smoke, and still exhaling, twisted it into the shape of a dragon in flight. A bit more breathing, he made the wings flap and the jaws open in a mighty roar, though that roar, if there was one, was drowned in the soft hiss of Encarus's breath. Soon afterwards, though, Encarus ran out of breath and stopped. The dragon continued in its current shape for a bit more, fascinating the nearby children, before it dissolved into the morning air.

Encarus made a brief gesture of salutation to Allatu, spat a bit of fire into Allatu's own, and trudged off, puffing on his pipe once more.

Many priests of Allatu noted that the sacred fire seemed to burn much more brightly than it had ever had in recent memory. The incident was blamed on the acolytes being careless with the fuel again.

2007-12-25, 12:07 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon Waress stands atop the white bridge, laughing softly to himself. His black clothing stood out dramatically against the pure light of the bridge. There was no shrine to his patron here, but this seemed the spot. It had been his experience that the Etani's vaunted subtlety was commonly overstated, and if not they would at least appreciate the irony. They always did. The shared joke never changed, naturally, but the delivery had been weak lately, and he was eagerly awaiting the latest twist.

Midon savored the chill in the air which cut through his summer clothing. He loved such days, weather like this was such a wonderful analogue for his craft. That too had been lagging of late, his studies in this city were faltering, it would soon be time to move on once again. Perhaps this pleasant weather boded well.

2007-12-25, 03:20 PM
Joneleth, paladin of nature / lighning caster

The sun is shining, the bird are singing, and a elfen warrior enters the town. This blue leather (one with some experience can recongize the dragon scales) wearing seems a little down, as he is lost in his train of thoughts.
((ooc: more description is found in the ooc fist post :) ))
*mumble* dry weather *mumble* the city is large enough as it is *mumble* any more and the forest will suffer *sign*
The elf looks up from his train of thoughts.
Well, at least the plants will get their sunlight.

A speeding cart crosses on a cross-road, allmost driving over the thinking warrior. "Watch it!" the driver yells as the elf is paralysed by supprize.
Johneleth stretches forth his arm, his fingers spread and his eyes angry focussed on the cart .. and then he lowers his arm again. Lucky human, you should be thankfull to Tirid, since you live a day longer. my merci is scares, but you yust received it ... *sign* where was I ? ... hmmm, seems like I need a drink.

The elf walks through the city into an inn, on the human, enjoying the early chaos reigning on the streets ... sadly the thunderstorm of entertainers has not yet awoken enough to please the stormlord.
As he steps into the bar, eyes are focused on him, but quickly turn their gaze back to the drink in front of them. He walk up to the innkeeper/bartender.
"A drink. Water if you please"
The bartender blinks twice, not yet comprehending the sentence structure, but then quickly conjures a glass of water. A cupper piece is exchanged, and the elf sits down at the bar, thaking a sip.
Johneleth was hoping for some action. A barfight, an human cursing nature, an moron commenting his habit not to drink beer or ale, anything to get him out of this dull sleapy morning. But as nothing is happening, he drinks out his pint and leaves the bar. *sign*

The temple district. It's about time to pay homage to Tirid. Perhaps that will bring thunder to this shiny day. Entering the temple of Tirid, Johneleth puts his hand in the left slid of the box and drops a gold piece. A iron-against-wood gliding sound, and a feight light flash, hints that the elf had luck. no metal object pin piercing his hand today ...
A smile appaers on his face. Aah ... the temple of Tirid always gives a thrill ... enough to away me at lease. Awake and with a smile, he walks outside, enjoying was he hopes will be an eventfull day ...

Looking up to the sky, Johneleth notices a meteor dropping from the sky. The smile on his face enlarges, Tirid be blessed, what force of nature have you thrown into my direction now ...
Noting that he himself is not in the meteor trajectory, Johneleth starts to wonder on what part of the city the boulder would fall. The part of those who do not know forest ((ooc:the humans)), or those who have forgotten it ((ooc: the elves)).
With mixed fealings that it's actually a living thing instead of a actual meteor, he continues his walk, as the flaming man disappears behind a small building.

This day seems to be an eventfull one indeed, he thinks as he carefully descends the greased steps of the stairs to Tirids temple.

2007-12-25, 05:33 PM
Kselken, Human Explorer-Cleric

Strolling along, staff tapping gently on the patchy grass at the side of the road, Kselken makes his way towards the gates of the magnificent city. His eyes gleam with excitement as he gazes upon the great walls, the mighty temples and the teeming streets. The map glowing above his left palm shows exactly his location, and he dismisses it as he reaches the gates.

Passing through the gates he joins the throng, going with the flow, happy to go wherever the crowd takes him, exploring the town with the ebb and flow, a permanent grin fixed on his face as he sees all the new sights.

Gnomish Wanderer
2007-12-25, 11:24 PM
Draavius, part-elf pacifist and non-magical healer

Draavius looked over at the glowing bridge beyond him as he opened his eyes. Through its shimmering texture he could see the all manner of creatures' refletions as though they were trapped in and out of it. He had been here many times before, bu only through the tales of travelingscholars and storytellers, and yet even their mystic words could give it no veil of justice.

Dravvius found himself awe-struck as he lost himself in the beautiful artwork. Like glass... he told himself as he slowly lay a single foot down on the bridge. It did, in fact, land solidly, so Draavius gathered his morale and began to try his best to simply walk as though the bridge were nothing more than stone.

2007-12-26, 05:53 AM
Darmerre, the Blind Seer
"The flame's the largest it's been in weeks! Must have been those fire-mad priests again."

"Have you heard the elf on the roof? It's marvellous!"

The flurry of conversation whirling around the bridge would have been a blur to most, the varied speech fading into general ambient noise, to Darmerre each and every word registered distinctly, his finely tuned mind taking in every last word and sorting it for later reference.

The slight warmth from the flame confirmed at least a score of the rumours making their way around the plaza. Making the connection to the meteor which had hurtled towards the flame, the linen-robed man ceased his wandering, and casually made his way towards the temple.

The showoffs were always the easiest to find.

2007-12-26, 12:31 PM
Quistallinas, Half-elf Merchant

It was Quistallinas' habit to travel to the temple of Dagan each morning, wearing the burnt orange cloak for which he was noted in the city. It was a short time's profits forsaken, but well worth it in his eyes; the favour of the god of trade would, in the end, more than make up for the loss. He came to the temple from the Human district; of his two heritages, it was the one he more resembled (especially with his strikingly tall figure) and the one he more often identified with. Not that he had forgotten his Elven side; but he simply blended in better otherwise.

The clanging of Gushkan's anvil sped him up, however. Though he (proudly) did not devote his whole existence to money, as many other merchants did, he still had his trade's innate sense of the importance of time in making a profit. Prayers were made; a proper tithe was returned to the temple from the previous day's profits; and another day began as they had for years. Soon enough he would have enough goods to leave his hometown and travel either north or south to distribute the goods with his paternal or maternal peoples.

In his rush, he ended early; he would not begin trading until the tenth hour. Besides, there was a bit of a commotion going around the district. Hearing one of the elves playing music on top of one of the temples definitely caught his ear; there were other signs going about, but Quistallinas did not pay too much attention to them at the time. He noted a tall man, in traveller's clothes ((OOC: Kselken)), smiling and looking about at all the various buildings. Must be new to the town, he thought. It was a simple matter to get through the crowd and to him. "Welcome to Elai-Belahm," he said. "My name is Quistallinas, though you may call me Quis. Is there any way I can help you find your way about? Or is there anything you are looking for specifically?"

2007-12-26, 07:02 PM
Kselken, Human Explorer-Cleric

Kselken had been strolling for a few minutes, eagerly taking in the city, making a mental map as he went, when he was approached by a man in a striking cloak in a peculiar shade of orange. Subconsciously trying to figure out what dyes would be used to make such a colour, Kselken greeted the man courteously.

"Hail and well met, Quistallinas. I am indeed in search of something, or more specifically, several somethings. I seek the Temple of Bel, directions to lodgings, and wish to find the mercantile district of this fair city. I seek only directions, though, and do not wish to take up too much of your time." He replies to Quis, smiling amicably.

As he waits for him to formulate a reply, Kselken gently binds himself with wards of protection and cantrips of sense sharpening, such minor magics silent, the small gestures needed hidden in his cloak. It always pays to be on your guard, although the embroidered sigil of Bel on his jacket pocket usually discouraged muggers and thieves, one could never be too careful. His upbringing had always taught him to keep protected, however, as he had been a target for kidnapping in his home city when he was younger.

2007-12-26, 07:54 PM
Encarus, Johneleth and Darmerre:

Since Tirid's temple is found right beside that of Allatu, your paths soon coincide and, whether intentionally or not, you end up within easy speaking distance of each other. Each of you is clearly unusual, one a blind man in this place of magical healing, one a dragonborn marred by scarring, and another in dragonscale armour. A big group of Daganite acolytes pass you in general high spirits and you are forced together, hard pressed to avoid bumping into one another as cheerful youngsters crowd past you, all elbows and shoving.

Kselken and Quistallinas:

The pair of you are left more or less to your own devices to continue your conversation, though you are occasionally jostled by the crowd which seems to grow with each passing second as the sun slowly climbs. Another of the men who were talking on the steps of Bel's temple breaks away from the group, and this one almost walks past you, not noticing you until he is fairly close. His eyebrow raises at the sign of Bel on Kselken's jacket and he gives you a quizzical glance for a moment, then his expression lightens as if he has realised something.

"One of Bel's explorers!" he exclaims, bringing himself up, without invitation, to a place where he could easily converse with the two of you. "How marvellous! You are just the sort of chappie I've been looking for. How are you, my good man? How do you do?" The elf is dressed in a fairly formal tunic and looks very neatly kept, with short cropped hair and fine features. Everything about him seems ordered and precise.


"Amazing, isn't it?" The speaker is right behind you, though the tone of the soft voice is carefully modulated not to startle one who is lost in awe. It is the elf who was previously playing on the roof of Uan's temple, with her flute now tucked into a loop in her belt clearly designed for just that purpose. She is, up close, decidedly pretty, with dark copper hair and emerald green eyes above a shirt and skirt that are brightly ornamented with coloured embroidery.

"The bridge of light can surprise people at first, and even scare them, but it's perfectly safe. It has the blessing of all twelve gods, how could it fall, or let any of their people fall through it?" She has a pretty voice, and clearly likes to use it. "Come, the view from the centre is amazing, I'll show you." She does not give you a fair chance to answer, and instead takes a hold of your wrist and tries to urge you gently to follow her as she skips off.


Your previous quiet internal musings are beginning to look jeopardized. You have an exceptionally cheerful elf with a part elf in tow heading straight for you, and the former is talking excitedly and more or less constantly.

2007-12-26, 09:10 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon noticed two people approaching, a brief glance told him that one had the nervous gait of one sure their foot would find only air when next it fell, and the other was, of all things, skipping. He cut short his laughter and donned the friendliest smile he could muster.

2007-12-26, 09:19 PM
Quistallinas, Half-elf Merchant

"Well, you certainly asked the right person for the mercantile district," Quis said. "I'm going there myself just now, as I'm one of the-" He is interrupted by the appearance of the strange elf.

Quis looks him over while he talks. Rather dressed up for a time and place like this, it seems. Wonder what he wants? Obviously only interested in this fellow over here, but I'd better stick by - never know when something might go wrong. At that last thought, his hand moves very slightly closer to his sword, more an involuntary twitch than anything else. His hand quickly drops back to his side, and he waits for the traveller to reply.

2007-12-26, 10:51 PM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

A blind one...yet not so blind?

Encarus stepped out from behind the small building and towards Darmerre, not yet aware of Johneleth's presence. He lets out one last puff (this one running off as a wolf) before dumps the ashes out and stuffs the pipe back into his robes.

The dragonborn was about to open his mouth and speak when a rude gang of acolytes bumps him into the blind seer...

Gnomish Wanderer
2007-12-27, 12:05 AM
Draavius, part elf pacifist and non-magical healer

Draavius turned as the girl spoke and eyed her questioningly. When she paused, he opened his mouth to say something, but shut it a moment later as she grabbed his wrist. He didn't resist her pulls and followed along, just trying to keep her pace without bumping into anyone and muttering a trail of sorry's and excuse me's on the way. He did his best to listen to the girl's clammer. As Draav approached the man clad in black his eyes instinctively squinted in suspicion

2007-12-27, 03:43 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / lightninglord

As Johneleth passes a corner, a gang of acolytes runs past him, and suddenly he stands face to face with a dragonborn ((ooc: Encarus)) and blindfolded human ((ooc: Darmerre (I'm guessing human...) )).
"Well well, if it isn't our shooting star." he says with a smile. "You make quit an enterence."
The elf suddenly remember that he's wearing dragon armor, while talking to one of dragonic heritage.
"Don't mind the dragon armor. It's not like I killed 'm, I mearly needed his scales, as not many materials survive my craft." as he notices the Allatu markings on the firebringer he completes his sentence "... but you probably don't care, as your patron apparently is the Destroyer"

"And who are you?" he asks as he turns to the blind man. "You know, in the temple of Tirid, they might be able to fix it, so you'll never be blind again for as long as you live."
he extends his hand in a greeting to the blind man, not expecting that he would shake it.

2007-12-27, 09:54 PM
Yep. Human.

Darmerre, the Blind Seer
Who is blind but the one who cannot see?

As Encarcus tumbled towards him, Darmerre took a deft step to the side, and caught the stumbling dragonborn, pushing him back to his feet with noticable exertion.

"Watch your step, Allatu-child. The unwary flame soon finds itself extinguished." he said, releasing the pyromaniacal dragonborn, and running his fingers across the scarred body.

T'was better to confirm preconceptions rather than deny them. The scars were plain to see, and his reputation was well known to his homeland in the west.

"You have... abused your body." he muttered, tracing his fingers across the scars. "I did not see you on the ship... Your flight... taken its toll..."

He continued running his fingers across the dragonborn, finally making it to the palm.

"Seared... only recently... you have been very irresponsible indeed... Firebringer." he finished, stepping away from Encarcus and turning his attentions to the elf.

"Elf... garbed in borrowed skin... It is not my duty in life to question the blindness carried from the womb bestowed by the gods."

2007-12-27, 10:42 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon's smile doesn't falter under the stranger's glare, either pointedly ignoring his suspicion or blissfully unaware of it. "Good morning", He says as they approach. "Lovely day, isn't it?", his smile broadens a moment as he visibly notes the man's still nervous posture, "Oh, you needn't worry about the bridge. A Non-Particulate Tenser construct such as this could only be made to collapse by applying enough force to consume the ambient magic of the area before it can be replenished, which would take a block of iron rather larger than this city itself." Seeming to notice that he is ranting, Midon clears his throat sheepishly and concludes "But where are my manners? Midon Waress, Scholar of Bel, at your service." He extends his hand and waits with interest to see which stranger takes it first.

2007-12-28, 01:39 AM
Encarus, Firebringer--DRagonfire Adept

Encarus nods his thanks to the blind man who caught him, and seems utterly unperturbed when Darmerre "reads" his body.

"Yes, the unwary flame goes extinguished, but it also burns the hottest before it is snuffed.

And carelessness? These fire-scars, Un-watcher, are merely my rewards for my revelry in my art," he chuckles. "Though I do seem to have taxed my inner flame to its limits with my journey..."

He then turns to Johneleth.

"No worries, sir. I care not whether you slay one dragon or a thousand; I merely chose this form for its function, for who else Burns with greater skill than a dragon? And I am no mere show-off sir...that "meteor" is simply how I look when I fly." To add a little flourish, Encarus spits out a tiny dragon of flame into the air.

He then gives a slight bow of greetings to the elf and the blind human. "I am Encarus. Some call me...the Firebringer."

2007-12-28, 03:18 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / lightningmaster

He listens to the blind man and anwsers comments "Borrowed? Well, I wouldn't call it that ... I don't intend to return it back when I'm done with it. I guess stolen whould be a better description, in common at least. I think inherited also comes close though. but rinnoiuith describes it best"

(for those who know elfen: rinnoiuith is an elfen word "for in the cicle of life, everything gets reused" a combination of inherited and recycled ((ooc: not really, but I needed a word)) )

He directs himself to the firebringer
"glad to hear it, I hated to start a brawl over something so minor" he sais waith a friendly smile, but thinks actually ... not

"No kidding, that's a strange way to fly ... I wonder how you look when you are actually crashing." but also notes "Nice puff dragon. I can see you really are an skilled craftsman.
I am called Johnelth, Paladin of Tirid. And I am a craftsman myself, though Tirid does not always allows me to show my craft. He's ... unpredictable ... that way." Johneleth holds out his hand, and those around him start to smell ozon ((the smell yust before it starts to rain)) and a few hairs start to stand up. and the tatoo on Johneleths upper arm starts to change color, from black to dark green"see: normally this would create a lightning sword ... Luckely Tirid is much benevolent during battle." he says as he lowers his hand,and the tattoo becomes black once more.

2007-12-28, 05:47 AM
Munthrek lazy bronze half-dragon

Opening a small door off to the side of the main entrance of Ishhara's gothic basilica, Munthrek makes his way out to the street well past the time the echos stopped ringing from Guskan's anvil. Sleepily making his way to the center of the bridge of light he unexpectedly stretches his frame as if he had just woke, and that wasn't too far from the truth.

Standing there on the tips of his three clawed toes, his strong arms raised above him, his wings fully sprawled to the sides soaking in the sunlight, and his larger mouth agape with his dagger like teeth showing for all onlookers to see. One might expect to see some poor soul at his feet about to be crushed to death if it weren't for the loud yawn quickly roaring forth. After holding that graceful pose, or the complete lack thereof, for several seconds he just rubbed his eyes trying to get all the "sleep" from his eyes.

Finally getting that job done he walks to the edge of the bridge ready to jump into the flowing river at the first sight of breakfast, the large carp that had so far eluded him these past few days in this new city.

2007-12-28, 06:45 AM
Darmerre, the Blind Seer
"Rinnoiuith. Fitting." responds Darmerre, a wry smile slowly making its way across the ruddy-skinned man's face.

"Perhaps it was more than mere coincidence that the fates would bring together a burner of cities and a defender in the name of the moon god." proclaims Darmerre a little too loudly for comfort.

"I am Darmerre, the Blind. I am no disciple of flames, no conjuror of lightning, I am but a blind traveller, following the fate of the world."

2007-12-28, 03:32 PM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

Encarus gives Johneleth a nod.

"Lightning, hmm...fire's cousin. Not bad, not bad...a pity lightning is only a flash in the pan."

2007-12-28, 04:08 PM
Johneleth paladin of nature / stormlord

"A pity fire is ... nothing more ... then ...euh ... oh man, I yust suck at snappy comebacks ... hmmm ...
A flash it may be, but that's enough when no one lives to see afterburn, now is it? ... yep that would be one " he replays with a smile.

then he turns to Darmerre
"Darmerre, my man, I think you're right. In fact I just came from Tirid's place, asking for something like this ... awesome ain't it?"

2007-12-28, 04:32 PM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

"But sir," chuckles the Dragonborn, The burning is the best part!

And so we have come to this city. But why, I wonder. Why are we here?"

2007-12-28, 09:15 PM
Midon, Draavius and Munthrek:

"Good morning, sir!" If you could see the elven lass' voice, it would be illuminated with little sparkly lights and colourful butterflies with rabbits and puppies hopping playfully around it. "It is indeed a lovely day, and you are well me--"

She stops speaking abruptly as Midon gives his explanation of the bridge and its safety and blinks large eyes at him several times in what is probably surprise tinged with approving respect. So surprised is she, in fact, that it is almost a whole second before she can muster a response. "I am Layasha ViŽlenya, a singer of the stars." She takes Midon's hand, but the tiny hold she touches to his fingers are little more than a sideshow to the graceful curtsey she performs. "And might I say, sir, it is a rare pleasure to chance to meet someone so wise in the ways of magic!"

It is apparently a pleasure she is quickly distracted from, however, as she, and many other passers by, issues a gasp of surprise at the magnificent draconic figure stretching his wings from the parapet of the luminescent bridge.

Encarus, Johneleth and Darmerre:

The world around leaves the three of you to talk, more or less. A pair of children, one boy and a girl a little younger than him who is sucking her thumb as she holds a rag doll in the crook of her elbow, can be seen a fair distance away but clearly watching you. The girl takes a few steps towards you, then rushes back to her companion in a hurry, doll trailing. The boy laughs, speaks with her a little, then copies her, more bold in his approach and coming a few feet closer, but no less hurried in his retreat from you. It is just conceivable they are playing chicken with each other, with you as the object of fear.

Gnomish Wanderer
2007-12-29, 01:57 AM
Draavius, part-elf pacifist and non-magical healer

After the elf's comments about magic Draav goes to speak, but again is left with his mouth open and his words unspoken at the gasps. He turns his head toward the half-dragon in midyawn, but was too far away to hear its results and saw nothing more thna a threatening pose. As the 'thing' lumburs off and several people cower in fear, Draavius raises his shield to a defensive poise. He waits to see if this 'monster' will follow the malicious ways of some of its less-than-friendly kin.

2007-12-29, 03:22 AM
For some reason, I always read Draavius' subtitle as 'part-time pacifist and non-magical healer' :smalltongue:

"A-Aren't you a pacifist?"

"Yes, but I'm off duty right now."

Darmerre, the Blind Seer
"Perhaps the Firebringer has forgotten that it was his own display which gathered us. Nonetheless, it is an... unusual coincidence that Allatunian City-Burner and a Tiridine Gods-Chosen would come together in the same city, much less a-" Darmerre suddenly cut himself off, giving the impression that he'd almost revealed something he shouldn't have. Better for a wise man to be thought a fool.

"A pair looking for adventure." he finished, deliberately awkwardly. "The gods have surely some sort of purpose in this, and perhaps this old man will follow you to your fates."

2007-12-29, 10:45 AM
Munthrek Confused bronze half-dragon

Sitting near motionless on the parapet, save for the flicking of the tip of his tail while he waits for his cunning opponent, if one could ever describe a fish otherwise, Munthrek unwittingly hears the sing song tone of an elven lass' voice that could not be anything other than heavenly. He slowly turns his attention, and head, toward her and the two strangers with her.

One stranger dressed simply in black and the other a pale skinny youth with an upraised shield as if preparing for an enemy. That makes Munthrek spin around and search both high and low for anything that might appear threatening. Seeing nothing he turns back and begins his way over to the trio before seeing most of the other people on the bridge turned their attention to him as well.

Good folk, he speaks loud enough for most to hear, but not quite a shout, with his hands out in a non-threatening manner. I mean no harm to any of you, so please, continue about your business, and may Ishhara bless you this fine day.

2007-12-29, 11:27 AM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

"Heh heh," chuckles Encarus. "I did not think I was being so...visual. You see, I tend not to care if people watch me burn..."

He catches a glimpse of the two children.

"Hmm...wyrmlings. They seem to think we are an entertainment."

2007-12-29, 12:53 PM
Johneleth paladin of nature / envoker of lighning

The elf looks down at the children, *sign* Defender of the forest, destoyer of orcs, eliminator of goblins, playthingy then he stares back up again, and sees fluffy cloads drift careless in the beautifull sky ...

*sign* "I think I need a drink ..." he says half depressed.

2007-12-29, 07:27 PM
OOC: Sorry for the hold up.

Kselken Jurgent, Human Explorer-Cleric

Politely holding up a hand to silence the newcomer, Kselken speaks.

"My good fellow, were you to wait a while, a whimsical waste of time, you'll agree, I will have completed my compelling conversation with this considerate citizen. Please continue, friendly fellow." He intones gently, a faint reprimand in his voice to the elf, but a warm welcoming tone directed towards Quis.

OOC: Did the character development 100 questions the other day, great for getting in character, and it turned out that Kselken communicates in commodious constructions of calm cooling charm, alliterating his astonishing argot in an altogether amazing artifice. So yeah, he likes to alliterate and use big words (or mellifluous multisyllabic messages, as he would say).

Linky: http://forums.gleemax.com/wotc_archive/index.php/t-339748

2007-12-29, 07:38 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon chuckles at the odd scene he finds himself in. I wouldn't concern yourself overmuch, dragonkin, he says to the unusual newcomer, during my brief conversation with miss ViŽlenya alone, you are no less than the second thing he has been certain was a deadly enemy, indicating the bridge with a tap of his knuckles.

2007-12-29, 07:56 PM
Quistallinas, Half-elf merchant

Quis glances over to the elf, then back to Kselken. "Not quite polite of you, though not quite polite of him either. As I was saying, I'm going to the mercantile district myself. I'm one of the merchants there. I know a good inn around there, too, where you can stay; if it's too expensive for you, I'll help with the cost. As for the Temple of Bel..." Quis sighs and looks around, then perks up and points at the library of Bel. "There it is. I don't know if you want to go there first or for me to point you to the inn I mentioned. Either way, I still have some time to spare."

2007-12-29, 08:07 PM
Kselken Jurgent, Human Explorer-Cleric

"My friend, a brief description of the defining landmarks around the market area would suffice for my purposes. I will speak with you, good sir," Kselken says, turning his attention to the elf, "As soon as a suitable description of my destination has been furnished by my friend here."

2007-12-29, 08:18 PM
*sign* "I think I need a drink ..." he says half depressed.

Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

At this, Encarus gives a hearty laugh, exposing his charred and blackened teeth. "Ha! If so, then I think I saw a tavern on journey here. Just down the street, I think.

Of course, it might also have been a school for nuns...I really couldn't tell from 500 feet up in the air..."

2007-12-29, 08:51 PM
Quistallinas, Half-elf Merchant

Quis darts a compassionate look over to the elf; he would rather the latter had his proper chance to speak, or at least would voice his opinion on the matter. In any case, he turns back to Kselken and says, "I'll need to show you a map, some streets can be a bit confusing for a newcomer. Let's see... the inn I mentioned is near the riverfront, just as you get to that quarter from here. There's a good weaponsmith right by there; you're probably more interested in the outfitter's shop a short bit in from the river. There's no real landmarks, but most of the important places are along the river, and many of them in the river, on the boats of travelling merchants. I can't tell you immediately what you'd find there, since it's always different." He puts the map back away. "Is there anything else you need?

Gnomish Wanderer
2007-12-30, 03:10 AM
OOC: First time I've gotten to speak all game! W00t!

Guess we're all set on present-tense?
Draavius, part-elf pacifist and non-magical healer

Draav lowers his shield once more and looks from the elven girl to the dark-robed man to the dragon. With a heavy sigh he calls out, "Sorry about that. Can't be too cautious, you know?" Draav turns his head slightly and is tempted to just walk away, but instead says, "An enemy, you say? I may not trust these things of fickle substance, but that gives me no reason to first give them the benefit of the doubt."

Again he turns his attention, this time to his side. "And it was a pleasure to meet you, Miss Layasha, and I wish you the best." At the last word he gives a small and short bow, and strides past Midon toward the direction he was originally being led, the 'centre', as she had called it.

2007-12-30, 09:09 AM

((Note: according to the temples people named, everyone who is not on the bridge is on the human side of the temple district))


From the elven side of the temple district comes a sound like a hammer blow to the fabric of reality, and a vast area in the middle of the temples there is suddenly covered by a writhing pillar of flame over twenty feet high. The centre of it glows white hot for a second, and then from the middle of this conflagration rises an elf in bright red robes, lit with considerable drama by the fire below him. With one final flourish, the fire burns itself out and the elf returns to the ground on a roiling fall of smoke.

"Quick, everyone, in here!" The voice is from one of the men on the steps of the temple of Bel, a temple close to the edge of the bridge, and near also to Allatu and Tirid's temples. The man is a tall human and suddenly seems to have a good deal of presence, and many of the people around him are heeding his advice and rushing into the grand foyer of Bel's library. "Don't be tricked by him, don't listen to a word he says! He is dangerous!"

"Yes, flee, feeble human," comes the voice of the red-robed elf, magically amplified to echo throughout the temple district. "Flee with all the cowardice of your race. I have never yet met a human who was worth the air he breathes."

The human does not seem to notice these words, and instead tryies to calm the people he ushers ahead of him into the temple. "Ignore him," he says again. "Do not listen to his words, do not heed his challenge."

"Fear!" spits the elf. "You run away like a child. There is no human here who dares to face me in single combat. You are all weak, you are all scared!"

2007-12-30, 10:20 AM
Munthrek frightened bronze half-dragon

Turning instinctively at the thunderous cacophony, Munthrek shrinks down trying to avoid the overwhelming noise of reality being torn asunder. Watching the gout of flame he starts backing off the bridge slowly. As the flame dissipates he can see an elvish form start to appear in the center of the inferno. The flame cools quickly, and the elf issues forth his challenge to the humans.

Once the elf is done terrorizing the humans near the temples, and the kindly priest of Bel is ushering the human into the priory, Munthrek turns his back to the fire-enthralled wizard, quickly herding the remaining humans toward the safety of the kindly holy man. Quickly now, run. He says to the people near him who aren't moving towards the temple.

2007-12-30, 11:01 AM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

At first Encarus stares at the fire pillar with wonder, awed by such explosive and spontaneous beauty. He utterly ignores the fleeing population.

And then he hears the elven challenge.

He calmly takes out his pipe, stuffs some more tobacco into it, and gives it a little puff.

"What say you, Seer and Lightning Warder? Shall we stand and fight? Or flee?"

2007-12-30, 11:07 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / stormlord / defender of elfenkind

Johneleth turns his head and without thinking he exclaims "Infidels! We're under siege!".
He starts to think about what he's yelling, but shakes it off. His comments might be wrong, but there is something more important now ...
Half annoyed that the elven side is under attack, and half happy he thinks Tirid be blessed, that I may once more defend my countrymen from the invasion of the infidels.

Lost in thoughts he ignores the word of his newfound fire camerade.

He runs, in the opposite direction of all those feeing, and then he sees the elf in the distance.
Ignoring the words of who he believes to be a priest of Bel, Johneleth takes a proud towering stance, shield first and yells
"You! These feeble infidels areth no enemy of those of the forest! who areth thouw that you to threaten them! In Tirids name! And by who's right dareth thow use destructive magic in the presence of thouw countrymen"

Johneleths tatoos start to glow in a in a strange blue/red light.

(If he sees any wounded elves by the blast, Joheleth's tatoo on his upper arm suddenly pulse white once, then those on his lower arm do, and as thunderstorm a lighning boomerang appears in his hand)

Is something more known with my sense motive?
13_CBS: I saw too late you posted :smallbiggrin: ))

2007-12-30, 01:02 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon had spent such a great portion of the morning laughing, most often at jokes to which only he was privy, that a cynical observer would have deemed him quite mad. This had proven a most unusual morning, however, and there are times when life is so bizarre that laughing is simply the only course.

This was such a time.

His laughter cut through the panic of the crowd as only a laugh could, sparking the undeniable cynicism of a great many observers.

Do excuse me, miss, he said calmly to the shocked elven woman before turning towards the red clad mage. Fear? Midon said in a tone now so cold and malevolent it would be more readily associated with a dead thing than a man. You come here with your infantile displays of bright colours and flashing lights and presume to speak to me of fear?

Midon advances slowly and calmly towards the mage, casting a spell as he walks without breaking stride. The area around the mage falls dark, as though in a moonless night, with the interloper and himself standing in beams of bright white light

You don't know what the word means. Crass threats of pain and death wielded as a cudgel, like an insecure child playing at intimidation. You know nothing of fear.

The Midon striding forward appears to warp and distort, and from his path fan six identical images of him. As the Midons walk, slabs of flesh seem to tear from their bodies, hanging grotesquely in the air for a moment before being consumed by deep purple flame, until the six Midons stand as flayed corpses, only the flesh of their eyeless, noseless faces remaining an a hideous mockery of their former humanity. The same purple flames tear at their black clothing, revealing the glistening muscle beneath.

The Midon-corpses open their ravaged jaws and speak as one: You joke of fear. I am Fear.

((OOC explanation:This was all achieved through the creative use of a potent illusion spell, there is still only one Midon with all the normally associated skin and such. The illusion takes concentration to move (and thus keep the fake Midons realistic), so I don't intend to actually fight him if I can avoid it, I'm just trying to stalemate him until the civilians evacuate, and maybe scare the hell out of him while I'm at it :smallbiggrin: ))

2007-12-30, 01:25 PM

At the loud noise, Quis instinctively pulls back. The image which appears does not help matters. It pains him to hear such things spoken of his paternal people by one of his mother's kind; wasn't he himself proof that they could coexist? But there would always be people like this elf.

As the rest of the people begin to fall back, Quis finds himself drawing his sword and taking a position at the front of the crowd. He has been in a few fighting retreats against bandits, and instinctively thinks to protect those who are not prepared to fight. What I wouldn't give to have my bow with me right now!, he thinks, as he falls back along with the crowd.

As he does, he notices others beginning to challenge the elf that has appeared. Probably ill-advised, with all these defenceless people around. Defend right now, not attack. Once everybody is in the temple, then we can deal with this problem. As he thinks this, however, he reaches the temple steps; he raises his sword a bit more and prepares to fight or even charge if necessary.

2007-12-30, 01:48 PM
Kselken Jurgent, Human Explorer-Cleric

"My apologies to both of you, but it seems we must conclude this conversation at a less calamitious occasion." He says, his face suddenly set sternly. "I do not care what his reasons may be, there is no excuse for hurting an innocent bystander. If either of you would care to help me remove the injured from the area, I would be grateful. However, before we do so, a gift." He says calmly.

Raising his left hand, he flickers his fingers rapidly through a set of symbols and wards both of his companions against physical and magical harm. It would stop a flying pebble, and even a dagger thrust, if you were lucky, but an axe would shear it in two. I hope no-one has an axe, then. Kselken thinks.

He makes another set of symbols, and taps his staff on the floor once, lightly. All of a sudden, everyone within 10 feet of him gives off a glow to his eyes indicating whether or not they need healing. Stepping quickly forwards, his staff toughing the ground lightly with each step, he heads out into the space, looking for injured people. If he is attacked, he will respond with zero tolerance, attempting to kill the one attacking him with predjudice.

2007-12-30, 01:56 PM
((ooc: apparently present tense has indeed happened without me realising. Oh well, feels more like a tabletop game that way.))

Darmerre, Encarus and Johneleth:

"Oh, be silent," sneers the fiery elven mage, giving Johneleth a disparaging roll of his eyes, and utter, clearly magical silence descends around you. "Lest you speak of what you have no knowledge and show yourself to be a fool. It is in the defence of the elves and all who dwell in the forest that I make this challenge. Of all the people here it is I, not you, who stands to protect them from the invasion of the humans."

***As the last of the smoke from his arrival settles and dissipates, it becomes clear that the fire, for all its impressiveness, did no damage whatsoever. The floor shows no sign of charring and the people nearby, though shocked and mostly fleeing, are not physically harmed.***

Quis, Kselken:

The elf looks genuinely affronted at being brushed off by both of you, and is clearly not used to being ignored or even told to wait. After a moment of puffing his cheeks out in indignant silence, he begins to walk away, when the arrival of the red-garbed mage across the bridge suddenly becomes the centre of attention. He frowns, glances at you, and then says almost reluctantly, "Lower your sword, sir. Come along to Bel's library, the pair of you. This might get out of hand, and we'd all be safer inside, these people too. He's usually all bravado, but some idiots today," there is emphasis on the word, directed in a cautioning way at Quis, "just had to go and provoke him, didn't they?"

Midon, Draavius and Munthrek:

"Oh not again!" is the hissed and surprisingly unfearful response of the young elf Layasha with you as the world across the bridge explodes. "Sirs, I apologise heartily for Arlaath's bigotry. You should come inside to Bel's temple." The last sentence is said a little louder as Midon begins to walk off, and she continues with a raised voice. "Whatever you do, do not accept his challenge! Mr. Waress, come back!"

"Oh no." The words are quiet and she squeezes her eyes shut, then looks back up to Munthrek sadly, trying to catch Draavius' attention too. "We must go inside."


"You stand up to me, human," the elf says, turning his attention from Johneleth to you as you approach, and a tone of dark respect enters his voice. He seems unrattled, though genuinely impressed, by your display of illusion. "That is more than most of your pathetic kind can manage. See how they run. You will not attack us in the open, in the light. You strike from Etan's darkness and Etana's shadows; even now you have brought this darkness with you, like a blanket to comfort a child.

"Your people seek to kill mine, to drive us from the forest into the sea. To defend my people, and my land, I challenge you to a duel of magic. I will not harm one hair upon your head, which is more than your raiders in the north can claim. We will duel to defeat, not to death. What say you, human who knows so much of fear? Can you conquer your own and face me?"

2007-12-30, 02:18 PM
((OOC: Acutally, it caught me by surprise as well. Usually I prefer past tense, but it seems I'm going along with everyone else.))


Quis glances between his sword, the mage, and the nearby elf. "The provocation has come from others. This sword is for the defence of those around me; I have been in many caravans where I have had to be ready to defend when a threat is imminent. I fully intend only to defend this temple, but defend it I shall. With the lack of further information I must be prepared for the worst."

2007-12-30, 02:46 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Congratulations are in order, elf, the Midon-corpses say with contempt, the person is rare indeed who transcends even my misanthropic nature and proves with such ease and eloquence to be a greater fool than I had imagined. The flames of your arrival seem to have been adequately extinguished even without the, shall we say, competitive input you seem to desire.

You rant of wars on races and defenses of homelands like a petty despot trying to rally ignorant masses to an insane cause and yet somehow hope to resolve such affairs of history with a childish bout of arm wrestling. Tell me, why is it that you feel this need to forge such a thin facsimile of relevance and significance about you?

2007-12-30, 02:51 PM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

Encarus, who was only moments before struck with awe, suddenly starts shaking with rage.

"This..."fire", though I shudder to call it that, is mere foxfire." He looks up and at the robed elf.

"How DARE you summon flames without burning?! This is not Art. This is blasphemy! An insult! FIRE BURNS! YOURS DOES NOT BURN! YOU HAVE THUS CORRUPTED ITS PURPOSE!


Your Fire is tainted, unburning. Mine will purify it."

And as abrupt as a fiery explosion, Encarus takes off into the air, becoming once more a living meteor.


2007-12-30, 02:51 PM
Kselken Jurgent, Human Explorer-Cleric

"It seems this pompous posturer is merely full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. That igniferous inferno we previously witnessed must have been merely an illustrious illusion of impressive immensity. This appears to have been politically motivated, and, as n^-one has suffered harm, it is my advised opinion that we move over to the Temple of Bel, so we may watch what transpires and still be in a position to affect the outcome of any battle that may ensue." Kselken suggests politely.

2007-12-30, 03:59 PM
Johneleth paladin of nature / lightninglord / defender of nature

Johneleth raises an eyebrow as, besides him one, who he thought was a commonor, envelops darkness and necromancic horror ... Even bigger is supprize as he hears that the elfen wizard appearently is an ally, instead of an enemy. And evidence supports it ... no elf seemed harmed in the fiery burst.

the Tirid tatoos now shine with blue, green and red flashes as his mind is flodded with chaos ... What to do what to do ... Johneleths mind races back ancient memories, battlefields where orcs and goblins fall before his glorious mayham ... havoc everywhere ...

Words of Midons speach pierce his indeciciveness ... wars on races ... petty despot ... ignorant masses ... ignorant ... IGNORANT ? he wakes from his memories ...

the Tirid tatoos now shine a bright purple/yellow light. Noting the word of Encarus, Johneleth turns skyward, to his meteor friend.
"FIREBRINGER! Burn what you want, but let my people unharmed!"

And now for the more pressing matter ... "Hey 'Fear', I happen to be one of those ignorant masses ... and all I see is someone who's a dog, who's bark is bigger then his bark ..." the young elf says as he turns to the humans in besides him and as the lightning bomerang now grows bigger, sometimes even arcing a small line to to the floor or his metal shield.

2007-12-30, 04:37 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon is genuinely surprised by the lightning lord's interruption. We get to the heart of the matter and always there are interruptions, he sighs. Xenophobia is fear, and I know fear better than most. Do not presume that such things are motives hidden to me.

2007-12-30, 06:34 PM
Arlaath, elven red mage:

"I would explain my intentions to you, human, but you would not understand," the red-garbed elf hisses at Midon. His voice plateaus to a chilly calm. "I had hoped to let you live, but the idea is becoming swiftly less appealing. I have ended my illusion, and now you will end yours, or I will end your life. Comply."

He seems to ignore all of the others speaking entirely, focussing his attentions entirely upon Midon.

2007-12-30, 07:23 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

You won't attack me, Arlaath, and I'll tell you why. said the Midon-corpses calmly. The stormlord who seems to have leaped to your defense has misunderstood rather grievously. The analogy of the despot demonstrated two things, the xenophobic basis of your rhetoric, and the absurdity and irrationality which is profoundly associated with it. Your hatred stems from fear, not the fear of pain and death that I so harshly criticized you for trying to invoke upon your arrival, but a far more powerful and pervasive kind. A kind which you do not understand yourself. Your intentions are of fear, Arlaath, and I understand fear. Indulge me with the specifics, and I can show you why there's no shame in that.

2007-12-30, 07:31 PM
Could I point out that Darmerre has at no point outright said he was a seer?

Darmerre, the Blind Seer
"Seer? A prophet I am not, but a mere blind old man." speaks Darmerre, as he slowly walks over to the bridge, towards the elf.

"I do not hear you." he says, softly but piercingly, slowly walking across the bridge not so much as recognising the display occuring around him. Despite his somewhat defiant display, he was completely aware of the situation, and was in a position to respond almost instantaneously whatever happened.

2007-12-30, 07:33 PM

Quis, on the steps of the Temple of Bel, is now leaning on his sword and casually watching the proceedings. "After that initial scare, this is actually proving to be a bit entertaining," he says to those beside him. We have a mage who has yet to actually hurt anyone threating to kill, and some other wizard making strange images of himself. As long as nobody's too close to them this might be a bit fun to watch." Still wish I had that bow, he thinks, though I'm not sure now which one I'd rather use it on.

2007-12-31, 04:58 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / master of lightning / defender of the elves

"Fear inspires us to protect that which we fear to lose. I am not fear, but child of Llanowar, a defender of the forest, and I will strike down upon anyone with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my homelands."
he speaks, as 2 small lightning arcs erupt from his eyes and dissapear into nothingness.

"Now ... lets be very clear about this. Are you a destoyer, one who moves in the shadows to destroy the forest, and keep up you spells, or are you one who believes the forest should be protected and realize that keeping your discusting spells will only incite the dogs of war? ..."
he says as his lighting boomrang has small arcs on his armor and shield

((ooc: needed an elfven tribe name; Llanowar seems most fitting )

2007-12-31, 05:17 AM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Fear does that and more, Stormlord, but still you associate fear with destruction, with evil. Fear is as intrinsic to the minds of men as roundness is to a circle. It is behind every action and every thought, but not in the crass, warlike manner you insinuate. This form was carefully chosen, and I will abandon it when it has served it's purpose. Now, he turns back to the fire mage, tell me, what are your intentions?

2007-12-31, 05:58 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / master of lightning / defender of the elves

((ooc: "he turns back" ... oh, and what do the other Midons doo ?... :smallamused: gotha))

"Your words strat to shatter, illusionist. Your spell incites anger and hate. It's purpose is lost in it's effect ... unless of course anger and hate were its purpose in the first place. Now stop this folly or be turned to ashes ..."

The paladin dissibates his lighting boomerang. but Midons sense motive shows the elf is serious...

ApatheticDespot: your next post or the one after that is probably Midons last chance ... I've given 2 him rounds more then I would have given an NPC:
- the featfull illusion of that dance maccabre against a fellow elf was borderline code of conduct; especially after learning that the elf was on his side
- the insult was against everything he stands for (try talking about the good things of slavery and torchure against an already jumpy paladin ...
- the fact Midon half and half ignoring him, doesn't seem to his liking
- and not stopping his illusion after that Johneleth give him the chance to prove he's not an enemy, really isn't the most diplomatic move

2007-12-31, 06:41 AM
Darmerre, the Blind Seer
Darmerre strides slowly across the bridge, ignoring the illusions, and approaches Arlaath in his hobbling gait, and (at least attempts to) places his hands on the fire mage's arms, running his fingers across his robe much in the same way that he 'body read' the scarred dragonborn.

Raising himself up to the ear of the fire mage, he whispers in his ear softly.

"Perhaps... Arlaath... you may finally spark the fire that consumes the elves once and for all..." he says, in a distinctly non-hostile tone, using the 'voice of the oracle' he employed when directly acting as a seer.

2007-12-31, 07:55 AM
Alright, first of all, how does everyone know that that it's an illusion I'm using? Arlaath probably would, being a mage who was actually looking at me when I cast the spell, but the whole point of illusions is that you don't automatically know that its not real, and it's not as though people assumed Encarus' meteor trick was an illusion.

I'm in a bit of an awkward spot right now, as you may have noticed. All my character knows is that he is surrounded by weapons grade crazies who seem to be borderline genocidal. His original plan was to stall until the civilians were evacuated, but that isn't a problem apparently. So then he tried to determine and allay the source of Arlaath's rage, which provoked a passing electromancer with a hair trigger. Somehow. He isn't too clear on that one. Now he's about to be attacked by two extremely deadly people for reasons he doesn't begin to understand, and both are demanding that he lower the only defensive spell he has active, which looks an awful lot like suicide at the moment.

I don't want this to degenerate into pvp, and I don't think qube (or for that matter Neru) wants that either, but I don't know what else I can do about it.

Now we're getting somewhere. Midon directed his attention to the words of the blindfolded man. What do you mean by that, stranger?

2007-12-31, 08:06 AM
I think I need to start adjudicating more closely effects of spells. Guys, if you can bold it whenever you cast a spell that may effect specifically other PCs in a variety of ways then I'll post what happens in response.

For the purposes of this, we'll assume Johneleth saved, since that's how it's been played. Arlaath, yes, also worked out what was going on, that's correct. I'm guessing Darmerre is also rather good at spotting illusions. Everyone else is probably fairly rattled by what's going on, and more so the closer they are to the big wizardsplosion in the middle of the temple district.

Actual post coming any second.

Deman Lightbringer, elven scholar of Ishhara and Layasha ViŽlenya, elven bard, both having retreated to the steps of the temple of Bel

"Good plan," Deman heartily agrees when Quis and Kselken begin to move to a place of shelter, and as they walk he ushers those around him along with them. He is clearly used to authority, if not command, and this seems to get through to most of the people in the streets who are standing around in abject terror of one or other of the mages squaring off near the bridge. "Go along, go inside, everyone," he says, but this time the orders do not seem to be direted at Quis and Kselken: possibly your willingness to help and defensive attitude has impressed him significantly that he will stand alongside you.

It is not long before you are joined by Layasha, and, if she can contrive it through gentle persuasion and somewhat fearful pleading, Munthrek and Draavius, though truth be told when Midon's undead images began speaking she was not keen to hang around close to him for long at all and made haste away. She is singing to herself as she hurries off, a soothing song that is almost a lullaby and that, combined with her increased distance from Midon's illusions, seems to calm her fright somewhat by the time she reaches the temple of Bel, but she is still uneasy.

"Oh gosh, this is bad," she mutters to anyone who is around to hear her. "I've never seen so many people be so affected by Arlaath's challenges. He never means to hurt anyone, but the gods know what those other two will do!" She brings her hands up to her face and pulls one set of slender fingers through her hair in agitation, absolutely exuding damsel in distress.

Arlaath, elven red mage

A sneer of amusement crosses Arlaath's face as he sees Midon and Johneleth squaring off against one another and he settles back, almost as if waiting to enjoy a show. He is, then, taken by surprise when a blindfolded man takes hold of his arm, and more surprised still when he looks round to discover that the man wears a blindfold. Darmerre's mystic words seem to throw him off balance for a second, then he reapplies his sneer, more dismissive than cruel this time.

"You speak in riddles, blind one," he says, his voice level. "But I have no quarrel with you and your desert kin, so stand away and keep yourself safe. It is the northern tribesmen who launch their attacks on my people, with their conjured evils and real monsters fighting at their sides."

2007-12-31, 01:01 PM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

Annoyed that he was ignored, Encarus takes the opportunity to fly over and land behind the distracted red mage.

He says with a wicked grin, "Are you deaf, wizard? I said BURN me, dammit."

2007-12-31, 08:54 PM
Darmerre, the Blind Seer
Darmerre stepped back, positioning himself between Midon and Arlaath. He could not do much about Encarus, but he remained ready to tackle the elven fire mage out of the Firebringer's path if he attacked.

"Why then do you quarrel with men not of the tribes? The arts of wizardry are never taught amongst nomads, for a people that must move can have no place for scholars - could slaying him do any more than give the feral tribes but another ally in his kin? The Firebringer is from the west, and while my people do not claim kinship with him, it is said he would burn a city to its foundations on but a passing fancy."

What was important right now was probably to keep Midon, Encarus and Johneleth from getting into a fight, which, knowing Encarus and the reaction of Johneleth to Midon, would probably result in nothing short of the total obliteration of the temple district.

2008-01-01, 08:03 AM
Munthrek Tactful bronze half-dragon

After herding those humans who could be persuaded to turn to the temple, he then turns to the imminent battle between the two wizards, fire bringer, and lightning thrower. Striding up behind the elven lighting thrower he puts a clawed hand on his shoulder and speaks. This is folly, he says trying to calm the elf. This is precisely the kind of chaos that he wants. Do not allow yourself to get entangled in his war between your kind and the humans of the north. He steps around the front of the elf and peers into his eyes. Go to the steps of Bel's temple. You don't need to defend that elf who is clearly trying to goad those others into his war.

Gnomish Wanderer
2008-01-01, 11:51 PM
Draavius, part-elf pacifist and non-magical healer

Draav stands silent for a moment, watching the events unfold around him. He slowly backs up toward the Temple of Bel and raises his shield. Mainly to himself he mutters, "No harm shall come."

Draav follows Layasha to the door silently. As she enters he turns to watch others scramble inside. Again he holds his shield high and battle-ready, but keeps an eye open for anyone needing help to enter.

2008-01-02, 10:03 AM
Kselken, Human Explorer-Cleric

Kselken stands on the steps of the temple, observing the confrontation. He looks to the others standing with him.

"Would you care to hear what is transpiring? A simple charm will allow it, are you willing." He says, idly tapping his staff on the floor.

He casts a spell to make the voices of those involved with the central fight sound as though next to those present on the steps, layers on top of it a mild aid against illusions (to help counter any illusions the red-garbed wizard might cast), and throws up ward spells on everyone around him like those he placed on Quis and Deman earlier.

2008-01-02, 11:38 AM

Quis turns down towards the anxious elf woman next to him. "I wouldn't worry at the moment. Those people are more than far enough away from us, that they would have to be intentionally attacking us to hurt us. As for that, they are far too busy with each other to cause us any trouble; if they hurt each other, they know the risks they have taken. If anyone does go after us, there are several among us more than willing to defend the others." He smiles. "I can't imagine what he could have against you, being an elf." At this thought, however, his face darkens and he turns forward again. I'm only worried about what he might think of me, a hybrid with that which he so despises.

2008-01-02, 06:58 PM
Darmerre, the Blind Seer
Darmerre notices a slight change in the world, and whispers again into Arlaath's ear.

"Choose your next words wisely, Arlaath. Though you may not see it, you have an audience."

2008-01-02, 08:17 PM
On the steps of Bel's Temple

A defensive line has formed across the door of this temple, and of most of the others. The nearest to the bridge, it is the temple of Bel that has the most defenders outside it, as well as the most innocents inside, and several acolytes from Ishhara's temple have run over to join the wall you stand in. Deman has taken up the direction of those tied to both temples, and they all seem to be listening to his instructions without fuss.

Layasha has not entirely left the scene either, and as Kselken brings the voices from around the troubled area into hearing range, she appears once again around the doorframe with a look of interest overlaying some of her nervousness. "A pretty piece of sound magic," she comments approvingly. "If only what was being said were prettier." She looks up at Quis' reassurance and gives a little nod, even managing a small smile for him.

The 'Danger Zone'

"It is this one who I hoped would face me," Arlaath says in reply to Darmerre, jerking his head forward to indicate Midon. "The dragons of Ishhara's kin, men of the desert," he gestures to Encarus then Darmerre, "neither have harmed my elven fellows, but the tribesmen have wizards indeed, blind one, and they cause us such pain."

As he speaks, he brings his hands in front of him with his palms to the sky, and without any apparent action linked to casting a spell an illusion appears above them. At first it is tiny, no larger than a loaf of bread, but it spreads and grows, the ghostly, transparent figures becoming a life-sized display of a grizzly raid on a small village. The houses are clearly elven in their design and the inhabitants are exclusively elves, and the attackers are humans and the beasts and spirits that the human tribes are famous for training and using for their purposes. ((As this is not a harmful illusion, those under the effect of Kselken's ward can see it without trouble.))

Suddenly, in a vast contradiction to the unhappy scene in the illusions now covering the temple square, a feeling of peace floods the area, and an elf who was not there a second ago appears, walking across the bridge towards Arlaath and the crowd he has drawn. He is Silien, known as the Spear of Dawn, and he is the highest martial authority in the elven lands of Luinia: everyone who knows anything at all about the continent will recognise him. Residents of these lands and anyone who follows international politics would further know that he is an inspired commander and a favourite of Aia. The fact that he is here is some seriously big news.

His voice is calm and quiet, and yet strangely carrying, as he speaks a simple order. It carries a simple confidence that he will be obeyed. "Lower all of these hostile and deceptive spells at once."

2008-01-02, 09:09 PM
"The nomadic tribes can but rarely cultivate wizardry, for training a wizard requires vast resources. What you speak of are sorcerors, those whose blood grants them the gifts of the arcane. To create even but a single wizard's spellbook requires not less than a hundred pages, and to write but a single spell demands hundreds of coin in rare inks not available to the nomadic people. It is the same here as it is in my homeland. No, the wizard before you cannot be your foe, for he cannot have learned his skills from the feral tribes you speak of." spoke Darmerre.

The display Darmerre looked up at without moving his head, and he didn't respond as obviously the illusion was not meant for him.

"This wizard does not answer your challenge because of your demand. He answers it because he believes you will bring harm to both the elves and the humans of this city. The Firebringer is not of Ishara's kin, and merely wishes for a battle. Should violence erupt, he would merely use the opportunity to wash this city with flame and make his escape." he continues, before Silien arrives.

"It appears your thirst to battle those who wish you no harm will go unsated today."

2008-01-03, 02:41 AM
Johneleth Paladin of nature / lightning master / defender of elves

Confused, Johneleth takes his eyes out of Midon and looks at the red elfs illusion. He's even more supprized when suddenly the lord-commander from Luinia suddenly shows up, in this human-infested poor excuse for a hamlet ...

What is this? Yet an other illusion?

As Silien commands everyone to lower their spells, Johneleth has come to a decision If he's an Illusion, Tirid must have his fun right now ... the chaos, the confusion ... this is exaclty what I prayed for ...

Johneleth lowers his shield (his lightning boomerang was already gone into thin air). Smiling, he lowers himself to one knee an bows to the lord-commander.

In elfen, he says "greeting be to thouw, Sir Lord Commander"

Today has already been a good day ... and it's not even noon ...

2008-01-03, 05:20 AM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon gives the newcomer an appraising look. The elf certainly met the description of Silien accurately, and Arlaath didn't seem the type to impersonate someone so respected by elvenkind. The risk was significant, but if that was the Spear of Dawn then Midon was outmatched. With a mental sigh he answered "I will comply, but first I need an assurance that you will guarantee the safety of the people of this city.", and prepared to regret his decision.

2008-01-03, 10:29 AM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

Encarus looks severely dissapointed by the events.

"So...no fireworks then, eh? Beware elf...I will find a way to make you pay for this blasphemy.

And as for you, blind one..." He angrily shoves his pipe into his mouth and takes a deep puff.

"Do NOT mistake me for some amateur pyromaniac. Awash this city in flame, you say? Heh heh...as beautiful as that would be, I am no fool. I do not go about pillaging and burning the countryside for my own pleasure. I do not set to fire the great cities in the lands. Do not suggest that I am some foolish fire-lover, blind one...those who play with fire get burned."

Glowering at both Darmerre and the arriving elf, he marches off and lounges about at the foot of the Sacred Fire.

2008-01-03, 10:45 PM
Darmerre merely begins to laugh, and hobbles over towards the temple of Bel.

"Your deeds and title suggest otherwise, tindertwig." he responded, knowing full well that the only reason Encarus was objecting was that he viewed himself as a disciple of fire, not some carelessly tossed matchstick. The Firebringer was elitist in his worship of the flame, that much was obvious.

2008-01-04, 08:31 AM
With a tiny, nodding acknowledgement to Johneleth's greeting, Silien looks mildly surprised at Midon's words, and gives him a gentle smile and an inclination of his head. "No harm will come to anyone here while I draw breath, if by all my power and Lady Aia's grace it can be prevented," he promises.

As Silien speaks, Arlaath's illusion fades out of existence and the red mage stands with a neutral expression, idly watching the back and forth between Encarus and Darmerre.

2008-01-04, 09:02 AM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

"Very well, then." the Midon corpses reply to Silien`s promise. Immediately the darkness bathing the are evaporates into the morning sunlight, and the six Midons move to converge upon one another, melding once again into a single body whose flesh regrows over several seconds, leaving him once again human and whole. "Do excuse my caution," he says once the process has completed, "I have found it unwise to assume on matters such as these."

2008-01-04, 11:19 AM

At the appearance of the elf mage's illusion, Quis grunts. "I think I recognise that tribe," he says. "My father warned me about them. Not good people at all. It is bad enough that they exist; it is even sadder that this elf has taken his opinion of humanity from them." Of all the introductions he could have had to his father's people, it had to be them. Quis merely shook his head at the thought; in the end, it still did not excuse this mage's actions.

The appearance of Silien is a much more heartening event; Quis knows that once he shows up, all trouble is over. He instinctively lets his guard down, knowing that his sword is needed no longer.

2008-01-04, 12:33 PM
Johneleth Raumo paladin of nature / lightning caster

He stands up from his humble position, and flexes his shoulders. He listens to the words of Midon and replays "That's all right, ol' chap" he says with a smile "We Tirid fanatics are too unpredictable to take for granted anyway." he continues as his tattoos fade back to a pure black color, but not before a red/yellow flash is released by the lower tattoo.

A small pause, a thought and he adds casually "Sorry 'bout the ol' chap remark, Most likely I'm three times your age."

He turns back to Silien, his tattoo on his right upper arm turns dark purple and he says
<elfen>"Yo, ol' chap. Wassup? Here on buisiness or pleasure?"</elfen>

2008-01-04, 09:01 PM
Encarus, Firebringer--Dragonfire Adept

Encarus sneers at Darmerre's remark. "They branded me that name because they did not understand. I was merely making Art, playing with fire... yet they thought I was going to put their precious houses and fields to the flame. Fools. Fire does not harm those who do not fear it.

So do not judge me, blind one. None are so blind as those who do not bother looking first."

With that, he puffs his pipe once more and shifts his attention to the new elf.

2008-01-04, 09:58 PM
Darmerre, the Blind Seer
Darmerre continues to laugh and walk away, mildly amused at Encarus' use of a line that by all rights should have been his.

"There are none so blind as those who will not see." replies Darmerre, knowing the line well, though part of him expected Encarus to fail to grasp the meaning of it, given his pathetic misuse of the proverb.

Encarus was a disciple of fire, not an arsonist, and Darmerre knew that well, but the blind seer would not betray that knowledge.

2008-01-05, 01:56 AM
Munthrek Bemused bronze half-dragon

Standing near the apex of the bridge gapping the two neighborhoods of the city Munthrek stares in bewilderment at the strange elf. He doesn't know if he should bow in appreciation for the elfs ability to defuse the tention, or laugh at how easily he had brought the squabiling to an abrubt end. Whoever the mysterious elf was he obviously had everyone's attention. Thinking to himself as he makes his way over to the temple of Bel, Good, finally someone else has all of the attention. Maybe he can shed a little light as to whom that red robed elf is, and why he's here.

2008-01-05, 12:15 PM
Silien, at the bridge

Silien nods passively as the last spell ends, and casts a disapproving look at Johneleth. "Irresponsible, as well as unpredictable," he says blandly and in common, choosing not to dignify the informal greeting with an answer. He looks up towards the temple of Bel and calls, "Deman!"

The elf is at his side instantly, without passing through the intervening space. "Can I help you, Lord Silien?"

"If you would escort these three gentlemen to the demonstration room in the temple of Ishhara, I would be most grateful," the elven general says quietly. "I would prefer it," he adds, looking at Johneleth, Midon and Arlaath to make sure they are listening, "if none of them were to cast any spells. I will join you shortly; I must speak to Bel's Watchers."

"Of course, sir," says Deman, moving his hands in the gestures of a spell that is obviously intended to allow him to recogise any magic occurring around him. "If you three would follow me."

Arlaath gives a nod and a grin, chuckling quietly to himself as he falls in next to Deman.

Layasha, on the steps of Bel's temple

With Silien's arrival, the elven woman's fear dissipates completely and she steps away from the cover of the door frame to join the others, apparently back on top form. "Lord Silien will speak with the Watchers, who will show him everything that has happened here," she says, with the cadence of a story in her voice. "The Watchers can tell no lies, and Lord Silien is just. He will see to it that all are dealt with accordingly."

2008-01-05, 12:50 PM

Upon hearing Layasha's statement, Quis sheathes his sword and sits down on the steps. "Almost forgot about the Watchers. Useful people, them. We could probably use some around the mercantile district... in any case, it's about over." Upon saying this, he looks up at the sun. Some time had certainly passed; as soon as this whole mess was over, he'd have to get to his office to deal with whatever minor problems his shipments might have today. And get my bow, in case something like this happens again.

2008-01-05, 01:27 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon raises an eyebrow at no-one in particular at Silian's instruction, but follows Deman without comment.

2008-01-05, 01:56 PM
Johneleth paladin of nature / lightning lord

Johneleths tatoos turn back into charcole black, as he bows to the lord commander "As it is said, so it shall be done." he rises and follows Deman.

he directs some Midon. "Hey, I think we got off from a bad start. Johneleth Raumo 's the name. Follower of Tirid and protector of the forest." he offers his hand to shake Midon's.

((OOC: that last sentence doens't quit seem ... how do you say he wants to shake hands, so he puts his hand in front of him?))

2008-01-05, 06:34 PM
Information-based shortcut. Darmerre uses his knowledge and sense of direction to take the fastest possible route (ie. through side alleys) to fall in just behind the group.

Darmerre, the Blind Seer
Though he doesn't follow when they've just left, Darmerre manages to fall in behind them soon enough, his footsteps first blending into the others before returning to the hobbling gait.

"Darmerre the Blind said he would follow you, and that I shall."

2008-01-05, 06:53 PM
Encarus, Firebringer

Noting that the group was leaving, Encarus casually tags along.

Hmm...what's this about, then?

2008-01-06, 02:35 PM
Munthrek Relieved bronze half-dragon

Realizing that the imminent hostilities were over Munthrek decides to continue doing what he was prepared to do before all the troubles started. He was going to finally catch that dreaded, and cunning ancient carp if it was the last thing he did that day. Climbing back atop the parapet he got into a comfortable position and tried to remain near motionless save for a couple deep breaths a minute and the flick of his muscular tail. You've escaped for far too long my cunning adversary, far too long, he thought to no one in particular as he peered into the deep and murky waters of the river.

Gnomish Wanderer
2008-01-07, 12:25 AM
Draavius, part-elf pacifist and non-magical healer

Draav simply watches the combat dissipate and the street slowly begin to return to normal, as though nothing had happened. His extremely puzzled face is almost comedic as he turns to Layasha. "Wha..." He lowers his shield to his side and pulls himself together. "...What's going on here?"

2008-01-07, 12:42 PM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon looks down at Johneleth's outstretched hand for a moment before looking into the elf's eyes. Without a hint of anger or resentment in his voice he asks "You don't honestly expect me to shake that, do you?". Without waiting for the answer, he steps around the elf and continues to follow Deman into the temple.

2008-01-08, 02:30 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / lighting caster

Johneleth looks supprized as he Midon declines. what's the matter? afraid? he thinks after remembring that Midon called himself fear.

"Hmm, no I don't, human. But it would be rude of me not to present. Now its you who rude, and not I, by declining." he replies with a smile.

2008-01-08, 11:16 AM
Deman and Arlaath

"Please, gentlemen, let us avoid bickering," the older elf, Deman, asks, looking over his shoulder at Johneleth and Midon with a weary expression. "It has been a long day -- no thanks to you, Arlaath -- and we have barely made it past sun-up yet."

"Deman, old friend," Arlaath begins, his tone level and impassive, "surely you can see the merit in my actions, even if you do not approve of my methods? You have always liked to disapprove of me, but you must recognise this threat we are faced with."

Deman gives a derisive snort. "You think causing a riot in the city will stop raids out in the wilds? we've never managed a thing to stop them so far, and there have been better plans than yours."

"This is not just a few raids!" the red mage insists. "This is something the size of which we have not seen in my lifetime, or my father's, or his! This is war we face!"

"Enough, Arlaath. Save your words for Silien."

Arlaath goes quiet, and his next words are muttered almost silently, perhaps too quietly for anyone around to hear him. "As if he will listen. They should have sent Lord Zalen instead."

Unhearing, Deman leads the small group onwards through the enormous pointed arch at the entrance to Ishhara's Basilica, through the stones carved with images of dragons that move magically in their places to peer at each of you as you pass, and beneath the point that glitters with the light of a star.

Silien and Layasha

Layasha gives Draavius a surprised look. "That is Lord Silien, high commander of all of the warriors of Luinia," she explains, as if it is the most obvious thing in all the world, and again she comes to life with a light in her eyes and enveloping gestures as she begins to tell a story. "His skill with a spear is legendary -- he slew Tirid's great beast of ice who was threatening to destroy the forest with its bitter breath, withering the plants and freezing the sap of the trees in their trunks. Lady Aia was so grateful that she gave him her favour and his famous spear, a shard of the light of her sun, the Spear of Dawn he is named for. So great a warrior was he that he soon rose above all other combatants as their appointed leader to sit on the council of four that governs Luinia with the blessing of the Lady of the Sun."

"Your tale does me great credit, good lady," comes the voice of Silien from behind Layasha, and she turns with a start, her eyes going wide and her cheeks a burning crimson as she drops an embarrassed but graceful curtsey. "Now," he continues, turnin to address everyone who has gathered to defend the temple of Bel and those inside it, "perhaps you and your companions here will assist me by helping those taking shelter in Bel's Library to get back about their business? Assure them that everything will be taken care of, and that they are safe. If any wish to see the outcome of these unfortunate events, I will be heading to the demonstration chamber in Ishhara's halls shortly to speak with those responsible."

Carp ((I'm sorry, I couldn't resist))

There is a glittering in the water that could just be the light of the bridge reflecting off shimmering, piscean scales as the carp darts by in cocky challenge. Bring it, dragon boy.

2008-01-08, 05:55 PM
Encarus, Firebringer

Following Deman and Arlaath, Encarus perks up at the word "raid".

Conflict? How fascinating...I suppose if I had listened to this blasphemer's words earlier, I might better know what's going on...

2008-01-08, 09:39 PM
Munthrek Pursuing Bronze Half-Dragon

As the wily carp darts by clearly taunting the poised half-dragon, Munthrek releases his coiled muscles in an explosion of action. Leaping almost straight up in the air he turns his body so his head is soon pointed straight for the water. A split second later he makes a surprisingly tiny splash into the murky depths of the cool river. Once the bubbles clear, Munthrek scans the immediate area and almost misses his fleeing prey heading down stream. Flicking his muscular tail, Munthrek kicks up a large cloud of particulate from the bed of the river as he propels himself after the escaping fish. Darting his way in and out of the ropes and chains used to anchor the merchant barges on the surface, the sneaky carp dares Munthrek to follow. Slowing his pursuit, Munthrek tries to figure a way to go and get the fish without disturbing the merchant barges, but the large cloud of silt he kicked up upon first entering the chase slowly makes its way down stream and gives the tricky fish a means of escape once again.

Munthrek calls out to the fish, coward.

Without missing a beat the carp calls back, idiot.

Munthrek just smiles.

2008-01-08, 10:41 PM
Darmerre, the Blind
Darmerre continues to follow Deman, Arlaath, Johneleth and Midon quietly, simply taking in what was happening. They seemed not to have noticed him, and there was little sense in changing that for the time being.

Gnomish Wanderer
2008-01-09, 12:47 AM
Draavius, part-elf pacifist and non-magical healer

Draav is silent and unusually still until Silien passes. He also gives a small bow, his eyes closing in respect. When Silien dissappears from sight, he uprights himself and takes a deep breath.

Dravvius then turns to Layasha. "I have heard of him, but only briefly... I fear the tale I was taught was an exaggeration of yours..." He smirks a bit, memories lighting up his eyes, and then continues in the normal slow manner, "My question was about the crazed illusory who spoke of war." As Draav speaks he follows her into the Temple.

2008-01-09, 08:27 AM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

"Bickering?" Midon asks in amusement, "Dig into your thesaurus sir. This man was trying to kill me mere moments ago. I'd say we're a ways past bickering."

2008-01-11, 07:38 PM
*Blows DM Whistle*

2008-01-12, 03:21 AM
Johneleth paladin of nature / lightinglord

"Then why don't you just avoid talking? You're not past that, are you? Am I about to kill you now? No. See: no problem." not waiting for a replay, he adds "Now shush, and follow the nice elf."

The tattoo on his lower right arm, fades to a bright green and then back to black, as he adds. "And if you're a good boy, I'll buy you a piece of candy"

not planning to give Midon an other glance, he turns his back to him and walks toward to Ishhara's temple ...

2008-01-12, 10:08 AM
Encarus, Firebringer

Encarus has to chuckle at Johneleth's stinging words.

"Ha! I recommend Sugarscale; quite popular among whelps these days, I hear!"

2008-01-12, 10:09 AM
Midon Waress, Dread Wizard

Midon does not break stride or look back as Johneleth speaks, indeed there is no outward indication as to whether he heard the elf speak at all.

2008-01-15, 04:40 PM
Munthrek Defeated Bronze Half-Dragon

Deciding to quit playing games with the wily old carp he gives a few powerful flicks of his tail and propels himself up river towards the spot he dove in. Taking to the air he quickly banks over to the temple of Ishhara to gather his meager belongings. Soon he makes his way over to the priests of Bel and asks who was that mysterious elf in the crimson robes, and what he can do, if anything, to help.