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2007-12-26, 02:05 AM
Hi! Necromimesis here, asking a favor from all you talented people.

I'd love a character portrait of the following character, but I can only do cartoon-y drawings, and I'm looking for something more realistic (although I suppose a well-done anime style might also be sufficient, so long as it's not a cartoon-y one).

I understand this is probably a lot of work, and that I can't offer any reward other than my undying gratitude, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could try their hand at this for me.

Thanks in advance!


Description: Eva is a beautiful yet intimidating woman of Latin descent. She measures in at an alarming 6' 1'' and weighs 180lbs, which alone makes her a formidable presence. Her black hair is extremely short, almost completely shaved, and her profile is sharp and angular, giving her a stunning if predatory look. Multiple piercings array her face, and her dark eyes scan the surrounding area constantly, as if looking for movement. She constantly smiles, but her grin is slightly off, as if her sanity was questionable.

Her garb is currently standard combat gear, although she has torn the sleeves off her uniform. This reveals her tanned and muscular arms, along with the bleeding skull tattooed on her left bicep. The image is completed by the enormous XM214 Microgun (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:XM214_Minigun.jpg) she carries easily, despite it's tremendous weight.