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Admiral Squish
2007-12-27, 04:53 PM
Okay, everyone, I assume, has had that one character they were so proud of. Now, people in this forum seem to always be looking for ideas for characters, interesting things to do with a character, whatever. Now, rather than simply throwing out wild and untested theories, send them here, and see what players have tried already, and see what takes their fancy. So, put up your faves! Write as much or as little as you want to, tell stories, give ideas, whatever.

I have three:
Sinat Durodi: Xeph Monk/Soulknife, female. Lawful, all the way, she was the straight man for so many jokes and pranks by the resident mage, who she would periodically beat the ever-loving crap out of. That is, if she could catch him. Favored the two-blade style due to a sorta low strength.

Yomruzz Nomna: Changeling (becomer) sorcerer, female. Loves to stir things up with her shapechanging and magic, and is especially fond of playing matchmaker to those nearby her. Fathered three kids, and mothered one. Decided promptly after the mothering to go back to fathering. Stayed out of combat, mostly, used subterfuge and crazy-good bluff checks to get the whole group out of more than one problem.

Lock: Warforged fighter, male. Went below 0 HP (nonfunctional) for the first time at level three. Afterwards, had an epiphany about the nature of death and it's evils, and never dealt another point of lethal damage until he finally broke of entrophy.

Kurald Galain
2007-12-27, 04:54 PM
until he finally broke of entrophy.

What do you mean by that?

Admiral Squish
2007-12-27, 04:56 PM
What do you mean by that?

Warforged version of dying of old age. He fell apart.

2007-12-27, 05:02 PM
Yomruzz Nomna: Changeling (becomer) sorcerer, female. Loves to stir things up with her shapechanging and magic, and is especially fond of playing matchmaker to those nearby her. Fathered three kids, and mothered one. Decided promptly after the mothering to go back to fathering. Stayed out of combat, mostly, used subterfuge and crazy-good bluff checks to get the whole group out of more than one problem.

How does that even work? It... it hurts my brain.

Admiral Squish
2007-12-27, 05:04 PM
How does that even work? It... it hurts my brain.

Changelings are weird like that. Especially becomers.

2007-12-27, 05:13 PM
Kas, 12th level elven wizard. Here are some of his feats:

Only one who made the save against spells and had to single handedly fight off a bunch of rebel mindflayers who were after his unconscious friend's brains.

Cast cone of cold on a group of enemies, only to freeze the fighter into a hole in the floor and had to instruct the cleric to kick him through.

Threw a fireball into the keyhole of a chest when the fighter was scared and hid in there.

Had sex with a drow priestess (was disguised as a drow), before taking her hostage and later feeding her to a black dragon after the DM declared "the dragon doesn't care if she dies".

Singlehandedly fought off said black dragon while the rest of the party held off an entire drow army.

Stopped the cieling from collapsing in by casting feather fall on the falling rocks when the underdark started to collapse.

Accidently sent Frosty, god of half orcs to an eternal prison in the land of chromatic dragons when he tried to rescue me. (Rest of the party were sent to "The Frosty Estate" and they tried to get his god to help us. He did, and now he's in prison.)

Joined the Elven Pantheon.

2007-12-27, 05:58 PM
Mine is Melkor, a 2e Mage/Priest

Who started with THREE 18's on a basic rolling system,

Who jumped off a bridge the round it exploded while his less dextrous skeletons stood and saluted,

Who stood behind a barbarian with 166 HP, then HEALED HIM, much to the enemies sorrow,

Who invented the best spell ever, Melkor's Magnificent Appraisal,

Who possessed the Scythe of Woe,

Who stole his name from LOTR. He is greatness.

2007-12-27, 06:07 PM
Ah, I get to talk of my first character. Very nostalgic.
A half-elf fighter, whom I got from lv1 to 12 over the course of 3 years. Man, I miss that chaotic evil little guy.
Well, I suppose that's not fair to say, he started NG and the party slowly corrupted him to CE, and he was 5'10" so not very little either.

Man, moderately decent stats too. I remember them to this day!
Str 17, Dex 18 (gloves of dex, and a homebrewed item that gave a random effect [some negative]), 16 con, 8 int, 11 wis, and 12 char.

His highlights were getting robbed by a fellow pc in his first introduction for his last 3gp, defending the entire party from some yuan-ti (almost by himself, the spellcasters were almost out of spells), convincing the party healer to stay, getting a vorpal sword, getting said vorpal sword to artifact level. :smallbiggrin:

Lady Tialait
2007-12-27, 06:07 PM
The following Charitors are my three favorates....all are NPCs now in my games

Tialait Awfullich: Druid 20/Heirphant 5 Human CN
A bit of an oddball with a good heart but a tendency to do what she wants even if it's not the right thing. And is currently my Screen Name here...in the latest thing she was in she Married a Palidin...

Malador Cyrenian:ex- Pal 11/Blackgaurd 12 Vampire (Human) LE

One of the Ledgondary Kas's Childer. He fought him way back when Vencna wasn't a god (Yes I played it..it was fun) and fell to the vampires bite. Now he lives in a small town that he had founded in life. He hates Vecna, and Hextor, He draws his powers from Lord Asmodius

Somi 'Lucky' Rodgers: Fighter 18 (2nd Addition) Human CG
Luck was soo cool and my first Charitor ever...never died but I had the weirdest luck when playing him...I coulodn't roll good against wizards...his str was 18 (00) naturally...so I really had fun with him...Most of the time I would have fun keeling stuff with his favored weapon his BFS...Big Fricken' Sword...

Those are my favorate Charitors ever...YAY

2007-12-27, 06:38 PM
Shadowrun (3rd Ed)
Human Rigger (vehicle specialization)

My first game of 3rd edition Shadowrun, and I decided to go the nice and simple rout with rigger. I pulled the name from a mechanic from my friend's homebrew campaign and came up with Roger Schwartz.

Roger happened to be the sanest of all his companions, which led to some interesting in character situations. His best friend was a cyborg japanophile ninja wannabe, and together they ran our group of shadowrunners through thick and thin. Through some act of good karma Roger actually managed to get his skills fairly high, though by no means was an optimized character.

Memorable situations involve:
Driving an illegally armed SUV through the steets of Seattle while being pursued by Lonestar. Managed to out-drive several police cars, some choppers, and 1 roadblock while my previously mentioned partner used the weaponry to blow them away.

Driving an illegally seized med-vac helicopter away from a great dragon (bbeg) while the rest of the group filled it full of holes, completely ruining the encounter the DM had planned (that likely would have killed us all).

Drive about three noteable times in a campaign that lasted two full semesters...grumble grumble...

2007-12-27, 06:48 PM
Karl d'Deneith, Generic Human Fighter for hire (DMPC, he's supposed to be bland). Now Generic Dwarf Fighter for hire because the nearest divine caster when he died was a Druid.

I'm also a big fan of Daveon, in the original-flavor Sigil Prep campaign. He's just a level-headed, everyday joe trying to do what's Righteous while still being cool.

Finally, Rin, in my signature, shows a great deal of promise. She's a pastiche of the craziest, most overbearing anime characters I could think of, and she's still the most well-adjusted member of the team. Actually, that whole group is pretty awesome. And also, Changelings are hella fun to play, and I haven't even started messing with people (http://www.gigaville.com/comic.php?id=13)yet.

2007-12-27, 07:07 PM
Kesiliss: Galidyn from WEG Star Wars. Notable for: Being a giant dragon-bird-snake thing, being stronger than a Wookie, looking weird. Not the most-developed character, to be honest. The DM finally sent in a special ops team with spacecraft and power armour to take him out, and the ensuing battle slagged most of a city. (I kept dodging their proton torpedoes.)

Laurana: Human (later elf) mage from a GURPS game, later converted to Tunnels and Trolls. Notable for: Surviving a six-month medieval GURPS campaign with a Health of 8 and no armour, and for being the most team-oriented and mentally stable character in the group despite being a shy half-feral orphan without any social skills. (Given that the rest of the party was a mutually overlapping mixture of paranoiacs, ax-crazies, megalomaniacs, schitzophrenics, delusionals, lunatics, and psychotic teamkillers, this wasn't much of an achievement, but still, would you want to be the healer in a party like that?)

Niriel: Sun elf enchanter/loremaster from Forgotten Realms D&D. Notable for: Being a better singer than most bards, a more frequent healer than most clerics, and more devotedly Good-aligned than most paladins. Also notable for never lying, for trusting nearly everyone she met about nearly everything, for having been trapped or captured by every colour of chromatic dragon except blue, and for staying alive from 2nd-level to 12th-level despite this. Survived 24 other party deaths, including three total party kills that wiped out everyone except for her. Finally retired convinced that she was under some sort of curse that brought fatally bad luck to everyone she travelled with (given the DM's tendencies, this might not have been too far off the truth).

- Saph

2007-12-27, 07:37 PM
Well, let's see:

Karasu (later versions of her renamed "Heigou" since Karasu is the name of a seperate, less violent, concept of mine that this one grew from): A tiefling with a grudge against Shar (she was born human and a servant of Shar transformed her). It was rather fun playing her. She was a rather clutzy build to get the concept I wanted, now I could do it easy, Superior Unarmed Strike and Improved Unarmed Strike, Warlock/Rogue. At the time she was an ex-monk, barbarian, scout, warlock aiming at shadow-dancer (sometimes when I aim at a prestige class, I tend to watch my multi-classing.) Still, very fun, at one point she had a deal with a drow to eliminate a temple of Shar that Lloth was annoyed at, she may not have liked Lloth (CG tiefling) but she hated Shar. They were lucky enough to find the high priestess having a fight with her under priestesses and took them fairly easily. The drow she was with took some to question and came back to find the tiefling using the dead high priestess as an inkwell to draw above Shar's altar "Shar is weak" in large blood letters in Abyssal. The drow freaked. He didn't even realize she was a tiefling (her tiefling marks are living tattoos that she tries to keep covered). In a later circumstance she spent several rounds manhandling and berating a barghest.

Yroling Xian Ri a hengeyokai of the fox variety. A cleric of the sun that used a deal of summoning spells and had an ebony fly, she sort of acted like the team's para-trooper force. She was also one of the more gullible characters I've ever played despite high mental characteristics. She ended up offering two unspecified favors to a party member and then conned into a third. Very fun character to play.

Greyskin, from a Champions game I'm currently in with my brother, she's a brick-type with powers based on dimensional shifting (cancels out the mass of things rather than being truly strong). Double knockback, teleportation, desolidification, high defenses, high IQ, combined with a teenaged fan-girl's mindset. The only superhero I know of that goes into battle with her autograph book on hand. She's officially the best desolidifier in the world and can walk through ANYTHING, though a lot of her powers have activation and skill rolls connected, so she's not the most reliable. She also has both luck and unluck, and, strangely enough, never has to roll either as weird stuff happens with her rolls all on her own. She consistently out converses some of the most dangerous people in the game, including mentalists and alien spies, and also, while not the damage dealer of the group, has a tendency to do very weird things out of nowhere.

2007-12-27, 08:57 PM
Ahh, Favorite characters is always a pleasant topic. Here are mine.

Jorg Svensson: Human Cleric of Boccob10/Barb1/Wiz1
Now remajiggered to be Clr3/Wiz3/Theurge5
Looked like 'Fabio'. Incredibly friendly and jovial, yet fantasticly arrogant at the same time. Weilded a spiked chain.
Gained a barbarian level after falling into a volcano, surviving, and climbing out (losing an eye in the process). Nearly died another 8 times.
Most well known for singlehandedly assaulting a fortified castle full of undead while simultaniously fighting the party Rogue/Assassin (he was a real jerk (IC)).

Melek Taus 'Devilbound' 'The Mad' Hellbred Bard9/Pal(freedom)2
I'd never played a bard before, and it was damn fun!
This character was the party frontliner (we were caster heavy).
With a boosted 22 on Con he was always sticking around till the end.
He was written out when a bone naga TPK'd us...almost. The whole party had been turned into ice statues. Melek was affected by an insanity spell, managed to finish off the naga, stagger outside, stuff up his one chance at using a scroll to teleport to a cleric. Now he wanders the mountains. A trail of slaughter follows him, there's not much our mountain towns can do to a mad ECL 11 character who specialises in staying alive.

Admiral Squish
2007-12-27, 10:47 PM
Wow, these are a lot of great stories! I wasn't expecting this much of a response.

2007-12-28, 12:03 AM
I have a few characters, but right now I'm really enjoying my second edition character, Glyde Bane.

Glyde's a half-fiend Glabrezu who's under a rather powerful illusion when in adventuring in the Prime. His ultimate goal is to usurp his father without succumbing to his natural, evil behaviour, using an alignment modifying potion to keep his attitude in check. However, if he slacks on it taking it too often, slipping to Chaotic Neutral makes it a bit more tempting to just go ahead and let the evil take over.

Yeah, I know, cliche, but I like it. He's also one of my most developed characters. He's a Blade using three weapons, a Long Sword of Dancing, a Long Sword +3 and a Long Sword +2 (Or his left hand.) Spells like Chaos Hammer and Tanar'ri Tribulation make him fairly interesting to roleplay during combat. When I first cast Chaos Hammer, half the party went "Wait, what?" Before being nearly killed. Explaining that one off was interesting.

2007-12-28, 12:30 AM
Wyvek, Dancing Tempest: Goblin Swordsage 1/Lion-totem Barbarian 1/ Scout 5
Shadow Blade and Weapon Finesse as well as Spring Attack and the Quick trait. TWFer w/ daggers and a charge distance of some 120 feet. Gear built for teleporting and sudden leaping backwards to assist charge pouncing. Sadly was forced to tank for the party and thusly died.

Grizig the Free: Goblin Fighter/Thief/Barbarian
Built before the lion totem variant. Used Monkey-grip and was meant for comedic relief. Most notable achievements were;
a; Becomeing party leader and party face with a Chr of 6, and
b; Popping in as a mook in another campaign, gaining enough respect from the PC's that they spared him, convincing him to join the party after his defeat.
c; And for later saving said party and becoming thier favorite DMNPC.

Garcon, the fighter: Thief
Used in a one shot as a weapon finesse fighter with the DM's approval. Wrote my sheet up as if that were true and kept crib notes in the margins for what my extra skills were. Managed to never get caught despite making slieght of hand checks in front of the other thief in the party. Most reknown for pulling out evasion against the end boss and having to remind the DM of my real class. She had managed of the course of the session to forget. Most of the other players are still in the dark.

Unfortunately the rest of my most favored characters are for other systems, such as Rifts, Mage, BESM, WoT 20 and X-com (Using the Mechwarrior mechanics.)

2007-12-29, 04:34 PM
How does that even work? It... it hurts my brain.

Changelings can genderbend at will. It's part of their Minor Change Shape ability. I'm more wondering how he/she got away with such a long name-- aren't changeling names three or four letters max?

More on-topic: I haven't played much D&D in a while now (my last group died), and most of my characters didn't live long enough for me to get that fond of them. D:

2007-12-29, 04:44 PM
Tyleth Arameal Skysong, CG Elf Bard 2/Sorcerer 2 whom I played in my brother's campaign. He had a kind and peaceful personality and was a great diplomat and deciever; after tricking some ogres and an ogre mage and bouncing around the town weaving lies and digsuises, I was exhausted. Avidly roleplaying those numerous checks and mind games was one of the best times I've had :)