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Vespe Ratavo
2007-12-30, 06:26 PM
It's been a week since mana was let back into the world, and the world has gone to hell. Wild magical beasts roam the land, and humans have gotten just as bad, abusing others for their own gain (well, more than they used to, at any rate).

It's dark. You don't quite remember falling asleep, but that must have been what happened seeing as how you're unconscious. You hear some mumbling.

We need everyone on the gate. Wake them up.
Are you sure? They took a pretty nasty blow from the shrapnel.
Just wake them up! We don't have any other choice!

You open your eyes, feeling somewhat drowsy. You look down, and notice some large tears in your skin, which appear to be mending themselves. A beam of white light surrounds you, which you presume is healing you.

You stand up, and the two people who were talking earlier (a man in a doctors coat and a girl in a trench coat) look at you.

Don't look at me, get going! He points down to the first floor, where there appears to be a large fight going on.

You are currently in the Food Court of Clive Winston Mall in Houston, Texas (according to the mall map in front of you). Various stores are arranged in a half-circle behind you, selling different kinds of food. There is one escalator heading downwards into the fray, which appears to have been barricaded at the top and partially destroyed. There are also two walkways to different parts of the mall at 10 and 2 o'clock from your point of view, which have also been very heavily barricaded.

Go already!

2007-12-31, 12:45 AM
Inbal was still in combat mode, and followed the man's orders without hesitation. She leaned over the railing, and fired a single burst into the wall.
"Everybody, on the ground, NOW!" she shouted in English.

Vespe Ratavo
2008-01-01, 03:54 AM
The round hits the wall, not really effecting the combat below.

2008-01-01, 06:05 AM
A small humanoid stands nearby, and begins nervously checking it's backpack for damage to any equipment. He breathes a sigh of relief when nothing is badly damaged. He reaches inside of his jacket, pulling out a decent sized revolver.

What's going on here?

2008-01-02, 02:29 AM
The round hits the wall, not really effecting the combat below.

(OOC: So, everyone ignored her?)

Vespe Ratavo
2008-01-02, 02:35 AM
(OOC: Not really, but there are a lot of rounds being fired down there and one un-aimed shot won't affect things.)

You want to know what's happening? We're being attacked by the undead, that's happening!

Indeed, on the first floor of the mall, the battle appears to be between well armed groups of both survivors and humanoid skeletons. The survivors aren't doing very well.

2008-01-02, 02:43 AM
(OOC: You gave me the impression that it was just a fistfight.)


Inbal took aim at the skeletons, and fired.
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

Vespe Ratavo
2008-01-02, 02:50 AM
(OOC: Oops. Sorry. :smallredface:

Eh, you missed anyway :smalltongue: )

One of the skeletons looks up from the fight, and takes aim with his pistol. (The wall/railing gives 1/4 cover, by the way)

1d20-4 → [17,-4] = (13) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1449564/)

He misses, grazing a hamburger store's sign.

(Surprise round over. Everyone else roll initiative. )

2008-01-02, 02:59 AM

(OOC: Could you describe/show us the rough positions of the various humans and skeletons? I'm considering using a grenade. If there's a melee, then I won't use one, but if all the humans are on one side, and all the skeletons on the other, that's a different story.)

Vespe Ratavo
2008-01-02, 01:33 PM
(OOC: I need to learn how to describe things better....>.>

The skeletons and humans are about ten feet away from each other. The humans are scattered, hiding behind pillars and such, but the skeletons are just standing still, close together, firing.)

2008-01-02, 06:21 PM
Samuel moves over to the railing and fires at a skeleton with his revolver.

((Initiative: [roll0]
Attack: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]))

2008-01-03, 03:02 AM
Inbal sets her rifle to automatic, and opens fire on the skeletons.

Attack: [roll0]

2008-01-08, 08:48 PM
((OOC: wow, i didn't notice this got put up. the recruitment thread never popped up in my CP.))

A man wakes up nearby, and speaks with a heavy italian accent Where...Where am I? This is not Sicily... hearing the gunshots, however, quickly brings him to his senses, and he moves to the railing, firing upon the undead with his revolver.

attack: [roll0]
damage: [roll1]

2008-01-11, 01:03 PM
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2008-01-20, 08:52 PM
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