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lord of pixies
2007-12-31, 05:34 PM
im in the 8th grade and i am a nerd

in the end of last year and through this year so far i have liked this one girl. befrore the break she seamed to like me back. with a little push from her friends, i got enough courage to ask her out (im shy), it was awkword.all her friends seamed to push us together and not leave us alone. a day later she dumped me for that reason, i took the hit and hid my dispare in my heart, but now i cant stop thinking of her, should i ask her out (and how because i dont want to be shot down) or should i forgett about it and try to move on...

i REALY like her and dont want to ruin things between us... what should i do:smalleek:

2007-12-31, 06:04 PM
You could post here.


But if you're looking for something more helpful than that bit of advice, your problem here is the friends. It sounds like they're keen to get this girl hooked up with you and she doesn't appreciate the interference.

The truth is, you probably can't do anything about it. Even if you ask her out and go on a date in secret, they will find out about you two at some point, and the girl will probably lose her nerve at the prospect of her friends' interference.

Mc. Lovin'
2007-12-31, 06:31 PM
How old is 8th grade?

Totally Guy
2007-12-31, 06:43 PM
There is the possibility that she was upset with the close interaction of her friends and yourself rather than purely their meddling. After all it is you, not them, that has come out of the situation without any kind of reward as yet.

Ask her out again without their influence to show that you have your own initiative and ability to ask for things you want. It also shows persistence which is also a good trait.

Yes her friends might crowd you again but it might be beneficial to try to intergrate yourself within the gang. When the "novelty", your newness to the situation, wears off the relationship between the whole circle of people can start to solidify.

2007-12-31, 06:50 PM
How old is 8th grade?

13 or 14, depending on your birthday

2007-12-31, 08:09 PM
Back in 8th grade I had a situation almost exactly like the one you mentioned. If my experience is any indication, ignore what her friends, your friends, anyone else is saying. Make sure you're not being pressured into anything. Talk to her for a while, just as friends, and see where you want to go. See if you are actually a good match. And if it doesn't work out, find something to take your mind off of her. Don't allow yourself to be lonely and miserable. You may like to hide in a corner and mope, but it won't be good for you. Trust me.
And if you need someone to dump all your problems to, if you need someone to listen, my PM box is always open. I can't guarantee I will be able to help, but I can try to my fullest extent.

2008-01-01, 12:42 PM
im in the 8th grade and i am a nerd...

...I have liked this one girl.

Source of problem detected.

Simple solution: wash your hands of the situation as it stands (make it a New Year's Resolution), but remain friends with the girl. If anything more comes of the relationship it'll happen regardless of what your - and her - friends say; if not, at least you're still friends.

Don't stress about it. Real Life doesn't start until you leave High School. :smallwink:

2008-01-01, 01:15 PM
Real Life doesn't start until you leave High School. :smallwink:
Real life doesn’t happen, it surprises you like a trap of a CR way above your level.

2008-01-01, 03:48 PM
Real life doesn’t happen, it surprises you like a trap of a CR way above your level.

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2008-01-01, 04:52 PM
eal life doesn’t happen, it surprises you like a trap of a CR way above your level.So sigged.

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2008-01-01, 05:09 PM
l of p, you need a hug. also, moving on is a great idea. don't get involved with a girl who is a puppet to her friends.
stay away from that one. she's a predator posing as a house pet.

2008-01-01, 05:11 PM
just tell her how you feel.
her friends were a problem i see, talk to her about it. and try to put as little pressure on her as possible.
if you really care about her giving up is not an option.
and don't worry about getting shot down. if you never try you already lost.