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Uncle Festy
2008-01-06, 11:58 AM

Welcome to Tandheim!
I'll be your host and commander, Darhan Toltain. I'm the acting leader of the entire force, and am a member of the Dragon Squadron, the elite strike force of Tandheim. You four are the members of Manticore Squadron, a newly formed attempt at better utilizing some of the more... racially varied... members of the squad. Some of you have been veterans of the force, and some of you are brand new here, but you're all some of the most skilled and powerful members we've got... besides me, of course. Dragon Squadron is the most powerful, so don't mess with us!
The TEDF currently consists of ten elite squadrons with 3-5 members, as well as twenty divisions of shock troopers with 30 members each. Each and every one of them is giving their all for the sake of Tandheim, so you'd better do the same, or you'll be out of here before you can say "Hail the king!"
The Tandheim Royal Compound contains four major buildings, surrounded by a magically reinforced wall. The Palace sits closest to the entrance. It has a massive throne room, rooms for royal meetings, rooms dedicated to art, and dozens more. The Tandheim palace is truly a sight to behold.
Two more buildings form a triangle with the Palace. The first of these is the TEDF barracks, where you four live. The first floor is the sleeping quarters for the entire force stationed here (five divisions and five elite squadrons), and the second floor contains the armory and the canteen.
The other of these two is the general housing. It contains the barracks for the palace guard, the rooming for the palace servants, the treasury, and the storage room for most of the foodstuffs for the compound. The king also maintains a private suite there, though he spends most of his time in his rooms in the Palace.
In the center of the compound is the World Library. The entire nation of Tandheim grew up around this momentous achievement. The librarian, Thranon, is in fact a silver dragon, and they say that one of his ancestors was the curator of the old World Library during the Lost Age.
All four buildings are surrounded by a lush garden, which is tended by a druid named Dyris, who prefers the company of plants to that of humans.

I'll add some people descriptions later on. In the meantime, here's the fluff from the old thread.

... here's a bit of fluff that I whipped up about the world of Tandheim:
-Setting History
The game begins in 11056 AW. No one really knows what AW means anymore, so most people say that it means AfterWards.
There are three major known ages. The Lost Age, the Dark Age, and the Twilight Age. Little to nothing is known about the Lost Age, which ended in the 6900s, except legends and myths (see below). The Lost Age was supposedly the pinnacle of magical technology, with the world together as one nation. Then, for one reason or another, the world collapsed into war. The Dark Age began with the 300 year war that ended the Lost Age. Again, little is known about this war, but we do know that the end of the war was a arcane strike against the World Library in Tandheim, which held almost all human and demihuman knowledge. (Though the strike wiped out almost all records from the Lost Age, there are many tomes that speak of that devastating strike that crippled civilization.) The result was total barbarism across the world. Few reliable records stand of that time, except for those of the few scribes who tried to maintain a library of sorts where the old one once stood, and the age ended in 7251 AW when these scribes and wizards reestablished Tandheim, and the Second World Library was created, as a new repository of knowledge, and Tandheim's new king established a group of powerful warriors who would be tasked with defending both the library and civilization as a whole. It has been several thousand years since then, but Tandheim, the Second World Library, and the TEDF is still around. (This is mostly unspecific because I don't want anything really hammered out if you need something different for your character.)
The Campaign is barely above normal magical technology. The upper-classes often purchase eternal wands to use prestigidation, sending, or magic mouth+clairaudiance (to record messages, often from sending spells). Mage hand, arcane mark... the list goes on. Speaking of the Mark, Arcane Mark works more like a fingerprint then a chosen rune. Whenever someone casts Arcane Mark, it is always the same, and the mark is as unique as a fingerprint. Many nobles use this as both a mark of verification and a symbol of descent, as a given Mark can be passed down to an heir. (Note: Other then Arcane Mark, I'm not going outside of the rules. Basically, I'm making magic items - when logically used - more common, when they serve a useful, everyday purpose. I'm not supporting the Eberron "Magic can do anything... because it's Magic!tm", but nor* am I supporting the idea that only adventurers use magic items, and yet there are huge stores that sell them. I'm just trying to use logic here. :smallcool: Remember, though, that no commoner will ever save up enough to buy any magic item, so mostly rich people do this stuff... though occasionally a large enough group of people will warrant some small magic (say, an army barracks having some continual flames for light and warmth, or a library casting protection from fire on all the books).
-Uncle Out

*Wow, I just said "nor". I scare me sometimes.

It's a regular night in Tandheim. The crickets are chirping, the wind is blowing, and it's cold outside. Everything is normal... for now.
(Please declare your actions at this time. Once everyone does, we'll start moving.)

2008-01-06, 05:55 PM
Elza (http://pifro.com/pro/view.php?id=259)

"...the first two chains of warfare are in essence simple truths. One must know how to deal and receive punishment, just as he should also know how to evade the his foe's inevitable counter. All who have picked up a sword know this, and there are thousands of different styles. There is an overarching philosophy though, which only the most anarchic styles would neglect. The key is all in the state of mind..."

Elza had been studying this codex for a few hours now. She sat on the floor by the side of her bunk. Her falchion lay in it's sheath and hung by the foot of her resting place, along with her haversack.

It makes sense, but how is this different from what I already know? She closed the old musty tome. It had gotten enough of her attention for now. Various members of the other squadrons had recommended it and with some convincing, Thranon had let her borrow it. The condition was of course that it be returned unscathed. Maybe it would be best if I asked them to point out the important bits. Either way she'd had enough of it for the evening. Raising to her feet, she fit the book into the haversack, it would probably be safest there after all.

(Elza would be in the barracks. I don't know if we're all supposed to be together so I tried to leave it open. And yeah, I'm thinking of having her go Warmind/PsyWar if she were to reach 16)

2008-01-06, 08:27 PM
Baron Blood (http://www.playrpgonline.net/3eprofiler/view.php?id=1758)

"Hmm, fiendish pyrohydra? No, too big and too hard to disguise, plus no hands. Glabrezu? Eh, too large and obvious. Psuedonatural paragon fiendish dire crab? Hmmm.... no, too silly. Hamatula? Ah, there we go," Baron Blood mused to himself, reading out of a small, leatherbound black book, as he floated in the ethereal plane.

"Umbra Conjuration: Xill," he announced pompously, and a shadowy four-armed figure took shape next to him. Without saying anything, the Baron began removing various items and handing them to the Xill for transport to the material. Soon a small stack of various items of power and articles of enchanted clothing lay on the floor of Morhault von Dranheim's new domain, a barracks room in the TEDF building, although he kept several items on, including his flowing red cape and the book he had been reading from.

The Shadow Xill faded away, and the Baron faded into the material plane as he read several lines from his book, and added an incantation, "Intentio Redimio Mephistopheles Parum ***** Libri Hamatula Dru'zhang." A pentagram appeared on the floor of the room, out of which stepped a barbed devil.

"Who dares summon the mighty Dru'zhang, tearer of flesh, devourer of innocents, scourge of...," the devil began announcing before Morhault possessed it.

Tech: [roll0]

(TBC, I figure I should make that roll first)

2008-01-06, 08:42 PM
OOC: Triple post, whee. Also, I am greatly amused that part of my incantation was censored. I guess we should assume this is after Elza is done reading, since we're in the same room.

Ct'd IC: "Only two titles out of that one before I got it, not bad," the devil remarked in a voice distinctly different and more cultured, but no less sinister.

"First, more suitable accoutrements," the Baron announced in his new Hamatula body, "Muto Ego Vultus Aasimar."

The creature's spiked visage transformed into a young almost-human figure that would have been handsome, were it not for the cruelty that shone through his bright eyes. "I say, positively angelic. Ha!"

With that, the Baron redressed himself with his usual equipment, although the cloak and book remained with his spirit.

Tech: So he's a ghost possessing a Hamatula that's Alter Self'd into a Aasimar. If Baron winds up needing to fight in Hamatula form I'll whip up a full character sheet.

2008-01-06, 09:20 PM
Grasnel (http://www.coyotecode.net/profiler/view.php?id=2201)

A lone gargoyle perches on the roof of the barracks, balanced precariously on the apex of the roof.
Pigeons and other city birds gather on the gently sloping roof, summoned there by the slow rain of bread-crumbs falling from the statues fingers.
Cooo, cooooo.
*peck peck peck peck*
A one hand reaches slowly behind, pulling a elegant sky blue composite great-bow from a quiver on its back.
Releasing the rest of the bread, the creature draws five arrows from its quiver, aiming each at a different bird.
"And....... PULL!
The shout sends the birds reeling, all heading sky-word as the five are brought down, along with another five, and another, and another.
The birds struggle against the arrows that pin them to the walls and roofs of the complex as Grasnel ties them up by their feet, slings them over a shoulder and goes winging back to the barracks, to freak out the raw humans.
Geeks, ha.
They have nothing on me.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-06, 10:25 PM
His magics ... khh ... betray him a mile ... off - would you not-khh say, dear Grasnel? I-khh ... cannot get a fix on ... the correct divinatory azimuth. Damnèd spectre!

From the roof, there descends a large, sinewy figure. Its movement, to say the least, is disquieting; it slithered across vertical rock as easily as across the ground that it now traverses to fall into step with the gargoyle. The effect of effortless movement that, if it were sound, would certainly be sibilant, is slightly spoilt by the massive slabs of dark-grey, dullish metal that it wears, clanking together like the peals of a poorly constructed bell. Any good armoursmith could tell you that you don't want to make armour out of lead, as it's too soft and heavy, and what would you go an expensive and silly thing like that for, anyway? Nonetheless, the figure bears these burdens - they look more designed to keep something in than to keep blows out.

He's-khh just behaving like such ... a spoilsport, Durendal continues. A meteor shower! At night-khh! A beautiful cele ... bration for the Tandhei ... mers. But now, I can't find where ... it will be.

He looks up at the gargoyle, and at the dead pigeons. Satisfied that he has a sufficient number of counsellors for this grievous woe, he continues.

But per-khh-haps I am just being petulant. Blood should be able ... to enjoy physicality. Hmm?

2008-01-06, 11:06 PM
(OOC: The pigeons aren't dead, just slowly bleeding to death.)

"....... 'K then?"
Looking at the metal monstrosity queerly, the gargoyle chomps off a pigeon head and chews noisily as he tries to decipher whats just been said.
Otherwise, his stride is unchanged as he walks back to the barracks.
Right before the door, Grasnel pauses and turns with mouth half full of brains and beak,
"What's the hells azimuth mean?"

2008-01-06, 11:32 PM
Elza (http://pifro.com/pro/view.php?id=259)

As the spectacle unfolds, Elza notes the white crystal on her Falchion grow vivid. She had to admit the first time caught her by surprise, but after serving in the Manticore squadron for the entirety of it's still young lifespan, the binding ritual had became a somewhat common occurrence.

"Two and a half actually, but it's not like it really matters, they all seem to have titles." She pays little attention as the Baron dresses himself again, she'd already seen what was under it's skin anyway. "You know, I'd actually be worried if you got one that kept it's mouth shut after you summon it Baron. A lack of vanity would show more discipline." Sitting on her bunk, she reaches for her blade as it seems to bend it's hilt towards her. She humored it, taking her time as she pulled it from it's sheath, the blade trying to force her hand out faster. It didn't seem to know the difference yet.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-07, 07:41 AM
OOC:One of the pigeons would seem to be dead now :smalltongue: !

Oh, the Azimuth ... khhh ... is the angle that the light we see is at. You've got some pigeon brain on your nose.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-07, 09:02 AM

Something that Durendal saw in the meteor shower pokes the back of his mind. Something about one of the meteors looked... wrong. He hears a lound bang and sees blue-white light shining from behind him, and if he turns around, he will realize what was wrong. Grasnel also hears the explosion and sees the light, and will also see the following if he turns around: A massive, light blue, glowing meteor crashes into the General Housing building. Moments later, a cold wind blows past you, dropping the temperature and keeping it lower.


Elza and Baron Blood will also hear the bang, also see the glowing blue-white light, and will feel the cold wind blowing past them. Elza's firey hair (I think) will flicker, and come back much weaker, shedding no light, but all the candles and Continual Flames that are lighting the barracks suddenly and simultaneously go out. There is almost total darkness inside, and someone screams. The entire barracks collapse into chaos.

2008-01-07, 12:10 PM

After the bang, a strong chill ran down Elza's back as the wind blew. Instinctively, she forced the blade back into it's sheath and drew her arms and legs closer, she hated the cold. Shivering slightly, she let her now weakened flames die, letting her "hair" fall back down and revert into her red and orange plumage. From the look of it, open flames wouldn't stand much of a chance in this environment, it would be best to adapt.

After a quick glimmer from her headband and a dim burst of light, Elza's eyes take on a flickering silvery glow. The cold was no longer a problem, but then again, that was only on a personal level. "What the heck was that?" As she swings her haversack onto her back and holds her falchion in it's sheath, she tries to make out what happened, turning to the direction of the first scream.

Just manifested Adapt Body (the Psionic equivalent to Endure Elements) and hoping that a 60ft Darkvision can get me a decent idea of what's going on.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-07, 04:27 PM

With a single, smooth movement, the construct drops into a low stance, placing its massive bulk between the site of the impact, still radiating a blue-white light, and Grasnel.

The course of events gave rise to a feeling ill-known to Durendal - gnawing, unsettling, anxiety. Meteorites. Rogue meteorites. Magical rogue meteorites. Meteorites that poured out light, not so much a sunbeam, or the light of cooling metal, but some form of heatless, weightless, and, altogether, lifeless radiance; rime transfixed by starlight.

No, this couldn't do. A practical, pragmatic solution - fast. Such a solution could only be helped by the presence of his fellows:


Being fairly sure that such a bellow would carry over the tumult that was rising from the barracks, he turns his attention back to the epicentre of the confusion and terror in the Militia base. The brightness and frigidity is still as disturbing as before.

Search for evil, or magic? The dilemna was a perennial one when investigating large worrying things (this certainly fulfilled both categories), but here, the worry was not so much over some sort of nasty thief, or even rampaging demon, but more deep-seated than that. Something inherently unnerving about the meteor itself.

Durendal steps out and, cautiously advancing towards what's left of General Housing, alters his position on the web of consciousness slightly, and begins discerning skeins of magical energy, looking for anything abnormal.

OOC:Since he hasn't been on active military footing, and because I forgot to put together an initial spell preparation :smallredface:, I'm assuming that all slots have been put over to stuff like scrying - of little value in the aftermath of a disaster. I do, however, have detect evil and detect magic at will. He's started detecting magic, and is keeping the cone trained on the building, which he's moving towards.

2008-01-07, 05:38 PM
OOC: Instead of a full character sheet for Hamatula body, I'll just list stuff that would be different.

Stat changes: Str 23 (+6), Dex 27 (+8), Con 23 (+6), hp 126, AC 54 (touch 33, flat-footed 29), hp 126, Initiative +20, Fort +34, Ref +36, Attacks +20/+15/+10 (Axe, 1d8+7), or 2 claws +19 (2d8+6+fear), impale 3d8+9, Barbed defense, damage reduction 10/good, darkvision 60 ft., immunity to fire and poison, resistance to acid 10 and cold 10, see in darkness, spell resistance 23, does not have most undead traits (but retains immunity to mind-affecting effects and CHA modifier to concentration checks). Has on the Baron's magic items except for belt and cloak (both still working, though), vest (redundant) and book (not needed).


Baron seems unaffected by the cold, but he still jumps at the bang. After hearing Durendal's yell, he calmly snapped his fingers, accelerating the movement of both himself and Elza. He smiled as the rest of the world slowed down, and continued preparing.

"NonValidusUtExsistoVulneroPerFrigus," he incanted with accelerated speed, rendering himself immune to cold, followed by "MaioribusNonPromptus," vanishing from view.

"Let us proceed outside, hopefully Durendal saw what happened. Safety in numbers, regardless." With that, the Baron dropped his disguise (being invisible anyways), and hurried out the door.

If Baron can get reasonably close to Durendal with his move: "Quite an impressive piece of destruction. Did you see what did that?"

Tech: Haste on self and Elza, quickened by Swiftblade ability, (+1 attack, AC, Reflex, +30 ft. move, Elza gets an extra attack on a full attack action, Baron gets an extra standard action instead and the benefits listed under "notes." Improved Invisibility and Energy Immunity: Cold on self, move action 90 feet in the direction of Durendal's shout. I'm assuming they know each other well enough that Durendal should be expected to recognize Baron's voice even if he's invisible. Alter Self is dropped.

2008-01-07, 06:15 PM
OOC: This is before anyone else comes out.

Taking to the air, Grasnesl drops the dead pigeons where he was standing and wings his way to the impact zone, staying close to the roof-tops.
Reaching a overlooking structure, he pulls out his crossbow and searches for anything odd.
Other than, you know, the meteor.

Spot: [roll0]
Move Silently: [roll1]
Listen: [roll2]
Search: [roll3]
Hide: [roll4] +6 if background is stone

2008-01-07, 07:24 PM

"I'll be with you in a moment, just go on ahead." Seeing the world through her black and white vision, she runs towards the center of the chaos within the barracks. This is supposed to be the most elite force in Tandheim, if we're in a panic we'll be no more useful then a bunch of peasants.

Assuming there's no obviously source of the panic within the barracks (Some gate to the outer planes, demons besides Baron Blood teleporting in, that sort of thing.) she'll call a light out of every dead torch she runs into. If there's no obvious threat, she'll come to the conclusion that the other troops started panicking because of the blast, the wind and the flames dying. If this is the case, she hollers out in the center of the common room amongst the panicked others. "Come to your senses! Is this how Tandheim's elite react when someone turns out the lights?!"

Regardless of weather this works or not, she feels she did her part. She closes her eyes and with a flash of multicolored light, disappears. When she opens them again she's outside of the barracks and trying to follow Durandel's summon.

If there's anything urgent causing the panic in the barracks that she can pick up on her way to the common room, she'll tend to that instead. Eitherway, she uses Light on as many objects as she can before reaching the center of the room and urging everyone else to calm down. Then she just Dimension Doors out of the barracks, trying to follow Durandel's voice, but staying on the ground.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-07, 07:54 PM

You see general confusion. It's otherwise mostly dark in the barracks, and there's a lot of screaming, though with darkvision, it's pretty easy to tell that it's mostly screaming because everyone else is screaming, with the odd bump or stubbed toe.
There is no center of the chaos. The chaos in the barracks is chaos for chaos' sake. As you move through the crowd, it quickly becomes apparent that the rest of the elite squadrons are also trying to form up. Some are in the barracks, trying to calm everyone down, while others are moving outside in an attempt to discover what happened. The weaker squadrons, however, are dissolving into chaos, and they are the majority in the barracks, giving the illusion of complete chaos. (Near complete? Yes. Complete? No.) The light spells function (maybe a more powerful caster was needed? is the thought that comes to mind) but they are flickering, and of a very weak radiance.
About when you get outside, Darhan takes command (see below).


There are definately powerful magics at work. You haven't been able to detect such powerful magic since... well... you're not quite sure since when, but you have a feeling that you have sensed such power before. There's a moderate to strong aura of magic, as well as a dim aura of evil that is rapidly growing. You don't really have time to detect more before you hear a shout from behind you (see below).

Baron Blood:

As you move through the barracks, you notice the same things as Elza. No sooner do you reach Durendal then you hears the same shout that the golem does.


The entire building is silent as a grave, and all things considered, that might be a fitting metaphor. He hears one voice shouting behind him (as opposed to the dozens before), and almost as soon as it stops, members of the TEDF start coming out of the building.

Everyone except Grasnel:

Janus' voice drifts over the crowd, and with it comes a burst of light. The light reveals general chaos, whith Janus and Darhan in the center. Janus looks calm and composed, as always, his spellbook radiating light, but Darhan looks boiling mad. "What in the nine hells is going on here? Are we running a madhouse or a guard?" All other speech seems to wither in his wrath, and almost immediately the barracks are silent. He points a finger to the barracks door. "All squadrons. All divisions. Form up. Outside. NOW." With the final word, the spell of his voice (not an actual spell, just being alliterative) seems to break, and everyone moves towards the door, though slightly frantically.

Really Everyone this time:

Alright, I forgot last post. Everyone, make any Knowledge checks that you have ranks in and think might be relevant.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-07, 08:44 PM

Hearing Darhan's fustian, the sickstone golem grudgingly begins to turn, and to slither back to the assembly point, just outside the Barracks.

Prehensile necks, however, come in handy. Just as he moves out of range for his divinations, his gaunt, humanoid mask snaps back, trying to fix the image of the detected magic in his mind. A slight, imperceptible dip in his head on the return journey indicates to Blood that, yes, he's seen something, but can't tell any more right now.

So, thinks Durendal, cogitations running through the micro-engraved filligree of his sickstone cortex, we ... are looking at what ... one might describe as a comet of magic. A nucleus ... of what can only be described as ... hereto-unforseen, in recent ... years at least, power ... bearing a mantle of weaker magic. And evil? That bodes ill.

OOC:O RLY, DURENDAL? :smalltongue:

Anyhow - knowledge checks, GO GO GO!

Knowledge (the planes) [roll0]; what flavour of energy (negative? cold?) was that energy that was released?

Knowledge (religion) [roll1]; does this comet have any religious or mythological significance?

Spellcraft [roll2]; trying to identify any schools of magic involved in such an occurance

Saving the big guns, i.e. altering the course, for later.

2008-01-08, 12:07 AM

After hearing Darhan take charge, Elza's glad to know she was on the right track. Though, maybe she expected too much out of the weaker squadrons, she remembered panic as a formidable foe, even if it felt distant now. Once she gets accustomed to her surroundings, the remains of the general housing occupy her thoughts.

While the rest of the squads are making their way out, she readies herself for what's to come. Anyone looking in her direction can see small green puddle in front of her and something that looks like a green vine wrapping itself loosely around her neck. As she turns back to the others, the silver flicker in her eyes seems to have strengthened. She ignores any odd looks, simply heading towards the large alien golem.

She joins the rest of the Manticores. "Strange. Durandel, have you seen Grasnel?"

Added Inertial Armor (Armor boost), Danger Sense (Improved Uncanny Dodge) and Metaphysical Weapon (Weapon boost) to the active buffs.

Knowledge History: [roll0] Can she recall any other similar incidents?
Knowledge Psionics: [roll1] Bit of a longshot, but it also covers ancient mysteries

2008-01-08, 12:25 AM
Leaping from the roof, Grasnel glides lazily over to where the meteor landed and inspects it.

If nothing happens, he'll move back 40' and take a couple pot-shots at it with his crossbow.
Also, last time Grasnel was alone without anyone else from the squad, he literal started dancing in the rain, as well as singing showtunes.
It was of human remains, mostly, and he can't sing.:smalltongue:
No Knowledge skills:[roll0]

2008-01-08, 12:32 AM
Baron Blood

"What a bunch of weak-hearted buffoons," Baron mumbled under his breath, as he headed back with Durandel towards the meeting point.


2008-01-08, 12:35 AM
Baron Blood:
Realizing that he hadn't even a faint clue what the significance of the meteor actually was, Baron turned to Durandel as they walked. "You're some sort of meteorite elemental yourself, right? Do you know anything about what that was?"

Tech: I'm assuming with those low Knowledge checks, Baron indeed knows nothing.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-08, 08:39 PM
Ok, I messed up. I thought the spell effect was lower level, so the DeMa aura should have been strong. My bad.
KtPl: Whatever just happened here is tied to the Paraelemental Plane of Cold (so the blast was pure, undiluted, cold). You're not quite sure how, though.
KRe: Ooh, natural 20. Nothing obvious yet, but I'll keep this in mind as you learn more about the meteor.
Spellcraft: Nada.

Nothing to note in post other then checks.
KHi: Ooh, swing-and-a-miss.
KPsi: See Durendal's KRe comment. The same applies here.

The meteor is in the building, so you can't examine it unless you go inside. Even if you try, Darhan will try and interfere before you manage to get inside. Oh, and you can't use Knowledge skills untrained.

You are correct. You know nothing.

As the TEDFers line up, Darhan takes stock of the different squadrons. "Good, good, everyone's here and accounted-" He stares for a few moments at the hole in Manticore Squadron's ranks. "Where is that thrice-damned gargoyle now? By Cuthbert's shining mace, if he starts singing again... Grasnel! GRASNEL!" If Grasnel doesn't reply to Darhan's shouts, Janus steps up to the general. "If I may... Message." Janus says over the connection, "Form up with Manticore Squadron immediately. This is an order." Failing that, Darhan will turn towards Durendal, and say, "Bring the Gargoyle over here. Now."

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-09, 09:29 AM

While waiting for the rest of the teams to form up, Durendal turns to Elza and Blood.

I ... khh-believe that it was some sort of ... paraelemental cold magic. It was in an intensely pure state - I ... do not believe that I can accurately recall such a channelling.

He looks mornfully, or as mornfully as his fairly rigid stone face could allow, at Elza.


Upon hearing the shouted commands of Darhan, Durendal suddenly becomes alert.

If Grasnel does not respond to Janus' entreaties, then Durendal ... takes steps. He crouches down, with every sense straining towards Grasnel.

And so we get to the complex bit. Durendal has readied an action to spring forward (running start) and leap at Grasnel, and then try to grapple him, in order to stop him from flying around any more, and to bring him to attention.

He's not in a combat situation, and has had time to concentrate, so he would take 10 on a high jump if Grasnel came within 20ft of the ground.

On account of taking 10, Durendal gets to jump 6 feet straight up 10+16 (str). His 16 foot reach, as a large creature, puts him in good stead to get in range of the gargoyle. He then proceeds to initiate a grapple check against him:

1. Touch attack. [roll0].
2. Grapple check. [roll1] (9 BAB + 16 str + 4 large + 4 grapple).

If all of these succeed, Grasnel now has 600lb of golem hanging onto his leg, and will most likely be brought to ground.

After landing with a booming thump, the golem whispers in Grasnel's ear:

While ... I appreciate the works of Mariah Popinov as much ... as anyone else, could it wait a little?

He then turns to Darhan, and begins talking normally. My ... khh-apologies, sir. My colleague is very eager.

If any of these fail, Durendal picks himself up off the ground, and, looking slightly embarrassed, gives a significant look at Elza, then at Grasnel.

2008-01-09, 10:30 AM
Baron Blood:

In response to Durandel's information, Baron Blood said, to nobody in particular, "I'd pat myself on the back for that Energy Immunity spell. Except that I'm presently invisible and covered in spikes." He didn't seem very interested in helping get Grasnel down.

2008-01-09, 11:21 AM
Yes, yes I'm coming. Annoying git.
Grasnel hops back into the air and plops down next to the team.

The knowlege check was to see if I had even DC 10 (which I believe everyone is supposed to know).

2008-01-09, 12:31 PM

"Pure elemental cold... Th-that'll be rough, won't it?" She shivers at the thought, her resolve faltering for a moment. Before long, she catches herself though. "It's alright, thanks for the warning. I think I can protect myself from the environment if we go in, but if I reach my limit I'll let you handle the rest." She smiles, coming to terms with the prospect. "Besides, if this is absolute cold, this'll be the peak. Anything else will pale in comparison."

As Grasnel joins them, she closes her eyes and sighs before giving Darhan her full attention.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-10, 12:03 PM

I am no better - but ... what worries me is that-khhh, if this derives from a being ... malicious in intent, as the levels of evil would-khh suggest, then that means that we might have trouble on our hands further ... down the line.

2008-01-11, 10:05 PM

"High levels of evil..." For a second, Elza dismisses this. Afterall, she had been running into evil incarnate on a daily basis thanks to one of her team mate's habits. But then it struck her. High levels of evil. If this was planned, it's willing to do something like this to the very heart of Tandheim and apparently confident enough in their ability to take such a regimen. Again, she shudders.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-14, 12:25 PM
"Now that we're all here," says Darhan, looking poignantly at Grasnel ((Myself included - sorry about that!)), "let's begin. Three, nine, and Doppelganger, secure the palace. Four, fifteen, and Ogre, secure the library. Seventeen and Raakshaa, hold down the fort. Manticore Squadron, you're with us."
Janus turns towards Darhan. "Because they need testing in a serious situation?" he says, a cynical look on his face.
"Yes. Of course. To test them in a dangerous situation. That's exactly why I chose them. Let's go with that." Done speaking, Darhan moves towards the freezing building, and the rest of Dragon Squadron follows.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-14, 01:31 PM

As they head out, the construct turns to Janus.

May I speak to you for a short ... while? It occurred to me-khh ... that a trajectory for this comet might ... be calculated from its frost trail. While ... I apologise that I did not see ... it inbound, there ... is a possibility that it may shed some light.

2008-01-14, 01:54 PM
"Before we get to the dangerous situation part, allow me to test out a handy use of this rod I located recently. Spacious Join Superior Deception Arms." With that, a pale red glow surrounded Manticore and Dragon Squadron's weapons briefly before winking out.

"Now, let's discuss proper crashing etiquette with that meteor."

Tech: Using one of the daily charges of Metamagic Rod: Extend and casting Extended Chain Greater Magic Weapon. Baron only uses one hit (for his axe), and I figure the other 15 should be more than sufficient to tag all the weapons we need. It (effectively) makes them +3 if they weren't already better than that.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-14, 03:10 PM
((Illiterate Scribe and Pyroconstruct: What do you mean about the last sentances? What would shed light on what? What is "proper crashing etiquette?" Oh, and all the Dragon Squadron members who are carrying weapons have them at +3 or higher, except Darhan's Composite Longbow (+1) and Myran's offhand shortsword (+2), so use all of those on Manticore squadron's backup weapons - Oh, right. Myran. This would be a good time to introduce Dragon Squadron. There's Darhan, who's a combat specialist and war-leader. He's very drill sergeant-y, despite his position. Which, by the way, he only has because the commander is MIA. Next is Janus. He's the mage and jack-of-all trades of the TEDF. He's an elf, and a wizard, so he's the smartest member of the force - and what's more, he knows it. He rarely speaks loudly, but when he does, everyone listens. Finally, there's the unmentioned member, Myran. He's the high priest of Nerull, and therefore takes a very morbid view of life. Specifically, he assumes everyone will die, so doesn't mind speeding the process along a bit. A bit goth, but very powerful, and is skilled at channeling both arcane and divine energy into his attacks.
Durendal, prep your spells now, as we are quickly moving towards a combat situation.
Finally, if a member of Dragon Squadron gives an order, and you don't specifically say that you're not following it, I'll assume you are. Unless I can just assume that orders are being followed, though I doubt it.
Hm. Most of this should be in the OoC thread. I'll move it later.))

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-14, 04:31 PM

Careful ... something seems wrong. I-khh ... don't like this. Be watchful, friends.

Durendal reaches down to his belt (or the piece of cloth that circles his 'waist', at any rate), and draws his holy symbol. It is a strange object - a shallow, hollow dome, made of some sort of shell-like substance that is reminiscent of the dark grey-green, foreboding colour of the sky of a late summer's evening, that arrives just before the onset of a torrentail downpoor. It is edged with silver - the tiny embossed stars and edges glisten in the light emanating from the barracks, and from Elza's plumage.

Festy:Durendal was wondering if he could use some divinations to back-track the meteor's path, and have a guess as to where it came from. Too late now, though :smalleek:.

Also, spell preparation. It normally takes too long, but a compromise could be reached by only letting him prepare a smaller number of spells (I'm going with 1/2 normal, rounding up).

0 - Light
0 - Resistance
0 - Guidance
1 - Ray of enfeeblement
1 - Bless
1 - Bane
1 - (domain) true strike
2 - Augury
2 - Status
2 - Remove paralysis
2 - Scintillating scales
3 - Daylight
3 - Protection from energy
3 - Anticipate teleportation
3 - Prayer
4 - Freedom of movement
4 - Death ward
4 - Restoration
4 - Divine power
5 - Righteous wrath of the faithful (basically +1 attack/round in a 30ft burst, +3 damage and to attack)
5 - Righteous might
5 - Flame strike
6 - Heal
6 - Harm
6 (domain) - find the path
7 - Spell resistance, mass
7 (domain) - moment of prescience
8 - mind blank
8 (domain) - foresight

Wow. Clerics prepare a ton of spells.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-14, 05:23 PM
((@Durendal: Why's it too late? I feel like I'm missing something here... If it's because I have no idea what you're talking about, that's meaningless. Janus might.
Also, I'm not asking to prepare spells, I'm asking to state spells prepared. One makes no sense in a battle situation, the other forces you to keep away from metagaming. For instance, you can't spend every slot on Flame Strike, but you can spend one or two because it's one of the more powerful cleric evocations.))

2008-01-14, 07:05 PM

Taking one last deep breath, Elza follows the Dragon squad as they approach the crash site. As she walks, her right hand moves to her weapon's hilt and pulls. Out of the sheath comes a warped looking blade, engraved in glyphs which seem to have no meaning and boasting a series of odd curves near its hilt and down its dull edge. As she runs her left hand over it, its sharpened edge grows keener and the blade seems to writhe in joy. In a way, the falchion looked more eager to go in then its owner.

Her face hosts an expressionless look. She knew full well that she didn't want to go in. If such a choice had presented itself before she had gained the new appendage, she would have been terrified of the prospect. Now though, she couldn't help but wonder if loosing most of her basic instincts had been so bad. There weren't any more road blacks, it was just do or do not. "I'll watch my step then Durandel."

Just casting Psionic Keen Edge on the falchion, it'll be up for 2.5 hours. The description of the falchion is just fluff, it's not an intelligent item or anything. I'm just trying to get it too fit as having had illithid influence.

2008-01-14, 08:43 PM

Acting overtly weepy and hurt, Grasnel quietly wipes a large theatrical tear from his eye, before saying "You know what? I think he might not like me! Oh, poor me! Whatever shall I do?"
This is said outside of Darhan's hearing, as Grasnel plods along behind the group, attempting to bring up the rear.

2008-01-14, 09:24 PM
OOC: "Let's go discuss proper crashing etiquette with that meteor" was a tongue-in-cheek way of saying "I'm ready to go." By "discuss proper crashing etiquette" he means "go and see what's up," ie, what we were about to do. Also, re: the chain GMW, with 15 hits I can probably hit everyone's backup weapons, unless one of the other Manticores is carrying around more than 4 weapons.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-14, 09:47 PM
As they reach the doors, Janus turns towards Durendal. "We'll discuss this later," he says.
Darhan stands in front of the door, greatsword in hand. He says, "Prepare yourselves, everyone - we're going in. Janus?"
The double doors swing open, and a cloud of mist billows out. As it clears, you all see the main hall. Everything is covered in ice. The floors, the ceilings, the doors, the huge table that dominates the entry hall - everything, including a dozen or so members of the palace guard, frozen in place around the table or at the doors.
By Nerull's staff..." says Myran.

2008-01-14, 10:28 PM
OOC: Question: is the ice thick enough to impair movement significantly?

2008-01-14, 10:34 PM

Closing her eyes, Elza slowly walks into the frozen chamber. She braces herself, expecting to feel an almost painful chill run through her while her body adapts to the environment around her. If all goes well, then the feeling will last for only a sudden jolt, afterwards she should feel just like she did only a few hours ago at the barracks.

As she looks around the frozen chamber, the green vine around her neck begins to unwrap, preparing to lash out at anything looking for a fight. Similarly, she holds her own weapon tightly. "It doesn't look like they had much time to act..."

Adapt Body (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/adaptBody.htm) should be going into effect. She's also making no effort to suppress her Heat racial ability.

Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-15, 05:30 PM


Durendal, without pausing to take in the scene at any greater detail than a glance, raises his holy symbol to his mouth, and whispers a few words - more like atonal, musical chords, actually - into it. Nothing seems to have changed, but it is fairly clear that some fairly powerful magic was just channelled.

Oh dear.

Durendal begins looking around - sharply, jerkily, clearly on edge.

A colleague of his might notice that he has begun slipping into some bad habits again - with little flicks of the long, talon like fingers, of which far too many adorned each hand, he has rolled back the protective lead coating that covers them. The resulting light, although still carefully aimed away from the others, is still somewhat disturbing and sickening to look upon - somehow, light shouldn't be able to flicker in that way, or cast those sorts of all-too-weak shadows. Nonetheless, the silver-green light is quite good at illuminating the hall.

OoC - casting Foresight from Durendal's domains. The light is a reference to sickstone's glowing properties, which are worryingly similar to high-energy radiation, so he's trying not to expose any of the Dragons or Manticores to it.

Also, Festy -

Durendal: Why's it too late? I feel like I'm missing something here...

OK, he was going to try and ascertain a rough source (read - bit of the sky) for the meteorite. It's not exactly an easy or quick process - certainly not one which is likely to be feasible in what Darhan would probably call 'an unsecured zone' :smallwink:.

Also, spellswise, the above is a fairly representative buff-package for Durendal - the sort of thing he'd have prepared for general usage in the camp.

Frozen solid, y'say? :smalleek:

2008-01-15, 07:23 PM

Scans the hall and trots forward with a glazed look in his eyes.
Sooooooo, how we doing this?
Grasnel draws beside one of the frozen men, takes out his ax and taps it on the head with the back of the blade.

Quick Reconnoiter: Gives Spot + Listen check every round as free action.
Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2008-01-15, 07:44 PM
"A most fascinating display of elemental power," Baron observed as he stepped aside to let the others pass.

"Umbra Accerso Phasmatis Equus," the Baron intoned as he summoned himself a phantom steed, not fancying balancing on ice, especially when he wasn't yet used to this body. He mounted the ghostly horse and hovered about 10 feet up inside the building.

"What are your orders for Manticore Squadron?" he asked Darhan in a neutral tone while observing the scene.

Using Shadow Conjuration to mimic Phantom Steed (although it only has 60% hp, Baron voluntarily fails his Will save so it can still carry him around at full speed). In case Baron needs his 7th level spells again soon:


Spot and Listen checks.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-16, 02:47 PM
"Dragon squadron, secure the upper floors. Manticore Squadron, secure the bottom floor. Your main priority is finding survivors, and figuring out what happened here. I'm hoping for no hostiles, but whatever happened here was extraplanar, so keep your eyes open for outsiders and elementals." With that, Dragon squadron goes into the door on the right.
OoC: Quick note about layout. The entry hall is rectangular, and the entrance door is one of the short sides. The room is dominated by a large table. There is about sixteen feet between the table and the wall on the three far sides, but the closest side of the table is about nineteen feet from the wall and the main door. The table is surrounded by chairs, with four on either long side, two in front of you, and three on the far side of the table. Each chair has a frozen person in it. There is a door on each of the four walls. Other then the one behind you to the outside, there is a door on the right to the stairs, a door on the left to the kitchen, and a door on the far wall into the Palace Guard's sleeping quarters. The ice is covered with a thin layer of snow, so it doesn't impede movement significantly. State your action and position at the end of the aforementioned action.

2008-01-16, 03:52 PM

"I expect everyone's dead, but we might as well take a look," the Baron said, as he spurred his phantom steed to circle the outside of the room so he could scan the adjoining areas with his ring of X-ray vision.

As stated - activate Ring of X-Ray Vision, using phantom steed to circle the room while looking through the walls, looking for anything of note. The horse is silent and moves at 240/rd, so it shouldn't take too long; however, he can only see up to 20 feet with it, so he's staying right next to the walls. If needed:


If Baron sees anything that seems important, he will end his action at the wall near it. If not, he will end his action 10 feet above the table in the center of the room and see what the other Manticores do.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-16, 04:31 PM

It would worry ... me more, Blood, if anything here was still alive.

Durendal resumes looking carefully at each object in turn, concentrating on seemingly random parts of the room with a fierce intensity. It's quite clear that he's looking for something, although the way that his attention has rested on

a bowl.
a table leg
an ornate cornice
some ice crystals

suggests that he doesn't yet know what. While doing this, he walks slowly to the table, and looks for any vital - or other - signs - whether any noticeable damage is visible.

OoC:Man, I love having Detect Evil at will! He's detecting, of course, and listening out to his Foresight as well. He ends up near the centre of the room. Also, no spot/listen rolls, a) because they're rubbish for Durendal anyway, and b) he's using magic to examine the current situation - examining anything that would have a DC is currently not high priority.

2008-01-16, 08:01 PM

Elza closes her eyes once again before making her way down the left side of the hall. "It's a grim way to look at it though, to think that just yesterday I saw some of these people alive and well on the grounds..." She considers trying to thaw one the frozen statues out, but decides against it, it might be possible to do something for them yet. She looks over the room, trying to find anything stranger then misty flying steeds and masked golems. If nothing comes up, she'll turn to the kitchen door and push it open. (If something does, she's currently in front of the kitchen door.)

You know, Psychic Warriors have a LOT of buffs. Elza will manifest both Steadfast Perception (Immunity to Illusions and Glamers like invisibility as well as bonuses to spot and search for 2.5 hours) and a fully augmented Vigor (+75 temporary hp for 15 minutes). Both would have a set recharge (basing them off False Life and See Invisibility), so they'll be down before I can refresh them.

Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2008-01-17, 01:49 AM

Seeing everyone be all dutiful, Grasnel attempts to look busy by poking the frozen men for a few moments more.
Search? to check if their actualy alive: [roll0]

Uncle Festy
2008-01-22, 08:56 PM
Grasnel, please post your location. Elza, there's a frozen member of the guard in front of the door. Where are you in relationship to him? Everyone else, DON'T POST! Hopefully, I'll have a new post soon after the response.

2008-01-22, 08:58 PM
Standing next to the closest guy to the front door.

2008-01-22, 09:23 PM
Lets say 5ft to the right of him. Probably considering moving him to get through.

Uncle Festy
2008-01-24, 10:06 AM
Hopa! And we are on!

Baron Blood
You whirl around the room at blinding speed. You mostly see more frozen people in the barracks and the stairwell, but the kitchen is deserted. You reach the table, and come to a stop. As you do, you see movement, and a sphere of frozen energy engulfs you...
(60 cold damage, Ref DC 19 half)

As you step in front of the frozen guard, he suddenly starts moving. With astounding speed, he pulls out a greatsword, and swings it at you.
(Attack [roll0] (Against FF AC), Damage [roll1], Crit confirm [roll2], Crit damage [roll3])

The soldier you were poking spins around, and shoves a Greatsword at your chest.
(Attack [roll4] (Against FF AC), Damage [roll5], Crit confirm [roll6], Crit damage [roll7])

There's no obvious evil, though there are faint traces coming from the kitchen... Suddenly, three of the frozen men begin moving, and attack your friends. No one attacks you yet, though.
Okay, here's the map:
Anyone covered with a semi-transparent blue circle hasn't moved yet. The guys in grey with swords are guards, and the guys in blue robes are mages. You're all initialed, and will be replaced with images as time allows.

2008-01-24, 11:16 AM
Baron laughs off the cold attack, glad that he cast that Energy Immunity on himself. His phantom steed does not, as it is frozen and falls to the ground, shattering on the table.


Baron's Energy Immunity protects him from that attack, but his mount can't live even if it saves successfully. "Mount killed under you" is 1d6 damage or a DC 15 Ride check, so:

Also, should we roll initiative/ state actions? Or is there more in the surprise round? If Initiative is needed now:


Uncle Festy
2008-01-24, 11:41 AM
Yeah, Pyroconstruct makes a good point. Resolve surprise round, roll initiative, and state your actions in the new round.

2008-01-24, 03:09 PM

Checking if Baron knows what spell hit him:

2008-01-24, 04:10 PM
This is assuming Baron's conclusion was that he got hit by an arcane spell

"I suppose I'd best deal with that mage before he figures out to deep-freeze the one with the flaming hair," Baron thought to himself, as he reapplied haste with a quick gesture, so as to affect Grasnel and Durendal as well, and then fired green lasers out of his eyes at the two mages.


Swift action: haste (quickened for free by Swiftblade power), Full-round action: use Ocular Baleful Polymorphs that he had prepped, one at each mage.

Both saves are DC 25.

Baron's action depends on how well that worked

If at least one worked:

"Welcome to a more appropriate order of existance, fool."

If at least one failed:

Baron attempted to finish the job with a Feeblemind spell. "Tenuis Mens!". OOC: DC 25, Will, -4 to save DCs of arcane casters.
Recharge: [roll2]

If both worked:

Baron congratulated himself on his success, and took advantage of Grasnel's presence to flank a soldier and try to behead him with his axe.


Partial charge the one next to Grasnel. Switching to a 2-handed grip on axe. Using Arcane Strike, burning a 4th level slot. [roll3]. Also, smiting good, on the offchance these guys are good-aligned. Power attacking for 5.

Attack: [roll4] (+10 more if he's good-aligned)
Damage: [roll5] (+4 more if he's good-aligned)
Arcane Strike damage [roll6]
Swift Surge damage [roll7]


2008-01-24, 05:31 PM
Elza HP: 214/139, AC: 42, 25 Touch, 42 Flatfooted (Improved Uncanny Dodge)

Almost as a reflex to the guards subtle motions, Elza dodges of the greatsword's way. The sword makes contact with something, but it doesn't seem to be the phoelarch.

Elza's response seems to be just as quick as the attack. Her eyes grow in intensity as the silver flame they seem to hold strengthens even more while her weapon seems to writhe in excitement (Concentration: [roll0]). As the green tentacle lashes out and tries to wrap itself around the guard's neck, she adopts an almost careless stance, as if daring anyone else to try and attack.

Tentacle Attack (+13 Bab, +9 Str, +1 Haste; Improved Grab)
Attack: [roll1]
Damage: [roll2] + [roll3] Fire
Grapple: [roll4]

a) If the grapple succeeds (if not go to c))
A gentle sizzling can be heard as the tentacle's temperature reacts with the ice. Elza's glowing eyes look into the guard's, "If your loyalties still rest with us, now's your chance..." She holds the guard tight and gives him a second to answer.

b) If he tries to speak (if not go to c))
Elza loosens the grip and waits for the guard to talk. The Falchion seems to writhe in protest. (end's her action)

c) If the grapple check failed or if the guard didn't respond
Disappointed, Elza looks down and tightens the grip on her weapon. Immediately after her gaze meets the guard again, she unleashes a brutal flurry of swipes and slashes onto the man's body. Each cut seems to leave ripples of heat in the air behind it.

Rest of the Full Attack (+4 Eager Whirling Keen Illithidwrought Falchion):
Attacks - (+13 Bab, +9 Str, +1 Haste, +2 Insight, +4 Enhancement)
Damage - (+13 Str, +2 Eager, +2 Insight, +4 Enhancement)
Attack 1: [roll5]
Damage: [roll6] + [roll7] Fire
Crit Confirm?: [roll8]

Attack 2 (Haste): [roll9]
Damage: [roll10] + [roll11] Fire
Crit Confirm?: [roll12]

Attack 3: [roll13]
Damage: [roll14] + [roll15] Fire
Crit Confirm?: [roll16]

Attack 1: [roll17]
Damage: [roll18] + [roll19] Fire
Crit Confirm?: [roll20]

Swift Action: manifest Perfect Riposte defensively (1 AoO on an enemy's miss per round)
Free Action: go into Robilar's Gambit (All enemies receive +4 Attack and +4 Damage, attacks provoke AoOs)
Free Action: Use Boots of Speed for the round if she's not within baron's Haste
Full Round: Full Attack (Tentacle + 4 Falchion attacks)

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-24, 05:58 PM

Durendal drops. It's not what it may seem, not having any legs to buckle, but his centre of gravity nonetheless shifts downwards a foot or so. As he does this, time seems to slow for him, as a sense of tremendous clarity floods through the skittering arachnid sparks of green light that cast their webs among the gothic arches of his brain.

No longer does he use the crude, lumbering speech that he normally thinks and converses in - no, this is different.

Manticores - friends - allies - cold - guards - protect - fire - polar difference - PROTECT!

All of this passes in - well, no time at all, as suddenly Durendal is moving again, surging forward, to tackle the guard standing following through on his blow against Elza. As he moves, he shouts to Blood -

Make ... sure at many as possible live!

- and barrels into his target, hoping to incapacitate him, and possibly inflict a not-inconsiderable amount of harm. Actinic light begins to trail around his hands, as a corona of power begins to escape from the deep fissures in his armour.

I had a really nice plan involving Waves of Exhaustioning all the enemies in the room, but then realised that Blood wouldn't be immune. :smallfrown: :smallwink:

Instead, I'm going with the ol' grapple attack at the end of a charge.

Touch attack:
Grapple check:[roll1]
Damage: [roll2] damage + [roll]1d6 Con drain (DC 15 fort negates) + (DC 15 will or -4 on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill rolls for 5 rounds.

Wow - I sure did trick out my unarmed attacks ... :smalleek:

EDIT:Ooh, and Elza's grappling too. Poor guy.

2008-01-24, 08:22 PM

The creature grazes the gargoyle as it bounds back and away, perching on a beam and gazing down at the room exasperatedly.
If there's nowhere to perch:

Grasnel responds to the Baron's attack by beating at the ice creature with his handax.


Attack: +15/+10/+5 Base + 6 Str + 1 Magic + 1 Haste + 2 Flanking

Attack 1:[roll1]
Haste attack:[roll2]
Attack 2:[roll3]
Attack 3:[roll4]

Damage 1:[roll5]
Haste damage:[roll6]
Damage 2:[roll7]
Damage 3:[roll8]


In either case:
Grasnel growls I f*cking hate magic!

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-25, 05:41 PM
OoC: I just realised that I forgot initiative, and mucked up Con draining -

Init - [roll0] (+1 DEX, +4 improved initiative)
Con drain on attack - [roll1]

Uncle Festy
2008-01-28, 08:54 PM
Let us begin with Initiative:

Uncle Festy
2008-01-28, 09:14 PM
Both rays hit. Rolling STs.
Guy who moved: [roll0]
Guy who hasn't: [roll1]
Both mages turn into small furry animals. One of them stays as frozen as before, but the other scurries off into a dark corner.
The smite good fails. Cracks run across the ice encasing the warrior, but he still stands.


Opposed grapple check: [roll2]
The warrior is incapable of defending against your attack, or fighting off your grapple. Cracks run across the ice encasing him, but he still seems ready to fight.


Sure. There's a beam up above to perch. The warrior fighting you gets an AoO:
As you leap into the air, the guard gets in one last blow:
(Atk and Dmg in next post)


Opposed grapple check: [roll3]
With Durendal holding him down, you easily get a hold of the guard. He's still up when you grapple him, but doesn't respond to your request. He drops to your flurry of attacks.

((One more post coming soonish. Yeesh, I hate not being able to edit in rolls! Also, the guards are moving, but they're still encased in ice. They can't talk or respond. How are they moving? How should I know? :smalltongue:))

2008-02-05, 09:50 AM
OOC: I was mistaken about when Partial Charge can be used; a Swiftblade can't use their extra partial action to charge. Instead:

"Welcome to a lower order of existance, fools," Baron announced as the mages transformed into mice. Turning to the soldier fighting Grasnel, the Baron waved his hand, calling forth a blade of magical energy to strike the frozen man.

Tech: Sword of Deception on partial action. Recharge: [roll0].

Attack from SoD: [roll1]
Damage from SoD: [roll2]

I don't think Festy has SC, but it's a pretty straightforward spell. Each hit gives a cumulative -2 to saves (-4 on a crit) up to max of -5, it resets the first time the target rolls a save. The sword can be dispelled like any other magic, but it can't be damaged.