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Admiral Squish
2008-01-07, 02:06 AM
Okay, rules are: create the biggest, baddest, nastiest, cheese-laden level ten build you can. All books are open. But here's the catch: there's no spellcasting, and no tome of battle. Spellcasting includes warlocks, druids, and even rangers with more than four levels. Clerics, too. Magic items are allowed, but only at standard wealth/level. That's your prompt, now run with it! I'm interested to see what the minds of these forums can create under such conditions. Muahahaha.

EDIT: No pun-pun. Spell-like abilities available, but only spells level two or lower. No dragonmarks.

2008-01-07, 02:21 AM
Pun-Pun can be made with a level 1 Paladin.

Inyssius Tor
2008-01-07, 02:23 AM
Howsabout spell-like abilities?

Admiral Squish
2008-01-07, 02:23 AM
Pun-Pun can be made with a level 1 Paladin.

...You are not a nice person.

Admiral Squish
2008-01-07, 02:24 AM
Howsabout spell-like abilities?

...Depends, I suppose. Nothing that's more than a second-level spell.

2008-01-07, 02:26 AM
:smallsigh: I know, I know. Sorry that it was the first response, too.

I could have offered a twinked-out Truenamer build from Tome of Magic, which would also meet the letter of the OP requirements while violating the spirit of the no spellcasting, but Pun-Pun was bound to be mentioned eventually...

Edit: Oh, and Psionics weren't mentioned. Thus, a 10th-level Psion (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/classes/psion.htm) (Egoist) with the Metamorphosis (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/powers/metamorphosis.htm) power and feat Metamorphic Transfer (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/psionic/psionicFeats.htm#metamorphicTransfer) should be a nice base. With the feat Overchannel, you can get up to 11HD forms. I won't bother statting it out since it violates the spirit of the OP and will surely be banned. ...Now I feel bad for highlighting just about the only thing that's broken in 3.5 Psionics. :smallfrown:

The Gilded Duke
2008-01-07, 10:15 AM
Human Bard 9/Fighter 1

1st Level: Blind-Fight
Human: Skill Focus Diplomacy
3rd Level: Dragon Song
6th Level: Mage-Slayer
9th Level: Pierce Magical Concealment
Fighter: Pierce Magical Protection

Caster Level: -3

Use the Exemplars of Evil variant bard to gain the ability to force people to attack each other. Put as much into charisma as you can. Dragon Song adds +2 to the dc of all mind effecting bardic music abilities. Get diplomacy as high as you can.

2008-01-07, 10:22 AM
Rouge 10. Takes skill focus(diplomacy) for all feats but one and take weapon finesse. With CHA of 18 that is a +29 to diplomacy. Buy a magic item to do comprehend languages and then spam the diplomacy cheese as explained right here on GiTP. It is a flat DC 25 check to get a creature to stop attacking you.
Aren't bards spellcasters?

2008-01-07, 10:34 AM
Marshal 7/Human Paragon 3.

Base 18 Charisma. None of the other stats matter.

Venerable Age gives +3 Charisma.

Base 21 Charisma.

Human Paragon gives +2 Charisma.

Base 23 Charisma.

+2 to Charisma over the course of 10 levels.

Base 25 Charisma.

Take the Motivate Charisma aura.

7(Base Charisma)+13(ranks)+14(+Charisma, +3 from Skill Focus, +2 from Negotiator feat, +2 from Half-Elf) gives me a +34 on a Diplomacy check.

A level of Dragonfire Adept or Warlock gives me another +6 to Diplomacy.

2008-01-07, 10:47 AM
Takes skill focus(diplomacy) for all feats but one and take weapon finesse.
Skill Focus (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/feats.htm#skillFocus) does not stack.

Illiterate Scribe
2008-01-07, 11:14 AM
Can you get exemplar in somewhere there? That's got skill artistry, for +4. Also, evangelist allows you to hurry diplomacy checks without penalty.

2008-01-07, 11:35 AM
I'd probably make the chain of fear warrior, because I like it. It is not necessarily the cheesiest or the best of the best, but its got nice flavor.

Human Fighter 4/Barbarian 1 (Lion-totem Optional, most for rage/flavor)/Avenging Executioner 5


Human: Combat Reflexes
Level 1: Combat Expertise
Fighter 1: Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Spiked Chain
Fighter 2: Power Attack
Level 3: Improved Trip
Fighter 4: Leap Attack
Level 6: Kiai Shout
Level 9: Knockdown

If flaws are allowed, Hold the Line and Greater Kiai shout make their way in. The idea is to stack fear effects with the Avenging Executioner's extra sudden strike damage vs fearful targets. Every time you sudden strike, you pulse an AoE fear and every time you knock someone out, you pulse an AoE fear. You add 3d6 sudden strike damage to feared targets and reap the magical AoOs against fleeing targets with your reach weapon (a glaive and spiked gauntlet works just as well). (Greater) Kiai shout helps get the fear ball rolling if you can't leap attack/pounce in from the shadows and massacre the first target, and you still get all of that lovely tripping goodness. Oh, and with knockdown, as your foes flee, you AoO and knock them down (sudden strike against feared) and then when they get back up, another AoO. This build would require pretty great stats all around (Minimum of 13 INT, CHA based fear save, DEX for reflexes and STR/CON for obvious reasons) but I think it'd made a really neat multiple enemy muncher.