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lord of pixies
2008-01-07, 08:09 PM
it was a dark and stormy night, the wagon rockes roughly along the road. as it goes you feel the manacles rub against your wrist. each of you are here for diferent crimes, some inocent, some not so inosent. but that doesen't matter your all here and your all going to nosirp, one of the most feared jails in the intire plane...how will you survive...
As the wagon rides up to the prison you look out the small barred window and see a massive stone structure, probably three stories tall looming up the road. As you near it you see a fence surrounding the prison. Once you reach the fence you travel parallel to it for about a mile. As you go you notice that the wagon is slowing down. You glance out the window and see a gate, with the words “abandon hope” scribed in large iron letters above the gate. As the wagon comes to a halt you see the door swing open and a well armored guard yells out “out of the wagon!!! Out now!! Drop your weapons on the ground!!! You with the claws put this on!!!*he tosses anybody with claws two sturdy looking sack* “put it on over your claws, I don’t want any problems” he then pulls you all out roughly and makes you drop all weapons in an old trunk, puts manacles on you and walks you inside and then to your sells.

To get started:
1. Please PM me your char. Sheet so I can …um…do DM stuff…yeah
2. please ignore all items other than shrunken, hand crossbows, and all light weapons
3. All armor is left on except for spiked armor. All shields are taken
4. you will be able to get these back or get something better later in the game

lord of pixies
2008-01-07, 08:20 PM
you are taken to a large room about 30x30 in it you see many guards, after some paper work (roll spot check and post) you are taken to room the room with the cells as you look around you see many other prisoners,(oddly enough almost all of them aren’t player races) and you are pushed into you sells what do you do now?

2008-01-07, 10:36 PM
The human with the short brown hair

A human with short brown hair sits in wagon paying not the slightest attention to any of the other prisoners. His deep green eyes stare down at his long and nimble fingers which fiddle with a small piece of string. His skin appears smooth and youthful but is marred by burn marks and scars, but mostly burn marks, which appear mainly around his hands and forearms. A mithril chain shirt hangs loosely on his slight build, which lacks muscle and appears rather lanky.

Upon arriving at the structure he discards a light wooden shield along with a rather expensive looking crossbow , along with several bottles filled with colorful liquids. However he appears rather unconcerned with his losses.

Upon arriving in his cell he leans against the wall furthest from the entrance and looks around as if he were bored.

Spot check [roll0]

2008-01-08, 11:13 AM
The odd human, who has a jolly but tired look to him
Looking around at everyone else, also looks nervous but is really unsure of what is happening. He is petting the eagle that they have crammed into a cage and left with him. He looks out of place, many furs and hides cover his body and he has a very fine weapon at his side. His face looks like he was having a good life up till this point.

Once he gets to the massive structure he sadly drops his massive pack filled with all of his wonderful items, and very slowly almost with a revering holy grace he puts his blade and shield down. He takes one last look at them before looking around this new room. [roll0]

2008-01-08, 08:12 PM
Odd looking elf with silver eyes and grey hair.
Looks around for a brief few moments (spot check of [roll0]) and then grabs the three-legged stool and sits on with with his back to the wall. Contemplating the fact that he had been lucky to get spells that day and the fact that Wisp was hidden just in front of his right forearm underneath the long-sleaved robe, he sat down and closed his eyes think about how to escape the cell, collect his rapier, quarterstaff, and other items, and leave the area.

{using these {} for text, not part of adventure but for explaining things and the like.
will use this color for talking.
Wisp is bat familiar}

2008-01-08, 09:14 PM
The were-rat dwarf in hybrid & a blank look.
The wererat will slowly walk foward, his brown beard clean & well made, muttering aloud-'Though I walk through the very halls of anarchy given shape I will not fear for my faith, power, & logic protects me from the lawlessness.' HIs red eyes dash around attempting to take in all he sees.
Spot- [roll0]
He specifically attempts to gather in the races of all the prisoners-
Do I still have my clothes & magic items?

2008-01-08, 11:38 PM
The Halfling with a decidedly wild look
Tests the strength of the bars, then, growling, begins pacing in frustration. She looks around for anything that will help her get out of this hellhole.

OOC:Spot check [roll0]. Do I still have my backpack and/or boots? And I call Dark Green

2008-01-10, 02:27 PM
The Feral Human

Gerick tromps off the wagon, noticing the immediate rise as his weight leaves the vehicle, many of the gaurds stare at this behemoth of a human, and he stares back with a look of challenge, seizing up his wereabouts. With a defeated sigh, he hands over his satchel, spear(its a glaive, but he will refer to it as a spear) longbow, and hunting dagger, his hands shaking in rage at his possessions being handled so roughly. Geriick nows better, though, now is not the time to fight.

As the cell doors close he howls with a feral rage and slams his fists on the cell door, cursng in his tribes tongue. With his fit over, Gerrick wastes no time
*When I get out of here, there done...*

He walks to a secluded patch of cell, and begins to do clap pushups, attempting to vent his anger so he may better himself.

Spot Check [roll0]

I will use this as my color

aslo character sheet has fluff (http://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/view.php?id=36868)

lord of pixies
2008-01-12, 03:14 PM
(many of you have asked about magic items, unless you run up to a guard about you having some deadly magic item, or use said deadly item, they are normaly left on)

2008-01-14, 11:29 PM
So is this dead?

2008-01-15, 11:27 AM
I'm not sure, but it seems like it. The DM hasn't posted anything revealing what we see, though he did answer our questions about items. I'll keep checking it for a while, since I like my character, but if nothing happens withing a day or two...

I'd say it's dead.

lord of pixies
2008-01-15, 12:50 PM
sorry for the waight , i was trying to give the people who havent posted yet a chance, but they didnt respond to my PM so they wont be joining us:smallfrown: )

so without further adue..

as you are sitting getting you paperwork done you notice that there isa smal map sitting on the table (your there long enough to memorize it)

so here it is


(please ignore anything other than the acual map, it will be different)

2008-01-15, 05:54 PM
Is alarmed at the map, it is like a cave complex. So much twists and turns and small rooms how could one possibly navigate it easily even with a map. Roland knew that he would probably get lost in such a place even with a map. He however was just going to sit still a wait to be sent off, hopefully he would be able to explain it all later and it was just a big mistake. After all he never meant to offend that noble by asking him why he had no hair underneath the wig. Just the thought of fake hair was scaring him, what an odd person and now he was sent here for some reason. Best if he just sit tight and see whats going on.

2008-01-15, 08:39 PM

Talim is hardly concerned with the map, but is instead more worried with how she is going to get out of this freaking cell! She rips and tears at the bags on her hands, trying to get them off.

"Damn things," she mutters. "I can't pick the bloody lock without my fingers!"

She eyes the rest of the people assembled in the cell, while she struggles with the bags. "What're you all here for?" she asks, "All I did was kick some petty noble in the... well... you know, when he decided to get handsy."

2008-01-15, 09:09 PM
Roland looks frightened at being talked to by someone. He also stutters out a reply hoping to calm his nerves and worries about the situation.

I was just walking through the markets and I bumped into a noble. Its so hard walking around with all of that fur... he turned around and yelled at me!!! I quickly tried to bow and say how sorry I was but I bumped into him and this time he fell... he go got... mad at me for yelling in horror when I seen he had... had... lost his white hair... his head was so shiny and I have never seen a person like him so... I yelled out for the guards... said he was a... a demon from the icy depths of lake Gizzihk... so instead he.. he had me sent away...

Roland looks down at the ground in shame after he had said this, he was sad about this whole misunderstanding.

I mean it is not like I knew people could go... what do you people call it when your hair falls away??? I can not remember what the guard said it was, but it never happens to my people. I thought he was... well you know... and I tried to admit my mistake and apologise to him... but they would not listen to me after the scary one had handed them some shiny pieces of metal... now I am here in this warm stuffy and dark place... reminds me of home except for the heat... but I can not remove my clothing because I fear I would lose it or worse forget it and that would be most shameful...

OOC: We need an out of character thread to so if someone could make it and post a link here? Unless you want me to do it?

lord of pixies
2008-01-15, 09:18 PM
for the OOC thread:

lord of pixies
2008-01-15, 09:22 PM
for the OOC thread:

2008-01-15, 09:26 PM

Speaks up saying "Not quite sure what it was but it probably had something to do with the fact that most of my previous party wiped themselves out. Need help getting the bags off your hands?

lord of pixies
2008-01-15, 10:06 PM
{those of you who said that there characters tried the bars (Goats_o_Mjolnir and Bandededed) roll str. then we can continue with the game}

2008-01-15, 11:50 PM
The human with the short brown hair

The human with the short brown nodded his nearly shaved head. "All I did was burn down a noble's home, and kill him and his whole family" His voice is flat and remorseless. "At least that’s why I think I'm here... said something about heinous, violent and inhuman actions." He let the a piece of string fall to the ground and rudded into the ground with the tip of his boot.

2008-01-16, 08:57 PM
The wererat
The wererat will look to all his cellmates explaining themselves before saying-"I just destroyed a threat to civilized society, a band of hooligans that were attempting some rather destructive things." Before he shifts to rat form to get the bags off his hands.

2008-02-02, 09:16 PM
This game dead?

lord of pixies
2008-02-03, 10:58 PM
if not *bang bang bang*,:smalleek:

i am so sorry but i dont have the time i thought i would have.

so sorry but im puting the game out of its missery:smallfrown: