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2008-01-08, 08:40 PM

Blue: FPNA
Green: BU
Orange: EU
Light Blue: RF
Yellow: IC
Brown: IN
Purple: AC
Dark Blue: NAR
Bright Green: SCSA
Grey: Neutral/Lesser powers
Maroon: Uninhabited/Uninhabitable

Map of Near space.

NOTE: Map is not to scale. All distances are to/from Sol.

An independent think tank recently acquired the funding to send a probe with decent telescopic capabilities outside the Solar system. Once they entered the Interstellar wind, the majority of the stars simply turned off. That is, the tiny fusion-powered beacons that looked like far-off stars, responding to a radio signal passed between them, shut off. Furthermore, there were only twenty to thirty actual stars anywhere near Sol, and the rest of the sky was a yawning void. Five of these stars were much closer than previously thought, one less than a light year away.
The most astounding discovery came with the detection of two Earth-like planets around that star, 1.1 and .95 Earth masses and both within the star's habitable zone, that clearly had free oxygen, water and ozone in their atmosphere. While various nations had established small operations throughout the Solar system, no mission to go that sort of distance had ever been mounted, and a new space race became the star of the world stage. The major powers all managed to assemble fusion-powered exploration/colonization craft, and the game begins as they set out to launch them.

Each faction begins with a single colonization craft, which uses magnetic fields and a fusion drive to harvest fuel from the interstellar medium as it travels to its destination (basically a Bussard Ramjet). The voyage from the Kupier Staging Point (Where they are now) to Alpha, the nearest star, is .4 light years, and will take 5 years minus one month per point of your faction's Space Forces rating (minimum 2.5 years). Each colony ship contains enough material, manufacturing and agriculture equipment and human expertise to set up a single outpost of 1000 people, with enough fuel and skeleton crew to make a return voyage to Sol.

Turns will happen in five-year chunks, during which players can conduct foreign policy, give orders to their militaries, and in general manage their country. Players should submit a half-decade budget once a turn in a spoiler, that indicates how they're allocating their faction's wealth. Keep in mind, however, that your GEP is a measure of everything in your faction-- if you spend all of it, you've effectively set a tax rate of 100%, meaning the government takes every cent its people earn. Unless you have enormous social programs, that is going to cause some serious unrest. The more money you leave in the economy, the faster it will grow. Also keep in mind that military forces need upkeep, so it should not be something you do without for a turn. Military upkeep is $1 trillion per two points in a military rating (rounded up); if your four branches added up to 123, your upkeep to maintain them would be $64 trillion. Failure on military upkeep will cause some of it to disband, evenly from each branch, with the largest branch first. Space assets are given with monetary values, and that indicates how much production capacity they have per five-year turn. Off-world assets are hard to transfer somewhere else, though not impossible. Depending on where they're being sent, some will be lost in transit. In general, its best for colonies to only invest in their own expansion until they're quite large. A sample budget is below:

GEP: $400 trillion (Note: GEP's are 5-year figures. To get your 1-year GEP, divide by five)
$250 trillion: untaxed (a tax rate of 37.5%)
$60 trillion: Military upkeep (this nation's military adds up to 119 or 120)
$30 trillion: Environmental remediation (they're trying to correct some previous environmental damage, or prevent/correct the damage that is inevitable with an industrial economy)
$20 trillion: Expansion of Space Forces
$10 trillion: Research on civilian tech
$10 trillion: Research on Quantum Computing
$10 trillion: Research on military tech
$10 trillion: Expansion of foreign spy networks
((These are only sample categories. Given the freeform-ish nature of the game, as long as I understand what you're trying to do, feel free to make up your own.))

Colonial income: Titan base (pop 50,000) ($50T)
$5T: untaxed (a steep 90% tax rate-- if this is kept this high, the staff will eventually revolt, unless they have a darn good reason not to)
$5 T: Expansion of living quarters/import of colonists from Earth
$15 T: Expansion of mining facilities (will improve income for the next 5-year block)
$5 T: Armored plating for the station
$5 T: Building mass drivers and installing them on the station
$15T: Expansion of manufacturing facilities (will improve income for the next 5-year block)
Earth-Orbit Shipyard: $5 T
$5 T: Building another colony expedition ($5T gets you a pretty small one. About 100 people.)
Note: Since no one lives on the shipyard, you can use its entire income. Staffed colonies grow faster, but are tougher to manage. You could also pay some of the living expenses for a staffed station from another source of funding, though this may accrue additional costs.

Expanding colonies: Per $1 T of income a colony produces per turn, it requires $5T initial investment. For example, a $5 T/turn orbital shipyard could spend $5T expanding itself, and have an income of 6T/turn for the next turn. You can start a new colony or expand an existing one by sending the income from somewhere else, but the ratio of improvement to cost will get worse the farther you send it.


The world in general has access to much of the same technology, thanks to the Internet and the previous century's relatively slow technological growth. Engineers perfected hot fusion, which is more efficient and more productive than nuclear fission, and it is the energy producer of choice in any nation with Average or higher Civilian technology. Less developed nations use a smattering of “dirty” energy, like Coal and Natural gas (though Natural gas is in very short supply). Moore's Law did not hold much after the 2010's-- computers are only about ten times as good now as they were in 2008. AI is a dream that has yet to be realized. Biology is much advanced from its 2008 state, due in large part to the fact that there was no small amount of biological warfare going on in the previous century. Human cloning is possible (but frowned upon), embyronic tailoring is possible, but changing the genes of an already living person is not. Viruses can be extensively engineered, though there are a large number of new antimicrobial and antiviral medicines available. Nanotechnology is progressing slowly, and so far has only yielded some stronger-than-average building materials. Militaries with Average or higher Military Tech rating have access to laser canons, though they are primarily used as anti-missile and anti-aircraft weapons, to ignite the fuel stores. They are simply too large to be used effectively in ground combat. In space, the weapon of choice is a laser, which you hold on your enemy's craft until it overheats and otherwise breaks. Mass drivers and missiles are the backup, close-range options, though most battles (and there haven't been very many) end at laser range. There is no Faster-than-light technology, no artificial gravity, and terraforming technology is extremely rudimentary.

That doesn't mean those things aren't possible; I have a tech tree mapped out and ready to go, you just have to research it first. The avenues of research available at the game's start:
Genetic Engineering
Graviton Theory
Quantum Computing

Each technology will have a different impact on your faction's ratings, and can impact GEP and colonial GEP. Technology is hoard-able, in that you don't have to release it to the other factions once you've researched it. To research one, give it a specific heading in your budget, and I'll tell you how much progress you've made at the end of a turn. Research speed depends on amount of funding allocated, Civilian tech rating, how many other factions have the tech, and can be sped or slowed through espionage.

Stat explanations:
GEP: Gross Earth-based Production: A measure of the wealth of your faction
Civilian Tech rating: a measure of how heavily industrialized and developed your nation, coupled with GEP a passable measure of standard of living. It boosts GEP, slows population growth rates, and improves environmental health
Military Tech rating: a measure of how much military technology a faction has access to. It doesn't affect the military ratings, but does effect how useful those troops are.
Environmental Health: indicates how well-preserved your environment is, how much climate change is impacting your citizens, and how polluted the air and water of your faction is. High environmental health improves GEP, boosts population growth, and is good for foreign policy.
Espionage rating: Indicates how well your nation functions under the table, and represents foreign and local spy networks.
The military ratings are simply an arbitrary number assigned to each faction to indicate numerical strength. A single “point” does not represent a quantifiable number of troops, but a faction with a 23 would have more than a faction with 15.
Ground forces: How many ground-based troops like infantry and tanks and low-altitude aircraft (such as helicopters) your faction has.
Air Force: How many fighters, bombers, etc. your faction has.
Naval Force: The size of your faction's Navy
Space forces: How active your faction is in space. You have no exclusively military ships until your rating is 10 or higher.
The Brazilian Union (BU) Minchandre: Crumbling Democracy

The Brazilian Union (BU)
Earth: South America, Cuba, non-Bahama Caribbean islands
Mars: Terraforming/mining colonies, pop 50,000 $50T
Space: Numerous asteroid bases ($20T total), Kupier interstellar staging point pop 500,000 ($100 T), Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Brasilia
Major Spaceport: The Galapagos Islands
Population: 1.6 billion
GEP: $220 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Average
Military Tech rating: Above Average
Environmental Health: Bad
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 23
Air Force: 16
Naval Force: 21
Space forces: 24
Friendly with: FPNA, EU, IN, SCSA
Neutral with: AC, NAR
Unfriendly with: RF, IC, USNA

The European Union (EU): Eldan: Continental Parliment

Earth: Europe (excluding Belarus, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland and Russia), Iceland, Greenland
Space: Asteroid scientific and mining stations (total $35 T) Solar observatory ($5T), Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Mars: Mining/Terraforming base, pop 1,000 ($10T)
Capitols: Athens, Paris
Major Spaceport: Ascension Island
Population: 2.5 billion
GEP: $480 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Below Average
Espionage rating: Above Average
Ground forces: 12
Air Force: 23
Naval Force: 23
Space forces: 9
Friendly with: NAR, IN
Neutral with: USNA, BU, FPNA
Unfriendly with: RF, IC, AC, SCSA

The United States of North America (USNA) Thymin: Libertarian Democracy

Earth: North America east of the continental divide and north of the Rio Grande, the Bahamas
Space: Lunar base $20 T, Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Washington, D.C.
Major spaceport: Cape Canaveral
Population: 1.2 billion
GEP: $280 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Above Average
Military Tech rating: Cutting Edge
Environmental Health: Average
Espionage rating: Frightening
Ground forces: 16
Air Force: 35
Naval Force: 22
Space forces: 7
Friendly with: RF
Neutral with: EU, IC, IN, NAR, SCSA
Unfriendly with: FPNA, AC, BU

The Russian Federation (RF) Zid: Ultra-Capitalist Democracy

Earth: Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Central Asia west of China and north of Iran
Space: Jovian moon mining/manufacturing bases $30T, Lunar base $15T, Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Moscow
Major Spaceport: Baikonur
Population: 900 million
GEP: $450 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Cutting Edge
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Very Good
Espionage rating: Very Good
Ground forces: 18
Air Force: 18
Naval Force: 7
Space forces: 18
Friendly with: USNA
Neutral with: FPNA, BU, IN, IC, NAR, SCSA
Unfriendly with: EU, AC

The Free People of North America (FPNA) LongVin: Military Junta

Earth: North America west of the continental divide and everything south of the Rio Grande, Central America, Hawaii
Space: Lunar base $25T, Ceres mining/manufacturing station $35T, Asteroid bases ($5T), Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Los Angeles
Major Spaceport: Area 51
Population: 1.1 billion
GEP: $330 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Pristine
Espionage rating: Good
Ground forces: 17
Air Force: 21
Naval Force: 19
Space forces: 8
Friendly with: BU, IN, SCSA
Neutral with: RF, NAR, EU
Unfriendly with: AC, IC, USNA

Great China (IC) Elektro: Oligarchy

Earth: China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Micronesia
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Xi'An
Major Spaceport: Samoa
Population: 4.4 billion
GEP: $500 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Way Below Average
Military Tech rating: Average
Environmental Health: Ravaged
Espionage rating: Above Average
Ground forces: 25
Air Force: 24
Naval Force: 30
Space forces: 4
Friendly with: SCSA
Neutral with: USNA, AC, RF
Unfriendly with: IN, BU, FPNA, EU, NAR

India (IN): Wizard_of_the_Coat: Democracy

Earth: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
Space: Asteroid mining/manufacturing bases ($10T), Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Mercury: Mining/scientific base, pop 3,000 ($30T)
Capitol: Delhi
Major Spaceport: Mauritius
Population: 3.2 billion
GEP: $720 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Above Average
Environmental Health: Good
Espionage rating: Way Below Average
Ground forces: 21
Air Force: 20
Naval Force: 13
Space forces: 14
Friendly with: BU, EU, NAR
Neutral with: RF, USNA, FPNA
Unfriendly with: IC, AC, SCSA

The Ascendant Caliphate (AC) Prophaniti: Monarchy

Earth: The Middle East from Egypt to Iran
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Mecca
Major Spaceport: Yemen
Population: 2.3 billion
GEP: $180 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Below Average
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Desolate
Espionage rating: Average
Ground forces: 31
Air Force: 6
Naval Force: 12
Space forces: 2
Friendly with: SCSA
Neutral with: BU, IC
Unfriendly with: RF, USNA, FPNA, EU, IN, NAR

New Ausland Republic Jael_Darkwood: Corporate Technocracy

New Ausland Republic (NAR)
Earth: Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania
Jupiter: Gas harvesting plants ($30T)
Jovian system: Ganymede colony, Pop 350,000 ($60T), Ganymede co-orbital shipyard ($10T), Castillo colony, Pop 200,000 ($40T), Europa Colony, Pop 150,000 ($35T), Io research base, pop 30,000 ($20T)
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Ganymede
Major Spaceport: Heard Island
Population: 770 million
GEP: $250 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good
Military Tech rating: Below average
Environmental Health: Above Average
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 15
Air Force: 12
Naval Force: 12
Space forces: 20
Friendly with: EU, IN
Neutral with: RF, BU, USNA, FPNA, SCSA
Unfriendly with: AC, IC

State Central, Southern Africa (SCSA) Moechi_Vill: Rainbow Fascism

Earth: Southern Africa to 15 degrees Latitude excluding Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T), Lunar base ($20T)
Capitol: Pretoria
Major Spaceport: Northern tip of Madagascar
Population: 2.8 billion
GEP: $200 trillion
Civilian tech rating: Way below average
Military tech rating: Good
Environmental health: Average
Espionage rating: Very Good
Ground forces: 29
Air Force: 17
Naval Force: 18
Space forces: 11
Friendly with: IC, AC, BU, FPNA
Neutral with: NAR, RF, USNA
Unfriendly with: IN, EU

Minor powers:

Pop: 60 million
Northern Africa
Pop: 2.5 billion
Sub-Saharan Africa
Pop: 2.0 billion
Pop: 20 million
The United Nations
Pop: 0

January 1st, 2110
The new year ticks over, and as the people of Earth sleep off their respective celebrations, nine of the largest machines ever built complete final preparations to set out on humanity's first interstellar voyages.


Posting etiquette: Place budgets, diplomacy and semi-secret orders in spoilers. If there's a good reason for other factions to notice something (like a colony ship moving, a new facility being built, a revolt, a facility expanding) make a note of it outside of a spoiler. We're on the honors system here-- please don't look at spoilers that aren't addressed to you. If you have something so secret that you don't want to risk a spoiler, use a PM, but PM overflow is a possibility. I'll try and keep it clean, but with 9 players and other games to deal with, it might happen anyway. A spoiler or an AIM message are the surest ways to get me to notice.

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2008-01-08, 10:32 PM
Free People of North America

GEP: 330 Trillion
Untaxed: 215.5 Trillion(35% tax)
33 trillion: Military
5 trillion: Maintaining the environment
10 trillion: expansion of Spaces Forces
20 trillion: Civilian technology research
5 trillion: Military technology research
10 trillion: Graviton technology
5 trillion: Quantum Computing research
5 trillion: expansion of espionage networks
10 trillion: Expansion of spaces forces
10 trillion: expansion of Army
2.5 trillion: Placed in reserve for future projects

Luna 1
25 trillion
5 trillion: Expansion of Colonial facilities
5 trillion: Antimatter research
5 trillion: Terraforming research
5 trillion: expansion of Lunar mining
5 trillion: Genetic research

Ceres Mining Association
35 trillion
5 trillion: Expansion of mining and manufacturing operations
2.5 trillion: Expansion of Ground to Orbit defense network
2.5 trillion: Increasing static defenses
10 trillion:Nanotechnology research
5 trillion: Graviton research
5 trillion: Quantum computing
5 trillion: Cybernetics research

Asteroid Bases
2.5 trillion: Expansion of bases
2.5 trillion: Increasing static armor defenses

Oribtal Yards
5 trillion: Construction of new ships to establish mining bases

Today the Supreme Command has announced that a new five year plan is in effect. The goal of the nation now is to massively expand the economic and technological state of the nation to make the Free People of North America the make the FPNA the world's richest economy and most technological advanced nation on the planet. The next five years will see dramatic growth in all areas of the economy and we will no longer need to fear aggression from those nations who wish to see us destroyed.

EDIT: To fix corrections and military budget.

2008-01-09, 01:27 AM

NAR Colonization craft takes flight, for the second closest star system. Without much secrecy, NAR diplomats go to every world power to negotiate a new 'extra-solar magna carta'.

NAR Diplomats to you (adjust for cultural differences, please.. they are the diplomats, not me :) ) :
"As a goodwill gesture, we leave the closer, and thus more attractive star out of our bid for space. In return, we ask that you allow us our privacy."

Taxes Set to 20%

Jupiter Gas Harvesting ($30T): ($30T) Self Improvement

Jovian system:

Ganymede colony, Pop 350,000 ($60T), Improving Shipyard Gan ($11T), ($1T) military upkeep

Ganymede co-orbital shipyard ($10T), Improving Gan Shipyard ($10T)

Castillo colony, Pop 200,000 ($40T), Improving Gan Shipyard, ($6T), ($2T) military upkeep

Europa Colony, Pop 150,000 ($35T), ($7T) military upkeep

Io research base, pop 30,000 ($20T) : ($4T) Cloning

Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T) : Self Improving ($5T)

Earth: $250T :
$20T Military Upkeep
$30T Civilian Research

Final Edit Confirmed. Economic Plan Locked. Edit : final edit confirmed, again. didnt understand that earth was its own GEP..

Military Disposition :

Earth Forces : Peacetime status
Space Forces : Regular Patrol routines

2008-01-09, 02:15 AM
China Daily

Xiu Fu Launched in Great China
The Chinese Parliament has approved Premier Yat-tzu's proposal to fund a massive ecological cleanup of Great China. The Xiu Fu (restoration) aims to restore the ravages of the Hou Long and prior industrial pollution. Press aide Li Shan informed reporters that initial efforts would be centered in the Yangste river valley. Preliminary efforts to salvage and rebuild the ruins of Toyko, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul are also underway.

Zheng He Recalled from Kuiper Belt
Premier Sun Yat-tzu announced the recall of the Zheng He interstellar colonization ship to the Shenzhou shipyards at LaGrange point L5. Speaking to the Parliament, he stated, "We cannot in good faith allow our citizens here in Zhongguo to suffer cruelly while we send trillions of yuan into the depths of space. Once we have provided a better future for all citizens of the empire we can one again prepare the Zheng He for its journey amongst the stars."

China and India Sign Liyoshang Accord
Diplomats from both nations signed the Liyoshang Accord today after long and intensive negotiations. The treaty sets up a military alliance between the nations, and warns all potential aggressors that an attack against one is an attack against both. The treaty also opens borders and removes tariffs between the nations, which will lead to increased economic development and trade ties between China and India. The Accord promises a new era of peace and prosperity throughout Southeast and East Asia.


GEP: 500 T

300T - untaxed (40% tax rate)
25T - Operation Long Fu
15T - Military Technological developments
10T - Espionage Technological developments
25T - Social programs
25T - Civilian Technological developments
42T - Military upkeep
20T - Nanotechnology research
10T - Cybernetics research
28T - Environmental restoration

Shenzhou shipyard (5T)

5T - Establishment of 10 T lunar base

Zheng He colonization ship (50T)

20T - Operation Long Fu
28T - Expansion of the space forces
2T - Environmental restoration


Military: All units stand. Normal peacetime readiness

2008-01-09, 02:23 AM

GEP: 450 T
Tax: 126 T (tax rate 27%, untaxed 324 T)

Military upkeep: 31 T

Quantum computing research: 30 T
Build of new colony ship expedition 25 T
Social programs: 20 T
Expansion of space forces: 20 T
Nanotechnology research: 30 T

Jovian moon mining/manufacturing bases $30T (all taxed)
Expansion by 6 T, to 36 T.

Lunar base $15T (all taxed)
Expansion by 3 T, to 18 T

Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T) (all taxed)
Expansion by 1 T, to 6T


The colony ship is launced and ordered to land on the 1.1 mass planet. The colony is named new Leningrad, and orders are to return quickly to pick up a new expedition.

All military forces are at normal peacetime readyness

The RF votes NO on the Sahara proposal

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-09, 06:19 AM

Parliamentarian Elections

In light of recent economic advances and a more then adequate program of social security and civilian advances the Indian premier Navjot Nishad wins the election with his Social Development Party. As before he continues his co-operation with the second party of the country, the Liberal Green Party, and a new five year commitment to a clean, healthy environment in made. In his speech he speaks of 'Seeking to build on successes, not just on in India, not just on Earth, but everywhere'.

The Grand Economic Council

Away from the election rethoric the meritocracy continues it's course as usual. Happy with the newly improved relations with China and the succesfull launch of the colonial fleet under the "Dawn of the New World" Project the council is feeling confident to launch project 'new horizons', which can be seen by many fractions to represent an increase in the amount of space launches as the Ghandi Space Station grows and many ships are seen heading into the direction of Titan. Projects such as these and the high research budget prove that India clearly has an economy of knowledge.

China and India Sign Liyoshang Accord

India is expressing it's sincerest hopes that this newfound accord will not only promote security in the region, but also ensure a sense of global peace in the spirit of international co-operation.

Total Economy: 750 T
Tax Rate: ~40%
Tax Revenue 300 T
Untaxed: 450 T

Military Upkeep: 24 T (=48/2)
Space Presence Expansion: 20 T
The Grand Security Council and the Grand Economic Council have agreed that India's future is in space and as such this is where they are spending their money for expansions. In truth India has no official military craft in space, but their research and exploration vessels are often heavily armed and carry some of the most advanced systems. Military Technology will also be focussed on space applications.

Civilian Tech Research: 30 T
Huge investments are made into providing education for the gifted from poorer families at all levels, creating fast tracks to launch these people straight to the top. Heavy research budgets are available for these new geniuses to advance both theoretical knowledge and create advanced new applications. In addition those less gifted are provided with quality education to make them into skilled laborers and operators to put the idea's of the geniuses into reality. Existing laborers are generally given further education to re qualify them as the new technologies become reality.

As part of the program the Genetic Enhancement Program is launched in which parents with high intelligence are supported in embryonic genetic enhancement to literally grow the next generation of super intelligents that could lead the economy. Next to this ordinary parents are granted opportunities to rid genetic diseases from their gene pool, the idea being one of equality for all, combined with a desire to eradicate disease to cut on health spending.

Military Tech Research: 10 T
The Education systems improvements and fast tracks military tech is also taking an upswing for those intellectual elites willing to do their research in that area. In particular the 'Genetic Enhancement Program' is favored and the military is actively seeking to grow 'better soldiers' especially for their space program, capable of tolerating higher G forces and with faster reflexes and brighter minds then their foreign peers.

Graviton Research: 20 T (TOTAL 30T)
As part of their desire to move into space, but also for terrestrial applications India desires to get decent Graviton Technology. Their extensive budget being used to create rudimentary artificial gravity and with a desire to create engine systems powered by the very forces of gravity to give them an edge in the space race. Mercury Station and the Gandhi Shipyards are instrumental in the development allowing testing and applications under different conditions.

Environmental Improvements: 10 T
The Liberal Green Party was insistent on a high environmental budget and it got it, the Grand Economic Council agreeing that it would be greatly beneficial to India. As such new methods of recycling waste and efficient agriculture coming our of the civilian technology research are being state sponsored for businesses. In addition state legislature on the Energy sector is set to be placed under the internal security controls.

Internal Security Service Improvement: 20 T
The Grand Security Council feels vulnerable with relatively poor espionage and the High Justices agree that this could potentially allow corruption to spread. As such a massive investment is made to try and set up an internal monitoring and control system. Though the liberals in government protest greatly, it is as always the meritocracy that wins if the councils and justices agree upon something. Good governance in India is becoming more like a corporation, with hidden audits and internal checks to prevent corruption or foreign interference.

Wealth Redistribution 16 T
Apart from educational, genetic and research programs the Indian government also spends 16 T just on redistributing the wealth to the people. This is targeted at the 5% of poorest individuals and ensures their economic competitiveness. This 16 T can provide the 160 Million or so that are targeted with around $10.000,- extra. As such a family of 4 would easily receive 40,000,- extra, a fairly decent income. Note that the project is not meant to encourage people to sit at home without jobs as most of the money is actually spread over as much of the population in the guise of 'additions to the salaries' or government employment programs (no-one receives just money without doing anything). This wealth thus flows directly back into the economy.

Project New Horizons 150 T
Terraforming Technology 37.5 T (TOTAL: 40 T)
Saturn Lunar Colony 75 T (50T + 50%, 4 zones + Earth launch)
Ghandi Space station Enlargement: 27.5 T
Antarctica Reclaimation: 10 T

Project new horizons is promoted as the hope for India's growing population, allowing them to move to new area's and settle there in the search of a better life. In part this is sought on earth, with Antarctica being the first target of terraforming trials in a 10 T project to claim it's lands for India and make them habitable through terraforming that is being developed with a huge 40 T budget and stimulated by India's good civilian universities and institutions (which too are getting a massive cash injection). People are allowed to settle in this new region as part of the project and the fleet provides them with transportation.

In addition a 10 T Terra forming and Science colony (costs a staggering 75 T) is founded upon Titan (Saturn's Largest Moon) and people are offered the opportunity to settle there, with free transportation provided by the governments fleets. The terraforming technology being developed for the project and partly tested on mercury station is designed to make this a new home for the Indian population as quickly as possible.

A further 5 T enhancement (costs 27.5 T) is added to the Ghandi space station shipyards, see below.

Mercury Station
Total Economy: 30 T
Tax Rate: ~40.133%
Tax Revenue 12.5 T
Untaxed: 17.5 T (I'm assuming this bit of taxes promotes growth right)

2.5 T Terraforming Research (TOTAL: 40 T)
5 T Graviton Research (TOTAL 30 T)
5 T Base Expansion (growing by 1 T)

Mercury Station is the prime research and development area, in which earth based technological research is tested and further completed. As such the differences in the lab should allow for more conditions being tested easily thus speeding the research.

Ghandi Space Station Shipyard ~earth orbit
Revenues: 5 T

5 T Graviton Research (TOTAL 30 T)

Most of the Graviton research in zero G is done at the shipyards, but this also includes fitting prototypes to vessels to gather artificial gravity and testing the propulsion systems. In addition the Earth based materials that re arriving to expand the shipyards are used to build a new section that could serve as a potentially gravity lift in which launches could happen simply by hovering the station over whatever needs to be picked up, greatly reducing costs.


Mittal Space Mining and Development Corporation~Astroid Belt
Revenues: 10 T

10 T: Building 2 T of additional facilities

The Mittal Corporation is busy greatly expanding it's asteroid belt operations. Acting semi independent from the Indian Government it's in the process of becoming Earths greatest space based company, fueled by earth based Indian science.

Narada ~Colony Fleet 50 T

The ships are speeding towards the new planets to look for fertile lands to settle in. Large continents with sufficient water and relatively stable plate tectonics are looked for by scouts vessels from the Indian space fleet that are launched as soon as the new system is reached, speeding ahead of the colonists to seek out these area's. In any case two colonies are established. Both on the larger, hotter planet, 5 T each and the ship is then send back to earth where it will arrive at the start of the new turn ready to pick up a further 50 T cargo.

Tech Budget
New technologies are being researched by a staggering 70T budget, focussing 40 T on terraforming and 30 T on Graviton Technology. If this proves to be far to much assume any overflows in the tech are spend in antimatter, quantum computing and genetic research and future techs that go past terraforming and graviton technology.

((I feel I'm flying blind so please check my OOC questions as to the meaning of investments))

Military Maintain the Himalayan line fortresses at normal peace preparedness, the natural fortress being a good natural defense.

The Pakistani lands are to maintain their usual vigil against possible threats from Persia.

The Air Forces in their central bases also maintain normal peace preparedness but as always stand vigilant to support the Pakistani land forces in the case of Persian agression

The fleet and space forces are to assist the project New Horizons as well as maintain peace time preparedness.

The Colombo Conference (for NAR and EU; BU invited as observer)
India has invited both Nations to participate in the Colombo Conference to discuss far going economic, strategic and interlectual co-operation. Items on the agenda include knowledge sharing programs, mutual security programs and potential economic co-operation. (below is for participants/observer states)
India welcomes you all on the conference and asks you all how you feel on the proposals that have drawn you here. With these proposals india feels that our mutual security and intelligence services as well as our academic communities in the fields of military and civilian technologies can benefit greatly.

The basic exchange programs and military co-operation could be coupled with a mutual economic understanding allowing three continents, the indian, australian and european to benifit from each others growth, knowledge and security. In addition we also would love to include our Brazilian Friends as part of this, but would like to ask what your opinion is to that respect.
((also see your PM's))
((NOTE: the three of us (IN, EU, NAR) are labeled as having friendly relations to each other, Brazil does not have such with all of us, hence I believed observer status would be best until you agreed to them partaking (I have friendly status with them too) ))

UN Conference on the Saharan reclaimation

During it's half year presidency of the UN Security Council the Grand Indian Democracy proposes a global effort for the reclamation of the Sahara. It intends to start a program in which the area will be terraformed and cleared of pollution to make it habitable for humans again. It is willing to provide 20 T in funding for this project that is due to start in 2115 and asks other nations to participate by providing monetary donations to this effort an political backing. Under the Indian plan the Sahara would be divided into administrative regions proportional to the investments made that would be UN special administrative regions under the supervision of the great power that is providing that regions funding.

India asks all to discuss this proposal and come to a vote on the implementation. Amendments may be made to the plan proposed, simply by writing them out.

India will vote affirmative on the plan as it stands now

2008-01-09, 09:54 AM
Ascendant Caliphate Turn 1

The Caliph has begun a great project of environmental cleanup and an expansion of programs to improve the standard of living throughout the Caliphate.

He has also ordered the launch of the Great Ship, targeting the closer known planet for immediate colonization, as well as the construction of a forward staging area and colony on the moon.

He has ordered his secret police to increase security against foreign spying.

The military is to maintain standard peace-time readiness levels.

Budget:GEP: $180T
$100T untaxed (45% tax rate)
$26T Military Upkeep
$25T Environmental Cleanup
$15T Civilian Tech Research
$10T Nanotechnology Research
$4T Increased anti-espionage funding

Earth orbit Shipyard $5T
$5T for establishment of a lunar colony

Envoy to the Grand Indian Democracy:
We are intrigued by your generous offer, but regretably have little to offer a nation in your position. We request further details to help us decide.

Envoys to All Powers (Yes you can read this. Adapt message for culture as necassary.): The Caliph of the Ascendant Kingdom sends his personal greetings to you. He wishes to extend a hand in friendship and hope for a new era of peace and prosperity, not just here on earth, but among the stars as well. May Fortune smile on you and your people.

On Proposed UN resolution for the Reclamation of the Sahara: The Caliph believes projects of this nature are of great importance and wholeheartedly supports it. The Caliph's contributions may, of necessity, be small in the first phase of the project, but they will be gladly made.

The AC votes affirmative on the proposed resolution.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-09, 10:54 AM
Mittal Space Mining and Manufacture Corporation

Mittal Space Mining and Manufacture Corporation announces that it is seeking to sell it's terrestrial assets. It offers to buy any bases or operations in the asteroid belt at a rate of 6x the value of the assets. The Indian government has announced that it will be the one purchasing the terrestrial holdings of the corporation and as such there will be a guarantee of sufficient funding. Payments shall be made in the coming turns for those who accept.

2008-01-09, 11:11 AM
The FPNA is against the reclaimation of the Sahara. The area posesses no value or resources and the use of funds towards reclaiming that land would be a waste of money, time and limited resources.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-09, 12:09 PM
The FPNA is against the reclaimation of the Sahara. The area posesses no value or resources and the use of funds towards reclaiming that land would be a waste of money, time and limited resources.

The Grand Indian Democracy understands the FPNA's position, but even without their financial participation we ask that they give those of us with the means to contribute the political support to rebuild a vital part of the cradle of life, of Africa and restore it to it's former pristine glory and to erase the errors of the past. Understandably those nearest should be most concerned and it is precisely that which India seeks to promote, the money from those who can and those who need and the support from all others.

2008-01-09, 01:54 PM
((Geeze, Rich, knock off the comic updates, you're killing me here, lol.))
((Server is slow. Doing my best to respond to OOC questions now, but this is the first window that loaded, so here we go.))

Turmoil in Central Africa

A wave of assassinations sweeps through the governments of Sub-Saharan Africa, tossing those fledgling governments into chaos. Dormant militias and tribal groups band together, and begin (or continue, in some cases) to try and take over their respective countries by force. Around this time, the SCSA launches an all-out invasion of the Congo, which is met by varying levels of resistance. The Fuhrer of the SCSA offers the Congo autonomy if it surrenders, but since there is no intact central government it receives a smattering of responses from the "legitimate government of the Congo", all 57 of them. Some militias opt to join the SCSA, but the vast majority form a number of loose alliances to fight the invader. They're overmatched, and this is further exacerbated when the SCSA deploys tactical nukes on any large gathering of militia might. In a month, the central portion of Sub-Saharan Africa is completely conquered by the SCSA. The other small countries in the region do their best to replace lost leaders, and even when divided are unanimous in screaming at the top of their lungs to any foreign power that will listen for help. The SCSA extends an invitation to the other countries in the region to join them, and the response varies from outright refusal to stalling for time. Orbital and Aerial reconnaissance show SCSA naval and land forces mobilizing once again...

((Pause for factional response)
((Moechi_Vill, please post budget, at the very least, in this thread))

NAR Colony Ship

The second nearest star to Sol (which I'll leave up to you to name) is a little over 3 light years from Earth, and is a Red Dwarf. Its much farther away, but due to the nature of space travel will only take about fifteen years to reach. The ship didn't carry that much food, which seems like it would be a problem, but the ship is staffed with 1000 of the best and brightest your faction has to offer, and they soon cobble together a fusion-powered hydroponic farm and recycling system ($1T/turn) on the ship that can hold them over that long. ((The final colony(ies) will have $5T fewer supplies to work with))

Details of Alpha Emerge
Alpha, a bright K-type star (on the main sequence, considerably more orange than Sol) has a rather simple planetary system. As the ships approach they notice that the lighter-mass planet is at the far end of the habitable zone, and the heavier planet is near the inner edge. This is a bit discouraging, but then the first optical pictures of the planets come in, and its clear that they have green plant life, cloud formations, and oceans. Explorers also start tracking some of the larger asteroids, and using some odd orbits find a Saturn-or-so massed gas giant in a long orbit 40 AUs from the star. There is a small cometary halo about 35 AUs from the star, and a very small asteroid belt 5 AUs from it. The heavier planet has a large moon, similar to Luna.

Lighter, colder planet (as soon as someone gets around to naming them, that'd be great)
The heavier, hotter planet

As the ships get even nearer, they're very surprised to find a weak amount of radio traffic coming from the system (which is odd, considering that there aren't any lights that can't be attributed to volcanic action or fires on either planet). They eventually trace this unintelligible traffic to a few damaged stations on both planets and a few pieces of wreckage in the asteroid belt.

About that time, the Brazilian ship arrives.

2008-01-09, 02:15 PM
EURO NET BROADCAST, Your window to the world, now in 37 official languages!

The Sahara Proposition

The EU thinks that reclaiming any unhabitable territory on earth is a noble goal, and therefore volunteers to invest 10 T$ in this project, as well as the results of it's terraforming reasearch made on Mars and the Earth.


GEP: 480T $
Untaxed: 288T $ (40% Tax Rate) (Total 288 spent)
Military Upkeep: 34 T $ (for a rating of 67) (Total 322 spent)
Increase of Space Forces: 10T $ (Total 332 spent)
Investment in Environmental Protection Projects: 10T $ (total 342 spent)
Research of Civilian Tech: 20T $ (Total 362 spent)
Research of Genetic Engineering: 20T $ (Total 382 spent)
Research of Terraforming: 20 T $ (Total 402 spent)
Investment in Harmonia Base, Mars: 18T $ (15 arrive) (Total 420 spent)
Investment in Massalia Base, Asteroid Belt: 13T $ (10 arrive) (Total 433 spent)
Investment in Eos Base, Sun Orbit: 30 T$ (20 arrive) (Total 463 spent)
Increase of Espionage activities in the RU: 5T $ (Total 468 spent)
Increase of general Espionage activities: 5T $ (Total 473 spent)
Research on Military Tech: 7T $ (Total 480 spent)

Earth Orbit Shipyards:
5T $: All used to increase output of facilities.

Massalia Base, Asteroid Belt:
35+10T $
35T $ spent on expansion of facilities (Mining and Scientific, meant to improve income)
5T $ spent on Terraforming Research
5T $ spent on defensive laser systems (the ones that destroy incoming missiles)

Eos Solar Observatry:
5+20T $: All spent on expansion of the base (Solar panels as an energy source, installation of primitive production facilities etc., meant to improve the income of the base)

Harmonia base, Mars:
10+15T $:
10 untaxed (66,66% Tax rate)
10T $ Increase of mining facilities (Meant to improve the income of the base)
5T $: Terraforming Research

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-09, 02:35 PM

An official declaration of the Indian government in light of the invasion of Africa.

"We condemn in the strongest terms the actions taken by the SCSA and demand that they cease all hostilities immediately and withdraw all land, sea and air forces within one month. If our demands are not met we shall break all economic, political and diplomatic relations with the SCSA.

In addition we urge all nations to follow our example and propose a global boycot of the SCSA if they fail to comply."

2008-01-09, 02:48 PM
Colombo Conference:[/B

The European Union agrees to all propositions made. It will make it's research results on terraforming available for all partners of the coalition. The councils and the department of defence also agree on a military pact, for the security of democracy everwhere.
((If they are willing to join, I will move the BU to friendly.))

[B]SCSA military actions against neutral states:

The councils and citizens EU harshly condemns the military actions of the SCSA, especially it's use of Nuclear weaponry. They have enacted a instant trade embargo against the SCSA and all corporations under it's rule.

2008-01-09, 03:01 PM
Colombo Conference:[/B

The European Union agrees to all propositions made. It will make it's research results on terraforming available for all partners of the coalition. The councils and the department of defence also agree on a military pact, for the security of democracy everwhere.
((If they are willing to join, I will move the BU to friendly.))

[B]SCSA military actions against neutral states:

The councils and citizens EU harshly condemns the military actions of the SCSA, especially it's use of Nuclear weaponry. They have enacted a instant trade embargo against the SCSA and all corporations under it's rule.

2008-01-09, 03:15 PM
Colombo Conference:[/B

The European Union agrees to all propositions made. It will make it's research results on terraforming available for all partners of the coalition. The councils and the department of defence also agree on a military pact, for the security of democracy everwhere.
((If they are willing to join, I will move the BU to friendly.))

[B]SCSA military actions against neutral states:

The councils and citizens EU harshly condemns the military actions of the SCSA, especially it's use of Nuclear weaponry. They have enacted a instant trade embargo against the SCSA and all corporations under it's rule.

2008-01-09, 08:20 PM
China Daily

Turmoil in Africa

In light of recent aggressive action by the SCSA and the unconscionable use of nuclear weapons Great China has recalled its ambassador from Pretoria for consultations.

Indian Proposal on the Sahara

China enthusiastically supports the Indian proposal to work to reclaim the Sahara. Unfortunately, ecological problems at home require our immediate attention. China will provide any necessary logistical and political support, but cannot at this time provide any funding.

China votes affirmative

2008-01-09, 08:22 PM
Quaoar News

BU Astronauts First to Reach Alpha System, Christen “Novo Brasil”

Today marks the receipt of the first messages sent from the Alpha system by the expeditions launched almost four years ago! The brave explorers report the existence of two planets, which they have named Novo Brasil and Novo Venezuela. The larger planet (Novo Venezuela), apparently has a large moon, dubbed Luazinha. The only other planet in the system is reported to be a large gas giant, quite far out, which has been titled Fonseca.

The expedition remarks that they have already landed on Novo Brasilia’s largest continent, São Paulo, and sent exploration teams to Tocantins, the only other proper continent, and Paraíba, a small island-continent.

Members of our brave EFA sent along with the expedition are engaging in exploration of the systems further reaches, and report that the system seems imminently safe for human occupation.

Assistant Minister Reveals BU, EU Cooperation on Mars
In a press conference earlier last week, João Pinto, Assistant Minister of Mars, declared that the Brazilian Union would engage in heavy cooperation with the European Union on the subject of the Red Planet. “We are the only two nations with significant holdings there, and our relations are quite friendly. This cooperation simply makes sense.”

Sources say that the agreement consists of a large expansion of the EU’s existing Harmonia Research Base, which will begin to host ever-increasing numbers of BU scientists. Surely this is a great step forward in the name of science and humanity!

BU to Attend Colombo Conference

The Brazilian Union has announced that it will send a delegation to attend the Colombo Conference, despite only having observer status extended to them. While there have been assurances that they will “keep an open mind”, the Brazilian Union would like to stress that it will not agree to anything which the South American people might find objectionable.

BU Announces Construction of Second Ramjet
Today, Speaker Ana Antonelli announced the construction of a second Brazilian ramscoop, the NdUB Henrique o Navegador, set to launch in late 2114. “Brazil as a modern nation was founded by the Portuguese, always the most ready of the European nations to sail past the horizon and see what lay in wait. The BU honors this heritage, and to that end, we will populate every star in the sky with Brazilians, and plant the Gold and Green beneath an infinity of alien skies.”


GEP: $220T
Untaxed: $108T (51% tax rate)
Military Upkeep: $42T
Expansion of Space Forces by 7 Points: $70T

Earth Orbit Shipyward
Income: $5T
Expansion by $1T: $5T

GMP: $50T
Untaxed: $20T (60% tax rate)
Expansion of Harmonia Base by $6T: $30T

Asteroid Bases
Income: $20T
Expansion by $4T: $20T

Kuiper Interstellar Staging Point
GKBP: $100T
Untaxed: $50T (50% tax rate)
Construction of Additional Interstellar Vessel, NdUB Henrique o Navegador: $50T


All stand patrolling as normal, expect for 2 points of space forces, which are getting sent to Alpha

2008-01-09, 10:05 PM

GEP: $280 trillion
$187.5 trillion: untaxed (a tax rate of 22.5%)
$40 trillion: Military upkeep
$11.5 trillion: Cybernetics research
$11.5 trillion: Genetic Engineering research

Lunar base: $20 T
$10 T: Enhanced defense system
$10 T: Expansion of mining facilities

Earth-Orbit Shipyard: $5 T
$5 T: Enhanced Planetary Defense/Attack System


Over the next 5 years, the USNA will focus it's resources on economic and military concerns. It plans to use its cybernetic and genetic engineering breakthroughs in military capacities. It will also focus some of it's energies in attempting to create stronger trade relations with Russia primarily, but also with other countries that it has neutral foreign relations with. Militarily, the USNA will fortify its border with the FPNA but it will not take any offensive or hostile actions without provocation. However it will use its considerable espionage resources to keep a close eye on the FPNA, the BU, and the AC.

Edit: The USNA does not support the Sahara Reclamation initiative and will vote against it in the UN.

2008-01-10, 02:16 AM
Novo Brasil
((Where, exactly, do you land, how many settlements do you build, and how far apart are they?))

Novo Brasil is an extremely cold planet, though preliminary studies suggest that it is normally colder and is on the downswing of an aberrantly warm geological period. Upon reaching orbit, it is quite obvious that there is some kind of now-dead civilization on the planet, as much of the terrain is still divided into hexagonal fields, and the ruins of cities litter the planet. The cities have obviously been the victim of a number of disasters. Two different kinds of vaguely humanoid skeletons litter the streets, one about a meter tall, stout, with an elongated head and four fingers on each hand. The other is more common, three meters tall, with six digits on each hand.

The Shorts are ubiquitously dead from some kind of violence, be it bulletholes or some kind of mob violence. The Talls are more varied in COD, but most of them show a great deal of wasting and degeneration in their bones.

The life in Novo Brasil is DNA based, with all the same chiralities that Earth biochemistry has. The coastal areas and equatorial interiors are vegetation similar to Taiga, though biodiversity is very low. The interior (brown areas) are very sparsely vegetated, with the dominant plant being a kind of cold-tolerant cactus. The oceans are very cold, and it doesn't rain very often anywhere, as Alpha is a weaker star than Sol and is rather far away.

Animal life resembles Earthly marsupial mammals in an uncanny manner, with all the right traits. Again, biodiversity is very low, and there are few top-chain predators. There is also a smattering of fish, birds and small reptiles, though those are confined to the equatorial regions.

Earth life is just fine, except humans need a Vitamin-D supplement every once in awhile.

2008-01-10, 04:25 AM
EBC, Voice of the Council!*

Simultaneously with the BU, Ari Räsaanen, Head of the European Department of Technology, Research and Education (DETRE) held a press conference, regarding the transformation of the EU martian research, mining and terraforming base Harmonia in an international station.
"The Brazilian and European Unions have much in common. We are both Unions of states, as opposed to single large nations and we both share a common interest in Earth's closest neighbour, Mars.
It is the DETREs intention to share all the progress made on the Red Planet with the BU, for knowledge shared is knowledge earned. We hope that with the funding of the two Unions, the progress made on Harmonia will prove valuable for all of Humanity.

*53 languages officially supported

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-10, 06:07 AM
Colombo Conference

After the first rounds of negotiations at Colombo Brazil is welcomed by all three other nations as a full fledged negotiation partner. The Indian prime minster holds an official press statement.

"The EU and India have agreed on far reaching co-operation in the fields of civilian and military technology as well as mutual security co-operation. As the Colombo conference continues we hope to see the Brazilian Union and the New Ausland Republic join in similar co-operations with us and each other in the near future."

Details of EU-Indian Colombo Treaty(for Maldiem and other attendees)

- Combined efforts in the Area of Civilian technology. In essence coupling our domestic technological traits to both reach high standarts. Investments made by either party will be sought to benifit both, in part due to extensive inter governmental co-operation and a shared economic market.

- Combined effort in the Area of Military technology. In essence coupling our military technological traits to both reach high standarts. Investments made by either party will be sought to benifit both, in part due to extensive inter governmental co-operation and a shared economic market.

- Combined effort in the Area of Intelligence gathering. Again in essence coupling our traits in the espionage rating in an intelligence service sharing protocol, with investments designed to benifit both parties equally.

- Combined efforts in the research of new technologies. All technological investments made currently by either side are shared to benifit both side. In essence this now means we have coupled our terraforming research and share EU genetic technologies and Indian graviton research.

- A mutual defensive alliance between us.

Invitations are open to the BU and NAR to agree on co-operation on similar terms under the "Colombo Treaty". India is willing to co-operate with either on any level they seek, but would hear their thoughs first.

The Sub Saharan Africa Crisis

India is sending diplomatic envoys to all the states that still have some form of government left and to all 'semi governmental' groups in the region.

(for:Maldiem (the african minor powers), EU)
To the African minor powers

In response to the SCSA agression India and the EU and several other nations under different conditions are willing to deploy peacekeeping forces in your lands. These are to function as a buffer against the SCSAs advancement until a settlement can be found. They will not engage in offensive action against SCSA personnel, but can provide humanitarian relief and function as a means to stall the SCSAs advance. In return India asks that you all band together under the terms of a mutual defense alliance for the time being and will be ready to agree to a cease fire with the SCSA to allow diplomacy to serve it's cource.

(to ALL but not SCSA)
India calls an emergency session of all the Security Council. Debate on the Saharan reclamation will be moved to the General Assembly instead.

The session is to discuss the

India proposes:
- Immediate diplomatic sanctions by all nations against SCSA
- Demand the SCSA withdraw within 1 month, or face a full economic boycot.
- Asks all nations to co-operate with the remaining nations by sending relief workers and peace keepers. This will not be under UN Mandate ((for that would be vetoed by SCSA)), but should be done through bilateral agreements between great powers and minor countries, similar to what the EU and India are willing to do.

Again note the resolution would likely be vetoed by the SCSA, so instead we ask that you all take such action upon the request of the minor African nations.

(to SCSA)
We ask that instead of the violence that you are using now, that you consider a peacefull unification of sub saharan africa through a diplomatic process. We are willing to help mediate this to prevent untold bloodshed. However this does require an act of good faith on your behalf in that you withdraw your forces and seize hostilities.

Narada Colony Ship

The Narada Colony ship will eventually arive and will head straigth for the heavier, hotter planet. There a pair of colonies will be set up o the northern hemisphere (in the center on the map, one on either side of the small bay that is seemingly there)

When they land they dub the planet: Varanu, after an ancient hindu goddes of the heavens. The northern continent is dubbed Kubera, the ancient god of wealth and the north.

2008-01-10, 10:23 AM
Ascendant Caliphate joins India in condemnation of SCSA's actions in Africa.

In an address today, the Caliph expressed both his official and personal disgust for what he calls 'the deplorable actions of a rogue nation against those who cannot defend themselves.' He goes on to say that the AC will join with the EU and GID in officail condemnation and the proposed sanctions against the SCSA.

He also discusses the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict, saying 'Once again nuclear fire sweeps our battered world. If use of such weapons is allowed to continue I fear for the future of Mankind. It is our intention to sponsor a bill in the UN for the dismantling of all nuclear arsenals world wide.' The bill will be written up and introduced within the year, according to the Caliph's staff.

The Caliphate's Great Ship arrives in the Alpha system.
It will land on the colder of the two worlds, creating the colony of Khalidan on the east side of the western Continent. The Caliph names the world Nadiros, meaning 'rare'.

2008-01-10, 11:57 AM
EBC, Voice of the Councils!

Alejandro Garcia Portillo, Head of the Department of Defence (DED), announce dthat his Department agrees with the ban on Nuclear Weaponry proposed by the Ascendant Calliphate.
"Nuclear Arsenals are a constant threat to all life on our planet. All of Humanity should agree that such terrible Weaponry should not be allowed anywhere, in anyones possession."

2008-01-10, 01:43 PM

African lesser powers' response to India

The remains of the governments would very much like to have peacekeeping forces, but there are some militias and terrorist cells in the area that might detest foreign interference (and some of the militias confirm that).

A couple of days pass while the SCSA military mobilizes again, and then they launch a push to the north, driving all the way to the Sahara wastelands. Their gunboats sail mostly unopposed up major rivers on both sides of the continent, shelling bastions of resistance and strangling logistical support. The SCSA air force bombs pretty much everything that moves, and the SCSA army lands on beaches all up and down the coast line with naval support. Those governments that maintained a semblance of legitimacy fold up, leaving the remains of the African armies to fend for themselves. Barring a few pockets of militia resistance, the whole of Southern Africa ends in the grip of the SCSA.

Novo Venezuela/New Leningrad/Varanu

The planet is hot. Temperatures at the equator reach as high as 55, while the lowest seen at the poles is 25 or so. Neither planet has much of an axial tilt, so this place seems like perpetual summer. Nothing on the planet is very tall-- the whole place is covered in rolling hills and grass that doesn't get much bigger than waist-height, excluding the equatorial regions, which are basically sand dunes. A side effect of the low axial tilt is that there are bi-monthly solar (or alpha-ar, I suppose) eclipses, which trigger a worldwide windstorm, as the less-heated air under the eclipse rushes out to replace rising warm air that isn't under the moon. The oceans are shallow and very uniform in depth, and there is incredibly low biodiversity in them. One type of plankton, one type of fish that eats the plankton, one type of fish that eats the other fish. Mouse-like mammals eat grass seeds, and there a few species of reptiles that make their homes in the grass as well. The same scarcity of diversity is seen on land.

There are a few very small settlements still around that have pretty clearly been bombed. Dead Shorts litter the streets, and there isn't a Tall in sight.

2008-01-10, 02:30 PM
The Supreme Command gives its full support to our friends in the SCSA and their quest to restore civilization to Africa. We denounce these actions conducted by the United Nations as illegal and will vote down any measure designed to place embargos upon them.

We WILL use out veto power to squash this bill if necessary.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-10, 02:33 PM
The Grand Indian Democracy

"My fellow countrymen, no my fellow humans, today is a day of infinite sadness.

The cradle of humanity,
The pristine continent,
The beleaguered world,
Has fallen

As humans we cannot stand idly by as this happens,
As humans we cannot condone the suffering of so many,
As humans we can only but do one thing,

As of 11:00 this morning India has declared the SCSA a rogue state for their clear and undeniable violation of international law.

My fellow men, this decision was not be easy, but the SCSA is bitter, ruthless and without human decency.

Henceforth all communications with them are interrupted, all trade with them seized, all their assets frozen, their citizens denied access to our lands and those that are here required to leave if they have not the status of refugees.

As of this moment we set the SCSA a final ultimatum, If hostilities do not seize immediately against those governments that have agreed to an alliance whereby peace keepers from India and many other states preserve the peace we shall be forced to seek other means that we have at our disposal for the liberation of Africa.

Like 120 years before, when Iraq defied the international community and took Kuwait, so too do we ask ALL NATIONS to stand at our side for human dignity, for the sovereignty of minor powers and above all for a world in which such dark acts are not tolerated! We must let the SCSA know that it simply CANNOT do this!"

(budget changes)
Project horizon could be canceled if the SCSA does not comply with demands to increase military funding. That frees up 120 T for additional military forces to be constructed. (The 27.5 T for the expansion of Ghandi station is maintained as well as a 2.5 T investment in terraforming tech (total 5 T) that was already spend by this point in time)

50 T: Expansion of Ground Forces
50 T: Expansion of Air Forces
20 T: Expansion of Naval Forces

NOTE: It is not canceled just yet, as I still hope for a peaceful solution.

2008-01-10, 02:43 PM
The Russian federation issues the following statement:

Russian strongly disagrees with the actions of SCSA. We are ready to ratify any UN agenda that will involve economic sanctions. However, a full UN security concil vote must be passed, excluding the SCSA from voting.

We wish to hear the responses of both sides, and encourage a quick conference where the future fate of Africa can be discussed. If the UN facilities are unable to accomodate such a meeting, we have excellent conference centres by the Black Sea.

2008-01-10, 02:51 PM
Atlantis Colony Ship Launched!

Admiral Borgia, Supreme Commander of FPNA Space Forces has announced today that the Atlantis Colony Ship is now underway heading for the third nearest star to the Sol System. After reports that other nations are making a run towards the two closest it was deemed necessary that the FPNA has a system its own. This system is to be designated the Eisenhower system and our brave colonists should arrive in under 20 years.

2008-01-10, 03:52 PM

Argo Colony Ship reaches Hyperbora

The Argo Colony Ship, launched more than four years ago, arrived at the Alpha system, on a small and cold planet which has been named Hyperborea by the missions captain, the famous Sir George McIntire. They are currently planing the installation of a complete settlement and research station, Abaria, to categorize and analyze the planets native life.

The Africa Issue

Alejandro Garcia Portillo, Head of the Department of Defence (DED) annouced today, that the second and third Atlantic Fleet will be mobilized as Peacekeepers, along with their associated aircraft and several contingents of ground forces, to defend the nations of Africa against their attacker. More troops will be sent in as needed.

2008-01-10, 03:53 PM
Brazilian Military Commits Peace-Keeping Forces to Africa

In a press statement early last week, Generalissimo Penalber stated that "Brazil will of course participate in any UN-sanctioned peacekeeping action that proceeds with the mandate of the nations in question. I would, however, like to stress that any such troops would be there purely in a peacekeeping capacity, and not to engage in combat with any legitimate military."

Excerpt From Journal of Teresa Reidy, Mayor of Primeira Aterragem

1 January 2114

Happy new year! The astronautas have finished their sweep of the system, finding no threats despite the mysterious transmission we've been picking up.

We're in high orbit around Novo Brasil now, and have decided on a spot for our first colony: on São Paulo, near the delta of the river that we have creatively decided to call the Amazonas, and have settled most of us at that point. It strikes me, though, that we have no real need to be on a river, near an ocean: those are hardly going to be our primary forms of transportation, are they? Well, at least the river flows with potable water, and our biologists say that analysis of early specimens indicates that we'll likely be able to eat the native life with few problems. We're still planting our own fields, however.

A few folks have been sent on exploratory expeditions to the other continents, as well as a larger team going to Novo Venezuela.

I'm dancing around the largest mystery, of course. The thing that scares us.

The aliens.

One reason for our settling Primeira Aterragem where we did was because there were, curiously, no aliens at that spot. The aliens...of my God. We'll be asking for more xenobiologists and xenosociologists in the next round.

Message from Brazilian Military Spacecraft to All Colony Ships (broadcast begins without a chance to warn the Caliphate ship)

Attention! Welcome to the Alpha system. The BU hopes that this new star system will be graced with peace and prosperity for all human kind. However, we would like you to note that the planet of Novo Brasil, being the further out of the two habitable planets as marked on the accompanying map, has been declared property of the Brazilian Union, and colonists from other nations are advised not to land upon it. Thank you!

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-10, 04:13 PM
Reply to Brazilian spacecraft

As per previous agreement India only recognize the 1000 kilometers around your primary colony as your property. Still we do however at this moment in time have no plans to colonize the planet upon which you landed and congratulate your scientists landing, however we recognize the full right of any other colonists to settle there.


In recognition of the global effort India has the Third and Fifth fleet committed to the peace effort as they head out to Africa, supported by a full complement of marine and air forces. The other three fleets maintain their current orders.

2008-01-10, 04:59 PM
Placement of New Leningrad:

New Leningrad is placed at the "south end" of the planet, near the southern end of the western circular ocean.

A few of the shorts are sent in full containment back to earth for dissection and study

2008-01-10, 05:01 PM

2008-01-10, 05:21 PM
In Response to the BU's message

The science mission Argo would like to request permission of the settlers and scientists of Novo Brasilia to found a new Science Station, Hyperborea, in the Delta of the Amazon River, near the BU's settlements.

2008-01-10, 06:26 PM
In Response to the BU's message

The science mission Argo would like to request permission of the settlers and scientists of Novo Brasilia to found a new Science Station, Hyperborea, in the Delta of the Amazon River, near the BU's settlements.

The Brazilian Union grants permission to the European expedition to settle at that point.

2008-01-10, 07:03 PM
News from the Ascendant Caliphate

Alliance entered with the European Union, Grand India and Great China
After discussions with India, the Caliph has decided that a coalition of allied nations is necessary and expedient for the problems in Africa. He has agreed to send 5 divisions of ground troops with naval and air support to Africa as a peacekeeping force, under orders not to engage anyone unless fired upon.

Orders:5 units of ground forces, 4 units of naval forces and 2 units of air mobilized to Africa as peacekeeping forces. Again, ordered not to fire unless fired upon.
Reply to the warning from the Brazilian Union
The Captain of the Great Vessel replies to the message regarding the ownership of planets. "These worlds are open to all who wish to come here, and are no place for Imperialist claims and demands. We shall land, and recognize the right of others to do so. It is our hope that you will see reason in this, that we may dwell on these new worlds in peace and prosperity."

On a similar note, the Caliph is seeking diplomatic support on a measure that would limit the amount of land claimed by any nation on a new world. "The stars are open to us all, and we would like to see them remain so. It does not seem just that we drag our petty conflicts of territory into the void when there is so much space to be shared." he stated in a conference today.

2008-01-10, 07:14 PM
Orders for EU military:

I send 2 units of Naval Forces, 2 units of air forces, 4 units of ground forces to Africa, to act as peacekeeping forces. They are ordered to avoid violence at all cost, especially towards the inhabitans of the nations they defend, except if necessary to answer an outright hostile action.

Response to the BU settlers:

The crew of the Argo and Captain McIntire wish to express their thanks to the BU settlers. They will set up a base for purely scientic purposes, to research native life.

2008-01-11, 12:26 AM
FPNA Colony Ship Atlantis

Same deal as the NAR ship-- subtract $5T from supplies, add a $1T/turn farm to the colony ship.

Late 2114, Alpha

BU forces and any colony ships still in-system pick up an unidentified drive-flare in the asteroid belt. It doesn't have the same spectrum that hydrogen fusion puts out, and doesn't have any of the normal radio indicators that Earth ships have. Upon further inspection, its coming from a dodecahedron-shaped craft about 5m in radius. After about a 4 hour flight (during which it pulls acceleration in excess of 30 G's), it impacts a medium-sized asteroid, and isn't heard from again, though the occasional flash can be observed in the hole it left.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-11, 03:43 AM
African Issue

The Indian peacekeepers are actively linking up with the remains of legitimate government forces and protecting government officials and administrations of the nations that once were. These administrations are thus supported to prevent any large scale massacres, or attempt to upsurge governments.

They are clearly under orders not to fire unless fired upon and are urging all sides (both SCSA and the local governments) to do the same, but the military strength they committed to the region is impressive and it seems they are more then capable to defend themselves or their charges if needed. Anti nuclear weapons laser installations are installed by ground forces and it seems even in space their fleet has lasers set to intercept launches upon ground based targets. These protections are not only for their homeland, but are also set in place to protect other peace keepers with lesser military technology.

In addition Indian forces also actively link up with other peacekeepers, in part for mutual security and in part to make co-ordinated mutual effort possible.

Indian officials are actively negotiating with SCSA forces and the governments of the remaining governments to come to a peacefull solution and are asking both sides for their demands. In addition India is actively supporting the Russia offer of conferences held on their territory and is granting the African governments transportation and security if they seek to attend.

Also india is not willing to use any nuclear weapons and is clearly not interested in the original SCSA territories, but will retaliate if the need becomes dire.

Maldiem, this is what I think they'd see based on my previous orders PM-ed, those still stand. It's more or less the same in any case, but you have some additional details there.

2008-01-11, 04:01 AM
Aboard NdUB Ernesto Geisel

"Contact!" shouted the SensOp. "We have a torch, bearing one one nine by minus three two. Drive spectrum is anomalous. Say again, drive spectrum is not consistent with hydrogen fusion torch."

Captain Ciro Neves looked up from the logistics report he'd been studying. "Excuse me, Mr Vargas? Could you repeat that?"

"Captain, I have a bizarre signature, bearing one one nine by minus three two, distance four point five trillion kay-em. Repeat, distance thirty ay-you."

Neves looked troubled. "I see. What's it doing?"

"Nothing for now-cancel that. It has just begun accelerating. Accel appears to be roughly two-nine-zero meters per second squared. Repeat, they are pulling thirty gees."

"Meu Deus. What's their trajectory?"

"Three-three-one by eight-six. They don't appear to be approaching anything."

"Hmm. Keep an eye on it." He suddenly looked to the TacOps officer, "Lieutenant Cristobal, please beat to general quarters."

"Aye aye, Captain."

Neves then turned to Helm. "Mr Cavalera, please bring us closer. Aim for a billion kilometers 'south'. 1 G burn, if you will."

"Aye aye, sir. Sounding acceleration alarm now."

The ship accelerated, slowly, towards the anomalous reading. They kept an eye on the object, which continued its steady acceleration. It was quite disturbing really: obviously the product of a rational mind. Equally as obviously not the product of a human one. And they've been reporting those alien artifacts on the surface... the Captain though uneasily.

The ship called to inform the colony, and nothing of note happened for an additional 15000-odd seconds, before another cry came from SensOps, "Sir! Object has collided with an asteroid!"

"Excuse me? Object has collided with an asteroid...object is nowhere in sight, though the asteroid appears relatively unscathed."

Well, that's odd...that sort of impact should have blown that rock up, even if it's not very heavy...

"Tac, stand down general quarters. Helm, increase acceleration to two-point-zero gees."

"Aye aye, Captain."

The ship spent 11 days in transit before reaching the asteroid, and while general quarters was not called again, the mood remained tense. Words like "alien" and "brain-eaters" began to get mentioned in the mess, and tempers were running high.

Finally, they reached the asteroid, and approached, cautiously, battle stations manned. They began every sort of scan possible, and, if everything appears safe, will attempt to land a small EVA team.

2008-01-11, 06:08 AM
Indian poetry and unilateralism do not a rogue nation make. The UN decides on such issues.

SCSA is not alone on this. Three major powers have sided with us.
You do not understand.

... Lest the government had been aware of the international forum, which we weren't until recently, us being a relatively new government, the Indian forces would never have landed. ... It has come to this.

No easy road for SCSA, ressurecting Africa.

UN supremacy is the final word on this conflict.
Russian mediation is accepted.
Brazilian peacekeeping forces are accepted.
The EU meddling is rejected.
The Indian invasion is rejected.
Embargoes are of course acceptable at they deal with YOUR SOVEREIGN territory.

Emergency Orders have been sent.

Any conventional or nuclear action against African ground or on the African coastal line will result in nuclear holocaust and limited biological holocaust (this does not include trade embargoes or blockades of your own vessels around the African coast. Blockades against vessels of other nationalities are not acceptable). You have been warned.

PS. We bequeath our space station, lunar base, military, agent network, survivors and land to FPNA control should our Terran territories fall. We intend to maintain control locally over our own forces but invite FPNA reinforcements and we will swear allegiance.

Yes, our ultimatum includes Sahara and everything north of it and west of the Ascendant Caliphate.
Its not a humble dream, but it is a good dream. I promise everyone that. If those of you who would, would refrain from embargoing us as well (which is acceptable) then it would truly be a utopian future.

Deadlines have been sent.

2008-01-11, 10:30 AM
Secret Communication to SCSA:
To the SCSA:

The Supreme Command first would like to thank the SCSA for its generous offer but hopefully it will not be necessary.

As of this time we can not provide direct support with FPNA troops but should this situation begin to escalate we are prepared to provide weaponary and other resources to the SCSA at severely discounted rates.

2008-01-11, 12:35 PM
Secret Communique to FPNA

Thank you. We will fight on heroically should it come to it.

2008-01-11, 01:54 PM
Early 2110, Nuclear war in Southern Africa

After it becomes clear that the Indian expeditionary forces aren't going to turn around, SCSA nuclear installations at their moon base open fire. The missiles accelerate rapidly toward Southern Africa. Indian space forces, taking this as a hostile action from the SCSA, do their best to engage the missiles. There are a lot of them, and by the time they reach Earth-orbit they're going quite fast. Indian anti-missile systems in total manage to neutralize half the strike before it impacts. An Indian-SCSA skirmish then ensues in space. The Indian forces outnumber the SCSA, but the SCSA has better military technology. At such close ranges the battle is a vicious melee of mass drivers are missiles. Both forces take heavy casualties, and after a day or so of fighting it becomes apparent that SCSA nuclear capabilities in space are mostly exhausted. Both fleets withdraw to defensive formations in geosynch over their homelands.

Indian space forces after the battle: 5
SCSA space forces after the battle: 5

On the ground it is a considerably different story. Indian ship and ground-based antimissile systems manage to shoot down a few more missiles, but about 40% of the original strike hits home on the Indian expeditionary force and its naval support. It has been standard military practice for nearly a century to maintain formations that minimize damage from nuclear attack (mostly spreading out a lot, camouflaged command centers, etc.), and so the majority of the Indian force survives.
Surviving Indian expeditionary forces (original forces):
Ground: 5 (8.4)
Air: 5 (8)
Naval: 4 (5.2)

Indian ground assets, with air and naval support, launch an invasion of Tanzania, trying to link up with resistance groups.
Indian expeditionary force: (after battle)
Ground 5 (3) + 2 militia
Air 5 (3)
Naval 4 (3) + 1 militia

In favor: Concentrated attack, numbers, air superiority, naval superiority
Against: Command structure weakened by previous nuclear attack

SCSA Tanzanian garrison (~1/10th total forces are in range to participate in the battle)
Ground: 2.9 (0)
Air force: 1.7 (0)
Naval force: 1.8 (0)

In favor: Tech, minor defensive positions
Against: Local resistance, long overland supply lines

Indian forces wipe out or route the SCSA garrison after a few days of fighting and manage to establish a beach head, but will be in dire straits when the main SCSA force arrives. Militia forces equivalent to 2 points of ground forces and 1 point of naval force agree to join up with the Indian expedition.

Late 2114, Alpha

The unknown craft is obviously doing something energetic in there-- its putting out high levels of every type of radiation, and in the time it takes the ship to arrive, attitude thrusters have appeared at various places around the asteroid, and the beginnings of a main engine have appeared in the hole the craft made when it impacted. The radiation is high, but your ships and pressure suits are capable of blocking it.

2008-01-11, 02:17 PM
Public Statement Issued by Generalissimo Penalber, run in full-page ads in all major newspapers in the world

Wide-scale nuclear warfare was always a specter during the century after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Apparently the mystique has worn off in the decades since, as it is fairly obvious that several nuclear devices were employed recently. Though it is still unclear who launched them, the result was obvious.

As High Commander of the Brazilian Armed Forces, I would like to publicly state that our space forces in orbit around Earth will shoot down any ballistic missiles, including those fired from orbit. We will also fire upon the launch site. Please do not consider such actions actions of war; they are intended only to keep peace.

15 points of the BU's space forces are going to be committed to close Earth orbit, with orders to shoot down anything that looks remotely like a nuke, and slag its launch site from orbit. Collateral damage will be kept to the minimum possible.

2008-01-11, 02:18 PM
EU condems use of Nuclear weapon and announces Retaliation

"What the SCSA did was an attrocity of horrible dimensions. As per the Colombo Treaty, the EU will mobilizes all it's forces to help the India defend itself and the people of Africa against this powerhungry regime. Our first and foremost priority will be to restore peace in the region, but if necessary we will no longer abstain from use of military force.
The EU also applauds the wise decision of the BU generalissimo, as any nuclear attack is a crime against all mankind."


Move 3/4 of my fleet and half of each my ground and air forces to Africa. They are ordered not to move into territory that was originaly part of the SCSA, but take any actions necessary to remove them from the invaded countries or defend themselves or their allies.
3/4 of my space forces are ordered to go into geosynch. orbit over Africa and the EU, to protect against further nuclear strikes and/or attacking spaceships. (Well, as much as they are able to without any real warships) The rest is to defend mars and the asteroid belt.

2008-01-11, 02:31 PM
Aboard NdUB Ernesto Geisel, late 2114

Captain Neves stared at the viewscreen, confounded by what he saw.

"Captain," said the SensOp, "The object appears to be transforming into a spacecraft. We observe multiple small features on the surface that appear to be the bells of maneuvering thrusters; additionally, a signature consistent with the earlier drive flame can be detected from the impact site."

The Captain rubbed his chin for a moment while he thought. "Alright! Everyone, stay at general quarters. Cancel the EVA...Comms, I want transmissions on every frequency between radio and ultraviolet: start by broadcasting prime numbers, the Fibonacci sequence, a list of squares; standard First Contact procedures." Never grinned a little as he remember the training seminars they'd had on potential First Contact before they'd left. He remembered laughing at the time wasted on the idea, at the expense of the "universal translator" expert systems they'd developed. Now it seemed it might end up being useful. "Now let's hold tight and see if there's any response."

After a moment he added, as if an after thought, "Oh, and increase distance to 1 million kilometers and hold steady. 2 G burn. They might not like us up so close."

2008-01-11, 02:50 PM
Alpha, Late 2114

The craft doesn't seem to notice or care about the Brazilians' attempts to communicate, and continues on whatever obscure logic set it in motion in the first place. Two weeks pass, during which the main engine takes shape and a heat shield appears on the side opposite the main engine. At the end of that period, the asteroid spits out a dodecahedron identical to the original, and starts a massive burn toward the inner system. Another asteroid, similar to this one, starts a burn at almost exactly the same time, and, upon inspection, also left a dodecahedron behind.

2008-01-11, 02:57 PM
Aboard NdUB Ernesto Geisel, late 2114

"Uh, sir..." begins SensOps.

"I see it, I see it," replied the Captain testily. "Right. ****. At that accel, we'll never catch them in time. Try to track their possible trajectory cone and send a warning to the inner system; scramble any ships on site. ****. Let's um, ****, examine the object it left behind."

2008-01-11, 03:08 PM
Alpha, Late 2114

Since they aren't entirely sure what accelerations the asteroid is capable of, its hard to guess a trajectory, but it eventually becomes apparent that both asteroids are heading toward Novo Venezuela/New Leningrad/Varanu.

The Dodecahedron left behind has extruded something that looks very much like a telescope, and seems to be tracking the asteroid that disgorged it. A small amount of radio information seems to be passing between it and the asteroid.

2008-01-11, 03:44 PM
Aboard NdUB Ernesto Geisel, late 2114

"Sir! The asteroids appear to be heading towards Novo Venezuela. Other destinations are possible, of course, but that's the only large object in their cone."

"Of course. And the dodecahedron?"

"There appears to be radio traffic between it and the asteroid."

"Can we intercept?"

"Affirmative, sir!"

"Alright, get on that; record everything, and try to see what we can get. Screw it; encode the signal and transmit to all friendly forces that aren't doing anything, and the colony as well. Let's see if anyone can make anything of it."

"Aye, sir"

Aboard NdUB Barão do Amazonas (flagship of Frota Alpha), late 2114

"Sir! I'd like to report an anomaly."

Lieutenant Anita Néri, Officer of the Watch, looks lazily over to SensOps, "Oh? And what is that, Mr Link?"

"That asteroid the Ernesto's been burning towards...well, it and a friend are accelerating towards the inner system. Pulling more than 30 Gs."

Néri straightened out suddenly, an action which flung her out of her chair in the microgravity of the ship. There were a few grins at that, but not many: 30 Gs of acceleration had a few possible meanings, but 30 Gs towards the inner system probably meant a planet buster.

By the time she got herself back into her seat and clipped in, Comms reported an incoming message from the Ernesto. Néri listened to the report, and watched the accompanying video, before swearing. A few minutes and several impressed spacers later, she came to a decision. "Alright, here's how we'll play it. keep tracking it, but no burn for now. Alert the entire fleet, if they don't know already, and the colony, too. Don't tightbeam the foreigners yet. And for God's sake, someone go wake up the Captain and the Commodore."

Néri was just about to bask in the pleasure of passing the buck up the chain of command when Comms broke in again, "And, uh, Ernesto reports alien radio traffic. They're sending us a transcript, and asking us to spare any of our Comms folks to cracking it."

"Christ. Well, wake up all the Comms folks and do it, eh?"

About 1 point of the fleet is in the inner system, though they may not be close enough to do anything, anyway, but .5 of the fleet will go to Novo Brasil orbit and take up defensive positions, while .7 will start burning towards Novo Venezuela as soon as the orders reach them. The remaining .8 are scattered throughout the outer system and are too far away to do anything.

Meanwhile, all the communications specialists and xenologists in the system will work on cracking it. The signal is not yet being shared with anyone, and we haven't told any foreign colonies yet, though they might notice there's an awful lot of radio traffic going on.

2008-01-11, 04:18 PM
China Daily

Communique on the African War

Great China condemns the use of nuclear weapons against the Indian expedition to Africa. Effective immediately, China is seizing all SCSA assets in-country and blocking all trade between the two nations. Our nation also requests urgent consultations with the EU and India to determine our course in this crisis.

Military readiness has been increased throughout the empire, and units are preparing to deploy.

Coded Dispatch to EU, India

The SCSA attack must be dealt with. Unfortunately, it appears he has military support from the FPNA. As such, I will be deploying my forces to positions that threaten the FPNA homelands. This will ensure they do not interfere. I will task units in support of our combined assualt if FPNA decides to stay out of it.

2008-01-11, 04:57 PM
Alpha, Late 2114

((The 'roids aren't accelerating 30Gs the whole way, just until it became clear that Ernesto wasn't pursuing. They slowed down a bit after that.))

The Ernesto intercepts some of the traffic, but can't immediately make heads nor tails of it. After a few hours of working on it, their translator programs work out that some of it is flight telemetry in base 12, though the other bits are completely incomprehensible.

The other ships in the Brazilian fleet can reach Novo Venezuela before the asteroids do, but by that time they're about 2 days from intersection with the planet's orbit. They haven't slowed down at all, and one seems on track to impact somewhere in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern hemisphere.

2110, somewhere between Jupiter and the Kupier belt

Broadcast courtesy of CNN internet streaming video:
A camera on the outside of the Zheng He, the chinese colony ship has been transmitting video for space and astronomy enthusiasts as a PR stunt. On camera, it shows the prow of the ship plowing through space at a decent clip. Suddenly, an explosion blossoms in front of the ship, and there's a couple of seconds where it shows the field projectors flying off the front of the ship. The camera shakes uncontrollably while explosions rock the bow, then cuts out.

All contact is lost with the Zheng He, and it is presumed destroyed.

UN forensics teams evaluate the footage from that camera and others from the ship, and determine that there was a NAR missile evident on radar and two different camera angles.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-11, 05:17 PM
Coded dispatch to China and EU
We thank China for it's vigilance and the EU for their assistance. We shall now mobilize for war as the initial blow was hard felt.

It is our opinion that we should liberate the African states and then revive the African Union similar to the EU structure, composed of the newly free nations to act as a stabilizing force against SCSA aggression. For now it is our intention not to violate the SCSA territories, eventhough we have every right under their horrible atrocities, we only want to push them back into their borders as we have been invited to do by friendly african governments. Fortunately as they have asked us to do so we are not in violation of UN treaties, merely responding to the request of sovereign states to act on their territories.

India Mobilises

"Fellow countrymen, the SCSA once again shows a complete disrespect for human rights and even would attack peace keepers that have been asked to go in by legitimate African Governments.

India is now obliged by honour and simple respect for human dignity to persue actions for the liberalisation of Africa. All non governmental forces, including occupying troops from the SCSA are declared hostile and will be dealt with.

Together with allies of the Ascendant Caliphate and the EU and any that wish to help we shall liberate Africa."

(Budget additions + strategy, EU and AC should look as they also have friendly forces in Africa)
Beside the rerouting of project horizon funds as stated previously, India now mobilizes for full scale war.

20% extra taxes are levied for the war effort as India adopts war time laws. Yielding a further 150 T to spend.

50 T goes to ground forces expanse
50 T goes to air forces expanse.
50 T goes to military technology improvements, copying what is seen of the SCSA, especially their captured vehicles, but also extensively researching new ideas. (total now is 60 T)

((note under Colombo treaty military tech is fully shared with the EU))

The full indian navy is now to be deployed in the operation and an additional 2.6 divisions of ground forces and 7 divisions of air forces are to link up with the defensive holds that have been taken (using an air bridge). Together with local forces, EU and AC reinforcements a potent defensive position is taken

Total forces of India deployed so far:
GROUND: 9.6 (including the 2 militia)
NAVY 12.8 (including 1 militia)
AIR: 12

Home Guard:
Ground: 10 + 10 under construction
Air: 5 + 10 under construction
Navy: 0 + 2 under construction

Fully half of the air forces and all of the ground and navy forces under construction will be air and navy lifted into africa to prepare for a grand offensive to restrict the SCSA to their original borders. We ask our allies to prepare for this offensive too and be ready to move when we do.

Indian response to CCN video

Immediately upon seeing the video evidence the Indian prime minister picks up his red phone and calls the Chinese leader.

"Dear friend we offer our sincerest condolences and mourn for your loss. 1000 of your brightest gone without so much as time to scream. Surely we will support you in an investigation into the causes and stand by your side in your hour of need. We do urge calm however and to properly investigate the matter, once a guilty party is found they should pay, but we must make sure that this isn't a trick played by a hostile power seeking to destabilize the world. In short if it truly was, as it appears to be a NAR missile then we condemn that to the utmost and will honor our alliance, but we must be sure, for to punish the wrong side would not be good. Let us find out who really did this."

2008-01-11, 05:30 PM
Encoded Answer to IN and IC

"The European Union has now moved most of it's military might to Africa, 3/4 of our naval power, as well as half of all our ground an air forces have been mobilized, the rest staying behind to defend the homeland. We also announce that most of our space fleet has moved into geosynch orbits above Africa and Europe, to defend against any further orbital strikes.

2008-01-11, 06:03 PM
Emergency Press Conference

A visibly shaken Sun Yat-tzu steps to the podium and addressed the reporters:

"We have received news from the head of the TTC (space agency) that all contact was lost with the Zheng He late last night. Shipboard video has shown a massive hull breach in all forward compartments and the destruction of its primary propulsion system. Further attempts to contact the ship have been met with failure, and it appears the ship and its taikonauts have been lost to the void of space. China is immediately dispatching all of its remaining space vessels to the scene to search for survivors. Our nation also humbly requests the assistance of any Terran power in the vicinty. Any humanitarian assistance you can rend will be remember greatfully by the people of China. All of China is united in mourning for its lost taikonauts, but moreso celebrates their sacrifice so that all mankind can partake in the benefits of the stars.

Sun Yat-tzu's visage then hardens as he continues with his statement:

"The might of Great China's intelligence networks have been working non-stop to identify the culprit of this cowardly terrorist attack. Our work shows that the Zheng He was a victim of NAR aggression. Independent UN analysis of the Zheng He's telemetry confirms this. The people of this nation will not stand for these vile actions! Therefore, a state of war now exists between Great China and the NAR. May fortune shine on our nation and our fighting men and women."


Maldiem: As stated in AIM

Coded Dispatch to India and EU

My nation will not tolerate terrorist attacks on the sole option I have for leaving Terra. My espionage networks have confirmed the NAR's involvement, and the UN has also informed me of the same. I am in the process of launching a punitive expedition against the NAR, to ensure that it can do no further harm to Great China. I should not need alliance support, as I outnumber them militarily on Earth.

I will be unable for the time being to support your effort against the vile SCSA. However, I will task all of my in-country intelligence assets to determine the location of any remaining SCSA WMDs and WMD delivery systems. I have full confidence that we will prevail in a contest of arms, but if he can unleash his WMD he might destroy us all.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-11, 06:23 PM
Mittal Space Corporation

The few ships the mining operation can spare are quickly rushed to search for the Zheng He's survivors.

To China, EU
We will support you in every political way in your quest to demand compensation from the culprits and thank you for your assistance in intelligence. It will be much appreciated. Indian Stealth bombers stand ready to take out such targets at a moments notice.

If you need further assistance,please ask us and we shall use what limited resources we can spare to bring culprits to justice. We have signed an alliance and we intend to honor it, though must say that a great deal of our forces are tied up in a lethal struggle. Also please forward you intelligence on the NARs involvement so we may indeed use it to justify our support of you to our people.

Still if there is hope for diplomacy, please ask them to compensate you in other ways, before bloodshed happens. We agree that you deserve compensation, but the innocent people are not responsible for the actions of their cold corporate government and should be spared if possible.

2008-01-11, 07:14 PM
Merchant Shipping
Making good on its promise to the SCSA. The FPNA begins shipping weapons to Africa at heavily reduced prices(20-30% price cuts.) All weapons are for sale to the SCSA. They will be shipped in unarmed and clearly neutral merchant marine cargo ships with other mundane items.

2008-01-11, 07:26 PM
Summer, 2110, War in the South Pacific

The Chinese launch a full-scale invasion of the New Ausland Republic, assaulting the entire coast line at once. With their entire military committed to the effort, the Chinese arrive in overwhelming numbers. NAR forces are fairly well-entrenched with a mostly loyal civilian population, and no small amount of orbital bombardment helps to even the odds. Still, the Chinese throw the Australians back from their coastline strongholds, establishing footholds all over the region and scattering the NAR navy. The battle is far from over, since the NAR fleet is unopposed by Chinese space forces. Since subsequent battles will likely take place in urban areas along the coasts, space will play less of a role, though the influence of the formidable Chinese Navy will also be mitigated.

Type of force: Original strength (after-battle strength)
China: Average
Ground forces: 25 (20 2/3)
Air Force: 24 (19 2/3)
Naval Force: 30 (25 2/3)
Space Forces: 4
Additional casualties: Earth-orbit shipyard captured

In favor: Tech, Numbers, Naval Superiority, Air superiority
Against: Local Civilian resistance

NAR: Below Average
Ground forces: 15 (10 2/3)
Air Force: 12 (7 2/3)
Naval Force: 12 (7 2/3)
Space forces: 20
Captured Chinese Orbital Shipyard

In favor: Major defensive positions, Superior communications, Space superiority
Against: None

2008-01-11, 08:18 PM
Aboard NdUB Barão do Amazonas (flagship of Frota Alpha), high orbit above Novo Venezuela, late 2114

"Attention Indian and Russian settlements. Attention Indian and Russian settlements. This is Commodore Elis Soares, local commander of EFA in the Alpha system. We wish to inform you that we are tracking two objects that appear to be heading towards this planet, at dangerous speeds. We recommend that you prepare for impact of two large asteroids; possibly causing extinction-level events. Repeat: possible extinction-level events. Should you choose, we are willing to take you aboard temporarily; it'll be a tight fit, but our forces on-site should be able to hold 2000 people until this all blows over; in the event that your colonies are destroyed, we are willing to accept you as refugees at our colony on Novo Brasil until the next ramscoop arrives; scheduled for mid-2117. Please decide quickly; you have two days until possible impact.

"That is all. Please respond on this channel. Soares out."

That warning given, and all scientific teams boosted off the planet already, the only thing left to do was wait. Soares slowly took off her headset and rubbed her eyes. Waiting was something spacers were very good at.

2008-01-11, 08:46 PM
Summer, 2110, War in Southern Africa

With the EU stepping in, those factions precipitate a second battle in space. EU and GID fleets engage the remaining SCSA space forces.

The Colombo Treaty
Space forces: 14 (9.5)
India: 5 (2.75)
EU: 9 (6.75)
Captured SCSA Lunar colony
Captured SCSA Earth-Orbit Shipyard

In favor: Numbers
Against: None

SCSA Fleet
Space forces: 5 (0)
Additional casualties: Lunar colony, Earth-orbit shipyard

In favor: Tech
Against: None

This battle is a short one, as the numerical advantage is large, and the SCSA fleet is already recovering from one battle. After taking the SCSA space assets it becomes apparent that they were gearing up to mass-produce biological and nuclear weapons, though the process didn't have time to get going.

When Indian reinforcements and EU troops start to show up, the SCSA launches an all-out nuclear strike at India. Colombo Treaty ships and the Brazilian Union's fleet destroy the vast majority of the missiles, but some slip through. Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai all suffer direct hits, killing over 200 million citizens.

Colombo Treaty forces resume their advance in Africa with a newfound fury. News of the Indian incursion reaches much of the populace, inflaming it into resistence, and as the burning hulks of the SCSA fleet start raining to earth, the resistance turns into outright insurrection in some places, particularly major cities.

Military forces in the African Theater

Unit type: Strength (after battle)
The Colombo Treaty
India: Above Average
Ground: 9.6 (8.6) (+1 militia)
Air: 12 (11)
Navy: 12.8 (11.8) (+1 militia)

European Union: Below Average
Ground: 6 (5) (+1 militia)
Air: 11.5 (10.5)
Navy: 17.25 (16.25) (+1 militia)

In Favor: Numbers, Air Superiority, Naval Superiority, Space Superiority
Against: None

SCSA Occupation Forces
State Central, South Africa: Good
Ground forces: 26.1 (21.766)
Air Force: 15.3 (10.966)
Naval Force: 16.2 (11.866)

In favor: Tech, minor defensive positions
Against: Civilian rebellion, long overland supply lines, low morale

The Colombo Treaty's forces hand the SCSA defeat after defeat in what turns into a running rout of the occupation force. The SCSA takes heavy casualties as its generals make fighting and semi-fighting withdrawals to traditional SCSA territory, while the Colombo Treaty takes very light casualties that are replaced by militia forces in every sphere except Air. Damage to the region is extensive, as SCSA tactical nukes and bombers knocked down shanty towns, disrupted ecosystems, destroyed dams and infrastructure, and produced a small amount of fallout (though this is primarily West Africa, the direction of the prevailing winds). The instant the SCSA is expelled, many of the militias and tribal groups revert immediately to internecine conflict, trying to establish their own little niche.

The mushroom clouds over India dissipate, and for a time, the guns are quiet. The SCSA begins to fortify its border and regroup its disorganized forces.

2008-01-11, 09:36 PM
A message from the office of Admiral Marilia Guimarães, Commander of the Brazilian Union's EFA

Earlier this week, forces belonging to the NAR committed a horrible atrocity of an act. NAR forces, forces belonging to the same faction that has time and again committed themselves to the "peaceful colonization of space", recently struck against the Chinese ramscoop Zheng He, a peaceful vessel on a peaceful message, bringing resources destined for the stars back home, to help the truly needy there.

The Brazilian Union will not stand for this. As the NAR has proven themselves unworthy of the responsibility of having space-based holdings, the EFA has taken it upon ourselves to correct this perversity. To all space forces loyal to the NAR, I implore you, lay down arms, refuse to fight for a nation that would kill civilians and destroy a symbol of prosperity and hope. To all citizens in the peri-Jove space, I implore you, accept our forces; we are not here to conquer, nor to enslave, but merely to free you from an apparently corrupt and selfish government. I promise you that no violations of personal freedoms or rights will be made.

Thank you.

BU committing 20 points of space forces and 8 points of ground forces to seizing the NAR's Jupiter-based holdings. We will boost while the NAR space forces are busy scrambling in defense of Australia against the Chinese invasion. Civilian casualties are to be kept to a minimum.

Do you want me to assign ground forces to each peri-Jove colony individually?

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-12, 02:58 AM
TO EU, China and AC on african war

Our quest has succeeded. Now we must dine the future. We see three likely things:

A) We reorganize the african states in a model based on the EU. It will be a joint protectorate between all the peacekeepers until the tribes can come to a lasting and agreed upon solution. We are willing to provide aid to rebuild parts of it.

B) We keep hold of the space assets and divide them between us. We propose that we split the lunar base evenly, but that India gets the earth orbit station in compensation for her heavy losses.

C) If the SCSA doesn't stop fighting we shall have to drive them back even further and not stop until we reach their capitol. Using our air and naval superiority to overcome their armie. Still should this happen we should offer quarter to any commanders that wish to join sides and will accept their forces as part of a new governmental force for the SCSA area's that will respect basic human rights and might even bring a form of democracy to them.

In addition we have unconfirmed reports of a revolution on the brink of breaking out in SCSA. If this is the case we could perhaps deal with any new government(s) that come out. Perhaps they will be open to the road of peace and could even join this newfound african union.

2008-01-12, 03:04 AM
I the Fuehrer today issue orders for a unconditional surrender.
Please be nice to my country, and my continent.

Orders, official, open for all to see: The SCSA surrenders to the invading forces on the hope that the continent will be unified under the new system set up by the invaders.

Glory to Africa!

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-12, 03:19 AM
The African Peace

Indian Forces, hopefully supported by other coalition forces, cross into the SCSA territories where they quickly seek out the countries political and militarian leadership. Those that are found highly dedicated to the facist regime are placed under house arrest and relieved of their positions whilst others are kept on as a peace stabilization force. Their initial advance is done cautiously, so as not to walk into a trap.

The Air and Naval equipment of the SCSA are being seized by Indian personnel and placed under heavy guard under the terms of the surrender as such to prevent a renewed escalation of the conflict. Ground forces are deprived of their heavy tanks and assault vehicles, but are left sufficient light vehicles and weapons to form an effective stabilizing force in SCSA for the present time. Commanders are assured that a new leadership will be set up soon and any internal fighting is quelled by indian diplomats (the ones with guns to back them up if need be).

If the EU agrees to it, India goes on to do the following.

A delegation of Indian officials travels to Africa where a conference is held in Johannesburg to decide Africa's future. All peacekeeping nations, the EU, AC and India are invited and provide the chairs and staff as well as experts and diplomats to smoothen negotiations. At the same time representative from different regions of the SCSA are invited as well as representative from any governmental and armed groups in africa. Other states are invited as observers to ensure they now what is going on.

India makes one thing clear. There will be no more wars in Africa and there is to be a kind of African Political Union based on human rights that is to act as a safeguard to that purpose. It's forces will remain as peacekeepers so long as the legitimate governments founded in this union wish it. It also establishes a help africa fund to which it intend to donate vast sums.

Previous SCSA space assets are divided between the EU and India, as Africa will have other worries then a space program. A substantial aid program is offered by India if an agreement can be reached. With the lunar base being split evenly and the space station in earth orbit going to India to replace their heavy losses from the initial landing.

((to all OOC))
Essentially India seeks to create a democratic african union, as a player Moechii Vill could play this union. It would just not be a dangerous facist state, but instead a reliable partner for India and the EU.

Still we ask the EU's permission in all of this.

(to maldiem, EU)
Indian scientist are looking over all the SCSA plans for military equipment and share this with the EU. Several prototype and advanced weapon systems are being flown to India with a certain degree of secrecy and reverse engineered with their plans studied

2008-01-12, 04:00 AM
All fascist forces are backing down. There will be no resistance. All will help rebuild. Thank you for being merciful and not vengeful.

As to the space base and lunar base... we understand if you decide to rob the FPNA of the space base, but the lunar base is full of Africans. It is a part of Africa and also worth 30 trillion annually per five-year plan. This is outright annexation. We cannot let you split Africans from each other.

Still, this is not our choice, but SCSA voices its strongest protests to the international community and the UN!!
This spacebase and lunar base rightfully belongs to the FPNA. It was no longer the property of SCSA when they fell. This means that the offenders have committed an act of war against the FPNA. Please desist and hand over these facilities to the FPNA or this new African Union.

However we understand if the FPNA is wary of conflict and India and EU wish to annex our rightful territory. After all, you would only admit to yourself the strength of fascism by using your strength to force the issue.

Regardless, I will not be in power for long. The new ... government... may agree wholeheartedly with you and split our Lunar brethren from the mainland.

- The Fuehrer

I believe now, that I, The Fuehrer and my government now know truly that we should have gone the way of a parliament to rule the nation underneath the military. Unification, not pacification should have been brought by generous budgets offered to our surrounding neighbors.

We made a mistake. We understand if you annex the space station from us or the FPNA but please don't take the Moonbase.

OOC to Maldiem: So, I did specify that the money I couldn't spend, if any, would be sent to FPNA. How much were we able to remove? It could be useful for the reconstruction... or maybe that other piece of base I wanted to build in space. Also, while my military is vanquished, the liberal tactics of the interventionists did leave the core untouched. Did SCSA surge to 222 trillion with a 5T space base and a 30T moonbase like in the warplan version?

2008-01-12, 07:41 AM
Worldwide Internet and TV Broadcast

Vittore Ferrero, Head of the Department of Foreing Affairs (DEFA)

"Friends, Allies, people of the Earth and beyond. What we saw in the past weeks was a war, a horrible war. We know that no excuse can suffice to appease those who lost their lands, their friends, their families in the war. Even though we assured a military victory, it was a humanitarian defeat for all of us.
We know that all our promises might sound hollow now, but we nevertheless make them: we will give our best to heal the wounded Continent. What we can spare will be sent to Africa, to bring peace to the cradle of mankind and bring back the peaceful state it's people have longed for.
Currently our forces are deployed in Africa. Be assured that their goal is not to annex or conquer anything, but to provide stability until a truely pan-Africanic government has been established. Our diplomats and mediators are currently trying to bring all sides to a round table, the Johannesburg Conference, to debate the future of the African Continent.
Our goal will be democratic elections and the establishment of a strong goverment, to unite all of Africa, that peace and prosperity may once again flourish.
Thank you, People of the Earth, for your help in these times."

Alpha Space, aboard the EUS Argo

"Yes, Private?"
McIntire turned around, with a slightly annoyed look on his face, putting down the book he was reading.
"Sir, we received an open BU broadcast. They say two asteroids are heading for Novo Brasil. Possibly Impact Level."
"***-****ing ********** *** of a ***** ******! Any confirmation from the telescope-geeks?"
"Yes, Sir! One asteroid already confirmed, "at a nearly unbelievable speed", if I may quote Garcia on this one."
McIntire sighed.
"Head back for Hyperborea, full burn. Send them a message that they are to get everthing that is not bolted down and haul it to the landing shuttles. Get ready for evacutation. And if someone tells me these BU *********** are behind this, then there will be a lot of **** going on."

Message to the Aboard NdUB Barão do Amazonas (flagship of Frota Alpha), high orbit above Novo Venezuela

Thank you for your warning. Our own telescopes already spotted the asteroids, and preparations for the evacuation already began. We therefore wish to kindly decline your offer.

2008-01-12, 08:17 AM
The Russian Federation is appaled by the lack of willingness to negotiate shown by IC, AC, India and the EU. The holocoust that took place in Africa should be amended by the agressor states. The RF cincerely hopes that they will not leave the African continent to fend for itself until a good measure of stability has been achived. RF companies are ready to take their part in the rebuildning of Africa, and help with engineering and infrastructure efforts.

The RF also condemns the actions of the BU in taking over African space assets. The invading powers have responsibility to take care of african interests until a time when Africa can do so for themselves. Remember how West Germany was ravaged by war, and then rebuilt to a flowering nation. East Germany had factories and infrastructure taken by the conquering power, our nation. We beg that you do not repeat the mistakes of history.

Russa starts red phone network Message to all:

My MSN id is cdratik@hotmail.com
My email is cd.dolata@gmail.com

I am online more often there

2008-01-12, 08:45 AM
Response to BU ship over New Leningrad

We appriciate your information. In order to save human lives, we evacuate as many civilians we can.

To BU:

About 500 people will try to board your craft.

About half of the colony will evacuate. The rest will go into temporary shelters. If the "planet busters" miss, the rest of the evacuees will land. They will also land if the planet is still inhabitable after the impact

2008-01-12, 10:07 AM
Press Conference:In response China's invasion of NAR

The USNA feels that China's response to the supposed attack by the NAR was far too swift and much too severe. The fact that China did not wait for a full investigation before mounting a retaliation highlights the Chinese desire for conquest. Furthermore, the severity of the response to such an attack, is unacceptable in our modern world. The United States of North America will not sit Idly by while the New Ausland Republic is invaded by China. The guilt of the NAR has not been established in regards to the attack on the colony ship, however China's guilt has been self-evidenced by its blatant attempt to make a power grab. At the time of this press conference an unprecedented number of bombers are beginning the first of their bombing campaigns of mainland China. The United States of North America condemns the response made by China and asks the rest of the world to join them in political and economic sanctions.

To Maldiem
The USNA will attack mainland China with its resources from space and a large portion of its air force. It will move its naval fleet into the region in order to bring its carrier based aircraft and long range missiles to bear on the Chinese as well. The primary targets will be military installations, attempting to cripple the Chinese military's potential of successful return from their ill-advised conquest attempt. Secondary targets will be Chinese industrial capacities. The USNA will try to limit civilian casualties, but will not refrain from hitting important targets because of potential collateral damage. The USNA will use only conventional weapons for the time being, but if China attempts to use Nukes against us then we will nuclear bomb them back into the Dark Ages. If the Nuclear contingency comes to pass the USNA will bomb as far away from the Russian border as possible so as not to destroy its good relations with Russia.

2008-01-12, 10:29 AM
SCSA government (before disbandment) to Great China and New Ausland: Divided we fall, huh? Should've helped us China, like you said you wanted but couldn't. Well now we know why you didn't have the resources or will. Good luck on your independent adventure.

Fancy that... the fourth power that wished to help us is damaged as well. Good luck New Ausland, good luck China. Fare thee well.

2008-01-12, 10:44 AM

The NAR Leader, Jael_Darkwood, broadcasts on an open channel :

The NAR condemns all hostile actions taken against it, with no effort at investigation, nor any wait for confirmation of the Chinese footage. We openly deny any wrongdoing or complicity in the regrettable and inhuman attack on the Chinese Colony Ship. This was not an act that can be countenanced.

However, by moving so swiftly to full war, without the recourse of diplomacy, China has shown its hand. How long will it be, fellow nations, before you, also, are guilty of such a manufactured atrocity?

Ask yourselves this : What goal could we have had? What advantage could be wrested war with IC?

And to the BU : No. You are not in the right. Your attempt at a quick space coup will not succeed. With our ground forces destroyed by the obviously fabricated and deliberate IC agression, we demand that you cease your hostile activities against us. Our people are united. Our cause is Just.

It is our suspicion that this act is the result of secret collaboration between the IC and the BU. We call on all nations to interceed, to assist us. We have long been friendly and sensible, and our plans for the future were peaceful. Do not let war blight all our futures. Thank You. And good night.


converting my earth based spaceport and the IC one into kinetic weapons, and dropping them on the main IC naval forces.

after quickly routing the chinese space forces and capturing their facilities, my space forces will hightail it for home, taking up defensive positions in the jupiter system.

All NAR civilian and military assets will be used intelligently, cruelly, and in a devious fashion.

To all but IC and BU :

Two nations have engaged in blantant aggression, without any provocation. They both claim the destruction of the IC colony ship as a reason, with footage of a NAR missile. A NAR missile... but no NAR vessel. Nor any reason why I should take such action.

This is a blatant act of aggression. We are historically peacful, and I assure you, we did NOT ATTACK THE IC FIRST. The NAR asks for assistance from the EU, RF, India, FNPA, and the USNA. Do not let these aggressors destroy us.

In this time of direst need, we will truly discover who our friends are.

2008-01-12, 11:00 AM

The Russian Federation issues the so called "Jupiter Statement". All RF space forces will stand ready to defend any NAR space assets that are attacked by BU. The RF PM urges the BU to stop their agressive space expansion.


RF space forces will joining in defending NAR space assets in the Jupiter area. We will let NAR forces take the largest brunt of the fighting if any occur

2008-01-12, 01:23 PM
Press Statement

China's actions have be completely within the realm of international law. The destruction of our colony ship by the NAR was an act of war.

For those who state that guilt is not yet evident - Indeoendent UN teams have examnied the footage and come to the conlcusion that the NAR was behind the attack. If you will not trust the one neutral party on Terra, than your claims to the contrary are simply a "blatant power grab."

I now issue this ultimatum: If the USNA continues its attacks on civilian populations, we will be forced to respond in kind.

Coded Dispatch to India, EU

My intelligence has discovered the gravest of threats in the conquered SCSA. The former government plans to create a shadow government. It will use your generous aid to rebuild Africa and then take over in a military coup. I implore you, the SCSA must be completely destroyed. Justice for their atrocity against the great Indian nation demands no less.

In re: the Zheng He affair, my government has sent all of its data along with its and the independent UN analysis. I only ask that your forces help protect my mainland from the terror bomobing campaign conducted by the USNA. Currently, I can deal with the terrorist NAR myself.

2008-01-12, 02:28 PM
Response Statement

UN examined the footage you provided, and concluded that it was a NAR missile. Nothing more. There was no NAR attack, that is a blatant fabrication. It is our belief that either you, or another power obtained a NAR missile and created this incident. There is still time. Cease your unlawful attacks and meet us at the diplomatic table.

2008-01-12, 02:43 PM
Fall 2110, African Reclaimation

((Moechi_Vill: Since your government was basically dismantled halfway through the first year of its administration, only 1/10th of your budget had time to take effect.))

Due to lack of SCSA resistance, the Colombo Treaty forces have no difficulty in disarming its military. However, Sub-Saharan governments are almost wholly gone, and reforging those nations from the hundreds of disparate armed groups will take quite a bit of doing.

India, the EU

A lot of SCSA high tech equipment is missing, but some captured vehicles and the space assets do provide a few insights. Additionally, several high-ranking SCSA officials, not including the Fuhrer, are at large, and a number of small nuclear devices and biological weapons are missing.

Fall 2110: War in the Pacific

USNA hypersonic bombers strike a large number of targets inside Chinese territory, and with its entire air force devoted to the invasion of NAR territory the Chinese industrial base takes heavy damage. Orbital bombardment follows up on the bombing runs, which further devastates Chinese weapons manufacturing. Some civilian casualties are inevitable, and as the months drag on the number climb to around 50,000.

NAR forces use their shipyard and the captured Chinese shipyard as large projectiles to drop on the Chinese Navy, sinking a number of ships and spawning two large Tsunamis, one off the coast of Western Australia and one off the coast of Eastern Australia. The Tsunamis strike Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand the hardest, but coastal areas of India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar are also hit, and numbers of civilian casualties continue to climb. Australian casualties are low because most coastal areas have been evacuated due to invasion, but material damage is high. The Chinese invasion sees another setback as the waves swamp command centers and wash away equipment, dealing damage to ground forces as well. Indonesia is incredibly crowded, and millions of Indonesian islanders drown in the initial wave or starve in the months to come. Sri Lanka and India, reeling from the nuclear strike months ago see another disaster as the wave floods low-lying areas. The Indian spaceport at Mauritius, the NAR spaceport on Heard Island, the GC spaceport on Somoa, and the SCSA spaceport on Madagascar are heavily damaged by the wave and a number of civilian deaths are reported.
Australian casualties: 2 million civilians, Main spaceport damaged
Chinese casualties: 50 million civilians, 2 units of ground forces, 2 units of navy, 2 units of air forces, main spaceport damaged
Indian casualties: 20 million civilians, main spaceport damaged
SCSA remnant casualties: 2 million civilians, main spaceport damaged

Naval Skirmish in the North and South Pacific

The USNA Navy makes a sortie into the Pacific via Cape horn and the Bering Strait, where it encounters Chinese submarine divisions.

Unit type: Strength (after-battle strength)
USNA: Cutting Edge
Naval force: 20 (16)
(had em' leave a 2 point garrison)

In Favor: Numbers, tech
Against: None

China: Average
Naval Force: 7 (0)

In favor: None
Against: No surface assets

The Chinese submarines launch a surprise attack by hiding in underwater canyons, surfacing, and using cruise missiles and rail guns to damage the USNA carrier groups. One carrier is damaged enough to need to return to port, and a number of support craft are sunk. The USNA retaliates quickly, its (much better) attack submarines closing in for the kill. Extensive USNA surveillance and trained marine mammals make it extremely difficult for Chinese submarines to operate covertly, and are quickly stopped from haunting supply routes. USNA ships continue into the Pacific, further bombarding Chinese military assets.

War in Australia

Chinese forces continue their advance into Australia in spite of setbacks like the tidal wave and orbital bombardment. The NAR navy manages to regroup and make a strike at the Chinese flank, and the battle closes once again. The NAR space fleet is occupied in the Jovian system, so it plays a minor part.

China: Average
Ground forces: 18 2/3 (17 1/3)
Air Force: 17 2/3 (16 1/3)
Naval Force: 16 2/3 (15 1/3)

In Favor: Tech, Numbers, Air Superiority, Naval Superiority
Against: Strong civilian resistance, Damaged supply infrastructure

NAR: Below Average
Ground forces: 10 2/3 (5 1/3)
Air Force: 7 2/3 (2 1/3)
Naval Force: 7 2/3 (2 1/3)

In favor: Minor defensive positions
Against: None

With some changes in leadership the Chinese invasion pushes most NAR forces into the interior of the country, cutting off and surrounding a number of city strongholds. NAR takes heavy casualties as Chinese air superiority and overwhelming numbers continue to stifle defensive measures. The NAR isn't completely defeated yet, but it's down to its final few defensive positions before it's pushed completely into the Outback.

The Battle of Ganymede

The BU captures the NAR colonies while NAR's fleet is away bombarding the Chinese invasion of Australia, but the NAR space forces show up in force with Russian aid a few days later. The renegade Chinese fleet shows up to aid the Brazilians. What ensues is the largest space battle in humanity's history.

The Brazilian Union/Chinese Coalition
BU: Above Average
Space forces: 22 + 1.4 new ships (5.4)

Great China
GC: Average
Space Forces: 4 (0)

In favor: Defending
Against: None

Russian/Australian Coalition
RF: Very Good
Space Forces: 18 (15)

NAR: Below Average
Space Forces: 20 (13)

In favor: Tech, numbers
Against: None

The Brazilian Union and Great China are badly outnumbered by the NAR/RF alliance, and end up basically surrounded. This, coupled with the RF's outstanding weapons and defensive systems tipped the battle heavily in favor of the RF/NAR. Chinese forces are completely destroyed, and the BU's fleet is badly routed, survivors of the battle fleeing to the Kupier belt and to defensive positions near Mars and Earth. NAR and the RF retake the space over NAR's Jovian colonies, but 8 units of Brazilian ground forces continue to occupy them. Orbital bombardment is not an option, given the fragile nature of the colonies.

2008-01-12, 05:47 PM
Battle of Ganymede: EFA in rout!

The recent Battle of Ganymede, the largest space battle in human history by several orders of magnitude, ended in a complete rout for Brazilian and Chinese forces. While the EFA was able to seize the defenseless colonies while NAR forces were busy repelling the Chinese invasion over Australia, the NAR counterattack was swift and certain. Though the EFA could certainly have defeated the NAR's numerous but obsolete forces with ease, the unexpected aid of the Russian Federation tipped the scales firmly against Brazil's favor. What remains of the fleet is a shell of itself, having lost the majority of it offensive power, and left only with armed merchants and the like.

Admiral Marilia Guimarães, supreme commander of the EFA offered to step down following the debacle, but the Speaker insisted she remain in place. "You could not have predicted Russian interference," Antonelli said, "And without your leadership, we likely would have lost it all, as China did. Our response to the atrocities committed by the NAR may have been slightly premature, but I remain certain of their rightness. Besides," she added, showing the sense of black humor for which she has always been known, "If we sacked generals whenever they lost, Renald would have long since been out of the job!"

Henrique Put on Hold
Following the horrendous losses of the Battle of Ganymede, the Parliament voted last Thursday to put a hold on the construction of the BU's second ramscoop, Henrique o Navegador, and divert the funding instead to augmenting its somewhat diminished fleet. "We will return to the stars at some point," a government spokesman said, "But now is the time to think a little more locally."

Invasion of Australia!
Generalissimo Penalber announced today that Brazil would aid Great China in its invasion of the NAR's homeland as thanks for China's aid around Ganymede. Though precise troop deployments are being kept secret, a large number of soldiers appear to be mobilizing.

Alright, here we go: I've already spent $10T on the ramscoop it seems, but the other $40T goes toward building 4 points of space forces. Plus, the following forces are committed to NAR on the Chinese side: 12 ground forces, 8 air forces, 21 Naval Forces (this is foolish, but the BU realizes that the American navy will outclass any garrison they leave at home anyway, and so are playing a gambit)

2008-01-12, 06:05 PM
The FPNA begins the processing of SCSA equipment and technology into it's own arsenal. SCSA scientists are to be put to work on ongoing projects within their fields of specialization

As of this time, the FPNA issues no comment on the situation developing between China and Australia.

The Supreme Command is debating internally on which side to support in this conflict. No side at this point has a distinct advantange. For now the FPNA will let both groups duke it out.

2008-01-12, 06:13 PM
NAR Continues Terrorist Atrocities

The vile NAR continues its string of horrible atrocities with its use of the captured Shenzhou shipyard to create massive tsunamis in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Relief missions to the affected areas have been difficult, but casualties are in excess of 50 million in our empire. India has also been dealt another blow, losing millions of its citizens to the attack. With this attack, the NAR government has now killed more civilians than our forces have, as we make every attempt to minimize civilian casualties.

These cowardly actions have only further strengthened China's resolve to remove the criminal NAR government from power.

Coded Dispatch to USNA

You have inflicted great damage upon on nation. While you have killed thousands, we understand that you have been minimizing civilian casualties as best you can. However, even your impressive technology cannot prevail over the number of China and its allies. We implore you to return to your homelands and meet us a the negotiating table.

Coded Dispatch to India

Our condolences go out to your losses from the terrible actions of the NAR. We have almost succeed in removing them from our fair Terra. If your forces are ready, we implore you to send them to finish the battle and stop the USNA from aiding their accomplices.


Dispatch 5 units of each branch to mainland for defense. Any incursion by Russia is to be met with a full nuclear and chemical response.

2008-01-12, 06:22 PM
EBC worldwide broadcast

"People of the World. In the past year the world saw more and more terrible battles and attrocities than ever before. Still, the EU councils believe that more bloodshed can be prevented.
Stop the battles now, recall your forces, before it escalates even further. As I speak, an interplanetary war is going on, and millions of innocents have lost their lives already.
The EU appeal to all nations of the Earth: Stop this now. It is not too late for negotiations, it never is. Give peace a chance again.

Vittore Ferrero, Head of the Department of Foreing Affairs (DEFA)

To India

We agree on your plans for the SCSAs space assets. The moonbase shall be split up and the Shipyard given to your nation. You will need it now more than ever.

2008-01-12, 07:00 PM
Military Actions:
All FPNA forces are being placed on standby alert as the war in Asia begins to escalate.

The Navy has been put to sea guarding the coastlines of nation keeping a vigilant eye out for enemy surface fleets and also serving as one layer of defense against Ballistic missile attacks.

Spaces Forces are brought into a tight orbit over FPNA territories to add an additional layer of defense to the missile shield.

The Army and Air Force are at a normal state of readiness and have not been placed on alert as of this time.

2008-01-12, 07:22 PM
Announcement from His Greatness, the Caliph

The Caliph made a public announcement today that he is recalling all troops and putting the military on defensive alert. Orders are to defend against any incursions into AC territory. This announcement was made in light of the continually degrading world-wide situation, as well as the conflicts occuring in the rest of the solar system. "My people have suffered too much this past century, and recovered too little these past decades, to risk losing it all again. We will wait and guard ourselves, in hopes of weathering this storm of madness that seems to have gripped mankind. It is our hope that it will pass soon, and we can continue forward in peace."

Diplomatic channels are stalled and the Caliph will hear no message save of the utmost urgency from other nations until these wars are ended, instead choosing to focus more on rebuilding his scarred land. A message was sent to the colony of Khalidan with similar orders.

Maldiem:I want to build a dedicated defense network for the purpose of shooting down ICBMs be they nuclear or otherwise. Please let me know how long that will take. I'll post funding levels for it on the next turn.

2008-01-12, 07:27 PM
Brazilian Leader Calls for World Summit

An attractive woman stands behind a lectern with the Brazilian Union's flag on the front. The is obviously in a spacecraft under acceleration, but wears a skirt suit instead of any more common space garb.

She speaks in lightly accented English, but subtitles are provided in French, German, Russian, Mandarin, and Arabic. "Greetings, everyone. The past year has been...exciting, I think is a good word. Interesting is another word. Horrifying is yet another. There has been nuclear war in Africa, orbital bombardment in the Pacific, and my own nation's premature assault of peri-Jove space. Some estimate that more people have died in this past war than in all previous wars in the history of humanity.[i] Conservative estimates place deaths at more than 75 million, the vast majority of those civilians. [i]75 million. That is a quarter of a percent of all human beings on the planet.

"Therefore, I am calling for a major summit at Geneva to resolve the current troubles. Now, I'm not saying that everyone needs to declare peace, and that things will go back to the status quo when we're done, but we need to breath deeply, step back, and look at what it is we are doing. Or else the 27 billion of us left may not be here for very long.

"Thank you, and good night."

2008-01-12, 08:18 PM
Diplomatic Communications :

India :

The NAR would like to appologize for the devastation caused by the kinetic impacts. This was a precipitate and badly judged reaction to an admittedly overwhelming situation. When this conflict is concluded, we will of course acknowledge our debt to your peoples.

Public press release :

The NAR deeply regrets the loss of civilian life. This was not a planned result of our military action. Lives have been lost on both sides, to no end. However, we are adamant in our course. Those who oppose us must make the first moves towards peace, as they did towards war. Until then, we shall war upon them. Where possible, we will limit civilian casualties.

We are more than willing to meet the other world powers and negotiate a peace. However, our name has been besmirched, our people assaulted. As the injured party, we will require substantial reparations.

BU :

If you wish to withdraw from this war, do so now. We will return your wayward troops to you, and the reparations we will demand will be minimal.

Military Action (@Maldiem)

All but a picket space force to move to the Kupier point and occupy the UB settlement there. Our forces will be polite, but all production will be halted, and any vessels under production will be captured and returned to Jupiter with skeleton crews. All ships too early in production will be destroyed in port after due warning (to allow crews and such to move away). Teams will land and upload all information available, and prize crews will capture all UB civilian craft and return them to Jupiter also.

Edit : Additionally, the picket force at jupiter will heavily jam all UB military communications, and offload weapons to civilians at arranged 'resistance' locations. However this cost has to be created, I will create it... my primary guess is that I would use weapon stockpiles, increasing my maintenance costs for my space military (their small arms lockers are half empty now, or such)

2008-01-12, 11:58 PM
Escalation in Space

The NAR space forces and civilian colonists in the Jovian system make like very difficult for the Brazilian occupation forces, though there's a set lower limit on resistance activities when stray bullets have the potential to kill everything there.

NAR forces move to the Kupier belt, and it becomes apparent that they intend to occupy Brazilian assets. Whether or not the Brazilians will make a fight of it remains to be seen.

Alpha, Late 2114

((Placeholder. Waiting on Wizard's response to the BU message about the asteroids.))

2008-01-13, 12:16 AM
Admiral Guimarães Issues Statement to NAR Leadership (message is broadcast on open channels)

Admiral Guimarães is a small woman, with a noticeable scar that starts near her chin on her left cheek and follows a straight line up into her hair, where it remains obvious in her short-cropped hair, until it stops about three inches into her scalp. She speaks in English with a standard "Hollywood" accent, in a slightly irreverent tone. "Hello, everyone. This is, in case you haven't noticed, Marilia Guimarães, the genius behind the recent activities in the Jupiter system. Well, we sure screwed that one up, eh? Anyway, I'd like to talk ceasefire here - we'd like for you folks to pull all of your forces back from the Kuiper Belt where they're threatening our launch station, and keep them pulled back behind Uranus orbit unless they have a reason to be further, at least until we iron things out a little. On top of that, we'd also love to get our troops back on the ground and under control. Now, I realize that we screwed things up a little, what with jumping the gun on the whole "missile" thing," she smiles at the understatement of the century, "But let the record show that we've minimized civilian casualties as much as possible - less than a hundred Australian deaths in our occupation here - whereas the NAR has since killed a good 70 million civvies. Now, I know this seems like I'm needlessly antagonizing you, but here's the punchline: Brazil ain't going to pay reparations as previously alluded to by the Australian government. I think that the crippling of our fleet at the hands of the Russians is enough reparations from us. Of course, we're not in much of a place to demand reparations ourselves...I'm rambling. Here's the punchline: you guys stay behind Uranus orbit and let us pull our troops out without damage, and in exchange we don't start blowing things up. Now, we'll continue our scrupulous care as to avoiding life support systems, civilian docking stations, hydroponics, and stuff like that, but we can and will destroy every single industrial and research station on these rocks if you fail to acquiesce to these incredibly reasonable demands. Here's how we'll play it: we've already wired a good deal of industrial machinery here to blow. You guys have a week to stop boosting, and then two months to let us remove our troops, and then we will give you detonation codes and tell you the precise location of every single explosive device. As a safeguard, I am willing to place myself in your custody between us taking our troops out and us giving you the codes. It would also be nice if you'd be willing to ask your civilians to stop trying to kill us, as I think our soldiers have conducted themselves quite well. I mean, they certainly haven't dropped asteroids from Earth orbit in the Pacific or anything." She grins again, and seems to be done before remembering something, "Oh, and if I hear that you guys get within an AU of the KB launch point, you can say goodbye to your fueling station."

For the NAR (in plaintext)

You guys withdraw and promise not the attack us, and let us pull our troops out, or we do hideous damage to your assets in Jupiter. Once we're pulled out, we call an end to this. No reparations, and as little bad blood as humanly possible.

2008-01-13, 07:01 AM
KGB II is to conduct immidiate investigations to clarify if any nuclear missile has been stolen from NAR. They will also take test from the radioactive heaps of the IC colony ship, and compare the isotopes to that of known sources of nuclear material mines worldwide.

We will conduct extensive espionage in IC to see if the IC did indeed launch the missile at themselves.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-13, 07:33 AM
((placeholder, will comment soon on recent events, after having a shower and some breakfast))

African Reclaimation

With the SCSA's naval and air forces strictly under Indian control the Indians start to reorganise the ground forces. They intergrate SCSA ground forces and remaining militias and governmental forces into a new ground force to stabilize africa. Military commanders are granted mixed commands so that non of their lower commanders belong to the same tribe, nation or political background (though fascists are still under house arrest).

The Naval and air force equipment of the SCSA that is held by the indians (and the indians are holding all) are being taken over by Indian pilots and sailors with the EU being offered to take over half as well if they want. These naval and air forces are used as part of the stabilization force freeing up vital indian military assets, whilst not weakening their power in Africa.

In addition India establishes a three way protectorate zone to facilitate the rebuilding and governing of Africa. if the AC or EU disagree greatly it will not be done, but initial diplomatic work with the EU seems promising and the AC is asked to help as the other African power even though their help in the war was minimal:

Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Madagascar would compromise the Indian Zone.

Gabon, Congo and northern Zaire (the other congo) would compromise the Ascendant Caliphate Zone.

Southern Zaire (the other Congo) , Angola, Namibia and Botswana would compromise the European Zone.

South Africa is split on the line of port Elisabeth and northward into an EU and Indian zone.

((the EU and Indian zones are supposed to be roughly equal in terms of size and revenues (essentially granting both an equal economic responsibility in rebuilding and protecting), but please say if I messed this one up))

(maldiem, EU)
see PMs on african rebuilding that were send to you both. Note that this is a plan spanning more then 1 administration (a five year term) so as to make a proper rebuild possible.

In addition India reconfigures the SCSA budget for the remaining four years.
(for EU, Maldiem, AC)
Other occupiers that don't agree may change it as they desire, but India wants a budget aimed at rebuilding mostly.

The budget is the SCSA's under the occupation

200 T - 1/5th = 160 T for the four years
TAX: 50% (not taxed from populace, but in turning factories and other assets into assets held by the peacekeeping forces)

Upkeep Military: 9 T (approximately 22/2 - 1/5th for the ground forces)
Civilian Tech: 20 T
Social Programs: 10 T (peacekeepers ensure a decent food and medical supply as well as reasonable economic wellbeing to the population)
Environmental program: 10 T
African Rebuilding: 30 T

African Rebuilding budget: 40 T (10 T from india, 30 T from SCSA)

Civilian Tech: 10 T
Enviromental remediation: 20T (nuclear waste is removed and the populations healthcare and wellbeing remediate by the peacekeeping budget)
Social programs: 10 T (peacekeepers ensure a decent food and medical supply as well as reasonable economic wellbeing to the population)

Any other aid or economic proceeds coming from the other countries in africa will be split like this as a budget.

India will pay a further 10 T from it's own governments money for the upkeep of the remaining naval and air forces (which it is placing under Indian and EU command and soldiers to be used as a peace stabilisation force.) (again it's aproximately 23/2 - 1/5th)

(the -1/5th upkeep is in that there is only 4 years remaining in the upkeep budget).

(for MALDIEM: indian revamped budget...yes it changes again slightly for the african aid, the bold figures are the main changes)
Tax: 60% (wartimee laws
Tax yield: 450 T
Free economy: 300 T

Military 224 T
upkeep 24 T + 10 T for air and naval forces merged into the peace force (essentially paying the indian personel that now uses these war machines)

(note any money that is not needed due to forces that are lost by india instead goes to the families of the killed soldiers)

Space expansion 20 T
ground expansion 50 T
navy expansion 20 T
air expansion 50 T
Technology level: 60 T

WAR DAMAGE REMEDIATION in india or EXTRA space forces 80 T
(essentially this is split over social programs, environment and civilian tech in India to counteract the effects of the war and especially the nukes on the population and the economy including the launch site's rebuilding... any money left over goes to space forces.

Aid relief to Africa. 10 T

(with high tech and lots of new forces, military techs invented could quickly be implemented and spread I hope)

Civilian 126 T
Technology: 30 T
Graviton research: 20 T (30 T total)
Environment: 10 T
Espionage rating: 20 T
Wealth redistribution: 16 T
Ghandi space station enlargement: 27.5 T
Terraform research: 2.5 T (5 T total)

Mercury Station
Total Economy: 30 T
Tax Rate: ~40.133%
Tax Revenue 12.5 T
Untaxed: 17.5 T (I'm assuming this bit of taxes promotes growth right)

2.5 T Terraforming Research (TOTAL: 5 T)
5 T Graviton Research (TOTAL 30 T)
5 T Base Expansion (growing by 1 T)

Ghandi Space Station Shipyard ~earth orbit
Revenues: 5 T

5 T Graviton Research (TOTAL 30 T)

Mittal Space Mining and Development Corporation~Astroid Belt
Revenues: 10 T

10 T: Building 2 T of additional facilities

Narada ~Colony Fleet 50 T

Build 2 colonies as descibed on varanu spreading all it's resources equally between them.


Half lunar colony: 10 T (8 for these 4 year)
Orbital shipyard: 5 T (4 for these year)

The shipyard capture on the africans and the lunar colony are both geared to produce 0.8 points of space forces for India. (4 T from the space station and 4 T from the lunar colony (50% tax) ). Both are repopulated with Indians.

Ausland-Pacific War

India is internally torn about the Ausland Pacific war. The parliament urging restraint, whilst the grand security council seeks to honor the Chinese allies by making a token commitment, for it realises that Africa is still a vast minefield and cannot be abandoned until it is rebuild and restructured.

It seems India is unsure of what to do and will mostly depend on the EU's stance in this.

Still both sharply condemns any attacks on civilians by either side and will move a part of their air force into China to shield civilian targets. The 11 strong Indian air force in Africa (currently replaced by the approximately 11 air force assets seized from the SCSA) is moved back to India and ordered to fly sorties over China (only with consent by the Chinese government.

These forces are under strict and open orders only to engage enemy air forces that are attacking Chinese civilian targets or those that are known to carry nuclear or biological payloads (shooting down enemy missiles and such).

In addition India urges all nations to come to the Brazilian Unions Geneva conference to discuss the peace.

India makes it clear that it will not engage unless civilians or it's own air forces are threatened.

(for Maldiem: specifications of military orders.
If the enemy is targeting the India military (excluding of course those fights in defense of civilian targets) they are to withdraw from engagements and remain dedicated only to Indian homeland defense. In addition if the enemy proves overwhelming in their strength (if India loses more then the enemy loses to India or if more then 20% is lost without the enemy seeming to back of) the Indians will return home and focus on homeland defence.

These airforces maintain close communications with the chine to ensure proper knowledge of enemy locations, strengths and targets. This is a two way street (in essence though not actively fighting unless to defend civilians, the Indian planes do provide intelligence and scouting). Remember they are base in India (well probably bangladesh to make the flight easier, but will be returned for home defense if the need be. The home guard also actively guards their bases with anti missile and air defences.

Also the indian fleet is replaced by the captured SCSA fleet in africa. Half of the Indian navy is moved back to the homeland garrisons. The other half is readied to return if india suffers any form of attack. The seized assets are deemed to be sufficient for the African defense as they are of higher tech and equal strength and have indian personnel payed by india.

Also Indian intelligence is send to investigate the missile incident

In africa the ground peace keeping is done by the newly reformed African Union peacekeeping forces (the intergrated forces seen above) with the Indians ground forced guarding key instalations. such as air and naval bases and government buildings and providing monitors to prevent corruption. They do have rapid reaction forces readied. The airforce and navy are kept ready to intervene and support the peackeeping forces, be they African Union, Indian, European or Ascendant Caliphate troops.

Newly constructed forces will join the home garrisons.

The BU offer for the settlers

The settlers graciously accept the BU offer to move, but will look for other means to survive first. Essentially they seek to calculate the trajectory and move away if it is in their direct path (meaning the comet will directly impact in the immediate area of the colony). Additionally the settlers look for subterranean holdings and will strive to reconfigure the colonies supplies into food producing units to ensure their subterranean survival. If this proves unfeasible to last them until the next ship arrives they will move away with the Brazilians for the time being.

If it comes to it though, the settelers will however ask if they can shelter with the Ascendent Caliphate's colonies instead if the AC would allow that and the BU willing to transport them there. Otherwise they move in with the Brazilians.

(to prevent over crowding and because the AC relations are currently very good)

2008-01-13, 02:01 PM

NAR space ships begin decelerating, and stop well clear of the Kupier point.


please remove your troops from our colonies, we will provide freighters for this purpose.

2008-01-13, 02:58 PM
On the Chinese invasion of the sovereign New Ausland Republic.

The USNA reveals in a press conference today that it has reason to believe that the NAR missle that destroyed the IC colony ship was not fired by NAR but in fact was fired by an as yet unknown third party. The details surrounding this incident are still classified and until the investigation has been completed the USNA will not reveal more information than this.

To India:

Because we have evidence to show that the NAR is not likely to be responsible for the destruction of the Chinese colony ship, and the Chinese were overly retributive in their attack on the NAR, we would ask that you remain neutral in this matter. We have no intention of continuing our militaristic response to the Chinese invasion beyond the point where China completely removes its military presence from the NAR and meets earnestly at the negotiation table to discuss a fair multi-lateral investigation into the culprit behind the attack, and reparations to be paid to the NAR if and when they are cleared of suspicion. We welcome any input you have in this matter as well as any intelligence you have on the events surrounding the attack. Thank you for your time and understanding.

To Maldiem:

I don't know if my colony ship is anywhere near arriving yet, but when it does it will head towards the hotter planet and set up its colony in the center of the island, just west of the center of the map (unless of course another colony ship beats it to the punch). Once it has landed it will begin to build defenses and then begin its colonization and exploration goals, with colonization being primary and exploration being secondary beyond what is deemed necessary for defensive measures.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-13, 03:20 PM
To the USNA

We understand your position and we to feel there should be negotiations. However in our commitment to human rights we will defend the civilians of our ally China. We do not seek to engage your air forces in any way, so long as you maintain your current policy of not targeting civilians directly. We know we have neither the strength, nor the technology to truly resist you, but this effort is designed as a statement of our commitment to preventing humanitarian atrocities.

If you feel that you cannot live with this, then we truly wonder if you are on the side of righteousness at all. Again we only protect civilians, not military or heavy industrial holdings.

In addition we seek to give aid relief to both IC and NAR peoples as soon as the war is over in a rebuilding effort. We ask that you make a similar open commitment.

The codes for subsequent coded dispatch to china is granted to the USNA. (read the bit to china and the BU if you want, they don't know you know what I say there, but I feel it's good that you see that I am indeed committed to peace)

To the world

In geneva the Indian diplomats propose an aid program for both the rebuilding of IC and NAR after the devastations of war and also ask them both to stop fighting and come to the negotiation table. We do not believe any retreats need to be made at this point, a cease fire is sufficient for now and any territorial and space disputes can be settled soon.

NAR might be responsible, but the invasion in it's current form is beyond the international proportionality principle, that dictates that no response can be greater then the original offense.

We will protect civilians in China with our air force, but will take no part in the war itself, so long as civilians are left out of it. Purely military targets, like heavy industry or military installations we do not protect, for we have neither the strength for that nor the desire to let this escalate further.

to china and BU
This is a war and you cannot win, even with our support. We would urge you to come to the negotiation table. We are still China's ally and if anything happens after that point to harm you we will give you our full support, but we don't want it to come to this. your territories are relatively safe after this war ends and as such we feel that we can go to peace talks as there is not threat to IC territories if you do so.

A tally of the forces:

USNA + NAR + Russia:
Ground: 16 + 5 1/3 + 18 = 39 1/3
Navy: 18 + 2 1/3 + 7 = 27 1/3
Air: 35 + 2 1/3 + 18 = 55 1/3
Space: 7 + 13 + 15 = 35

TOTAL: 157 with SUPERIOR TECH on average

China + BU + India
Ground forces: 17 1/3 + 23 + 18.6 = 58.933
Air Force: 16 1/3 + 16 +16 = 48.333
Naval Force: 15 1/3 + 21 + 12.8 = 48.133
Space: 0 + 5.4 + 2.75 = 8.15

TOTAL: 163.5 with INFERIOR TECH on average

We outnumber them slightly, but with my forces split, Brazil and me calling for peace talks and way inferior tech we'd lose the battle. Especially with their huge advantage in space. Besides in all likelihood another power will step in on their side.

Even if we win we'd be crippled to the point beyond repair and would be easy picking by foreign powers.

Also so long as I don't engage, Russia probably won't make a full effort. So come to the talks it's the only way out of this mess...

We will so far only protect Chinese civilians, but will not engage any forces that do not directly target civilians. If china refuses this help it will be withdrawn ofcourse

2008-01-13, 03:35 PM
To NAR, Maldiem

As long as the NAR forces remain behind Uranus orbit and everything seems groovy, the BU will allow the NAR to remove the Brazilian troops with their own freighters. Once all Brazilian troops are safe in friendly territory, the NAR will provide a detailed list of all explosive devices and their detonation codes to the NAR. If the Australians try any funny business (approaching BU holdings, kidnapping BU soldiers, etc), BU forces will destroy as much industry as possible in peri-Jove, though will seek to minimize civilian casualties.

..."Meanwhile", back in Alpha

The BU forces take up the Russian and Indian settlers, and take them back to orbit around Novo Brasil. For the time being, the settlers are being kept in the ships (that is, until something happens or a few too many days pass). Any forces left around Novo Venezuela that weren't involved with the evacuation will stay near-ish the planet, but at a healthy distance.

2008-01-13, 04:03 PM

NAR will supply autopilot vessels for the BU soldiers. There will be cameras broadcasting footage of all the different vessels, from our remote military vessels, as well as camera footage from inside each freighter. Broadcast will be on an open channel. Upon loading, the freighters will head to the BU mars colony. After unloading, they will return to orbit, and the cameras in them will turn off.

2008-01-13, 04:20 PM

The Russian federation declares that though it supports the NAR cause, it will not engange IC in direct conflict. It has put it´s military under a heightened state of alert mainly as a precaution. It urges India to stay out of the conflict, or a whole world may end up in flames. The USNA has already shown it´s intention to minimize civilian casualties.

The RF will attend the Geneva meeting, though it finds it peculiar that an agressor state such as the BU starts a peace conference. We hope that this shows a true intent by the BU to redeem itself, and welcome such a change.

@NAR and USNA and GMRF will deploy their entire submarine fleet to the pacific. Russian navy "observers" on board of USNA ships will serve as communication officers. We will use our submarines to target IC freighters and supply ships, trying to stay out of IC air support or under USNA air cover

@MaldiemThe russian space fleet will redeploy to earth orbit, where it will be stationed to target any ICBM that IC may fire upon RF. The airforce is deployed to forward bases, ready to strike at IC nuclear sites. The KGB-II starts intensive surveilance of IC radio trafic, to attempt to find out military plans. Any such information will be passed on to NAR and USNA

2008-01-13, 10:13 PM
Resolution of the Ganymede affair

Provided there's no funny business from either side that the universe is unaware of, the exchange between the BU and NAR goes smoothly. BU forces are retrieved and the explosives are located and removed.

The Pacific Theater

((Placeholder. Not sure if Elektro wants to continue with the invasion.))

The Dodecahedron's Plot Revealed


Your space forces will know about the asteroid threat if they're arriving nowish. They flat refuse to build a colony on a world about to be hit by two asteroids.

The Indian and Russian colonists that choose to go are taken aboard BU craft, just in time. The asteroids strike the atmosphere, one directly between India's two colonies and one exactly on top of New Leningrad. Before the asteroids hit, they eject a series of pods, which detonate above the ground in a 2000 km spread around the impact site, that turn out to be potent Neutron bombs. The asteroids brake a bit before impact, slamming into the ground with enough energy to totally devastate all three settlements. 1/4th of those still on the planet in shelters survived the blast, and nothing of the settlements remain except blasted craters.

2008-01-13, 11:15 PM
Aboard NdUB Barão do Amazonas (flagship of Frota Alpha), high orbit above Novo Venezuela, late 2114

Commodore Soares just looked at the planet after the alien assault, dumbstruck. "Well," she said slowly, looking around the flag bridge, "That was interesting. Are we getting any transmissions from the surface? What about any remaining infrastructure? No? How're the rad levels on the ground - can we send search and recovery teams?" This flurry of questions is directed to those all around her, and the responses weren't very encouraging - so far, there were no indications of survivors. The infrastructure was completely destroyed. Radiation levels were still at incredibly dangerous levels, though they were anticipated to fall sharply in a couple hundred kiloseconds.

The immediate concerns considered, Soares now turns her mind to the refugees. Were they refugees already...just a moment ago they were crack scientists, brave explorers...now, they were living on the sufferance of a foreign power. Soares shuddered a little despite herself, dreading that sort of situation. Well, there's no time like the present..."Comms, I want a broadcast back to our forces above Novo Brasil, to be relayed to the Indians and Russians. Audio only. Transmission starts:

"Ladies and gentlemen, brave explorers and colonists, I have grave news indeed. Just moments ago, we witnessed the complete destruction of human life on the planet that we call Novo Venezuela, former home to all of you. Your colonies are completely gone, erased in a storm of nuclear hellfire. While there may be survivors in deep shelters, we are not hopeful. Further, radiation levels down there are too high to send recovery teams, and will stay that way for about a week.

"Now, I know that the Russian delegation expressed their desire to land back on the planet if it was still habitable, and it technically is, but fallout's going to be in the system for decades after this; your kids'll all have three arms and you'll likely all die of cancer. On top of that, all you're equipment's gone, and we have little enough to spare. So: we'll be happy to have you all at our colony on Novo Brasil for as long as you want. If you want to return on the next ramscoop...well, the next Brazilian ramscoop isn't scheduled until 2120 at the earliest, and we can't guarantee passage on anyone else's. Still, we'll be happy to let you on the Intrépidos if that's your desire. Otherwise, we'd be happy to adopt you into our community here, and accept any or all of you as citizens of Novo Brasil.

"Indians: you've expressed a desire to spend the years with the Ascendant Caliphate's colony, and pending their agreement, that's where we'll drop you off. The same offer of a ride on Intrépidos is extended to you, and the same offer of residence if the Arabs don't let you in.

"Now, I'm not a religious woman, and we're certainly representing at least five religions here that I can think of off the top of my head, but I'd still like to call for a moment of silence, in remembrance of all those who died far from home."

Barring further activity on-planet, the space forces will send down S&R teams once the radiation from secondary products gets down to safe levels. In addition to searching for people, they'll keep an eye out for any useful technology, or any alien artifacts remaining from the bombs.

Aboard NdUB Ernesto Geisel, late 2114

"Meu Deus. Sensors...have you noticed any change in the transmission? Has there been any activity from our little UFO over there?"

2008-01-14, 12:51 AM

After a complete check of their installations for extra explosives (and the removal of any found), the NAR fleet accelerates towards the Kupier point.

@maldiem, BU

At the Kupier point, all easily removable resources will be commandeered and ferried to the Jupiter system. All computer files will be downloaded, etc. As per the rules of war, all civilian vessels flying under a IC or BU flag will be captured and returned to the Jupiter system. In the colony itself, environmental controls will be used to herd the population away from control systems, and it will be explained that this is merely a move prior to negotiation, not an intent to conquer. Where possible, the actual station itself will be left undamaged (all on-hand resources will be taken, but the ability to produce them in the future will not be damaged, except as it pertains to space vessels). Force will be used as required, but only as required. Public broadcasts will be sent out guaranteeing their eventual return to BU control, and essential services will be allowed to continue running, except where it interferes with security.

@BU, Diplomatic Communication

We to wish for a conclusion of this conflict. We do not intend our occupation of the Kupier point station to be a long one, rather it is a move in preparation for negotiation. We will treat your civilian population with the utmost respect, please restrain them from foolish action.

@IC, Diplomatic Communication

We wish for a conclusion of this conflict. Should it become necessary, we will begin to use our nuclear arsenal, both defensively and aggressively. Please do not force us to this step. You are losing this battle, and have already lost your moral ground. Please, let us conclude this battle at the negotiation table.

Address to all non-hostile nations :

Thank you all for your support. Specifically we would like to single out the USNA and IR, for the incredible assistance they have rendered. You will always be friends to the NAR. Also, we would like to take this opportunity to once again inform the Peoples of India of our deepest regret. Our military action against the IC attack on our homeland was not intended to create civilian casualties. Lastly, we join the BU in a call to peace. The NAR has always believed that the best solutions are found through peacable negotiation.

His face growing stern, Jael continues: However. Our will is firm. Should the agressors continue to wage war, the outcome will be bleak.

He pauses, clearly growing calmer.

Please join me in encouraging both the BU and IC to join me at the negotiation table. The future has such grand potential. No more people need die... Please. I appeal to you all. Help us end this conflict.

2008-01-14, 01:32 AM
Admiral Guimarães Issues Statement to NAR Leadership (message is broadcast on open channels)

Oddly enough, I predicted this. Well, you've truly gone and gotten our asses on the line, what with our forces all destroyed and our hostages gone. However, I'm going to do two things here: first, I'm going to point out that while we simply occupied Jupiter, the NAR has already raped the KBO, taking away anything that isn't nailed down. They've also isolated our citizens and placed them under martial law, something BU forces never did to NAR citizens. Surprise! I guess there's no telling what madmen willing to murder 70 million civilians are willing to do.

Second, I'm going to tell you NAR folks something: just like you lied, so did we: there are still a number of explosive devices spread throughout your Jupiter holdings except - and here's the kicker - they're all connected directly to life support and potentially hazardous fuel storage. Oops.

Now, we aren't really intersted in war in the Pacific, that's something we're doing strictly as a favor to the Chinese in return for their aid in our recent ass-handing. All I want is for you to return all our holdings, return all the supplies you just pillaged, and get the f*ck away from our holdings, and maybe I'll tell you where they are.


2008-01-14, 02:20 AM
EUS Argo, Orbit above Novo Brasil, Open Broadcast to all ships in the system

"This is Captain McIntire of the Ramscoop EUS Argo. In the name of the European Union and it's scientists and colonialists aboard this ship, I offer to take anyone of you back to the Sol system, provided that they have enough food and water to make it back there.
I know that this may sound cruel, but we have barely enough to make the hop back ourselves, and not enough resources to start a new colony. We will give you three standard Earth days to answer. I repeat, three standard Earth days to answer."

2008-01-14, 11:32 AM
Regarding the BU's threats to NAR civilian personel

The USNA condemns these threats as a blatant attack on the security and safety of private citizens. This is intolerable. A team of highly trained bomb specialists are inbound to the NAR station and will help them to locate and remove the explosive devices. Furthermore, the USNA would like to ask the international community to join them in econmic sanctions against the antagonistic Brazilian Union.

2008-01-14, 03:03 PM

@BU, USNA, Maldiem
The KGB-II assists in trying to locate any explosives left on the Jupiter colonies. We also try to conduct signal jamming around the colonies, as an attempt to stop detonation codes reaching the bombs.

The RF once again states that it will not get further involved in the pacific theatre war, though it once again urges IC to stop the attacks.

The BU has suffered a big loss, and the RF understands that. But it was the BU who was the agressor, and NAR has right to hold the Kupier belt until the BU agrees to peace terms. Considering that the BU just weeks ago threatened to attack NAR homelands, this is an unfortunate, but forseeable action of a nation fighting for it´s exsistence. The RF would also like to point out that all actions by USNA and NAR, except the unfortunate mishaps with the orbitals stations, has been completed with minimal losses of civilian lives. The BU are very close to terrorism when they speak of destroying life support systems of civilian installations.

There should be peace talks between the BU and NAR, overseen by a mediator. The RF understands that it isn´t the perfect nation for that, but suggest that either EU or AC could act in such a role, and the RF would have observer status.

2008-01-14, 03:41 PM
Sol, 2111-2114

Six of the major powers of Earth square off at one another over the Pacific, the USNA, NAR and RF checking Great China, the BU and India, and it becomes apparent that any attack has a large risk of starting a world war to make the recent conflict in Africa seem like a skirmish by comparison. The six powers agree to diplomatic talks, and a cease fire is temporarily called. None of the powers is ready to agree to anything major at this point, but none want to leave the peace talks, and so they drag on, and on, and on, for four years, without any major points being made. Chinese and NAR forces fortify their positions in Australia, and NAR continues to occupy the Kupier staging point, but the world hasn't engulfed itself in nuclear fire, so the talks at least serve some purpose. All powers lick their wounds as they recover from a conflict that cost the lives of over four hundred million humans, and wait to see what the future will bring...

Map of Earth


Alpha, 2114-Early 2115

As the dust settles and the survivors are evacuated from the shelters on Novo Venezuela, the latest global storm erases much of the fallout from the Neutron weapons, and the grass starts to reclaim the blasted desert surrounding the impact sites. The Dodecahedrons remain exactly where they are in the belt, though they retract their telescopes after observing the planet for awhile after the asteroids impact. BU language analysts are stumped by the non-telemetry data in the broadcast, and without more to go on or many more resources, no meaningful progress will be made. They have found script similar to the message in the ruins on Novo Brazil, but no major archaeological expedition has been mounted yet.

Additionally, ships in the outer system report finding beacons similar to those around Sol, which are turned off in much the same fashion that Earth's are.

Varanu/Novo Venezuela/New Leningrad


Novo Brazil


NAR colony ship, en route to the red dwarf nearest Sol

Astronomers on board the ship report they've located a gas giant in the system about .7 Jupiter masses, and they'll be able to find smaller bodies as they get closer.

FPNA colony ship, en route to Eisenhower system

Telescopes indicate that there's a screen of beacons similar to that that was Sol until 2102. More details on the approach.

Tech News
Two new breakthroughs are available to research for all factions:
Alphan Archeology/Xenobiology

The Fake Sky

World News
((This was a lot to deal with, and I've doubtless made errors. If you find any, please let me know in a PM or in the OOC thread))
The private sector continues to plod along toward the breakthroughs, accruing a total of 10% toward each one.

Global economic growth rate: 5.5%
Nuclear war, exploding colony ships, two continents gripped by war, hostile aliens, and the largest space conflict ever seen combine to make this one of the worst periods for economic growth in modern history.
Global Population growth rate: 10.5%
Not hitting any major barriers yet, the population continues to climb against fallout and the depression.

The Brazilian Union (BU)

Earth: South America, Cuba, non-Bahama Caribbean islands
Mars: Terraforming/mining colonies, pop 53,750 (7.5% growth) $51.1 (2.2%)
Space: Numerous asteroid bases ($24T total), Kupier interstellar staging point pop 537,500 (7.5% growth) ($102.75 T) ($0T available) (2.75%), Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T)
Alpha, Novo Brasil: São Paulo colony, Pop 1000, ($10T)
Capitol: Brasilia
Major Spaceport: The Galapagos Islands
Population: 1.736 billion (8.5% growth)
GEP: $225.292 trillion (2.695% growth)
Civilian Tech rating: Below Average (down one, no economic effect)
Military Tech rating: Above Average
Environmental Health: Bad
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 23
Air Force: 16
Naval Force: 21
Space forces: 15
Space forces: 2
33 1/3T hold space Ramscoop: 20% complete
All: 10%

Due to the state of the world, its high tax rates and zero commitment to civilian infrastructure, the BU economy is basically stagnant. They replace many of the losses from the battle of Ganymede, but they're still a long shot from where they were.

The EU

Earth: Europe (excluding Belarus, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland and Russia), Iceland, Greenland
Space: Masilla asteroid scientific and mining stations (total $42 T, $5T anti-missile system) Eos solar observatory ($10T), Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T), Captured SCSA lunar colony, $10T
Mars: Harmonia Mining/Terraforming base, pop 1,045 (4.5% growth) ($19.627T) (3.3%)
Alpha, Novo Brasil: Hyperborea colony, Pop 1000, ($10T)
Capitols: Athens, Paris
Major Spaceport: Ascension Island
Population: 2.6625 billion (6.5% growth)
GEP: $495.84 trillion (3.3%)
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Below Average
Espionage rating: Above Average
Ground forces: 11
Air Force: 22
Naval Force: 22
Space forces: 6.75
Genetic engineering (20T, 26T after tech bonus): 23% complete
Terraforming (30T, 39T after tech bonus): 49% complete + 6% from Indian assistance = 55%
All others: 10% complete

The EU economy sees slow growth, due to its moderately high tax rates and slow worldwide growth. The space expansion goes well, and its environmental protection programs trundle along nicely, though they aren't good enough as of yet to make up for centuries of industry. It remains committed to civilian technology, and pulls farther ahead of most other factions, though it remains behind the RF.


Earth: North America east of the continental divide and north of the Rio Grande, the Bahamas
Space: Lunar base $22 T ($10 defensive facilities), Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T) ($5T worth of bombardment facilities)
Capitol: Washington, D.C.
Major spaceport: Cape Canaveral
Population: 1.314 billion (9.5% growth)
GEP: $291.935 trillion (4.2626%)
Civilian Tech rating: Above Average
Military Tech rating: Cutting Edge
Environmental Health: Average
Espionage rating: Frightening
Ground forces: 16
Air Force: 35
Naval Force: 18
Space forces: 7
Cybernetics: (11.5T, 12.65 after tech bonus) 18.43% complete
Genetic Engineering: (11.5T, 12.65 after tech bonus ) 16.3% complete
All others: 10% complete

The USNA is among the fastest-growing economies as a result of its low tax rate. The lunar base expands, though half of its efforts are directed toward defenses. A number of laser batteries are mounted in the surrounding moonscape, reflective armor is installed, and an anti-missile system which doubles as a mass driver makes an appearance. The USNA shipyard transitions to a battle station, getting its share of futuristic weapons, a satellite-killing fusion laser and a mass driver capable of hitting terrestrial targets.

The RF

Earth: Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Central Asia west of China and north of Iran
Space: Jovian moon mining/manufacturing bases $36T, Lunar base $18T, Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T)
Capitol: Moscow
Major Spaceport: Baikonur
Population: 985.5 million (9.5% growth)
GEP: $468.0675 trillion (4.015%)
Civilian Tech rating: Cutting Edge
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Very Good
Espionage rating: Very Good
Ground forces: 18
Air Force: 18
Naval Force: 7
Space forces: 17
Quantum Computing: (30T, 42 after tech bonus) 24% complete
Nanotechnology: (30T, 42 after tech) 24% complete
All others: 10% complete

The low-taxing Russian government enjoys one of the least sluggish economies amid fear exported from the Southern Hemisphere. It moderately expands its space forces, nearly replacing its losses in the battle of Ganymede, and spends tons of money on research. With its many social programs, it holds on to the “most developed nation” title.


Earth: North America west of the continental divide and everything south of the Rio Grande, Central America, Hawaii
Space: Lunar base $26T, Ceres mining/manufacturing station $36T ($5T defenses), Asteroid bases ($5.5T), ($2.5T armor), Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T)
Capitol: Los Angeles
Major Spaceport: Area 51
Population: 1.215 billion (10.5% growth)
GEP: $341.7975 (3.575%)
Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Pristine
Espionage rating: Good
Ground forces: 18
Air Force: 21
Naval Force: 19
Space forces: 9
Graviton technology: 15T, 18T after tech, 46% complete
Quantum Computing research : 10T, 12T after tech, 14% complete
Antimatter research: 5T, 6T after tech, 13% complete
Terraforming research: 5T, 6T after tech, 16% complete
Genetic research: 5T, 6T after tech , 13% complete
Nanotechnology research: 10T, 12T after tech , 14% complete
Cybernetics research : 5T, 6T after tech, 14% complete

The FPNA invests heavily in a number of areas, continuing the recent pattern of militarizing space. It also now has a small mining fleet that can be directed to establish an operation. It invest in civilian technology as well, but only manages to stay level with the front of the pack as a result.

Great China

Earth: China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Micronesia
Occupied: Coastal Australia, Tasmania, parts of New Zealand ($130 trillion accessible)
Capitol: Xi'An
Major Spaceport: Samoa (damaged)
Population: 4.812 billion (10.5% growth)
GEP: $586.5 trillion (17.3% growth (3.3% base -6% from bombing and disasters, +20% from increase in tech)
Civilian Tech rating: Below Average (up one)
Military Tech rating: Average
Environmental Health: Ravaged
Espionage rating: Good (up one)
Ground forces: 17 1/3
Air Force: 16 1/3
Naval Force: 15 1/3
Space forces: 2.8
Nanotechnology research: 20T (18T after tech) 16%
Cybernetics research : 10T (9T after tech) 16%
Others: 10%

Despite war and bombardment, Chinese infrastructure gets significantly better as new techniques for virtually everything pour into the country from an unknown source. Chinese environmental programs pay off on the mainland, but deterioration caused by the tsunamis counters their effects for now, though as cleanup progresses the ravaged Chinese ecology is expected to recover.

The Grand Indian Democracy

Earth: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
Space: Asteroid mining/manufacturing bases ($12T), Ghandi Station (earth-orbit)($5T), Captured SCSA lunar colony ($10T), Captured SCSA shipyard ($5T)
Mercury: Mining/scientific base, pop 3,225 (7.5%) ($32.02T) (3.2926%)
Capitol: Delhi
Major Spaceport: Mauritius
Population: 3.316 billion (10.5% -220 million)
GEP: $735.84 trillion (2.2% growth)
Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Good (up one)
Environmental Health: Good
Espionage rating: Below Average (up one)
Ground: 23.6
Air: 21
Navy: 13.8
Space forces: 9.55
Terraforming Research (TOTAL: 5 T, 6T after tech) 16% complete + 39% EU assistance = 55%
Graviton Research (TOTAL 30 T, 36T after tech) 82% complete
Others: 10%

GID dumps money into the military in an attempt to rebuild after the African crisis, to a large degree of success. They channel much of their resources in cleaning up the fallout from the SCSA nuclear strike, and succeed there as well. While they invest in civilian technology and infrastructure, it isn't quite enough to improve them in the world average, as many other governments are also heavily investing. Indian wealth redistribution efforts go a long way toward quelling the unrest generated by being on the receiving end of a nuclear attack as a result of a foreign war, and due to the brevity of the conflict, only a small number of disaffected individuals exist. Thanks to India's prompt and effective response to the nuclear attacks, fallout is not a significant problem, and the trade winds don't bring airborne death on the winds to the Ascendant Caliphate.

The Ascendant Caliphate

Earth: The Middle East from Egypt to Iran
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T), Lunar colony ($1.2T)
Alpha: Colony on Novo Brasil ($10T), Pop 1000
Capitol: Mecca
Major Spaceport: Yemen
Population: 3.218 billion (9.5% growth, +700 million African refugees)
GEP: $257.445 trillion (43.025%) (3.025 base + 20% for increasing environmental health, +20% for the massive influx of immigrants from Africa)
Civilian Tech rating: Below Average
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Bad (up one)
Espionage rating: Average
Ground forces: 31
Air Force: 6
Naval Force: 12
Space forces: 2
Nanotechnology: 10T invested, 9T after tech, 16% complete
All others: 10%

The Caliphate commits a large amount of its resources to restoring infrastructure and rebuilding the environment, and they begin to pay off. While not up to the world average for industrialization, they achieved significant reclamation of agricultural areas, and their economy boomed appropriately. Millions of African refugees, displaced by the SCSA invasion, stream into the Caliphate over the course of the half-decade, and the Caliphate's economy further improves.

New Ausland Republic (NAR)

Earth: Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania
Jupiter: Gas harvesting plants ($36T)
(4.4% growth rate)
Jovian system: Ganymede colony, Pop 362,250 (3.5% growth) ($62.62T), Ganymede co-orbital shipyard ($18T), Castillo colony, Pop 207,000 (3.5% growth) ($41.76T), Europa Colony, Pop 155,250 (3.5% growth) ($36.54T), Io research base, pop 32,250 (7.5% growth (3.5 + 4 from cloning) ($20.88T)
Space: Occupied Kupier Interstellar Staging Point ($100T available), $80T assets available from KISP pillaging
Capitol: Ganymede
Major Spaceport: Heard Island (damaged)
Population: 827.75 million
GEP: $261 trillion ($131 trillion unoccupied)
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good
Military Tech rating: Below average
Environmental Health: Above Average
Espionage rating: Way Below Average (down one)
Ground forces: 5 1/3
Air Force: 2 1/3
Naval Force: 2 1/3
Space forces: 13
All: 10%

With about half of its Earth assets occupied by Chinese forces and low spending across the board, NAR is reeling from the past half-decade. It sees modest growth in its Jupiter assets, and has a piggybank in the Kupier staging point, so its prospects aren't entirely bad.

State Central, South Africa

Earth: Southern Africa to 15 degrees Latitude excluding Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania
Capitol: Pretoria
Major Spaceport: Northern tip of Madagascar (damaged)
Population: 2.878 billion (13.5% - 300 million emigrants)
GEP: $202.2 trillion (1.1% growth)
Civilian tech rating: Way below average
Military tech rating: Above Average (down one)
Environmental health: Average
Espionage rating: Good (down one)
Ground forces: 21.766 (acts like 11.766 until heavy equipment is returned)
Air Force: 10.966 (GID controlled)
Naval Force: 11.866 (GID controlled)
Space forces: 0
All: 10%

The SCSA has been reduced to a nonissue, its military assets seized save for light vehicles and infantry. Without naval or air support, the odds that the military would get anyway in any sort of campaign are essentially nil, and their economy sees sluggish growth as a massive wave of emigrants leave the region for the AC.

TURN 2, 2115-2119, BEGINS NOW

It will end on Saturday, Jan 19th.

2008-01-14, 04:49 PM
Turn 2 Budget:

Untaxed: 222,168,375,000,000 (35% tax)
34 Trillion: Military Upkeep
2 Trillion: Maintaining the environment
20 trillion: expansion of Spaces Forces
10 trillion: expansion of Air Forces
20 trillion: Civilian technology research
11 trillion: Military technology research
11 trillion: Graviton technology
6 trillion: Quantum Computing research
5 trillion: expansion of espionage networks
1 trillion: Ground based anti missile/aircraft defense

500 billion: Grants to be given to Businesses.
129 billion: Support to the true SCSA government

2.5 Trillion(taken from the unused reserve from year 1): Used to fund pro FPNA movements in the USNA. Especially along the border states.

Luna 1
26 trillion
5 trillion: Militirization of the colony
5 trillion: Antimatter research
5 trillion: Terraforming research
5 trillion: Genetic research
1 trillion: expansion of Lunar mining operations
5 trillion: expansion of the colony

Ceres Mining Association
36 trillion
5 trillion: Expansion of mining and manufacturing operations
10 trillion: Nanotechnology research
7 trillion: Graviton research
6 trillion: Quantum computing
6 trillion: Cybernetics research
1 trillion: Alphan Archeology/Xenobiology
1 trillion: The Fake Sky

Asteroid bases
5.5 trillion
4 trillion: Inclusion of long range anti shipping weaponary.
1 trillion: Expansion of bases
.5 trillion: Construction of exstensive communication and jamming suites

Orbital Yards
2.5 trillion: Militirization of the yards into a battle station.
2.5 trillion: Expansive SDI network featuring anti-missile sats and orbital artillery stations.

Supreme Command announces plan for Space

With the issuance of the latest 5 year plan by the Supreme Command, the FPNA has announced its plan for space operations. While other nations may rush to other solar systems to colonize the FPNA will instead concentrate on the gateway to Earth. The Asteroid Belt. The newly established Free People's Mining Fleet will be deployed to the asteroid belt to establish mining outposts in the resource rich asteroids.

In other news, massive research continues in all fields as the nation attempts to catch up with the technology gap between the FPNA and the other nations of the world.

2008-01-14, 05:50 PM

Massalia asteroid scientific and mining stations:
$30T: Expansion of the present faculties. More mining, settle other asteroids, build factories, etc.
$2T: More defensive systems. Mass drivers to shoot down approaching battleships, this time.
$10T: Research Nanotechnology.

Eos Solar Observatory
$10T+$10T from earth
$15T: Expansion of Present faculties. Solar panels, factories, laboratries.
$5T: Research Graviton Technology.
This Research will be kept secret from all allies, even the indians.

Earth Orbit Shipyard
$5T: Expansion of present faculties. More ship fabrication.
$1T: Expansion of space forces

Captured SCSA Lunar Colony:
Renamed to Selene
$5T: Expansion of Present Faculties
$5T: Build a missile defense system

Alpha, Novo Brasil: Hyperborea colony
$5T: Untaxed (50% tax rate)
$5T: Research Xenobiology (That's what they are here for, after all)

$292.50T: Untaxed (40% Tax Rate)

$31T: Military Upkeep
$9.34T: Environmental Protection Projects
$30T: Espionage. This will be in fact a major focus of this years budget.
$20T: Research on Civilian Tech
$25T: Research on Genetic Engineering
$25T: Research on Terraforming
$10T: Rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure in Africa
$30T: Restoring the lost space forces
$13T: Sent to Eos Sun research Station (10 arrive)
$10T: Build anti-missile defense systems. We don't want to share the indians fate.

Today a Speaker of the two councils announced that this years budget would include a significant cut in the colonialisation programm. Instead, more money will be spent on Research and rebuilding lost infrastructure, especially in Africa.
Negotiations about the budget for Harmonia Base on Mars with the BU are still going on.

2008-01-14, 06:09 PM
Turn 2 Budget :

With the direct threat to its remaining civilian population, and the looming threat of complete occupation of its earth territories by the IC, the NAR goes into a complete wartime economy. Patriotic messages are broadcast with the news, and rationing is put into place. Meanwhile, due to the unwillingness of the BU to negotiate a settlement, the NAR occupation of the KBU becomes more of a de-facto replacement government. Work crews work 24/7 preparing the earlier stages of various industrial devices, with the finishing work completed by smaller, trusted teams of workers brought in for that purpose.

Kupier Point Expenditures :

$100T available, all used.
$35T propaganda
$10T espionage
$40T Space Military
$15T Ground Military

Looted Resources :
$40T Military Tech
$30T Espionage
$10T Space Military

Jovian System Expenditures :

Ganymede colony, Pop 362,250 (3.5% growth) ($62.62T), All Taxed,
$12T Propaganda
$30T Military Research
$10T Espionage
$15T Ground Forces Investment
$5T Cloning
$.62 Space Military Maintenance

Ganymede co-orbital shipyard ($18T),
$17.5T Space Forces Investment : Space Forces Investment
$.5T Space Forces Maintenance

Castillo colony, Pop 207,000 (3.5% growth) ($41.76T), All Taxed,
$8T Propaganda
$10T Ground Forces
$10T Military Research
$10T Espionage Research
$3.76T Space Military Maintenance

Europa Colony, Pop 155,250 (3.5% growth) ($36.54T), All Taxed,
$7T Propaganda
$5T Military Research
$5T Ground Forces
$9T Cloning
$.54T Space Military Maintenance

Io research base, pop 32,250 (7.5% growth (3.5 + 4 from cloning) ($20.88T)
$4T Propaganda
$5T Ground Forces
$6T Cloning
$5T Space Forces
$.88T Space Military Maintenance

Earth Resource Spending :

$131T (all taxed)
$26T Propaganda
$75T Ground Forces
$5T Naval/Air/Ground Maintenance
$25T Military Research

2008-01-14, 06:10 PM
The partially rebuilt BU space forces rally to the launch point at 50000 Quaoar. Though they only outnumber the NAR forces slightly, they still have a reasonable technological advantage, as the NAR has not yet had time to implement their stolen technologies.

"Attention NAR troops and vessels," broadcasts Admiral Guimarães, "About this time, you are likely getting nervous as you are unable to locate the explosive devices which I mentioned earlier. Even with American and Russian aid, the finest special-operations forces in the world, you cannot find these devices. There is a simple reason for them: they never existed. Unlike you, the BU kept its word. Also unlike you, the BU would never stoop to killing civilians to accomplish its goals.

"I realize that you hope to use the launch point here at 50000 Quaoar as leverage in an Earth-based peace treaty. That won't work. Ground and space commands follow completely independent structures, and to be frank, the Generalissimo couldn't care less about what happens above the atmosphere unless it involves orbital support of ground troops.

"Here's my proposal: we can't make you give us back all the technological data you stole, and trying to get back the tens of trillions of dollars of assets you stole would be similarly futile, so we'll call them reparations. Our demands are simple: withdraw from the KBO, and limit your military forces to operation behind Uranus orbit. In exchange, we will similarly limit our military operations to the far side of Uranus orbit. While I can't say that I truly trust you, I think we've counted coup enough recently, and I'd be more than happy to settle for a peace now, even if it means saying goodbye to all you've looted. I'm sorry about what's happening on Earth, I truly am, but trying to hold this point hostage won't work.

"I'm sorry for lying about the bombs earlier, but it was a necessary move to buy some time - time that was well spend.

"So please, leave now, and we'll each stick to the respective sides of our little playgrounds, and everything will be alright. Guimarães out."

2008-01-14, 06:12 PM
EBC, voice of the Councils

And, with the newest reports coming in, the budget of Harmonia Base has been finished.
Harmonia International Mars research base Budget

45.9% Tax Rate
$5T: spent on Expansion of the Faculties
$4T: Spent on Terraforming Research

2008-01-15, 12:45 AM

To the FPNA:

In the coming years, the USNA would like to begin a reconciliation project between itself and its sibling nation the FPNA. The USNA feels that too much hostility has existed between these two nations for too long and seeks a period of detente and economic openness. The USNA understands that there are long standing grievances that cannot simply be overlooked, but it hopes that it can come to a reasonable understanding along with the FPNA that will allow both nations to feel safe and un-threatened by the other. The USNA rescinds all territory claims in the FPNA and vows to allow their neighbor to live in peace.


GEP: $291.935 trillion
$226.25 trillion: untaxed (a tax rate of 22.5%)
$38 trillion: Military upkeep
$10 trillion: Cybernetics research
$10 trillion: Genetic Engineering research
$5 trillion: Direct investment in the Air Force
$2.685 trillion: Civilian Tech

Lunar base: $20 T
$20 T: Expansion of mining facilities

Earth-Orbit Shipyard: $5 T
$5 T: Enhanced Planetary Defense/Attack System (yes, even more...) :)


The USNA colony ship will continue towards the NAR dwarf and will combine resources and manpower with the NAR colonists to build a single joint colony. The USNA will seek to convene a UN fact finding commission and bring forth evidence to show that the attack made on the Chinese colony ship was not made by the NAR, and then it will seek to find the guilty party. Furthermore, if China has not yet removed its forces from NAR territory, the USNA will seek multilateral support in removing them forceably from he NAR's sovereign land. Hopefully, the threat of such a multilateral force will be enough to get china to accede to these requests, if not the USNA will bring a portion of its considerable military might to bear on the chinese occupation forces.
The USNA will begin talks with the FPNA regarding their collective futures and will makes steps to ease that transition.
The USNA will begin research sharing with the NAR and will share a portion of their military technology with the NAR. This will not be the highest military tech equipment available, but it will be close (Think the current US/Israel situation, we provide very good weapons and training). More specific orders to follow.

2008-01-15, 01:20 AM
Because I want to make sure that a march isn't stolen on me while I sleep...

The woman looked out of the window; an actual window, made of a single pane of quartz painstakingly grown in the asteroid belt, and sighed. If the Australians didn't reply soon, action would be needed.


First, I'd like to note that I consider this activity to be occurring in early January 2115, so no orders from Turn 2 have yet been processed.

If, before I post again, Jael makes another post, and does not ready a response to the fleet within 1 real world hour after that post, or makes a hostile response that does not involve threats of attacking civilians, and no foreign powers intercede, then the BU forces (all forces in system), plus the 8 points of ground troops on Mars, will attack 50000 Quaoar (the KBO). If victorious, they will attempt to track down and take back the stolen $80T of resources (or what remains of it), so long as they think they can seize it. Following that, they will withdraw to the KBO, except for patrols, all of which will be kept on the far side of Uranus orbit.

Summary of actions until I post again:

-Jael must respond within 1 hour real world time of his next post or the BU attacks. The BU will also attack if he issues a hostile or negative response that doesn't involve threatening civilians

-The BU will not attack if Russia, or anyone else, intercedes again

-If the BU attacks and is successful and feels like they can reclaim the $80T of stolen goods, they will attempt to do so.

-Afterwards, all forces will retreat to past Uranus orbit.

2008-01-15, 02:34 AM
OK, real life is interrupting somewhat. I can´t post a budget quite yet, but I will post initial military orders:

@Maldiem:The russian space forces load up 5 points of ground troops. If the brazilian fleet attacks the Kupier station, the russian space fleet will attack the Mars base and take it, offloading troops as they go. They will minimize civilian casualties, and offer any troops at the Mars base to surrender, giving that a full bombardment by the fleet would result in massive casualties for them. They will only do this if the BU fleet is too far away to be able to intercede, or if less than 5 points of BU fleet orbit mars.

RF subs still patrol the pacific, and most of the RF fleet is in a major "manouver", close to the chinese border. If war breaks out, the sub forces will actively participate (covertly), but the rest of RF forces will be on standby.

I will do my budget tonight.

Space: Jovian moon mining/manufacturing bases $36T , all taxed (builds 3 points of space units (-30T) expands by 1T(-5T) and uses 1 T for military upkeep (-1T)

Lunar base $18T, all taxed. Expands by 3T (-15T). 3 T for military upkeep (-3T)

Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T), all taxed. Expands by 1 T (-5T). 1 T for military upkeep (-1T)

Major Spaceport: Baikonur
Population: 985.5 million (9.5% growth)
GEP: $468.0675 trillion (4.015%), 348,0675T, untaxed (29,9% tax rate) 140 T to spend:

Military upkeep: 30 T (5 T from space bases)
115T left

Quantum computing: 30 T
Nanotechnology: 20 T

65 T left

Dismantling of colony ship expedition: +25 T

90 T

Expansion of ground forces by 4 points: -40T
Expansion of space forces by 3 points: -30 T

20 T

Tax rebates to try to lure the african companies that are so heavily taxed by India in south africa to move operations to Russia: -5T

15 T

Spent on improving the nuclear arsenal, buying many new ICBMs from local RF sellers

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-15, 07:10 AM

Mital Space Corporation

Mahamet Mittal steps forward for a press conference early januari 2115.

"The mittal space mining and construction corporation has successfully concluded talks with the Brazilian Union on it's assets in the asteroid belt. A sum of 120 T will be payed to the Brazilian Government during the coming five year planning and the 24 T worth assets will be transferred to Mittal.

As of this moment the Indian governments space forces are providing logistical support to replace Brasilian Union engineers and workers with our own Indian staff. To our clients we'd say that our operations will continue as normal from now on."

Indian space forces begin the replacing of personnel from the asteroid colonies and the government transfers the 120 T worth of trade to the Brazilian Union back on Earth.

((OOC: this was agreed by Minchandre and me, essentially he will get to add 120 T to his budget on earth (payed for in my budget) and I get to add his 24 T asteroid belt holdings to my nations assets in space))


The war and it's adequate handling did not provide the indian PM with the popularity surge he had expected. Instead the chief of armed forces in the African campaign, Air Force General Sharad Ramahn, and his Economic Development party manage to rise quickly and become the largest party. Forming a coalition with the liberal green party and the social democrats it seems like a government of national unity has come to power, holding a two thirds majority in the parliament. With such a government internal issues will be the focus, leaving the world politics to other great nations for the time being.

Indian Initial Budget
GEP: $735.84 trillion
TAX Rate: 50%
Tax Revenue: 367.92

Military Upkeep: 33.975 (=67.95/2) + 11.416 (=22.832/2) + 0.2 (0.4 points of heavy equipment ground forces) = 45.591
Civilian Tech: 30 T
Environmental improvement: 10 T
Military Tech: 20 T
Espionage: 20 T

Purchase of asteroid Holdings: 120 T To be transferred in installments spanning the 5 year period and withheld if anything happens to the holdings.

African Aid Program: 50 T

Graviton and Terra forming Research: 30 T (40 T total)

"A money left over in research goes into research of quantum computing if both are finished (co-ordinated with EU to ensure India pays no more then half the remaining terraforming budget if possible, whilst still finishing the technology). The budget is devided in such ways as to expediently finish both techs, but as they are finished the remaining budget is spend on other tech."

Ghandi Station Expansion: 27.5 T (ghandi station is grown a further 5 T)

Social Programs: 14.829 T (the remainder of the budget)

Mittal Asteroid Mining and Construction
Income: 36 T (12 initial + 24 purchased from Brazil)

Space Forces Construction: 24.5 T (total 34.5, yielding 3.45 forces worth)
Growth: 10 T (gets 2 T growth)

Mercury Station
Economy: $32.02T
TAX: 50 %
Tax Yield: 16.01 T

Terra forming and Graviton Research Budget: 10 T (40 T total)

"A money left over in research goes into research of the other catagory or quantum computing if both are finished (co-ordinated with EU to ensure india pays no more then half the remaining terraforming budget if possible, whilst still finishing the technology). The budget is devided in such ways as to expediently finish both techs, but as they are finished the remaining budget is spend on other tech."

6 T: Build a 1 T orbital station over Venus (includes 10% launch and 10% distance)

0.01 T (10 Billion): A research bonus to the local and earth staff for being able to finish 2 mayor tech advances.

Ghandi Space Station + Captured Space Station
Assets: 15 T (10 ghandi + 5 captured)

Venus Terraforming Engines: 15 T 7.5 T
(essentially a 1 T base on the north. 10% distance and 20% temperature and 20% pressure)
"The terraforming engines are to be developed alongside the tech (which I estimate will be finished) so that the come operational as the year ends, and activated to making venus (which after all lies in the solar systems habitable zone) a new home for our people."

((2116)) New Escalating tensions on earth are forcing the Indian government to redesign the Ghandi Station considerably. The budgets for the Venus program are significantly reduced and limited to a facility on the north pole. Instead the station is fitted with vast engine systems allowing it to move in the solar system. The fusion systems that will power this are similar to the interstellar colony ship that is currently docked at the station. The intend is to create a highly mobile construction base, a kind of 'craft world' for Indian space colonisation capable of acting without much support and processing asteroids and other things as it is on it's way.

5 T: Engine Systems for the Ghandi Station
2.5 T: Deflective armor (both against space debris in flight and against possible attack)

The two stations will be coupled by a 5T coupling station being created on earth, creating the vast 4 component 20 T Ghandi space construction works.

Ghandi Station is the effective home of the Indian Space forces, though these are often quickly scrambled to anywhere they are needed.

Captured Lunar Base "Lotus Base"
Assets: 10 T

Space forces construction 10 T: (total 34.5, yielding 3.45 forces worth)

African Budget allocations and actions taken for Indian protectorate zone:
(former SCSA) GEP: $202.2 /2 (indian part) = 101.1 (if the EU does not allocate their part, India will set up a similar budget for their zone (but excluding the foreign aid, which india gives exclusively to it's zone)
(Subsaharan) GEP: 90/3 (indian part) = 30 T
TAX; 50% (again from seized business holdings, not from the populace)
Yield: 65.5 T + Foreign Aid: 50 T = 115.5 T

Military Upkeep: 5.4415 (21.766/2 for Indian sector ground forces = 10.883, which is again divide by 2 to get the upkeep)

Civilian Technology: 50 T
Environment: 30 T
Social Programs: 30 T

A new wave of rebuilding infrastructure, removing environmental damage and heavy social programs to help people lift themselves out of poverty are provided. India has this huge social budget here in order to both win popular support and to ensure the economic wellbeing of the people in their protectorate area. The actual structure of the administrative regions (the former countries) is such that each has a high degree of autonomy in regional economic, legal and similar issues with the protectorate allocating the budgets to them. Still the Indian and former SCSA intelligence services deemed loyal enough to the new system is heavily active on rooting out corruption, finding any missing techs and fascists and a large part of the civilian infrastructure is used for the formation of an adequate police force.

(military, GMs eyes only)

As per the demand of the Grand Security Council and with the consent of the new prime minster, the aid program however is provided on the basis of a state to state purchase. As such 6.2 units of naval forces, 4 units of air forces and 2.4 units of heavy military equipment are being transferred fully into the service of the GID military. The remaining 6.966 air forces and 5.666 Naval forces are still under Indian controll, but are officially still property of the African Union.

Indian military (good):
Ground: 26
Air: 26
Navy: 20

6 units of these ground forces are reformed into the 'space marine command'. They are assigned to the various Indian space assets where they will set up heavy laser batteries to defend against space assaults and provide an effective defense against ground assault. 2 Units are deployed on Mercury, 2 Units are deployed on the Asteroid Holdings and 2 units stand ready at the Ghandi station for both the defense of that and to be swiftly redeployed to trouble spots.

5 Ground are in Africa keeping the peace and 6 Air is provided.

In addition India controls an extra 6.966 air forces and 5.666 Naval forces in Africa.

The African Union Peacekeeping Forces (AUPFs) are now a ground force of size: 19.366 (but acting like 11.766, with 8.6 worth of heavy equipment taken and held by the Indian peace keepers on Madagascar, which serves as the primary base of operations for the Indians (inland air fields and naval bases hold most of thsoe forces when not out on patroll and 4 of the 5 point of indian ground forces are on the island, the remaining 1 point acting as observers and trainers of the AUPF) and their assets held, though secondary bases are on the African mainland. Madagascar only has a token presence of AUPFs, essentially a small police force, but little military forces.)

Indian peacekeepers leave the peacekeeping to AUPF's mostly, not wishing to interfere in local issues to much, but will provide air and naval support upon request. The observers are to prevent rebellions or infighting and monitor and train commanders into democratic ways in respect for human rights.

Also all Indian home forces are placed on high alert and are to look together with the espionage services for any signs of SCSA activity near or on Indian soil. The Chinese intelligence and our own knowledge of missing nuclear and biological weaponry must be taken seriously. Essentially the 'post 9-11' style actions are taken to prevent possible terrorism.

2008-01-15, 08:25 AM
*Waits to be reintroduced as the African Union.

Are there any protests inside or outside the SCSA over the partitioning of Africa rather than the quick and speedy reunion by military efforts?
Hopefully the puzzle of Africa will be solved soon enough, so its destiny can go forward.
Until then I will wait patiently.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-15, 09:07 AM

India announces that under during the current lotus administration, set to last at least two terms as most Indian government do, the African people in it's protectorate zone will be granted the opportunity to vote on their future like a true democratic people. Depending on their wishes each of the regions will be granted a number of options, at least the following four will be present in the Indian zone:

A) Become a fully independent state and member of the African Union (essentially all the nations would become small autonomous state with a common foreign and economic policy similar to the EU)

B) Become a fully independent state, but not part of the AU.

C) Become a member of the Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean, a partner in the African Union (essentially this would make a grand state out of the entire Indian zone, with individual nations being semi autonomous regions in it, under an Indian model, with some ties to the AU on foreign and economic policy)

D) Become a member of the Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean,but not a partner in the AU

Essentially the two choices are AU, yes or no and fully independent or part of a greater whole for administrative purposes. Also candidates for the regional administrations are elected.

2008-01-15, 10:40 AM

The FPNA would like to see improved relations between our nation and the USNA.

We would suggest that we begin to restore normative trade between our nations at a steady pace over the 5 years.

We also request that the armed frontier established by the USNA be demilitirized and dismantled in a sign of friendship.

2008-01-15, 01:41 PM
50000 Quaoar

After several hours, the Australians remained silent.

"So be it."


If no foreign powers intercede, then the BU forces (all forces in system), plus the 8 points of ground troops on Mars, will attack 50000 Quaoar (the KBO). If victorious, they will attempt to track down and take back the stolen $80T of resources (or what remains of it), so long as they think they can seize it. Following that, they will withdraw to the KBO, except for patrols, all of which will be kept on the far side of Uranus orbit.

Summary of actions until I post again:

-The BU attack unless Russia, or anyone else, intercedes again

-If the BU attacks and is successful and feels like they can reclaim the $80T of stolen goods, they will attempt to do so.

-Afterwards, all forces will retreat to past Uranus orbit.

2008-01-15, 03:20 PM
Early 2115, Galapagos Islands-> Low Earth Orbit

As BU forces prepare to launch from Galapagos Spaceport, a scramble order sounds in USNA hypersonic Air Force headquarters in Missouri. Within minutes, three flights of futuristic aircraft blaze across the Gulf of Mexico, doughnuts-on-a-rope contrails obscuring the sky and sonic booms waking the inhabitants of the entire region. Forty minutes later, they pass over Panama, headed south-west. As newly-constructed BU assets launch, some of them are struck by laser cannons, missiles and 50mm shells fired as the strike craft strafe them in the upper limits of the atmosphere. Most are undamaged but some fall back to Earth or explode in the upper atmosphere. The majority of the fleet makes it to orbit, but the USNA militarized Lunar colony and Shipyard/Battlestation (not to mention the USNA fleet) are obstacles in their path to the outer system.

Newly-constructed BU assets suffer a 1-point loss before they make LEO.

((I'm not sure if Thymin meant for this to turn into a space battle, so I'm pausing here so I can get clarification from both sides-- given the attack, are your forces engaging?))

((Also-- this happens before BU assets reach the KISP))

2008-01-15, 04:50 PM
Message to USNA forces

Attention, forces of the USNA. The BU and the USNA are not currently engaged in a state of war and we would like to know what you mean by these attacks. We are on our way to 50000 Quaoar, where NAR forces that broke a ceasefire have seized our territory, looted immense amounts of resources, and systematically deprived our citizens of their rights and privileges. If you feel that such a mission is not one you can condone, then we would desire to know why.

2008-01-15, 10:39 PM
Ascendant Caliphate
Turn 2
Budget:Earth Income: $116T (45% tax rate)
$26T- Military Upkeep
$30T- Envirionmental Cleanup Programs
$20T- Civillian Tech Research
$10T- Military Tech Research
$20T- Nanotech Research
$10T- Sol Space Force Expansion

Sol Space
Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T), Lunar colony ($1.2T)
$5T- Expansion of Lunar Colony

Alpha Space
Khalidan, Colony on Novo Brasil ($10T), Pop 1000
$5T- Establishment of Alpha Space Force

Military orders:All Military forces are to remain on defensive alert, with special attention given to defense against missle attacks.

On the African Refugees

The Caliph personally travels to the Egyptian border camps to address the many refugees flooding into the country, welcoming them to their new homes.
"The suffering you have endured is much like what we endured, and makes us as brothers. I pray that you find the same peace and purpose that we have these past years."
Programs have been put in place to distribute the refugees evenly about the Caliphate, as well as granting tax credits to people who employ them over the next 5 years.

2008-01-15, 11:55 PM

To BU:

We have preemptively struck your reinforcements because of your intent to commence hostilities with the NAR. If your forces continue to approach the Kupier system, we will have no choice but to go to war with you. If however you decide to meet at the negotiating table along with your Chinese allies, then we will cease hostilities and begin to talk about a peaceable resolution to this conflict.


The USNA will begin a demilitarization of it's western border and begin trading with its neighbor. We hope that over time, the digressions of the past leaderships of both of our nations can be overcome and a new peace can be formed between us.

Press Conference to the World

As you have surely noted by now, the USNA took a unilateral preemptive strike against the BU's space force reinforcements. It did so with good reason. The USNA desires an end to the current conflict peaceably at the negotiation table. It took steps to inhibit the Brazilian's from escalating the situation in space and calls them to the negotiation table along with their Chinese allies.

Following the destruction of the Chinese colony ship, the Chinese were a little too quick to respond by invading the NAR, and the BU allied itself quickly with the side that would probably have been victorious had it not been for third party intervention. This is especially disturbing because the USNA has uncovered some evidence that shows that the Chinese may have been responsible for their own colony ship's destruction. If this is proven to be the case, then IC and the BU would be guilty of many international crimes, not the least of which being the invasion of a sovereign nation under false pretenses, and the intentional disruption of international peace. The USNA would like to convene a special commission of the UN to adjudicate this information and to render a judgment to be upheld by the international community. Under this system all sides will be given ample opportunity to defend themselves, and the international community will decide on the veracity of these claims. I for one hope that this data is misleading and that a nation would not attack itself in order to frame another highly regarded nation, but while I cannot divulge the details of this intelligence in such a public forum, I can say that the implication of China's involvement is very strong. The BU may very well have gotten suckered into this just as the rest of the world did, but it's current response will help us to discern its level of involvement. I implore the international community to support the Ceasefire and Fact-finding commission. Thank you all for your time, and I hope to see IC and the BU at the peace table within the week.

If the BU forces continue on their path towards the Kupier system, or begins any belligerent actions towards USNA forces, the USNA will use all available resources to obliterate the BU space forces. If the BU attempts to attack any earth holdings of the USNA, it will respond with a quick a decisive strike. It will refrain from using Nuclear weapons on the BU unless American casualties would be higher then 10% of it's military or civilians otherwise. If these numbers are exceeded the USNA will feel that it's existence is threatened and will hold nothing back.
If the Chinese become beligerent after being accused the USNA will begin attacking their production facilities and their nuclear and biological weapons depots in China and will begin to attack their militarized position in the NAR with high-altitude bombers and cruise missiles. The USNA submarines should target Chinese naval resources and remain on ready alert to attack and destroy on command. The rest of the USNA Navy should be in close enough proximity to help mop up survivors.

2008-01-16, 12:21 AM
Statement issued by the BU Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Brazilian Union would like it to be formally noted that its support of Imperial China is purely defensive and that no Brazilian Union forces stationed on Earth have at any point engaged in combat with forces of the New Ausland Republic or the United States of North America.

The Brazilian Union would also like to formally apologize for its brief occupation of NAR colonies in the Jovian system. It acknowledges that it acted prematurely and without sufficient evidence. However, it would like to formally remind the world that absolutely no damage of property or curtailing of civil rights and freedoms occurred under Brazilian occupation. Indeed, statistics reveal that the rate of violent crime actually dropped slightly during the occupation. It would also like to remind the world that it permitted all Australian commerce and industry - including that related to military goods and supplies - to continue during the tenure of its occupation.

The Brazilian Union is willing to immediately and unilaterally withdraw its troops from the Pacific theater, and urge Imperial China to do the same, provided the following conditions are met:

1. The New Ausland Republic must immediately remove all military personnel from the Kuiper Belt object known as 50000 Quaoar, and keep all military forces on the near side of Uranus orbit without Brazilian permission. Similarly, the Brazilian Union will keep all extraterrestrial military forces between Mars and Earth orbit, and on the far side of Uranus orbit unless it explicitly receives Australian permission.

2. The New Ausland Republic must immediately return resources valued at $80T to the Brazilian Union, as these materials were unlawfully looted in combat.

3. The New Ausland Republic must immediately reimburse the Brazilian Union for the full value of all industry at 50000 Quaoar used by the NAR during their occupation, whose value is estimated to be $20T as of 1 January 2116.

4. The New Ausland Republic must formally apologize for its strike upon and occupation of the KBO known as 50000 Quaoar in direct violation of a cease treaty signed mere days before that action.

5. The United States of North America must reimburse the Brazilian Union for military forces preemptively striked upon, with value reckoned at $10T.

We feel that these demands are completely fair, and would like peace as much as anyone.

2008-01-16, 01:35 AM

"By your actions, you have condemned yourselves. You attacked without reason, or provocation. You threatened our civilian population. You lied, something the NAR has never done. These are the acts of terrorists."

Jael Darkwood pauses, then looks into the camera. His eyes are hard, his face as carved from marble.

"The NAR does not negotiate with terrorists. Nor do we allow terrorists to retain positions of power."

Clearing his throat, he picks up a different set of papers.

"On to more pleasant topics.... We would like to formally acknowledge the help we have been given, and currently open our arms to those nations that have assisted us in defending against aggressive foreign powers.

Specifically, Negotiations with the USNA have born fruit. We would like to formally announce our alliance with them. They have shown again and again their honor, their willingness to assist us against our enemies, their interest in finding the true cause of the horrible IC colony ship atrocity."

"We hope that other world powers will also choose to join us in alliance."

Looking in the camera once more, Jael's eyes shine with sincerity.

"We ask that the IC admit its mistake, and withdraw from our lands. We will guarantee full access to UN investigators. We want to know what happened as badly as the rest of the world."

His eyes harden.

"At this time, however, we can only assume that the colony ship was destroyed to further someone's agenda. The only ones who acted with it as a pretext are the IC and BU forces. This leads me to believe that one of these two powers created the atrocity. Those who wish to find truth in this matter will seek it. If you truly wish to find truth in this matter, withdraw from our lands. Assist in the investigation."

"To the rest of the world powers: we seek a rapid end to our conflict with IC. Please. We have always been a peaceful nation. A nation of traders, a destination for your tourists. Assist us now. Help us bring this war to a close. Send your diplomats if that is what you are comfortable with. Lend us your arms if you believe in our cause. Let our message to the IC be a united one : Leave Australia. Pursue peaceful a resolution."

2008-01-16, 02:13 AM
Statement issued by the BU Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Brazilian Union denies all charges terrorism, and would like to dissect the NAR leader's argument, point by point.

First, that the BU did engage in an unprovoked assault against NAR assets: at the time, we felt that our assault was not unprovoked, as the NAR had recently been implicated in an atrocity of untold scale. However, we has since realized that the action was unjust, and issued a formal apology. International observers are invited to note that no damage was done to NAR holdings, and the rights and privileges of NAR citizens were not in any way curtailed during Brazilian occupation, and that the BU allowed the NAR full access to the industry of the occupied territories in question at the time. By way of contrast, the NAR's first action upon seizing control of BU assets was to loot anything easily removable. Since then, the NAR has made full use of 50000 Quaoar's industrial capacity, mostly to augment their own fleet.

Second, that the BU threatened the NAR's population: the BU forces threatened only to damage the NAR's heavy industry in the peri-Jove system; in fact, it was explicitly mentioned that no life support systems or civilians would be harmed. By way of contrast, the NAR has systematically denied BU citizens of their rights in 50000 Quaoar, gathering them into concentration camps, looting their homes, and stealing their personal data. Further, the NAR is directly responsible for the deaths of over 50 million Chinese civilians, and other 20 million Indian civilians, citizens of a neutrally aligned nation.

Third, that the BU lied, "something the NAR has never done." The BU lied, in that a single military official who has since been stripped of her rank lied. Ultimately, however, no damage came of the lie. The same cannot be said for the NAR's lie that it would abide by a ceasefire, which it broke practically while the ink was still dry.

If any nation has recently made activities in line with those of terrorists, it is the NAR, and the Brazilian Union urges all nations to realize this.

Further, we would like it noted that while the NAR insists upon an Imperial Chinese withdrawl from their territory, they make no similar promise that they will withdraw from BU territory, despite their stated goal that the seizure of said colony was simply a move to force Brazil to the negotiating table.

While we no longer wish to deal with the pack of liars and terrorists that comprises the NAR's government; however, we make an appeal to the people of the USNA, of the Russian Federation, and of the FPNA to aid the BU against the NAR's mindless aggression.

2008-01-16, 05:05 AM

Space fleet:
30% of the fleet are to remain in orbit above Europe, with orders to shoot down any and all missiles.
10% Will do the same with africa.
10% of the fleet will guard Harmonia on Mars, just to be sure.
20% will be allocated to the Asteroid belt, that's a dangerous zone, currently.
20% will defend the captured moon base, if necessary
The remaining 10% will guard the Eos base against all attacks, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.

The intelligence service is told to focus on finding any trace of the SCSA government. Also, I'm interested in the origin of the missile that shot down the chinese ramscoop.
Any and all technological data from other factions is also appreciated.

Other forces
Ground, naval and air forces will be split up equally between Europe and Africa. They are told to keep the peace, but not interfere otherwise.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-16, 06:40 AM
Indian Peace Proposal for the Ausland Wars

"The Geneva Peace Accord"

- Chinese Troops to leave earth based NAR territories in a phased retreat over 5 years, allowing the NAR government to recover and rebuild it's territories in increments, without it falling into outright chaos due to a lack of military and civilian infrastructure. During this phased retreat China will administer the occupied territories it hold, but must make sure the population does not suffer from any war reparations China seeks to claim.

- NAR is to release all occupied space assets to the Brazilians, however the industrial assets seized are to be seen as a reparation payment for the Brazilians seizure of NAR assets during the war.

- USNA is to seize all illegitimate military action against nations that are operating on their sovereign territory

2008-01-16, 07:20 AM
On the African Refugees

What a bunch of green rabble. They never loved Africa.

OOC: Can I roleplay the new hippie democracy yet? I'll build up a flowerpower feel-good African Union with the income here, you guys can send the aid you want. I'll stick with diplomatic proposals for expansion and colonization of the Sahara and other locations for growth.

2008-01-16, 08:35 PM
Diplomatic Initiatives

Great China will agree to a temporary cease-fire between the combatant nations. Chinese units will cease operation of offensive actions while a diplomatic effort is undertaken. In the event that either NAR or USNA disagree, we reserve all right to defend our nation.

China Shows Generosity by Rebuilding Ausland
Ausland, ravaged by the tsunamis sent by their former government, is the subject of massive amounts of Chinese aid. Capital is flowing into the economy and all efforts will be made to assist the suffering citizens of Ausland.

USNA Suggestion Laughable
The assertion by the USNA that GC was response for the loss of its own colony ship is preposterous. The murderers in this conflict are the criminal government of the NAR, which has killed over 80 million civilians in its insane quest to hold on to power. The USNA's intelligence unit is the descendant of the CIA, which is legendary for the dishonest schemes it practiced throughout the 20th Century.

China has shown the world the proof, and the UN has already sided with us. Stop trying to defend the terrorist NAR regime.


Great China - GEP 586.5T

350T - Untaxed (40.5% tax rate)
25T - Operation Long Fu
25T - Social Programs
25T - Civilian tech implementation/development
25T - Military tech implementation/development
25T - Espionage tech implementation/development
26T - Military upkeep
24T - Nanotechnology research
10T - Cybernetics research
50T - Expansion of the Air Force

Occupied Ausland - GEP 131T
50T - Social programs
20T - Expansion of the Air Force
30T - Expansion of the Army
30T - Expansion of the Navy


5 units of each branch and the space force defend China from aerial assualt by USNA forces.

The remainder of the military is in the occupied territories. If NAR/USNA agree to a cease-fire, military units will disperse into the urban environment to hinder USNA airstrikes. If not, quickly strike the remaining NAR forces and then disperse for the USNA counterstrike.

Espionage orders via AIM.

2008-01-17, 05:50 AM
Some fascists in house arrest or lower ranking officials out of power mumble about how India, China and Brazil might be better off if they had not interfered with SCSA, since it would have been on their side. Bitter and toothless.

2008-01-17, 09:50 AM
More Orders

The Ramscoop EUS Argo is told to return to earth as fast as possible.

2008-01-17, 09:01 PM
Orders to Colony Ship(SCSA)
After assuming control of the SCSA Colony ship, the craft is redirected back towards the central Solar System to establish an outer base for the FPNA.

The SCSA Colony Ship disguised as an FPNA ship is ordered to establish a base on Saturn's moon Titan

EDIT: Changed the moon when I realized all of Jupiter's moons were colonized.

2008-01-18, 01:27 AM

The BU and the USNA have a standoff in space, with diplomacy dragging on. Still, there hasn't been a large engagement yet, so it seems to be working.

Pacific Theater

Same story with the Chinese and NAR; no orders to attack from either side, so the situation remains at an impasse.

USNA, 2115-2116

As time goes by, militant groups in border areas of the USNA increase their activities, vandalism and pro-FPNA protests become pretty common. There's a peaceful aspect of the movement as well, but the violent aspects become far more prominent. The unrest is minor at the moment, but if nothing is done it promises to get much worse.

50000 Quaoar, 2115

A unit of FPNA marines boards the SCSA colony ship, still sitting its launch berth, as it never got orders to launch. The FPNA forces claim it in their name, and land on Titan, setting up a new colony.

Colony ships return, 2115-2119

Those colony ships that have been tasked to return to Sol system trickle in over the coarse of the period, ready to take another load or be re-purposed.

2008-01-18, 05:24 AM
Ex-fascist intelligentsia and provincially elected meritocrats offered today to take control over the three zones and in return join the Ascendant Caliphate, Great India and Great China in their alliance and fight with the Brazilian Union against the unfairly interventionist Federal Russians and US North Americans. The hopeful politicians also pledged to repay the Eurozone for their help.

2008-01-18, 07:49 AM
EBC, Voice of the Councils

In a public broadcast, a speaker of the Council of the people publically states that the EU neither wishes nor accepts any reparations from Africa.
"Your state may have started this conflict, but the people of Africa are not responsible for it. As one of the poorest nations on this planet, they need our help, not our revenge."

2008-01-18, 08:02 AM
EBC, Voice of the Councils

In a public broadcast, a speaker of the Council of the people publically states that the EU neither wishes nor accepts any reparations from Africa.
"Your state may have started this conflict, but the people of Africa are not responsible for it. As one of the poorest nations on this planet, they need our help, not our revenge."

OOC: Cool. 1 down 2 to go I presume?

2008-01-18, 08:59 AM

Diplomatic Response to IC :

We welcome the chance to negotiate peace with China. If China agrees, we will allow them to pull out of our occupied territories, and return their troops home. This is our sole requirement for peace at this time.

Our belief that a chinese agent was behind this is more than just a fiction, but we accept the possibility that China itself may have been manipulated by an internal faction. We will continue to look for more proof, with the hopeful belief that the IC is itself innocent of the destruction of its colony ship.

Restatement of Innocence

Though we do not deny that a NAR missile caused the destruction of the IC colony ship, we absolutely deny that we had any hand in its launch. The NAR had nothing to gain and everything to lose in such a maneuver. The IC assertion of NAR guilt does not stand up to even casual investigation.

Call to the world

The NAR wishes only to regain the territories it has lost. Please assist us.

Diplomatic messages to Powers


Though we appreciate your goal of limiting civilian deaths, surely by now it must be obvious that we DID NOT attack the IC colony ship. Your choice is a difficult one, but we believe in you. We also deeply regret not joining your proposed alliance, which may have prevented IC from succeeding in its expansionist military plan.

China has long had a lack of respect for the lives of its own citizens, using them as a currency with which to buy what it pleases. This is simply one more example of that.

We understand that it would be impossible to join us in military action against the IC. We merely wish for you to withdraw from alliance with them, and cease supporting them at home. It is the equivalent of backing them in their occupation of our territories.


We wish peace. Due to past actions, we cannot allow you to have a space military which may threaten us in the future. Therefore, our only requirement for peace is that you scrap your space military. We understand your wish to defend your Mars colony, therefore we suggest you land your ground troops there first.

In the future, should conflict arise once more, NAR will undertake the task of defending your space assets. Your Mars base will be safe from us and all other aggressors. This is the advantage of peace.


We wish for peace. Unfortunately, we have a foreign aggressor occupying our lands. After creating a pretext which manipulated the international community onto the sidelines they launched their war of aggression. The EU has long stood for peace and honor. Please, assist us. We will gladly welcome any aid you care to give. If you chose to join our international coalition against these aggressive IC actions, we would be forever grateful.

We have no plans of vengeance, but will take such steps as are necessary to remove the IC from our lands.


As a Power whose people have long known freedom, we call upon you. As a people with deep historic friendship with Australia, we call upon you. Look at the world. Is this the future you wish for? Where a foreign power can create a flimsy excuse and invade another power? Help us defeat this aggressionist attack. The future can be bright... do not allow the IC to get away with its lies and expansionist attacks. Prove to the world that the FNPA is a nation that supports the sovereignty of nations, the right of a people to peace and freedom. Join us.


We wish to open the channels of diplomatic communication with you. We have heard little on your opinions of the current world situation, of your stance in IC's occupation of our lands.

African proto-nation

Hello. I hope to see you on the world stage soon, defining your existence through your actions.

Military Actions : (@maldiem, BU)

Space forces : After a two week wait to give BU time to consider and respond.. and obviously if they accept our terms these forces will go with the equivalent of the 'surrender' option... : confront BU space forces, restating the offer of peace, offering surrender with the goal of settling all BU military personnel on Mars. Should they refuse, NAR forces, supported by our allies will begin what is hopefully the last BU-NAR space conflict. No ships will be permitted to escape, but surrender will be accepted at any time during the battle(s).

Investigative actions : @maldiem

The NAR will begin to go through all its captured IC prisoners in an effort to locate crewmembers of the vessel which carried our missile as cargo. Rewards will be promised.

2008-01-18, 09:12 AM

@Maldiem, USNAThe RF and USNA will start a technology exchange program, where thr RF buys military technology from USNA and pays with cilivian tech. (as discussed in private conversation. If I have misunderstood USNA intent to go on with this action, please say so)

2008-01-18, 10:55 AM
FPS Hercules(former SCSA colony ship)
After establishing the outpost on Titan and offloading the ship's supplies, the FPS Hercules sets course for Earth to be resupplied and redeployed.

Office of Strategic Service's plans for Titan Base
In addition to serving as an outer system outpost and refueling station for FPNA some high ranking officials within the government(especially OSS) feel that the base can serve a more clandestine role. OSS has reccomended Titan be used as the nation's primary research station in a controversial Human Cloning project. The remoteness of the base would allow for the project to go relatively unnoticed and the use of SCSA scientists as the primary researchers would give the FPNA plausible deniability should the project ever become leaked.

The Supreme Command agrees somewhat reluctantly to fund the project recognizing in the end that even a small contingent of cloned super soldiers would help tip the balance in any war.

2008-01-20, 01:48 AM
Turn 2 (2115-2119) is now officially OVER. Turn 3 (2120-2124) begins now, and will end Sunday night, January 27th.

"Patch" number one:
Unmanned assets now cap at $50T; to increase them beyond this, you'll need to add a crew of at least 100 people per $1T of production.

Economic growth rates are now affected by civilian tech levels-- for each level your technology is above Average, it will grow 10% faster. For example, if the global rate was 14% and your tech is Good, it will increase at 16.8% before taxes. Ditto for every category lower than Average.

The bonus for increasing Civilian tech/Environmental health has been lowered to a 10% direct bonus. Furthermore, a faction must wait at least two turns after dropping from a level to receive the direct bonus for returning to it. It can still gain the bonus if it regains its status and advances above it, however. For example, if the BU raised its tech back to Average this turn, it wouldn't get the direct bonus. If it raised its tech to Above average this turn, it would get a 10% bonus.

To ease bookkeeping, population growth is no longer affected by environmental health or civilian tech-- it is essentially a flat rate.

This is the last turn I'll be doing your calculations for you. Next turn, I'll issue growth rates and adjudicate tech levels and breakthroughs, and then each player will figure their own statistics in the status thread. Feel free to change the format, as long as I can read it.

Format for tech investment: Please summarize your total research from all assets at some point in your budgets from now on. It'll make it faster for me to adjudicate breakthroughs and tech levels.

Assets are now limited to one "station" per large mass and orbit of a planet. For example, if you build a second Earth-orbit shipyard, it will simply be lumped under your first one for purposes of the $50T before population limit.

Technological Breakthroughs Complete

Graviton Theory
GID, FPNA, EU if GID shares it with them as in the Colombo Treaty
GID and FPNA scientists manage to construct a mathematical model that allows for a gravity messenger particle, and devise several clever experiments where they prove its existence. Research into controlling this new particle progresses rapidly, though the researchers are puzzled as to how they can completely control it, and another breakthrough will be necessary before true artificial gravity can be completed. Still, researchers apply this technology in a Graviton Laser (or Gaser, if you prefer one word), which can manipulate the new particle in an interesting way-- if fired at an object, it will exert a force between the Gaser and the the object, basically constructing a brief artificial gravity field. Gasers can be applied usefully in the civilian sphere and in computers, and they allow any faction with the technology to construct a Gaser lift (a station that uses a number of Gasers to lift masses into orbit) on any large mass they wish, which annuls the cost of transferring funds out of a gravity well.

The new particle has given physicists new insights, and a number of new competing Theories of Everything exist. However, experiments to prove these new theories require incredible amounts of power, and a new source will have to be developed before they can proceed.

Minor bonus to Civilian tech (already figured into your stats)
Unlocks breakthrough: Gravity Manipulation, Planck Field
Prereq for: Grand Unified Theory (1 other tech)
Halves subsequent cost of: Quantum Computing


GID and EU scientists prefect the ecological engineering challenges that have hounded centuries of environmental activists, moving Terraforming from an Art to a Science. Real terraforming of celestial bodies is now possible through a number of tailored organisms and computer programs that model the ecology like never before.

Still, much of the problem with other planets stems from the fact that they have a different gravitational field, which will play merry hell with the life cycle of almost every form of Earth-based life. Before complete Crap-to-Earth transformation is possible, something will need to be done about the problem.

The molecular techniques that were developed for tailoring bacteria will speed Genetic research.

Direct 1-category bonus to Environmental health (already figured into your stats)
Prereq for: Extreme Terraforming (2 other techs)
Halves subsequent cost of: Genetic Engineering

New Breakthroughs Available For Research

Gravity Manipulation: True artificial gravity, ships that fly by making a gravitational field and "falling" toward their destination, gravity-based weapons and communications, Star-Trek style inertial dampers. Pre-req: Graviton Theory

Planck Field: Some researchers have a few pet theories where the judicious application of high levels of Gravitons in the correct manner could actually alter some of the universal constants. As such, they believe that after a lot of research, they could mess around with Planck's constant at a local level, and maybe even the speed of light. Pre-req: Graviton Theory

The BU Civil War

The civilian gov't of the BU orders the military to withdraw from the Pacific and cease hostilities with the NAR. The Generalissimo of the BU declares his intention to continue hostilities with the NAR. Turns out that he wasn't the dictator he thought he was; member states of the BU start to secede, and Penalber is forced to withdraw his forces from the Pacific to impose martial law. Some forces fight on the sides of the secessionists back in South America...welcome to the Brazilian Union Civil War!

In space, Admiral Guimarães (who ignored civilian gov't orders to step down), visibly deranged, declares her intent to strike against the Jupiter system and destroy all NAR holdings there. While on the air with NAR leaders, she is removed from command, and her successors declare that they will see no more violence and are willing to discuss terms of peace.

On 50000 Quaoar, a grass roots movement (subtly encouraged by the Australians) gains power quickly and declares independence from the oppressive and militaristic powers back on Earth. The NAR immediately recognizes the Outworlds Republic. The OR declares itself neutral, and their constitution precludes having a large military (I thought capped at 9 space [not enough for dedicated warships] plus 1 ground [just a small army, to form the nucleus of a civilian militia]). Some large portion of the space forces and small portion of the ground forces join the new OR, who is essentially a non-exploited client state of NAR (think Japan right after WWII).

Insurrection in Ausland, Jovian Moons

The NAR government imposes draconian taxes upon its populace, taking every cent they earn and allowing no expenses for replacement of needs. This quickly results in food riots, which balloon into near-rebellion in all NAR occupied areas. Newly-constructed NAR forces manage to hold onto power for now, but how long this situation can maintain itself is in serious doubt.

Global economic growth: 14%
Even though the Pacific Crisis is still in progress, a rebuilding Africa and a resurgence of confidence as a semblance of normalcy is restored mean the world economy rebounds considerably.
Global population growth: 10.5%

The Outworlds Republic

Space: Kupier interstellar staging point pop 593,937, $100T, $0T available (occupied)
Alpha, Novo Brasil: São Paulo colony, Pop 1,105, $11.4T
Capitol: 50,000 Quouar (occupied)
Major Spaceport: 50,000 Quouar (occupied)
Civilian Tech rating: Way Below Average
Military Tech rating: Average
Environmental Health: N/A
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground: 1
Space: 5
Space: 2
33 1/3T hold space Ramscoop: 20% complete
$50T hold space ramscoop
All: 20%

The future of this newly-formed nation is in doubt, as NAR failed to live up to the understood promises of rebuilding and independence. Its capitol is occupied, and its military is small. Will foreign powers step in?

The Brazilian Union (BU)
(No Budget issued-- military upkeep paid but otherwise no taxation levied); 16.4% tax on Earth assets, 0% on space assets, unmanned assets self-improve.)

Earth: South America, Cuba, non-Bahama Caribbean islands
Mars: Terraforming/mining colonies, pop 59,393 ($58.254T)
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard $7.2T
Cash Reserves: $120T from sale of Asteroid bases
Capitol: Brasilia
Major Spaceport: The Galapagos Islands
Population: 1.918 billion
GEP: $256.290 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Way Below Average (down one)
Military Tech rating: Average (down one)
Environmental Health: Bad
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 22
Air Force: 16
Naval Force: 21
Space forces: 9
All: 20%

Reeling from the coup that removed the old-style autocrats from power, the BU is poised to rebound from its lackluster governance.

The EU

Earth: Europe (excluding Belarus, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Switzerland and Russia), Iceland, Greenland
Space: Masilla asteroid scientific and mining stations total $48 T ($2 defenses), $5T anti-missile system, Eos solar observatory $10T, Earth-orbit shipyard $7T, Captured SCSA lunar colony, $11T ($5T defenses)
Mars: Harmonia Mining/Terraforming base, pop 1,154 $24.463T
Alpha, Novo Brasil: Hyperborea colony, Pop 1,105, $11.82T
Capitols: Athens, Paris
Major Spaceport: Ascension Island
Population: 2.942 billion
GEP: $644.69 trillion (10% bonus for improving Environmental health)
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Above Average (up two)
Espionage rating: Good (up one)
Ground forces: 11
Air Force: 22
Naval Force: 22
Space forces: 9.85
$50T hold space ramscoop
Genetic engineering (55T, 71.5T after tech bonus): 55.75% complete
Terraforming (59T, 76.7T after tech bonus): Complete
Nanotechnology: 10T, 13T after tech, 24.3% complete
Graviton Research: 5T, 6.5T after tech, 33%
Xenobiology: 5T, 6.5T after tech, 42.5% complete
All others: 20% complete

The EU has a great deal of business-as-usual going on, with little real change in its economic structure. With the completion of Terraforming research it succeeds in improving its environmental health a great deal, repairing much of the damage inflicted by millennia of human occupation.


Earth: North America east of the continental divide and north of the Rio Grande, the Bahamas
Space: Lunar base $26 T ($10 defensive facilities), Earth-orbit Battlestation ($5T/turn) ($10T worth of bombardment facilities)
Capitol: Washington, D.C.
Major spaceport: Cape Canaveral
Population: 1.451 billion
GEP: $326.777 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Average (down one)
Military Tech rating: Cutting Edge
Environmental Health: Average
Espionage rating: Very Good (down one)
Ground forces: 16
Air Force: 35.5
Naval Force: 18
Space forces: 7
Cybernetics: (21.5T, 23.65 after tech bonus) 35.76% complete
Genetic Engineering: (21.5T, 23.65 after tech bonus ) 31.825% complete
All others: 20% complete
$50T hold space ramscoop (in transit to nearest Red Dwarf)

The USNA sticks to its hands-off governing techniques, and its economy shows steady growth. Still, with little investment in any form of military and civilian research, the rest of the world begins to erase its technological edge.

The RF

Earth: Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Central Asia west of China and north of Iran
Space: Jovian moon mining/manufacturing bases $37T, Lunar base $21T, Earth-orbit shipyard ($7T)
Capitol: Moscow
Major Spaceport: Baikonur
Population: 1.088 billion
GEP: $532.378 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good (down one)
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Very Good
Espionage rating: Very Good
Ground forces: 22
Air Force: 18
Naval Force: 7
Space forces: 23
$15T nuclear arsenal
$50T hold space ramscoop
Quantum Computing: (60T, 84 after tech bonus) 48% complete
Nanotechnology: (50T, 70 after tech) 43.333% complete
All others: 20% complete

Russia invests heavily in military expansion, with no expenditure on maintaining its civilian edge. As such, it loses much of its cutting-edge shock and awe, drawing even with GID and the EU.


Earth: North America west of the continental divide and everything south of the Rio Grande, Central America, Hawaii
Space: Lunar base $27.2T, Ceres mining/manufacturing station $37T ($5T defenses), Asteroid bases ($5.7T), $4.5T defenses, $2.5T armor, Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T), $2.5T SDI, $2.5T defenses
Saturn: Titan base, $10T, Pop 1,000
Capitol: Los Angeles
Major Spaceport: Area 51
Population: 1.482 billion
GEP: $379.121
Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Pristine
Espionage rating: Good
Ground forces: 18
Air Force: 22
Naval Force: 19
Space forces: 11
$50T hold space ramscoop In transit to Eisenhower
Graviton technology: 33T, 39.6T after tech, Complete
Quantum Computing research : 22T, 26.4T after tech, 28.8% complete
Antimatter research: 10T, 12T after tech, 26% complete
Terraforming research: 10T, 12T after tech, 32% complete
Genetic research: 10T, 12T after tech , 26% complete
Nanotechnology research: 20T, 24T after tech , 28% complete
Cybernetics research : 11T, 13.2T after tech, 28.8% complete
The Fake Sky: 1, 1.2 after tech, 16%
Alphan Xenobiology/Acheology: 1, 1.2 after tech,16%

The FPNA invests in all types of research, and is ahead of the private sector in all areas. Its investment in civilian technology is starting to pay off, but a bit more money is required before they're considered even with GID, the RF and the EU.

Great China

Earth: China, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Micronesia
Occupied: Coastal Australia, Tasmania, parts of New Zealand ($130 trillion accessible)
Capitol: Xi'An
Major Spaceport: Samoa (damaged)
Population: 5.317 billion
GEP: $694 trillion (10% direct bonus from Civilian Tech)
Civilian Tech rating: Average (up one)
Military Tech rating: Above Average (up one)
Environmental Health: Ravaged
Espionage rating: Good
Ground forces: 20 1/3
Air Force: 23 1/3
Naval Force: 18 1/3
Space forces: 2.8
Nanotechnology research: 44T (42T after tech) 34%
Cybernetics research : 20T (19T after tech) 32.66%
Others: 20%

The Chinese civilian sector continues to grow at an unbelievable rate, technology still improving much faster than domestic innovation would dictate. Their investment in rebuilding Ausland yields a sullen yet cooperative populace, a stark contrast to the rioting NAR-defended areas.

The Grand Indian Democracy

Earth: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal
Space: Asteroid mining/manufacturing bases ($38T, after BU assets are purchased), Ghandi Station (earth-orbit)($15T, SCSA shipyard lumped in), $5T engines, $2.5T armor, Lotus Base lunar colony $10T
Venus: Terraforming Engine, $1T, Venus-orbit station, $1T
Mercury: Mining/scientific base, pop 3,563, $38.135T
Capitol: Delhi
Major Spaceport: Mauritius
Population: 3.664 billion
GEP: $964.0235 trillion (10% bonus from Civ. Tech, +10% for increasing Environmental health)
Civilian Tech rating: Very Good (up one)
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Very Good
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground: 20
Air: 26
Navy: 20
$50T hold space ramscoop
Ghandi Station:
Ground: 2
Ground: 2
Ground: 2
Space forces: 13
Terraforming Research Complete
Graviton Research Complete
Others: 20%

GID researchers complete research on Terraforming and Graviton technology, greatly improving their environmental health and spurring a revolution in Civilian technology. Its economy balloons as a consequence, nearing a $1 quadrillion in domestic 5-year production.

The Ascendant Caliphate

Earth: The Middle East from Egypt to Iran
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard ($6T), Lunar colony ($2.2T)
Alpha: Kalidan, Novo Brasil ($12.7T), Pop 1105
Capitol: Mecca
Major Spaceport: Yemen
Population: 3.555 billion
GEP: $328.757 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Average (up one)
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Below Average (up one)
Espionage rating: Average
Ground forces: 31
Air Force: 6
Naval Force: 12
Space forces: 3
Space: .5
$50T hold space ramscoop
Nanotechnology: 30T invested, 29T after tech, 29% complete
All others: 20%

The AC continues to capitalize on the conflict in Africa, building up its infrastructure and improving its production by over 20%. Its well on its way onto the world stage.

New Ausland Republic (NAR)

Earth: Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania
Jupiter: Gas harvesting plants ($36T)
Jovian system: Ganymede colony, Pop 418,398 ($57.62T), Ganymede co-orbital shipyard ($18T), Castillo colony, Pop 228,735 ($36.76T), Europa Colony, Pop 185,523 ($31.54T), Io research base, pop 37,571 ($15.88T) (all Jovian colonies -5T for rioting, civil disobedience)
Space: Occupied Kupier Interstellar Staging Point ($100T available)
Capitol: Ganymede
Major Spaceport: Heard Island (damaged)
Population: 914.663 million
GEP: $256 trillion ($126 trillion unoccupied) (-$5T from rioting)
Civilian Tech rating: Good (down one)
Military Tech rating: Average (up one)
Environmental Health: Above Average
Espionage rating: Below Average (up one)
Ground forces: 16 1/3
Air Force: 2 1/3
Naval Force: 2 1/3
Space forces: 15.25
$50T hold space ramscoop (in transit to nearest Red Dwarf)
All: 20%

NAR overtaxes its assets to the breaking point, and efforts at propaganda are useless against hungry citizens as the economy reverts to a barter system, with frequent, violent riots. Newly-constructed NAR ground forces hold onto control of the Jovian colonies for now and terrestrial armies still hold the Outback and mountain cities, but something must be done about the situation before full-blown rebellion sets in. Heavy spending on military technology brings them up to the world average, and their espionage forces improve a noch.

State Central, South Africa

Earth: Southern Africa to 15 degrees Latitude excluding Zambia, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania
Capitol: Pretoria
Major Spaceport: Northern tip of Madagascar (damaged)
Population: 3.18 billion
GEP: $236.574 trillion (10% bonus for increasing Civilian tech)
Civilian tech rating: Below average (up one)
Military tech rating: Average (down one)
Environmental health: Average
Espionage rating: Above Average (down one)
Ground forces: 19.366 (acts like 11.766 until heavy equipment is returned)
Air Force: 6.966 (GID controlled)
Naval Force: 5.666 (GID controlled)
Space forces: 0
All: 20%

The devastated African nation begins to slowly convalesce after its paroxysm of war, with the aid of GID forces rebuilding it and rooting out corruption. The region is mostly peaceful, and begins to slowly de-militarize.

2008-01-21, 01:03 AM

The USNA will focus on a peaceful resolution of the conflict in the Pacific, but will counter any threat made by the IC, the BU, or the newly formed breakaway government.

The civil unrest in the Western Lands will be dealt with through the formation of a new governmental agency. Those individuals who are causing the most trouble with the new lessening of tensions between the USNA and the FPNA will be recruited into the new agency and promised the ability to make a difference. This new agency will be a subsidiary of the CIA and will work on keeping an eye out for offensive acts made by the FPNA. The rest of the unrest will be handled through educational means that may be bordering on propaganda, however as time goes on without any aggressive actions by the FPNA hopefully these internal tensions will relax.


GEP: $326.777 trillion
$253.252 trillion: untaxed (a tax rate of 22.5%)
$39 trillion: Military upkeep
$5 trillion: Cybernetics research
$5 trillion: Genetic Engineering research
$10 trillion: Direct Investment in Espionage
$10 trillion: Direct Investment in Military Technology
$4.525 trillion: Direct Investment in Civilian Technology

Lunar base: $20 T
$10 T: Expansion of scientific facilities
$10 T: Increased Offensive/Defensive Capabilities

Earth-Orbit Shipyard: $5 T
$5 T: Further-Enhanced Planetary Defense/Attack System

2008-01-21, 01:05 AM
Turn 3 Budget

GEP: 379.121 Trillion
Untaxed: 246,428,650,000,000(Tax rate 35%)
Buget: 132,692,350,000,000
35 T: Military Upkeep
2 T: Environmental Upkeep
5 T: Gaser Lift to Orbital Yards
10 T: Army Expansion
10 T: Navy Expansion
20 T: Civilian Tech Research
10 T: Military Tech Research
5 T: Expansion of Espionage network
11.5 T: Gravity Manipulation Research
11.5 T: Planck Field Research

5 T: Supporting Pro FPNA groups in USNA
7.428650 T: Financing Fascist SCSA government in Exile

Luna 1
27.2 Trillion
6 trillion: Planck Field Research
16 trillion: Genetic research
2.6 trillion: expansion of Lunar mining operations
2.6 trillion: expansion of the colony

Ceres Mining Association
37 trillion
5 trillion: Expansion of mining and manufacturing operations
11 trillion: Gravity Manipulation Research
8 trillion: Planck Theory
10 trillion: Cybernetics research
1 trillion: Alphan Archeology/Xenobiology
1 trillion: The Fake Sky

Asteroid bases + mines
6.7 trillion
.7 trillion: Continued Construction of communication and jamming suites
3.5 trillion: Planck theory
2.5 trillion: Genetic Engineering

Earth Orbital Yards
5 Trillion
5 T: Massive expansion of Yards

Titan Base
10 Trillion
untaxed: 5 trillion(temporary 50% tax rate)
2 T: Genetic engineering Research
2 T: Cybernetic research
1 T: Construction of Active Defense system

Orders coming soon.

2008-01-21, 01:26 AM
Orders for Turn Three

Supreme Command touts FPNA Scientific Prowess

The technology of the FPNA increases everyday in leaps and bounds as we quickly make our way to being the most technologically advanced nation on the planet. We will soon be the envy of the rest of the world.

Our Colony ship continues to make its way towards the Eisenhower system and soon we will have a place amongst the stars.

Supreme Command begins secret planning for war

At the top most levels of the government plans begin to be put together for a massive operation. While no one except for the Supreme Commanders themselves know the destination at hand, it is becoming obvious that the military is being mobilized for something. Large numbers of transport and cargo ships are being seen docked in the harbors of Vancouver and Seattle.

2008-01-21, 01:32 AM
Auslanders Suffer Under the NAR

China is disappointed to see the callous nature displayed by the NAR regime towards its citizens. In contrast, those citizens under our jurisdiction have been well-cared for, especially in light of the previous conflict.


Chinese mainland - 694T

394T - Untaxed (43% tax rate)
50T - Nanotechnology research
50T - Quantum Computing research
50T - Terraforming research
17T - Antimatter research
25T - "Social Programs"
25T - Civilian tech implementation/development
25T - Military tech implementation/development
25T - Espionage tech implementation/development
33T - Military upkeep

Chinese Ausland - 130T

50T - Social Programs
28T - Expansion of the Space Forces
30T - Expansion of the Army
20 T - Expansion of the Air Force


5 units of each branch and space force defend Mainland China. Any territorial incursion is met with nuclear and chemical weapons.

The rest are dispersed in Chinese Ausland. Fully mobilized as usual to prevent any NAR invasion.

Espionage: via AIM

2008-01-21, 02:06 AM
50000 Quaoar Declares Independence: Outworlds Republic Born!

A middle aged man wearing what appears to be a light space suit, sans gloves and helmet, stands behind a podium emblazoned with a white ring surrounding a yellow circle. "For too long," he begins, voice heavy with emotion, "For too long, the people of 50000 Quaoar have labored under the corrupt rule of the Brazilian Union. Whatever the BU may have been at its inception, what remains now is an ambitious, immoral, militaristic shell of a legitimate government. Therefore, it is by our own will that we declare ourselves independent of that debauched den of snakes and make our own will among the stars.

"The Outworlds Republic would like to announce, however, that we will not follow the footsteps of our twisted predecessor. So it is that the Outworlds Republic declares itself officially neutral. Further, we would like to point out our demonstration to this position of neutrality is reinforced in our very constitution, forbidding the construction of purely military craft. It is our hope that, without the burden of expenses related purely to death and destruction, our nation's may yet shine as bright as that of any other, despite our youth.

"We will be sending envoys to establish embassies with every major nation; we hope sincerely that you welcome them."


@Alpha: Sao Paulo is renamed Libereco (Esperanto for "freedom")
Budget: $1T on maintenance, $4T on alien research, $6.4T untaxed (tax rate 44%)


The Outworlds Republic wished to establish diplomatic relations with your nation, and is eager to enter into any sort of trade agreement or alliance that does not involve any military aspects

2008-01-21, 03:31 AM
Rebellion in Ausland

The insurrection in Australia and New Zealand increases in intensity as the dissidents receive money and weaponry from an unknown source, and soon the riots turn into full-blown battles. NAR forces hold onto the reigns for now, but they take significant casualties as the majority of the citizens join the uprising.

NAR casualties:
2 ground forces, 1 air force, 1 naval force

Kupier Objects' Wild Ride

As the new year begins, two large object in the Kupier Belt ignite previously unknown engines and begin a mad dash for the inner system. The drives are obviously hydrogen fusion, but who planted the engines there is unknown. Unmolested, they'll arrive in the inner system in a few weeks (all factions with space forces can arrive before that).

2008-01-21, 03:55 AM
Great China Heeds the Call

The recent insurrection in the NAR-controlled Ausland territories shows the continuing disregard that the terrorists in command have for civilian life. We cannot stand idly by while they continue to suffer. As stated long ago by a wise man, "whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends [rights of their citizens], it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it."

With the failure of the NAR government to offer China an acceptable and equitable peace agreement and the continued deprivations they inflict upon their citizens, we hereby state that we will immediately undertake all needed efforts to safeguard the population of Greater Ausland.

We have heard your cry, and we will act.

Alien Assault on Earth

--Statement Issued from the Office of the Premier

After being informed by the space tracking assets of the TTC of the imminent threat to Earth, China has contacted the FPNA and GID in an effort to use the recently developed Gaser technology to divert the asteroids from their intended target. China pledges its support and will assist in any manner necessary.


GC forces already mobilized in Chinese Ausland launch an immediate invasion of the NAR holdings. Care is taken to avoid large groupings of forces to minimize losses from aerial and space attack. Elements meet up with resistance forces and agent provocateurs to overwhelm NAR forces.

2008-01-21, 04:27 AM

Masillaasteroid scientific and mining stations total $48 T
With Massila base reaching the maximum size a base can have without a permanent crew, it's fundings are now used mostly for research.
$10T: Finishing the expansion, so that it will have max. size next turn.
$30T: Nanotechnology Research.
$8T: Install large gasers , to test them in the field)

Eos solar observatory $13T
+$20T from earth
$20T: Increasing the faculties. More solar panels, measuring equipment and so on.
$13T Planck Field research

Selene captured SCSA Lunar colony $11T
$11T: Research on Quantum Computing

Earth-orbit shipyard $7T
$5T: More factories, to increase output
$2T: Increase space forces.

Mars: Harmonia Mining/Terraforming base, pop 1,154 $24.463T
$14.678T Untaxed (40% Taxe rate)
$9.79T: Research on Quantum Computing

Alpha, Novo Brasil: Hyperborea colony, Pop 1,105, $11.82T
$7.092T: Untaxed (40% Tax rate)
$4.728T: Research on Alphan Xenobiology

Earth, Europe: $644.69T
$368.814T: Untaxed (40% Tax rate)
$50T: Research Civilian Tech: Now that the RF lost it's cutting edge status, Europe is ready to take it's place. Practical applications of the data gained are needed now.
$33T: Military upkeep
$16.676T: Invested in the environment. "Above Average" is not a goal the EU is willing to accept.
$30T: Increase space forces. Modern wars are won and fought in space and the EU has to protect it's colonies.
$40T: Research Genetic Engineering. The Health and welfare of our population are our primary goal.
$50T: Equip and deploy Ramscoop Argos. Back to Alpha. ($40T arrive on ship)
$20T: Research Quantum Computing
$10T: Research Nanotechnology
$26T: Send to Eos

Ramscoop Argos, Alpha System: $40T
$15T: Invest in the growth of the Hyperborea colony
$25T: Build an unmanned $5T research base in Alphas Asteroid belt.

To the OR:

Any and all peaceful nations are and will always be allies of the EU. With the BU caught up in a military revolution, we would like to intensify our relationships to the OR. We consider the Harmonia research base treaty signed earlier to be signed with the OR, a view the scientists stationed there agree on.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-21, 05:25 AM

With the economic boom and the succes in Africa in his pocket Sharad Ramahn has no trouble getting re-elected with his Economic Development party. In fact he wins a landslide election granting him 50.7% of the votes, granting him an absolute majority. Still he forms a coalition with the Social Democrats and Liberal Greens to maintain a vast majority well over 2/3 of the parliament. India seems to be more and more united politically, with a broad foreign policy and open arms to all.

Colombo Treaty
@Maldiem and EU

In respect of the Colombo treaty, the Indian researchers have been fully sharing their data with the EU. As such both nations now benefit from the graviton theory and terraforming technologies. In addition the EU has provided valuable insights into Nanotechnology, Genetic Engenering and the Xenobiology of Alpha to indian scientists. The co-operation is surely bearing fruits and India and the EU have pledged to fully share all their research data over the coming period as required under the Colombo treaty.

Indian Budget
GEP: $964.0235
TAX 50%: 482
Military upkeep: 49.5 T (30 ground 31 Air 25 Fleet 13 Space = 99 T)

Military Tech 50 T

Civilian Tech 30 T

Environment 20 T

Espionage 50 T

Social Programs 20 T

75 T Growth of Ghandi station to by 15 T to a 35 T station.
50 T Space Fleet Expansion by 5 points

10 T Quid quo prodo funds: Anti weapons of mass destruction damage relief.
These are the 'just in case' funds. It is to be used as emergency relief. In particular it is implemented due to fears of likely SCSA terrorism. As such biological antitoxins, nuclear waste removals and other defences against weapons of mass destruction. In combination with hightened espionage funding India feels secure it can prevent most of this by actively persuing terrorists, but wants to keep these things on standby due to worrying reports on bioagents set to kill all life on the indian subcontinent from chinese intelligence.

7.5 T: Second 1 T terraforming unit on Venus south pole (total 3 T terraformers now on Venus)

New Technology budget: 50 T (69 T total)

NAR aid package 20 T
African aid package 50 T

Ghandi Station: 20 T

20 Gaser Missle Shield. A 20 T Gaser array is placed onto Ghandi station, it is keyed to knock missiles out of orbit and as such provide an effective missile defense screen. In addition it will be the primary defence India offers to the Kuiper belt objects streaming to earth at lightning speed.

Lunar Colony: 10 T

7.5 T: Construction of Venus Terraforming Unit 3, equator. (total 3 T Venus terraformers are set up)
2.5 T: Defensive Laser Array

Mittal Corporation: 38 T
'The indian subsidised firm'

33 T Construction of Martian Terraforming Colony modules: a 5 T terraforming colony is placed on Mars and a 1 T orbital observatory on Deimos.
5 T Self Improving

Venus Terraforming Station and orbital Platform: 2T

2 T: Venus being Terraformed (I don't know how this works, is it self improvement or is it a kind of thing that removes those 20% pressure and 20% heat penalty over time, if so how much?)

Mercury Station
GEP $38.135T
TAX 50% = 19 T

19 T research new Tech (69 T total)

(note all space assets share in the earth social programs and civilian tech improvements)

African Reconstruction Budget: GID Protectorate Zone

As Africa is getting back on it's feet, India pledges another five years of aid t it, to finish of the reconstruction of the cradle of Life and make it strong enough to fend for itself again.

(budget)(former SCSA)GEP: $236.574 /2 = 118.287
(sub Saharan lands) GEP 90 + 10% (tech increase) + 0.5*10% (economic growth) = 104 T (aproximately, say if you don't agree) => 104/3 = 34.333 Indian Sector
50% TAX (again not from people, but from seized capital holdings) = 59.1435 + 17.1887 = 78.3322
+ 50 T Indian AID = 128.3322 T

Environmental Remediation: 40 T
Civilian Technology: 40 T
Social Programs 38.1452 T
Armed Forces: 9.183 (18.366/2 = ground forces, plus very limited air (2) and navy(1) ; india pays maintainance for purchases)

Armed Forces 0.504 A tiny Fraction is spend on training a few new land army, air pilots and mariners for service in the Southern Ocean Defence Squadron.

0.634 Army (bring to whole numbers)
0.034 Air (bring to whole numbers)
0.334 Navy (bring to whole numbers again)

The Southern Ocean Defence Squadron will consist of 5 Points of Land, 2 Points of Air (scouting and transport planes) and 1 Point of Navy (small coast guard patrol boats)

Again the Grand Security council demands that a state to state purchase is the basis for the aid program, which is again used as a means of further demilitarizing Africa. A full 5 Points of Air and Navy and 4 points of land forces are bought by India, but kept in Africa on Madagascar to support the peace keepers.

(for the sake of ease I'm adding the newly build units below)

Southern Ocean Defense Command:
Land: 5
Air: 2
Navy: 1

EU protectorate Zone Forces
Land: 6 (a small amount of heavy equipment (1.5) is returned here to settle the unrest)

AC protectorate Zone Forces:
Land: 2

Indian Forces in Africa:
Land: 5
Navy: 5
Air: 5

Heavy Equipment guarded by Indians
Land: 3

Madagascar serves as the primary base of operations for the Indians (inland air fields and naval bases hold most of thsoe forces when not out on patroll and 4 of the 5 point of indian ground forces are on the island, the remaining 1 point acting as observers and trainers of the SODC) and their assets held, though secondary bases are on the African mainland. Madagascar only has a token presence of AUPFs, essentially a small police force, but little military forces.)

Indian peacekeepers leave the peacekeeping to AUPF's mostly, not wishing to interfere in local issues to much, but will provide air and naval support upon request. The observers are to prevent rebellions or infighting and monitor and train commanders into democratic ways in respect for human rights.

it is clear that in the rebuilding India is glad to share their newfound terraforming and graviton technologies with the people in their protectorate zone. Efforts are made to show the benefits of a government that respects peoples life.

((OOC @ maldiem: May I assume these techs improve the african rating in civilian tech and environment by 1 step? Including the 10% each bonus to the economy?))

In the local elections in the zones, a scala of local, Indian approved and trained, but democratically elected come into power to start building legislation for legal and and minor administrative practices. India heavily supports these politicians, but also makes a hefty effort to ban all forms of corruption.

Rebellion in Ausland

The images of the rebellion of a people oppressed by a government that is distant and cold strikes a sensitive spot with the Indian people and soon a peacekeeping force is mobilized.

"We will not let Ausland be the New Africa. We will provide humanitarian aid and prevent any agression by NAR or China that could worsen the effects on the people. Out peacekeepers will not shoot unless shot upon, and in all will to seek to minimize casualties in any engament, instead using our subsonic blasters to immobilise targets. We ask all civilised Nations to help us. We do not seek to dispose a legitimate government, merely provide aid.

We recognise the NAR government fully and call on China to stop any military action they might seek to undertake. Our forces will be a barrier between the two and our aid will be given to relieve the hungry and starving citizens of NAR.

We ask NAR and China to give our peacekeepers full acces, we are not to claim any authority, merely to safeguard the food and medicine deliveries worth several 10s of terra credits."

Prime minister Rahman feels destiny is upon him. The savior of Africa would now seek to save Ausland too.

(orders) Africa Corps in Madagascar: 5 ground + the former SCSA navy and air forces. Placed on High defensive alert, but otherwise act as they did in the previous 5 years.

Ausland peacekeeping expedition: 5 ground forces, 10 air and 10 navy are dispatched with clear peacekeeping orders. They will retreat back to the shoreline defences if more then 10% is killed and will seek to only fire if fired upon and avoid any civilian casualties where possible.

The remaining forces are on High alert. Particularly the northern highlands and Himalayan region is well guarded against any hostilities, especially Russian.

Budget allocations for a missile shield will soon be made. Likely based in space on Ghandi Station, which will consist of Gasers to knock missiles out of orbit, but also could double as an asteroid defence.

Space forces are on high alert, standing ready to respond to any aggression at a moments notice, particularly shielding Ghandi Station, but ready to respond to any forces that are smaller then them (they will not engage superior numbers). Space marines man their laser arrays and Gaser deflective missile systems are being installed to knock ships out of track or prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Incomming Asteroids // Kupier Objects' Wild Ride

India response immediately to the Chinese message and begins to reform Ghandi Station into a defence platform with a vast array of Gasers that could deflect the asteroid.

"Being the largest station in Orbit, Ghandi station si the ultimate place from which to defend Earth from hostile Aliens with Gasers, in addition we ask all Nations to provide us with 5 T in aid to construct the Gaser array that will deflect asteroids from earth and render us safe from the impacts.

As our fleet safeguards and constructs this array on Ghandi station we ask you all to launch your own space forces in an attack on the Asteroids and take out their engines or blow them to bits as much as possible."

Outworld Republic

The Grand Indian Democracy would like to formally announce that it regards the Outworld Republic as a sovereign nation and would welcome all contact and trade with it. It proposes an open and outright military alliance with the fledgeling Nation and warns any powers seeking to take advantage of it.

Harmonia Base

India announces it's desire to participate in the Harmonia Base project. It seeks to establish a 10 T addition and install a terraforming section on the base with a great Gaser lift to make easy acces to and from Mars possible. Indian scientists believe that three co-operating democracies will provide the drive for innovations unprecedented.

Venus Terraforming

The orbital station and terraforming engine on venus are beginning their task of reversing the massive global warming on Earths sister, seeking to make it into a new Indian haven. Area's cleared of the extreme pressure and temperature directly around the terraforming units are being mapped and made ready for colonisation.

2008-01-21, 06:12 AM
Kuiper Belt objects
In respons to the new Kuiper belt threat the EU is willing to spend $5T on Indian Gaser Systems on Ghandi station. For this they will divert this sum from their own Orbital Shipyard to Ghandi.
Budget Changes:

Orbital Shipyard:
-$5T on expansion
+$5T to Ghandi station for production of defence gasers.

Eurovision Net Broadcast
Ari Räsaanen, the Head of the DETRE today announced that, after eleven years, he will step down from that position. Räsaanen, who is currently a professor of geology and biology, specialized in ecology at the university of Helsinki, said that "With the new breakthroughs in Terraforming technology a lifelong dream came true for me. Now that this technology is fully developed, it is time for others to take my place and lead the DETRE in new directions."
In the elections held by the councils Professor Ladislav Dubcek, an astrophysicist from the Univerzita Karlova in Prague, one of Europes oldest universities, who also has a professorship at the unversity of Heidelberg in germany has been elected with a more than 2/3 majority.

Harmonia Base
The EU welcomes the GID's offer to join the Harmonia project. Together with the OR and the GID they will gladly expand their martian research facilities.

Budget of Harmonia for this turn, only for the OR and GID:

Mars: Harmonia Mining/Terraforming base, pop 1,154 $24.463T
$14.678T Untaxed (40% Taxe rate)
$9.79T: Research on Quantum Computing

2008-01-21, 08:02 AM

Budget for Turn 3:
Jovian moon mining/manufacturing bases $37T
37 T, all taxed.
Expansion from 37 T to 44 T (-35 T)
Military upkeep (-2T)

Lunar base $21T
Expansion from 21 T to 24 T (-20 T)
Military upkeep (-1T)

Earth-orbit shipyard ($7T)
Expansion to 8 T (-5T)
Military upkeep (-2 T)

GEP: $532.378 trillion
Taxed: 160 T (30% tax rate)

Military upkeep: -30T(+5T from space assets)
Research -75 T: As much into Quantum computing as is needed, the rest into Nanotechnology

Expansion of Lunar Base by 10 T: -55T

Civilian Tech rating: Very Good (down one)
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Very Good
Espionage rating: Very Good
Ground forces: 22
Air Force: 18
Naval Force: 7
Space forces: 23
$15T nuclear arsenal
$50T hold space ramscoop
Quantum Computing: (60T, 84 after tech bonus) 48% complete
Nanotechnology: (50T, 70 after tech) 43.333% complete
All others: 20% complete

RF response to asteroids

Ships from the RF space fleet move to intercept the objects, using high yield nuclear warhead missiles to try to break them up. They avoid direct confrontation with the asteroids.

2008-01-21, 08:51 AM
Prime minister Rahman feels destiny is upon him. The savior of Africa would now seek to save Ausland too.

Dum daaa daaa duuum! More speeches by bitter old ex-politicians!

Actually it looks to us SCSA ex-fascist (we've sworn it off) who believe in a middle way between conquest and intervention that its more like you're stabbing your ally, China, in the back for some quick glory after destroying Africa through perpetuated warfare, partitioning and castration when a peaceful union was coming along fine. Your 'peacekeeping' by which we mean intervention on NARs side will undoubtedly perpetuate the war and turn Ausland into another warzone that may morph into a tangled diplomatic mess just like what happened in Africa.

Ugh, we should never have fought those peacekeepers. They couldn't fire unless fired upon. Nah, who are we kidding. They were working with the resistance. They weren't peacekeepers. They were an expedition army. Not that, that is wrong. It depends on whose side you're on? We still believe old SCSA would have united Africa beautifully.

SCSA presents an alternative!

The new way: unity through non-interventionism, economic incentives, diplomacy (and hatred for all alien life, if the rest of the world community doesn't mind)!

2008-01-21, 09:09 AM
Russian federation joins Colombo treaty!

In an exiting turn of events today, RF PM appeared in Brussels, together with high representatives of GID and EU. In a joint statement, they declared that the RF was in final stages of negotiation in joining the Colombo treaty as a full member.

"This will create the worlds largest economic zone, and further strenghten the democratic process in euroasia.", said the russian PM. "The RF is in an ideal state for a more integrated economy with our neighbours."

When asked how this would affect the NAR-GC conflict, the PM was more hesitant: "The RF will contribute peacekeepers to the Colombo treaty forces, and a substantial amount of humanitarian efforts will be contributed to NAR territory. I will take no further questions upon that subject"

Only a few months time will pass until a finalized treaty is signed by RF, EU and GID.

2008-01-21, 09:24 AM
The Brussels conference

In what is now known as the Brussels conference, the EU has shown considerable interest in a great Eurasian Colombo Treaty between the GID, the EU and the RF.
"This is a great day for democracy everywhere. The RF joining the Colombo Protocol means that these three states form an economic, scientific and defensive union that is greater than anything seen before in the history of this planet.", said Vittore Ferrero, Head of the Department of Foreing Affairs (DEFA)

In a second statement, the DEFA declared that it would send large troop contingents as peacekeepers to the NAR, withdrawing some of it's forces from the now mostly pacified africa.


40% of the EU ground forces will be relocated to the NAR, along with 10% of the air forces.
30% of the ground forces will be stationed in Africa, along with 20% of the air forces and 10% of the Navy.
The remaining forces, 30% of the ground forces, 70% of the air forces and 90% of the Navy will remain in Europe and guard it against agression.
Spaceships remain where they were last turn.

2008-01-21, 10:18 AM
On the Situation in Africa
"People of Africa. Please remember what the ex-government of the SCSA did to you in the name of Unification: They launched nuclear weapons at your homelands, attacked your governments with their troops and destroyed your countries. Do not listen to their propaganda. We understand that you want your freedom from what you think is a foreign occupation, which is a noble intention. However, do not replace one occupation with another, one carried out by the ex-members of the SCSA.
Instead, listen to this proposition:
The EU and India have together prepared a plan for the Unification and freedom of Africa. As soon as the majority of our rebuilding efforts are carried out, democratic elections will be held in every state with the following two options:
1. Join the new African Union, which would get the full support of all members of the Colombo Treaty, i.e. the EU, GID and RF. This Union would be organized in a way similar to the EU.
2. Form a new independent state with it's own government.
The preparations for these events should be over in one to two years. We promise you elections and the full right to decide what to do with your countries. Because the true destiny of every continent, every country, every human should be democracy and freedom.
Thank you."
Vittore Ferrero, Head of the DEFA, Worldwide Radio, Television and Internet broadcast.

2008-01-21, 11:20 AM

On the newly formed Outworlds Republic :

The NAR officially recognizes this government as the legitimate holders of the KP station, and has a 10 year plan of withdrawal, allowing the newly formed OR time to find replacement administrators, form its own police, et cetera.

Address to its own people :

We are sorry for the extreme trials of the last 5 years. Sometimes pain is necessary for survival. We promise the people :

1) Taxes will be immediately reduced.

2) Once this war is over, we will return to the peace-loving and economically powerful nation we once were.

On the invasion of its soil by the IC :

What a shock, the war is back on, the aggressors paused only long enough to find themselves a new pretext to hide behind.

On the offer from India

Thank you for your bravery, and your aid. With so many nations against them, perhaps the IC will finally withdraw from our lands

Indian Aid Package

Other than some food diverted to feed military units ($0.5T), the entirety of the aid package is given straight to the people.

Military Orders

The space military arm will carefully co-ordinate with the ground, ensuring that the IC can never bring enough combined force into play to push us out of our territories. The second bombing priority is destruction of heavy equipment, such as tanks and artillery.

Full co-operation will take place with USNA, Indian, and any other forces that join on our side. Refuelling at our bases, etc.

Budget, Turn 3 :

Jupiter :
Gas Harvesting Plant : $36T -
$6T Space Forces Maintenance,
$20T Self Improvement
$4T Space Forces Expansion
$5T Military Research

Ganymede colony : $57.62T - 40% Taxes
$.048T Space Military Maintenance
$20T Military Research

Ganymede Shipyard : $18T
$10T Self Improvement
$8T Space Forces Investment

Castillo colony : $36.76T - 40% Taxes
$.704 Space Forces Maintenance
$10T Military Research
$4T Cloning

Europa colony : $31.54T
$.616T Space Forces Maintenance
$2T Cloning
$10T Espionage Research

Io research base : $15.88T
$.352T Space Forces Maintenance
$5T Military Research
$1T Cloning

GEP : $125T
$10 Ground Forces Maintenance
$30T Espionage Research
$10T Expansion Ground Forces

Indian Aid Package :
$19.5T - I guess this counts as invested in social programs
$0.5T - Ground Forces Maintenance

Occupied KP $100T - 40% Taxes
$40T Civilian Tech Research (shared immediately with OR)

Research totals :
$40T Civilian Tech
$40T Military Tech
$40T Espionage

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-21, 11:45 AM
The Johannesburg Trials

The new officials that have been elected decide it is now time to let justice be done and are supported in this by India, that feels that the corruption in Africa is on the demise and the social structure is returning. Fact finding missions are undertaken as former Fascists are rounded up and send to the African War Crimes tribunal. There they are charged by African judges and professional juries , that hail from all over the southern continent, with varying charges from corruption, to murder, to crimes against humanity and many more. Each charge is fully investigated and justice is done. Sentences vary greatly, but range from a few years for corruption by senior officials to life sentences to those found guilty of the atrocities during the war. Minor officials are left clear and are mostly granted amnesty for acting 'under duress from senior officials', but any still using the rethoric of the party or too openly critical swiftly has their past investigated.

In addition under the legal code, admitting your wrong doings and actively having shown a clean slate and a reformed life after the war ended results in significantly lower sentencing.

In all this public opinion is monitored and all efforts are made to ensure these are fair trials based on evidence only and carried out by African judges and jurors. India actually only provides the financial support and trianing, but leaves the rest up to the African local judges.

2008-01-21, 01:38 PM
SCSA Orders - Abandon Faction, Turn NPC
SCSA Splinters - Abandon Factions, Turn NPC

OOC: I promise to roleplay the new nation, if I might take it, independently of the SCSA, of course. They are a faction by now, right? Please? Thnx for info and in advance if I get to play it.

New Orders - Assume North African Union
Orders: Build a launching pad on Earth, a space station in orbit, a base on the moon and a base on Antarctica. Begin negotiations with Israel to merge into a new faction named the Nearside Federation. Offer great economic incentives.
Allow remainder of budget (hopefully around 50% to go untaxed).

2008-01-21, 02:20 PM
Asteroid Threat

China applauds the GID for their quick action to prevent catastrophe. All space equipment has been put at their disposal to assist them.

Nuclear Exhortation Ridiculous

The call for China to launch on nuclear strike on the GID or any other nation is simply ridiculous and will not be further entertained.

Liberation of Ausland

Chinese forces have moved immediately to remove the criminal NAR government from power over its last terrestrial domains. Chinese units have been fighting with resistance groups to return peace and prosperity to Ausland. The stark contrast in living conditions over the past 5 years is evidence of who has the true interests of Auslanders at heart.

China will allow Colombo Treaty peacekeepers to set up camps to distribute their generous aid package outside of combat zones. It is heartening that they have the true interest of the people suffering on the NAR at bay.

[OOC: I seriously doubt the NAR is going to get those supplies under a full-scale, overwhelming invasion. Peacekeepers can bring those with them and distribute them to the civilian populace. No intervention in the conflict will be tolerated.]

2008-01-21, 02:37 PM
Asteroid Threat

The FPNA offers its full support to the world in defeating this earth shattering cataclysm from befalling the Earth. However as of this time the FPNA has no large scale Gaser lifts to directly assist in the operation. We will continue to provide tracking and other information on the Asteroids

We also reccomend that the Asteroids be destroyed before they pass the Asteroid Belt so that Earth or no Inner System colonies be hit by breakaway pieces.

FPNA Mobilizes

The FPNA Army is broken into two groups and begins mobilizations across the board. Army Group North(8 units) are deployed to the British Columbia and Washington State areas. A large number of merchant ships and transports are reported in this area.

Army Group South(8 units) is being readied in Northern Mexico as of this time.

The remaining two units are deployed to Alaska and along the central border between the Army Groups.

The FPNA fleet is put to sea and begins patrols mainly throughout the Pacific Ocean. The FPNA Air Force is also placed on a more readied alert and begins flyovers of the Pacific. The Supreme Command reports that these actions are part of regular war games.

2008-01-21, 03:22 PM
((Check OOC thread for OOC questions))

War in Australia

((Placeholder, waiting on combat orders from all involved parties to proceed))

((Also, before I can adjudicate this, I need to know how much of the new NAR forces are on Earth and how many are spread around the Jovian colonies. Jael, a PM with your force distribution would be nice.))

SCSA Rallies Poorly Attended

A few small crowds turn up on the urging of former SCSA officials, and their protests are mostly sheepish slogans that basically state that they're sick of foreign rule, but "peaceful" is by far the word of the day, and the size of the crowds makes them more like a minor parade than a real protest.

((Still reading. More to come.))

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-21, 03:32 PM

India is reducing it's peacekeeping force into NAR territory as it has been confirmed by both sides that they are welcome and will not be hindered. They are ordered NOT to engage unless seriously threatened by any fraction.

(military orders)
only 5 of each branch is peacekeeping, with the other 5 air and navy returning to africa (10 air and 10 navy present there)

A high level of alert is maintained throughout Indian territory and FPNA actions are closely monitored any move into the atlantic or indian ocean will trigger drastic actions (basically pause the action so I can reassess the situation). Any strikes against India will be met with a full space engagement and subsequent bombing of their earth holdings and seizure of their space assets using space marines and space forces.

In addition the Indian naval and air forces in the region will be strengthened to be strong enough to deal with any fighting. This will include that peacekeepers leave Ausland and head there

FPNA Military Exersizes

We respect your militaries need to exersize, but any incursions into the atlantic or indian ocean will be regarded as potentially hostile action. We seek peace on all fronts, but are warry of your intentions. Please do not be insulted, it is only a matter of security. Likewise we promise our forces will not enter the pacific.

2008-01-21, 05:00 PM
Earth: 1, Kupier Objects: 0

A couple of hours pass as the cometary objects accelerate toward the inner system, and then the combined might of several space forces drops on them, and their engines explode under a barrage of laser bombardment. Their new orbits take them into the inner system, but they'll miss anything important by huge distances.

Fragments retrieved from the wreckage are obviously of human origin, down to the Arabic numerals and standardized replacable parts. No organization takes immediate responsibility for the action.

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya Sign North African Union

These four nations, minor players on the international stage for over a century, unite into a centralized government, for which details will be emerging shorty.

((Moechi_Vill: The NAU is very new, and I doubt their first action would be to intercede in a foreign war, and any overt support for SCSA activities is reviled by virtually every living human. Perhaps rethinking your strategy is a good idea.))

The North African Union

Earth: The Northern Coast of Africa
Capitol: Rabot
Major Spaceport: The Canary Islands
Population: 3.05 billion
GEP: $270 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Average
Military Tech rating: Way Below Average
Environmental Health: Bad
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 7
Air Force: 4
Naval Force: 4
Space forces: 1
All: 20%

2008-01-21, 05:17 PM

While we are grateful to the European Union for its recognition of our independence, we would like to remind Europe that the Outworlds Republic makes no claim to Brazilian territories on Mars.

Nevertheless, we would be more than willing to enter into cooperative research with the EU and India at Harmonia base.

OOC: We should be getting some income from 50000 Quaoar next turn, and would be more than willing to invest some in Harmonia and get in on that action. Also, we'll accept the "Brazilian contribution" to Harmonia, so long as you realize you're probably angering the ground-siders by doing that

OR and NAR
The Outworlds Republic would like to once again thank the NAR for facilitating its independence from the decadent and corrupt government of the Brazilian Union. While we understand that the New Ausland Republic has been undergoing some difficulties with its Earth and peri-Jove holdings, their conduct since our declaration of independence has been exemplary, and plans for a slow transition are proceeding apace.

OR Politely Rejects India's Offer of Military Alliance
To the great nation of India, the world's largest democracy for two centuries, we say thank you for your recognition and offer of aid. However, while we are willing and eager to cooperate with you in all other ways, we must politely decline your offer of military alliance. The Outworlds Republic is dedicated to peace and non-violence; as such, it is constitutionally forbidden from entering into any agreement which might require it to join any war. Because the OR is unable to guarantee military aid to India in turn, it feels it would be unfair to accept such an offer, and must decline.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-21, 05:30 PM
India to OR

India feels no apology is needed, but offers it's support as a protector non the less. Under this any nations threatening to harm the OR will face India as well, in return OR is to remain neutral in all instances. India asks others to make similar offers.

((OOC: this effectively is the same deal as Belgium had until WW I with the great powers; they would guarantee it's indepence))


The GID government sends an official delegation to the NAU to congratulate them on their newfound treaty. India officially wishes them a prosperous future and would like to enter into good diplomatic relations with the NAU and ask them if there are any area's in which NAU seeks co-operation.

2008-01-21, 05:35 PM
Outworlds Republic Recognized

Great China has announced its recognition of the Outworlds Republic today. An ambassadorial staff has been dispatched to 50000 Quaoar and a place has been set aside in Xi'an for the OR embassy.

China will look to create new trade ties and technological cooperation with the new nation. Also, China will join the GID in making a non-reciprocal guarantee of the OR's integrity.

Dispatch to the OR

We look forward to a close-knit and productive relationship with your nation, such as we had with your BU predecessors. We would propose a technological agreement that shares important breakthroughs for the benefit of both our nations.

2008-01-21, 05:55 PM
Outlands republic recognized
With a little delay the EU joined the Chorus of states recognizing the independence of the Outlands republic. To show their support for the new nation, the councils and the staff of Harmonia Base decided that parts of the martian research base, until now a joint venture of the BU and the EU will be given to the OR, effectively making it a OR/EU base.

2008-01-22, 05:06 AM

RF recognize OR

In a speech today, the RF formaly recognized the newly formed OR. "We seek to open trading possibilities as soon as possible", the RF PM said.

RF joins Colombo treaty as full member

The Brussel Treaty was today signed by RF, GID and EU officials. A one week festival was held in Moscow, celebrating Russian, Indian and European culture.

@MaldiemKGB-II are given the followin orders, in descending order of priority: 1) counteract any attempt to steal Colombo treaty specific tech.
2) Find and destroy terrorist groups founded by the old SCSA
3) Information gathering about chinese WMD

4 Ground forces are shipped of to the Jovian Moon.
2 Ground forces are stationed at the Lunar Base
10 Space forces are around the Jovian moon, the rest are in Lunar and earth orbit.

5 ground points of GF, air and Naval forces will be sent to NAR as peacekeepers. They will obey under GID command, but of course not do anything foolish. They will retreat if they take more than 3 points of casualties in total.

2008-01-22, 12:48 PM
FPNA Officially recognizes OR

As of this time the Supreme Command would like state that the FPNA will officialyl recognize the government of the Outworlds Republic and seek to establish normal diplomatic relations.

2008-01-22, 12:59 PM
The Outworlds Republic

The USNA follows suit with the other nations and recognizes the OR as an independent and sovereign nation. The USNA will seek to open up diplomacy and trade with the newly formed nation.

2008-01-22, 02:37 PM
Military movements

The Navy continuing its "war games" has the bulk of the Navy break up into fleets and further into task forces.

7 Units worth of the fleet steams northwards and sets up a search pattern in the waters around Alaska.

7 Other form a tight patten close to the Pacific Coast of the FPNA.

The remaining 5 Units cross through the Panama canal and begins operating a search pattern in the Carribean.

FPNA Space Forces take in a tight orbit over the Pacific and FPNA territories.

2008-01-22, 07:33 PM
Outworlds Republics Thanks Nations, Dispatches Embassies

This message is obviously transmitted from a ship in freefall. While the camera is thoughtfully oriented with the speaker (an elderly lady in a light vac suit), there are other people in the background, floating at all angles to themselves and the camera. In the bottom right of the feed is a miniature version of the OR insignia.

"The Outworlds Republic would like to thank the various nations of Earth for their quick recognition of our independence and sovereignty. It fills my heart with joy to know that a nation dedicated to peace and prosperity can exist and that humanity might even be heading to the point when war and suffering are abolished.

"We also thank all the nations of Earth for their invitations to establish embassies. Agents will be dispatched to all the major launch facilities of the world; we apologize for the inconvenience of not placing them in your capitals, but we feel that this is better representative of the OR as a nation, and we hope that the extra distance traveled will help lead towards greater thought and moderation. In return for dispatching our embassies, however, we have a demand, and one we think will put great strain on the great powers of Earth: we require embassies sent to 50000 Quaoar in return!" The somewhat hostile tone of the statement is offset by the grin the speaker wears and the giggle she emits after speaking.

"That's it for now; peace be with you all."


We would be enthusiastic to share research information with the great state of China, provided that any such developments are of a purely civilian focus. While we realize that any and all technologies have military applications, and we could hardly ask our fellows to overlook them, we do request that the combat applications be considered secondary discoveries, rather than the primary goal of any research.

2008-01-23, 12:44 AM
The North African Union will send a commercial embassy.

2008-01-23, 02:32 AM
((Sorry for how long this took. Classes and all that jazz. Crashing now, OOC questions answered tomorrow.))

Air battle over China

As the Chinese storm the last few NAR strongholds, USNA air forces begin their bombing of the Chinese mainland again. The Chinese air garrison is quickly overrun, and Chinese military assets are hurt accordingly. The USNA sustains minimal losses.

Above Average
Air: 5 (0)
For: Ground-based SAMs
Against: none

Cutting Edge
Air: 35.5 (34.87)
For: Numbers, Tech
Against: none

USNA bombardment of Chinese invasion

The USNA air force, after finishing its Chinese sorties, continues on to hit the Chinese Naval forces and initiate an air superiority campaign over Australia. The USNA orbital Battlestation also makes an appearance, inflicting considerable damage on Chinese naval assets. USNA forces could have done more damage, but they withdrew from the area after taking 20% casualties.

Cutting Edge
Air: 34.87 (28)
USNA Battlestation ($15T)
For: Tech, Space Superiority, Air Superiority
Against: none

Above Average
Navy: 13 1/3 (7)
Air: 18 1/3 (13)
For: Naval Superiority
Against: None

Chinese invasion of NAR Australia

Despite USNA interference, Chinese generals make a series of lucky decisions as to where to strike the NAR positions, and they fold up with astonishing speed. The Chinese have taken heavy casualties, but NAR sovereignty on Earth has been extinguished.

Above Average
Ground forces: 15 1/3 (13 1/3)
Air Force: 13 (11)
Naval Force: 7 (5)

For: Numbers, Tech, Air Superiority, Naval Superiority
Against: Overland Supply Lines, Compromised supply/command infrastructure

(I assumed all ground forces were garrisoned where they were produced. You still have your remaining forces to distribute in your Jovian colonies.)
Ground forces: 11 2.5/3 (0)
Air Force: 2 1/3 (0)
Naval Force: 2 1/3 (0)
Space forces: 15.25 (15.25)

For: Space superiority, Major defensive positions
Against: Civilian Uprising, Sabotage

Indian, EU and RF peacekeepers show up and watch the action, doing their best to protect civilians. Since civilians were an aggressive party, however, they spend the majority of their time projecting those few refugees that are not involved with one side of the fighting or another.

2008-01-23, 03:04 AM
Ausland Freed From Oppression, China and Auslanders Celebrate

In a stunningly successful military campaign led by General Meng Tian and with the widespread support of the Ausland populace, China has removed the taint of the NAR from fair Terra. Massive quantities of Chinese aid are en route to the starved population of the erstwhile NAR. China also grants access to all territory for the GID, RF, and EU peacekeepers to distribute aid.

China is now willing to put forth the following terms to the NAR:

1. Immediate cessation of all hostilities.
2. A segment of the population, not to exceed 10,000,000, still loyal to the NAR be allowed free passage to the NAR Jovian holdings.
3. Demilitarization of space. China will agree to keep all military space units inside of Mars orbit. The NAR must keep all military space forces outside of Mars orbit.

China Recognizes the NAU

China has sent a high-ranking delegation to Rabot to establish political, economic, and military ties with the fledgling NAU. China hopes that it will be a good partner in restoring Africa.

Coded Dispatch to the OR

We welcome your cooperation. China will protect and serve the former BU, in honor of the service they rendered our nation. We have a proposal. If we were to transmit data on graviton theory, would you place a large expenditure into Gravity Manipulation? If you are willing, I will also share additional technologies when I discover them. I expect to gain terraforming and perhaps nanotech this turn.

2008-01-23, 04:00 AM
((Moechi_Vill: The NAU is very new, and I doubt their first action would be to intercede in a foreign war, and any overt support for SCSA activities is reviled by virtually every living human. Perhaps rethinking your strategy is a good idea.))

Soda nee... I'll try to roleplay better/be less biased. It'll probably pay off too.

The North African Union

Earth: The Northern Coast of Africa
Capitol: Rabot
Major Spaceport: The Canary Islands
Population: 3.05 billion
GEP: $270 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Average
Military Tech rating: Way Below Average
Environmental Health: Bad
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 7
Air Force: 4
Naval Force: 4
Space forces: 1
All: 20%

2008-01-23, 05:03 AM
((dude... no. all but one troop was going to the earth... none really needed in space. was waiting for a usna post...))

((also, a little upset that while when my population fought against 8 troops in jupiter they inflicted 0 losses, but chinese caused riots created 6 troop death... but whatever. and i'll edit this post later, just wanted to get this right obvious.))

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-23, 05:03 AM
NAR conquest

"The Grand Indian Democracy has just send a message to Great China. In this message we ask them to reunite NAR terrirories and hold democratic elections to determine their future. In the mean time we expect that the people in NAR lands will be cared for and provided for to the full extend that China can. We trust that china is fully capable of this.

In addition we ask Chinese to come to Delhi to discuss future relations between our countries. We do not want our differences to divide us and as such seek to find communal and constructive grounds to work upon."

@Maldiem Indian peacekeeping troops along with Indian intelligence will monitor the Chinese budget allocations and aid given to the people of Ausland. This includes literally monitoring what comes out of factories in the whole of ausland and what is exported to and from china. Any large scale project should thus be easy to detect.

In addition popular support will be monitored in Ausland to see what kind of future the people want for themselves.

@ China
We do not agree with your conquest. We ask you restore democratic governance. If the people freely choose to join you, you are in your right, but the option of independence must be given.

Also note that we expect you to rebuild civilian infrastructure and provide social and environmental programs to remedy the wars devastation.

2008-01-23, 05:20 AM
NAU to China: Bribe them Promise to bring prosperity.

2008-01-23, 10:29 AM
World Press Conference: On the Conquest of Australia by China

The USNA is appalled at the actions of the Chinese, but it is not shocked. The Chinese set their plans for the conquest of the NAR into motion years ago when one of their secret operative stole an NAR missile from its silo. Then they used that missile to destroy their own colony ship. This gave them what they believed would be undisputable justification to invade the sovereign nation NAR. The USNA remembers this situation all too well. While the scale is heightened, the same tactic was used by Hitler's Nazi's in their "justification" to invade Poland. In that war, the international community, as well as the United States stood by for far too long, and by the time they did intervene, the situation had gotten immesurably worse, and by the time the war had ended, some of the greatest atrocities ever committed had occurred. I am not here to give you a history lesson, we all remember that war well, I assume. But what I am asking each of you to do, is to take a lesson from the past. If the powers had known how the war would end up at it inception, they would likely have intervened much sooner in order to prevent the Holocaust. I now present to all of you, China our modern agressor, with little concern for peacetalks, and an overwhelming desire to conquer. I ask all of you to help us tame this beast. In the wake of a new round of terrible atrocities, the use of Nuclear weapons by a nation on its own soil to attack peacekeeping forces, and the invasion of a sovereign nation under false pretenses by China, we MUST end this war before it gets started. The USNA has already committed its forces to the effort and hopes that the rerst of the world will join it in an alliance from this most destructive force of China. Our world needs to put an end to this rampant imperialism so that it can face its new and possibly most harrowing challenge yet - the alien threat. I call all nations to see China for what it really is. Commit forces if you can, if not then monetary aid, failing that the least you can do is close your borders economically to China so that it can feel the repercussions of a world community devoted to the ideal of justice. Thank you all for helping us find peace in our lifetimes.

2008-01-23, 10:32 AM
Ascendant Caliphate
(Turn 3)

Budget:Earth Income: $148T (45% tax rate)
$20T: Environmental Restoration
$26T: Military Upkeep
$10T: Expansion of Sol Space Forces
$20T: Civillian Tech Research
$20T: Military Tech Research
$32T: Nanotechnology Research
$20T: Espionage Tech Research

Sol System: $8.2T (Earth-orbit Shipyard and Lunar Colony)
$5T: Expansion of Lunar Colony

Alpha System: $12.7T (Khalidan)
$5T: Expansion of Alpha Space Forces

Orders:The Military continues on Defensive Alert, running drills and simulations to keep their edge.

The Caliph's public addresses continue to focus on the rebuilding and revitalizing of the Caliphate's lands and holdings. Diplomatic messages, save those regarding possible economic or research treaties, meet polite but cool rebuffs, and the Caliph stands firm on his intention to remain neutral in any military conflicts.

2008-01-23, 02:33 PM

I want to send as many spies as possible to china. I want to know where their weapons of mass destruction are. I want to know where their army is stationed. I want to know where their command bunkers are.

Short version: I want to know which targets Colombo has to strike to prevent and/or stop a full scale attack from China.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-23, 02:44 PM
orders (maldiem and colombo members)Just before the message to follow the indian intelligence service makes as detailed an inventory as possible of chinese defences and weapons of mass destruction using all their contacts and potential for this. Locations, quantities and targets are analysed and filtered into an indian early warning and response system, which would consists of an immediate and decisive bombardment of all their military assets and nulcear facilities if china makes an offensive move against india, followed by a ground invasion of mainland china and a naval-air force engagement against their fleet and other holdings ((NOTE ONLY IF THEY ATTACK FIRST)). In addition the gasers already constructed at ghandi sation will be keyed to take out any launches.

Response to the World Press Conference: On the Conquest of Australia by China
Sharad Rahman steps forward, the Indian pm is visibly weary and he looks like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulder. Evidently the years in office have made him wary and it is unlikely he will run for re-election.

"The Grand Indian Democracy regrets what it's intelligence services have just brought to the attention of the parliament. Investigations have indeed shown that the NAR missile incident was caused by an act of the Chinese as described so elequently by the USNA government.

In the light of this information our nation cannot maintain both a clear conscious and continue it's military alliance with Great China. We deeply regret that our Chinese friends have undertaken these actions. We feel for the people of both NAR and China, whom have had to bear the burden of this war and from one government that is treacherous and one that callous.

Though both sides in this conflict have committed grave atrocities the great security council has decided that China, with it's unlawful warmongering is in fact to blame in this instance. As such we demand an immediate withdrawal of all Chinese forces from NAR territories.

In this respect India asks that Chinese officials in NAR hand over civilian authority to EU and RF peacekeeping forces Ausland, whom will maintain and manage it until it can be restored to it's rightful government, whom has promised to India that measures taken were, though ill conceived, intended only for the greater good of their nation within what were and are their sovereign lands."

military allocations
Space forces & Ghandi station: ready to counter Chinese attacks and any WMD (same goes fro threat from other nations, like the FPNA). Our forces will monitor others movements and will move to counter any moves towards our colonies and space assets engaging them with support of space marines and actively using boarding actions if possible, though 3 points worth will alway protect Ghandi, which will be rallied to.

5 Land; 5 Air; 5 Navy: Africa co-ordinate defense with southern ocean defense command if necessary (using their heavy equipment if attacked), but otherwise keep the same strategy as before of rebuilding and guarding purely military assets.
5 Land; 5 Air; 5 Navy: Australian peacekeepers, banded with Russian and EU peace keepers as a potent forces that is highly dug in around major fortifications and mountain cities
14 Land; 21 Air; 15 Navy: Defending Indian mainland and prepare for counterstrike if attacked in any way, by rolling into south east Asia and on into Indonesia to then link up with peacekeepers and defeat Chinese in ausland.

2008-01-23, 03:38 PM

Troop deployment:
Africa: Only 1 ground, 2 air and 2 naval will remain in Africa, as it is mostly pacified now.
Australia: 15 naval, 10 air and 3 ground will be stationed in Australia, prepare to answer any chinese agression.
Europe: 8 Ground, 10 air and 5 naval will be stationed in Europe, to defend all borders against chinese attacks.
Space forces:
5 over Europe, prepared to shoot down missiles and chinese attackers.
3 to mars, if the Chinese try something there.
2 to the Asteroid belt. Ready to defend.

All missile defence systems, lasers and gasers are to be powered up.

2008-01-23, 05:29 PM
Colombo Forces combined research budget:
Colombo Treaty combined research budget Turn 3:

Terraforming: 100% completed
Graviton technology: 100% Completed
Genetic engineering (55T, 71.5T after tech bonus): 55.75% complete
+$45T spent this turn
Xenobiology: 5T, 6.5T after tech, 42.5% complete
+$4.728 spent this turn
Nanotechnology: (50T, 70 after tech) 43.333%
+$40T spent this turn
Antimatter: 20%
+$70T spent this turn.
Cybernetics: 20%
Terraforming: Completed
Quantum Computing: (60T, 84 after tech bonus) 48% complete
+$40.79T spent this turn
The False Sky 0%
Gravity Manipulation: 0%
Planck Field: 0%
+$13T spent this turn.

2008-01-23, 05:55 PM
Response to USNA and GID

Your claims that we are responsible for the loss of the Zheng He are preposterous. The USNA and GID have not presented any evidence to the world community for their baseless accusations. In contrast, China has presented its case to the neutral UN.

As such, China rejects all demands to cede control to the so-called "peacekeepers." Instead, they are merely a thinly-veiled force of conquest. Therefore, their removal from Ausland is immediately requested. A small ground contingent may remain to oversee aid efforts and monitor our conduct. After order is restored and the deprivations of the NAR government have been repaired, than China will allow a referendum on the final fate of Ausland.

No military intervention will be tolerated by any outside force. To do so would be the start of a war from which Terra will never recover.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-23, 06:08 PM
Colombo Forces combined research budget:
Colombo Treaty combined research budget Turn 3:

You forgot to add the indian part of the budget, revamped (i did the checksum to check the amounts):

Russia: 75
India: 69
EU: 135.5

Terraforming: 100% completed
Graviton technology: 100% Completed
Genetic engineering (55T, 71.5T after tech bonus): 55.75% complete
+$45T spent this turn
Xenobiology: 5T, 6.5T after tech, 42.5% complete
+$4.728 spent this turn
Nanotechnology: (50T, 70 after tech) 43.333%
+$40T spent this turn
Antimatter: 20%
+$101.772 T spent this turn. (this money may be redirected to finish of other projects (apart from the plank field), which take priority)
Cybernetics: 20%
Terraforming: Completed
Quantum Computing: (60T, 84 after tech bonus) 48% complete
+$75T spent this turn by russia (though we believe only 40.79 is needed, with the rest going into nanotechnology if needed there or to finish of the other techs)
The False Sky 0%
Gravity Manipulation: 0%
Planck Field: 0%
+$13T spent this turn.

In all we expect to finish

TOTAL SUM: 279.5

Australian Peace keepers

Indian peace keepers will remain in Ausland. We do not recognize any Chinese claims of sovereignty on that land and we were cordially invited by the legitimate NAR government to come in to distribute aid and protect the civilian population. We intend to keep doing so and our forces are ordered to fight in self defense or in defense of the Ausland population. Chinese threats against mother earth itself are a kind of state terrorism akin to what we have come to expect of them and we cannot bow to such actions.

Still we offer them the olive branch. We have no intention to fight them, far from it we regard China as a lost brother that needs to be shown the right direction, our interest are only in the populations well being and freedom. We hope china will join us for talks in Switserland again to discuss a peaceful restoration of Ausland sovereignty, whatever form that might take.

(budget aditions)
India doesn't want to, but fears it will have to move to war budgets again. Taxes are increased by a further 10% (to 60%), yielding some 96.4 T if China starts fighting. These taxes will be spend at remedying the effects of any WMDs used by china or other wartime damage, with aid packages for population suffering heavily under such and expansion of space forces if any money is left over.

Ghandi station is deploying any of it's gaser satalites it allready has in an effort to provide the missle shield along with other space forces.

If fighting starts with peacekeepers India will launch it's invasion as described above and will co-ordinate with colombo forces and USNA/NAR forces to disable the chinese WMDs as soon as possible through pre-emptive strikes.

2008-01-23, 11:51 PM

Earth: South America, Cuba, non-Bahama Caribbean islands
Mars: Terraforming/mining colonies, pop 59,393 ($58.254T)
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard $7.2T
Cash Reserves: $120T from sale of Asteroid bases
Capitol: Brasilia
Major Spaceport: The Galapagos Islands
Population: 1.918 billion
GEP: $256.290 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Way Below Average (down one)
Military Tech rating: Average (down one)
Environmental Health: Bad
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 22
Air Force: 16
Naval Force: 21
Space forces: 9
All: 20%


NBU (Novo BU)

The BU has changed drastically. The Outworlds Republic isn't recognized as an independent nation as of yet. The Generalissimo, taking advantage of the civil war, has attempted to become the one and only dictator of the BU. This ploy has failed, as the many corporations that first supported the Generalissimo threatened to make the country enter a state of economical crisis. The General backed down and the new state was formed, much influenced by the corporations that originally supported the military man.

The NBU is now a bipolar authority. The Generalissimo is in charge of everything related to the military, and the Consejo (Council) deals with everything outside that authority. It also has the power, at a majority, to veto military operations. The Council is composed of 10 active members, all representatives of the 10 most supportive corporations to the Generalissimo.

The NBU has not yet issued any particular statements as of its previous stances concerning friends and foes, except for its stance with the GID.

The countries frontiers are opening up to India, the rates are lowered and the countries restrictive trade barriers are lifted. It is also known from the NBU that a non-aggression pact has been formed with the GID.

A grand program has been encouraged by most members of the Council, called 'Verde', in an attempt to consolidate greatly the environment in the NBU. The NBU spends $20T of their latent cash resources to replant trees, recreate healthy environments and generally terraform the land.

The NBU encourages nations of Earth to send emissaries, as it is still dealing with critical issues.

((Bear with me, I'm still going through a lot of the info, catching up ^^))

2008-01-24, 12:42 AM
FPS Solaris - Large Cargo ship(space)


Following a quick stop at Luna 1 to offload supplies and pick up passengers from the colony for a return trip to Earth.

On it's approach the engines of the ship begin firing sporadically and most of the directional controls appear to be malfunctioning also. Drifting listlessly through space with only rudimentary controls the Solaris is many thousands of miles off course from it's destination at the FPNA Orbital Yards. However, the USNA battlestation is however well within range even for the malfunctioning ship.

The Captain of the Solaris begins transmitting an emergency message to the USNA Battlestation.

"USNA Battlestation this is the FPS Merchant Vessel Solaris, transporting colonists and consumer goods from Luna. We are experiencing critical system failures throughout our propulsion and navigation systems. We can not reach our final destination and are in imminent danger of losing orbital stability.

I am requesting permission that we be allowed to dock with your station so my crew can conduct emergency repairs.

In the interest of our nations newfound friendship I implore you to allow us to dock so the lives of the colonists are not put in danger."

To Maldiem & Thymin

This event will coincide with a few other events, so don't consider it to have fired just yet, I want to get the RPing for this portion dealt with so the rest goes smoothly. I am giving trigger events to Maldiem based on USNA's reaction, some good, some bad. Depends on the USNA treats my poor spacers.

2008-01-24, 01:03 AM
((The population of the Jovian moons was such that the numbers of occupying Brazillians was a very high percentage of the population. Unrest can't really cause damage unless the soldiers are badly outnumbered.))

Unrest in Border States of USNA continues

Pro-FPNA movements continue in the border states of the USNA, and peaceful protests are starting to turn into full-scale marches. The agitators are obviously getting contributions from a foreign source, but it will require an investigation to determine exactly whom.

USNA Continues to Bombard China

The USNA air force bombs the Chinese Military/Industrial complex with impunity, inflicting large amounts of damage, backed up by the USNA Navy. It remains to be seen if the Chinese will recall some of their military to defend their homeland.

Eisenhower Comes Into Focus

Eisenhower is an old, cold white dwarf, basically a hot diamond. Fusion is no longer occurring, and the system is very quiet. A screen of beacons lines the system about 20 AUs out, and they switch off as the FPNA colony ship arrives. There is a single Neptune-sized gas giant in the system, with three large moons and the usual smattering of smaller objects in orbit. The gas giant has some interesting weather patterns that seem to disobey what is known about gas giant fluid mechanics, and bears further investigation.

New Breakthrough Available to the FPNA:
The Strange Clouds

Red Dwarves Are Not Happy Places

The star has a distant, 20 or so earth mass ice giant 15 AUs from the star, and a Earth-massed terrestrial planet .25AUs from the star, which lies in the habitable zone, since this is much cooler than Sol. A narrow, 20km band around the planet is in perpetual dusk, since its tidally locked to the star, and on the facing side there is a blasted, volcanic desert and on the far side is a massive sheet of ice. Due to temperature differences, non-stop hurricane-force winds blow across the surface. The planet has a minor axial tilt, so the 20km strip that has liquid water shifts around on a yearly basis. Heavy magnetic fields from the star mean that any electronic equipment on the surface will need strong shielding (+10% colony cost). Clearly not a verdant place like Earth or the terrestrial planets in Alpha, but habitable in a narrow region for a properly shielded colony.

On this inhospitable piece of rock, NAR and USNA scientists are surprised to find liquid water and a lawn of low, maroon plants. From their telescopes, they also pick out some anomalous objects moving around on the surface, though there is no sign of any sort of civilization.

2008-01-24, 01:15 AM
Atlantis approaches Eisenhower

Though still far out the crew of the Atlantis begins planning for their arrival in system. Changing their course slightly to get closer to the large moons orbitting the single gas giant. Long range optics and radio systems begin scanning the moons to see which of the moons would be the most hospitable.

Other scientists dedicate themselves to trying to decipher the beacons spotted their exact location and their origin.

Transmissions of approach to the system and other news is transmitted back to the Sol System.

2008-01-24, 02:20 AM
Dispatch to the GID, RF, and EU

The following dispatch is delivered by the ambassador to each of the respective governments. The ambassadors are then recalled to Xi'an.

"Your so-called "peacekeeping" efforts are merely a thinly veiled attempt to exert total hegemony over Terra. We will under no circumstances allow the NAR government to be reinstated on Terra. It has already cost us over 50 million lives and even struck down millions of its own citizens. To allow such a hostile and reckless power to ever threaten China again would be criminal on my part.

Furthermore, we reject any attempt of the GID, RF, or EU to attempt to a broker a peace agreement. We will only deal with the NAR. It is a sad state on your governments that we would rather speak to our enemy than our so-called "friends."

If you heed nothing else, then heed this. Any military intervention by any of the treaty nations will lead to immediate retaliation by China on all of them with all of the weapons at our disposal."

-- Sun Yat-tzu, Premier, Great China

2008-01-24, 03:53 AM

The RF joins its Colombo brothers and sisters in the condemnation of GC warmongering. We ask that GC withdraws to it´s former borders, and let free elections be held in occupied territory. We will not be intimidated by the threats of the Chinese.

@Maldiem, Colombo treatyAll RF forces are returned to Terra, save two GF in each the lunar colony and the jovian moon production base. All space forces are put on alert, ready to shoot down any missiles shot by GC or FPNA.

Russian ground and air troops are spread out along the GC border, to avoid being prime targets for missile strikes. Only token forces are left at EU and GID borders.

The navy is concentrated in the north, ready to carry invasion forces to the japanese islands.

Russian intelligence concentrates efforts on GC nuclear and biological weapons, finding information on where they are and how they are protected. This information is shared within the Colombo treaty. In case of war, air forces and space forces will immidiately bombard any GC nuke sites with intensive bombardment. Navy attack subs will target any missile subs. KGB-II will conduct signal jamming, to prevent launch orders being sent.

RF ground forces will invade along the GC border and at the Japanese islands, protected by our air forces.

2008-01-24, 10:09 AM
FPS Solaris - Large Cargo ship(space)


Following a quick stop at Luna 1 to offload supplies and pick up passengers from the colony for a return trip to Earth.

On it's approach the engines of the ship begin firing sporadically and most of the directional controls appear to be malfunctioning also. Drifting listlessly through space with only rudimentary controls the Solaris is many thousands of miles off course from it's destination at the FPNA Orbital Yards. However, the USNA battlestation is however well within range even for the malfunctioning ship.

The Captain of the Solaris begins transmitting an emergency message to the USNA Battlestation.

"USNA Battlestation this is the FPS Merchant Vessel Solaris, transporting colonists and consumer goods from Luna. We are experiencing critical system failures throughout our propulsion and navigation systems. We can not reach our final destination and are in imminent danger of losing orbital stability.

I am requesting permission that we be allowed to dock with your station so my crew can conduct emergency repairs.

In the interest of our nations newfound friendship I implore you to allow us to dock so the lives of the colonists are not put in danger."

To Maldiem & Thymin

This event will coincide with a few other events, so don't consider it to have fired just yet, I want to get the RPing for this portion dealt with so the rest goes smoothly. I am giving trigger events to Maldiem based on USNA's reaction, some good, some bad. Depends on the USNA treats my poor spacers.

USNA to aid FPNA merchant ship


We have dispatched a freighter to dock with your vessel. Please do what you can to stabilize your orbit and cut all engines. The USNA Battlestation is unable to house your crew and colonists. However, we will send out ships to help stabilize your orbit, if you are unable to do so, and if you would like our help, we offer a team of engineers to help you fix your systems. We will also shuttle your crew and colonists down to your territory on earth if you would like, or they are willing to wait about the freighter for the repairs to be made. I regret that this is all we can offer you, but I hope that this will be sufficient. If you have any other needs, please let us know.

To Maldiem, EU, GID, RF, and NAR:

The USNA will focus its bombing runs and orbital bombardment by the battlestation on known Chinese WMD locations. Once these are destroyed will we move on to destroying any locations that are marked as likely WMD launch locations. If the Chinese begin to move their military back into China we will target them directly, maintaining our air superiority and bringing the full force of our Pacific Fleet to bear on the Chinese Navy, with the goal being the complete destruction of Chinese assets in the area, effectively constraining Chinese troops to the NAR.

2008-01-24, 11:55 AM

Spiralling dangerously close to the Battlestation, the Solaris periodically fires its navigational thrusters trying to right itself. After tense minutes a few malfunctioning misfires the Solaris stablizes itself.

"Kzzt...This is Sol...kzzt...is....awaiting...kzzt...ocking...with ...freighter...kzzt...d...tender...shi...kzzt....m ore...kzzt...ystems...fail...kzzt...need...kzzt... immediate...assistance..."

2008-01-24, 12:15 PM


[SPOILER]The Freighter, already enroute to your position will dock within minutes of your transmission. It has a crew ready to assist you if you want the help, otherwise your people are welcome to come abourd the Freighter. Please advise on your needs and desires. Also a couple of space "tugs" come out and begin to attach to the Solaris to remove it from the dangerous area surrounding the active Battlestation, they are accompanied by a couple of military spacecraft as escorts. Your ship will need to be moved in order to guarantee it's safety.

2008-01-24, 02:23 PM

The freighter waits lifelessly, its engines occassionaly sputtering from malfunctions before being completely deactivated as the freighter approaches for docking.

As the freighter comes closer and initiates the docking procedure, Solaris initiates the first activity it had for several minutes with an unencrypted burst message to the FPNA Space Center.

"Kzzzt....is Solaris....Kzzzt...docking....kzzzt...U...Kzzzt... .A Freighter...Zzzt...emergency....repairs...Kzzt Critical....fail...kzzt..."

The transmission dies suddenly being replaced with heavy static and interference across the communication lines.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-24, 06:03 PM
And so it begins

The Indian prime minister once again addresses his nation, not from his presidential office as normal, but instead the cold hard walls of a military command center can be seen behind him.

"My dear people, China has been reluctant to respond to an ultimatum send to it by the international community. In addition they have threatened to seriously destabilize the whole of earth, in what is little more then a campaign of illicit aggression against the New Ausland Republic.

Therefore Colombo treaty ministers have agreed that we cannot condone this regime in China any more. They are a threat to the international community and peaceful relations in the world. If they are not stopped, surely their aggression will know no bounds.

We deeply regret that it had to come to this. yet we are doing the only thing that is both morally right and truly just.

As such Air and Space forces of the Colombo treaty forces have crossed into Chinese lands and have begun a systematic campaign at eliminating Chinese Weapons of Mass destruction sites and disabling their launch infrastructure. We have established aerial dominance over the Chinese lands and air and ground forces are currently being deployed in a war of liberation to free the people of China from their tyrannical leaders, whom would kill their own citizens to justify a war.

The military and economic dominance of the Colombo treaty and their NAR and USNA allies will ensure a brief war and our nation is more then capable of countering anything china might try. We hold dominance over space and Ghandi has plenty of Gasers to wreak havoc on chinese missiles.

Let us hope we can spare as many lives as possible though. We fight for what is right, for everyone deserves to live free, the Chinese, Thai, Indonesians and the people of Ausland and indeed all of man kind."

@Maldiem, EU, RF, USNA, NAR
I've send the battle orders as requested by the alliance members.

Quarter will be given to those soldiers who surrender. We'd much rather not kill them if it can be avoided, but will not take unnecessary risks either.

2008-01-24, 08:20 PM
Final Address of the Chinese Premier


My generals have informed me that the Treaty nations have been to launch their attack on China. I have ordered our valiant but outnumbered forces to resist them with all of their might.

China will not let the world be crushed under the guise of "peacekeeping" actions . The Treaty nations are simply exercising the same brute force that they claim to excoriate China for.

However, if China must go, then it will not go gently into that dark night. While the Indian Prime Minister cowers in his hole like a rat, I will not leave my office. I am not afraid to face the consequences of my actions.

May fortune shine on China and my fair Terra someday forgive us for the actions of both sides.

FLASH TRAFFIC: Execute Plan "Jian"



Execute Plan "Jian"

-- Upon immediate detection of Treaty forces moving towards China launches all stealth supersonic cruise missiles at civilian targets in the Treaty nations
-- 2000 for the GID (75% nuclear, 25% biological), 1000 each for RF and EU (same distribution)
-- Also, agents in country release chemical and biological weapons into water supplies, public transport, etc. After completion move on to assassinate key researchers, generals, and politicians
-- All technical data is flash transmitted to the OR and FPNA
-- Ground forces in China and Ausland resist attack with full use of tactical nuclear weapons
-- Naval ,Air , and Space flee to the FPNA and are put under their control

2008-01-24, 10:23 PM

Jael Darkwood Sits at a wood desk, stars visible in a window behind his head. He pauses for a moment, staring into the camera, then begins to speak.

"We have listened. China, we have heard your leaders. In their hatred of defeat, in their cowardice, they have decided to blight this world FOR THE SECOND TIME with nuclear holocaust. Now. Hear me. Your leaders have brought war to your lands, killed your people, and now they are giving your military to a 3rd party. I call to those of you in the IC armed forces: refuse these illegal orders. Prevent the launch of your weapons of mass distruction. Your leaders have lost both their right to lead, and their honor. You can still save your own honor, you can still save other innocents from harm. Make the right decision, the hard decision. Refuse these orders.

Soon, a coalition force composed of the military of most of the world will cross your borders. We will act to dismantle your leadership, and remove your troops from NAR territory. We will respect your people, and your traditions. In time, we will restore you to self-governance."

Standing, he leans forward, bracing his arms on the desk.

"Surrender your arms, and keep your honor."

Fleet orders @ maldiem, GID, EU, USNA, RF

NAR space fleet will not permit any IC forces to escape destruction. Interdiction of weapon launches with our space forces is the immediate next goal, but no IC forces will be permitted to escape (surrender will be accepted).

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-25, 02:11 AM
Adres by the PM

"My precious people, young and old, woman and man. The GC Government has proven herself an enemy of all the peoples of the earth. Not just us, not just our allies, but in fact every single nation. They would turn the world to ash, petty as a child who can't have his toy. Fortunately our defenses are strong. Indian ground forces have arranged laser arrays to intercept missiles, space and air forces are concentrated on the elimination of potential launches. Ghandi Station is the most advanced missile shield in the world and the peoples of our lands are the most numerous in their resilience and desire to bring peace to the world!

Certainly it is a dark day, but equally certain is that in doing this we are preventing mans darkest century yet."

[orders]Brace for impact!!! Ground and naval forces use anti missile systems, Ghandi is at full alert and air and space forces are on full intercept to anything remotely missile shaped that comes their way. Do as you are trained and prepared to do. India will endure this storm.

2008-01-25, 03:15 AM

FPNA Marines Board USNA Freighter, Learn That Gunfights On Spaceships Are A Bad Idea

When the USNA freighter docks with the FPS Solaris to render aid, the crew is attacked by Marines aboard the FPNA ship. A gun battle ensues, and, though the marines are obviously in pressure suits, they damage several important systems in the ship and it really does suffer a series of catastrophic malfunctions, plummeting into the atmosphere as its reactor goes critical. The Battlestation retaliates quickly against the Solaris, shredding it like a lobster flambe at a meeting for off-the-wagon weight watchers.

FPNA Invades USNA Amid Cheers For Californication (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Tn28aGYytxs)
((You may want to let this track run while you read. Music will begin the healing, heh))

As the Colombo Treaty gears up to invade China, the FPNA North and South armies stream into the USNA in a pincer movement amid a sudden outbreak of civilian violence. The population is about split between FPNA and USNA loyalties, so no meaningful civilian resistance takes place (as the civilians are too busy fighting eachother). The USNA air force, conducting sorties in the Pacific, is quickly recalled when news of the invasion starts, delivering its first loads of ordnance within hours of the FPNA invasion. The Navy is still weeks away, though, and the FPNA navy quickly routes the USNA naval garrison, sailing up waterways and putting a serious crimp in USNA supply and command structures. Washington D.C. is evacuated when an FPNA carrier group is sighted, so a serious breach in the chain of command happens while the government retreats inland.

FPNA: Good
Ground forces: 18 (13)
Air Force: 22 (17)
Naval Force: 19 (14)
Space forces: 11 (0)

For: Numbers, Naval Superiority, Surprise
Against: Long Overland supply lines

USNA: Cutting Edge
Ground forces: 16 (10.75)
Air Force: 28 (22.25)
Naval Force: 2 (the rest is in the Pacific) (0)
Space forces: 7 (1.75)
Other: USNA Battlestation (Heavy Damage)

For: Tech, Air Superiority
Against: Breach in command structure

FPNA forces manage to link up in Nebraska, surrounding the USNA strongholds in the Rockies. The FPNA space forces engage the USNA fleet, and a meat grinder of a battle leaves both fleets devastated, though the USNA has enough ships left to claim victory, and the Battlestation has sustained heavy damage. The USNA now has two defensive lines, one along the Mississippi river and Hudson Bay line and another pocket of forces holed up in the Rockies. Refugees have flooded the roads and waterways in the central USNA, choking infrastructure and generating a good deal of panic. All the major coastal cities of the East Coast have been captured by the FPNA navy, which has thrown the country into chaos.

Colombo Treaty Invades China. China Learns To Love The Bomb.

As the Emperor's message goes out across the airwaves, plan Jian goes into motion. All across Colombo Treaty nations, Chinese sleeper agents release biological and chemical weapons into water supplies and crowded urban areas. Chinese cruise missiles stationed at their borders with the RF and India are launched, and the low, fast, small missiles with nuclear payloads are much harder to shoot down than the SCSA ICBMs were, and have much shorter distances to travel. Treaty forces shoot down the majority of the missiles, but that leaves a number that strike their targets. Most major cities in Eastern Russia and India suffer direct nuclear strikes, killing over 1.3 billion Indians and 400 million Russians. The biological weapons add a second blow, tailored viruses bred for maximum mortality in the time it takes to develop a vaccine sweeping through large urban centers that remain. A week or so after their release, foreign labs develop the vaccines that local labs should have, and two weeks after their release the man-made plagues are contained. Still, all told, 100 million people in the EU, 1.6 billion Indians and 550 million Russians are killed. During the incubation period, the plagues spread to non-Colombo nations as well, killing 1% of their populations before the cures were developed.

((All factions with Earth-based territory, please add civilian casualties to your status threads. Economic damage will be adjudicated at the end of the turn.))

The Colombo Coalition
RF: Good
Ground forces: 18 (12.5)
Air Force: 18 (12.5)
Naval Force: 7 (.5)
Space forces: 18

NAR: Average
Ground forces: 4 (0)

India: Good
Ground: 24 (17.5)
Air: 31 (24.5)
Navy: 25 (18.5)
Space: 13

For: Numbers, Air Superiority, Naval Superiority, Space Superiority, Tech
Against: Command/Supply structure compromised by nuclear attack

Great China
China: Above Average
Ground forces: 18 1/3 (0)
Air Force: 11 (0)
Naval Force: 10 (0)

For: All-out deployment of superweapons
Against: Command/Supply infrastructure damaged by conventional bombardment

The Chinese military runs a scorched Earth campaign against Colombo forces, using tactical nukes liberally as well as all manner of futuristic chemical and biological weapons. Colombo Treaty attempts to seize Chinese superweapons run into the unfortunate fact that there are a godawful lot of Chinese superweapons, so many that Treaty analysts believe that for the past several months there has been a significant effort to covertly build and deploy superweapons almost exclusively. Still, the Treaty's overwhelming numbers and technology eventually prevail, and China lies pacified.

Unforunately, as Chinese military forces retreat from each urban area, a special unit of super-loyal espionage forces rigs a nuclear device inside the city itself, and only the very last of the cities conquered escape total destruction as Chinese civilians realize what is going on and lynch the special forces. China is defeated, and over 4.5 billion of its citizens have been killed.

Fallout from the area is enormous, and some of the larger nukes were placed to set off fault lines in the Pacific rim. The Japanese islands are almost completely leveled, and those parts of coastal China that aren't radioactive craters are destroyed by earthquakes or tsunamis. Moderate-to-large eruptions ensue, and the clouds block the sun over most of Asia for months. Ecologists are pessimistic as to what all this is going to do to the environment, and it seems a major rebuilding effort will be necessary.

100 million EU civilian casualties
1.6 billion Indian casualties
550 million Russian casualties
4.5 billion Chinese casualties
1% of terrestrial population from plagues for all factions

North African Union Has Nukes, Everyone Is Surprised.

The NAU launches an unprovoked nuclear attack on India, as all three of their 1950's Russian-surplus ICBMs sputter across the sky. They are quickly shot down by Colombo Treaty space forces.

USNA Special Forces Raid Australian-Based Chinese Propaganda Center, Kidnap 1

USNA Pacific forces conduct a daring raid on a Chinese propaganda camp just before the nuclear holocaust happens, capturing their man just in time to be recalled state-side.

((Thymin, you caught Sr. Li. Go for it.))

2008-01-25, 04:55 AM
EU net broadcast worldwide

Vittore Ferrero, Head of the Department of Foreing Affairs (DEFA) stands before a camera, strategically placed before a hospital in rome, the city that has been hit the hardest by the biologocial holocaust. He seems calm, but the dark circles around his eyes speak a different language.
"People of Earth. The last weeks have been the most tragic time in the history of the world.
As you all know, the Chinese have unleashed a biological Apocalypse of unforeseeable dimensions. The country once known as China is now a radioactive desert.
We can not deny that this was not only chinas but also the Colombo Treaty's fault. While the EU would have prefered negotiations about the NAR issue, we had an escalation, which resulted in biological and nuclear attacks worldwide.
I will accept the consequences of our failures and step down from my position as Head of the DEFA. May a wiser and worthier man take my position.
However, the DEFA discussed matters with the DETRE and Ladislav Dubcek and I agreed, that in order to fight the ecological damage done by the Chinese WMDs, drastic measures are in order.
Therefore, the EU wishes to announce that it wants o make it's breakthroughs in the Science of Terraforming, earned in long and hard work on Mars and the Asteroid belt, public. May you all use it wisely, to stop the fallout and plagues. Hopefully, such an attrocity will never happen again.
Thank you."

The EU makes Terraforming a public technology. Every nation is free to use it as they see fit, to stop the biological and nuclear damage.

2008-01-25, 09:50 AM
From The Proceedings of the Republican Assembly, 2115-2120, with Commentary by the University of Quaoar Political Science Department, Pages 4317-4322

Juan Marquez (Secretary):...And so the vote to relay the vote officially censure China passes, with 133 votes to 0. Alpha Ward will be now be polled, but the record will show that the motion passes regardless. We will now poll the citizens of the Outworlds Republic, and

With permission, we will now begin discussion on the next topic at hand: the large amount of technical data the Chinese government transmitted to us shortly before their collapse, including most notably a number of documents relating to the direct control of gravity. Marca Barrio has first words.

Marco Barrio: Marco Barrio speaking. First, I'd like to state that I think China's recent actions are completely deplorable-

JM: Marco, please keep to the topic at hand.

MB: Alright, sorry. Anyway, let me ask you guys a hypothetical question. Let's say you know this rich woman, right? You're not very close, but you've been friendly the few times you've met. Now, suddenly she goes on a killing rampage, and the police have to kill her while trying to apprehend her. Later, you find that she has unexpectedly left you a very large sum of money. Do you take it? I mean, the money wasn't developed to help with the rampage, it's not a product of that rampage, and refusal to accept the money won't prevent the crime from having happened. It's logically fallible to reject the money, no matter what horrible things the source committed.

Aria Carales: Aria Carales speaking. Marco, your hypothetical question has no bearing on the task at hand. For one, China has a history of making similar decisions; in fact, I've constantly opposed our relatively close diplomatic relations-

JM: Aria...

AC: Anyway, my point remains. You can't divorce the product from the source.

MB: I contend you can...I mean, the technology that the Chinese used in their recent atrocities-

JM: Marco, we have not yet identified China's recent actions as atrocities. Please refrain from using charged words.

MB: Fine, fine. Anyway, China's recent actions were carried out almost exclusively using technologies that are over a century old. Cruise missiles are almost as old as nuclear weapons, and nuclear weapons predate the fricken' silicon transistor, for Christ's sake. That China chose to share their technology with us is certainly surprising, but the knowledge was not developed for evil, it was not used for evil, and no knowledge is inherently evil. That it was developed by evil people doesn't mean that we shouldn't use it. I mean, the foundations of rocketry and jet engines were really laid down by the Nazis, and if anyone ever was evil, it was them. Should we not use rockets?

AC: We don't, you know, use rockets anymore. But even then, your sense of scale is warped...people condemned the NAR government for dropping asteroids and killing 70 million. The Chinese have just killed a hundred times that number. I think we should dump the knowledge, eject their embassy, and cut all ties.

JM: Aria, that is off topic. Hell, you and Marco are both straying way off topic. Next statement made off of the subject of the potential use of Chinese technological documents will result in the speaker losing talking privileges for a day.

AC: Juan, I'm appalled that you think it possible to discuss this topic outside of the moral context created by the analysis and consideration of all recent events, especially events as significant as the recent atrocities-

JM: Alright, that's it. Next speaker.

Julia Miroslas: Julia Miroslas speaking...

EDIT: Expansion!

2008-01-25, 03:41 PM
FPNA digs in for Siege against Rockies Pocket

FPNA Ground forces(5 units) dig in to the mountains around the entrapped units in the pocket. The Soldiers prepare for a long drawn out siege with their commanders unwilling to commit them to an assault against the Mountainous terrain. They will wait to starve out the enemy.

Propaganda radio addresses and leaflets

The Supreme Command has begun broadcasting propaganda into the remaining USNA territories trying to sway the still loyal population to revolt against the dminished USNA.

"Fellow Americans, the time for a divided continent has come to an end. It is time for all of America to be united under one government. The FPNA will be the one to bring this unification about. We have already proven victorious across all fronts. Resistance is futile. While we prepare for a triumphant return to Washington D.C. your government flees to unknown locations and goes into hiding. There is no use in continued resistance as it will only lead to the needless spilling of American blood.

Support the FPNA and be rewarded. Even now, those who have chosen to side with us are being given positions within their state and local governments, power, money and a place in American history are your reward for siding with the FPNA. Declare your loyalty to the Supreme Command and overthrow the corrupt USNA government today!

The time to act is now! Demand intergration with the FPNA today! Cease supporting the crippled and dying USNA! Secure peace and freedom today!"

Leaflets dropped on USNA troops: "North American Soldier, why do you fight? The war is already lost for you but your leaders insist you fight on. The FPNA has proven victorious on all fronts. Do you really want to die in a cold unmarked grave from starvation? Turn against your leaders, join the FPNA and you will be rewarded. There will be many advancement oppurtunities with in the New Order.

Present this leaflet to the nearest FPNA official and you will be given safe passage to the rear where a warm bed, and a hot meal waits for you."

FPNA implements new State Governments

The FPNA is reincorporating the newly re-liberated states into the FPNA. Pro-FPNA militiant groups are being formally declared State Militias with many of their leaders being assigned high positions within the new governments including a few governors.

The Supreme Command also announces that it will begin plans to relocate the seat of the government from Los Angelas back to Washington D.C. once hostilities have ceased.

2008-01-25, 06:16 PM
USNA Shocked

With the recent attacks by the FPNA, the USNA responds with an emergency announcement to the people of the USNA.

"Citizens of the grand democratic union of the United State of North America, This is the President speaking. We have suffered a most vile attack by those who should be our brothers and sisters. This attack reminds us why we cannot trust the military dictatorship. We had hoped to take the high road, we extended the olive branch, and they reached out and broke it in our hands. Now we shall show them the power of self-determination. Citizens, you all know that under their leadership you will lose all of the freedoms that Americans for centuries have fought and died for. I know that you will all fight for our nation, as others have fought before you. The remainder of our forces are returning with haste, and we will win this war! It is once again time for Americans to stand up and defend their homes. We had hoped that this time would not come again, but unfortunately we were wrong. So, for our future, and the future of our children, we must band together and resist the FPNA soldiers until the cavalry arrives. Take up your arms, fellow Americans, and FIGHT!!!!" This message is replayed every hour for 3 days, to help bolster the moral and confidence of the American people.

2008-01-25, 06:21 PM
Secret relocation of Supreme Command

To prevent the entire command staff and government of the FPNA from being wiped out in a single strategic attack, the Supreme Command is secretly being relocated to remote locations across California to keep the government and war running smoothly.

Air Force - Vandenberg Air Force Base

Army - Fort Irwin

Marine Corps - Camp Pendleton

Navy - Pearl Harbor(Hawaii)

Space Forces - Area 51(Nevada)

2008-01-25, 06:42 PM

The News tonight at 8:

'The Conselho has reportedly announced the creation of the "113" social program. Our correspondent, standing outside the assembly building in Brazilia will explain.'

'The "113" program is the newest social program developed in the NBU. It is designed for all parents with children. Indeed, to give women and men more time at work, this program focuses on funding free nurseries and daycare centers. The 113 program will also make school for the young children below 12 completely free. As it stands, this program will also assist to the creation of the mentioned facilities in both schools and hospitals.'

'The program's yearly funding will be taken directly from the taxes."


'Comes next: The war on China!'

Dangerous conflicts are occurring in East Asia. Our former ally, China, has decided to launch itself in a suicide attack. The result is disastrous, with more than 100 million people in the EU, 1.6 billion Indians and 550 million Russians all dead during and after the strikes.

It is clear that the conflict will end soon, but at what price? Fallout has already begun, and our country will be suffering from it soon. As measures of security, shower as much as possible whenever you go out. There is quite a distance from here to where the explosions occurred, there is no need to be alarmed. The government has asked all its citizens to remain calm, and that hospitals will be funded this same year to cover the needs of our citizens during this needy time.


Spends 5T on improving and expanding its hospital system.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-25, 06:53 PM
the end of the Grand Indian Democracy

One of the prime casualties in India was the man whom could have held the nation together. Sharad Rahman did not die due to any virus, disease or nuclear bombardment. He simply was found with a gun in his hand and a hole in his head.

Needing to have a strong government to direct the war against the Chinese Governments, GID Generals excecuted emergency powers and placed India under the direct rule of the grand security councils crisis committee (GSCCC). So it would remain for the war and rebuilding periods.

Though there were celebrations as the war drew over, a long period of rebuilding lied in wait. Disease and poverty could become rampant plagues, so the first post-war act of the GSCCC was to completely overhaul the budget, vastly cutting military and exploration spending and instead instituting a policy of reconstruction.

The second was of a different nature. As now Asia lied in ruins the GSCCC vowed to rebuild those lands that had suffered too. A protectorate zone was established compromising of eastern (Tibet) and southern China, South East Asia and Indonesia as well as the Chinese pacific islands, including the chinese spaceport on Samoa that would be administered by India. It covered fully half of the former Chinese economic productivity. NAR lands are fully restored to the NAR.

They also launched an immediate reprisal against the NAU for their illicit launch of nuclear weapons and Colombo allies, and in particular the EU due to their proximity are called to act under the terms of the alliance. GID refuses to recognise the new NAU leadership, claiming it as a thinly veiled attempt at keeping the same system in power with the same rethoric, posing the same danger to India.

Besides administering India their final act would be to hold elections to decide the future of India and it's protectorate zones.

(Revamped Budget)
GEP: $964.0235
TAX 60%: 579 T
Military upkeep: 49.5 T (30 ground 31 Air 25 Fleet 13 Space = 99 T)

The budget remainders for forces lost are additional social programs for war injured, families of killed soldiers

Military Tech 50 T 20 T

Civilian Tech 20 T 150 T

A massive rebuilding of the lost infrastructure is undertaken, whilst devastation only struck 2/5 of the country, lines of communication that were cut are re-established, roads are rebuild and the population is generally provided for in good quality emergency housing. Not to mention the extreme measures taken in the field of medicine to treat civilians (a pragmatic approach is chosen, only those most viable to live are saved, so as to save as many as possible)

Environment 20 T 135 T + 15 T from Ghandi = 150 T

As part of the rebuilding the whole of the nuclear holocausts damage an immense enviromental budget is established to clean up the waste, prevent it's spread and use all terraforming available to clean up India for generations to come.

Espionage 50 T 20 T

Social Programs 20 T 50 T

to relief the war damage social programs are vastly expanded, besides rebuilding infrastructure lost and cleaning up the waste the government uses the social program to get people back into employment or provide emergency relief to those who can't.

(in essence it's a 350 T rebuilding budget, spread as above roughly on social programs, civ tech and environment, modifications are made as need be to recover the economy)

75 T Growth of Ghandi station to by 15 T to a 35 T station.
50 T Space Fleet Expansion by 5 points

10 T Quid quo prodo funds: Anti weapons of mass destruction damage relief.

These are the 'just in case' funds. It is to be used as emergency relief. In particular it is implemented due to fears of likely SCSA terrorism. As such biological antitoxins, nuclear waste removals and other defences against weapons of mass destruction. In combination with hightened espionage funding India feels secure it can prevent most of this by actively persuing terrorists, but wants to keep these things on standby due to worrying reports on bioagents set to kill all life on the indian subcontinent from chinese intelligence.

7.5 T: Second 1 T terraforming unit on Venus south pole (total 3 T terraformers now on Venus)

New Technology budget: 50 T (69 T total)

Hope is seen in the new technologies under the Colombo treaty and budget cuts will not be made in that area.

NAR aid package 20 T 5 T of already send; aid is then canceled after the holocaust
African aid package 50 T
Asian aid package 25 T (this and 60% of the output of these area's is fueled into social, environmental and civilian programs)

African aid is barely effected, India wants to show it keeps it's promises, and even an Asian aid package is scraped together to help those few people still living in the Indian protectorate zone.


The newly elected Prime Minister of GID, a powerfull, tall figure with a clear stance on peace and development Nadjan Ghandi, former head of environmental remediation and member of the liberal green party, is subjected to a huge personality cult after his election. In this cult he is portrait almost as a saintlike figure, his surname only further adding to the immense following that he is likely to obtain.

The cult is spread even to the protectorate zones in an effort to bolster morale there.

Ghandi Station: 20 T

5 Gaser Missle Shield. A 5 T Gaser array (+5 T from EU = 10 T) is placed onto Ghandi station, it is keyed to knock missiles out of orbit and as such provide an effective missile defense screen. In addition it will be the primary defence India offers to the Kuiper belt objects streaming to earth at lightning speed.

15 T worth of high tech terraforming equipment is send to earth for rebuilding India.

Lunar Colony: 10 T

7.5 T: Construction of Venus Terraforming Unit 3, equator. (total 3 T Venus terraformers are set up)
2.5 T: Defensive Laser Array

Mittal Corporation: 38 T
'The indian subsidised firm'

33 T Construction of Martian Terraforming Colony modules: a 5 T terraforming colony is placed on Mars and a 1 T orbital observatory on Deimos.
5 T Self Improving

Venus Terraforming Station and orbital Platform: 2T

2 T: Venus being Terraformed (I don't know how this works, is it self improvement or is it a kind of thing that removes those 20% pressure and 20% heat penalty over time, if so how much?)

Mercury Station
GEP $38.135T
TAX 50% = 19 T

19 T research new Tech (69 T total)

(note all space assets share in the earth social programs and civilian tech improvements)

Ground 17.5 +3 = 20.5 (last of African heavy equipment is added in a state to state purchase)
Air 24.5
Navy 18.5
Space: 13

NAU will cease to exist.

10 Ground, 20 Air, 15 navy and all space launch an attack on NAU though space will be ready to destroy nukes as they come). Their assets will be seized as airial bombardment destroy their force to establish air superiority and then subsequently march over them. Actions are co-ordinated with colombo members

Remaining Indian forces distribute over Madagascar bases, India and the Chinese protectorate.

After the conquest of NA Indian forces will grant this entire area to the EU as a protectorate.

(@ maldiem)
The establishment of the Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean go ahead as planned (see PM)

Moving to the New Democracy (which will come soon)

Nadjan Ghandi is one of the prominent liberal green politicians and head of environmental reconstruction. He is hugely popular in India and a personality cult around him starts to grow. He is sure to win the scheduled upcoming elections that are certain to be held as the GSCCC seems only interested in rebuilding and makes no claims at being a long term government

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-25, 07:19 PM
(military orders)
Souther ocean defence command to work with all african peacekeepers to repel NAU invasions...

((not that it's needed as with the size of indian forces NAU will have been defeated long before they can do anything, their transport planes having been blasted from the skies and navy intercepted with their ground forces having been bombed to smithereens...best yet, this rally of their forces allows me to take them out one piece at a time))

((also please note that under the chronology my actions happen before his, so unless this is something he planned ages ago (I doubt it) his forces should be far from that far into a campaign and could easily be stopped and crushed at his own borders))

2008-01-25, 11:40 PM
To World(except for USNA)

The FPNA is horrified by the final actions of the Chinese government. We extend our heartfelt condolences to all people who were effected by this atrocious act.

The Supreme Command has resolved to begin working on negating the harmful effects this act has had on our planet and is willing to work with those countries effected to help restore them to a sembalance of their past.

2008-01-26, 02:37 AM

Terminate invasion plans.
NPC Dominion.

2008-01-26, 03:04 AM
Fancy Political Footwork In Africa, India

As promised, democratic elections in Africa take place, with the option to reform their original governments, form an African Union, or join a new nation called the Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean. Indian propaganda campaigns and aid packages are all directed toward the third option, and nearly fifteen years of geniune good will from the Indians carries the day. A small majority of votes go to the GDSO, and the Indian protectorate zone of Africa forms into a new nation.

Elections are then held in India, which votes by an overwhelming majority to also join the GDSO. There's a considerably amount of uncertainty about how much influence that the former GID lands would wield, but after extensive negotiations with African leaders an agreement that power will be shared equally is hammered out, and, amid a small number of qualms, the GDSO is formed, including half the territory of the SCSA and 1/3rd of the territory of Sub-Saharan African, not to mention the former GID area.

Winter Comes Early, Rolls Over, Falls Asleep

As Spring, 2122 ends, Summer begins with a worldwide cold snap which quickly intensifies into winter-like conditions, especially in Asia. The Steppes, Himalayas and Indian subcontinent get snow at elevations much lower than normal, at unseasonable times of the year, that has radioactive and volcanic waste in it. The Asian side of the Pacific rim just keeps letting go, as volcanoes in Indonesia and the Indian Ocean get in on the action as well.

The snow completely ruins agriculture in India and Eastern Russia, and both countries are forced to import what they can and ration what they can't. Fallout spreads on the trade winds, playing merry hell with weather patterns as far away as Europe and the AC. The Western Hemisphere is better off, but still deals with a record cold summer.

War in North America

((Waiting on orders from Thymin before the next stage in the battle))

Revolt in NAU, Dissolution of the Union

As the NAU leadership orders invasion after invasion, its citizens get increasingly unruly. A riot in the capitol turns violent in a hurry, and with the army en route to India and the EU, blossoms into a revolution. Hours after it began, the Army is recalled to the NAU homeland, and the revolutionaries are unable to reconcile national differences. The short-lived NAU splits back into its original nations, with a good deal of bad blood.

2008-01-26, 04:58 AM
EU announces elections in Africa

After India announced free elections in it's part of Africa, the EU doesn't want to hold back. By the end of the month, free elections will be held in Africa, with four options:
1)Join India and your neighbours in the GDSO
2)Remain Independent as a small state
3)Form a new and independent African Union
4)Join the EU in the new Eurafrican Union.

Africa is also the target of a large scale propaganda-campain, pointing to option four.
((Part of the Budget of Africa will be used on this))

2008-01-26, 06:22 AM

The News Tonight!


In Antarctica, scientists have decided to attempt to discover about Earth's past by uncovering layer by layer of frozen ice! Using the most recent equipment around, officials have supported the project and planned for a bigger step in the South Pole! More on that next time.

((For Maldiem))
Antarctica-refuge base. The point is to move part of the population and create a refuge in the South Pole. This program aims at creating a fully independent underground city.


The Government has started buying new weapons in order to protect itself from harm. The Conselho agrees and supports the Generalissimo's decision!

The increase in weapons seem to be focused on air forces.

In Science tonight!

The Conselho has started a program that aims at genetically engineering new breeds and species, based on alien genetic structures. We are informed that the lab has top security.

((For Maldiem))
Experiments aim at cross-breeding creatures and being able to 'mold' the genetic structure to increase inborn faculties such as muscle development, reflexes, etc. Alternatively, the research also keeps track of creatures that could be useful in general, as predators or otherwise.

That's all for tonight, thank you for listening.

Earth NBU Budget for this turn:

GEP: $256.29 trillion
$127.29 trillion: untaxed. (a tax rate of 50.3%.)
$40 trillion: 'Antarctica-capitol' program.
$34 trillion: Military upkeep. (this nation's military adds up to 34.)
$20 trillion: Environmental remediation. (See program 'Verde'.)
$20 trillion: Research on Genetic Engineering.
$10 trillion: Social Program '113'.
$5 trillion: Improving Health Services.

Cash Reserves: $120 trillion

$20 trillion: Purchasing the latest air power on market.

2008-01-26, 07:09 AM
Mars: NBU settlement.

The 'Mail-man' as most liked to call him, rang the assembly alarm. A quarter of the Mars population had been recruited to join in the colonial project. (14848.) Some non-attendance is to be expected. $5 trillion from the project's Terra-forming budget is dedicated to paying the workforce.

'Settlers! Begin program 'Novo Brazilia'. We are to begin the construction of a earth-like city, here on Mars. Begin the Terra-forming Process! Begin the building process!'

The First building that is to be built is a hospital. An earth-scale hospital that will admit patients from around this planet.

Mars budget for this turn:

Turn-based Income: $58.254 trillion
$28.254 trillion: untaxed. (a tax rate of 51.5%.)
$20 trillion: City 'Nova Brazilia' Terra-forming.
$10 trillion: City 'Nova Brazilia' Hospital Construction.

Earth-Orbit Shipyard: NBU.

((Maldiem only)):
Shipyard expansion: Additional robotic facilities to increase productivity.

Shipyard budget for this turn:

Turn-based Income: $7.2 trillion
$2.2 trillion: untaxed. (a tax rate of 69.5%. ((is it a tax rate? Or is it a staffed station?)))
$5 trillion: Expansion. Additional robotic facilities.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-26, 12:02 PM

The GDSO government declares itself a successor state to the GID and SCSA as well as the multitude of minor states within it. It will resume all the international roles and obligations of such a successor state including it's seats on the UNSC (united nations security council) and it's obligations under the Colombo treaty. Former embassies and consulates are changing flags and get their staffs from a multitude of former nationalities mixed. Business should resume as normal.

The new constitution declares the GDSO a federal meritocratic democracy with far going peace clauses. It bans the use of WMDs for all time and forbids foreign interventions safe as a kind of humanitarian intervention or as required under defensive alliances.

Southern Ocean Defence Command will now also include all GID military personel, making a unified army with commanders and soldiers mixed between cultural, geographical and political backgrounds. The diversity is celebrated as it will be the key strength of the nation formed.

Total Forces: 95

Land: 27 (includes also 4.5 T heavy weapons from African peace keepers)
Air: 26.5
Navy: 19.5
Space: 16 (including the 3 points of Chinese space forces captured in the orbital assault on the space station)
Space Marines: 6 (2 Ghandi; 2 Mercury; 2 Asteroid)

Breakdown into Regional Commands:

Eastern Africa (Land 10; Air 10; Navy 5) (These forces also occupy the coastline of ethiopia, somalia and eritrea and have bases in their interior. This region is annexed as a terraforming location)

Indian Subcontinent (Land 10; Air 10; Navy 5)

Asia protectorate zone and Indonesia: (Land 5.5; Air 6.5; Navy 9.5)

(Also there are 4.5 african peace keepers in the EU zone and 2 in the AC zone)

The cult of personality for India's leadership is further expanded into the other area's of Africa and the much greater advances in the former Indian zone are used as an example of how life can be in the GDSO. Portions of the african aid package are used to provide emergency relief to those still suffering in the other zones. Clearly it is to sway them to the GDSO election option. (see below for the kind of tactics used)

NOTE ALSO: All spending on rebuilding is not spread under Colombo members using the emergency funds clause.

With Nadjan Ghandi instated as the GDSO's first prime minister he advocates an era of peace and rebuilding. He works on his own popularity, which is widely advocated throughout the GDSO's lands and starts his career by moving to all of Russia, Europe and Africa, kissing babies and visiting casualties of the many wars. In Africa he meets Elina Mandela, descendant of the original Nelson Mandela. The two are attracted to each other like magnets and soon get married in a ceremony broadcast life to reinstate hope in all the african and asian lands. A true union between the continents seems underway.

In a televised address after her marriage Elina Mandela announces that she is the new minister of education, science and health care in her husbands cabinet. In addition she makes a promise to all of Africa that is under EU and AC protectorate, that the GDSO will help their brothers no matter what path they choose and that all are to choose only with their hearts. One line in the speech particularly stands out:

"It is not Africa or Asia from which we come, we come from mother earth and are all her children, united in our difference and celebrant of our accomplishments"

2008-01-26, 02:34 PM
FPNA welcomes the GDSO to World Stage

The Supreme Command would like to welcome the GDSO onto the world stage and we wish the new nation prosperity and good times. We hope to work closely with your great nation in the future.

2008-01-26, 02:45 PM

Jael Darkwood looks tired but resolute. His eyes, though black-lined, are steady, as are his hands.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the world. We had hoped that, with the removal of the Chinese threat, and the freeing of our homeland from occupation, we would see a time of peace.

Unfortunately that is not the case.

Our ally has been attacked, its land captured, its people tricked. Under the terms of our alliance, and with full knowledge of the debt we owe the USNA, we will immediately begin bombing of all magor FPNA military compounds, factories, and, of course, nuclear weapon arsenals."

Sighing, Jael Darkwood closes his eyes for a moment, breathes in, then opens them and continues.

"It is my hope the FPNA will see the error of its ways and withdraw back to its borders. However, we owe too much to the USNA. We cannot wait, we must move immediately to their aid."

"Leaders of the FPNA, hear me. We will return your captured space territories immediately, if you retreat to your previous borders and join the USNA at peace talks. There has been too much war. Please, let us have peace."

Military Orders

Space forces sweep through the system, securing the FPNA space assets, then massing to destroy their stationary defences. Afterwards, they will meet up in earth orbit (leaving say 2 points as picket forces to hold the occupied assets), and begin a bombing campaign.

My Targets : First priority is the navy, then ground, then air. I figure of all forces, the navy is the most vulnerable to kinetic weapon strikes >:)

I'll also drop a couple food and weapon loads for those beleagured USNA mountain troops.

Orders for the newly freed Ground areas :

$256T 40% Taxes
$30T Ground Forces
$10T Navy
$10T Air Force
$40T Military Tech
$10T Social Programs (rebuild infastructure, aid the war-homeless)
$2.4T War Memorial, Sidney Australia

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-26, 03:33 PM
GDSO thanks FPNAs for well wishes

The Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean welcomes the FPNAs suggestion at closer ties. The Indian prime minister Nadjan Ghandi takes the opportunity to travel to the FPNA in an official state to state visit. In the meeting he proposes a combined mutual effort at lunar co-operation in the area's of defense and growth as well as the development of peaceful technologies. Under this proposal he indicates a willingness for India to provide security for the space assets of the FPNA so that the war doesn't spread into space and the stars are indeed peacefull. Management of these settlements will of course be left to FPNA officials

(military orders, Maldiem, FPNA)
If accepted 2 point worth of space marines will be created from Indian based ground forces and deployed to protect FPNA space holdings. They will not interfere with the management and only serve as a kind of deterrent at most, to convince others not to come there. They will not engage any hostile forces that use force, but will instead monitor any forces coming in. (note it's not public that they won't fight, they just sot there and do nothing, in the hope that their presence will hold off potential occupiers.

He also stresses some concern as to the war in North America, asking them if they are willing to sign onto the WMD eradication protocol and in so doing show to the world that the cause they fight for is indeed to foster a greater world peace.

On the final day of his visit he proposes a joint terraforming program, in which globally linked terraforming engines can be set up to offset the effects of the nuclear carnage caused in the past years.

2008-01-26, 03:53 PM
United Militarist Fronts

So now the Indians are a-ok with annexing other nations? Like they thought about protecting China to begin with. Principles were just a cover-up after all.

2008-01-26, 03:55 PM
FPNA prepares to destroy NAR Space assets from ground

Since the foolish NAR have announced their plans publically on tv to target FPNA space assets as well nuclear installations the Supreme Command moves to act against the recently liberated NAR.

All strategic NBC weapons will be relocated to hidden locations or camo will be provided on fixed installations to conceal them. Taking a page from China's book, those warheads which can be are placed on small mobile cruise missiles.

FPNA Earth Assets and Orbital Yards SDI- Ground to Orbital missiles are placed on high alert for approaching NAR spacecraft. Ground based GASERS will be programmed to throw kinetic energy weapons off their paths. Orbital military grade GASERS will use debris and malfunctioning satelites as makeshift weapons and toss them against approaching space forces.

Luna 1-The Lunar colony is placed on red alert with its own anti-orbital defenses scanning the skies waiting for the coming NAR fleet.

Astreoid Bases and Ceres Mining Association-Like the Lunar colony these installations are put on red alert. However the asteroid belt bases have the benefit of a multi trillion dollar jamming suite to scew with communications and navigational systems.

On the first reports of enemy ships entering the field, jamming will begin in earnest to make the Asteriod fields a natural mine field. Utilizing GASERS the base will target asteroid after asteroid against the approaching force before unleashing its own significant missile batteries only bringing down the jamming for short bursts to obtain new targetting information.

Titan Base-The secret installation on Titan adapts a policy of radio silence and conceals its presence as much as possible. They continue working on their own secret projects ignoring the outside world.

If found an attack is attempted the scientists will claim to be a neutral and free station founded by the now defunct SCSA.

2008-01-26, 04:03 PM

The FPNA is always willing to work together with other nations to expand our mutual knowledge bases and promote the development of offworld colonies to expand the range of human life across the galaxy. As such we graciously accept the offer of the GDSO is aiding us in securing our colonies and we hope that the GDSO may be able to provide additional pressure to the NAR convincing them they are following the wrong course in their actions.

The FPNA has no intention of using WMDs. It would be cannibalism of the highest order as they would be used by Americans to kill Americans causing an even greater suffering to an already divided American people. This war is about righting a wrong that has occured long before, the division of the American people.

As soon as the war is over, the FPNA will work with the GDSO in starting a terraforming program to stop the spread of the nuclear winter.

2008-01-26, 04:15 PM
Improving Relations with the EU
The FPNA would like to begin a process of improving relations with the European Union. Our culture and people all share a common ancestry and it would be a crime for us not to work together in the future to keep safe the spirit of the Western World.

The Supreme Command would like to see the lessening of trade barriers and possibly a technology exchange between our great nations.

2008-01-26, 04:27 PM
Concerning the War in North America

The EU sends an open broadcast, directed to the leadership of the FPNA:
"The EU deeply regrets the course of action taken by the FPNA. We still feel that attacking another sovereign state is never a justified solution, as the china case confirmed once again. Therefore, we must condemn the attacks on the territory of the USNA.
Instead, we implore your country to withdraw it's troops and seek a peaceful solution of the issue, through negotiations.
Should the FPNA government decide to ignore our appeal, the member states of the International Community will be forced to take measures as it sees fit.
At the current state of affairs, the councils of the European Union are not willing to work together with the FPNA. Maybe such arrangements can be made after the FPNA's troops have withdrawn from USNA territory."

2008-01-26, 04:35 PM

The FPNA views this as the only way to reunite the American people under one government. For the past years there has been a massive peaceful movement within the USNA calling for unity and unification with the FPNA. The USNA supressed this movement arresting its leaders and trying to dismantle a peaceful civil rights organization.

Our government feared for these Americans, and all Americans. We feared that we would be the victims of USNA aggression as they sought to crack down on these peaceful pro-FPNA movements.

We are doing whatever we can to limit harm to civilians and even soldiers. And are making all attempts to make sure this conflict does not escalate. Nor are we in any way looking or planning to deploy WMD's as that would be completely counter productive to our goal and decidingly immoral.

2008-01-26, 04:39 PM

The USNA are a democratic country. If there was indeed a strong motion to unite with the FPNA, then elections should be held, not territories invaded. Our offer is as follows:
Withdraw your troops, and the councils of the EU will consider a technology exchange program, as well as contact the USNA to promote such elections. Certain states of the USNA might be willing to join you, but attacking them is not going to make you any friends in either the USNA or the international community."

2008-01-26, 05:45 PM

The state of affairs in North America is grave. And the Australians have decided to join in on the front.

The NBU wishes to make public to the world scene their Alliance with the FPNA in North America. The Generalissimo, with much regret from the Conselho, is obliged to declare war on both the USNA and the NAR. This until the continent of America is finally united, and the NAR leaves the front of the battle.

Space forces join up with FPNA forces and attacks NAR space forces. Air forces move to FPNA air bases and USNA conquered air bases to bombard the Rockies and generally establish air superiority.

2008-01-26, 06:06 PM

Though we are not adverse to your suggestions, the actions of the USNA in their suppression of peaceful FPNA movements has shown that they do not want to see free elections in these territories. There actions have made us fear a preemptive attack from their forces and we were forced to act.

We do not want to escalate this conflict any further and we have strong political support from other nations who are working hard to see this war does not escalate out of control as is the case with the Chinese conflict.

2008-01-26, 06:08 PM


Immediately following the initial attacks on USNA soil, the entirety of the USNA military is recalled state-side to bring the assault to the FPNA coastline. The Air Force will begin a bombing campaign over coastal FPNA cities and will engage the FPNA air force seeking to gain air superiority. The USNA space forces will aid in this quest, and the damaged battlestation will attack FPNA naval forces in the Atlantic and FPNA bases of operation in California at will. Shots will taken at opportunity. The other half capacity of the battlestation will be tasked with the repair and resumption of full capacity of the battlestation. The Navy will remain inbound and will begin firing its long range armament as soon as possible. They will focus on bringing the war to the Pacific coast and the submarines will be sent on seek and destroy missions against the FPNA naval forces as well as protecting the USNA fleet.

2008-01-26, 06:19 PM

The FPNA has no interest in the Australian Republic and highly advise its government to reconsider its position and call for an immediate end to any planned hostilities against FPNA possessions.

Your people and your country are war ravaged, think of your men, women and children only now recovering from massive assaults against their home and well being yet you insist on throwing them into a conflict which is not your own. Consider your matters at home before reentering the world stage.

We will give you this one chance to change your plans or we will be forced to act.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-26, 06:29 PM

"The Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean will not tolerate any NORTH OR SOUTH AMERICAN forces within our sphere of Influence. This sphere is considered as the whole of the Indian Ocean, including Africa and Ausland. We will enforce this with ANY legitimate measures available to us."

A force of peacekeepers is dispatched to NAR to hold their lands till the government is capable of rebuilding it's defences. It doesn't interfere with goverment spending.

Breakdown into Regional Commands:

Eastern Africa (Land 5; Air 7; Navy 5) (These forces also occupy the coastline of ethiopia, somalia and eritrea and have bases in their interior. This region is annexed as a terraforming location; In addition they co-operate with the peacekeepers in the EU protectorate zone to keep that zone same to)

Indian Subcontinent (Land 5; Air 7; Navy 5)

Asia protectorate zone and Indonesia: (Land 5.5; Air 6.5; Navy 4.5)

NAR peacekeepers: (Land 8; Air 6; Navy 5)

ADDITIONAL SPACE MARINES: 2 ground in FPNA space locations

(Also there are 4.5 african peace keepers in the EU zone and 2 in the AC zone)

Any attack on any of our lands or NAR will cause the full military force (90% ground and all others) to be shifted there to counter the threat. Unless the threat is significantly small that it can be dealt with otherwise. Home area's take priority over NAR though.

GHANDI to defend against missles and space forces using gaser arrays along with space forces.

2008-01-26, 06:46 PM
GDSO loaned forces

The two on loan units from the GDSO will be deployed at Luna-1(1 units) and the other unit will be deployed to Ceres to prevent NAR forces from overtaking them.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-26, 06:56 PM
GDSO Space Marines (Maldiem, FPNA)
The forces in FPNA colonies still fall under GDSOC (GDSO Command), their orders remain as above. They are a deterrent, but will hold their fire unless they themselves are directly attacked.

NOTE: I have word of NAR occupation forces under way from NAR, my forces will serve as observers to ensure the colonies are not put to a military use if captured. They will not shoot NAR forces, though hopefully NAR will think twice and decide not to conquer at all.

2008-01-26, 07:34 PM
Live Broadcast from the Council of the People, Paris

Aline Pétain (Unionist Party, UP): "And I will say it again: whoever begins a war ias an agressor shall face the consequences: the official stance of the EU has always been the same: we condemn any military action against any state."

Nils Amdahl (Green Democrats, GD): "Yes, and no one denies that. However, so early after the China Case, a military intervention is sure not the right way. We simply can't afford it."

Aline Pétain (UP): "We can and have to afford it. We owe it to the world and all it's inhabitants who want to live in peace. China could have been stopped if we had acted earlier."

Emmanuel Vasquez (International Peace Party, IPP): "Don't you see the paradox here? Use our military to enforce peace? This isn't what the EU is about."

Dimitrios Kouris (UP): "Then the EU has to change. We can not simply watch while the world around us goes to hell. We have to act. Now."


All forces are immediatly called back to the EU, except 1 point of space force guarding mars and 2 point of space force guarding the astoid belt.
Budget changes:
Taxes are raised by 20% ($ 128.34T), to 60% in Europe. 10% go into military technology. $34.2T go into ground forces, $30T go into space forces.
Then, I order an all-out attack on all FPNA forces on USNA territory. Civilians and city infrastructure are to be spared, if possible.

So. No more changes now. That's final.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-26, 07:49 PM
GDSO takes over peacekeeping duties

The GDSO is taking over peacekeeping duties in western africa (the EU protectorate zone), essentially supporting local African peace keepers with naval and air support from the Madagascar military bases. Ground operations will be left to the african peace keepers.

"GDSO will not intervene in any american wars. We will not however accept any incursions into our sphere of influence. It has suffered enough in the past years and we will vigilantly defend it"

Immense early warning scouting air and naval forces are committed to know if any troops head for our sphere of influence.

2008-01-26, 09:45 PM
United Militarist Fronts Communique to Earth Governments

We have launched a small, shielded stealthcraft carrying a diplomatic envoy to the aliens from our secret base. While still in range of our deep space communication probes Non-Indian nations are welcome to bring us a message of choice to be delivered to the aliens. However we will scrutinize European, Russian and NAR messages for intent to the detriment of our overall goal for the diplomatic mission.

Special Communique to India
Do not misunderstand us. We are glad your atrocious greed finally has been sated temporarily, as you focus your ravenous claws on our old lands and those of Ausland and China, but we are apt to point out your hypocracy and lies.
May your citizenry all come down with flesheating cancer.

Special Communique to FPNA and South America
Viva La Amerigo!

2008-01-27, 12:07 AM
NBU: International Broadcast.

On the NAR

The conselho implores the NAR to withdraw from attempting to conquer FPNA space assets. The NBU will retaliate together with the FPNA if approached by NAR space military. As explained in a communiqué to the desk of Jael Darkwood, the NBU had claimed they would shortly give a public statement on their position in the North American war.

There was to be little wait before the announcement, yet the NAR seemed to have ignored our message and decided to retaliate.

Again, we ask for the NAR to withdraw from the space conflict. If they do, we pledge to send funds for the terraforming of Australia.

To India, and the rest of the World,

The Conselho and Generalissimo has pledged that this war would not in any way affect the Indian sphere of influence, in regards to the peaceful pact of non-aggression that exists between the two. It will also not set foot on Australian soil, as it is the property of the NAR and the NBU has no claim over it.

The NBU is honoring its contract, the alliance with the FPNA. And no other nation than the ones in America need to be involved.

To Europe and Russia

We appreciate the effort condoned in stopping China's attacks and bearing the brunt of their barbaric acts. As thanks, the NBU will commit funds to help terraform and repair the soil on which you stand in the next 5 years.

NBU strikes the USNA
All Air forces and Naval Forces of the NBU are commanded to attack and sink all USNA ships. Part of the Airforce stealth bombers are equipped with submarine charges, other bombers are given fighter escorts. Naval forces engage the USNA navy in long range combat. 10 points of ground forces are committed to coastal cities on the FPNA coastline to install ballistic weapons to counter air assaults.

Space forces are on stand by, the FPNA has been given control of the entirety of the fleet, and will be able to issue orders to the NBU space forces directly. NBU space will send reports to Command Center and the Generalissimo on their actions/attacks.

2008-01-27, 12:36 AM
NBU Forces given orders

The NBU spaces forces placed under the control of the Supreme Command are beign assigned the following orders.

7 Units are being deployed to destroy the remnants of the USNA Fleet and the crippled battlestation. However, they are also instructed to salvage what technology and ships they can from the wreckage to be brought back online and/or studied for technical data.

The remaining forces are linked up with the SDI grid and the Orbital Station to provide for defense and the bombardment of enemy positions on the land.

State Militias assist NBU forces in construction of fortifications

The recently formed State Militias along the Eastern Coast of the newly liberated states begin working with NBU to install fortifications along the coastline to protect against what appears to be EU aggression.

2008-01-27, 03:00 AM
Outworlds Republic Decries Violence!

In a press conference yesterday, Admiral Joanna Sachs of the Outworlds Republic Space Defense Forces condemned the forces of Earth for the start of war immediately following Operation Jian. "Obviously I don't speak for the Republic, or the Assembly, or the SDF, or anyone but myself, really, but I just want you all to take a good hard look at what you're doing. At the present rate, Earth will be a radioactive cinder in another few decades, and then we'll just be here laughing. Please, consider peace a possibility. Bloodshed begets only bloodshed."

2008-01-27, 04:18 AM
Winter, 2123

Elections in EU Protectorate

Following the lead of the GDSO, the EU holds elections with a similar option. As it seems to be the trendy thing to do, and the EU has been providing a similar if less eloquent aid program to its African protectorate (and money is much more persuasive than nice cheap words), they elect to join the Eurasian Union by a small margin.

NAR Tries To Take FPNA Space Assets, Finds More Guns Than Expected, NBU Space Forces

As the NAR space fleet advances on the FPNA bases in the asteroid belt, moon and Low Earth Orbit, they find that all three colonies have been militarized to a greater or lesser degree. They also find that NBU forces have moved to block them from occupying the colonies, and a space battle ensues around all three assets. The jamming and electronic warfare equipment in the Asteroid belt, along with judicious deployment of Gaser technology allow the FPNA and NBU to turn the Belt into a vicious quagmire of ambushes and ghosting. NAR forces take large casualties, and do not succeed in capturing any of the assets, though they do damage all of them.

NAR: Average
Space forces: 15.25 (5.25)
For: Numbers
Against: Jammed communications

NBU: Average
Space Forces: 9 (5)
Other: FPNA militarized moon base, asteroid base, shipyard (all moderately damaged)
For: Tech (from FPNA)
Against: None

Mysterious Organizations Aim To Contact Aliens, Aliens Much Too Dead To Communicate

As these shadowy organizations talk about contacting aliens, world experts on the subject are nearly unanimous in asking "what aliens? All the ones we know about are dead, or ignore every attempt at communication entirely."

NAR, NBU, FPNA, USNA Duke It Out In LEO, Miss Virgo By A Small Margin, Acronym Expansion Threatens Food Supply

Following the campaign outside of Earth orbit, NAR and NBU forces engage USNA and EU space forces in Low Earth Orbit. EU ground, naval and air units arrive in force, and NAR aid packages relieve many of the supply concerns in the Rockies. Still, with the addition of NBU forces, the battle is far from over, and the space battle goes far from well. While NBU space forces are marginalized in the aftermath, the USNA Battlestation is destroyed, and both fronts of the fighting stagnate as the FPNA digs in.

NAR: Average
Space forces: 5.25 (.75)

EU: Below Average
Ground forces: 11 (7.5)
Air Force: 22 (18.5)
Naval Force: 22 (18.5)
Space forces: 6.85 (3.35)

USNA: Cutting Edge
Ground forces: 10.75 (7.25)
Air Force: 22.25 (18.75)
Naval Force: 16 (12.5)
Space forces: 1.75 (0)
Other: USNA Battlestation (Destroyed)

For: Defensive positions, Air Superiority, Space Superiority
Against: Compromised Command Infrastructure, Prolonged seige

FPNA/NBU Entente
FPNA: Good
Ground forces: 13 (8.5)
Air Force: 17 (12.5)
Naval Force: 14 (9.5)

NBU: Average
Ground forces: 22 (17.5)
Air Force: 16 (11.5)
Naval Force: 21 (16.5)
Space forces: 5 (.5)

For: Minor Defensive Positions
Against: Overland Supply Lines

No Words To Describe Destruction In Asia, Analysts Forced To Make One: "Scranollocked"

The six hundred million or so survivors in East and Southeast Asia begin to flee the region as the coldest winter in recorded history hits the continent, the Pacific rim still sputtering every few days and not a green plant in thousands of kilometers. Fallout and Waste begins to drift into the Pacific, carried in the waters of the frozen-over rivers of China, and it now looks as if the ecological crisis will be global in scope as the ashes of China begin to choke the ocean ecology.

2008-01-27, 05:48 AM

The Conselho of the NBU gives the Generalissimo his own voice tonight:

"To the EU, your decision to attack in North America is a poor choice. We are offering you the possibility to withdraw. You are straining your own economy. Your ideals are surely something to fight for, but isn't protecting your own citizens one of them? Good men are dying at the front of this war.

For the men in the Rockies, this is my message: 'Please stand down.'"

NBU Ground Forces Deployed

All NBU ground forces deployed in North America. A few NBU soldiers under the cover of night go beyond the entrenchment line of the FPNA to dig tunnels and plant nuke charges. NBU ground forces deploy napalm missiles to shoot down any incoming aid packages. NBU ground forces on the coastlines set up long range ballistics to shoot down USNA navy assets on the pacific side.

NBU Investing in weapons

The NBU is investing back into space assets. Spending a full $100T of their cash reserves into space forces, launching them directly into space from the main Earth Spaceport and Battlestation. Half of these assets built recently are going after the remaining NAR and EU space forces and use technology supplied by the FPNA. The remaining half of those assets fire at will upon the USNA navy.

NBU Naval forces/Air forces

Focusing on wiping out USNA Navy remnants with space support to wipe out all landing possibilities for USNA air assets.

Mars ((For Maldiem))

The hospital created on Mars is also a lab. It works as an annex to the Genetic Engineering research facility on Earth and supplies breeds, genetic structures that they collect from alien worlds. $5T of the original $10T investment go into this research on Genetic Engineering.

Updated budget:

Earth budget for this turn:

GEP: $256.29 trillion
$127.29 trillion: untaxed. (a tax rate of 50.3%.)
$40 trillion: 'Antarctica-capitol' program.
$34 trillion: Military upkeep. (this nation's military adds up to 34.)
$20 trillion: Environmental remediation. (See program 'Verde'.)
$20 trillion: Research on Genetic Engineering.
$10 trillion: Social Program '113'.
$5 trillion: Improving Health Services.

Cash Reserves: $120 trillion

$20 trillion: Purchasing the latest air power on market.
$100 trillion: Purchasing space assets equipped with FPNA technology.

Mars budget for this turn:

Turn-based Income: $58.254 trillion
$28.254 trillion: untaxed. (a tax rate of 51.5%.)
$20 trillion: City 'Nova Brazilia' Terra-forming.
$10 trillion: City 'Nova Brazilia' Hospital Construction.

Shipyard budget for this turn:

Turn-based Income: $7.2 trillion
$2.2 trillion: untaxed. (a tax rate of 69.5%. ((is it a tax rate? Or is it a staffed station?)))
$5 trillion: Expansion. Additional robotic facilities.

2008-01-27, 10:31 AM

The RF raises it´s taxes to 50%, freeing another 106 T of production. All goes into rebuilding and terraforming efforts, and chinese refugees are not discriminated against. It is now, in the out hardest hour, that democratic values must be treasured highest.

All of the Chinese refugees willing are welcomed into the RF as full citizens. They are not to blame for their mad leader. All chinese military personel that participated in the destruction plan are caught and sent to the Crime tribunal in Hauge for sentencing by UN judges. Northen China is held by RF forces that tries to allocate help packages and keep law and order from disintegrating. Those parts of former China not held by GID are held by the RF, and a few high level bickerings are inevitable as GID and RF agrees to partition lines.

Chinese leadership considered most vile in history of mankind

A recent survey in Colombo treaty territory showed that the former Chinese leadership is now seen as worse than Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and many other former dictators and mass murderers. "Even Hitler wouldn´t have bombed his own cities with nuclear weapons", an 80-year old woman replied.

2008-01-27, 11:07 AM
EU councils debate War in North America

Today, the Council of the States in Athes decided with a majority of well over 60% that the war in North America is something the EU should not get involved in. As per tomorrow, a special "North America comittee" will discuss possibilites of withdrawal and alternative methods of supporting the USNA.

Meanwhile, the Council of the People, announced that supporting the War in North America is necessary to protect democracy worldwide. This decision was made by a small majority of barely over 50% of all votes.
"Not one democratic state shall fall!", announced the leadership of the Unionist Party, UP.

In such cases were the two councils can not agree on an issue, the public will decide.

Results of Public election
Despite a massive propaganda campaign lead by the UP, the people of the EU seem war-weary. With a majority of 64%, it was decided that the EU will withdraw all it's troops from North America. Instead, trade boycotts against the BU and the FPNA are set in effect immediately.

2008-01-27, 12:47 PM
FPNA commends EU citizentry on a wise decision

The Supreme Command would like to praise the citizens of the EU for their wise decision in stopping an escalation of the war which would only lead to a downward spiral of destruction. We hope in the future to have positive relations with your government.

Propaganda Campaign continues against USNA

North American Soldier why do you continue to fight? Even now your allies abandon you and flee back to their own borders and have replaced bombs with strong words and paper. Did you look up into the night sky before and see the show? In case your commanders have not informed you, that display was the destruction of your last assets and space is now under the complete control of the FPNA and her allies.

So tell me North American Soldier, why do you fight? The war is over, you have fought bravely but you have lost. Do not die let yourself die in a foxhole. Report to the nearest FPNA position with this leaflet in hand, get a warm bed and a hot meal.

OOC: War orders coming soon following planning.

2008-01-27, 05:39 PM

NBU will cease hostilities with the EU and thanks its people for their decision:

'We praise your sense and we promise that as soon as the war is over, our future relations will always be positive. We commend your efforts in the War with China, and will commit all our efforts to help stop the spread of the deadly nuclear winter."

NBU Ground Forces are given temporary control of by the FPNA for the 'last push.'

'We urge the remaining NAR Forces to surrender in Space. As said in the communiqué's, we are not preventing your return to the Earth. We are preventing your participation in this war. What will you do?'

NBU Space forces are given the order to wipe out NAR forces if they give a negative answer to surrendering or withdrawing from the war.

2008-01-27, 05:48 PM
One More Push- Joint NBU FPNA Assault

An agreement between the Supreme Command and Generalissimo has allowed for one last push against USNA forces in the Hudson Bay region before the Entente calls a halt to offensives to resupply and reequip.

Taking a page from the shock and awe theory formulated nearly a century before the FPNA(and NBU) begins a massive bombardment campaign lasting several days against the USNA positions. This is backed up by liberal use of cruise missiles(with conventional warheads) against suspected USNA fortifications.

This is then supported by air strikes against any remaining USNA forces. The Entente air forces are still cautious and do not probe deeply over enemy territory but confine their attacks to softening up the defenses at the front.

Finally, the Entente's army begins rolling. From all sides the armies begin probing attacks against the USNA trying to find weak spots within the defensive line to thrust through before circling back around to create additional pockets to constrict around.

The Supreme Command believes they will be able to knock the USNA out of the war after this assault.

FPNA Space Assets remain on Red Alert

The Space based FPNA assets which have succesfully repulsed the last attacks do not shut down but stay on the alert preparing to use the same strategies that succeeded in the past.

While communications officers continue monitoring the space around them the rest of the crew members begin emergency patchwork repairs across any damaged systems.

Wizard of the Coat
2008-01-27, 06:47 PM
GDSO sends space marines to USNA assets

In an attempt to ensure that space is spared the wars of earth GDSO commits space marines to USNA lunar assets. The government announces that the USNA is soon to strike a deal transferring ownership of this base fully to the GDSO and the GDSO wants to ensure that the deal goes smoothly and no foreign powers cease the assets. The marines have orders to stop foreign invasions.

2 points of space marines extra (now 10 point in total) are formed from those forces holding the Asian protectorate (which are reduced to skeleton size, as not much is needed to hold an empty wasteland and instead join with the india based forces) these will go to the USNA space assets.

The marines and space forces are to consider an attack on these colonies as an attack on GDSO colonies and are prepping defensive strategies for them. Once ownership is transferred the marines will stay on Luna.

2008-01-27, 08:01 PM
Libereco, Novo Brasil, Alpha System

It had been fifteen years since Carlo had been in Sol, and another two generations before that since anyone of his family had been on Earth herself, but he still spent every evening in anticipation of the morning's dispatch from "home". War-torn, weary Terra and her stern father Sol, so far away and yet still so vital. And interesting, certainly. The reports from Sol were better entertainment than the telenovellas, and cheaper to make besides.

For example, a few years ago, a series of news reports had come down the line detailing the bloodiest war in human history. Shortly after that, Sao Paulo had been informed of the Brazilian Civil War. Shorly after that, Libereco had been informed of the bloodiest war in human history (again). Plus, there were always the new issues to vote on, and it made Carlo feel involved, which he liked. He was also getting used to the Outworld Republic's general political situation. Still, it occasionally threw him a curve ball, such as the one that now caused him to spit out his soy-"coffee".

"Honey, have you seen his?"
"Seen what, my flower?"
"The latest polls...the OR is voting on whether or not to officially sanction the Chinese government for killing 10 billion people!"
"Well, that seems like a reasonable sanction to make."
"There is no Chinese government remaining to sanction! China is a nuclear wasteland!"
"So you'll be voting no, then?"
"Ay, I don't know. Let's see what the Assemblers have said."

Outworlds Republic Officially Sanctions Chinese Government
Last week the votes were tabulated for the movement to sanction the Chinese government for their actions in "Operation Jian" over a year ago. In a 83% majority, the people of the Republic decided to enact these sanctions. Citizens may check PollNet to see a number of potential letters to be sent.

On an "unrelated matter", the OR Assembly voted 76% to make full use of all technologies transmitted by China during their death throes. While far from the consensus the Assembly seeks always to establish, the margin is quite comfortable, and the result is considered to be unchallengeable.

2008-01-27, 11:16 PM
Looks Like A GDSO Or RF Tank, Shoots Like A GDSO Or RF Tank, Probably A GDSO Or RF Tank

The USNA shows up to the next round of battle with a whole lot of new equipment, received from unknown sources. Virtually all the equipment is of Indian or Russian make, however, with USNA engineers clearly merely repainting them and updating their technology a little bit. The new equipment makes an enormous difference in the outcome of the battle, with USNA forces surging off their Mississippi and Hudson lines and proceeding west despite heavy FPNA and NBU bombardment and a shock and awe campaign. NBU-established Nuclear mines put an initial crimp in the USNA push, but sheer determination and a bit of luck hold them through it, and USNA forces are able to re-establish contact with the troops trapped in the Rockies. The NBU fields a surprisingly large space force, and there are a number of rumors of the fact that the black market will be tapped out of spacecraft for the next several years.

USNA: Cutting Edge
Ground forces: 17.25 (10 reinforcements) (12)
Air Force: 28.75 (10 reinforcements) (23.5)
Naval Force: 17.5 (5 reinforcements) (12.25)

For: Tech, Air Superiority
Against: Prolonged Seige

FPNA/NBU Entente
FPNA: Good
Ground forces: 8.5 (5)
Air Force: 12.5 (9)
Naval Force: 9.5 (6)

NBU: Average
Ground forces: 17.5 (15)
Air Force: 11.5 (9)
Naval Force: 16.5 (14)
Space forces: 5.5 (5.5)

For: Naval Superiority, Space Superiority, Nuclear ambushes
Against: Overland Supply Lines

Turn 3 Over!

As the FPNA advance is clearly stalled, languishing on just the other side of the Rio Grande and Continental divide, the hot war of the past year slows down to a little bit of intermittent skirmishing as peace talks are convened. The world still nurses the black eyes from the Chinese conflict, and refugees stream out of Asia into GDSO and the RF in huge numbers, as it becomes more and more clear that the land will be uninhabitable for decades at the shortest. RF and GDSO efforts at terraforming do well to slow the ecological damage, but a larger effort will most likely be necessary to contain the conflagration.

Solar Economic Growth Rate: 0%
Alphan Economic Growth Rate: 11%
Solar Population Growth Rate: 7.5%
Alphan Population Growth Rate: 10.5%

Time Is Money, But People Are Time

With the disappearance of much of their citizenry, the targets of the final bit of Chinese spleen take an economic hit proportional to their population hit. Budgets will not be retroactively affected, but to calculate your new GEP, do the following:
1) Divide your population lost by the original population (for example, Russia took .55 billion casualties for a population of 1.088 billion (50.5% casualties, or .505)
2) Subtract that number from 1 (Russia would get .495)
3) Multiply your turn 2 GEP by that number (Russia would get $263.52 trillion)
4) Multiply that number by your turn 3 growth rate (-20% for Russia)
5) Add that number to the figure from step 3 (Russia would be at 210.816 trillion)

The economic damage from the destroyed population can be negated by the refugees. For example, since Russia took in 350 million refugees, it can subtract that from its casualties (so the above numbers are only examples)

100 million EU civilian casualties
1.6 billion Indian casualties
550 million Russian casualties
4.5 billion Chinese casualties
1% of terrestrial population from plagues for all factions

Turn 3 growth rates: These are pretty simple since the global rate is 0%. Pretty much, if you have an increase in Civilian Tech or Environmental Health, your rate is 10% per increase in level (a decrease in civilian tech does not decrease GEP, but a decrease in environmental health does). Environmental Health refers to Earth. An increase (or decrease) in environmental health does not affect space assets, but civilian technology does.

((Note: Populations, Production statistics, military statistics and growth are now the responsibility of the players. Excluding El_Frenchie, since he's new, I'd appreciate it if you calculated those yourself. Post any questions in the OOC thread. Seriously, now, it is important for all players to have a current status thread post.))

Technology and breakthroughs have been outsourced to the players. I'm posting each breakthrough's research cost below. To get your total expenditure, multiply how much you spend by 1 +.1 per level above Average you are in civilian tech (so $10T from a Very Good Civilian tech would be $13T). Notify me in a PM or the main thread when you've completed a breakthrough to get a more detailed description of what it does, leads to, etc. The Private Sector develops tier 1 technologies at a rate of 10%/turn. Add the private sector's progress to your own to find your total. (turn 3 is over, so the private sector has each tier 1 technology 30% complete).

For cooperative research, at the start of a collaboration you can bring another faction up to your level, but cannot add your progress together. For shared research progress, pool the spending and get a progress figure from that.

Tier 1
Antimatter: 200T.
Cybernetics: 150T.
Genetic Engineering: 200T.
Graviton Theory: 50T.
Nanotechnology: 300T.
Terraforming: 100T - completed and released to public by the EU
Quantum Computing: 300T.
Alphan Archeology: 20 T
The Fake Sky: 20 T
Those Strange Clouds: 20 T

Tier 2

Gravity Manipulation: 800T.
Planck Field: 700T.

@Budgets: Please total your civilian and military research spending in one place in your budget, so I can find it easily.

Turn 4 (2125-2129) will end next Sunday


Key: Same as first map, except:
Puke Yellow: Uninhabited/Uninhabitable
Crosshatched: Base color is the type of territory, crosshatching is the claiming/occupying power.

The OR

Civilian Tech rating: Average (up two)
Military Tech rating: Average
Environmental Health: N/A-
Espionage rating: Below Average


Earth: South America, Cuba, non-Bahama Caribbean islands, Antarctic Colony ($8T/Turn)
Mars: Terraforming/mining colonies, pop 63,847 ($58.254T)
Space: Earth-orbit shipyard $8.64T
Capitol: Brasilia
Major Spaceport: The Galapagos Islands
Population: 2.06 billion
GEP: $307.54 trillion
Civilian Tech rating: Below Average (up one)
Military Tech rating: Average
Environmental Health: Below Average (up one)
Espionage rating: Below Average
Ground forces: 15
Air Force: 9
Naval Force: 14
Space forces: 5.5
Genetic Engineering: 20T, 18T after tech (39% complete)
All: 20%

Mars: Atmosphere terrformed to 40% of the limits of current technology

The EU

Civilian Tech rating: Cutting Edge (up one)-
Military Tech rating: Below Average
Environmental Health: Above Average
Espionage rating: Good

Add 2.2 billion people from African territories, $160 trillion (after changes from biological attack)


$50 T occupied by the FPNA
Civilian Tech rating: Below Average (down one)
Military Tech rating: Cutting Edge-
Environmental Health: Above Average (up one from terraforming)
Espionage rating: Very Good-

The RF

Civilian Tech rating: Good (down one)
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Above Average (down three from fallout, up one from terraforming)
Espionage rating: Very Good


$50T occupied USNA assets
Civilian Tech rating: Good-
Military Tech rating: Good-
Environmental Health: Idyllic (up one from terraforming breakthrough)
Espionage rating: Good

The Grand Democracy of the Southern Ocean (GDSO)

Civilian Tech rating: Good (Up one, then down two from nuclear attack)-
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Good (down three from nuclear attack, up two from remediation)-
Espionage rating: Below Average

Add 2.2 billion people from African territories, $160 trillion (after changes from nuclear attack)

Venus: Terraforming progress:
Atmosphere 4% terraformed to the limits of current technology ($2T spent)

The Ascendant Caliphate (AC)

Civilian Tech rating: Above Average (up one)
Military Tech rating: Average (up one)
Environmental Health: Below Average (down one from fallout, up one from Terraforming breakthrough)
Espionage rating: Average

The New Ausland Republic (NAR)

Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Above Average (up one)
Environmental Health: Above Average (down one from fallout, up one from Terraforming breakthrough)
Espionage rating: Average (up one)

2008-01-28, 12:25 AM
FPNA Turn 3

Earth: North America west of the continental divide and everything south of the Rio Grande, Central America, Hawaii
Space: Lunar base $27.2T, Ceres mining/manufacturing station $37T ($5T defenses), Asteroid bases ($6.7T), $4.5T defenses, $2.5T armor, Earth-orbit shipyard ($5T), $2.5T SDI, $2.5T defenses
Saturn: Titan base, $10T, Pop 1,000
Capitol: Los Angeles
Major Spaceport: Area 51
Population: 1 467 180 000
GEP: $379.121
Civilian Tech rating: Good
Military Tech rating: Good
Environmental Health: Pristine
Espionage rating: Good
Ground forces: 6
Air Force: 10
Naval Force: 6
Space forces: 0


Gravitron Research

Being Researched:
Antimatter 200T: 68 T
Cybernetics 150T: 48 T
Genetic Engineering 200T: 108.5 T
Nanotechnology 300T: 116.4 T
Quantum Computing: 150T: 116.4 T(at 50% cost for Gravitron)
Alphan Archeology 20 T: 5 T
The Fake Sky 20 T: 5 T
Those Strange Clouds: 20 T: 2 T (civilian research)

Tier 2

Gravity Manipulation 400T: 22.5 T
Planck Field 300T: 29 T

Budget Turn 4

Untaxed: 208 516 550 000 000(tax: 45% war tax)
Budget: 170 604 450 000 000
Military upkeep: 11 T
Army Expansion: 50 T
Air Force Expansion: 20 T
Navy Expansion: 20 T
Civilian Tech: 15 T
Military Tech: 15 T
Space Expansion: 10 T
Gravity Manipulation: 10 T
Planck Theory: 10 T
Quantum Computing: 7 T

Funding Pro FPNA Partisans in USNA: 2.604450 T

Luna 1- 27.2 T
Quantum Computing: 13 T
Cybernetics: 7 T
Antimatter: 7.2 T

Ceres Mining Association - 37 T
Space Expansion: 20 T
Nanotechnology: 10 T
Cybernetics: 5 T
Quantum Computing: 2 T

Asteroid Bases - 6.7 T
False Sky: 2 T
Alphan Archealogy: 2 T
Expansion of ECM Suite: .7
Quantum Computing: 2 T

Orbital Yard - 7 T(after expansion)
Weapons system: 5 T
Quantum Computing: 2 T

Titan Base: 10 T
Untaxed: 6 T(40%)
Strange Clouds: 3 T
Cybernetics: 3 T

EDIT: Occupied USNA Budget

Untaxed: 27.5 (45% tax)
22.5 budget
Army Expansion: 10 Trillion
Navy Expansion: 10 Trillion
Pro FPNA Propaganda: 2.5 Trillion

EDIT 2: Revised and finalized research budget

2008-01-28, 05:09 AM
EU turn four GEP:

New GEP:
1)Losses: 0.1Billion. Original Population: 2.984 Billion Ratio: 0.034
2)1-Ratio: 0.966
3) Turn 2 GEP: 644.69T
GEP*Ratio: 622.77
4)Turn three growth rate: 10% (Increase in Civilian Tech)
5) GEP: 685.05
+160T from Africa
NEW GEP: 845.05