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2008-01-09, 12:36 PM
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16 Packs, One strange pack (4 members).

Brains : 4 - Not terribly intelligent individually, Solons are at least smart enough to cooperate
Strength : 4 - Pack hunters, not individually dangerous
Toughness : 7 - Solons, given food, will recover from nearly any injury.
Agility : 5 - Agile enough..
Grasping Appendages : 2 - Solons have rudimentary fingers on their forlegs which they use to drag corpses.
Language : 2 - Solons vocal communication is extremely rudimentary
Rudimentary Hivemind : 6 - Solon packs act as an individual of many parts at short distances, at long distances they use their vocals.
Bacterial Reproduction : 6 - Solons themselves are actually extremely colonies of extremely specialized bacteria. As such, any surplus of food becomes new solons.

Solons have no memories of their earlier ancestors. This is their history.

One day the first one started moving. It ate, budded, it was two. Now it is many. And the many are not all the same. It can be (6, number concepts still unknown), but more than that is too noisy, it becomes many again (cannot have a group of more than 6 at this point).

Appearance : With roughly the body plan of a dog, Solons are pale grey, moist, and covered in black rigid patches. Their 'heads' are covered in round black beads, and they have small cilia growing in a frond on their necks and backs. Their front and back limbs are covered from about halfway down with the stiff material, though the front limbs have segmented 'fingers' arranged just above the base of the limb.

Their diet is anything easily digestable. Bugs, berries, fecal matter, animals, dead animals...

The land :
A big, swampy valley filled with unmoving muggy air, their environment is (by our standards)overwhelmingly hot, and terribly humid. Fire is an impossibility, and decay is everywhere. At one end of the valley is a river, which must run close to a volcanic vent, as it is warm already. Frequently, dead fish will be found floating in the river (the river is fed by an offshoot of a much larger river, everything here is evolved to the high sulphur content in the water).

Food grows everywhere in the fertile soil. The squelchy, muddy, nearly impassible soil.

Ease of travel : 1
Food and Water : 10
Natural Resources : 3
Safety : 6

2008-01-09, 10:32 PM
The Skali

Your average Skali is somewhere between four and five feet long from the end of their face to the tip of their tails, and has rough, dark, leathery skin that stretches over most of their body. Their most defining features are their long, ski-like feet (almost as long as their bodies) and the large flaps of skin located on top of their necks that they can raise and lower at will to act as a sail. In addition, they have two small limbs tucked behind their massive sails that they can use for more subtle manipulations of objects.

Brains: 10 (While not the sharpest tools in the shed, they know how to use certain things to their advantage)
Strength: 4 (Skali aren't strong; they depend on speed and ambush tactics to hunt for food)
Toughness: 6 (Skali have a decent hide, however, their thin legs require great care)
Agility: 8 (Skali are aerodynamic and can make good use of their legs and sail to move faster)
Grasping Appendages: 4 (Skali use their large hind-feet for gripping and tearing)

Language: 6 (They have a very simple method of expressing very simple things, involving use of their sails and their natural camouflage)
Natural Camouflage: 7 (By controlling their bloodflow, Skali can slightly change their skin's colour)
Sails: 6 (The focal point of most Skali's lives are their sails: they're used in mating rituals, hunting, scaring off predators, and to a lesser degree in their camouflage abilities and communication)
Housing: 1

The Jungles of the Skali

The Jungle that the Skali call home is dense when it comes to life. Plants and animals are everywhere, with many streams and rivers running through the trees to provide proper nourishment. On the down-side, plants and animals are everywhere, predators are common and many of the plants prove to be effective in slowing down movement.

Ease of Travel: 4
Food and Water: 7
Natural Resources: 7
Safety: 2

Turn 1:
Toughness +1
Language +3
Natural Camouflage +2
Pack Mentality +4

Turn 2:
Strength +1
Toughness +1
Brains +5
Language +1
Housing +1

2008-01-13, 01:22 AM


Brains: 5 (The Quil'Iarth'Na, like most rodents, are quite intelligent, due to their meat-rich diet.)
(Inventor Caste members have a Brains of 9.)
Strength: 4 (The Quil'Iarth'Na rely more on pack hunting techniques than on sheer strength to catch their prey.)
(Warrior Caste members have a Strength of 6.)
Toughness: 4 (The Quil'Iarth'Na rely more on agility and their spines than on sheer toughness to keep them safe.)
(Warrior Caste members have a Toughness of 6.)
Agility: 5 (The Quil'Iarth'Na are small and fast, and often use their speed to escape predators.)
(Scout Caste members have an Agility of 9.)
Grasping Appendages: 3 (The Quil'Iarth'Na have four small, but nimble fingers on each of their paws, with small claws to easily rip apart a carcass.)
Natural Weapon (Spines): 7 (The Quil'Iarth'Na can flick their tail to release a small volley of hard spines at any prospective prey.)
Natural Armour (Spines): 7 (The Quil'Iarth'Na are covered with a dense mat of long spines, much like an echidna, which serve as an effective deterrant to predators)


Language: 3 (The Quil'Iarth'Na are a generally social people, with a simple language consiting of small growls and whistles.)
Tactics: Pack Hunting: 5 (The Quil'Iarth'Na have developed an efficient group hunting technique to make up for their personal weakness.)
(Warrior Caste members have a Tactics: Pack Hunting of 8.)
Nest Building: 3 (The Quil'Iarth'Na sleep in groups, and so they have become adept at digging small holes in the ground to keep them safe.)
Tactics: Camouflage (Stealth): 5 (The Quil'Iarth'Na roll around in fallen leaves, which stick to their spines, to gain a degree of camouflage.)
(Scout Caste members have a Tactics:Camouflage (Stealth) of 8.)
Tactics: Crippling Strikes: 5 (After Quil'Zar'Ha discovered the technique of aiming for the joints, suddenly all Quil'Iarth'Na are picking it up.)
(Warrior Caste members have a Tactics: Crippling Strikes of 8.)
(Scout Caste only tech.)Tactics: Sneak (Stealth): 3 (After Quil'Zar'Ha created the Caste system, the Scout Caste learnt how to sneak up on prey more silently)
(Inventor Caste only tech.)Tools: Stone Cutters: 3 (After Quil'Zar'Ha created the Caste system, the Inventor Caste learnt how to break rocks to form sharp knives.)
(Inventor Caste only tech.)Skinning: 3 (After Quil'Zar'Ha created the Caste system, the Inventor Caste learnt how to skin wild beasts so as to wear their fur.)

Inventor Caste (Current Leaders):
Notables: Quil'Zar'Ha, Clan Leader.

Scout Caste:
Notables: Quil'Zar'Taj, Scoutmaster.

Warrior Caste:
Notables: None so far.

The Quil'Har Forest
As you enter the forest, the trees seem to loom over you, casting their magnificent shadows over you. Skittering noises come from the undergrowth, and ominous shadows sneak behind every bush. Before you know it, a volley of spines arcs from the undergrowth and into your back, like stabbing needles of white-hot metal. In a few seconds, you're Quil'Iarth'Na food.

Ease of Travel: 2 (Quil'Iarth'Na lands are as inhospitable as the Quil'Iarth'Na themselves. But they are well adapted to suit their environment.)

Food and Water: 7 (The Quil'Har Forest is rich and abundant in animal and plant life, perfect for the population growth of a small rodent population.)

Natural Resources: 7 (The Quil'Har Forest abounds in useful woods, stones, metals, and useful plants. These advantages, althogh as of yet undiscovered by the Quil'Iarth'Na, will be very useful to them.)

Safety: 4 (The lush environment attracts predators. However, the Quil'Iarth'Na hold to the policy of "The bigger they are, the harder they fall".)

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Update status: Updated as of turn three.

Stacking: All tactics tech half-stack.
All techs with the stealth tag stack.