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Phae Nymna
2008-01-10, 08:41 PM
I'm having a really hard time making speech bubbles and choosing the same font that Rich uses. Anyone got tips? I REALLY need help. Oh, I should probably also say that I'm using Inkscape. There, I said it.

2008-01-10, 10:32 PM
I just use "comic sans" as my font. The speech bubbles themselves are easy. Make a white circle and an unclosed pointed triangle and done.


2008-01-10, 10:38 PM
I use stiffer triangles and attach them to the bubbles (I'll have to check to see who's closer to OOTS there...), but everything else looks about right.

edit: Yep, Rich does them stiffer and attached. Doesn't really matter, though.

Phae Nymna
2008-01-11, 08:20 AM
Yay! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

2008-01-11, 10:07 AM
Another way you could do is make the white circle and then go to Path: Object to Path. The circle is now a patn. In the corner near the person who is talking make three nodes and make sure they're sharp nodes. pull the node in the middle of your trio and make the sides line segments. But I use Mr. Saturn's way.

2008-01-11, 10:55 AM
I use the combine objects path tool for speechbubbles...much easier...

You just create the two pieces of the speech bubble, put them on top of each other, then use the Union tool, or Ctrl & num+.