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2008-01-11, 01:34 PM
i have everything else down about drawing em on inkscape but i cant seem to figure out how to do the talking mouths. much appreciated if you could help me out.

2008-01-11, 01:43 PM
Um...you just draw the shape? You know...it's just like drawing a blob, but you close off the shape before the edge so that there's a line left at the end.

I can't really explain it. Just look at the comics and, well...draw the shape.

Sorry if this isn't really helpful. :/

2008-01-11, 01:45 PM
its alright ill try it out now.

Surfing HalfOrc
2008-01-11, 01:51 PM
The OotS style mouths are an elongated letter "C"

Bring the top and bottom parts of the line further across the face, then draw a "normal" sized "C" at the opening end. Finally, fill in the gap with black, and you have a standard "speaking" mouth.

Smiling while speaking is similar, except the line at the open end is a diagonal unstead of curved.

It's hard to explain in writing, but only takes a moment to show with a pen and paper.

2008-01-11, 02:14 PM
Hope this helps

2008-01-11, 04:36 PM
o man those pics will really help!

2008-01-12, 02:56 AM
Hope this helps

Hmm. That must be your style. I do it a bit differently. Just study Rich's mouths and try to copy them. Just remember that you'll need more than one curve with that pen thing to draw it.
And maybe even two shapes. But that's probably just my lack of skill. :smallamused: