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2008-01-11, 08:02 PM
(Moved here from in order to use in-character identities. And for the pretty icons.)

Location: In the mostly-undamaged sitting room (aka the big central Dining Hall, on the map) of Cerwyn's house. The chemical smell is fading, with all the windows thrown open and the evening breeze coming in through them. There is a small fire in the hearth.

Desc gathers the party during the evening after dispatching Cerwyn, and turning his library over to Azzarax.

"Friends, I can't tell you how happy I am that everything went off without a hitch. I hope to work with you all again in the future, but now I must return to Caras Eberlon to attend to personal matters."

"Before we split up, there is the matter of dividing up the wealth. The magical trinkets that we've come across don't concern me overmuch. But I must mention the large onyx and ruby we took from Cerwyn that have been confirmed to be dragon eggs."

"Please don't misjudge my motivations as mercenary. It is out of concern for my family that I must return home to present that ruby egg to them."

2008-01-11, 08:57 PM
"Me can't talk for anyone else," says the dire wolf lying on the floor, "but for I, the eggs are little interesting. Seek I no dominion over life of intelligent creature. Offer group my share of eggs for house, here, with no owner. Also keeping crystal in armor. Not include my share of cash proceeds."

While speaking of the dragon eggs, the lupine beast waves his right paw lazily, dismissing his interest further.

2008-01-12, 04:01 AM
Ilya keeps the onyx egg resting in her lap. "Like Desc, I have no interest in anything we have found, other than this egg. I also do not have much need of the reward money which Marco has offered us. Thus, if it felt that this egg outweighs my share of this treasure, I will offer that as well." She shifts to pull out several books, which she then sets on the table. "This was all I had taken previous, aside from the eggs. These books are on extraplanar creatures and Cerwyn's journal."

2008-01-12, 01:01 PM
(Sheppard sips lightly at the tea from Cerwyn's kitchen)

"I have faith that these children of Bahamut will be well cared for, and raised to be champions of life, just as their adoptive parents have."

(He nods to Resc and Ilya)

"There is one matter, so long as we are discussing the mundane world of finances: these four unfortunates we found in the crypt. We are rapidly approaching the point at which my magics will be unable to restore them to life, but the material spent in their Raising is, regrettably, a precious commodity in the living world. If we may collect from our common spoils a sum enough to return life to these poor unfortunates," (est value, 20,000 gp) "I will happily do so as soon as possible."

(Sheppard brushes his hand along the sleeve of his adopted Robe of Resistance +3, still bearing a standard of St. Cuthbert on the sleeve, then touches the Staff of Illumination)

"If there are no objections, I should like to keep alive the memory and spirit of the men fallen outside this keep by bearing these two pieces in my travels?"

2008-01-12, 04:13 PM
Desc breaths a sigh of relief, not having received any challenges to his claim on the dragon egg.

"There needs to be a firm accounting of what we gained over the past few days. Marco's payment was generous, but I believe there can also be a significant sum gained from the weapons, armor, and magical items that we came across. Given enough time, I may even be able to get a higher rate of return on them than the 60% market value that Marco is offering. That new robe of yours, Sheppard, might fetch enough to pay for the revivification of one of the victims of violence we came across."

[Emily, would you be so kind as to post all the treasure we received during the quest?]

2008-01-12, 05:51 PM
[OoC: And the sale of just one of those dragon eggs would undoubtedly fetch us more than enough to res all four of them, plus the entire party once or twice over. Let's see about selling back the items people DON'T want, before we start hocking the ones we do?]

"If such as need be, but we have no shortage of income present without resorting to pawning the sanctified treasures of the dead. If this garment can no longer be used in the fight against evil, I would prefer to see it returned to the faithful of St. Cuthbert, with our condolences for the loss of their brother, and at no cost. The same of the Robe of Useful Items graced by Pelor, lest one of our number can make use of it?"

2008-01-12, 07:32 PM
In Cerwyn's house (and on his person), you find:
--a Robe of the Archmagi (black) (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/wondrousItems.htm#robeoftheArchmagi)
-- Censer of the Last Breath (value 2500, relic of Nerull, MIC)
--Gem dust, nonmagical: Ruby (1000 gp worth), Sapphire (2000 gp worth), Emerald (1250 gp worth), Diamond (3000 worth), Quartz (1000 worth)
--Circlet of Mages (value 5000, MIC)
--Chronocharms of the Archmage, the Horizon Walker, and the Grand Master.
--Bits and pieces of onyx (rough-cut), probably about 1000 gp worth

In the charred grove (random encounter that wasn't roleplayed), you find:
--Bag of Flames (MIC)
--Staff of Fire (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/staffs.htm#fire), 10 charges
--White Cloak of the Spider (value 4200, MIC)
----which has a Wilding Clasp attached to it (value X, MIC)
--Leather armor, +2, Beastskin (equiv +2) (MIC)
--Silver sickle +1

The doomed farm contained no magic items to speak of, besides the Loadstone, but the corpse's body was wearing:
--Ring of Brief Blessing (value 1000, MIC 122)
--Heavy Mace +1 Impact (i.e. Keen--???)
----with Truedeath Crystal, least (MIC pg 66)
--Holy Symbol of Pelor (wooden)
--yellow Pelorian Robe of Useful Items (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/wondrousItems.htm#robeofUsefulItems) (contained a coffer, 2x 100 GP, and a pole)
--Scale mail (MW)
--Crystal of Lifekeeping, lesser (MIC)
--Staff of Illumination (10 charges)

In his pack:
--Heavy mace +1, Undead Bane
--Holy Symbol of St. Cuthbert (wooden)
--Vestment of resistance +3 (robe), white, decorated with a red cross
--5 days of trail rations
--Shortbow, quiver of 17 arrows
--Miscellaneous useful items--standard adventurer kit (e.g. silk rope, grappling hook, small steel mirror)
--Lock of hair (yellow)

Also, don't forget that you each get 7000 gp from Marco for having successfully brought back the Sceptre.

2008-01-12, 08:40 PM
Can the Robe of the Archmagi be alignment-shifted? Many of us could make use of such an item, if so. If not, Sheppard prefers that it be destroyed rather than sold; such a device has purpose only in the hands of evil, and no amount of gold is worth the potential costs, to that end. To the same ends, the Nerullian relic Censer of the Last Breath should also be destroyed as an object of irredeemable evil.

For want of a Magic Items Compendium, What do the Circlet of the Mages, Chronocharms, and Bag of Flames do? I can guess that the Cloak of the Spider provides Spider Climb to the wearer, and Beastskin armor conveys its AC bonus to persons using Wild Shape?

2008-01-12, 10:35 PM
(The Chronocharms:

Horizon Walker - 1/day, move up to half your speed as a swift action, no AoOs.

Grand Master - 1/day, Immediate, +5 vs one ranged attack

Uncaring Archmage - 1/day, next spell cast of 3rd level or lower with casting time of 1 round is cast as a standard action

White Cloak of the Spider - +2 vs poison, 1/day (each): spider climb and hold person

Bag of Flames - 3 charges/day, 1 ch - flames burn as produce flame (dur: 1 min), melee touch 1d6+5 fire or ranged touch 120' range 1d6+5 fire (ends duration). 2 ch - throw flame up to 30' away to create a Sm fire Elemental (as per Summon Nature's Ally II, stays 5 rounds). 3 ch - immunity to fire for 1hr or absorbtion of 60 pts of fire damage, can pass the (remaining) immunity with a touch.

Circlet - +2 on concentration, 3 charges/day, lets you "save" (in other words cast a spell without actually using the spell slot) - 1 ch for 1st level, 2 ch for 2nd, 3 ch for 3rd.

As for the Relic - we cannot destroy it. It's a Relic, which I believe is of the same class as an Artifact.)

2008-01-12, 10:59 PM
If not outright destroy, there's the old standby: extra Bag of Holding + sharp pointy thing = all contents lost forever in a demiplane inaccessible by any known means. ^_~ Now, if some massively-powerful evil force wants to pump the XP and/or gold into casting a Wish/Miracle spell to retrieve it, the overall cost to Evil would be greater than just buying a new one. But at 2500 GP, they can't be all that difficult to actually smash, can they?

[is spending too much Saturday on this board than can probably be healthy]

2008-01-13, 09:30 AM
Relics aren't indestructible, to my knowledge. They're not the same as artifacts. (Had this problem in the pre-game too, didn't we?)

There are rules in the Book of Exalted Deeds on how to redeem evil items. It's all the way in the other room right now, so I don't know the details, but it could be a good side quest! :-D

(I'm already writing up the characters whose bodies you found. OOC NB: At least one of them would move heaven and earth to rez one of the others. But you don't know that. However, you could raise them one at a time, as you gather the funds. Another side quest! I can write you a simple abandoned-dungeon-of-the-kobolds crawl if you want me to.)

2008-01-13, 02:40 PM
A side-quest for the future, then -- the Robe of the Archmagi is specifically listed as a redeemable magic item, but it requires a Good-aligned character CL 14 and the appropriate Item Creation (Wonderous Item) feat, plus 3000 XP and 75 days of concentrated prayer/meditation, and the ability to cast Dispel Magic. But it means at least that we don't have to sell it and let it fall into Evil-aligned hands. Alternatively, we could quest for a more powerful good-aligned spellcaster with Create Wonderous Item who would be willing to do the work for us, but I forget the GP:XP ratio, and 3000 XP could end up costing quite a bit in gold (albeit not as much as a new Robe, and it would remove it from the grip of Evil).

Edit -- for the record, Sheppard would be willing to sacrifice his time and XP for no cost, if he takes Create Wonderous Item at 15th level, regardless of who ends up using the Robe or if we resell it. The redemption of the item is his only motivation. I also note with irony that his protege from another reality had a high enough Use Magic Device check to be able to emulate an Evil alignment and use the Robe right now! ^_~

2008-01-13, 04:49 PM
We did. And I did check the Complete Divine - they are not considered Artifact-level. Still, I do view them (personally) in that sort of light. I just don't believe that something which has been connected that tightly to a specific deity should just be able to be destroyed with any ease.

So in regards to the Censer, it should be returned to a Temple of Nerull (either for free or for a reward). I believe that is only fair - as Sheppard stated earlier that he believed a relic ought to be restored to its rightful place. This should be applied to all relics, not just on a subjective basis.

As for the revival and the redemption of the cloak - Ilya doesn't care. She'll donate a portion of the gold, but she had no real interest in going on a side quest for that particular reason.

2008-01-13, 06:58 PM
Desc sits down with paper and pen to make an account of the haul. And becomes quickly exasperated.

"I can't appraise all these. ::mumble:: Why don't you ever find exotic spices when you loot the dead? ::mumble:: Some of these items are very specialized. But the armor and weapons at least. . . they aren't so unusual. I'm fairly certain that we could get enough out of selling them to resurrect one of the people we found in Azzarax's fortress."

(calculated at 60% market value offered by Marco, including cost for base armor/weapon and masterwork price)
Leather Armor +2 - 2496
silver sickle +1 - 1396
Heavy Mace +1 - 1387
Heavy Mace +1 - 1387
mw scale mail - 120
Total - 6786

Desc then gets a greedy glint in his eyes after going over the treasure a second time.

"That bag there. It's quite warm to the touch. I bet that it could be just the thing for incubating a dragon egg. And I'm sure no one would mind me taking the diamond and ruby dust as compensation for the not insignificant quantity of diamond dust that I had to use up to fuel my magic during this excursion."

After shaking off a vaguely reptilian demeanor, Desc continues.

"I'll be in Ethras for another day arranging transportation, but then I'll be at my family's estate in Caras Eberlon for the next month. It has been an honor to work with all of you, and I wish you all great success in your future endeavors."

2008-01-13, 08:19 PM
(Desc needs to re-check his math: both maces are actually +2 weapons -- Impact +1 and Undead Bane +1)

{What was the diamond/ruby dust spent on? (had an OoC cold,wasn't listening to most spells being cast) We're mostly trying to get 20K GP of diamonds/diamond dust for the resurrections themselves. I don't think the Bag of Flames does what you think it does? A quick glance of Analyze Dweomer would give us the full gamut of its abilities, while we sorted out the salvage. But between Marco's payments to you, me, and Ilya -- assuming you'd both agree that the gem dragons eggs are worth a good deal more than outright payment? -- we should have plenty enough to afford the resurrections without having to sell anything nor trouble Marco's payments to Dibs, Sara, and Ramzebak (if I interpreted broken wolf-speak correctly? Or was he dismissing Marco's payment?) ... compensatory dusts could then go to Desc, favorite items could go where appropriate, and sales of the rest could be divvied equally. The alternate, much more complex, but totally fair way of doing treasure would be to establish resale values for each piece, include Marco's payments, subtract expenses towards group efforts where appropriate, then establish an absolutely equal share of the net proceeds; from that, each member could individually "buy" from the existing item pool at resale cost, guaranteeing an even split and a fair divestment of gold to those who take no items. Yes, I have been watching many Ferengi episodes of Deep Space Nine, why?}

2008-01-13, 09:01 PM
(Speaking of checking math, the armor was +2 Beastskin (equiv +2), so total +4 for the armor)

2008-01-13, 09:46 PM
<OOC>Sorry, I totally misunderstood the notation for the magic weapons and armor. That was my bad math, not an attempt to cheat anyone. However, incubating a dragon egg was just a thin excuse at claiming a magical item. Still, a continuously warm burlap sack could still be useful on a cold night. The diamond dust was spent on Stone Skin in preparation for the climactic battle. Less diamond dust was spent than what Desc wants to take from the haul. Likewise, the ruby dust is just being claimed because it's shiny. Desc is the descendant of a red dragon. Generally he's well meaning, and steps up to protect the lives of the people he's working with. But when given a chance to sift through treasure, his inclination towards shiny objects can sometimes get the better of him.
Also, Desc isn't interested in dividing up the treasure fairly as much as he is interested in grabbing what he sees as useful or valuable without drawing too much attention. He considers the dragon eggs to be not part of the treasure - it's a living creature that Desc sees as vital to the continuation of his family line. So vital, in fact, that if there's too much bickering with dividing up loot, rather than waste time Desc is likely just to drop the matter and leave with the egg, draconic inclinations notwithstanding. Drawing up funds to resurrect people from items that he sees as less valuable than the rest of the haul seemed like a good way to raise money without personally having to donate.

2008-01-13, 11:34 PM
{I see no problem with reimbursing Desc the value in gem dust he spent for the party (even if we talked our way out of obliterating some lichs ... liches?), though I can't speak for everyone. But if the diamond dust is immediately useful towards at least one Raise Dead spell, might he be able to take the emerald dust, and trade it for an equivalent amount of diamond dust, later in his travels? Also, though OoC knowledge, Emily pointed out that one of the travelers would do anything to get another restored -- perhaps even contribute towards the cost. I would Raise the cleric first, if it were my decision. I have no way of knowing whether he would himself also be able to cast a similar Raise or Res spell. We could also use shares of the total treasure -- what does Beastskin do, canonically? Sounds Druid-y, if Ramzebak can make use of it -- to purchase shares of diamonds/diamond dust from party members who bought them pre-game, and worry about replenishing our own supply later.}

(also, forgive the use of brackets -- Sheppard is long-winded to avoid miscommunications, and he'd probably pawn his knickers if he thought it would further the sake of life better than for him to wear them! I'm largely using OoC voice to accelerate the discussion taking place between all the characters, as well as discussions we have likely all been through in other campaigns with other parties. ^^; Sheppard is fine with the Robe of Resistance (5400 resale) and Staff of Illumination (5790 resale) and putting all of his GP payment towards the Raise Dead spells, but again, he would like to redeem the Robe of the Archmagi before selling it/putting it to work for the party, and return the Pelor-blessed Robe to a Pelorian temple.)

"Lady Ilya, your benificence shames me! Though I fear it will be used to the ends of great evil, the Censer is not truly ours to destroy. Its purpose is to ward against Life in the hands of a Nerullian, but that is not to be said that it cannot be used to the ends of preserving life, as well. Perhaps in returning it freely and without recompense, we may even assert a sunbeam of goodness, of selfless charity, through the darkened windows of a Nerullite's heart? If he sees true selflessness, possibly for the first time in his life, may it transcend to an act of his own, later in his life? I am shamed, my dear, for I had overlooked that jewel which shines more brightly than any here before us: Hope. However slight the chance, we must have Hope that a servant of Evil can change their ways when shown enough of the Light!"

[Sheppard touches the Censer lightly; for the first time since its discovery, he does not regard it with contempt, but pity, the way one might regard an injured puppy that snaps at any hand that nears it. The Censer is not Evil by choice, it cannot help how it was made nor the Life-threatening magics within it. But shown enough kindness, cared for by someone not themselves wholly Evil, it could be -- he Hopes -- a tool to preserve Life.]

2008-01-14, 09:28 AM
...hmm. This entire post is ooc unless otherwise noted. Anyway, Sara was the one carrying the ruby dragon egg. She agreed to carry it because she *wanted* it. Now that Desc has expressed his desire for it, however, she'll realize that someone who lives the way she does, and has only a short human lifetime to begin with, probably couldn't do much with a newly-hatched dragon who will take decades to reach usefulness. The only magical item she's interested in is the Least Truedeath crystal. She will willingly forfeit any claim on proceeds from the rest of the magic items in return for a chance to quiz the people once they're rezzed on their experience with the undead (looking for tactical info, here- I think there are some levels of ranger in her future). She is less (read: un-) willing to forfeit Marco's payment for her own, perfectly good reasons. I think that about covers it.

Oh, and sidequests are cool, so long as there is a chance of undead or loot. :smallwink:

2008-01-15, 08:28 PM
OOC: So, what I'm seeing here is three (probably distinct) story arcs: Desc bringing the ruby egg back to his family, Ramzebak founding his sanctuary on Cerwyn's repossessed land, and Shepperd questing to raise funds to rez the slain party from the fortress. Do you guys want to do these sequentially, or simultaneously, or what? Who's interested in either? I see Sara going with Shepperd; is anyone else similarly leaning one way or the other?

Assuming you've cast Gentle Repose on the remains, and by examining their garb and gear, you can tell that the party was made up of a human paladin of Ehlonna (male), a human cleric of Pelor (male), an elf archer with a spellbook (male), and a half-elf bard (female). Desc, you would recognize the paladin's signet ring--he's from one of the other human families that lives to the northeast of Caras Eberlon (but technically in Verano), on and around the river. They may be rivals to your clan, or whatever--that detail is up to you.

(Uber-ooc: If anyone is interested in playing any of their characters on any subsequent dungeon crawls, that's certainly a possibility. Y'know. If they get rezzed.)

2008-01-15, 08:51 PM
{Um ... I'm not seeing much need to quest, beyond finding the actual diamonds. I will contribute my payment from Marco altogether towards the end of rezzing the NPCs. Ilya said she would contribute her payment in exchange for the onyx dragon egg -- given the extraordinary value of the eggs, it seems unfair to ask Ilya to pay, but not Desc? The combined payment for all three of us totals 21,000 GP, enough to Raise all four of the other party members. And, if Raised one by one, one of that party may be willing to contribute towards the resurrection of his fellows.}

(and not only OoC, but WAY OoC -- did anyone search their bodies? It's not unfair to expect them to afford a piece of their accumulated wealth in exchange for LIFE ... ITSELF! *cough* Not that Sheppard would even think of this, though the other party's cleric of Pelor might?)

{Sheppard's Quest is to redeem the Robe of the Archmagi -- beyond that, anyone who will aid him in this Quest would be welcome and fully eligible to wear the Robe themselves, once so redeemed. Or, if the party so requires, the Robe can be sold after its redemption and the proceeds can be divided among everyone equally. The Quest would then simply to be tracking down divergent party members. ^_~}

2008-01-16, 09:39 PM
(Ilya is willing to settle for just the onyx dragon egg for her share of the loot, other than possibly pilfering Cerwyn's house for random mundane items (like a screwdriver. I don't think she has one of those yet. Not to say Cerwyn would have one, but you never know) and the outer planar books if no one wants those. These would be sold/given to the Boccob library after she had gathered what information she could from them.

I don't think we searched the bodies then, but we could search them now :smallbiggrin: Since I'm presuming this is before we get back to Ethras with them. Or we just rez the Pelorian first and let him make the decisions in that matter.)

Quasi-IC: Ilya is caught off-guard by Sheppard's reaction to her suggestion regarding the Censer. She had not seen it in the light he had - she just merely accepted the idea that a relic ought to return to the nearest temple belonging to that faith.

If no one else wishes that task, she will offer to seek out a Temple of Nerull to return the thing to.

2008-01-17, 08:22 PM
Incidentally, the ruby dragon's egg takes 480 days to hatch, and it's already done with 80 of them.

The onyx egg takes 600 days to hatch, and again, it's done with 80 of them.

Just so y'all know. :-)

2008-01-17, 08:47 PM
Here is what you find on each of the bodies. Be aware that some items may be more precious to their owners than others.

Human cleric, male:
--Talon Sceptre
--Shard of the Sun
--Steel breastplate +1, with Healing special property
--Periapt of Wisdom +2
--Sling bullets: various metals, and Priest's Bullets with holy, anarchic, and axiomatic water contained within
--Standard cleric adventurer's kit

Elven archer, male:
--Bow of the Wintermoon
--Greater Truedeath Crystal (on the bow)
--Elven Chain +1
--Lesser Crystal of Screening (gives penalties to incorporeal touch attacks)
--Quiver of Ehlonna: lots of normal arrows, 40 silvered arrows
--True Strike Gauntlets
--Darkwood Shortbow +1 of spell storing
--Several scrolls of Cure Serious Wounds
--Miscellaneous first-level scrolls (mostly of utility spells, like Hold Portal and the like)
--Various alchemical substances (e.g. quickfrost, quickflame, sunrod)
--Nonmagical longsword, finely crafted (MW)
--Silver holy symbol of Corellon Larethian (carried in a pocket, not easily accessible but close to his skin)
--Standard figher adventurer's kit

Human paladin, male:
--Adamantine chainmail +1, Commander
--Holy longsword +1
--Shield of Mercy
--Silver holy symbol of Ehlonna
--Silver dagger +1
--Masterwork shortbow, arrows of mixed alchemical metals
--Standard fighter/cleric adventurer's kit

Half-elf bard:
--Mithril shirt +1 of Easy Travel
--Masterwork harp (really freakin' gorgeous)
--Circlet of Persuasion
--Vest of Escape
--Ioun stone of Charisma
--Ioun stone of Insight/AC
--Skill shards (misc., includes Gather Information)
--Anklet of translocation
--Arcane thieves' tools
--Standard all-purpose adventuring kit
--A small copy of the Book of the Light (Pelorian holy book)

2008-01-18, 10:04 AM
I'll assume that some of this discussion trickled to in-character.

Diamond dust is used in the magic to raise the dead? I suppose that changes matters some. After all, if I were dead I'd be very grateful to any kind-hearted person who went out of his way to return me to life. The bag of flames would still be of great value to me as something to keep the egg warm and safe on my travels home. It would be a tragedy if it died en route.
I suggest that Sheppard be elected to divvy the treasure equitably. When my share, minus the bag of flames, is determined, you can use the proceeds from their sale as an investment toward raising these people or whatever you need to cleanse the taint from those robes. And should my investment return a profit, I'll collect the dividends at some future date.

Like Sara and Ramzebak, Desc considers Marco's payment already his, and not part of treasure to be divided up.

2008-01-19, 08:23 PM
OOC (trickle as need be to IC):

I had offered the amount from Marco, as I had been given the impression that the dragon egg was more valuable than my share of the treasure, but now it seems otherwise? I think we need to decide just how much those eggs are worth before going any farther. (No, I did not see that amount from Marco as part of the treasure haul, but should be used if one wants more than one's fair share. Being LN and not caring too much about any of the items, I will see to it that everything is split equally.)

None of the magic items really appeal to me (technically two of the Chronocharms did, but I already have them). Ilya's already at her carrying limit (out of bag), and there's really not too much more in bag that she'd want. (Actually, she would like to find out about those alchemical substances the elf archer has - not taking his unless deemed to be part of his "rez" payment).

Re the Censer: If it is not deemed part of the treasure haul, Ilya would like to take it to return it to a Temple of Nerull.

Speaking of the Rez payment: We should get one of them Rez'ed, probably the Pelorian, and have him figure out what to sell for the others. Or "loan" the group the money, raise them, and then have them sell whichever items to repay us. Either way, the money really ends up coming from them, as it should. Sheppard - if you would rather just donate yours to that cause, fine, but I would like to be repaid, if I have anything to spare for that.

From what I gather, this is what people want:

Ilya - Onyx Dragon Egg, (Censer relic)

Desc - Ruby Dragon Egg, Bag of Flames

Sara - Lesser Truedeath Crystal

Ramzebak - Lesser Crystal of Lifekeeping, Wilding Clasp (?), (Cerwyn's house and lands)

Sheppard - Vestment of Resistence +3, Black Robe of the Archmagi (to turn it to either gray or white)

Dibs - ? (I could see him having interest in some of the items, but... he would need to post for me to be sure).

Let me know if I've made a mistake and/or what those eggs are deemed to be worth.

2008-01-20, 12:04 AM
If I were a PC, I would agree that "payment for services" is quite different from "looted treasure." But I'm not a PC. :-)

T.S. Dibs
2008-01-20, 12:50 AM
Having already had the substantial privilege of copying freely from Cerwyn's library before turning it over to Azzarax, I have little interest in any of the items except the Robe of the Archmagi. However, I assume our esteemed Pelorian comrade will want to redeem it into a White robe, whereas I can only use a Grey. That said, I'd like to come along for the ride anyway. If I were content merely to spend day in and day out copying magical texts, I would have succumbed to my illness long ago. This "redemption" exercise promises to be entertaining.

As to the dragon eggs, I maintain a strict impartiality on the matter. Such things are typical of so-called "priceless" objects in that they do in fact carry a substantial price. To the right buyer they might well outweigh the monetary value of everything else put together. Of course, they carry a certain risk with them - I don't know what moral outlook ruby or onyx dragons favor, and I shouldn't like to try raising a dragon of unpleasant disposition.

2008-01-20, 01:41 AM
Sheppard will readily accompany Ilya on her mission of goodwill to the Temple of Nerull, once the current mission is complete; we have yet to take the Sceptre back to Marco, after all.

{I would be lying to say the RotAm doesn't make me drool, but IC, Sheppard simply wants to have it turned from the use of Evil -- he will wear the Robe of Resistance +3 to honor the fallen cleric who was clearly dear to the fallen Pelorian outside Cerwyn's keep. Turning it Good makes it the most untenable for an Evil character to use, but he has no intention of using it, himself. Once redeemed, he would fully endorse reselling the RotAm and dividing the proceeds evenly. Sheppard would also like to continue to bear the Staff of Illumination [with 10 charges = 1/5 price] from the same fallen cleric.}

Sheppard tips his head back at the thought of infant dragons with poor dispositions. "If we take that a child is as much the product of his upbringing as of his nature, then I should have no doubts to the fine job our companions will provide. And that we six just stood, days past, in pleasant discourse with two Lichs dedicated to benevolence? I can hardly imagine faulting a newborn more harshly than those who choose undeath! Have no worries, friend Dibs."

Addressing the matter of the fallen party:

"There is no amount of gold in all the Planes worth more than Pelor's most precious gift of Life," Sheppard states with a warm smile. "If my payment can restore to Life just one individual, I would prefer that their mother and father, their sister or brother, their closest friends and lovers, go without the grief of loss, today. If anyone bears with them diamonds enough for this spell [5000 GP, though technically 5000 GP of coal should arguably meet the requisite also, since both are pure carbon deposits of equivalent value?], I pledge to you repayment in full once paid for our adventure. On my Honor, as Servant to Almighty Pelor." He looks around the group for an answer.

{OoC, I kinda like the idea of "billing" the raised party for services rendered. If Belkar were around, he could just offer to re-kill anyone who didn't want to pay, and loot their body anyways! XD}

2008-01-20, 10:48 AM
(Gray is also rather inacessiable to Evil. Not so much as White, but I don't see why the cloak couldn't be redeemed to Gray.)

"Sir Sheppard, while I appreciate the offer of aid in the matter of the Censer, I feel this is something best done by myself. There are many in the dark temples of Nerull who would not accept aid from one such as yourself, believing it tainted, if you will. But as per your wishes, I will accept no monetary reward from them."

(Altered item wishlist for a few members:

Sheppard - Vestment of Resistence +3, Staff of Illumination

Dibs - Robe of the Archmagi (presuming it is turned gray) - Dibs could probably claim the black and get it changed to gray himself.

In an attempt to price the eggs, does 7000 each sound fair? I'm trying to base it on the few eggs prices I could find (Hippogriff, Griffon) and the Gem treasure table. I hate to reduce them so crudely to gold piece vlaue, but in order to ascertain a fair share for everyone of the treasure, these eggs need to be priced.)

2008-01-20, 04:58 PM
(Yeah, I couldn't find egg prices, even in the Draconomicon--although paging through the PDF version is harder than the dead-trees one--I need to get that back from Audrey sometime!)

(And would Desc consider taking the egg as his full "share" of the treasure, but "buying" the bag of flames from the group? It's only like 3k. And I think it's an awesome idea to use that for incubation. It was totally not intended.)

2008-01-20, 05:22 PM
(Does the egg even fit inside the Bag of Flames?

I suppose that's an option - that the eggs count for the entiriety of our shares, and whichever items Desc and I want come out of Marco's payment.)

2008-01-21, 05:26 PM
(Okay, presuming the 7000 for each egg, the per person share is 18573 gold (and 3 silver). This does not include the reward from Marco.

Removing the eggs from the calculations (and thus Ilya and Desc from the pool), the remaining members gets 24360.

Any thoughts?)

2008-01-21, 10:20 PM
<OOC>Yeah, I've been kind of baffled at how to put a price on a living sentient creature. The Lords of Madness book actually does that, though. Mind flayers tend to buy slaves at CR^2 * 100gp. The largest dragons are CR 5 at birth. Smaller ones tend to be CR 3. So, if I were an Illithid, I'd price a CR 4 creature at 1600gp.
But, if we're going to go that far, we should go all the way. What's the value of Cerwyn's land? And is 75000gp being taken out for whoever takes the robe of the archmagi?

Obviously, that's taking it to the point of absurdity. All I want the egg for is a plot device; the bag too. Come next adventure, Desc won't have a dragon familiar or companion or anything. He'll just have a dragon sitting at home that he talks about. And the gold is actually more valuable to me so I can continue to play a character who comes from a rich family.

So Desc would be willing to mail the bag of flames back to whoever wants it after the dragon hatches, and just keep the hatchling and his payment from Marco.

2008-01-22, 04:41 AM
(Perhaps, but I was also basing my prices on Hippogriff and Griffon eggs, which don't follow that pricing method (which are 2000 and 3500, respectively)

As for Cerwyn's lands - I wasn't about to try and price that. I was going to allow Ramzebek use his share to purchase it from whomever. Since land is not usually thought of as part of treasure, it was not counted. To be fair, if Ramzebek hadn't expressed interest in it, would we even consider trying to price it? I wouldn't. Thus, it will go unpriced, but he will still use his treasure to pay whatever he needs to.

As for the Robe of the Archmagi - its sale price is included. I figured that once I could get some consensus on the shares, the items themselves could be divied. All except the gems and eggs were priced at the 60% sale price (for example, if I wanted the Censer, I would deduct 1500 from my share). That just seems the fairest way to divide this stuff. If you want more treasure than your share allows, then you have to pay for it out of your pocket (ie Marco's reward or your stash). Given that the Robe will be more than one's share - there may be an investment opportunity, since there is probably a quest to redeem it. Several people buy a "share" of the robe, in the hopes that the quest to redeem it turns up more treasure.

Desc - I understand your point, which is why I made those two figures (one with the eggs and one without.) I am just attempting to find some way to divy everything up equally with a method that we all can agree on.)

2008-01-24, 09:03 PM
So what I'm taking from this is:

--Desc takes egg and Bag of Flames, realizing that the rest of the party sees egg as a commodity and not a person, and that they won't be persuaded otherwise

--Ilya takes egg and censer and chronocharm, and goes off to return the censer and gallivant around the planes

--Ramzebak takes Cerwyn's house and two small items of jewelry (wildling clasp, crystal of lifekeeping)

--Shepperd takes the black robe and goes off on a quest with Sara and Dibs to redeem it. Shepperd and Sara take a slightly larger proportion of the gold and treasure than the other four, given that they got no major treasure otherwise (Dibs having had unlimited access to several major libraries, and the others being listed above)

Am I reading this right? Oh, and everyone keeps their own gold from Marco. Yeah?

I'm already writing Desc's homecoming. I've got a seed of an idea for the three robe-redeemers...you guys want me to write that, or just assume it happens?

If anything changes significantly because of this post (http://community.livejournal.com/dnd3e/413372.html), I'll come back and tell you. :-)

2008-01-27, 09:39 PM
Right-o. And the bag of flames will be turned back over after the egg hatches.

2008-01-28, 04:38 PM
Sheppard doesn't care about dividing the treasure beyond paying for the four Raise Dead spells, and he will take care of that before embarking on any other quest (since Raise Dead is VERY time-dependent and requires mostly-intact corpses). He'll use his entire share, if he has to [he didn't get to be 42 years old and only 12th-level in power and items by being stingy with his gold and XP!].

[Can we presume that some member of the party is willing to trade 5000 GP of diamonds/diamond dust for an equivalent amount in gold, and that they may buy replacements where necessary, later?]

Sheppard will Raise the Pelorian cleric first [and we can hope that he has the authority to bargain over the expenses of Raising the rest of his party].

[By-the-by, how much XP did we gain?]

2008-05-02, 09:24 PM
So, ah. To close this off:

--You raise the Pelorian cleric.
--He tells you that the paladin's family is very rich AND that the paladin has a thing for the bard.
--The bard is the archer's half-sister.
--Everything gets sorted out and everybody lives happily ever after yaaay! ;-)