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Emperor Demonking
2008-01-13, 11:15 AM
1) You can get two soul blades by making two move actions before level 5.

2008-01-13, 11:36 AM
A fighter is better than a Wizard because if the wizard has no equipment or spells the fighter would win.


2008-01-13, 11:36 AM
Monks don't suck. :smalltongue:

2008-01-13, 11:37 AM
Bards are cool.:smallconfused:

2008-01-13, 11:38 AM
Bards are cool.:smallconfused:

Bards can be realy effective with fascinate. Anyways:

Wizards aren't overpowered because they have to prepare the right spells.

2008-01-13, 11:39 AM
Stuff along the lines of:
1. Wizards are balanced because unrested wizards can't cast spells; the DM should just interrupt their rest every day.
2. Monks are as powerful as wizards because they can use UMD to defeat them.
3. Fighters are as powerful as wizards because they can be polymorphed and buffed.

Bards can be really effective with fascinate
Could you give an example situation where fascinate is powerful?

SRD Link about Fascinate (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/classes/bard.htm#fascinate)

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2008-01-13, 11:40 AM
Bards can be realy effective with fascinate.

Who said anything about effectiveness.

2008-01-13, 11:42 AM
Who said anything about effectiveness.

When it comes to fluff, just say he isn't a "bard" he is a guy who wanders around together with the cleric and preaches for his diety. No need to be an actual minstrel.:smallbiggrin:

2008-01-13, 11:46 AM
Actually, one of the most effective bard spells is suggestion. Bards get it one spell level cheaper than anyone else, at 2. In the middle of battle, cast suggestion on one of the monsters. Depending on the terrain, and your DM, you can either completely disable him, kill him, or make him fight for you.

Sorry for being off-topic. But bards are cool.

2008-01-13, 11:47 AM
Powerful Build + Monkey Grip

"If it doesn't have a listed value in any book, it MUST be eschewable!"

2008-01-13, 11:48 AM
Tome of Battle is Anime :smallcool:

2008-01-13, 11:50 AM
There's only one good DM out there, and his name is Dalboz. And if you're not playing D&D the Dalboz way, you're not playing it right.

2008-01-13, 11:55 AM
Pun-Pun is less than cheese because most people don't know how to do it.

Roland St. Jude
2008-01-13, 12:20 PM
Sheriff of Moddingham: This is the kind of thread we want here. :smallamused:

This is basically an invitation for people to bring their excess baggage from other threads. Thread closed.