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2008-01-13, 10:23 PM
High orbit over planet Bruschania, Isieles System, 1130 hours,

The HMS Royal Sovereign, the flagship of the Royal Navy, the flagship of King William V, in drydock in the Shipyard Ring of Bruschania. Fourteen kilometres in length, protected by fifteen feet of plated neosteel with a particle shield as the first line of defense. Armed with twenty-four of the dreaded 300"/25 Mark VI naval coilguns in twelve double turrets. Propelled by the latest fusion engine, the Royal Sovereign was the largest, fastest for its size and most powerful capital ship in the entire Isieles System. Eight of these magnificent titans formed the core of the Royal Navy, along with 63 other 'capital' ships and hundreds of fairly unimportant orbital patrol frigates and corvettes, which combined gave Bruschania unparalled space dominance in its system. Today was the day the Royal Sovereign would take on its most illustrious commander and begin to expand Bruschanian might outside the five planets they controlled in their own system. Today was the day that the King of Bruschania took command of his flagship.

"OFFICER ON DECK!" snapped the Master Sergeant as the automatic doors of the Royal Sovereign's bridge slid open and in walked King-Emperor William V of the Bruschanian Dominion. On the command, the dozens of bridge officers and marines snapped to attention, rifles at their sides for marines, fists at sides for unarmed men. William was a Windoverian, a superbeing. Though William looked not a day over 30, he had in fact lived for 120 years on the planet. His thick brown hair, lean body and unlined face did not give this impression, it was only in his deep blue eyes that the ordinary Bruschanian could see into the ages of William's life. Though none of them knew it, the Windoverians were a product of a breeding program, done over hundreds of years by a secret society with the aim of producing a family that could properly govern a galactic empire. William was the latest product of this breeding program. His mother and father had been selected for each other, like fine horses, and he had been produced with the hope, like the hope of horse breeders, that he would inherit his parent's virtues. Nobody knew of any of this, certainly not William or his parents. But, just as his parents had been selected, eventually a mate would be selected for him and the program would continue. For now, William V was the King and this was his flagship.

"As you were," William commanded as he took his seat on a slightly raised dais in the center of the bridge. He settled into it comfortably and held his sheathed lasblade at his side.

"Sir, all ships are reporting ready for the warp jump. We are go for our first punitive expedition," reported the ship's commander from a chair on the right side of William. The king nodded.

"Duly noted. Helmsman, signal the Port control to open Drydock Doors D7," William ordered. The youthful lieutenant nodded and relayed the signal. In front of the Royal Sovereign, two massive doors opened up and revealed the great tapestry of space to the bridge crew. William smiled.

"Undock, power up all main engines and take us out helmsman," the orders continued. Inside the vast chamber containing the Royal Sovereign, there was a great roaring as the fusion engines powerful up and all the 14 kilometre, 2,000,000 ton ship began to move out into the vacuum of space. All around the huge Shipyard Ring that completely encircled Bruschania, similar doors were opened and the squadron that would accompany the Royal Sovereign and the King began to gather near to the flagship. Two Agincourt battleships, four Nelson battleships, nine Temeraire cruisers and a single Ark Royal carrier. All these ships formed a cloud of ships, soaring through space, with the Royal Sovereign in the center and the battleships and cruisers all around.

"All ships, jump to warp on my mark. You have the coordinates. Beginning countdown: T-minus 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... MARK!" the commander roared, and all the bridge crew were struck by a sudden jolt as the ship activated its warp drive. A silent boom echoed all over the planet, and the squadron was gone.


Barely an hour later, the ships dropped from warp and William came, perplexed, onto the bridge, buttoning up his red tunic as he entered and sat down, staring at the main viewscreen which showed several ships of an unknown design

"What has happened? I was told we would be at high warp for at least two days till we reached our destination?" William asked, narrowing his eyes at the unknown ships.

"Our scanners picked up those ships. We couldn't just blast through them at warp, or both of us would've been destroyed. So we stopped," The commander reported, chewing on his tongue.

"What's the matter Horatio? You look nervous," asked the King

"Sir, the ships are approaching us,"

2008-01-13, 11:32 PM
The fleet was assembled in the dark between the stars. Here, on the edge of Imperium space, the Great crusade was beggining in earnest. Seventeen Battle Barges, each one a flagship of one of the Space Marine legions, surrounded the form of the Emperor's flagship, the massive Terra Supremus Cruisers, battleships, and escorts drifted on the perimeter, ensuring the absolute security for the meeting of Mankind's greatest leaders.

And aboard the bridge of Terra Supremus, were gathered the elite of the elite: The commanders of the Imperial army, a few select champions from each legion, and, of course, the Primarchs and the Emperor himself. It was truly a stirring sight: The Guardsmen, coming barely up to the chest height of the Astartes but nevertheless proud and alert in their uniforms, medals glimmering on their chests. The Space Marines in heavy ceramite plate, each in the color of his legion, each a marvel of science and a testament to the Emperor's skill. Ten feet tall, massively muscular, hard eyed and fierce, they were warriors the likes of which humanity had never seen, engineered to be the perfect weapons of war.

The Primarchs themselves stood on a raised platform with their Father, the Holy Emperor. Each one was marked in some way, each one a piece of his Father, some aspect of the Emperor's divine greatness. Here was Red-maned Russ, barbaric and fierce, the avatar of zeal for life and battle. Cyclopean Magnus, his single eye glittering with vast intellect and psychic potential. Or Angel-winged Sanguinius, his countenance more beautiful than any seraphrim crafted by artist's brush, his face calm and resolute. These and fourteen others stood about the Emperor himself, a figure who towered above even his sons, armored all in gold, his eyes unreadable.

The moment was solemn, for they knew this might be the last time they were all together again, this strange and curious family that had been forged by the hand of their Father, crafted to bring his vision to the stars, to reunite humanity into a single glorious whole. And from thence the universe would be within their grasp. It was a thing of wonder to be there, to know that this was the beggining of a new age, when the warriors assembled here would bring light to the universe, and allow humanity to transcend its limits, to pass beyond its frailties and allow the seed of divinity that was its racial heritage to flourish and grow.

After what seemed like an eternity of silent communion, the Emperor nodded. As once, the primarchs drew their weapons, each of the mighty warriors dropping to one knee as the Emperor spoke. His voice was soft, yet such was its power that no man could resist it. His was the voice as absolute truth, and every word he spoke was as holy writ.

My sons... I have never been more proud than on this day. We are the harbringers of a new age. Too long has humanity been shattered by the whims of fate. Today is the day when humanity refuses to accept those whims any longer. We will chain fate and bend it to our will. The broken pieces of humanity shall be welded anew into a glorious whole. Where ignorance and supersition lie, we shall drive them out with the light of reason. Where Xenos attempt to keep us from our destiny, we shall vanquish them. Where our bretheren refuse to see reason, we shall show it to them. You are my children, and together we shall make this universe into a realm of transcendant wonder. But we have much work to do. Now is the time. Go forth and conquer, my children, in the name of Humanity, in the name of our dream.

Such were the Emperor's words, and all within the vast audience hall gave a great shout. As one, the Primarchs rose, exchanging farewells with the Emperor and with their brothers, as they moved back to their ships, readying to break off into smaller groupings. The Emperor had decreed that the Primarchs would move in four groups: consisting of four legions. The Emperor himself would hold his own battlegroup in reserve, ready to move should any of the other groupings need quick reinforcement. The better part of the Imperial Fists were also held in reserve. Experts beyond compare in fortification, the Fists were assigned to be ready to pacify conquered worlds. Rogal Dorn himself was to stay by the side of the Emperor and aid his battlegroup, an honor that had offset the irritation of being held from the front lines.

The Emperor watched as each group splintered from the main fleet, each flagship surrounded by a cloud of lesser vessels. When they had gone, he smiled. Though he was sad to see his sons go, and his father's heart worried for them, his confidence was absolute. His godlike intellect and will had been bent towards forging these tools of war, and He knew they would not fail Him. He had pride in his sons, and he knew they, too would perform as He had intended.


The fleet made contact just after dropping out of warp. The four Primarchs leading this part of the Crusade remained in constant contact, and were now conferring over holographic communication screens.

Do we have confirmation of what we suspect yet? Asked Sanguinius, his voice soft and mellow. Of all the Primarchs, he was the one whose soul was, perhaps, closest to the Emperor, and many of the others almost naturally deferred to him, or at least gave his sage council more ear than they would to most.

We do. The ships appear to be of Terran extraction, though the Mechanicus' preliminary analyis indicates curious archaisms in design, the technologies appear quite advanced. Thus spoke Ferrus Manus of the Iron Hands. Of all the Marine chapters, his was the most interested in technology and had the best relationship with the Magos of Mars.

We are to proceed with the Emperor's primary directive, I presume. Still, I will order a compliment of ships ready to bring down the shields for teleport assault should they become hostile. Alpharius, youngest of the Primarchs spoke now, cunning and precise.

Only Night Haunter of the Night Lords said nothing, tall, gaunt-eyed and grim. he only looked to Sanguinius and nodding, indicating that his forces stood ready should they be necessary.

Sanguinius turned, and gave a the order, swiftly, the Adeptus Mechanicus began to broadcast his signal to the lost children of Terra.

I am Sanguinius, Lord of the Blood Angels, and I come to you in peace and brotherhood, in the name of the Great Uniter, the Immortal Emperor of Mankind.

2008-01-13, 11:51 PM
William regarded the curious design of battleship through the viewing screen with some interest. They looked like vast baroque castles soaring through space. Primary armament seemed to be batteries of various weapons along gun decks on the broadsides, along with energy turrets and a single cannon of some sort at the prow. Much different that the Bruschanian designs, which relied on casemates, barbettes and armoured turrets mounted mostly with coilguns and turbolasers.

"Sir, they're hailing us,"

Reported a comm. officer, turning in his chair to look up at the King.

"Bring it up on screen"

William replied. He was instantly taken by the human yet unfamiliar aspects of the face he saw. Generally humanoid, yet pale as the moon and with a pair of feathered wings folded behind it. The King dutifully listened to the message, then stood up from his chair, straightening his tunic as he did so, and walked down closer to the viewing screen.

"Hail, and well met, Lord Sanguinus of the House of Cruor Angelus*. I am William of the House of Windover, King of the Dominion-Planets of Bruschania. We have left our home planet in a punitive expedition of exploration, to seek out new planets and new star systems in this vast galaxy, for our own empire. You look to be a strong race of humanity. I would meet with your... Emperor, as a fellow King, to negotiate relations between our races"

As William finished this message and waited for the response, he nodded to the Gunnery Officer, to begin targeting procedures and raise shields, just in case negotiations took a turn for the worse.

*Latin for Blood Angels. Bruschanians have genetic memory of that language and call it "Noble Tongue" . The nobility use it for family names 'n such.

2008-01-14, 12:04 AM
The high commander of the Air Caste fleet Kor'lis, Sao'li'ais, looked out upon his fleet from the command center of his mighty Hero class warship, the Sor'la, and marveled at the power brought to bare in the name of the Greater Good. Though his Hero class was not the largest of ships it came supplied with a mighty prow Gravimetric launch cannon, that promised destruction for those who would oppose the Tau in their glorious mission. The Explorator fleet Kor'lis comprised of a bulwark of the Tau fleet, though there were still many ships left behind to defend their worlds if need be, an awe inspiring array of ships, each crewed with air, fire, water, and earth caste. Sao'li'ais was, like most of his caste, tall and gaunt, with a membranous flap of skin between his arms and his chest, proof his people once flew by their own power before the Great Unification. brought out of his ruminations by another member of his Air caste he turned to him as he spoke. "Great High, the ships are preparing to launch as we speak, they should be ready very soon" Sao smiled at this, truly his people were about to set upon a great journey, and they would bring the Greater Good to the whole of the galaxy, and the universe. "Very well, tell me when we are ready to leave, I would have a word with the Master Pyre"Yes Great High" responded the Lower High, and he scurried off to prepare to set off.

With that Sao headed to the Master Pyre's battle chambers, where he was no doubt preparing his Fire Caste for any upcoming battles. As Sao entered the the battle chambers, the sound of training excercises and fire practice resounded, and the Great High soon found the Master Pyre, a one Kar'lia'lo. Sao approached the Master Pyre and spoke "Greeting Master Pyre" he said, using the honorific as was custom among the higher ups. the Master Pyre, though a high standing Fire Warrior, was not the highest, that title belonged solely to the Grand Flame, Shar'sia'lai. "Greetings Great High, what brings you to my Battle Chambers" "I wanted to inform you we will be leaving shortly, so you had best prepare for transit" Thank you Great High" he responded, and, satisfied, Sao headed once again to the command center. Upon his arrival the Lesser High spoke "We are prepared Great High" "Good, take us to transit speed" Sao responded "Yes, Great High" responded the other as he once again scurried off. soon they were traveling in transit and arrived at their destination after a few hours.

"Great High" spoke one of the bridge crew "There are some ships approaching, they appear to be Gue'la(Human) in make" "Attempt to open a frequency with them, and summon the Deep Lord of the Water Caste" he summoned the Deep Lord because, though he had a member of the Water Caste as a diplomat, he felt in this situation he could only afford the best diplomats "Yes Great High" and so the channel was opened, and they awaited only a reply.

2008-01-14, 12:07 AM
Sanguinius nodded, pleased. They were indeed of Terran abstraction, obviously human. A good omen, to find Terrans first. Though they were created for battle, the Primarchs each knew that destruction was not the ultimate goal of the Crusade, but growth... rebirth. The creation of a new Imperium among the stars. Before turning to speak once more with the King of this newly-discovered group of lost children, he gave the signal for his Astropath to relay the news to the Emperor.

Your proposal is most acceptable, Lord William. The Emperor, I am sure, will be most overjoyed to hear of your realm's survival. It is our purpose as well to bring more planets into the grip of Humanity and to restore as one the long-sundered shards of mankind.


A short warp-jump away, aboard the Emperor's flagship, a messenger brought news of Sanguinius' first success. He smiled to himself as He ordered the ships under His personal command to ready for warp transit. This, He vowed, was but the first of many pockets of humanity He would reunite. He looked out at the stars as the fleet readied itself, thinking how best to deal with this King William... The idea of an entrenched royalty suggested that diplomacy might be the best tact here. Few people took quickly to the idea of surrendering a long-held monarchy, even to a being as impressive as the god-like Emperor of Mankind. He was sure, however, that with time they would see the wisdom of joining with the Imperium.


Magnus the Red, the cyclopean leader of his Thousand Sons, stood on the bridge of his battle barge, the ships arranged in a wary battle formation. Over the communication screen, the four primarchs discussed the best path to take.

They're Xenos, growled Leman Russ of the Space Wolves, his eyes alight with a desire to close for the kill We should strike before the treacherous bastards have a chance to launch an assault on us.

Scans as yet indicate no hostile actions, though shields are raised. Firing solutions have been plotted, weapon batteries are charged. Intoned Perturabo of the Iron Warriors, his voice reserved and stoic.

A transmission is incoming... it appears to be a peaceful hail. quoth Corax of the Raven Guard Patching it through now...

The four listened to the transmission, At length, it was decided to respond peacefully, at least for the moment... though Russ' acceptance was mistrustful at best, and he ordered his ships ready for immediate assault should anything go awry. It was Magnus who spoke in response. He did not wish to provoke an unnecessary fight, but the mission of Mankind to claim new space would not be stymied.

Greetings Xenos species. I am Magnus the Red of the Imperium of Man, and representative of the Emperor. What is your purpose in this region of space?

2008-01-14, 01:19 AM
The Great High was excited to find that the Gue'la were taking a peaceable approach, though he knew of their readied weapons, he sighed and knew it was to be expected. Only once before had the Tau met the Gue'la, and it had resulted in bloodshed, for the Gue'la had been highly xenophobic. That was centuries ago and the exact parameters surrounding the contact were uncertain, but in the end it did not matter. Greetings Great Magnus, I am Sao'li'ais of the Air Caste, I am the Great High of this explorator fleet, Kor'lis, we have come in an expedition of exploration and peace, to advance the Greater Good for all. This is the Deep Lord of the Water Caste, the highest diplomat in the fleet, and this is the Master Pyre, of our Fire Warrior detachment, the leader of our honorable Warriors on the fleet. he said gesturing to the Deep Lord and the Master Pyre respectively. What is your quest in this region of space Honorable Magnus? Sao spoke as regally as he could, hoping that there could be a peaceable end to this engagement.

2008-01-14, 01:42 PM
Magnus looked through his single cyclopean eye at the blue-skinned creature on the communication screen, pondering his words for a moment. He wondered at the obviously advanced technology displayed by these creatures -no doubt the Adeptus would enjoy getting their hands on some of that, given half the chance. After a moment's though, he decided it was best to continue to attempt peace... better to let the non-hostile Xenos species alone, at least for the moment. There were too many unknowns, the Imperium still fledgling, and there were likely to be many species who could not be so reasonably bargained with.

[I am the Primarch of the Thousands Sons Legion of the Adeptus Astartes, the elite warriors of the Imperium of Mankind. Our purpose here is to expand the dominion of Mankind, bring new worlds into our fold, and reunite the lost colonies of our species.

2008-01-14, 03:40 PM
At about the same time, but far, far away in the Argentus system, a different Empire is celebrating their latest accomplishment. In the rings above the fifth planet of that system, a spidery web of shipyards and space stations cradles an enormous, dagger-like ship: the recently-finished Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Avatar, along with skeletal frames of half a dozen more of the kilometer-and-a-half long ships.

Casting a shadow over a large portion of this impressive array is a much larger ship, dark grey in color and resembling nothing more than cityscape set atop an enormous arrowhead, smaller vessels floating about it like scavengers around a blue whale. This is the Answerer, flagship of the new Imperial Navy, and the place from which Emperor Jeroff Carsus is addressing his soldiers as he commissions the new destroyer below.

"Citizens, today we celebrate your contribution to our great society by officially commissioning the Avatar, the product of your hard work and Imperial Will. It was thirty standard years ago that the Space-Time Event brought us to this strange new galaxy; many of you were not even born then, but you still know our roots. We are descended from the great galaxy-spanning Empire of Palpatine the Great, brought by chance or fate to this galaxy as a beacon of order and might, in accordance with the First Emperor's vision. We began as soldiers, a fleet lost in space and time. Today, we have established dominion and civilization over five systems, pacifying and educating the primitive natives of this galaxy so that they may share in our New Order. And today, we celebrate another tool in our quest to enlighten all worlds with the wisdom of Palpatine: this vessel, the Avatar. With it, the Tenth Imperial Fleet is completed, ensuring our continued expansion and security. Be proud, citizens, for your contribution to galactic order and well-being. Be proud, soldiers, that you are the successors to the greatest civilization in the universe. Be proud, people of the Empire!"


A few hours later, after a brief formal commissioning ceremony and a reception in which the Answerer's bridge crew was obliged to partake, the Imperial flagship flies through Hyperspace on it's return journey to the capital on New Imperial Center. Emperor Carsus, a surprisingly fit man in his early 70's, sits comfortably in the ostentatious crimson-draped throne room, flanked by a pair of naval troopers in matching uniforms while discussing policy with his right hand, Lee Oemani. The thin, urbane Oemani, twenty-five years Carsus's junior, also wears black, although of a significantly more formal and showy cut than his Emperor. Lee Oemani, or Darth Noctus as he had renamed himself, had once been an Emperor's Hand: a spy trained in the Dark Side of the Force. Noctus's force abilities have proved invaluable to the new Emperor in this new galaxy, and as the last of the Dark Jedi tradition after the bizarre time-warp that brought the Galactic Empire here, has proclaimed himself Dark Lord of the Sith. Emperor Carsus holds a dim view of cults and spirituality such as the Sith, but recognizes Noctus's value to the Empire, and holds him in a position of Imperial Knight, much the same as his predecessor had held the treacherous Jedi Darth Vader.

"...And that concludes the report on the Dramatic Exposition, your majesty. A fine cultural event, all-in-all," Oemani finishes.

"Good, good," agrees the Emperor. "Now, what is the status of the latest reconnaissance mission?"
"I Squadron should be arriving at their first destination in a matter of hours, my lord. Probes indicate a high probability of habitable worlds, and a moderate probability of sapient life."
"Yes...and which of your apprentices did you send along?"
"I did not say I sent along any attachés, my lord."
"I am aware, Oemani, but just because you can use the Force, it doesn't make you any less predictable."
Darth Noctus smiled in genuine amusement at that. "Yiru and Krayt, your majesty. A balance of scientific inquiry and military knowledge, as per your policy."
"Fine choices, Darth Noctus. Have me alerted as soon as a report comes back."


Light-years away, a pair of Imperial Star Destroyers and their accompanying ships, each bearing a team of scientists and explorers as well as a curious Dark Jedi, appear above a previously unknown (to the Empire) world, where they find...

((Anyone who wants to do first contact with the Empire can jump in here, with a populated planet or just a group of ships. I decided not to crash the 40k party in the interest of variety. If no one feels like it, though, I guess I can just claim another planet. Heh.))


(Notes: Argentus V is a ringed, aquatic world similar to a temperate Neptune, in a system very close to the capital of New Imperial Center. Its asteroid ring is the location of the Galactic Empire's main shipyards.)

2008-01-14, 04:40 PM
Above the Tau Rimworld Tu'an, a couple of new stars twinkle into existance

On a not-too-far-away Hero class starship, the Great High of the worlds stand-in fleet, Kia'chi, along with his companion the Kroot Shaper, Grallk, stand at the ready, already having received news of the approaching ships. As they drew nearer Kia'chi gave a nod to his crew. and communications opened. Greetings unknown vessel, this is Kia'chi of the Tau Defense Fleet, Keor'lar, what is the nature of your journey here? With that Kia'chi awaited a response from the unknown and, he thought oddly shaped, vessels.

2008-01-14, 05:24 PM
"I am glad we could come to an agreement on this, Lord Sanguinus. Will your Emperor be coming to negotiate with us here or will you upload the Emperor's coordinates to our astrogation facilities?"

William said, smiling in pleasure that the first encountered race outside the Isieles had not only been humanoid, but friendly. He nodded again to one of his officers to stand down the gunnery crews. In the vast gulf of space, the multi-kilometre vessels drifted closer, the utilitarian design of the Bruschanians contrasting with the baroque monsters of the Imperium.


"Urgh, patrol duty,"

Complained Captain John 'Jackie' Fisher, a man of maybe 30, and captain of the HMS Exeter, an Agincourt class battleship. His lonely vessel glided along, silhouetted by a enormous red and pink nebula, a single island of life in a vast dead void. The battleship was assigned a patrol along the outer limits of Bruschanian space. Whatever for, Jackie could not guess. The space of the Isieles sector was totally dominated by the Royal Navy, they hadn't a single challenge since the Trans-Planetary War of 1852. True, the first expedition outside their space was going on. But that was lightyears beyond the Isieles system. What threat did the Bruschanians really have in their own dominion?

"Ummm, sir, sensors have picked up a ship. Several actually. One long and thin, the others rather triangular, like daggers," an officer reported from his console on the side of the main bridge. Curious, Jackie stood up and ordered it enlarged on the main view screen. Just as the man had reported, several ships, all dwarfed by the Exeter at around a kilometre in size, each. One was long and thin, with a prow-mounted cannon of some sort, the others were triangular and dagger-shaped, with the primary weapons mounted in barbettes along the sides of the superstructure. Most curious.

"Helm, begin a cautious approach of the ships. Navigate so that we're in optimal postion for raking fire into their stern if they turn out to be hostile. Let's see what's out there,"

2008-01-14, 05:38 PM
Not 5 seconds after the message had been sent than another member of the bridge crew spoke up Great High, there's something you should see What, are they charging weapons? Kia'chi questioned, and beside him Grallk spoke up, his avian voice clicking and hissing, much in the manor a human might perceive a parrots speech I believe he refers to the other group of ships that have just shown up. said Grallk in his scratch birds voiceOther ships? curious, send them the same message we sent the others, hopefully this will be sorted out quickly replied Kia'chi in a sonorous tone, then almost as an afterthought if this goes wrong, things could get ugly, call in some support, a few more Hero's, Explorers and Defenders. the crew officer nodded and turned back to his work, as Kia'chi hoped that this wouldn't turn bloody.

2008-01-14, 05:49 PM
Sanguinius breathed a sigh of relief. It looked as though battle was not to be joined, at least not at the present. It was well. Though he was born and bred for bloodshed, he would prefer to spend his rage on mankind's true enemies. His father had always taught him that conflict between humanity, even when necessary, as had been his campaign to reunite the warring factions of Terra. It was better to bring the humans into the fold by diplomacy than force, both in terms of the Imperium's ultimate goals and purpose and in terms of the immediately practical.

The Emperor's flotilla is on its way to meet with us here at this very moment. He will arrive shortly. It is good to me, as well, that we can begin to bridge the gap between our sundered peoples in an amicable fashion.


It was several hours later that the Emperor's ship dropped out of the Warp, the massive, baroque Terra Supremus looming like a vast castle transplanted into space. After a short burst of communications between the Imperium ships, the Emperor himself sent a message to William's vessel.

Hail, Lord William. I am the Emperor of Mankind and lord of Holy Terra. It lifts my heart to see other members of humanity have survived among the stars and begun also the mission of establishing our species as a presence on the galactic scale. It gives me hope for our future. I hereby invite you aboard my vessel to discuss terms of peace and alliance between our realms.

Even as the Emperor spoke, His mind was already planning. Yes, if his suspicions were correct, and judging by the amount of the material these
Bruschanians possessed, their domains were too vast to be pressured into submission. Better to form an alliance with them. In time, they would come under the benevolent rule of the Imperium. And time was something the Emperor had plenty of.

2008-01-14, 05:59 PM
Sao pondered the large mans words, and responded, again attempting as a regal a bearing as he could. We would have your leader meet with the Council of Castes, our leaders, so that we might further discuss future plans that would benefit us all, for the Greater Good of all. He hoped that he the warrior's words were not meant as a threat, and attempted to spark some mutual faith that they could work with.

2008-01-14, 06:05 PM
At the Emperor's behest, William soon found himself in a tiny shuttle bridging the gulf of space between his flagship and the Emperor's. He was enthralled by the detail of the design of the enormous baroque ship, all the tiny carvings of angels and gargoyles and fighting men. A huge hanger bay door opened, admitting the Royal shuttle into the monstrous ship. The Bruschanians within couldn't help but feel a small sense of forboding as the doors closed behind them.


Several minutes later, the doors of the enormous crystal dome that served as the Terra Supremus' bridge opened and a double line of ten Redcoats entered at a brisk march, gauss rifles shouldered. These were the elite, the Royal Guard Grenadiers, who formed the personal guard of the Windoverians. Their tunics were crisply ironed, and red as blood, and their facings gold. Pith helmets gleamed upon their heads, covered with white cloth. Though they looked ornamental, the helmets of Redcoats actually could stop a bullet and had an advanced computer system, which fed information to the Redcoat through an earphone. The Grendadiers formed a double-ranked formation in front of the Emperor's throne as King William entered the door. He put his guards at ease, and they stood with rifles at their sides, relaxed yet ready to move on a moment's threat. William himself looked regal in his red dress tunic, and not paticularly imposed by the golden-armoured figure before him.

"Glad to meet you in person Emperor. May I presume you wish for an alliance? And perhaps trade between our nations?"

2008-01-14, 06:22 PM
On the very outskirts of the system, blue lines in space form. The largest is over four kilometers long, the smallest an eighth of that size. They linger for a second before abruptly widening upwards into flat patterns in space. Most remain square or even rectangular, but the largest stretches up and up until it forms a blue grid twenty kilometers from top to bottom.

With the occasional flash of light, the grids move steadily backwards, revealing stationary ships. The effect makes it look as if the ships are not moving at all, but merely allowing something else to move it by moving doors around it. As each grid clears the end of its ship, it halts, then snaps back to a one-dimensional line and fades away, leaving the Third Exploratory Fleet—or this part of it—hanging in space.

Commander Marai Takeyn had only a few seconds to contemplate the vista spread out before her with all her considerable senses before she had to return to her duties. It was a pity. The view was of that stark variety found only in space, the sun shining harshly across millions of miles and glaring of the planets and solar bodies, too. The rest of the crew had even less time to appreciate it, and they couldn't fully grasp the scope and distance of it, either.

It was a shame, she thought. But such was life.

In just a few seconds, she has transmitted the necessary orders throughout the ship. The scout flights launch first and begin circling out in a wide pattern, using passive sensing only—they didn't want to seem overly aggressive. A few of the other craft launched afterwards, forming an escort position around the capital ships along with her complement of middle-sized frigates.

It was not the most imposing of fleets. She'd left the bulk of her firepower in deep space. Her own mothership was of an imposing size, but lacked the firepower to match, and while the cruiser and pair of destroyers that flanked her were powerful, it was not a force that could stage a planetary invasion of any serious sort. The frigates and strike craft escorting them were few enough that they were clearly just that—an escort. She had more fightercraft in the launch bays, but overall it was little more than a third of her force. Enough, she judged, to fight a retreating action, or to hold off long enough for the rest of the fleet to arrive. Still, it was risky. She knew Brand Gabel, one of the other Unbound, wouldn't approve. She didn't know about Evelyn—the other woman was more cautious. But she'd chosen to send Marai, which was perhaps a vote of confidence in her view.

It didn't really matter. This wasn't an attack force. This was a diplomatic mission, not an invasion, and if she had been ordered to take a full fleet she would have refused. Signals had been detected from this planet, signals that could only indicate the presence of intelligent, and advanced, life. It wasn't the only source they had detected since arriving, but it was the closest, and after a month, they were finally making contact. Marai had no intention of bringing a full-scale battle fleet to the first contact. She would have come alone, were it not for the half a million passengers in stasis aboard her ship.

She ordered an active scan of the planet that looked to be the source of most of the signal traffic, to announce their presence, and sat back to wait. They would have noticed her presence by now, and would be busy concocting a response. What that response would be would give her a good idea of how to address them... or whether they should prepare to leave the system.

2008-01-14, 06:27 PM
The Emperor rose from his throne on the bridge as William entered, towering high above even the Windoverian. He stepped down from his throne, nodding respectfully to the monarch. His armor was pure, burnished gold and His eyes seemed to glow with an inner fire. He released, just slightly the holds he normally maintained about his psychic strength, and a nigh-visible sense of power and presence radiated out from his form as he approached the Bruschanian monarch. Flanking the approach to the throne was a double file of the Emperor's own Custodian Guard, the proto-astartes, vastly strong and armored in elaborately constructed ceramite, holding spears capable of discharging blasts of deadly energy. They wore conical helmets that masked their faces, giving them a grim, imposing visage. The Emperor nodded once more at William's comment, and began to speak

Indeed, that is my purpose. It seems to me beneficial that our people should form an alliance and commence trade between our planets. We have much to offer - farm goods, staples and suchlike as well as numerous advanced technology. The Techmagos of Mars, in particular would, I'm sure, be delighted to examine some of the devices you've developed in your isolation.

I also think it wise that we form an alliance. We, after all, are both human, and it benefits us to agreed to help defend one another, given that there are so many Xenos species in the galaxy. We shall find no greater allies than those among our own species, whose natures, motivations, and cultures we understand best, being, after all, derived from the same stock. I will not lie to you: My entire purpose in coming to the stars is to exalt humanity. I know, more than any other the potential our race holds. If we have the strength of will and the strength of arm to claim it, it is our people's destiny to one day rule the stars as masters of the very fabric of creation.

Coming from other lips, these words might have sounded trite or overdone. However, when the Emperor spoke them, it was as if one could see them coming to pass. Instinctively one knew that the being before them was human, and yet something more... He was the sum of humanity's best, the avatar of mankind's unlimited potential.


Astropaths in the Sol system had detected a large number of minds moving towards the cradle of Man, and thus it was when the Hiigarans entered they found themselves greeted not only by the Imperial Fists' flagship, but by an entire fleet group that had been hastily reversed out of the Warp, moving to the Sol system to cover against attack. It was Rogal Dorn himself who sent out the message to the newcomer fleet.

Attention unidentified fleet: This is Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Ultramarines chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, representing the Emperor of Terra. State your business in this system.

So far the fleet was non-hostile, but Dorn's voice was terse and clipped, and he was ready should the enemy prove hostile. Unknown forces appearing so close to Terra put the Imperium forces on high alert.


Magnus conferred with his brother Primarchs briefly before giving response to the Tau's message. Russ was still in favor of opening hostilities... he brandished his axe fiercely as he proudly proclaimed his Space Wolves would have the head of the enemy leader to bear back to the Emperor before the enemy fleet knew what had happened, but in the end cooler heads prevailed. Thus went Magnus' response.

We will relay your proposal to the Emperor, and we will transmit to you his response as soon as He gives it. I cannot speak for His will, but for now let us be at peace.

2008-01-14, 07:12 PM
Orbit above Tu'an

"Captain, starship sighted in orbit around the planet. They're hailing us."

"Hmph." The captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Vengeance, a heavyset man with the type of mustache ancient Terrans might have associated with a police officer scrutinized the communication's officer's duty station over his shoulder. "Real-life starships. I was starting to think this backwards bloody galaxy might be empty of everything but savages. Send identification back and show that we're on an exploratory mission for the Galactic Empire."

"Captain," a sensor officer said from across the bridge, "Another ship has appeared. They're moving into flanking position behind the squadron."

"It is an ambush," interjected a large, robed man from beside the captain's usual duty station above the rest of the bridge. Krayt is a Sith in training, large, athletic, and skilled with the lightsaber and telekinesis. He is also notoriously stubborn, refusing to answer to any name but Krayt, an obvious nickname. This is even after Darth Noctus explained that there had already been a Darth Krayt, and he would need a suitable moniker if he aspired to lordship. Krayt can, apparently, care less.

"We must counterstrike immediately."

"Don't be daft," responded the captain. How would these people even know who we are. Nonetheless, form up in attack position on the interloper. They could be pirates."
"Sir, the interloper is a twelve kilometer-long battleship."
"Oh. Well, have the Venator form up in attack position, and we'll keep an eye on the polite cruiser. And calculate a jump to lightspeed for the fleet just in case."


The Tau vessel receives a formal message identifying the ships as Imperial Star Destroyers Venator and Vengeance and escorts, on an exploratory mission on behalf of His Imperial Majesty Jeroff Carsus and the Galactic Empire. Seconds afterward, they receive a query about the identity of the battleship.

The Exeter, on the other hand, simply gets a query about their identity, and a warning to cease hostile maneuvers as one of the dagger-like ships swings its bow to follow their movement, two dozen smaller ships moving into a defensive array around the pair of destroyers.

2008-01-14, 07:18 PM
As the Great High Kia'chi hears the message given and ponders it over, he then contacts both ships with a message Perhaps we should all meet in person, so as to better facilitate communications.


Meanwhile, another Great High also processes a message given and responds as thus. Indeed, we shall contact the Council of Castes as well as the Race Lords, heads of all the other races that compromise the Tau Empire, we hope there will be much good will between us, for the Greater Good. and with this he ended the transmission and gave a sigh as he went about the task of contacting all the various Lords of the many races that made of the Tau Empire.

2008-01-14, 07:51 PM
The sensor pings revealed a curious anomaly only moments before the communication arrives, but moments were all the commander needed. The ships were curiously close by. Given that the inhabited planets were not all on this side of the system, that seemed... curious, to say the least. It was as though they had been expected. Perhaps they could detect hyperspace signatures from a greater distance than Hiigaran sensors could—if not, they should only have had a minute of warning.

The size of the ships was impressive as well, with several cruisers of battlecruiser size and up. Easily the equal of a Hiigaran defense fleet, she judged, although it was too soon to tell without seeing them in action. These were a folk used to defending themselves, she could tell—or she hoped; it was possible they were conquerors, instead. She would have preferred that her own people not need such fleets, but each time they had dismantled them in hopes of peace, disaster had struck.

The style catches her eye, and she scans the craft with curiousity as they hail her. It was... peculiar, not at all like the simple, functional lines of Hiigaran ships. They were complex—not quite ornate, though, for the metal protrusions were anything but decorative. They looked almost as if they could have been made from some vast graveyard of dead ships, such as the Karos nebula.

She found it disquieting, but dismissed it. It wasn't her place to judge the aesthetics of others, and they had a certain angular majesty. She sent her message; in contrast to the Primarch's, it was calm and peaceful, with no military overtones. "Primarch, we greet you in the name of Hiigara. We come to greet new life." She let that sit for a second, then went on, "We mean no harm to your worlds. I am Commander Marai Takeyn, authorized to speak—but more importantly, to see and hear—for the kiith of Hiigara." This was the first time she—or anyone on the expedition—had ever contacted another civilization for the first time, and she hoped she would not made some mistake peculiar to the other's culture. She'd given her rank, but left out the mention of the Third Expeditionary Fleet; they weren't here to compare military strengths. That was, she thought wryly and a little sadly, for later.

2008-01-14, 08:09 PM
ALL_SYSTEMS=1 Sounded a voice over the network, it was heard by all and obeyed by all for it was Their Commander.
I trust you all know, the purpose of this.continued the voice as the immense generators of the 'Dwarf Star' warmed up.
You will find that you have already been split into battlegroups, Indeed, every ship knew if & what its fleet was. The fleets were 5 groups of 100 fully loaded "Packrats" & 15 "Statics". The rest of the ships were left to guard the "White Dwarf" & the STALB's stayed behind to do their job as transports. Each fleet has also been assigned to a star which is believed to have plentiful resources. So WARP_DRIVE=1. Immediately the fleets disappeared and rushed to their assigned stars.


A few minutes later Fleet #2 had arrived at what was believed to be a
metal-rich system, & found it teeming with wierd spheres of light.
The leader of the fleet looked at them confusedly for 10 seconds, before saying.

"This is the Warship Number 326 . May I ask who you are and indeed what you are?"

(So what are the Plainid Solar Systems like?)

2008-01-14, 09:10 PM
After scanning the approaching vessels in an attempt to assess their capabilities the large white glowing ships came together forming a massive evenly spaced vertical screen in front of them. Each ship was identical in design except for one in the center which was five times larger than the rest. This ship moved forward slightly from the others and addressed the newcomers:

We are called plainids. We are a civilized, peaceful, and technologically advanced race as you can see. Our forms are made entirely of energy. We seek trade and alliance with anyone willing to abide by our terms.

What are you beings and what shall I address you as so we may continue this conversation in a more polite manner? Please also state your purpose for being here as well since you are now in Plainid territory. You may call me Urth, I am the commander of this fleet.

(There are roughly 100 Plainid Defenders and 1 Plainid Elite Defender here.
The Plainid solar system(s) is rich in metals/minerals and few organics since we don't need them. All planets are conditioned to sustain life with a breathable atmosphere. They are pretty much all very barren with little animal life since the Plainids have killed most unnecessary life. Picture large parts being moonlike.)

2008-01-14, 09:12 PM
Mallory and the others sat around a fictional table, inside a fictional room. Mallory finished his orders, smiling at the others around the table. Gravely, they all stood, bowed in respect, then left. Orders had been given. Obedience would be absolute.

In the home system, gravitational generators gear up in 6 massive cubes. In flashes of light, they dissapear.

current fleet design :
each fleet : (500,000 spent)
1 500Km Cube (noncombattant)
16 10Km Cones
36 500M Spheres
16,000 Diamonds

Assignments : 2 fleets sent out to recon, expanding their capacity by stopovers in known rich dead systems along the way

4 fleets sent out to dedicated harvesting, they will convert entire systems to raw materials, using gravitational manipulation to send the entire systems zipping through space towards the home system, as well as maxing out their own fleets.

Orders upon seeing other species : act to preserve each fleet, so only attack when guaranteed superiority.

Mallory will directly respond to any alliance interest.

The fleets jump into the extreme edges of two unknown systems. Their gravitational footprint will quickly alert anyone there of their presence. Upon arrival, the 500KM ships will disgorge their fleets, arrayed within their jump field for easy retreat, but quickly able to expand in all 3 dimensions into their combat alignment. 8 Scout swarms of 1000 diamonds will travel at angles, broadcasting their images of the systems while slowly moving inwards. All scouts will focus on their engines, enhancing their speeds, but not (for now) displaying their ridiculous maneuverability.

2008-01-14, 09:39 PM
Over one hundred of the small space ships from the Suns Under Naga Rom enter in Algophan space, the uneasy, but armed ships busily search for colony worthy worlds to inhabit, not knowing that the Algophan computers are sentient life. If the Algophans don't attempt to communicate with S.U.N, then they will find their new visitors planet bound.

The Ships carry with them 25,000 inhabitants. A tiny, insignificant force unable to conquer a world, but easily able to escape an attack, if it weren't for the terrible faster than light travel limitations. The ships were lead by Captain Julian Suthers. Julian Suthers appeared to be in his early 40's. Although he did appear young, he was in fact born only 20 years after the Century War. A man over one hundred, one hundred was the new fourty. Sutherland attempted to make contact with whomever inhabited the planets a short distance away. "This is Captain Sutherland of the USS Memory. Please respond."

2008-01-14, 11:33 PM
--Algophan Space--

Blinking into the system, the Samantha Carter fleet busily starts exploring, only to stop early. Not only is there intense in-system digital communication, there is also a small alien force just entering the system at low warp.

Mallory considers. Judges. Instructs.

The main fleet remains at a distance, all but 8 diamonds are brought back into formation. 8 of the small craft zip at maximum acceleration, each heading for unnocupied space, 4 heading in-system, 4 heading for the small space force on roughly the opposite side of the system.

As they approach, they will sporadically decelerate, until they are drifting along at a maneagable 100 Meters/Second. Meanwhile, the main fleet reconfigures itself to bring all 16 cones in line with the system. Feeder power is brought online, and weapon charging begins. Shields in the fleet go up, and energy damper systems are pushed to max as the diamond swarms move into defensive positions around the central core of capital ships.

2008-01-15, 12:02 AM
The Exeter's twenty-one monstrous coilguns, in seven triple turrets, turned to broadside towards the Star Destroyer squadron. On board each 1km ship, the tactical officers had never seen anything like it. They were now practically staring down the barrel of a coilgun with a 25-foot bore. The secondary all-purporse turbolasers, mounted in broadside casemates, trained on the Imperial ships. Within the enormous gunhouses for each gun, huge breeches were opened by gunners operating heavy machinery, who then used a mechanical arm to push a huge shell into the barrel. The breech was then closed and sealed off.

"Sir, all gun crews report ready to broadside"

reported one of the Exeter's officers. Jackie smiled at the news and decided to respond to the Imperial hailings. Soon his body appeared as a flickering blue projection over the Holonet that Imperial used for communications. Even through the hologram they could see the differences in Bruschanian uniform, the cord and facings and epaulettes, and most of all the magnificent red tunic that was most different than the simple grey tunic of the Imperial officers.

"This is Captain John Fisher of the His Majesty's Ship Exeter. You are on the borders of the Bruschanian Dominions. Where are you from? What are you doing here?


"Same species, my lord Emperor? Surely the natural scientific conclusion we Bruschanians have reached is that we evolved from the primates of our planet of Bruschania. I cannot say the same for your people, but we know where we come from,"

William said, puzzled at the Emperor's words of same species. Surely he could not mean that two people, who greatly resembled each other but for the Imperials great size and bulk, came from the same place. Perhaps convergent evolution, but there was no way they were the same.

"Though, there are some anomalies in our species. My family, for example, The House of Windover. We live to be thousands of years old. The eldest of us, Old George Windover, is over 1,127. I have lived for 120 years, and have governed since I was 14. We are greatly stronger than the average Bruschanian. I, personally, could probably lift one of your personal guards here right up over my head. And some of us have psionic abilities. Where these come from, I cannot say,"

As the King was saying this, one of his Grenadiers began to sweat, sweat profusely. He began to move nervously, chewing on his tongue. Inside his mind, unaware he was in the presence of pyschics like The Emperor, he was having a struggle. All Royal Guard Grenadiers were sworn to loyalty to the House of Windover, but this paticular Grenadier had dug too deep. He had discovered the selective breeding conspiracy of The Keepers, that secret society responsible for the superhuman abilities of the House of Windover. The Keepers had sworn the unfortunate Guard to secrecy, but now he was fraught with internal turmoil between loyalty to his King and the oath to secrecy. Little did he know of the pyschic presence of the gleaming God in front of him.

2008-01-15, 12:18 AM
The Emperor smiled slightly at the King of Bruschania. At the same time, he felt the nervous fear emanating from the one particular grenadier. Every wary of possible treachery, the Emperor's mind began to press, irresistably, against the grenadier's, slowly working into him and searching for the source of his reaction. Even as he did so, however, the Emperor continued to speak, his voice a deep bass.

Ah. That is a perfectly logical conclusion, and correct, in that our species did evolve from apes... however, those apes were native to the planet Terra. it is possible that your colonists reproduced native species on Bruschania if the climate was right for them. Genetic blueprints for native earth species were supplied to mankind's original colony ships. You see, tens of thousands of years ago, mankind achieved what might be termed a technological singularity. They built vast colony ships and seeded the galaxy with our species. However, difficulties with faster-than-light travel and communications, as well as internal strife caused by the use of self-aware artificial intelligence shattered mankind. Colonies were lost and left to whatever standard of technology they could maintain. In the intervening millenia, most forgot entirely about Terra.

Now, however, I have come to the stars with my soldiers to bring our people together once more. The reason for the physical difference are simple. One, thousands of years of adaptation and divergent gene-stock. Two, and more importantly, the men you see around me have been genetcially engineered by myself. My Astartes are warriors supreme, the elite of the elite, created to help Me in My mission to reclaim the stars for mankind. The vast majority of my people, however, are normal humans who much resemble you Bruschanians

He smiled briefly as he gestured to himself.

As for Me... I am something else. You might say I am a vision of mankind's potential I am very, very old, and I have watched mankind progress... for a long while I thought it better to let our species mature on its own... but of late Terra itself was nearly destroyed by internal conflict, and now I have realized that I must take a more active role in humanity's ascendancy...


Dorn nodded as a tech-adept handed him a data-slate. Preliminary readings were hard to get, but basic designs and technological features, as well as life-signatures, matched Terran standards. Dorn gave a thin smile and nodded his thanks to the mechanically-augmented adept.

I greet you, then Commander Marai Takeyn, and welcome you to the Sol system. The Emperor is away making contact with another group of Terra's lost children, but rest assured he will be most eager to meet with you and your leaders once he hears of this. We come in peace to all children of mankind, and we offer you a hand of peace and brotherhood as we strive to unite humanity across the universe.

2008-01-15, 12:49 AM
"Thank you for your welcome," Marai replied. A flicker of relief stole through her that they weren't hostile, and at least believed themselves to be benevolent.

She caught that last thought and examined it. No, that wasn't right. Everyone believed themselves to be good, she thought. Even conquerors such as the Vaygr had been, or the Taiidan emperor before he went mad. She'd had a long time to think this over, but she had never been able to see how one could consider oneself evil without going mad. Most likely it was why the Taiidan had gone mad.

Philosophy, regretfully, would have to wait until later. She stores that line of thought away and continues, less than a second having elapsed. "Unity is always to be striven for, Primarch Rogal Dorn. I applaud you and your Emperor for seeking it." She used the same formal means of address he did. An Emperor— what an unfortunate title, she thought. It couldn't help but bring back tales of Riesstiu the Butcher for any Hiigaran. But it wasn't a fair connection to make, and so she ignored it. "I note that you speak of mankind and its children, Primarch. Have you never encountered civilizations that are not human?"

2008-01-15, 01:04 AM
"Look at the size of that thing," a gunnery sergeant says from far off down in the Star Destroyer's turrets.

Meanwhile, the Vengeance's captain, standing stiffly in the neat olive-drab uniform of an Imperial Navy officer, responds in kind over the HoloNet.

"Captain Iban Fourre of His Imperial Majesty's Star Destroyer Vengeance," he says, with every ounce of bearing and haughtiness he possesses despite the alarming scanner readouts of the enemy's weapons, a voice that claimed unquestionably the moral high-ground. "We have just recently arrived in-system on a mission of exploration. Do you lay claim to this star system?"

2008-01-15, 01:10 AM
--Algophan Space--

Blinking into the system, the Samantha Carter fleet busily starts exploring, only to stop early. Not only is there intense in-system digital communication, there is also a small alien force just entering the system at low warp.

Mallory considers. Judges. Instructs.

The main fleet remains at a distance, all but 8 diamonds are brought back into formation. 8 of the small craft zip at maximum acceleration, each heading for unnocupied space, 4 heading in-system, 4 heading for the small space force on roughly the opposite side of the system.

As they approach, they will sporadically decelerate, until they are drifting along at a maneagable 100 Meters/Second. Meanwhile, the main fleet reconfigures itself to bring all 16 cones in line with the system. Feeder power is brought online, and weapon charging begins. Shields in the fleet go up, and energy damper systems are pushed to max as the diamond swarms move into defensive positions around the central core of capital ships.

"Foreign vessel, come in. Why have you assumed your posture around our ships? Foreign vessel, this is Commander Sutherland of the USS Memory. Come in please. Why have you assumed your posture around our vessels? We come with the desire to establish relations with new cultures."

2008-01-15, 01:40 AM

Three of the ships stop all forward motion in a burst of engine thrust. The fourth alters course, gradually arcing towards the ship broadcasting the message.

An woman's voice speaks : "We desire establish new relations with cultures. Vessel come in USS Memory please."

The single Diamond powers down its weapon systems and gradually corrects it's turn until it is aimed at what appears to be a airlock on the USS Memory.

2008-01-15, 01:52 AM
The single Diamond powers down its weapon systems and gradually corrects it's turn until it is aimed at what appears to be a airlock on the USS Memory.

"Foreign vessel, you have no permission to dock, please, establish communications with us so we may be of service to you."

Commander Sutherland was nervous. He didn't know what to expect from the alien lifeforms. They didn't register on the bio-readings. Nor did the ship keep the weapons powered. In fact it seemed that it wanted negotiations with the Memory.

"We must speak here before this exchange goes any further. Do you understand?"

2008-01-15, 01:59 AM
Women's voice : "Service communications to establish understand. Desire exchange understand communications."

The voice pauses, then continues. The vessel slows to about 1m/s, still oriented on the docking bay.

"We Dock to service to exchange you we understand. Desire permission we dock."

2008-01-15, 02:03 AM
Women's voice : "Service communications to establish understand. Desire exchange understand communications."

The voice pauses, then continues. The vessel slows to about 1m/s, still oriented on the docking bay.

"We Dock to service to exchange you we understand. Desire permission we dock."

"Proceed." Sutherland just said one word. The repercussions were unknown right now. It could have been a good decision, or a bad one. Whichever, he allowed the docking procedure to take place. Hopefully it wouldn't end up with assimilated ships and a significant loss of life. Memories raced through his mind of misunderstandings she had with the four native lifeforms of Yevaun. Even the newly sentient Gorillas occasionally met with misunderstanding with the other four races.

2008-01-15, 02:17 AM
Upon entry of the docking port, the vessel settles to the ground. For a moment, nothing happens. Then, like a woman walking from opaque waters, a single human female walks straight out of the side of the ship. http://www.stargatesg1-lasextaraza.com/Sites/LaSextaRaza/sg1/Cast/images/personajes/carterreplicante.jpg

From the neck down she is covered in what appears to be a shimmering silver full-body pantsuit. Her head is exposed to vacuum to seemingly no ill affect. She moves to the Airlock, putting her hand on the controls. Intrusion alarms begin to go off in the ship's computer systems, as several firewalls go down swiftly.

"Captain! She appears to be accessing ships logs! Scanning at an amazing rate! Wait... It.... stopped." She withdraws her hand. The intrusion stops.

"Hello, Captain Sutherland. We come in peace, with the desire to negotiate for mutually beneficial trade. Our species has several unique manufacturing processes. We can manufacture certain unique materials. We would also like to exchange border of influence agreements. We appologize for the assault on your computer. It is now understood to be an unnacceptable act."

Where she touched the panel, there are small metallic glints. Maintenance systems are reporting that the control systems have been compromised, but gradually these warnings are replaced with 'all green'

if the intrusion into your systems wouldn't have been successful, lemme know in a spoiler, i'll modify accordingly. in any case, in the future you will analyze how I did it and probably devise some protections :)

edit : also, lemme know what sort of data i got... she was just looking for the largest supply of words to build a dictionary, so actual information gathered would have been coincidental... but it probably is to your benefit if there was enough 'armed forces' information to show that you wouldn't go down easy if the replicators decided to attack :)

2008-01-15, 02:59 AM
Upon entry of the docking port, the vessel settles to the ground. For a moment, nothing happens. Then, like a woman walking from opaque waters, a single human female walks straight out of the side of the ship. http://www.stargatesg1-lasextaraza.com/Sites/LaSextaRaza/sg1/Cast/images/personajes/carterreplicante.jpg

From the neck down she is covered in what appears to be a shimmering silver full-body pantsuit. Her head is exposed to vacuum to seemingly no ill affect. She moves to the Airlock, putting her hand on the controls. Intrusion alarms begin to go off in the ship's computer systems, as several firewalls go down swiftly.

"Captain! She appears to be accessing ships logs! Scanning at an amazing rate! Wait... It.... stopped." She withdraws her hand. The intrusion stops.

"Hello, Captain Sutherland. We come in peace, with the desire to negotiate for mutually beneficial trade. Our species has several unique manufacturing processes. We can manufacture certain unique materials. We would also like to exchange border of influence agreements. We appologize for the assault on your computer. It is now understood to be an unnacceptable act."

Where she touched the panel, there are small metallic glints. Maintenance systems are reporting that the control systems have been compromised, but gradually these warnings are replaced with 'all green'

if the intrusion into your systems wouldn't have been successful, lemme know in a spoiler, i'll modify accordingly. in any case, in the future you will analyze how I did it and probably devise some protections :)

edit : also, lemme know what sort of data i got... she was just looking for the largest supply of words to build a dictionary, so actual information gathered would have been coincidental... but it probably is to your benefit if there was enough 'armed forces' information to show that you wouldn't go down easy if the replicators decided to attack :)

(It shows something very unique. These people have genuinely supernatural powers. So the Replicators would probably not try to attack)"Eh, yes of course. Well, I'll see if I can get some information from Command Center."...."Yes. As long as you aren't hostile we can move freely past eachother, according to the regulations. We are desirous of the knowledge of you. Are the planets below your property?"

2008-01-15, 03:28 AM
"No. Energy sources and information exchange detected, however. We postulate that this is a third race's system."

"With your permission, we will give you a general map of the border to our territory, in exchange for the same from you."

"We currently have a Quad of Diamond-Class Interceptors enroute to the inner system. We will share any communications as they occur."

"Additionally, we request direct physical proximity. The vocal exchange of information is inefficient, and time consuming. We have a more direct process."

2008-01-15, 03:40 AM
"No. Energy sources and information exchange detected, however. We postulate that this is a third race's system."

"With your permission, we will give you a general map of the border to our territory, in exchange for the same from you."

"We currently have a Quad of Diamond-Class Interceptors enroute to the inner system. We will share any communications as they occur."

"Additionally, we request direct physical proximity. The vocal exchange of information is inefficient, and time consuming. We have a more direct process."

"We could do this cybernetically, of course. I"ve done stuff like this before. As for the maps, yes... That sounds like a good idea."

2008-01-15, 04:19 AM
Assuming that she has permission to access the ship, Samantha drone 1 accesses the data panel again, opening the door. She proceeds at a steady pace towards the command nexus of the ship.

"Our process is similar to cybernetics... We feel fairly confident that no harm will be done. With your permission, access to your medical data will guarantee the safety of the subject."

2008-01-15, 12:20 PM
Assuming that she has permission to access the ship, Samantha drone 1 accesses the data panel again, opening the door. She proceeds at a steady pace towards the command nexus of the ship.

"Our process is similar to cybernetics... We feel fairly confident that no harm will be done. With your permission, access to your medical data will guarantee the safety of the subject."

"We'll take care of that... Just go ahead." Sutherland continued to be nervous. Hopefully no assimilation would be done. On the other hand, it was known hypothesis among the scientific community that there could always be a race that used their technology to turn victims into somewhat of a vampire. A drone, if one chooses to say so, in a greater collective mind."

2008-01-15, 03:13 PM
The Great High Kia'chi responds to the Imperials inquiry, just as several more Tau ships arrive behind it, all the ships he requested, and a few more besides, forming up behind his flagship. This system and this world, Tu'an, belongs to the Tau Grallk steps forward slightly, and the Tau ships take a defensive, but distinctly non-aggressive layout around the flagship.

2008-01-15, 03:34 PM
(Actually, the bit inquiring about the claim of this system was in a probably-private conversation with the Bruschanian captain. But hey, you still might want to tell me that.)

The Galactic Empire squadron sends a somewhat delayed reply to the Tau's communiqué, expressing that face-to-face conversation was desirable, and could be done via long-distance communication if they have transceivers that can handle holographic transmission. Otherwise, the captain's adjutant can take a shuttle over once the situation with the non-Tau ship is resolved.

"More small ships jumping in on the...what was it? Tau side captain."

Captain Fourre doesn't respond, waiting for a reply from the Bruschanian captain. He is ready, however, to order the jump to hyperspace should the Bruschanian ship open fire. He's slightly more confident against the smaller Tau, and they seemed less hostile in the first place. He worried about his odds of escape if both sides attacked, however.

2008-01-15, 03:59 PM
Reaching the bridge, samantha walks up to the captain. Sowly, she extends her hand towards his forehead. Others in the room observe as the hand elongates into a liquid silver spike. Captain Sutherland feels a numbness, followed by a sensation of extreme but not uncomfortable cold. For a moment, his entire head tingles, then suddenly, he is... somewhere else.

A room, with no doors, and an immense overhead space. "A suitable border for our worlds is... this." With a flash, a fairly distant cluster of stars lights up. "A detailed analysis of the materials we are capable of manufacturing..."

Various screens appear, showing in flashes : Pure Anti-Neutronium, Neutronium, and 3 exotic alloys using dark matter.

"If you wish to exchange your information, please simply will it to appear above us. I have deliberately not explored all your memories, but I will share memories as you recall them."

"Please define your borders, and feel free to bring up any trade goods you believe we might find useful."

thats a lie :) Its more like : its just too hard to search through all the different memories quickly enough, so we need a tourguide :p I've totally downloaded your personality, and cgrats, if we need to, Captain Sutherland is Swarm Template #13 :)... but no worries, eh. we need a couple allies in this big bad sea of black, you'll be fine...

2008-01-15, 04:07 PM
Reaching the bridge, samantha walks up to the captain. Sowly, she extends her hand towards his forehead. Others in the room observe as the hand elongates into a liquid silver spike. Captain Sutherland feels a numbness, followed by a sensation of extreme but not uncomfortable cold. For a moment, his entire head tingles, then suddenly, he is... somewhere else.

A room, with no doors, and an immense overhead space. "A suitable border for our worlds is... this." With a flash, a fairly distant cluster of stars lights up. "A detailed analysis of the materials we are capable of manufacturing..."

Various screens appear, showing in flashes : Pure Anti-Neutronium, Neutronium, and 3 exotic alloys using dark matter.

"If you wish to exchange your information, please simply will it to appear above us. I have deliberately not explored all your memories, but I will share memories as you recall them."

"Please define your borders, and feel free to bring up any trade goods you believe we might find useful."

thats a lie :) Its more like : its just too hard to search through all the different memories quickly enough, so we need a tourguide :p I've totally downloaded your personality, and cgrats, if we need to, Captain Sutherland is Swarm Template #13 :)... but no worries, eh. we need a couple allies in this big bad sea of black, you'll be fine...

"Well,..." Captain Sutherland mentally stated. "We have the ability to trade cystals with you. We have the resoures available on he planet to have the entire planet live like billionares quite easily. Our metallurgy is extremely advanced as well, though we wouldn't just give those to you straight away, of course."

2008-01-15, 05:58 PM
[There are two kinds of ships in this fleet: 100 Packrats & 15 Statics]
[Packrats are giant 250m long tank transports each one is fully loaded with] [3,000 heavy tanks. and has 1,500 gunports to allow tanks to shoot stuff.]

The head of the fleet pauses for a second to think, and also to dispatch a Static back to Algophet. Then he responds.

Hello Urth, we are the Algophans we're basically creatures that turned their brains into computers to avoid all the nasty side effects of being organic. If Warship 326 is too formal you can call me Coronene. We are here for resources. May I ask exactly what these terms & conditions are?

Commander, the returning Static announced We found another race, they appear to be peacefu...He almost finished before getting cut off by the repetitive blaring of the Dwarf Star's alarms.
Unidentified Ships Detected!. After a few seconds 40 Packrats were sent to meet the 4 ships scouting while 80 were sent towards the ships at the edge of the solar system. Either way they both announced themselves
"Identify yourselves and state your purpose."

Here's a description of what this Solar System is like

Sun- The sun is about twice as wide as Earth's sun and about 8 times as bright.

1st planet from sun- The first planet is a mars sized tidally locked rock. It has no atmosphere and is about 900 F on the Sunward Side.

2nd planet - This is Algophet it has 2 "moons" It's covered in supercomputers which gives it a metallic Navy appearance. It's atmosphere is 22% Oxygen, 60% Nitrogen, 4% Water Vapor, the rest is noble gases.
-Moon One is just a normal moon that's been strip mined dozens of miles
-Moon Two is the "[S]Death Dwarf Star a giant 200km wide sphere
that has lots of generators and factories.

3rd planet - Was a mercury sized asteroid, it's been used to test weapons & train orbital bombardments.

4th planet - Is a standard Jovian Planet

2008-01-15, 06:56 PM
Dorn relaxed a bit. Another Terran civilization. This was good. Mankind had revived more than they had anticipated, perhaps, but this would only benefit them in the long run. A united humanity was crucial. No doubt Xenos forces would prove a threat in the times ahead, but a powerful human presence among the stars would enable the race to better expand and defend itself against such hostile forces.

We have, commander. Xenos forces have been encountered before now. Some have proven hostile almost immediately, most usually those with low levels of intellect or, in the case of starfaring races, those who are least like humans in both mental and physical configuration. Others are not immediately hostile. However, experience has taught us that most are not to be trusted, and almost always harbor ulterior motives.

2008-01-15, 07:03 PM
"Ah yes, trade and alliance would be most useful to us. We Bruschanians are currently engaged in a war of colonies with our rival, the Urheimans. They resemble Bruschanians greatly but millenia of... let us say inter-breeding with the locals have given them some more ape-ish features. Heavy set brows, long arms, short legs, an abundance of body hair. We have termed their species Near-Humans. I do not know what your policy on them would be, whether they be Human or Xeno, but we would like the aide of a flotilla of your warships in our conflict. Our expedition set out from Bruschania to discover new worlds, find new resources, and establish bases outside our home system. We would then build up a fleet and, at a crucial junction, return to the Isieles System and make a push against the Urheimans main base on the Jutland Moon. If you would attach a few battleships and cruisers to our fleet, we could make that offensive almost immediately,"

William asked. He was greatly pleased with himself. The first extra-Isieles faction encountered, and they had been most benevolent. Moreover, these Emperor's men were strong and the aid of their ships would greatly shorten the conflict. The king could already see the conflict. They would come out of warp in wall of battle, turrets spitting shells already. As the line of the High Space Fleet veered off to avoid collision, their T would be crossed by a tremendous volley of naval gunfire. Ships would be torn apart, or left to bleed crewman like a wounded animals. It would be glorious, and ensure unchallenged Bruschanian space dominance, just as the action at Tralgaise had some 74 years ago. They crushed the Hugenot armada at that battle, and until some 18 years ago no Isieles interstellar nation could challenge the Royal Navy. 18 years ago, a Near-Human named Tirpmarck had come to power in Urheimat and turned a formidable land army power into an even more formidable naval power. They were now the chief rivals of the Bruschanians, and their incessant raiding of Bruschanian shipping lines had forced the two empires to war.

"I hope, with your aid, we can bring about a short, decisive end to our conflict,"


"Indeed we do, Captain Fourre. This is the border of the Isieles system and part of the Dominion of Bruschania. Though it is but sparsely inhabited, this star system is within our borders. We may be interested in negotiations, if you would contact your superiors. From the look of your ships, I see there is much to be learnt, and to be gained from, by contact between our peoples

Jackie continued, smiling to himself. Some of his men looked up in surprise, they had supposed that the aggressive manuevres of the Imperial ships would be met with a full broadside, not diplomacy. But then, they forgot that the Imperial manuevres were simply a result of the Exeter moving into a position for advantageous enfilade fire.

"We would hope to gain allies in our own struggles against rival nations, and I'm sure you would need allies as a new power in the galaxy. What say you?

2008-01-15, 07:06 PM

The defensive envelope of diamond strike craft balloons outwards towards the approaching Packrats in seeming chaos. Hints of order, however, lead you to believe that this is in actuality an extremely complex but completely controlled maneuver. the Spheres align in front of the cones in a hexagonal lattice, and the cones carefully place themselves for maximum benefit behind the spheres. The cone ships are radiating energy in several bands, tightly grouped gravitic distortions and an energy signature strangely similar to a warp field. The spheres and the Carrier ship are collectively radiating a shield powerful enough that it distorts the stars visible past them.

A light screen of diamonds extends far in front of the fleet, grouped tightly enough to prevent any meaningful group of ships from passing through without impacts. They have their weapons charged, but drift slowly in space, holding themselves in position.

Meanwhile, the four inner system scouts slow to a crawl at the appearance of military vessels. As before, one continues on slowly, while 3 stop entirely.

"We wish to peacefully negotiate. Please do not approach our fleet, as such will be interpreted as hostile intent. We have no hostile aims in this system."

2008-01-15, 07:15 PM
The Emperor nodded, his mind still working into that of the sweating Grenadier, and at the same time weighing the costs and benefits of such an alliance. While it pained him to do war upon any human species, these Bruschanians would be valuable allies. Futhermore, if they were a degenerate species or worse, mutants, perhaps it would be better to eliminate them now rather than risk contamination. Besides, he mused, it would create a bond between the Bruschanians and His forces, and further cement this new alliance with bonds of blood.

Your plan has much merit. As a symbol of our new alliance, and to further the spread of Mankind throughout the galaxy and aid in the supremacy of our species, I shall attach to your expedition the fleet that has assembled here under the command of my four Primarchs. Unfortunately I will be unable to join in battle myself, as I have been notified of another call for my presence making first contact with another race. Nonetheless, I assure you that My sons are more than capable. The Adeptus Astartes are warriors second to none.

2008-01-15, 07:43 PM
"I am sorry to hear that your experiences have taught you that," Commander Takeyn replied formally. "We have found civilizations who shared ancestors with us can be as hostile as any other descendent of the Progenitors. And far more difficult to exist with than some." Xenos- something stranger. Possibly distressing that these folk had such a blanket label for everything not descended from a similar genome. It was one of the most widely spread ones, as its presence in this galaxy showed, but that didn't mean it was better than any other. In fact, many of the most notorious conquerors and destroyers had been born of man.

She gave an order, and the smaller fighter-craft returned to their launch bays. The frigates didn't move, but as the ships proceeded oh-so-slowly forward from simple inertia, they began to drift out of their escort formations. A signal that she didn't feel threatened. This Imperium, if Dorn was speaking the truth (and she judged it likely), was not hostile to her, no matter what other things they might believe. "But different experiences will inevitably lead to different views. Perhaps sharing our stories will lead to a better understanding of one another."

2008-01-15, 08:06 PM
"That is an intriguing proposition," the captain answers back. "However, I am not authorized to conduct large-scale diplomacy without first contacting the Imperial government. We would certainly be glad to establish contact with your nation and bring our governments into communications."

"The other force in the system,"Fourre reflexively gestures with his head, off-camera, "has suggested we all sit down and meet face-to-face. Why don't we do so, on some nearby convenient spot? It will give me time to contact the Emperor for instructions, and we can all meet each other in a more efficient fashion."

2008-01-15, 08:17 PM

Your physiology is certainly fascinating and quite similar to our own.

Well Coronene, our terms are simply that any trade between our peoples must be conducted either on your planets or on one of ours known as Turg. It is the only planet we allow other races to visit for matters of security. It is also the only one that has been modified specifically to sustain organic life although that will not matter to you. In addition we will not allow anyone to settle on our planets for more time than is necessary for transactions unless given specific permission by our leader. If you have any conditions of your own we would like to hear them.

We offer to freely trade any of our resources except military technology. I suggest you send some of your people to Turg if you would like to examine our goods. We can personally escort you now.

If you would like to speak to our leader we can arrange an intercom meeting later on.

(All our planets are basically large moons except for Turg. Our primary export is obviously metal of all kinds.)

2008-01-15, 08:25 PM

"Are you gestalt beings? Perhaps we can integrate with one of your units, and directly negotiate."

2008-01-15, 08:34 PM
Delphius V

A noisy hum hung oppressively in the thickly forested mountains that the Chitan colony compound had been erected on. On the fringe of Imperial space, it had been deduced as a likely prospect for settlers and as such some and been dispatched from the closest civilized world to begin the long and sometimes dangerous process of taming the planet. The humming noise originated from various sonic sensors designed to irritate the eardrums of native wildlife and drive them away from the perimeter of the colony, a standard protection device until something more valuable could be constructed.

Various farms and processing buildings where sprawled around the edge of the Compound with more important families and citizens being in the center of settlement, and it was at one of these family owned processing buildings that the object had landed. Practically until the point of impact it had gone unnoticed by the settlers, not being another ship (or seeming like one anyway), and not on a course with the compound there truly seemed no reason to bother with it. So once a small group of guards were dispatched to investigate it, all was forgotten, even the team sent which hadn't returned...After the red tape had been cleared up the Strathan family had even been able to resume work as usual. Cuser Strathan paused in his work to wipe sweat from his brow, cursing the sunlight that now finally reached the ground now that the trees had been cleared away from the facility. Producing the little things that kept the settlement running was thankless and hard work and the man had grown to despise it, especially since the sonic sensors made it hard to hear and naturally one was close by.

That was how it had been able to approach him. Hypnotic alien eyes had fixated themselves on the lone fodder-prey outside of the protected building, not that it was being ignored...others were watching and waiting for their moment to strike. But this one was to be different from the others and with that the genestealer waited for Cuser to come closer..

Cuser himself was ignorant of the canny predator's presence and it was a mistake on the genestealer's part that even allowed him to notice at all. The poor man looked up just as the grey two-armed alien leaped from the undergrowth, hissing with a ferocious hunger. Cuser's screams were unheard of over the noise of the sonic sensors and it was all too soon that the diamond-hard claws had reduced him to so much bone meal and gore. Inside of the processing building there came more screams, no less terrified but they didn't end with the abruptness of a voice cut off. Rather they trailed off as if the screamer had lost a reason to scream.

The Hive Mind felt the pull of a new beacon and hive ships slowly stirred to life...a new cult had begun...

__________________________________________________ __

Past Delphius V

It had registered on Imperial notice almost at once. A ship of unknown design or origin had entered into space above one of it's prime worlds, but instead of descending or hailing it hung there as if it had taken all it's power just to reach this one spot of hope..

((Just pick a world for this ship to be above Nerd..))

2008-01-15, 08:49 PM
My system
"Not really, we're each individuals that exist in a giant computer network. You could probably try to integrate, but for secrecy reasons just send one of your ships over & we'll have a private network set up for you. And by the way are those other ships yours as well?" Commander & Dwarf Star, set up a network before the message was even finished.


"Fair enough, we'll send down a Static they were built for intelligence gathering. If you'd like to know we've met some other races recently that you might not know about."

2008-01-15, 08:59 PM

"Captain, I believe that I have made friendly contact. *a map of the system appears, and one of the worlds blinks red* They have a world set up to accept negotiators. I believe it is time for you to return to your body."

The world goes dark, then red, then the Captain opens his eyes...


"No. They are biologicals. I have extended the diplomatic invitation to them."

The Gravitational distortion spasming rythmically, the single diamondship accelerates for the designated planet.

2008-01-15, 11:18 PM
The steamship Indomitable
"Captain's Log, 12th July, Forty-Thousand and Thirty-two in the year of our lord. Restocked on provisions at Schwartz's Landing. Crew were glad for shore leave, no deserters."

"Captain? Must you monologue every time you're making an entry in the log?"

"Must remember to cut Mr. Davies' rum allocation for insubordination."

"Ah, forget I said anything, Captain."

"Departed Schwartz's Landing in high spirits with full complement of gyrocopters for worlds unknown, accompanied by the Epic, the Unity Prince and the Buried Cape."

Captain Whiting closed the book with a soft snap, ceasing his writings and monologues simultaneously, as he popped another oxy-rock into his mouth and chewed, spitting the expired one into the pail in the corner.

Reaching across to the brass pipe to the engine room, he called down.

"Mr. McCain?" Getting a non-scottish engineer was a trial unto itself, and most of them didn't work the military boiler rooms. Like most ships, the Indomitable had herself a scottish chief engineer. "Prepare for Aetherjump, I want to be moving in an hour."

The ship's deck was already in a flurry of movement, the smaller vessels scurrying to chain themselves to the Indomitable while the bright Aethergate slowly formed in front of her prow.

It was a somewhat dangerous procedure, doing an unguided jump, but given the constraints the likelyhood of appearing too far from home or inside something else was minimal. Whiting opened his cabin door and stepped out, watching as the blue swirl slowly widened into a large door and faded into a whispy blue trim around a window into some unknown system. With a lurch, the massive Aetherium propellers began to turn, and the small flotilla slowly glided through.

2008-01-15, 11:46 PM
"I am profoundly grateful. We can leave within the hour, but first I must send a despatch to the Admiralty to notify them of your aide. I take your leave, Emperor,"

William said, with a nod of respect to the golden armoured figure. The King of the Bruschanian dominions turned away and walked briskly from the throne room. His double rank of Grendadiers, the including the unfortunate secret-bearer, turned sharply and followed, marching in unison. The soldiers of the Adeptus Astartes watched them with interest, they were so very different from their own Imperial Guards. The same in dimensions maybe, but the pride and bearing was entirely different. Within the hour, the vast hangar doors opened once more and the troops within the small shuttle gazed upon the more familiar site of their own flagship Royal Sovereign. Upon his ship, the King shut himself in his quarters and began to write the despatch

"August 11th, Eighteen Hundred and Seventy-Ninth Year of the Dominion, HMS Royal Sovereign, twelve lightyears from the limits of the Isieles System.

I have made contact with a group of humans who call themselves Terrans. They are united in a political Imperium and governed by a (so far) nameless Emperor. They claim to be of the same roots as Bruschanians, though this is suspect. They are also friendlies, and will aid us in our push against Jutland base. I have enlisted the aid of one of their flotillas. Ships are similar in quality, if different in appearance, to our dreadnoughts. Will send another despatch at the fall of Jutland. If no such despatch comes, assume the worst.

HRH William V, KEB"


"We are closing in with the anomaly,"

Reported the voice of Vice-Admiral John Jellicoe, commanding a hastily-assembled squadron of Bruschanian warships sent to investigate something that appeared to be a forming wormhole deep in Bruschanian space. A Nelson and a pair of Agincourt dreadnoughts formed the core of the fleet, along with a single Ark Royal carrier and five Temeraire cruisers around the peripherals. They were deployed in a sort of wall around the concentration of the unusual readings. Jellicoe had been dispatched around five hours ago from the Naval base on Bruschania's second moon, along with this squadron, to find out what exactly was going on in their space. What was going on was that a large, blueish portal was opening in space and four ships of unknown make were entering. They appeared somewhat similar to the Bruschanian dreadnoughts, but for an antiquated design and the brass... steam stacks that gleamed on each ship. Their weapons seem to be mounted on broadside gun decks, with only the occasional turret, a contrast with the totally turreted and casemated armaments of the Bruschanian dreadnoughts. All coilguns were soon trained on these unusual... space steamships, they could be called nothing else. Overcoming his amazement at the strange design, Jellicoe opened a hailing channel with what looked to be the flagship.

"Hail unknown vessels. You have entered the space of the Bruschanian Dominion. I am Vice-Admiral John Jellicoe. May I ask your name and where you come from?"

He sat back in his chair as his Chief Gunner reported all turrets loaded and ready, and waited for the answer.

2008-01-16, 12:07 AM
The Emperor moved quickly back to his throne, dispatching a number of orders to Sanguinius and the rest of the fleet. They were to aid in the Bruschanian's reconquest, and attempt to establish goodwill between the two peoples. When all was in order, they were to proceed thence on their mission, seeking out new worlds for humanity's expanding empire.

He was pleased by the day's work, but what he had seen in the grenadier's mind made him pause. He was not sure what to think of what he had seen in the Grenadier's mind. This secret society... it was the sort of thing that he found distrustful. Certainly, seeking to enhance humanity was not an evil in itself... but there was no telling if that was truly their motives, or if their goal was something else... He had kept his peace. There was no reason to alarm William with distressful information that he was unlikely to believe, and it could only harm the burgeoning alliance. Still, he would keep in mind what he had seen, and be wary. There was no telling what else might have been bred into the royal family over the years.

Still, as always, there was more to do. He review the information handed to Him reverently on a data slate by an adept. It appeared first contact had been made. A Xenos species who seemed peaceable, and another group of His lost children. He nodded, and ordered the Astrogators to move into warp. He would see to the task of greeting these aliens first, then move for another reunion. Things were proceeding apace. It appeared that humanity had begun its resurgence more quickly than he had thought possible. The knowledge that so much had been accomplished filled his heart with pride. He smiled as his detachment slipped into the warp, headed for the meeting with the Tau.


Meanwhile, Sanguinius and the others were discussing tactics with the Bruschanian fleet commanders as their ships prepared to move into the Warp for transit.

Do you have orbital maps displaying key strongholds? Once we decimate their fleet in orbit, the next step will be to claim as many ground objectives intact as possible. We'll need a list of valued targets... As Alpharius spoke, he gave a grin to Night Haunter, who continued to look grim, as always. Also, any local superstitions, religous beliefs, prominent racial fears would be useful for psychological warfare. The most efficient way to take the planet is obviously to eliminate enemy centers of power, just like a surgeon lancing boils. It will be key, however, to establish perimters on the ground to make sure that enemy forces do not have time to scatter and begin guerrilla warfare.


Aboard the flagship of the Fists, Rogal Dorn was still in communication with the Hiigaran commander.

Indeed, as I said, it is our purpose to reunite humanity into one people among the stars. To bring together all the strengths we have accumulated throughout the millenia, and forge a new people better for the union. A whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. That is the Emperors will, so shall it be done.

2008-01-16, 12:16 AM
(I think you missed a response from me, Executor)

Above the Imperial border world of Aestafar*, the strange new alien ship has naturally garnered the attention of the system's defense forces, a full half of which now stood protectively between it and the planet's surface, awaiting the arrival of the Fourth Fleet, which had been conducting maneuvers around the other planets of the system. The defense fleet, consisting of ten renovated Dreadnaught heavy cruisers and accompanying light cruisers and frigates, formed a defensive screen before the motionless object, scanning it to the best of their ability. Meanwhile, the local garrison had been put on alert and the planetary shields around the planet's major cities raised.

Half a standard hour after the odd ship's arrival, they'd completed a thorough sensor scan of the object, and the Star Destroyers of the Fourth Fleet should be arriving any minute now...

(Giving you an action, and requesting detailed scanner information on the hiveship.

Imperial resources I'm declaring in-system, in case combat is upcoming:
4 Sector Reserve Fleets, two of which are in the immediate area by now
1 Assault Fleet
1/6 of my total numbers of TIE Avengers, Scimitar Bombers, AT-ATs, AT-STs, and Stormtroopers
A planetary shield (prevents bombardment, mostly. You can still land in an isolated area).
1 Dark Jedi (Maron Rorn, keeping an eye on the governor for Darth Noctus)
These terms explained in my purchase post here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=3787611&postcount=97).

With Imperial hyperdrive, any other assault fleet could reach the system in a matter of hours or days, although 40% of the Third Fleet is tied up with the Bruschanians and Tau.)

*The most recently settled of the Empire's five main planets, a temperate world which was not yet at full capacity of population or industrialization.

2008-01-16, 12:33 AM
The scan of the silent ship proved...confusing. It's hull was made up of a bizarre amalgamation of metals and ores that seemed haphazard and untrustworthy at best and gave it a rusty red tone that screamed tetanus. No armaments could be counted among the systems that it possessed though there weren't anything resembling escape pods either and not just because they had already been launched either. Roughly shaped like a sliver, it was hard to even notice the vessel if looking at it straight on, and from the side it looked like a tube that had been tapered down to a point on both sides. Only the large lumpy looking star-engines on one side gave any indication of which was the front and which was the back. No view ports lead into the interior of the ship, suggesting video being the primary means of direction. It bore no particular markings, no crests or insignias (Like the Imperial symbol), that gave a hint at where it had come from.

Engine ability was the only thing that could be considered above average though it was only in straight thrust (not an agile ship). At 600 meters in length it appeared it could cause some damage but it'd have to get up to speed first which would be a very noticeable thing since the out-dated-if-powerful engines had a easily seen build-up. A build-up that turned out to be impossible if the scans where to be believed. No outstanding source of power could be detected in the ship, nothing that could propel the ship forward any farther aside from momentum or gravity. It was dead in the water with only enough power for vital systems.

Further scans showed the entire vessel boasted the same old technology, but that there was life aboard it. The life signs had to come from creatures that were larger then humans (normal ones anyway) but that could be a sign of any number of things.

Not long after the scans began though, the vessel activated a distress beacon, but otherwise took no action.

2008-01-16, 12:54 AM
Above the planet Aestafar

After the scans are finished, the defense fleet's admiral decides to take action and investigate the distress signal. Two shuttles full of the flagship's marine complement (Spacetroopers: Stormtroopers in zero-g armor with life support systems) are sent across to the apparent derelict with orders to aid the survivors of the ship's apparent distress. As they are on their way over, the Fourth Fleet arrives from hyperspace on the other side of the ship and is quickly apprised of the situation.

"Target the ship, sir?"
"Why bother? It's obviously no threat. It might be a victim of some hostile force, although looking at it, it's probably falling apart of it's own accord. Stay alert for any more hyperspace arrivals."

(Call it 250 Stormtroopers, so it's an even company. They'll look for a docking access, or if that's not available, will leave the shuttle and blast their way in in some place where it won't depressurize the whole ship.)

2008-01-16, 01:07 AM
Around the Tau homeworld, T'au, a veritable armada sits in orbit and above. Tau ships flitter about like fish in a sea, Tarellian ships dart around, like groupers around the smaller Tau ships, and the Vespid ships are as manta rays. And in the middle of all this action, are several large warships, like massive rocks or mountains amid the smaller ships, and truly they appeared to be built of granite and rock, as though chiseled from asteroids. All these ships seem centered around one place on the world of T'au, a large dome, visible from space, with a massive rounded spire jutting from it, kilometers high into the sky, and it flattens and rounds at the top, this is the place of the Great Council. Around the Council sit and stand the varied leaders among the Tau Empire. The Supreme Commanders of the 4 castes, the Great Abyss of the water caste, the Endless Sky of the air caste, the Deep Core of the earth caste, and the Grand Flame of the fire caste. As well standing around the table are two kroot shapers, and the Grand Shaper, leader of the Kroot, a Vespid Queen sits with her honor guard of two senior stingwings, a grizzled humanoid appearing as a sort of reptilian canine hybrid, with scars crisscrossing his face and chest, standing about 2 and half meters tall, with 4 strong warriors, only standing about 2 meters tall, make up the Tarellian delegation. 6 squat, semi-humanoid, aliens sit at the table, clearly they are looked up to by all the other races, even the Tau, even though technically they bended knee to them, clearly here sat the Demiurg. At the entrance stood two Tau Battlesuits, and around the large circular room there were soldiers assembled from all the various races, Elite Fire Warriors with two Battlesuits, Tarellian Dog Soldiers and Wolf Warriors, Elite Vespid Stingwings and Soldiers, Kroot shapers, trackers and warriors, with a couple of Kroot hounds at the heal of a houndmaster. All this was prepared for the arrival of the Emperor of Mankind.

2008-01-16, 01:13 AM
Onboard the Indomitable
Captain Whiting looked out over the expanses of the void at the fleet which met his little flotilla, directing what appeared to be a score of turrets at his ship.

What a bizarre construction - Don't they know that putting the guns along the broadside would let them easily hold over three times the number of guns? he thought, while the radio officer ran up.

"Captain, they're trying to establish contact over the radio!"

"Wish to talk, do they? Very well." responded Whiting, blowing his whistle. "Show them our broadsides, and hold fire unless they shoot first. Get the gyros ready to launch." he muttered to his First Mate, who began shouting and heaving the ships around while Whiting walked down to the Radio Room.

"This is Captain Bentley Whiting, of the Indomitable." he said, simply, waiting for the Brusch-whatevers' next move. The Aethergate must have homed in on the electrical signals of these... ships.

2008-01-16, 01:17 AM
Above the planet Aestafar

With little effort a docking port was located and the shuttles docked without incident or mishap. Despite misgivings nothing approached out of hyperspace to launch an assault and the Spacetroopers were able to board the derelict vessel. The inside of which was decidedly more up to date then the outside or at least looked it. All of the hallways were easily wide enough for a line of four Spacetroopers to stand shoulder to shoulder and signifigantly taller as well. Finding themselves in a T shaped passageway, the occupants of the vessel quickly made themselves known.

The metal floor rumbled with the approach of the large centauroid creatures, one from each of the different directions. Reptilian in appearance, the creatures each carried a long barreled gun at their human 'waist' part but kept their hands well away from them. Not that it looked as if they'd need them. Their human-like arms were powerfully muscled and corded, rippling with even the slightest of movement. Perhaps most curiously of all, they lacked any sort of oral organs though they were quick to prove they didn't need them.

We have traveled a great distance to reach safety...have we arrived?

Perhaps they responded to the distress signal..

Impossible, we but activated only a few..

Silence!...We mean no harm...but have we come to a safe place?

The bewildering conversation was entirely telepathic, something most people encounter normally, but was all the more confusing since none of the creatures made any indication when one of them was talking. All three of the distinct voices were heard at once.

There is no time for decorum..we have sick and hungry on board. Can we land? There is much we Zoats could do in return for your aid..

2008-01-16, 01:32 AM
The Spacetrooper captain looks the strange aliens over once. Then twice. His mask obviously shows no emotion, but if the aliens' telepathy extends to empathy, they'll probably pick up mild disappointment and irritation. "I'm going to need to radio the admiral," he says, in the dispassionate voice of a military officer who doesn't really care about your problems.

One brief subspace radio conversation later, made somewhat longer by the involvement of the Fourth Fleet admiral as well:

"We can take you and any other survivors aboard the Star Destroyer Candescence. You'll need to be quarantined before you're allowed on the planet. Is that acceptable?"

2008-01-16, 01:42 AM
It'll have to do, we've run out of fuel.

Did it actually just talk?

Think what else it uses a mouth for.

You mean...?

Yes, they actually EAT with that orifice.

Despite the apparent conversation, the movements were uniform and looked practiced. The Zoats pulled the weapons from their holsters and dropped them to the deck, kicking them over with pad-like feet. Stepping forward with those same thunderous steps that almost seemed to make the floor vibrate, the three stood to one side as more and more of the centauriod creatures turned the corner of the hallway at an unheard signal and began to approach the Spacetroopers. If the trooper had to guess, something he most likely wasn't paid to do, there seemed to be few females or young among the group. It mostly just consisted of males and the old and each of the males had the same bulky muscular appearance as the first one.

2008-01-16, 01:59 AM
"We may have some trouble fitting onto the shuttles. Battalions 3-5 will stay aboard the ship and wait for the shuttles."

With that, the Stormtroopers herd - their New Order indoctrination and rather coarse sense of humor force every last one of them to mentally use that word - the Zoats onto the waiting boarding shuttles, which are soon on their way to the Fourth Fleet's flagship.

Arriving in the hangar bay, the Zoats are assisted off the shuttle by the spacetroopers, and their leader is greeted by a thin man in an olive uniform and cap, wearing an admiral's insignia, flanked by a pair of black-uniformed navy troopers.

"Admiral Issen," he introduces himself. "You seem to have had a bit of trouble with your vessel."

Needless and haughty observation out of the way, he continues, "The Galactic Empire is willing to offer you sancuary; we'll just need to discuss a few things and run some pathogen tests first. If your leader will follow me, the rest of you will be escorted to our somewhat limited passenger quarters. Now..." and he leads whomever identifies himself as the leader off.

"So, where do you hail from?"

2008-01-16, 02:16 AM
With a passivity that is most calming, the Zoats allow themselves to be herded unto the shuttle and then once more out of the shuttle to meet with the admiral. When he asked to speak with a leader, confusion was apparent on their faces and they twisted to look at each other as if conversing telepathically once more.

Eventually the largest of the Zoats broke off from the group to follow after the admiral, towering over the human and still wearing his weapons. Unlike the previous weapon this had a small flame at the muzzle on both of them, hinting it was some sort of flamethrower (which it was are), and a bizarre metal gauntlet encasing the other hand.

Your terms are acceptable Admiral, but please try to expedite the process. It has been many a time since we've been able to set food on land and we do so enjoy land. Circumstances have forced us to become nomads, I no longer remember where we originally came from in the first place. Not that it matters, it no longer can support life after what happened to it.

The remaining aliens who still remained as a group seemed antsy as the 'leader' was broken off and spoken too alone though it wasn't a long shot to guess he was speaking to the others and not just Issen. That didn't keep them from being antsy and shuffling back and forth on their feet while those who hadn't given up their weapons dropped their hands to them every now and then.

2008-01-16, 05:05 AM
"Unity and concordance are admirable goals," Marai repeated, expressing what agreement she honestly could. They were, but the more the Primarch spoke, the more she felt that theirs was indeed an expansionist empire. Not a cruel one, although it was too soon to really tell without knowing more about their worlds, but aggression, even with the eventual betterment of all involved as the stated goal, was not something she would approve of. Nor would the kiith councils approve of such, she felt certain. Too much of their history pointed to the tragedies such aggression could engender.

But she wasn't here to make snap judgments. That, she thought with a hint of whimsy, was what the Daiamid Council was for. "Primarch Dorn, while I welcome any chance to learn more of your people, I understand that you may not have the time to instruct us personally. If that is so, will you permit us to move further into your solar system?" If that was not so, she would happily speak directly with the Primarch. To her, there was not much that was more important than trying to understand the thoughts and beliefs of others, but a military official (for despite her rank, Marai Takeyn still did not think of herself as really being part of the military) saw things differently, and had other duties to perform.


The Second Exploratory Fleet completed its jump into the nebula and deployed. The pair of cruisers immediately moved to flank the immense mothership and its two accompanying carriers, while the smaller destroyers spread out to form a box formation. The array of frigates begin moving only a few seconds later, giving the slower ships a chance to position themselves before assuming escort formations. Flights of interceptors, corvettes, and scouts launch from the mothership's docking bays; the carriers hold their forces in reserve.

It was all a precautionary measure, but for Commander Brand Gabel, of the vassal kiith of Soban, there was no such thing as being too cautious. All necessary orders had been issued in the first few instants after they exited hyperspace, but his preliminary scans showed him nothing more than the mineral-rich asteroids and comets they had arrived for.

There were no stars or planets nearby for light-years, not anymore, but there had once been something approximating a planet here, as the uniform nature of the debris ring gave evidence to. The astrophysicists had estimated, given the spread of the field, that it had been well over a million years since the planetoid had been whole; perhaps with a closer vantage point with which to analyze the average size of the debris and look at the composition, they could give a better estimate of how large the planetoid had been (at least the size of a moon, they knew), how long ago it had existed, and what catastrophic impact had shattered it.

Academically, that was all very fascinating, but it was not part of Brand Gabel's job. Most important to him, the debris contained large quantities of useable ores and metals, and the fragments made it easier to mine than a solid moon would have been. Mineral deposits such as this were not infrequently found in nebulae, and that was why he'd been told to take the Second Fleet here.

Not glamorous work, but somebody needed to do it. Gabel was not a man who'd been overly taken with the glamour of military service. If he had to do mining detail, and that mining benefitted the new colonies, he'd do it.

But as the active sensor pings from the scouts returned information, Gabel saw that this might not be as routine as he had thought. The object... or objects, rather... were of an unknown type, which was unsurprising given they had yet to encounter intelligent life in this galaxy. What was surprising was the nature of the readings—whatever the objects were, they matched no conventional design he had ever heard of.

And if they weren't simply derelicts or some natural phenomenon of the nebula, they would have detected the Hiigarans—if not the hyperspace signature of their arrival, then the active sensor pings. Nebulae were a popular hiding place for pirates and other shady sorts, and this place was a trove for anybody in need of metals.

Commander Gabel waited five seconds, which would be enough time that enemy responses would be evident if they'd detected the Hiigaran arrival, and gave the order to repeat the active scan, directing it towards the anomalies rather than in a simple outward pattern as before, and waited.

2008-01-16, 07:26 AM

Yes, that is a good idea. I'll send one of these ships here with me to examine your system if that is all right with you. I am also interested in hearing about this other race you have encountered. My people have not recently met any others until now. Perhaps we could have a joint meeting between all of us.

2008-01-16, 12:43 PM

Yes, that is a good idea. I'll send one of these ships here with me to examine your system if that is all right with you. I am also interested in hearing about this other race you have encountered. My people have not have not recently met any others until now. Perhaps we could have a joint meeting between all of us.


The ship then continued to the planet of the Plainids. "Please, come in." Sutherland wondered if he would get a good response. So far the run-ins with the Replicators was pleasant. Another strange alien race was in store for S.U.N. Beings of energy and light, the Plainids would be the fifth alien race that Commander Sutherland would meet. It did boggle the mind that SUN was finally traversing the stars. Futuristic technology,without the ability to travel through space, not to mention five species on one planet with no succesful genocide, yet for some reason he still found it strange for other sentients to exist.

2008-01-16, 03:30 PM
After picking up the call on their sensors fifty plainid defenders and a single elite ship flew towards the incoming vessel stopping far enough away to leave reasonable distance between the two forces. They then assembled in a spread out frontal formation and the commander's ship moved forward.

We received your transmission. You are now in plainid space. I am commander Zurk and according to our regulations I ask that you please explain your purpose for being here.

2008-01-16, 07:16 PM
We received your transmission. You are now in plainid space. I am commander Zurk and according to our regulations I ask that you please explain your purpose for being here.

"We come to be friends. The SUN has come to you in order that we mutually exchange borders, and perhaps trade. SUN welcomes the chance to have as many friends in space as we can get. We wish that you would help us to find peace throughout the Galaxy, please welcome us in an open negotiation."

2008-01-16, 07:22 PM
Captain, they are turning to bring about their gun batteries

Reported a youthful lieutenant, looking up at the Admiral from his console. He looked a little fearful. Despite the Steamers on average 1km ships, 1/10th the size of a dreadnought, they carried almost three times the amount of gun batteries, and indeed the broadside armaments were quite formidable. What they didn't know was that the turreted arrangement of the Bruschanian guns not only gave them guns far superior in bore, but the added capacity of all-around fire, something broadside armaments lacked.

Match their movements, then increase in speed by two hundred knots and turn six points to larboard. That will cross their T and put us into an advantageous position for enfilade,

Jellicoe ordered, cool and calm as always.

Aye sir

Responded the helmsman, turning the ship's wheel appropriately from his station in front of the captain's post. The flotilla of Bruschanian dreadnoughts and cruisers, their gun turrets tracking the movements of the Steamships, moved as one wall of battle, the biggest ships in the center and the cruisers deployed as a screen, and they followed the movements and commands of Jellicoe's flagship, the Nelson class HMS Hood. After perhaps five tense minutes, the flotilla was in position to cross the T with a devastating salvo of naval gunfire. It was then, with the Steamers staring down the barrel of 25-foot naval coilguns mounted on 10km battleships, that Jellicoe responded to the Steamer hail.

"Greetings Captain Whitley. I have been sent here by the board of Admiralty for Bruschania. May I ask your intentions in our space? And why are you manuevring to broadside us?


The moon of Jutland is around 5,500km in diametre, with its own breathable atmosphere. The terrain is mostly temperate forests and meadows. The Urheimans have encircled the moon with a ring of orbital fortresses. These are gargantauns of 50km in diametre, each mounted with batteries of turbolasers and 280 inch coilguns. There are five such fortresses, each in geosynchrous orbit around the moon's equator. There will also be around 18 dreadnoughts of 10-12km sizes, and perhaps 23 4km heavy cruisers. We have no intel on their ground forces. But before we make our assault, we will be joined by another squadron of Bruschanian ships.

King William said, pointing out the defenses of the Jutland moon on a large holographic map in the battle simulation room of the Royal Sovereign. The holographic map was projected from a table in the center of the room, with a green orb representing the planet, red dots for Bruschanian and Imperium ships and grey dots for the Urheiman ships. Pressing a few buttons on the control pad, William demonstrated for Sanguinus what typical Isieles system tactics were. Walls of battle exchaning turret salvos whilst attempting a manuevre that would let them rake the enemy ships with enfilade fire from stern to bow or vice versa. Preferable hitting across the stern, as it could cripple the engines of an enemy ship and render the dreadnought useless in battle. He also demonstrated the tactics of putting the most valuable ships in the center, with defensive screens of cruisers and fighters around them.

Your battleships would be best placed with our cruisers in the position of command in the center of the wall of battle. There your broadside weapon batteries, as well as gun turrets, could be brought to bear from the safety of the wall. You seem to have prow-mounted weapons, but sending out your ships to use them would expose you to salvos from the entirety of the enemy wall of battle. What do you think your best use would best, Lord Sanguinus?


I would most agree with that, Captain Fourre. But we need neutral ground, so no one will suspect treachery. I suggest we send down shuttles to that small planet there. If we meet in a clearing, no one can suspect foul play. What say you?

As Jackie Fisher said this, he nodded to his second-in-command to stand down the gunnery crews and dismiss the crew from action stations. All over the ship, men returned gratefully to their quarters and the comfortable bunks within. Only the marines remained at attention, mostly by habit and suspicion of new races rather than by any order.

2008-01-16, 08:24 PM
Dorn looked troubled for a moment at Marai's request. He consulted briefly with the other Primarchs in attendance before responding to her request. There was something about her manner, however... she was defensive, wary still. He thought that perhaps she did not completely trust him... and her words seemed to indicate that she was at least more amicably disposed towards Xenos species than he was particularly comfortable with...

I'm afraid I cannot allow anyone deeper into the Sol system without the Emperor's express consent. However, I would be honored if you and some of your officers would like to meet with Myself and the other Primarchs in attendance. We have numerous scribes and scholars with the expedition fleet as well, there to commemmorate the event, so you will have more than just the opinions and views of an Astartes which are, admittedly, somewhat skewed by our purpose and the nature of our existence.


After formalities regarding docking procedures and proper clearances had been received, the Emperor's personal vessel, escorted by a flight of ships, descended towards the Tau homeworld. On the way down, he pondered what his position should be. He thought long, sending out telepathic tendrils, trying to get a feel for this race... strange creatures. Their souls barely registered in the warp. No psychic potential to speak of... yes, very odd indeed. They were a sentient species, but almost completely lacked the usual psychic presence. That could explain their species' lack of warp drives...

His musings ceased as the shuttle made planetfall. Marching out onto the alien soil, the double row of Adeptus Custodes marching on either side of him as he entered the translucent dome. Once more he relaxed some of the holds on his psychic aura, so that a soft, golden glow surrounded him, projecting a palpable aura of awe and majesty. He stood in the exact center of the room, his bodyguards standing in stoic, defensive positions, towering above the Tau warriors, their weapons gleaming as if new-forged under the alien sun.

I am the Immortal Emperor of Mankind. I have come to treat with you on behalf of the Imperium of Man. I say here and now that it is my goal to expand the territory of my species, and to reunite my people who have been scattered throughout the galaxy by the winds of fate. For what purpose have you requested My presence here today?


Sanguinius nodded at the tactical screen, a slight smile on his face. This was what he was born and bred for.

Your plan seems quite efficient, Lord William. I would, however, make a few suggestions... If we can bring down the shields on those fortresses, we can teleport strike teams directly inside. Once within, we can cut key segments of their defensive line. Not only will this enable us to break through their defensive screen, we can hammer their remaining ships from both sides, as well as use the guns to take out other fortresses. The Blood Angels and Alpha Legion marines can handle the fighting with easily - I doubt the enemy will be able to resist Astartes in Terminator armor - Meanwhile, Night Haunter and Ferrus Manus can deploy Iron Hands and Night Lords to cut lines of communication and sieze the central control points. Once their guns are in our hands, we can carve a path through their defenses. Once inside, we capture the remaining fortresses. Once that's done, the planet will be easily subjugated. We can even use the guns of their own stations to make pinpoint strikes against heavily armored targets.

2008-01-16, 08:53 PM
The Council sitting around the table were highly impressed, though non showed the true measure of their feelings on their faces, practiced leaders and diplomatic all, even the more savage Kroot leader. Staring at the golden visage of the Emperor he seemed to give off a palpable strength, as if an aura of might and grace which hid a practiced lethality, though non knew of the irony behind this thought. Many noticed something things more than others, the Kroot, The Tarellians, and the Fire Caste noted the power and strength he had and were respectful. The Demiurg and Earth Caste noted the expert craftsmanship of his armor and that of his warriors, and the way the artistry and functionality complemented each other so eloquently. The Water Caste noticed his poise and his graceful manner of speech, how he was able to put such power behind his words. The Air caste respected the might of his followers and the Imperium he commanded, seeming a good example of its power and might. The Vespid were the most unusual for they noticed all of these things and more, their six eyes reflecting the Emperor and seeing more than the others. The Great Abyss, being of the Water Caste, rose and spoke first, ending the short silence. Greetings honorable Emperor, we are the Council of the Tau Empire. We sought your presence in order to speak, as leaders, of the future between our two races. Just as you seek to unite all of your kindred, so to do we seek to unite all beings under the stars to illustrate his point he waves his hand in recognition of the assembled delegation We seek the Greater Good of all peoples. We would see our peoples as allies in the times to come, trading and working together to better one another and the galaxy as a whole. With that he sat down. As he stood, one of the squat Demiurg stood, and all the others looked to him with deference. Good Emperor, I am the leader of the Demiurg, an old and long lived race that resides in the stars. We, who have seen many an age pass by and have weathered them all, know better than many that a strong foundation is required in all things. So too is this true amongst peoples, I believe that amongst our two Empire's there must be peace and cooperation, so that, in the future, We might each reach our goals and aspire to great things, for the future I believe that all things must eventually come down to the foundations to which they were built. With this he also sat, and they all waited for the Emperors response.

2008-01-16, 09:03 PM

We will gladly accept an alliance and trade between our peoples. I have recently received a report that another space faring organization called the Algophans has visited our territory and made peaceful contact in the hopes of an alliance as well. It has been asked to detail any other peoples it has discovered and established relations with. I ask that you would do the same. Once we finish exchange of information I would like to ask for a meeting between everyone interested in working together. My leader would be willing to host this meeting on our homeworld Plainid. For now you will be allowed to view a list of our goods and land on our visitor planet Turg if you wish.

(Basically I see S.U.N and Algophans have both contacted me and the replicators. I haven't met them yet but the Algophans said they would tell me about them. Since we have the potential for a 4 member alliance I think we should meet together. The Algophans also left a ship here to view our planet Turg and examine goods so all they would need to do is call a representative back to meet us if they aren't still here. Then we'd just need to let the replicators know where we are.)

2008-01-16, 09:19 PM

We will gladly accept an alliance and trade between our peoples. I have recently received a report that another space faring organization called the Algophans has visited our territory and made peaceful contact in the hopes of an alliance as well. It has been asked to detail any other peoples it has discovered and established relations with. I ask that you would do the same. Once we finish exchange of information I would like to ask for a meeting between everyone interested in working together. My leader would be willing to host this meeting on our homeworld Plainid. For now you will be allowed to view a list of our goods and land on our visitor planet Turg if you wish.

(Basically I see S.U.N and Algophans have both contacted me and the replicators. I haven't met them yet but the Algophans said they would tell me about them. Since we have the potential for a 4 member alliance I think we should meet together. The Algophans also left a ship here to view our planet Turg and examine goods so all they would need to do is call a representative back to meet us if they aren't still here. Then we'd just need to let the replicators know where we are.)

Commander Sutherland disembarked on the Algophan planet. Waiting for the meeting, the human with some Shama Li DNA was patient. Hopefully he would be able to sit still. Something bothered him about the 'species' he met before. They seemed very strange to the crew aboard The Memory. As if they might be of some nuisance in the future. No explanation as to whether the human looking alien species was made simply to appear as she was or if she was assuming some kind of disguise.

Whatever the Replicators were, they hoped the Algophans would be less ominous.

2008-01-16, 09:31 PM

Diving into the atmosphere, the diamond breaks in a series of bone-breaking 20g pulses. Settling to the ground, it distends, dropping another Samantha to the ground. Meanwhile, the 4 ships sent to the human fleet return at high speeds to the main fleet body, avoiding the planetary system by a safe margin.

Mallory : Instructed.

Samantha : Understood.

2008-01-16, 10:19 PM
Above Tu'an

"That sounds agreeable," Fourre replies. "We'll determine meeting coordinates and rendezvous time somewhere out of the way, and send them to all involved parties. Vengeance out." And the communication link is ended.

"I assume this is a clever plan to destroy them?" asks Krayt.

Fourre sighs. "Why is everything always a clever plan to destroy them with you Sith? No, we're going down to the planet to conduct diplomacy like civilized beings. You're coming with me so I can keep an eye on you, and Yiru is also coming with me because she'll actually be useful."

After a HoloNet report back to New Imperial Center detailing initial contact with new spacefarers, Imperial technicians quickly determine an uninhabited and open area of the world below to meet on. Transmitting these coordinates to both the Bruschanian and Tau fleets, an Imperial diplomatic party is quickly assembled and sent down in one of the ships' shuttles: Captain Fourre, Krayt, Yiru (the female Sith apprentice attached to the Venator, arriving in a separate shuttle), Jion Jit, a civilian explorer and anthropologist being pressed into service as a diplomat, and an honor guard of twenty unarmored navy troopers, ten from each ship. The Imperial squadron continues to hang in space in a loose formation as the two shuttles reach the planet's surface. From the shuttles, the Imperial party steps forth, the captain and the two Dark Jedi following the nervous and slightly ratlike Mr. Jit as the troopers march out and stand at attention on either side of the party, blaster pistols holstered.


Above Aestafar

The stormtroopers accompanying the main group hold their rifles at ease, but are clearly only one stupid Zoat away from opening up with a barrage of stun rays.

"A dreadful story," Issen nods. "We'll be sure to take care of you as quickly as possible; the Empire exists for the benefit of all sentients," he quotes a pamphlet.

"Tell me, though, what happened to your homeworld? And for that matter, what caused such damage to your vessel?"

Meanwhile, back aboard the Zoat ship, Spacetrooper Battalions 3-5 are checking thoroughly over the vessel for anything of interest under orders from the System Defense admiral. Each Battalion possessed a scanning crew, which picked over the near-derelict with powerful sensors. They're taking their time before re-boarding the returned shuttles.

2008-01-16, 10:34 PM
Kior'la and Grallk, along with a small team of Fire warriors headed toward the planet, the ship just behind Kior'la's sent down a shuttle as well, in it were a Vespid officer and his stingwing strain, along with a small group of Kroot and a another group of Fire Warriors. As the shuttles glided toward the surface they landed not too far away from the site of the Imperial landing, however before landing they sent a message to the single city on the world, the city on the far side of the planet.

2008-01-16, 11:48 PM
Captain Whitley looked up as he heard shouting on the decks above, and he dropped the radio to see what was happening. "Moving to keep out of our broadsides, are they?" he muttered, hurrying up to the bridge, where his First Mate was shouting into a microphone.

"They don't plan on talking. Match their course and open fire!"

"Aye, Captain."

The steamships slowly lurched across and matched velocities with the ships trying to keep out of range, air being pumped into the boilers to heat them up further, while gunners took aim at the ships.


A roar of thunder cracked the silence of space (much in the same way that turbolasers manage to make sounds in space) as the cannons erupted in flame, sending hundreds of Aetherium-Coated shells through the void at the strange warships that were trying to bring the full advantages of their turrets to bear.

A large ramp rose out of the Indomitable, and the unmistakable sounds of the gyrocopters roaring to life filled the thin air (though not the void). The steam-driven fighters took off, one by one, their smaller Aetherium propellers pulling them into the void to defend their ship from these aliens.

2008-01-16, 11:49 PM
[OOC: I'm kinda confused about what exactly just happened.]


Coronene says to the Plainid he's talking with "Well, we've met those humans which I see you've met as well, we've also met a race called the "Replacators" who are pretty similar to us. Earlier we arranged for a meeting with both of them on our home planet that you can come to if you want."

Back on my planet

As the ambassadors land. Commander finishes with some last minute orders before going to the meeting. At the meeting a voice resonates out of the planet. "Hello, my name is Commander. Welcome to Algophet. Does any one have any suggestions for our first order of business?"

2008-01-17, 12:10 AM
As the ambassadors land. Commander finishes with some last minute orders before going to the meeting. At the meeting a voice resonates out of the planet. "Hello, my name is Commander. Welcome to Algophet. Does any one have any suggestions for our first order of business?"

(Its o.k I misread the posts and sent someone to the Algophans instead of the Plainids.)
"Well, first of all, I'd like to know exactly what you would expect of an exchane between us? Is there anything you'd like us to do, or any rules you expect us to follow?" Sutherland wondered what this exchange would entail. Of course, the visit with the Plainids would probably be strange as well. Sutherland continued to think about the races he had encountered once again. Things were strained between the races of Yevaun, although it was actually pretty much extremely better than it used to be during the era the races fought eachother.

2008-01-17, 12:17 AM

Jellicoe roared as the cannonballs zoomed through the void. The dozens of projectiles slammed against the Hood's heavy neosteel plated armour. Great dents were smashed into the hull, and the entire ship shook with the impact, but there were no breaches.

"Raise shields, all gunnery crews fire at will!"

The Vice-Admiral continued his orders as he climbed back into his chair after being knocked from it by the force of the broadside impact. For a brief moment, the Steamers saw a glittering field of energy surround the ships of Bruschania about 1m from the main hull. Then the shield disappeared and the only indication they had to its existence were the great fields of glittering incandescent sparks that shot out into space each time an Aether-shell smashed into the Bruschanian shields. Then it was time for the dreadnoughts to respond. Their mighty turrets trained on the Steamer warships and, each gun tube firing individually, spat out a salvo of 10,000lbs shells with diametres of over 20 feet. The massive magnetically accelerated projectiles rushed through the space so recently occupied by Steamer shot, before smashing into the hulls of the Steamships, or missing by narrow margins. The thick Steamer armour also held up to the attack, though the ships were shaken and dented by the Bruschanian gunnery. Of the 54 shells shot out by the three main dreadnoughts, approximately 40 hit home on one Steamship or another. Damn fine gunnery, in Jellicoe's humble opinion. Meanwhile, the five cruisers continued to volley their smaller shells, with a mixture of hits and misses.

"Carrier, launch the Spitfires and deploy in a defensive screen

Jellicoe ordered over the FLEETCOM link. Almost instantly, all bay doors of the Ark Royal class Protector, where flung open and over 10,000 of the small, agile Aerospace Spitfires zoomed out. The fighters formed a enormous screen between the dreadnoughts and cruisers and the Steamer vessels, ready to intercept any missiles or dogfight with the Gyros.

"All ships, clear for fleet action. Engaged enemy at 0930 hours"

2008-01-17, 12:33 AM
Above Aestafar

The much out-numbered Zoats gave no such reason to the trained stormtroopers instead just shifting positions amongst themselves with a slight...mental whisper being heard by those closest to the reptilian quadrapeds, a sort of mental overflow from the mass of telepathic conversation going on.

We were chased away from our home planet by a plague upon the universe. A ravenous scourge that devours all in it's path and leaves nothing but emptiness in it's wake. Our escape wasn't without cost though and many of us were captured for slave labor. We and some others escaped even then and have been fleeing ahead of the Devourer ever since trying to find some place to stop and rest. Our...ship?...It is not damaged General...that is merely the result of rushed and inexperienced craftsmanship.

Back aboard the Zoat ship, the scanner teams found many things reminiscent of settling equipment. Farming tools, seedlings, and other factory grade machines though all had dust settled unto them. Aside from this two cache of the weapons the Zoat's used were also found, a bizarre mix of melee and ranged weaponry. Most bizarre was the second cache, a fleshy cavity in the ship with...organic looking weapons of odd make and unknown capability...


The object in question drifted lazily through space, much like a languid swimmer would wallow in the water, not having the chaotic movements of a derelict or damaged vessel. About ten and a half kilometers in length, it was a monster of a vessel but boasted no armaments...visibly anyway. It was also decidedly...organic in appearance and it was easy to mistake it for a corpse then an actual vessel. And it was a vessel too, that much could be easily determined by the scans. Numerous open passages inside of it that could only be chambers and hallways, the multiple life-forms on board that numbered over the thousands.

Those lifeforms weren't just restricted to inside of it either, millions of tiny life forms formed a protective screen around the hive ship, but those were the only moving life signs. All of the other ones didn't move so much of an iota as the small fleet popped out of hyperspace and sent out a scan. From the looks of it, five concentrated polyps of flesh adorned the hive ship, one at the bow two on the right side, one on the right, and the last on the thorax contained high thermal densities in each that could be weapons.

Nothing happened after the first ping...even as the second concentrated scan began. Either it wasn't noticed or the life forms on board simply didn't care...

2008-01-17, 04:28 AM

"Greetings Commander. I have no preference as to the order of business, but points I believe need to be addressed are : trade, fixed border agreements and official channels of communication. Other topics may have occurred to Captain Sutherland..."

2008-01-17, 07:43 AM
(To Algophans)

Yes, on behalf of my leader would I would like to join in this meeting. I will relay the news to him immediately. Please direct us to where this council will be held.

The commander follows Coronene to the Algophan planet and lands to find the meeting room following any procedures necessary.

( Can we all assume/fastforward to being in the same room?)

2008-01-17, 09:21 AM
"The honor is mine, Primarch. You and any others would be welcome on our ship, if you wish to come aboard. Or, if you give permission, we could go to yours. As the host, I leave the choice to you," she concluded tranquilly. It was important to demonstrate trust from the outset, the reason she allowed the other to set where they would meet; she would be better able to analyze the situation if it took place here, where she could be linked to the mothership's vast computer system, but she was willing to forgo that if it meant a better start to the exchange.


The initial readings were perplexing, and after feeding the data into the computers of the mothership's analysts and scientists, Gabel followed their findings with particular interest.

"Well," one of them said after a few moments examining the reading, "it's definitely organic in structure. A spacefaring lifeform," he said in wonder. "The heat readings indicate that it's still alive."

"So do the trajectory readings. The ship does not handle like a derelict." The commander's voice startled some of the scientists. The crew was used to Gabel's disembodied voice, but they hadn't realized he'd been monitoring them so soon after feeding them the data. It meant this was important.

"It's got a very high metal reading for an organic being." The reasearcher in question put in a note on their likely feeding cycle. Metal-rich asteroids such as these likely played a role in their formation or breeding. Without hyperdrive, an organism wouldn't be able to find many of those unless it had a very long lifespan, and that was likely why they found it here, where there were many such sources of minerals.

"Largely hollow, too. That's strange. You'd think it would want as much biomass as possible, to conserve heat and avoid losing it to vacuum."

"The thermal readings show concentrations in these nodes. It might be how it heats itself. And look—all those smaller things around it. Similar metal rations, if that's not just scanner distortion. They might be young of some sort, a parasite, or maybe a symbiote. Commander, can you get a closer scan?"

"We can try." Gabel uploaded the information from the newest scan, ordering a pair of scout flights to move in a little closer.

"Hmmm... no, they're still grouped too close around the large object to get a clear reading-"

"Kharak's skies, look at this! Those passages are vacuum-sealed!" Simultaneously, every analyst pulled up the relevant information.

"You're right. How could that be possible? Is it a circulatory system of some sort, or respiratory?"

"Some of the life-form readings from inside seem to be from separate organisms..."

"Eggs, perhaps? Young? More of those symbiotes, if that's what they are?"

"Maybe, but they're coming from inside the sealed passages." A scientist looked up; they didn't need to look up to address the commander, of course, but it was a habit. "It's a ship, Commander. A living ship. Biologically engineered. It must be. The odds against something like this evolving naturally are astronomical."

"Then we investigate it like we would a ship."

In the depths of space, the pair of scout flights broke away from one another, each circling around to a different side and maintaining a distance of a few hundred kilometers as they proceeded with active scanning, trying to get more detailed information for the mothership.

2008-01-17, 11:11 PM
That sounds most agreeable. From what i've seen, your marines are far superior to our own troopers or those of the Urheimans, in close quarters. Boarding the fortresses and capturing those heavy guns for ourselves would be a great aid to our assault on the moon itself.

William agreed, pressing a button on the control which switched the fortresses' colour from grey to red. He then pressed another button to show the Allied fleet dropping from warp and raking the Urheiman dreadnoughts from stern to bow.

It is essential that we get into the proper position for flanking fire. If we enfilade them from the front, they will simply be hurt by our gunnery. However, crossing the T across their stern will disable their engines and render them sitting ducks to further salvos. What sort of main weapons do your battleships and cruisers possess, Lord Sanguinus? I need to know so that I can assign suitable positions in the wall of battle for them. You seem to both have gun decks and turrets.

To accentuate this point, William split the hologram into two seperate, smaller holograms. One showed the position of the Imperium vessels if the gun batteries were their main weapons, putting them into a position where the broadsides of their ships always had to be facing the enemy fleet. The other was the more flexible arrangement where the turrets gave the Imperium ships full 360 degree firepower.


On the surface of the planet, Captain Fisher let the ship's company and marines towards the Imperial officers. The ship's company wore their half-dress uniforms, a light blue shirt with navy blue trousers and a peaked cap, whilst the marines had their traditional red tunic and black trousers with red stripe. A las-sabre hung from the belt of each officer of the company, and Martini-Enfield coilguns were shouldered by the smartly striding marines. Slowly, the marines and officers of the Imperial vessel became visible. Their uniforms were different, less ornate and in the more utilitarian colours of white, black and grey. Alongside the confident troopers and captain, there were also a pair of mysterious looking chaps in robes and a rather shifty little fellow that reminded Jackie of some sort of rodent. The ship's company and marines snapped sharply to attention, then were put back at ease by the captain as he came to stand in front of the Imperial officer.

Pleased to make your acquiantance, Captain Fourre. Now, where are those people who claimed this system as their own? I suspect we have much to speak about.

2008-01-18, 12:20 AM
The ship rocked as the shells impacted against it, reeling as the skipper desperately tried to right it. Steam vents and wood had splintered everywhere, and the crew were working hard to patch the holes while the machinery reloaded the eight-score broadside of the Indomitable.

All up, they had weathered the barrage surprisingly

Captain Whiting braced himself against the railing as his ship groaned under the volley. "Double the powder charge! Increase gating threshold to 10%!" he shouted on the loudspeaker amidst the chaos, his First Mate echoing it down below and the officers whipping those not preoccupied with repairs into action adjusting the cannons' settings. It would result in less damage on impact, and slow down the reload time, but it ought to punch through the defences more effectively.

"Stagger fire, and ignore the fighters!" he followed up - the steamer shells were closer in kind to cannonballs than the armour piercing cartridges ammunition fired by the AA guns, and had a diameter over half the size of the fighters. Not even shielding would stop that.

At least, they hoped that was the case.

While the second volley of cannonballs erupted from their barrels, the partial gating charge made apparent through the bluish wisps they trailed as they sliced through the void, the Gyrocopter force met the fighters, and it is here the hero of our little tale changes, for the good captain could not easily see the exploits of his intrepid pilots.

Enter Phineas Kidham, Gyrocopter Pilot extraordinaire.

The whir of the propellers were a muffled roar against the leather helmet pulled over his head, his squadron descending towards the alien spacefighters with AA cannons at the ready.

He took a moment to fit the oxygen mask over his mouth, spitting the oxy-rock into space. In the heat of battle, it was too much trouble to take fresh oxy-rocks; instead, the compartment on the front of his suit contained ground oxy-rocks and a canister of water, doling out the vital gas into the face mask. It was inefficient, but necessary.

Kidham gripped the trigger slightly tighter, the control for the AA gun feeling like an old friend in his hand. Slightly adjusting the aim, he dived with the rest of the squadron and pressed down the switch with a soft click.

Seconds later, the deafening sound of a snare drum filled the surrounds as twin streams of exploding shells detonated against steel and plastic, repeated hundreds of times within the cloud of fighters and gyrocopters.

2008-01-18, 01:14 AM
The Emperor looked gravely around at the assembled council. He paused, for a moment, giving the silence time to draw out before he spoke again. He considered His words carefully, for, as these various peoples had pointed out, foundations were a vital determinant of any endeavor.

I understand, now better your purpose among the stars. And so I will further enlighten you as to My own. For thousands of years I have shepherded my people along the path to greatness. Through innumberable trials and tribulations has my species persevered. And now is the hour when we reach out to hold the innumerable stars of the galaxy within our grasp. It is here that humanity carves its name among the stars. I understand your desire to bring together many peoples under one banner, for my mission is indeed similar. But I will make myself plain here. Humanity will stand alone. The Imperium is an entity unto itself, and we will not be sublimated into an alien culture. I have foreseen the greatness of my kind, and our path must ultimately be trod alone if we are to achieve our potential.


Dorn nodded briskly as he spoke in communication with the other Primarchs, responding to the Higaaran message with due haste. He decided it wise, since they were in Imperium space, to give a show of strength and confidence. To put the meeting on their ship would, perhaps, put them more at ease. Particularly given the intimidating nature of the Astartes.

We are honored to accept your invitation, commander. Myself and my fellow Primarchs will come aboard your ship to meet you personally at your earliest convenience.


Sanguinius took a data-slate, pressing several of the tabs with his gargantuan yet delicate fingers. A three-dimensional hologram of one of the four Primarch class flagships appeared, rotating in midair.

Our ship-based weapons are quite diverse. each vessel carries a complement of weapon batteries which include solid-state projectiles, plasma weaponry, and focused beam weaponry. The effective range of those, however, limits their usefulness in this sort of engagement. They're mostly for overwhelming amounts of fire at medium-to-short range, as well as picking off incoming fighters, being far more manuverable than the bigger weapons.

Our ships are also equipped with a variety of Lance-class weapons, which fire continous beams of coherent energy. The two main types are standard energy lances and melta lances. The former are designed for maximum damage against unarmored targets, whereas the latter cleave holes through even the thickest armor, but aren't as effective at dealing massive swathes of damage.

Torpedoes come in a variety of types as well. We carry melta, plasma, and, the specialty rounds, virus and vortex. The latter two are extremely dangerous, and we normally use them only under Exterminatus protocol - that is when a world has become infested with life-forms so ravenous and maelific that the only way to stop them is to annihilate all life on a planet. Vortex torpedoes can also be used in space, but it's best not to get them too close to anything you'd like to keep intact. They function by, essentially, generating a short-lived microsingularity.

The prow-mounted weapons are called Nova Cannons. They are, essentially, massive railguns. the reason they're prow-mounted is so that the engines can compensate for the recoil they generate when fired. they are the longest range of all our weaponry.

The most effective tactic would probably be to begin firing the Nova Cannons at maximum distance, then swing about to bring the broadside batteries to bear once ready. Then, once their shields are down, move into teleport range under covering fire and capture as many of the installations as possible simultaneously, then turn them on their owners.

2008-01-18, 02:01 AM
The shuttles all landed and disgorged their crew. The Fire warriors piled out and formed neat lines, guns readied. The Kroot stalked out, senses extended, wary in the jungle environment. The Vespid hummed out, neutron blasters readied. Finally Grallk and the Great High walked out, and they were off, as they pushed through the jungle they found the area specified and moved into it, they caught sight of the troops and the other captains, the robed figures on the right stood out to the Grallk, though he didn't know why, and he kept himself wary. They all lined up and the Great High, Grallk, and the Vespid leader stepped forward, and the Great High spoke Greetings fellow captains, I am the Great High and commander of the defense fleet over this world.

The council members nodded gravely. We under stand your choice, and accept it, however we would still wish to remain in contact, however we understand it is your choice to accept or not, we believe all races will be united one day, but we have patience and we will wait until you and yours feel the same, but in this we must accept that our dreams of the future will be different. All the heads nodded, and the Kroot leader spoke We will respect your choice, but my people have learned that change is inevitable, we accept and embrace change, hoping to improve ourselves and every race under the stars that will accept our help, we hope some day you too will come to accept change as readily as we do.

2008-01-19, 04:05 PM
Out from the far reaches of space, Executor Shen'el Khal commanded a expeditionary fleet, in a mission of relative peace and exploration, which composed of a half dozen Carriers, a bakers dozen worth of Tempest-class Battleships, and accompanied by a few Arbiter frigates, Warp Ray Cruisers and a several squadron of Phoenix fighters with the majority the fleet under cloak. The largest of these ships was the Command Carrier Akon, which had a few more point defense batteries then your average Command Carrier and somewhat larger, but otherwise indistinguishable from the other Carriers that accompanied his fleet. Shen'el observed the various reports that was were being transmitted by a group of Observer scouts.
He was a high templar of considerable psionic strength, at 450 years of age, he was of average age for a Protoss, his eyes glowed a soft azure, as a officer reported, analyzing a battle that was being transmitted by the cloaked Observers.
"Sir, there seems to a battle occurring between 3 groups of humans, 2 groups of warships are preparing an assault on the 3rd group's fleet, the allied fleet is larger then the 3rd group, orders Executor."
"Bring the battle on the holoprojector, what kinds of weapons systems are the ships bringing to bear?" Shen'el Khal said with a hint of caution, as his order was immediately put into effect, as cascading patterns of weapons fire exchanged between the fleets.
He focused on the allied warships, whose designs were totally unlike each other, with massive blocks of what appeared to cathedrals fighting alongside with equally massive ships that were obviously designed more for fighting then show.
"Sir, the first group of warships are equipped with diverse types of weaponary, there are equipped with the railguns on the prow, large holes that seem for the express purpose of launching large missiles, and plasma and beam weaponry. While the 2nd and 3rd group are equipped primarily with burst type energy weapons and massive magnetically accelerated projectiles." The crewman noted.
Shen'el Khal pondered the information for a moment, as he replied "Attach a Arbiter, 3 Warp Rays, 30 Phoenix fighters, and 5 Tempest battleships to the Akon, the rest of the fleet continues its mission. Skirt the group near the edge of the system where they are currently engaging. Send a hail that we come in peace and curious of their peoples as soon the battle is over."
And with that, the battlegroup detached itself from the rest of the fleet and their warp drives propelling them to there destination.

2008-01-19, 09:44 PM
The 'ship' drifted as the two scout ships approached it. It was an unwholesome white color with the larger chitin plates a deep shade of purple. When they passed by the fleshy heat spots that had been detected, they found fleshy puckers that were sealed tightly by massive muscles. There were no...clear entrances to the ship, but if it was truly a ship, then it must have been concealed...or closed.

But whenever the scout ship got too close the smaller organisms swarming around the ship would begin to congregate towards the metallic ships. Up closer they could be made out to look like spiky little creatures with no eyes or ears, but covered in chitinous armored plates with little bone hooks covering it. From the perspective of the mothership and cruisers it was obvious that they would form an effective shield if the ship was attacked.

Then there was a change in the interior from the scans. At first it was just one of the small life-form signals moving but then more and more of them did and with that came an alarming discovery. There was far more then the scan had first indicated as all of the dots proved to have been concentrations of even smaller lifeforms. On the screen displaying the readout it was if the ship had suddenly become a veritable beehive of activity, swarming all over the empty spaces. Heat grew more prominent in the nodes that had been detected...especially by the one closest to the current location of the scout.

Alarms rang as the node puckered wetly and a single point of light started to grow in it's center as a red eye opened above it. Glaring malevolently towards on the scouts, the node belched forth a ball of bright green flame that sped across the vacuum to engulf the slower of the two scouts to react. By the time the blaze faded only charred metal drifted from where the scout had once been. Soon two more of the nodes puckered, letting loose thick balls of purple liquid that drifted lazily towards the cruisers and the scans of them revealed frighteningly high heat ratings...biologically produced plasma and highly concentrated too.

2008-01-19, 11:13 PM

"Alright then, first we'll do introductions & history, followed by cartography.
Being the host I think I should start. The Algophans evolved on this planet about 2 million years ago, about 1.5 million years ago we discovered cybernetics & spent about 10,000 years mastering it, eventually we decided to just get rid of all the biological stuff & become computers, since then we've spent the last million years researching technology & turning the 5 closest solar systems into supercomputers."He then addresses the human diplomat specifically "Speaking of cybernetics if we have access to your anatomical research we could probably jury rig some of it for your use. Now, who would like to introduce themselves next?"

2008-01-20, 01:49 AM
"I think I have a plan for your ships then. Your battleships will be placed in the center of the wall, bringing your weapons batteries and lances to bear. Hidden behind these ships we will place the smaller and faster of your Nova Cannon bearing ships,"

William paused for a moment as he moved the 3D models into place on the hologram. It showed two walls of wall, one moving around the other to fire down its longer axis. Suddenly the clusters of ships behind the wall dashed out in front and let loose with a volley of Nova cannonfire

"Before we let loose with broadsides, the Nova Cannon ships will dash forward from behind the wall of battle and unleash their prow-mounted weapons. Then, as we cross the T, the enemy fleet will be completely devastated. We must then move on the orbital installations,"

The models of the Urheiman vessels were slowly consumed in explosions or else dragged down towards the Jutland moon by it's gravitic field. The Allied fleet then moved towards the large models of the orbital fortresses.

"At this point, you will teleport into the fortresses and seize their gun installations in boarding actions. When all the orbital positions have been captured or neutralized, we can proceed with the planetary assault. Is this plan acceptable to you Lord Sanguinus?

Before the Primarch could answer, a lower ranking officer entered the room with the news that the Bruschanian reinforcement squadron had arrived. A view screen lowered from the ceiling and the Imperium and Bruschanian officers turned to watch as a fleet dropped out of warp. An unprecedented ten dreadnoughts were the core of this squadron, two Royal Sovereign class, four Nelson class and four Agincourt class. Supporting them were fifteen Temeraire cruisers and a trio of Ark Royal carriers. The squadron of Lord Horatio Cochrane had arrived, and the doom of Urheimund was nigh.


"Manuevre the wall around to their rear quarters. Get into the blindspot of their broadside, they've got no turrets for all-around fire.

Jellicoe ordered. His fleet increased in speed and began to turn to circle around the Steamer line of fire. The smaller turbolasers mounted in barbettes and casemates spat great red-coloured flurries of fire, some at the gyrocopters, some at the ships of the line, but all at something. In between the sound of turbolasers was the intermittent roars of the great guns spitting their massive shells towards the Steamers. These mostly went spinning off into space or smashed hard against the armour of the Steamer vessels, but still made no real breaches. Meanwhile, the Aether cannonballs made great showers of sparks erupt from the Bruschanian shields, sparks which glimmered in the darkness of the void as they flew in all directions with each impact. The shield was weakening but holding steady for the moment.

"All Spitfires, this is Royal 1, accelerate to combat speeds and take those gyros hard and fast!

Said Lt. Commander William 'Billy' Bishop, leader of the carrier Protector's air wing. His great mass of Spitfires followed him in a flying wall of fighters which collided with the enemy gyros and a fierce melee ensued. Billy spun his agile fighter this way and that, the eight heavy blasters blazing a path through the enemy gyros, explosions buffeting his fighter as he tore through all in his path. Tracers from the gyros guns richoted off his cockpit shielding, momentarily blinding him with their brightness. When he regained his sight, he spotted the meddlesome Gyro flying away beneath him, and flipped his Spitfire over to destroy it with a stream of blaster bolts.

"Alpha Flight, follow me, the rest of you, finish up here,"

As he said this, Billy broke off from the dogfight and accelerated towards the Steamer capital ships, a hundred spitfires following. They closed the gap rapidly and listened for the Lt. Commander's next orders.

"Focus on their broadsides, let's take some steam out their boilers!"

As he said this, the hundred fighters began a long strafing run down the sides of the vessels, firing at gunports and hatches. A series of small explosions from the fighter's blasters, coupled with a few larger explosions from the great guns, erupted all over the Steamer vessels.


"Well, Great High, that may be a problem. This world, though uninhabited, falls within the legislature of the Bruschian Royal Dominion, and the rule of His Majesty, King William V,"

Jackie explained, sweeping his arms around to accentuate the point that ALL of this was the rule of King William.

"For how long have you made the claim that this world is yours, Great High?

Leaving that question to hang in the air, Captain Fisher turned to his Imperial counterpart, Captain Fourre. He eyed the Imperial for a moment, as if measuring. Comparing. The red ornate tunic to the utilitarian grey one, the peaked cap with its hard brim as compared to the simpler fabric service cap.

"My question to you is: Where do you come from? Where do your allegiances lie. I've never seen a uniform like that in the Isieles system, or anywhere, for that matter. What is your nation?

2008-01-20, 02:05 AM
"We will be ready by the time you arrive, Primarch."

Even as she delivered her final message, her voice appears in locations throughout the ship. On the secondary command deck, in several rooms in the officers' quarters, and on the Fleet Intelligence deck, she gives orders to report to the second shuttle bay to greet dignitaries of the newly encountered culture. The cryo-tray maintenance personnel received orders to begin revification for several historians and cultural anthropologists, who had up until now been kept in stasis. Lastly, she warned the neural link monitors that the link might have to be disconnected for a short time soon; while anybody aboard the ship was face-to-face with her so long as she was concerned, most people were not as comfortable conducting conversations with a disembodied voice as they were when talking to something they recognized as a person. And with the Primarch's apparent mistrust of nonhuman races, she wasn't going to risk appearing as something inhuman.

The low-grade alert is spread across the ship, in fact, notifying much of hte crew that Fleet Command will be offline for a short period of time in the near future. That would be unimaginably disruptive during a battle, or even while attempting to conduct normal operations. The mothership was complex enough, with so many different purposes, that the projected command crew even for the original, nonmilitary mothership had been far too high to function in anything approaching in a crisis situation, which was why the neural link had originally been developed.

At the docking bay, the officers and civilian personnel began to congregate. Of the ship's numerous secondary control officers, only two were present—after all, with Marai offline, they would be needed to manage the ship's construction facilities, life support systems, and keep the ship's myriad of other sections working. Captain Ameil Soban was the ship's military advisor, a greying woman with years of experience captaining first a destroyer and then a carrier who struck a remarkable balance between advising Marai on conventional military tactics and knowing when to let the Unbound's superior reaction time and planning ability come into play. Captain Ronel Manaan of Fleet Intelligence was a middle-aged, blank-faced man, always difficult to read and reliable in a crisis. The others were, for the most part, of lesser rank or civilian status—representatives of each of the major kiith were present, along with a scattering of scientists from a variety of disciplines and the ship's kiith Manaan record-keeper.

Within half an hour, they were all gathered. Only the huge window out into space was black; the rest of the chamber was an almost painfully bright blue-white sheen from the magnetic containment fields that kept the bay from losing air and heat to the void of space. The few maintenance personnel in the bay wore dark glasses so that they could see well enough to work in the glare; there had been no time to procure any such things for the officers or the visitors, and so they kept their gaze fixed on the wall that led out into space, waiting.


"Heat readings increasing exponentially. Get out of there," Commander Gabel ordered the remaining scout flight. Unnecessarily, as it happened. The remaining flight of scouts had already turned, and was employing its impressive speed to return to the main body of the fleet.

"Report," he ordered on the Fleet Intelligence deck. He had the data, but they were trained analysts.

"Heat readings increasing exponentially in the nodes. From the composition of the blast, the weapons appear to be plasma-based. The spherical form corresponds to no known plasma weapons."

"We have increased heat readings in the interior of the ship. They may have been keeping some type of organism in stasis aboard the ship. Whatever it is, it's awake."

"Acknowledged. Thank you, Intel." Brand transmitted orders to the fleet's two defense field frigates. Magnetic defense fields were an iffy technology at best, able to provide a potent but short-term defense against some weapons. Normally, a fast-moving plasma bomb would not be affected—but these biological plasma weapons moved considerably more slowly, and might be diffused by the fields.

"Can you give me any information on the projectile's motive force?"

"We will be able to do so shortly, Commander. We need more time to calculate whether the projectiles are moving of their own accord and accelerating or simply using inertia."


"Revelation, Behemoth: the projectiles appear to be targeted at you. Stand by for impact. We are sending exterior repair crews."

"All ships: advance in formation, break when attacked. Target ion beams to the projectiles." The ion beams had the best chance of diffusing some of the energy of the plasma spheroids. Any reduction would be minimal at best, but the enemy ship was still out of their range.

As the defense field frigates moved into position above the Revelation, a destroyer, and the Behemoth, a battlecruiser, turrets aboard the cruisers swivel to target the incoming projectiles, discharging powerful particle beams into them for seconds on end. The ion beam frigates followed suit, taking slightly longer to maneuver into position to fire before unleashing a volley of the distinctive blue-white beams. Meanwhile, the commander monitored the heat readings in the nodes. Once they knew how much damage the projectiles could inflict and how often they could be used, they would have a good idea of the enemy warship's strength, although its attendant... organisms remained a mystery.

One that wouldn't remain so for long. The commander transmitted orders to the Spectre cloaking fighters, and with a flicker, fifteen squadrons of those vanished from all visual sensors.

Moving as fast as, if not faster than, the projectiles, the cloaked fighters closed the distance between the Hiigaran fleet and the unknown ship rapidly, dropping back into visibility and announcing themselves with a volley of autogun fire that cut into the swarm of organisms around the larger ship. With a speed born of experience, the squadrons split up to avoid being caught in a single retaliatory burst, attempting to lead at least some of the smaller organisms into a dogfight.

2008-01-20, 02:49 AM
As the Protoss fleet grew ever closer to their destination, Executor Shen'el Khal found his sleep interrupted,as he felt a strong disturbance, waking from his sleep, whose patterns are similar to that of humans.
"I feel...a great psionic disturbance." Shen'el Khal thought, not taking care to hide it, broadcasting threw out the entire bridge for the naturally telepathic psionic gestalt that all Protoss possessed.
"Is there something wrong, Executor? You seem distressed." Commander Helth, a robust zealot who was the leader of the land forces that composed the battlegroup inquired, as he awakened with his blue eyes fully open, replied
"Though light years separate the distances between us and the system we are approaching, the mind comprehends all of it in a moment and threw this, I have gained the some small insight, there is a human among their ranks that possess psionic powers beyond those i observed of Terrans that we have encountered before. Change our coordinates." Executor Shen'el repilded, as inputed new directions for his fleet to unknowest to him, to a inhabited star system in the Damocles Gulf where the God Emperor of Mankind was intervening with the Tau on T'au.
"Does the human even surpass your skills?" Helth asked precariously, as Shen'el stood and near instantly, a holo-projector projected the ongoing results of the battle once again.
"That, I am unsure, in any case it is best that we approach carefully, hopefully we can establish peaceful contact with the groups and learn more."Shen'el Khal muttered, as he observed the vastness of the space that warped around for a moment, before turning his attention to preparations for battle that was feed by Observer probes.
And with that, the fleet jumped back into real space for the breifest of moments, before jumping back to warp drive, to accommodate the new directions that were set.

2008-01-20, 11:10 AM
Kior'la and Grallk looked at Jackie quizzically and Kior'la spoke Uninhabited?and then he chuckles as he answers the captains question We have been here long enough to create a colony on the other side of this world. When we arrived on this world there was no fleet over it and no inhabitants on the surface, we assumed that no one owned it, and we settled here, we've been here ever since. Grallk spoke just then How can you lay claim to this world when your people do not even live here, and your ships run by so rarely another race can walk in and colonize it without you even noticing? he said in almost perfect imitation of the common language.

2008-01-20, 02:01 PM

I'll go next. We are the Plainids. We do not know when or why we first came into existence. We are beings of pure energy held together by the power of our minds. We may have developed this way because our planets were uninhabitable for regular humanoid life. An interesting fact about our origin is that the first Plainid still lives today and is our leader. He said at first he was the only Plainid to exist and lived alone for many years honing his mind until he learned how to reproduce by harnessing excess energy through strict meditation. Slowly our population grew undisturbed and became great because we did not age. We also harbored no jealousy towards one another since we did not need food, shelter or any possessions to live. In addition we are entirely identical in appearance so we do not have social issues such as racism or discrimination in general. We accept and welcome all races to trade with us so long as they do not ask for military secrets. We wish to spread the peace we have on our worlds throughout the universe.

2008-01-20, 03:18 PM
The Emperor looked around at the council of assembled Xenos species. Their ideas for unity bore some similarities to his own, he supposed... but still, they were an alien people. They were, by definition, seperate from humanity. No matter how much they might strive for unity, he knew that they simply did not have the same potential for unity as his own species. Still, there was no point in starting hostilities, at least, not yet. Peace would at least give his fledgling Imperium time to grow, to prosper, to find its strength and reunite as much of his species as he could without more outside pressure than was necessary. As for later... well, that was an eventuality to be planned for.

We shall see. Perhaps you are right. But the time for humanity to join you is not yet nigh. Now I must go. My children need my guidance, and I still have so much work yet to do.

With another nod of acknowledgement, the Emperor turned and left the audience chamber, a long cloak of crimson streaming out behind him, the Adeptus Custodes once more forming up. He and his retinue once more returned to their shuttles and thence to the fleet, ready to continue his work out among the stars.


Sanguinius smiled grimly and nodded, reaching out one massive armored gauntlet, passing it through the hologram, distorting the image of the planet and its defenders.

Your plan is excellent, Lord William. They shall be as dust driven before the wind against our power. He turned and nodded to Alpharius. Brother, I leave it to you to choose the targets for our teleport assaults. Multi-pronged attacks are, after all, your specialty.

The two shared a chuckle at this. Of all the Primarchs, Alpharius was the best when it came to planning precision strikes and clever tactics. Indeed, such was his love of such strategies that he had adopted the hydra as his Legion's symbol. He began to discourse with his brothers, pointing out the optimal targets, choosing stations that would allow them to cause the most disruption and achieve maximum value for their forces used. As he spoke, Sanguinus turned back to the Bruschanian King.

We are ready, Lord William. We shall return to our ship. The doom of your enemies is now.


Rogal Dorn and the other primarchs approached the Hiigaran fleet in a wing of Thunderhaws, the shuttle-fighters soaring through the aether, blocky, bulky and formidable, though mere specks compared to the larger battleships. as they passed into the Hiigaran docking bay, they landed with heavy thuds on the deck plating. Out of the lead vessel descended five magnificent figures, massive even compared to their bodyguards who poured out of the other vessels to accompany them. Rogal Dorn, the towering, precise figure all in yellow-gold. Grim Angron, in the white-and-blue of the world eaters. Stoic Mortarion of the death guard stood to his right, and on the left Robute Guilliman and Jaghati Khan of the Ultramarines and White Scars, respectively. Each figure's armor was incredibly ornate, engraved with gorgeous patterns and bas-relief carvings, burnished to a near-mirror finish. Each bore long cloaks that trailed down their backs, and looked the part of warlords, knights of the stars, warriors supreme. Each introduced themselves to the Hiigaran high command. The Adeptus Mechanicus representatives present spoke to each other in short bursts of machine-code, their delight over the ship's technology almost painfully obvious.

Commander said Dorn, at last. It is an honor. Thank you for trusting us enough to permit us entry onto your ship. It does myself and my brothers good to see that humanity has not lost itself during its long exile among the stars.

2008-01-20, 03:46 PM

Fourre looks dispassionately at the minor territory dispute beginning in front of him. The young black-robed woman behind and to his left smiles a bit, though.

"To answer your question, Captain Fisher, I am a representative of the Galactic Empire, whose name might take a little bit of explaining, if you'll indulge a history lesson. You see, our people were once part of a glorious, galaxy-spanning civilization in a galaxy far, far away. After a quantum wormhole effect we call the Space-Time Event brought us to this time and place, our leader Emperor Carsus founded a new nation as a continuation of our beloved Empire of old. Myself and my squadron are part of an effort to reconnoiter new worlds for our expanding population, though it seems this world already has a rather complicated history."

The strange young woman behind him simply looks at captain Fisher, while the burly man glowers bad-temperedly at pretty much everyone.

(Yiru, a Sith apprentice specializing in telepathy and mind-reading, is attempting to read Captain Fisher's surface thoughts. Since she's not probing very deep, I think she'd stand a good chance of succeeding. So...what's Fisher thinking about during this meeting?)


Above Aestafar

"I see," Issen responds. "Well, I think we can come to an agreement. I shall petition the Imperial high command to allow your people to settle on Aestafar; it's not fully developed yet and should have plenty of room. It shouldn't take long, although there would be a fair amount more work before you could gain Imperial citizenship; just some extra bureaucratic hoops, you understand. Now, before I send in my report and get you on your way, tell me more about this scourge you were running from. Would it threaten an interstellar civilization like the Empire?"

Issen, knowing he's dealing with a telepath, does his best to keep a mental poker face and not let any of the potential plans he has for the Zoat cross his mind. At best, anyone looking at his surface thoughts would get the impression that the Imperial citizenship process might take a very, very long time.

Aboard the Zoat ship, the stormtroopers are busy packing some of the more interesting-looking weapons onto their shuttles for further study in a Navy research facility, especially the organic weaponry. The ship itself will be towed somewhere, but the assessment of the field commanders is that the weapons technology would prove far more interesting.

2008-01-20, 07:12 PM

"Alright then, first we'll do introductions & history, followed by cartography.
Being the host I think I should start. The Algophans evolved on this planet about 2 million years ago, about 1.5 million years ago we discovered cybernetics & spent about 10,000 years mastering it, eventually we decided to just get rid of all the biological stuff & become computers, since then we've spent the last million years researching technology & turning the 5 closest solar systems into supercomputers."He then addresses the human diplomat specifically "Speaking of cybernetics if we have access to your anatomical research we could probably jury rig some of it for your use. Now, who would like to introduce themselves next?"

"We are the S.U.N. Suns Under Naga Rom. We are the Shama Li, the Eagra, the Obblinox, the Tharoon andthe humans. Some of us are even newly evolved apes. We have spent over one hundred years fighting eachother in battles constantly. Recently we have just discovered you, the first alien race we have seen since the humans came to us over a century ago. SUN was created to combine all the races of Yavaun and to make them one in peace. We have since succeeded."

2008-01-20, 08:20 PM
"We are the S.U.N. Suns Under Naga Rom. We are the Shama Li, the Eagra, the Obblinox, the Tharoon andthe humans. Some of us are even newly evolved apes. We have spent over one hundred years fighting eachother in battles constantly. Recently we have just discovered you, the first alien race we have seen since the humans came to us over a century ago. SUN was created to combine all the races of Yavaun and to make them one in peace. We have since succeeded."

"We are definitely not from this dimension. While similar, some of the physics of this galaxy... took some getting used to. Over 5 centuries ago, in our original galaxy, we were engaged in a 3-way war for survival. With two implacable foes and internal disputes, we lost. Our final battle managed to hold off their forces for long enough for our seedship to make it here, to your galaxy. Since then, we have been rebuilding our entire technological base to incorporate the differences in base physical laws upon which this universe operates. Only recently have we ventured out of our new 'home' system."

Samantha pauses for a moment, then continues.

"Our 'race' is composed of composite nanite hives. One fleet, one mind. Our technological focii are gravity and warp field manipulation. Additionally, we would like a look at the Algophan computer technology. Our approaches to the same problems are likely different enough to complement each other nicely. In simpler terms, a trade of technology should benefit us all."

2008-01-20, 11:22 PM

"Technology trade would surely benefit us all. But, alas politics is such that some secrecy is required. Fortunately I have a deal which would benefit both of us. You give me enough resources to build another 'Dwarf Star'. I start construction & send over our supercomputing technology. When it's finished construction I'll start having it build you a fleet. On average a 'Dwarf Star' can produce a few hundred yoctawatts, turn it into any matter you choose, & then manufacture a wide variety of equipment. In exchange you'll give me your gravity manipulation technology. We will then hand over the fleet & you can then do whatever you want with it. The New Dwarf Star will then start pumping out trade goods. Our Energy & Energy->Matter technology & your warp field technology will presumably be licensed & eventually traded as we become more acquainted. How does that sound for a trade?"

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2008-01-20, 11:45 PM
Ignore this

2008-01-21, 04:35 PM
Whoops messed up this post by editing it instead of posting a new one.
Summary was I asked 4 questions for alliance on whether we would all agree to trade, offer military protection, tell each other about contact with other races and give our alliance a name.

2008-01-21, 10:55 PM
"I agree with the first 3, but a formal name is not necessary."

2008-01-21, 10:57 PM
"I agree with the first 3, but a formal name is not necessary."

"Sure, the first three options would be wonderful. I think it would be best if we do so. I, for one, am scared to death of those, replicating things that I met not to far away from here."

2008-01-21, 11:08 PM
"You know the replicants are here as well or are you referring to someone else?"

OOC: Does anyone else find group conversations in play-by-post to be confusing?

2008-01-21, 11:19 PM
"I believe the specifics of your technology would be most useful. We are already adept at converting gravitational energy and stellar energy to useable forms, and have excellent fabrication facilities in our current 'home' system.

However, a developed technology allowing us to convert energy directly to matter would allow us to bring our stellar conversion efficiency up quite significantly.

I propose that we merely exchange the base technologies, and the most efficient designs we have for use with those technologies. The actual composition of the base nanite that makes up all our devices is a closely guarded secret, but the relevant technologies will be shared... as well as some advanced designs for atomic fabrication plants, gravitational warp shunts, black hole cannons... et cetera."

"As to the Planid questions : my answers are as follows : Yes on all counts... but if we decide on an alliance name, I will still be greeting other races as 'Replicants' not as 'A member of the xx alliance'."

2008-01-21, 11:21 PM
"You know the replicants are here as well or are you referring to someone else?"

"Oh never fear. We do not mean to be hostile towards the replicants. I merely state my own fears, not those of my colleagues. For all I know the replicants could make the best allies there are, or not."

2008-01-21, 11:42 PM
For a moment Samantha looks at the S.U.N. captain mildly.

"We will honor our agreements.""

2008-01-22, 01:02 AM
"We are happy too welcome you aboard, Primarchs," Marai's voice replied—out of thin air, it seemed, for none of the Hiigaran officers spoke.

The greying woman at the front stepped forward first, offering a hand to Dorn in greeting. The Primarch towered over her, his armor far more ornate than the simple grey Hiigaran military uniform with the red kiith Soban emblem and his frame far more intimidating than her—though the military advisor was hardly short or unfit by Hiigaran standards. In her chamber, Marai wondered whether these folk had lived on a high-gravity planet for some time.

If she felt any trepidation at the larger size of the Primarchs, though, she hid it well. "I'm Captain Ameil Soban, military advisor." She introduced the others quickly; Captain Manaan of Fleet Intelligence, the representatives of kiithid Nabaal, LiirHra, S'Jet, Soban, Somtaaw, and Paktu, and the head of the research and analysis corps on board. The rest—notable scientists, more junior officers, and the representatives of the vassal kiithid—were left unintroduced for now, to save time.

"I'm afraid the commander is not here at the moment, Primarch," the captain concluded. "She is being taken offline as we speak, but she is located some distance away, and it would not have been practical to bring her here. If you'll follow me, we'll take you to her, while your men."

"It should also serve as an unplanned introductory tour of the ship," the quieter Captain Manaan added, a slight smile appearing on his face for a moment. Kiith Manaan was renowned for producing artists, entertainers, explorers, and other daring, flamboyant individuals, and while he rarely displayed such attributes, the captain was not without a hint of whimsy.

"In any case. This way. Your men can come along, or they may go with the others." The two captains led the Primarchs and those designated to accompany them out of the room; the rest followed at a distance, and headed in the opposite direction once out of the painfully bright docking bay.

A minute's walking through nondescript corridors took them to a great chamber that looked to be a transportation device of sorts. As the door closed behind them, Captain Manaan keyed in a location on a pad that didn't look much used.

As the room gave off the sensation of gentle upward movement, Captain Soban resumed her speech. "We'll be moving past the cryo-trays shortly. The chambers take up a good deal of the ship's interior, almost as much as the construction facilities. The motherships are built as colony ships, not warships—although the shipbuilding facilities are capable of producing warships if need be." She fell silent as the transparent back wall of the room changes from showing featureless grey wall slide by to displaying a vast space—kilometers wide and stretching further up and down than the eye could see. Huge rectangular blocks hang in railings, each containing thousands of smaller rectangular storage units, which in turn contain civilians. Occasionally, a device was glimpsed removing one of the small rectangular units and moving down or off to the side with it as personnel were retreived for the revivification process.

The room accelerated, rendering the huge inner chamber a blue-grey blur after a minute or so, and goes to greater and greater speeds before slowing. The lack of the commander's voice announcing which deck they were on was slightly disconcerting to both Hiigarans, although neither showed it. It took another several minutes of walking in silence through the corridors before they stopped at a doorway, and entered.

The woman inside rose with the aid of a crutch to greet them. "Primarch Dorn," she said in greeting, bowing her head briefly. The contrast between the two, physically, is obvious. Dorn was dressed in ornate, colorful power armor, where she was clad in a simple grey jumpsuit that lacked so much as a military insignia. The Primarchs were tall, more physically powerful than any human had a right to be, whereas Marai was a slight woman, not tall even by Hiigaran standards. And while all the Primarchs exuded an air of power, the Hiigaran commander looked almost frail, relying on a crutch to stand without effort.

"I apologize for not meeting you at the docking bay, but as you can see, it would have been difficult for me to get there. It has been some time since I used my body, and while it has been kept relatively fit, that does not mean I am used to walking about in it."

2008-01-22, 01:46 PM
Above Aestafar

The massive Zoat's shoulders slump as the topic once again veers to that of the scourge that they had been fleeing from. It paused only long enough to watch dispassionately as things were un-loaded from the Zoat vessel, and then it's voice sounded once more in the Imperial officer's mind.

Commander...the scourge I speak of is a plague upon every creature and planet in it's path. They consume and devour worlds until nothing is left, not even the bodies of the fallen. Whatever resistance is found is crushed mercilessly through heedless slaughter and brutal stratagems. Take my word Commander..the Tyranid are many, and they are coming...


Bio-plasma soared across the void between the Leviathan and the cluster of ships that opposed it. Bright particle beams cut swathes through the hurtling ball, reducing them in size but not destroying them entirely. The analysts were quick to discover they were propelled by their initial momentum, not by any mysterious will of their own, but much more became readily apparent as the twin blasts plowed through the magnetic defensive screens as if they hadn't even been present. Bursting as they impacted the hulls of the Behemoth and Revelation, scoring deep smoldering breaches in their hulls from the heat.

But then the stealth fighters reached the curtain surrounding the larger vessel, sending a stream of fire into it. To the amazement of those monitering the battle for data, the smaller armored organisms actually threw themselves into the path of the shots that would have missed. Each hit resulting in a small noiseless burst as the creature hit would die from the fire, still hovering protectively around the Leviathan. As the Hiigrans watched, the immense ship ponderously turned toward the larger vessels close to it and began to accelerate towards them, ignoring the fighters entirely. Another mystery that the vessel answered with brutal force as another blast of bio-plasma was launched from the prow towards the Behemoth.

Small chunks began to fall away from the ship, larger then the 'shield' organisms that protected the Leviathan from assault. Quick scans revealed them to infact be coming from inside of the Leviathan in much the same manner that short-range fighters would be discharged from a carrier. Each of these smaller 'ships' looked like a large torpedo with a massive claw on each side of it, a nest of furious wriggling tentacles for a 'mouth' and a puckered node on it's thorax. They spiraled away from the hive ship and hungrily took up pursuit of the fighters that had harassed the main vessel. The Spectre's were indeed faster then these living torpedoes, but the surprise of having them suddenly appear enabled the Razorfiends to catch some of the Spectres that were to slow to relax. Those large claws grabbed hold of the fighters, tearing off chunks of metal and bringing the trapped fighters closer to the feeding tentacles. Tentacles that pierced into the metal, burrowing for anything that caught the thing's interest and often times plucking out a flailing pilot to be hastily devoured.

When they could no longer rely on catching the Spectres, the Razorfiends released gouts of pyro-acid at them. Hoping to wing or damage them enough to close in but the dog-fight had begun and the Spectres had the advantage of far more experienced pilots even if it took a bit more fire to bring a Razorfiend down.

However, while the space dog-fight had only just begun, the Leviathan was closing the distance with the damaged Behemoth at slowly accelerating speeds. Instead of crashing into it as one could assume it instead turned at the last moment to bear the broadside to it that had previously been unseen. At that range there was no time to try and escape as there had been with the first two volleys. No...the Leviathan let loose with an unfettered assault of bio-plasma and pyro-acid. Melting away the hull of the Behemoth and eating past the magnetic shields in a terrifyingly fast time under the sustained assault.

And those weren't the only things launched at the besieged battlecruiser. No...little spiral-shaped projectiles were launched as well. Burrowing into the hull to unleash their payloads of shrieking and chittering gaunts upon the desperate crew within. Any communication with the Behemoth had that undertone of screams and gunfire in the backgrounds. In the worst views, it showed the aftermath of the termagaunts and hormagaunts, the blood spattered walls and corpses of shipmen and Tyranid fodder strewn about the hallways like so much debris.

All too soon those reports stopped completely...

2008-01-22, 09:39 PM
"What exactly do you mean by stellar conversion?"

2008-01-22, 09:56 PM
"The complete conversion of a stellar system to useable resources. For maximum efficiency, stellar systems close to our home system are simply accelerated to near-C speeds and processed at our stationary manufacturies."

2008-01-23, 04:27 PM
"That's a neat trick. Can I have your data on how to do it?"

2008-01-23, 06:21 PM

Although it may seem unnecessary I would like to propose that we name our alliance the United Federation of Planets. It could simply be called the Federation for abbreviation most of the time.

(lol Star Trek reference)

2008-01-23, 07:16 PM

"It is a direct application of our gravitational technology, remarkable only in the magnitude of computational power required. We will provide the rough specs, the details of application are different for every system."


"This label is acceptable."

2008-01-23, 08:31 PM

"Sounds simple enough."


"I have no concerns about the name. Those who don't speak this language won't be concerned that we are not technically a federation."

2008-01-23, 09:00 PM
William smiled, he had waited 20 years for someone to say that. The Urheiman doom was now, too long had they been a thorn in the side of the Bruschanian Dominion, too long had Bruschanian merchantmen feared to travel the stars, too long had Bruschanian schoolchildren awaited an invasion from the skies by the Near-Humans. It would end today.

"With your leave, Lord Sanguinus, I go to the bridge. The King must lead by example. I will see you on the ground of Jutland,"

With that, the King of Bruschania turned and swept from the planning room. The Primarchs were led to their shuttle and that ferried them back to their individual Battle Barges. William returned to the bridge and took his seat upon the dais, watching his fleet through the viewing ports.

"Lieutenant, open a channel to all Bruschanian ships,"

The king cleared his throat as the younger officer obeyed the order. Then, deep within him, stirred genetic memories of a similar desperate fight. Somehow, down through ages unnumbered, William remembered a quote. He spoke it with stirring patriotism, and a few changes in words.

Forward, sons of the Bruschanians. Liberate the fatherland, liberate your children, your women, the altars of the god of your fathers and the graves of your forebears: Now is the fight for everything.

All the mighty battleships came together as the King-Emperor's voice echoed in the corridors of each and every Bruschanian ship. A great wall of battle was formed, the Battle Barges and Royal Sovereigns in the center with lighter ships around the edges. Cruisers formed a great defensive screen, an orb around the wall of battle, and behind the wall and screen were the selected Nova Cannon ships. With a great burst of energy, and a silent boom in the void of space, the entire vast fleet jumped to warp.


In his mind, Jackie felt a strange tingling sensation. He shook his head in an attempt to dispell it before replying to the Imperial officer.

I am a Captain of the Royal Navy of the Bruschanian Dominions. My king, King-Emperor William V, would much desire to speak with the Emperor Carsus. We are an extensive empire that stretches across whole systems, as is yours. Trade and alliance between the Empire and the Dominions would be most profitable.

2008-01-23, 10:41 PM
The Great High brushed himself off and stood, waiting for the captain to shift his attention the more pressing matter of the world-dispute. The Fire Warriors fanned out slightly and stood to attention, the Vespid hovered in the trees and the Kroot leaped up to join them, squawking and buzzing ensued as they spoke to each other in their native tongues, and Grallk leapt to join them, he returned several moments later, and reported to the Great High They grow restless, they wish to report to a kroot settlement nearby settlement. Send a few of both, and the rest shall wait. Grallk nodded and leapt up again, soon some kroot and vespid left and headed north of their position.

2008-01-25, 01:18 AM
The thought rippled threw out the Protoss fleet, as in prefect sync, it emerged from real space, right outside the system where the Tau homeworld was located.
"Are we changing our coordinates Executor?" A navigator asked
"No, I want a scanning of the planets in this system, whoever this being was, it is apparent that it does not want to be found and thus our little misadventure ends here."
A few moments later, the results pored threw the ships computers.
"We are detecting a highly industrialized temperate world in the system, that are technologically advanced, capable of space flight."
"Lower shields and attempt contact, prepare for recall should they prove hostile." Shen'el Khal ordered.
"That is a rather a risky tatic, Executor." Helth retorted.
"First contact situation, you may have more battle experience then I, but must i remind I am 70 years your elder and dealt more in negotiation then battle as my Khala." Shen'el Khal said sternly, as his orders where carried out as hail went out.
"This is Executor Shen'el Khal of the Protoss Empire, we are on a mission of peace and exploration and we would like to see if we can see if our peoples can coexist peacefully."
As for a moments, he waited tensely for a response.

2008-01-25, 01:27 AM
Each of the Primarchs addressed their legion in their own way. Corax and Night Haunter said little indeed, for their legions were men of swift, quiet killers. Alpharius' men, disciplined warriors all, needed no speech to rouse their lust for battle. The last-born legion, they were ever eager for battle, ever eager to prove their skill and earn the glory they knew was theres. It was angel-winged Sanguinius whose words roused the most battle-ardor in the proud hearts of the Blood Angels legion. In ranks of gleaming crimson they stood, the Battle-Brethren in serried ranks, then vast, hulking dreadnaughts and vehicles behind. Taking pride of place in the front and center was the First Company, all in bulky Terminator armor, unstoppable juggernauts even more fearsome than a normal Adeptus.

Brothers Spake Sanguinius Today, it might seem, we fight for a power other than our beloved Emperor. But rest assured, that, as in all that we do, we do our Father's work. He has determined that we should lead the charge against the degenerates and mutants that populate the world we are about to take, and aid the true sons of Humanity in reclaiming their birthright. Thus do we extend our brotherhood, so that with blade unsheathed in one hand and the other open-palmed, we forge with fire, steel and words a new Imperium of Man. A realm of glory that will endure as long as the stars burn and the worlds turn. Thus do we bring order to a universe sorely in need of such. Thus do we take our rightful place, mankind ascendant, with the Adeptus Astartes at the vanguard of a new era. Let us light the way, my brothers, that others may follow after. FOR THE EMPEROR! One fist raised high, two hundred thousand marines shouted aloud, and shook the very hull of Sanguinius' flagship with their clamour. If their enemies could hear them now, they would tremble.

And they would not have long to wait, thought Sanguinius, as the combined fleet exited the warp, and assumed their battle positions.


As the Primarchs and their entourage strode through the gleaming halls of the Hiigaran ship, so very different from the monstrous, baroque architecture that adorned their own gothic vessels, the technomagi of the Adeptus Mechanicus who had accompanied the expedition crooned in delight and wonder at the new technologies unveiled their in, exchanging rapid bursts of machine-code, mechanical eyes whirring as they recorded all they saw, to be savored later as one might savor fine wine, and to be poured over minutely. The Primarchs strode side by side, speaking quietly to each other, save Mortarion who was silent. Angron said scarcely more, for that most brutal of Primarchs was in attendance only because it was necessary.

Nevertheless, Guilliman and Dorn made up for it. Both of them were polished, clipped, their bearings military and exquisitely professional as they discussed minor matters. Upon viewing the cryostasis chambers, Guilliman nodded, as if some question he had been pondering was answered.

I see that you utilize cryogenic technologies to keep your colonization groups alive and healthy during the long interstellar flights. The Emperor noted that Terra's earliest colonists did much the same thing, though the nascent technologies proved problematic in some cases. The Imperium generally forgoes such methods now. We've found numerous ways to retard the aging process and extend the lifespan, and in the case of Astartes such as ourselves it has been eliminated altogether.

Upon entering the Commander's chambers, Dorn nodded genteelly. Certainly... and do not expend yourself overmuch on our account. How do you mean that you are unused to your body? you have been in suspended animation?

2008-01-25, 01:30 AM
A Tau Earth Caste walked tersely into the Council chamber and handed the Great Abyss a data-slate and left as he had come. The Great Abyss cleared his throat in a clear indication that he desired the attention of the assembled, and waited until the conversations died out to begin. It appears we have been contacted by a fleet just outside the system, apparently they wish to make first contact. the assembled all nodded at this news, and the Great Abyss continued Let us see what it is they want and with an additional nod a large holo-display opened up in the center of the table, and the Great Abyss spoke as if speaking into the image produced itself Greetings Executor, I am the Great Abyss of the Water Caste of the Tau Empire, we would very much like to speak with you about the future of our two Empires interactions. and with that he awaited a response from the Protoss.

2008-01-25, 04:04 AM
"Partly, yes," Captain Soban agreed. "The other reason was the logistics. Food and habitation for close to a million people, for years at a time, would have taken up more space than even this ship has in her."

In the chamber, Marai shakes her head. "Not quite. I have been linked to the mothership for a very long time. The command structure for a ship as large and varied as these was too complex for any artificial system we could devise, and human command crews are likewise unable to handle all the demands of the ship in a dangerous situation. A scientist among us devised the means of linking a human mind to the computer systems already in place, allowing the commander's mind to essentially enter the ship. While I am linked to the mothership, my mind is transferred to the ship, and my body stays largely inactive." She gestured to an oval device further back in the chamcer, resembling a half-open vertical coffin.

"The machines and my caretakers do what they can, so my muscles have not atrophied dangerously, but there is no subsitute for actual movement. The link is critical enough to the functioning of the ship that we rarely, if ever, have the time to remove ourselves from it. And I must admit, most of us do not take those opportunities even when they arise."


The Behemoth listed in space, most of its systems unresponding. Gabel's attempts to access its computer controls were still successful, but both ion turrets had been disabled in the initial attack, and all too few of the internal systems were functional. He had caught glimpses from short-lived security cameras of the boarding action. It was enough.

"Behemoth escorts: move away from the ship. The fusion reactor has been breached and is unstable."

"All ships: Target infiltration pods with point-defense. Boarders are extremely dangerous, repeat- extremely dangerous. If boarded, execute Naar Directive." It had originally been established to combat the blend of organic material and technology known as the Beast, which had been still more virulent in its boarding actions, but he judged it necessary here.

"All ion guns: target the unknown ship." Gabel began to issue individual orders.

The first noticeable change came as several of the Hiigaran frigates launched torpedoes, which accelerated towards the still-launching boarding pods and then burst into clusters of three, which hemmed the target pods in on all sides before destroying it.

The Hiigaran fighter screens moved towards the great leviathan. Bombers dived, releasing compressed packets of blue plasma into areas that had been identified as weapon nodes. The interceptors released only a few volleys as they skimmed past the leviathan, their magnetically accelerated bursts inflicting minor casualties on the huge ship's strange living shield-organisms before joining in the dogfight.

As close to a hundred squadrons join the fight, the odd clawed organisms found themselves rapidly hemmed in as Hiigaran fighters dive in firing, then dart away to lead the pursuing enemy into more fire. Larger ships slip more slowly past the leviathan; the twenty-meter gunships, less able to evade the nimble razorfiends, stay back.

The considerably larger flak frigates took longer to move past the leviathan, losing a pair to acid sprays on their way past, but once they did, a single devastating volley all but ended the dogfight. With expert coordination, the Hiigaran fighter squadrons break off their attack runs as the flak frigates opened up, heavy shells bursting into wide sprays of metal shards that pierced even tough razorfiend carpaces and proved all but impossible to avoid entirely.

Even as the flak frigates began their move, the Hiigaran capital ships counterattacked. The remaining battlecruisers and destroyers opened fire immediately, the blue particle beams slashing straight through the organic shield-beings and carving open streaks across the ship for the space of a few seconds. The frigates and lighter capital ships took advantage of their superior maneuverability, drifting around the enemy ship to cut away at it from all sides.

In between the ion flares, a near-constant trickle of destroyer missiles and kinetic gunfire hammered at the defenses, as the bombers continued to systematically destroy the enemy's weapons systems.

Gabel watched, carefully noting the sensor readings from the ship to see which stratagems were most effective. The ion beams inflicted heavy damage, of course; with the power output they produced, they could hardly fail to do so. The kinetic guns were less effective, he judged; the organic tissue was vulnerable to the sudden impact, but it was better at sealing off the holes before it lost atmosphere, and there was no hugely volatile reactor to pierce that they knew of. It was possible the ship could function without atmosphere at all. He submitted the thought to the analysts, gave an order to target kinetic fire at critical targets only, even if it meant slower firing times, and sat back (metaphorically) to wait. The ship was of an impressive size, but no match for a fleet, fortunately. This battle was only a matter of time, but if there were more of these, they would need all the information they could to minimize further losses... especially if they moved in groups.

The sudden flare of light across the kilometers as the Behemoth's reactor destabilized punctuated his thoughts.

2008-01-25, 06:38 AM
Sparks flew as bolts of energy detonated against the iron clad hull of the Indomitable, causing chaos where they passed through the cannon ports, the mighty armour being of little comfort to the unfortunate gunners sent to their maker as the bolts clove through flesh and leather alike. Though there were few anti-air cannons present along the sides, the heavy armour was more than sufficient to prevent the comparitively tiny blaster bolts from causing serious damage.

Though the Gyrocopters were taking heavy losses, their powerful cannons and thick armour put them at a great advantage against the more maneuverable spitfires, and we can safely leave them with the knowledge that the brave pilots would eventually triumph. Streams of high-caliber fire flashed in the void, as the cannons blared, spitfire shields briefly flickering before the telltale detonation of their fusion engines signalled the end of yet another pilot.

Yet, it cannot be said to have been a cakewalk for the gyrocopters, for while they had far superior weaponry and armour, sooner or later a lucky spitfire would cause enough damage to destroy the boiler, sending the unfortunate soul spiralling into the void, if he was lucky. The unlucky ones evaporated in a plume of searing steam.

It was enough, though, as the cannons of the frigates erupted once again in flame, the constant barrages of cannonballs keeping the hostile shielding constantly flickering with absorbed energy.

2008-01-25, 11:06 PM
"Greetings to you also, I am the supreme commander of the Protoss Defense fleet, we are a peaceful people, but do not mistake us for being weak. Though I am not authorized to make such any alliances with your peoples, I will contact my superiors for further negotiations, though here I am sure we can come into mutual understanding for peace, permission to come to speak in person?" Shen'el Khal responded as he telepathically sent a message to prepare a phase prism.

2008-01-25, 11:27 PM
The Great Abyss smiled, perhaps this day could yet be salvaged Indeed, would you prefer to meet us here, or do you want to meet us here? he then nodded to an adjutant who set about readying a shuttle and honor guard if their presence was requested on the foreign fleets ship.

2008-01-26, 01:01 AM

Captain Fourre nods to his Bruschanian opposite number. "I believe a summit between our two leaders could be arranged quite easily. Emperor Carsus will be thrilled to find another civilized group of starfarers in this galaxy. In fact, as a preliminary suggestion, might I suggest a meeting between our leaders aboard-ship in some neutral sector of space? We can compare star charts after our business here is concluded."

He then turns to the Tau. "We would also be happy to establish communication and trade relations with your civilization, good alien. In fact, might I be so bold as to offer mediation in this minor territorial dispute you find yourselves embroiled in?"


Above Aestafar

"Tragic, good sir, and worrisome," Admiral Fourre agrees. "Well, that's enough information I believe. I shall tender your application for a land grant immediately. If you'll excuse me..."


Aboard the Imperial flagship Answerer

"We've received a report from the Fourth Fleet, my lord," reported Darth Noctus, bowing deferentially in the Answerer's throne room. "They've encountered and interviewed a small group of alien refugees. It seems they were fleeing a swarm of feral interstellar something-or-others and wish to apply for a home on Aestafar."
Emperor Carsus spent a long time looking over the detailed holographic report sent by Admiral Fourre. "I see our stormtroopers confiscated an amount of unknown biotechnology from their ship. What is the status on that?"
"En route to our facility on the second moon of Lirr, your majesty."
"Good," Carsus replied, "good. Keep me apprised of any information gained from that. And allow these Zoats to land. They'll be a valuable addition to Aestafar's workforce, I believe."
"Very good, my lord."


Above Aestafar, some three or four hours later

After a long wait, Admiral Fourre reappears and informs the Zoats that they have been given permission to establish a probationary settlement on Aestafar, following a routine medical screening. The medical screening follows, and barring any unforeseen complications, the Zoats are being shuttled down to the surface and settled in within a day. They are offered standard Imperial settler aid in exchange for participating in the planet's industrial and agricultural infrastructure.

Meanwhile, all the interesting biotech from their ship is being loaded onto a shuttle, and eventually sent in guarded convoy to an isolated research facility.

(I felt we could skip ahead here. If you want to do something contrary, by all means, interrupt me.)

2008-01-26, 01:25 AM
"I would prefer you meet me on your planet, I will be their shortly." Shen'el Khal said, as the hologram flickered and then flickered into nothingness.
"Commander, I wish you accompany me." Shen'el Khal requested as he made his way to the landing bay.
"If you wish Executor, but are you sure we should not contact Artanis or Zeratul to take place in your stead?" Helth inquired.
"They are capable warriors and great leaders, but Artanis has little patience for politics and Zeratul is working to develop a scalable version of the warp ray's unique prismatic core, which can only be used on capital ship due to its immense size." Shen'el Khal replied as they stood under a phase prism, the transport that transformed them into energy, and their unique signature imprinted into the prism's crystal lattice core, it propelling into space towards the Tau homeworld, drawfed by the Carrier that launched it.

2008-01-26, 02:15 PM
As the Protoss vessel neared the Tau homeworld, it was joined by a small escort which guided it into the docking bays of T'au
The Great High smiled and nodded slightly to the Imperial officer Indeed, that would be most helpful, however I feel that there isn't much of a dispute, even if it were true and you he gestured to the Bruschanian had already laid claim to this sector of space, so have we, and while you had left the world alone and uninhabited, we have colonized the world, it belongs to us and the people who reside here.

2008-01-26, 03:25 PM
The Phase Prism docked slowly on the docking bays of T'au, as it unfolded and with a brief brilliant flash of blue light, Shen'el Khal and Helth appeared.
"Greetings, Great abyss of the Water Caste, this is Commander Helth, leader of the ground force contingent that is attached to our fleet. We a race of spacefarers for over a millenia, our psionic gifts and technology are mostly the product of reverse engineering's Xel'Naga technology, who were a ancient and powerful race that wished to create a race that had "purity of form" and we are their result, however they left us along ago as we proved insufficient, were they continued to seek a race with purity of form, which lead to create a race known as the Zerg. Consequently it grew too independent and powerful and destroyed their creators. They still exist today, hunting us relentlessly, the purpose of my fleet is to find as many habitable worlds as possible and create outposts so that should we ever be overrun, we can regroup. I sensed a powerful physic's presence not too long ago here, which lead us to your world." Shen'el Khal said, as he began to sense if there was any hostile intent in the Aliens that surrounded him, Helth, putting on hand on his plasma pistol, in affirmation.

2008-01-26, 03:30 PM

"It is a direct application of our gravitational technology, remarkable only in the magnitude of computational power required. We will provide the rough specs, the details of application are different for every system."


"This label is acceptable."

"I also suggest that I can trade for Algophan computer technology the secret to Yevanise metallurgy. We have such good armor, its almost as good as shields if we lose them in combat."

2008-01-26, 04:49 PM
The Great Abyss smiled, and the Great Shaper of the Kroot spoke in his squawking approximation of the Common Tongue I believe you speak of our recent guest, the God Emperor of Man, over the years I have devoured many enemies and their Genes have come to better the Kroot as a whole, some of these were psychics of various races, and through their genes I have enhanced our perception of the psychic presence, and this Emperor was indeed a powerful psychic being, more powerful than I have ever seen before, even more powerful than you. The Great Abyss nodded and spoke, directing them to the grand city If you would like we could travel to the Council Tower, or we could return with you to your ship, however you wish to proceed. And he smiled again. The Earth Caste looked impressed at the technology brought to bear by the enigmatic Protoss and the Great Core spoke We would be interested in learning of your technology if it would suit you. The Grand Flame spoke next, accompanied by the Tarellian and the two senior stingwings, who spoke for the Queen. You are warriors yes? We would like to speak to you of these "Zerg" they are clearly a threat, and we would be best served combining our forces The Tarellian warlord grunted and spoke I would also be interested in joint operations and sharing stratagems and tactics The Vespid clicked and whirred their agreement, one communicated through the Communion Helm, and the other went without one, and all 12 eyes, six red and six blue, stared at the Commanders.

2008-01-26, 11:23 PM
Shen'el Khal nodded in agreement, with Commander Helth in tow, as the group made there ways to the aforementioned Council Tower.

"It seems to still have much to learn, for among the Terrans I have meet and dealt with, I have never heard of a being such as the "God Emperor of Mankind".Shen'el Khal muttered, as he pulled out his amulet.
"The basis of our technology is based on these Khaydarin crystals, they provide the source of power from our smallest robots to our largest of our battleships, they are psionicilly attuned to our psionic gestalt that all Protoss share increasing our combat effectiveness and reservoirs of psionic power." Shen'el Khal explained.

2008-01-27, 12:23 AM
The Tau leaders nodded excitedly as did their counterparts How do you acquire more of these crystals? Are they found only on your homeworld? I don't believe we have ever discovered anything like them said the Grizzled Tarellian warlord, interested despite himself, the Kroot Great Shaper spoke next What lead to such grand use of psionics, has your race always been talented in this way? And how are you all connected, like a hive-mind?

2008-01-27, 01:45 AM
"I'm sorry to say that Khaydarin crystals can only found on our homeworld, leftovers of the Xel'Naga technology before they left. What little they left us is sufficient for our purposes, as they naturally replenish themselves over time when attuned to our powerful high templars. For we have never been a numerous people, we are always outnumbered in any engagement. Though this is offset by the fact that should a zealot warrior such as myself, can choose to have their consciouses implanted into a Dragoon exoskeleton, should their bodies prove crippled beyond repair and our advanced AI and Robotics. Only recently have we understood a process to replicate Khaydarin crystals, though at great cost and effort. We also have our brethren known as they Dark Templars, who use a totally different source known only as the void, the energy in the space between stars and planets. Where combine the void technology of our long separated comrades with our psionic technology in our Warp-Ray cruisers, which fire a devastating prismatic beam that only increases in lethality the longer it homes its beam on a target." Commander Helth explained as it was Shen'el Khal turn to speak.

"Our race was naturally psionic when the Xel'Naga us, though they genetically engineered us to become more psionicilly powerful. We are not exactly like a hive-mind, all Protoss learn to shield our minds from the natural telepathy that connects us all, that usually suppressed in any case, though should it be we usually open our minds however for enhanced coordination and unparalleled situational awareness on the battlefield, though this usually puts much strain on our officers and commanders. Should it be warranted however, we can pool our collective consciouses into a High Templar such as myself to act something like that a hive mind. Though it puts even greater strain on the templar, and it can be only done be short periods out of safety concerns. Khaydarin crystals also enable the use of of our highly advanced warp technology, where we can create rifts in space-time to warp in buildings and defense structures from our manufacturing centers to the battlefield in the matter of hours, where certain buildings that are warped in can form a long term warp gate where reinforcements can arrive near instantaneously on the field of the battle. Should an even more rapid response is needed; we have our Arbiters frigates that can instantaneously bring entire armies or fleets by opening up a rift in the fabric of space-time. Troops entering the warp rift are recalled to the Arbiter that formed the field. Our teleported troops or ships also benefit from the Arbiter's distortion field, from which a reality-warping field that serves to cloak all friendly units within close proximity. As a gesture of good faith, here is a specially created Khaydarin crystal amulet that is attuned to your mind, should you ever feel threatened or in danger, it will create a short lived energy shield that should protect from most attacks. Now, what of your peoples?" Shen'el Khal explained, as he presented the leaders with a plain gold colored amulets with a large crystal studded in the center.

2008-01-27, 10:10 PM
"Tensile strength is important but how is it in terms of weight? Because all current armor is about as heavy as aluminum and any weight increase would decrease the amount we could produce.

2008-01-27, 10:55 PM
"Tensile strength is important but how is it in terms of weight? Because all current armor is about as heavy as aluminum and any weight increase would decrease the amount we could produce.

"Well, if your interested in saving energy during crisis it shouldn't really matter all that much. You could be diverting all energy toward wiping the other ship out even if they take out your shields."

2008-01-27, 11:11 PM
The Great Abyss nodded and took the offered amulet, and responded to the question posed We are the Tau, we are a young race, only a few thousand years old in fact. Our society is based on a caste system, and as you have no doubt noticed, each caste has evolved and developed to fit their role in our society. All the other caste leaders nodded, and the Kroot leader spoke We are Kroot, our society is based on the kindreds, our tribes, which are lead by Shapers, who guide the evolution of their kindreds by having their Kindreds eat the flesh of certain animals or beings, to gain their traits and benefit from their genetics. The Tarellian delegate spoke next We Tarellians are warriors, born and bred, we were mercenaries until we became part of the Tau Empire, since then we have put our considerable talents in war and fighting to use for the Greater Good. He paused as the Vespid buzzed and the Communion Helm it wore translated it to him and he spoke for them The Vepid are insectoid, and much like many insects they developed with a Queen, though individual Vespid are sentient they are all subservient to the Queen, and they require the Communion Helms to speak to other species, though they can understand their languages.

2008-01-28, 12:30 AM
"This "Greater Good" you speak of, what is it?" Shen'el Khal asked with interest.

2008-01-28, 01:13 AM
This time the Great Core responded The Greater Good, or Tau'va, in our language, is our unifying belief, it is the belief in sacrificing of ourself for the greater good of all, individual achievements are secondary to the Tau'va, and the betterment of the Tau'va is a betterment of our society as a whole, and the individual as a result, and thus it works to better all.

2008-01-28, 01:53 AM
"Most interesting, our society is also divided in castes, The Khalai (artisans and inventors), The Templar, (warriors and explorers) and The Judicator (administrators and leaders), where our philosophy, the Khala resoles around that emphasizes inner peace and communal brotherhood and that all the Protoss castes are different but equal and working towards the same goal. Very similar in vein to how your society is structured." Shen'el Khal repiled.

"And what is of your technology? If you care to please explain." Helth asked in a abrasive tone.

2008-01-28, 02:11 AM
The Great Core shrugged Our technology is based around common concepts that are common among many races, including the humans. We perfected our anti-grav technology and work with plasma technology for both our energy and weapons, we also have advanced robotics and often employ drones and other machines to do menial tasks and to serve as crew-less weapons in times of war. We have also developed Ion technology and we are quite knowledgeable of fusion technology, both of which are also used in our warfare, as well as our linear accelerator technology, To travel between stars we travel what is known to the Gue'la, or as you called them "Terrans" or "Humans" as the Warp using lay lines.

2008-01-28, 01:27 PM
The dogfight did all but end as the flak frigates opened up with their barrages of fast flung furious metal into the swarm of fighter-class ships that didn't have he maneuverability to avoid the veritable shower of metal. Wounded razorfiends drifted aimlessly as they died in the void with their vital fluids leaking out to the cold. But that was not the end of them and the leviathan continued to spawn more of those short-ranged fighters even as more pods were thrown towards the enemy vessel. Any competent commander was clearly able to tell that this battle was over, all that was left would be to escape or try to sell the lives of ones troops as dearly as possible but neither of those happened. Razorfiends did not draw back into a defensive screen to shield the larger ship or try to organize themselves for a coherent and deadly strike at their Hiigran counterparts. Damaged nodes targeted the closest ships much like a wounded predator lashing out at prey instead of targeting vessels that were clearly more vulnerable to the sprays of pyro-acid or bio-plasma.

Soon enough the seemingly endless stream of razorfiends slowed and dwindled as if the energy and mass used to make them was being diverted for a different use. Shield organisms were being killed off far quicker then they were being born and ion beams cut jagged wounds into the armored hull of the leviathan. And then it screamed. Not audibly in a way that humans could hear. But for those psychically sensitive or the Unbound who were seperated from their own bodies it was as real as anything. A cacophonous and piercing scream that filled the void and sent out a call, though to do what was unknown. It didn't read as a signal for aid or call for help. Not even as an attack, though those sensitive to it's call could feel their ears bleeding from the strain.

And then the leviathan died...


Above Aestafar

The zoats turned amongst themselves once more at the news that they were going to be allowed to land and colonize, the telepathic whispers being heard again from the excess of mental activity as the zoats turned back towards their ship then paused. One of them swiveled back towards the watching Imperials and then they all shuffled off for the inspections but there was still one last message for the admiral...

Will we be allowed to take our vessel Admiral or will you ferry us down?

However the medical examination did turn up several surprising results. Some of the zoats had genetic abnormalities inherit to their code that was rather unexplained. Not anything like a virus or disease but more like a defect inherited at birth. Another larger surprise was that several Zoats actually appeared to be female and pregnant..

2008-01-29, 04:03 PM
"In that case we'd like a sample in order to run some tests with it."


The four fleets who had been sent out earlier, sent back reply of 2 words
"Nothing Noteworthy." before going to explore other nearby stars.

2008-01-30, 12:39 AM
"I see. The Zerg we mentioned earlier are insectoid race that is linked to a hivemind that is composed of various warrior strains. They are entirely organic, and their is the goal is to evolve and consume, they have assimilated dozens of species into their genetic code, and their base units resembles larvae that can rapidly change into various warrior templates with extreme rapidity. In any case, they are extremely virulent and numerous, where to the point where we burned off entire worlds that hinted of Zerg infestation." Shen'el Khal explained.

2008-01-31, 12:13 AM
The Grand Flame nodded once more and spoke Indeed, these "Zerg" must be a potent threat to warrant such a radical reaction to their presence, we should speak more of this and other threats, so we might be better prepared to face these them combined.

2008-01-31, 12:57 AM
"I agree, The Zerg are currently of little real threat to us, despite their prowess, for our fleets and warriors have extreme mobility where we can avoid most engagements if warranted, and they have no way to discern the location of our major worlds. Though, should you encounter them, I would recommend extreme measures as they can rapidly grow out of control if they are not quarantined. Though they would normally be a greater threat, our own former Executor Tassader sacrificed himself heroically to take down the head of their hivemind, the Overmind, a vastly powerful psionic intelligent creature, and now they are disparate disorganized groups. What of the threats that face your people? Perhaps our combined forces can make quick work of them." Shen'el Khal said.

2008-01-31, 09:12 PM
The Grand Flame smiled There are few, if any, current threats to us, and they all lie with the different human factions, and so far diplomacy seems to be working far too effectively to resort to violence when none is needed, any threats to us were either destroyed utterly, or have now become our greatest assets As he said this he nodded to the various other alien species which belong to the Tau Empire.

2008-02-01, 10:12 PM
"I see, It is unfortunate, but I must take my leave now." Shen'el Khal as he called for his phase prism. "However, to cement our alliance, if you wish, i can warp in a few defensive structures and warp gates, should you ever need reinforcement, we can arrive in a much more timely fashion then our warp drives."

__________________________________________________ ______________
Out in deep space, the rest of Shen'el Khal's fleet drifted at a leisurely pace, as
it analyzed results from the numerous observers that were sent out, surveying the local systems.

(Anyone feel free to jump in at this point.)

2008-02-01, 11:47 PM
... meanwhile, in a neutral system...

The Replicant Harvesting entity 'Bhaal' warps in. Technological development of the system is discerned to be below a threatening threshold. While frantic radio messages attempt peaceful communication, the fleet arrays itself around the system.

With discharges of directed artificial gravity visible as massive warping of the background stars, the cone-shaped vessels fire, charge, then fire again. The radio messages increase briefly, several chemical rockets are launched from the life-covered planet and easily defeated. Then, silence.

Slowly, with an awe-inspiring magesty, the inhabited planet breaks up, pulling itself apart into a cloud of asteroids. The unnoccupied stars follow shortly. Silently, with a deliberate grace, the Fleet Ship flows inwards, as the spheres and diamonds begin to sling chunks of matter into its path. The cone ships continue to break up the planets into asteroid clouds.

Gradually, the Bhaal main vessel moves inward, Growing in size as it incorporates the extra matter. After the system is nothing but a barren star and replicator vessels, they rejoin the main vessel. In a surge of gravitation, a black hole is generated just out of danger range of the star.

The star accelerates up to .993 C, then, in a surge of energy, is boosted into low warp towards the target system.

A new factory system has been designated.

ooc : just posting this so anyone interested in a conflict 'plot hook' with the replicators can take this up as one :) if you noticed, we just genocided some poor homs. So if you wanted to have rp-action, you could have a stealthed scout or such... keep in mind that any noticeable scout would have been noticed, and this would have progressed much differently... we know how to appear friendly to enemies big enough to threaten us... >:)

on a side issue, the factory system designated is within our planned 'umbrella of systems', and would have been scouted intensively. its uninhabited, and there were never any scout contacts there between our vessels and any others, so we could have an accidental meeting easily enough.

2008-02-02, 05:02 PM
The allied fleet dropped from warp and instantly a great flash of glowing sparks blind all on the bridge of the Royal Sovereign, the sort of sparks Bruschanian shields shot off when hit with kinetic energy. The entire ship shook from the force of the impacts and, when the movement subsided, the King spotted the Urheiman fleet, in size well in excess of his own squadron, their main guns blazing off in the distance by the Jutland moon.


William roared as a second Urheiman shell struck the Royal Sovereign amidships.

"They appear to have been expecting us, sir,"

Replied an unusually calm operator, his nimble fingers dancing over a keyboard as he sent orders down to the turrets to return fire. The main coilgun turrets of the Bruschanian dreadnoughts turned and reply with great accuracy, enormous slugs of metal flying through the void at extreme speeds. The flagship's first salvo struck an enemy dreadnought seven times on the conning tower, sending it careening down towards Jutland, pulled in by the moon's gravity. William studied the situation and cursed beneath his breath, the Urheiman starfleet had deployed in a wall of battle of its own, and theirs was longer than the Allied fleet. They could not cross the T and enfilade the Urheiman line. Then an idea struck William, and he quickly opened a comm. link with Sanguinus' own flagship.

"Lord Sanguinus. Move your largest and strongest battleships and barges to the front of our line. All ships, when this is done, turn towards the enemy line and follow the Imperium battleships. Nevermind the manuevres, just go straight at 'em

"But sir, that'll open us wide up to a crossing of our own T!

Protested a lieutanant, the King silenced him with a stern glare. The protester did not realise that the Imperium ships had the prow-mounted Nova Cannons. Using that and the armoured prow of the Imperium ships to their advantage, the Allied fleet would charge right in through the Urheiman fire, with the element of surprise, and smash their line apart. As the Allied line continued to move forward after they penatrated the enemy wall of battle, they could use close-range, raking fire to put the rest of the fleet out of commission. If only they could get the Imperium battleships to the front in time...

2008-02-08, 07:55 PM
is this like dead or what

2008-02-09, 12:00 PM
I think everyone's just waiting on some people.

2008-02-10, 12:14 AM

I've had some school issues to deal with, and i'm waiting for Whiteknight. Tau and Bruschania can RP if you want Asmodeus?

2008-02-10, 10:31 PM
OCC: Asmodeus, I'm still waiting for your reply.

2008-02-11, 07:12 PM

I've had some school issues to deal with, and i'm waiting for Whiteknight. Tau and Bruschania can RP if you want Asmodeus?

I do believe he already has, I think we were both waiting on you

2008-02-11, 07:13 PM
OCC: Asmodeus, I'm still waiting for your reply.

OOC: I thought you flew away... I didn't really have anything to add after you left, or were we still communicating (like via vox/radio/w/e)

2008-02-11, 10:38 PM
OOC: I thought you flew away... I didn't really have anything to add after you left, or were we still communicating (like via vox/radio/w/e)

OCC: So its ok for me set up a warp gate in the system then?

2008-02-12, 09:05 AM
Sanguinius nodded in reponse, a sudden smile on his face as he relayed the orders to the Imperium part of the allied fleet. The engines burned bright in the void as flickering fire fell accross his pale, handsome face, through the ultrahard crystal dome the flaring lights as enemy weaponry expended itself on the void shields. The fleet surged forward, closing quickly as the massive, baroque Imperium ships opened fire, the prow-mounted nova cannons roaring with silent fury as the massive solid-state projectiles screamed forward through the aether, tearing through enemy formations with contemptous ease, unstoppable monstrosities that smashes ships and left only clouds of floating debris in their wake. Sanguinius himself strode to the bay where his troops were assembled. No longer in proud parade formation, the deck was a frenzy of activity. Already thunderhawks were streaming out to soften up the enemy targets, and more were being loaded with their complements of marines, those who weren't equipped for teleportation. Sanguinius joined his own retinue, his artificer armor gleaming and blood red, a grim herald of the carnage to come. He wore no helmet, a show of his contempt for their foes.

Suddenly, his navigator came over the comm system, announcing that they were in teleport range, and the shields would be down shortly. Sanguinius smiled, and his men made last-minute adjustments, assuming formation. He felt the warm glow of the teleport field surrounding him, his heart swelling with the knowledge that he and his fellow Primarchs would soon aid their allies in purging this world of its degenerate inhabitants. It was a glorious day for the Imperium.

2008-02-12, 03:41 PM
OCC: So its ok for me set up a warp gate in the system then?

OOC: indeed it is, indeed it is.

2008-02-12, 09:44 PM
"Thank you, the warp portals should bring the warp gates and automated defense structures in a few hours." Shen'el Khal replied, as the holo of the Tau dispersed instantly. Thus his instructions were carried out, as a phase phrism deposited several probe droids across a nearby rocky airless moon, warp gates being formed, as the warp in space time continued to grow slowly larger as time went by, as the fleet soon collected its probes and headed into the warp drive, rejoining the body of the fleet.

2008-02-23, 12:41 AM
"Follow the Imperium battleships. All turrets fire at will,"

The King ordered. His enormous line of Bruschanian battleships turned through the void, falling in behind the Imperium warships as the solid-state projectiles of the Nova Cannons smashed through the hulls of the Urheiman. The massive coilguns of the Bruschanian battleships flared into actions, the gunners firing with speed and precision. The enormous slugs of steel smashed through the hulls of the Urheiman ships, while the the enemy's own shells exploded in cascades of sparks against the Bruschanian shiels. That was the greatest military advantage Bruschania had developed over Urheim, energy shielding, whilst the Urheiman Near-Humans relied solely on heavy armour.

"Sir, the Imperium battle barge has broken their wall!"

Reported an excitable bridge operator as the entire bridge crew watched with amazement as the Near-Human wall of battle was broken before them. Raking fire from both the Imperium weapons batteries and the Bruschanian turrets began to tear apart the enemy battleships

"All ships, ahead full,"

The King ordered. The huge line began passing through their enemy's walls. The T had been Crossed on both halves of the Urheiman fleet. Ship after ship was smashed apart, or left adrift, dead in the void. The guns of the Allied fleet just kept spitting death upon them. William smiled as he stood up from his chair and looked around in the view ports, as far as he could see there were nothing but the hulks of Urheiman ships. Now it was time for the second stage. He opened a channel with Sanguinus' ship

Lord Sanguinus, this is King William. Board any remaining Near-Human ships you can find, and move on their space platforms. We will begin the ground assault on the Jutland base itself

He closed the link and then walked back and sat down upon his chair again. The enormous Bruschanian fleet, ion engines flaring, moved closer to the Jutland moon, their cavernous holds full of Redcoats, eager to finally come to grips with their un-godly foe.

2008-02-26, 04:40 PM

"Well then now that we agree on military aid, trade, & a name. Is there anything else you want to discuss?"


Meanwhile Inside The Massive Computer Networks

"The researchers have analyzed the alien ships & they have a lot of prototypes & modifications that they want to make. Personally I think replacing our tank cannons with missile launchers would be very effective." Said the Research Administrator.

"Ooh, these plans are genius, even for us." Replied Commander.

"Thank you sir. When can I start implementing them?"

"As soon as this conversations over."

2008-02-26, 07:32 PM

I do not have anything else to discuss. It seems all that is left to do is put our plans into action.

2008-02-28, 02:37 PM

"And how do you suggest we do that?"

2008-02-29, 04:02 PM
(lawl what I meant by that was that I was ready to leave the discussion table since we said all we needed to say)

2008-03-01, 12:34 AM
Ok then I'm ready for that.