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Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-14, 02:26 AM
The mists of a cool morning in early spring burn away as the bright southern sun rises over the towers and minarets of East Bridgeport. Every day is Market Day in this thriving city, and a myriad of sights, sounds, and smells delight the senses. The smells of fresh bread and today's catch of fish mingle pleasantly. Merchants in booths sell olive oil, wine, cloth, and spices, while farmers sell produce out of their carts while their oxen stand patiently, chewing their cud. A young halfling goes from door to door, struggling with his wheelbarrow piled high with squares of peat, but smiling as coins from each door clink into his purse. At one corner, a street vendor shaves the first savory slices of meat from a kebab for a group of dwarven lumberjacks who are too hungry to pay any mind to the playful catcalls from a pair of gnome sailors. A few tall soldiers patrol the streets, watchful but still relaxed, as there is rarely trouble in this part of town. Always, there is the cry of the gulls and, if one listens carefully, the soft sound of the waves in the harbor.
The cobblestone streets are busy, as is the huge bridge that spans the Timber River over to West Bridgeport, the less affluent but older side of town known especially for the rich culture of the many halflings who have lived there for centuries. A few young boys fish from the bank next to the small piers where shirtless laborers hustle dwarven goods off of river barges. Curiously, a motley group of five adults (you) are standing on the riverbank beneath the overhang of the great bridge, somewhat awkwardly making small talk or absent-mindedly skipping stones, as if they are waiting for something.

The five of you, through various sources, have heard that if you want to join something called "The Adventurer's Guild" you are to wait at this spot at this time.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-14, 07:56 PM
OOC:Note about speech: My character often links multiple word together. AS he is a half-orc, raised by dwarves, trying to sepak like humans, he can be hard to understand sometimes.

'm tired of waitin', isn'someone supposed'ta be hereby now?

2008-01-14, 10:29 PM
Finde leaned casually against the cold cobblestone, twirling a piece of grass in between his fingers. His eyes were closed, his mouth curled upwards in a twinge of a smile.

A man screamed and toppled over the edge of the bridge, landing in the water below with a splash. Finde chuckled lightly as alligators swam closer, ready to feast on their unsuspecting prey. Just as they opened their gigantic maws, ready to strike, Finde's trance was interrupted by the foulest sound possible.

A half-orc spoke, sounding impatient. Finde's left eye opened, noticing that there were others standing around. He closed the eye again, chuckled again, and then straightened his full yet short 5'3 frame.

"You really should learn to be more patient," Finde began. Since the half-orc wasn't a human, however, Finde knew he was competent. "All I got was a notice to meet here, didn't say anything else." Finde arched backwards and leaned on the stone again, waiting.

The human falling over the bridge and the alligators are both part of Finde's daydream, nothing else. They don't actually exist.

2008-01-15, 05:35 PM
Ulysses stands upright on the shore, transfixed by his very first view of the sea. He finds himself at a loss for words to describe the roiling blue expanse. A lucky thing I only aspired to be a knight and not a poet, he tells himself.

His attention is drawn away as two of the other prospective guild members speak up. He eyes them both in turn, and then says to the half-orc, "I have to agree with the elf. As much as I'm a man of action, patience is the key to discipline. I would have thought that the order of St. Cuthbert would have taught something about discipline."

Shades of Gray
2008-01-15, 09:21 PM
Yes, you s'pect correctly, however I s'pect someone to be on time if they say they're gonna be on time. At the church they taught us never to go back'n a deal. Never to lie. Das what dey teach.

s'pose 'n itroduction'sn order. 'm Durx Ironbeard. I know that name sounds weird fur someone like me, but I've lived in dat clan for s'long'si remember.

2008-01-15, 10:03 PM
Ulysses doesn't bow, but gives Durx a respectful nod -- he's leary of half-orcs, but any man of the cloth is due that much.

"Well met, Durx. I'm Ulysses Valeris. I hail from the northwestern fiefs. The Duchy of Colos, to be more specific."

2008-01-16, 11:58 AM
Finde chuckled softly, turning to face the voice which had agreed with him. As his eyes landed on the knight, however, his jaw clenched.

Human. In fact, there were other humans around.

Finde's calm and lax position became rigid. He suddenly wasn't comfortable lounging. Standing upright, Finde turned to face the knight.

"And what would a knight know of discipline?" Finde asked, not caring about the stupid question he just asked. It was the way he asked it that justified the question. Finde crossed his arms, scowling.

"After all, all a knight does is save damsels in distress, right?"

Hmm... if I'm going to be adventuring with humans, I'm going to have figure out how to make it work, Finde thought. However, I don't have to make the experience especially pleasant, he finished, smiling widely.

2008-01-16, 12:23 PM
Ulysses stares at the elf in puzzlement. What is he talking about? Is he mad...?

"Do you have a name, elf?" he asks, trying to keep his tone polite.

I can't imagine Ulysses would have heard any tales about knights rescuing damsels in distress, since he's from the harsh frontier where warriors of any kind are real and unromanticized. So he doesn't have any idea what Finde is referencing. :smallbiggrin:

2008-01-16, 02:55 PM
Finde snorted. The knight was making a pathetic attempt to start a conversation with him. Still, he knew he had to make an effort, at least to create an illusion of a team.

"Name's Finde," he replied. "Don't expect a handshake or anything. I don't like you just yet." The elf looked away. "If you're smart, that could change."

2008-01-16, 11:44 PM
((Althea is a bit shy, but that won't really matter. She'll open up soon enough when this thing starts or kicked into it.))

Althea herself was waiting by the side. She was a bit worried at the moment, most especially since there was an odd hostility coming from the small elf. Still, the holy man's odd way of talking amused the girl, if only because it was so different. She stayed silent though, shying a bit away from the three talking and scratching at the ground with a small stick in her hand.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-17, 03:44 PM
A few minutes pass, then a wizened halfling can be seen gingerly making his way down to the riverbank where the five stand. He is clothed in religious-looking robes and wears a silver medallion that appears to be in the form of a horse rampant on his chest. His eyes sparkle beneath bushy eyebrows as his face wrinkles into a broad smile.

"Ah, excellent! I see the bards have spread the word of our little venture far and wide indeed! I am Father Eldon Highburrow, one of the founding members of the Adventurers' Guild. We'll wait a few moments for any latecomers, then proceed to the guildhall.

2008-01-17, 09:34 PM
Ulysses steps forward and bows to Eldon. "It's an honor to meet you, Father Highburrow. I am Ulysses Valeris. I am here to offer my sword-arm in service to the guild."

2008-01-17, 10:57 PM
Finde snorted at the knight's greeting, but said nothing. He preferred not to introduce himself, simply because he did not intend to. The halfling had his intentions for gathering a group of adventurers, not just 1 or 2, and so Finde was interested in what a religious man wanted to do with them.

"If I'm not being too blunt here," Finde began, clearing his throat, "I could have sworn that the letter mentioned some sort of compensation. Any idea what that could have meant?"

Finde smiled widely, awaiting an answer to his perfectly innocuous question.

2008-01-19, 05:32 AM
Im back :)

Omoris picked himself up off the soft grass. He stares the halfling's horse medallion for a moment, and then calls loudly:


a large, brown dog come bounding out a bush, and stands at Omoris's feet, wagging his tail. Woof

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-19, 05:58 AM
"If I'm not being too blunt here," Finde began, clearing his throat, "I could have sworn that the letter mentioned some sort of compensation. Any idea what that could have meant?"


"A very reasonable question, and I suppose we can discuss the contracts while we're waiting. Adventuring can be a very lucrative business, but like any other business, it can be difficult to establish. The guild provides you with other adventurers who have skills that complement your own, a means of pooling diverse knowledge and training, and a source of information for business opportunities. We provide you with free room and board, so you can focus your attention on adventuring. We will also provide you with ten gold pieces to use for any necessary equipment you may need to begin your ventures, as well as the opportunity to purchase gear at discounted prices, thanks to an agreement the Guild has with local merchants.

In return, the guild asks for a portion of your profits, and your pledge that you will adventure in such ways as to keep the guild's reputation with the people and government of Bridgeport intact."

Shades of Gray
2008-01-19, 08:32 AM
Morn'n Father Eldon, May St. Cuthbert protect

2008-01-19, 04:31 PM
Is there any way we would get the proper support if we are hurt or something? As well, how far from Bridgeport would these 'adventures' end up taking us?" Althea stood, looking at Father Eldon looking interested. It seemed to be great, but there were a few things that needed to be cleared up.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-19, 08:49 PM
Knowledge religion to determine Eldon's religion.


Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-20, 05:25 AM
Is there any way we would get the proper support if we are hurt or something? As well, how far from Bridgeport would these 'adventures' end up taking us?"

Your adventures may lead you far, beyond the known lands. As far as support, if you are wounded and return to the guildhall, I will do all in my power to aid you. However, if you get involved in something that is too dangerous, I regret to say that we will not guarantee the sending of rescue parties if it is likely that they too may be in great danger.

Knowledge(religion) check failed - although you could always ask.

2008-01-20, 08:36 AM
Hmm...so technically we will be the tools of a higher political power?

Shades of Gray
2008-01-20, 09:48 AM
S'Eldon, who or what is that the symbol of? Don't think I learned about that at the church, or maybe I fell 'sleep, I wasn't too interested in the lectures on for'n deities.

Says Durx, pointing to his holy symbol.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-20, 11:51 AM
Hmm...so technically we will be the tools of a higher political power?

"On the contrary, you can choose to do or not do any adventure as you please, provided you are actively seeking profit - not just abusing our free room and board - and provided you use whatever discretion is necessary such that the Adventurers' Guild does not run into trouble with local authorities - surely you would not begrudge us a little self-preservation in the name of complete political objectivity?"

(Turning to Durx)
"As to your question, I am a cleric of Ehlonna. Most people of Bridgeport worship Pelor, Yondalla, or Garl Glittergold, and many of the sailors and fishermen follow Obad-Hai, but Ehlonna bestows her blessings upon those love the woodlands. Perhaps because there is little forest left immediately near Bridgeport, our number of worshippers is small, and mostly consists of older humans and halflings. I am actually the only halfling cleric of Ehlonna in the Fair City of Bridgeport.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-20, 12:50 PM
Ahh, not much f'rests 'round the mount'ns I grew up either, thats probably why I 'aven't 'erd 'ov 'er. Not that m'ny clerics of St. Cuthbert up there as you think, most revere Moradin as their chief deity. They even worship Heirorenous more up there.

2008-01-20, 07:52 PM
Taking everything in, Finde was slightly impressed. He had no belief in religion or gods, but watching the halfling and the half-orc talk about it, he could tell their intensity and commitment.

There was one thing still nagging at the back of his head, though. What exactly were they about to do?

"So, what exactly is it that we're going to be doing first?" Finde asked.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-20, 08:07 PM
@Height: I'm a Half-Orc, not a human.

Will the missions be legal? No breaking and Entering and Whatnot?

Durx takes an apple from his pack and takes a bite.

2008-01-20, 08:31 PM
Ulysses frowns at all these seemingly unnecessary questions about money and healing, sure that all such concerns could be addressed when the need arose. He doesn't voice these thoughts, but instead asks, "For what -- or whom -- are we waiting, exactly, Father Highburrow?"

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-21, 02:39 AM

"As to what you'll be doing first, that's completely up to you. Your adventures don't necessarily need to follow all laws, not even in Bridgeport, as long as the guild doesn't get a troop of soldiers knocking on our door.

I suppose we've waited long enough to see if anyone else is going to show up here, as we asked the bards to advertise. You may follow me to the guildhall now."

Eldon quickly minces up the riverbank and back to the cobblestone streets, where he begins to walk briskly.

2008-01-21, 01:47 PM
If It means the will of Obad-hai be done, so be it. ONWARDS!
Says Omoris, following the halfling

2008-01-21, 07:41 PM
Without saying much else, Althea begins to follow the halfling up and to the Guildhall. She had seen the building earlier that day, when she first learned about the Guild, but now she would be returning as a member. It was an oddly enjoyable feeling to be accepted into a group again.

2008-01-21, 11:12 PM
Ulysses follows Eldon as well, swallowing any concerns he might have about the mention of potentially unlawful activities, remembering that Eldon also indicated the guild could never obligate him to act outside his conscience.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-22, 12:03 PM
(OOC: assuming everyone is following)

Your motley group of five follow the halfling through cobblestone streets in a part of town that looks as though it has seen better days. It's no slum by any means - there are many two-story homes with shops on the ground level and well-tended flowerboxes above - but the old buildings suggest an elegance that is past. The paint is not as bright as it once was, the streets not as clean, the citizens' common clothing inconsistent with the grandeur of some of the largest homes.

"Ah, here we are!" Eldon stops at an iron gate and opens it. A flagstone path of about a hundred feet cuts through an overgrown garden of bushes and small trees to the entry of a large house, which looks as though it could have once belonged to a very wealthy family, but where fine roof tiles and intricately carved shutters are missing, they have been replaced by mismatching cheap substitutes. Eldon opens the double doors. "Please, come in."

You step into a foyer that stretches across the front of the house. There is a stairway going up on each end, and to your front you are separated from another room by strings of glass beads hanging from a wide double doorway. From the other doorway in the foyer, next to the staircase on the right, comes a large, well-muscled man, followed by a frowning, middle-aged gnome with spectacles pushed down on his nose. A stout human woman and a wide-eyed boy who looks to be about nine stand on the stairs to the right.

"Well met, well met!" booms the man jovially. He has lost most of his hair, and his right eye socket is scarred shut. He is wearing riding boots and breeches with a loose, embroidered shirt, and has a short sword on his belt. "Welcome to the Adventurers' Guildhall. I am the so-called 'guildmaster,' but please call me Bruce. Eldon and I founded this guild along with Lankin here, who knows a good business opportunity when he sees one! Lankin is our quartermaster - he has made agreements with several merchants in town to give us discount prices, provided you adventurers go through him for all your equipment needs." Lankin nods in agreement. The woman on the steps coughs. "Oh, and of course," says Bruce, "this is my wife Elga and our son Brelgan. The three of us live upstairs on this side of the house, so I'd appreciate it if you will respect our privacy. You are of course welcome to use the Library behind me. Now, let me show you where you'll be staying."

Up the stairs on the left side of the house is a large room, the ceiling slanted to the pitch of the roof, with narrow windows. The room is jammed full of bunkbeds and wooden chests. A few of the beds have bedrolls on them with the closest chests closed and locked. Under each bunkbed is a battered tin chamberpot. A curtain is pulled across the end of the room closest to the street, hiding a few of the bunkbeds from view. On the opposite wall is a fireplace, presumably sharing a chimney with the fireplace in the common room below. A smallish man who looks to be in his thirties is snoring on the bottom bunk closest to the unlit fireplace, a heavy crossbow next to his chamberpot. "This is where you'll be staying, unless you have a home in Bridgeport and you'd rather stay there, as Eldon and Lankin do," says Bruce in hushed tones. "We have a few other Adventurers who live here, but they're out at the moment. Bil here is our night guard. Dependable as a rock, but not very sociable. I suppose the job suits him well." He leads you back down to the foyer.

Bruce then pushes through the strings of beads opposite the main entrance and leads you into the largest room in the house. There is a fireplace at the far end, a bar to the left with barstools, and behind the bar is a large dumbwaiter and a door to the back of the property. A few pathetic-looking hunting trophies and unimpressive weapons are mounted high on the walls. A comely young woman with dark hair and well-toned arms, wearing a simple undyed woolen dress, is taking chairs down from atop the several tables in the room. "This is our Common Room," says Bruce. The kitchen and storage rooms are below us, but the stairs down to them are just outside. Ana is here during the days and evenings, but she lives with her brother and his wife just a block away. She does not speak, but she listens well, and that's a good quality in a barmaid in my book!" Ana smiles prettily, then Bruce leads you outside, quietly muttering, "A good quality in any woman, for that matter..." Ana raises an eyebrow as evidence that she has a keen ear indeed.

In the back yard there is a stone patio, and cellar doors that are unlocked and open, revealing brown-stained stone steps leading under the house. Stacks of firewood, a well, and a small stable are closeby. The iron fence that runs around the property has a small gate in the back that opens to an alley, with a large stone jar sitting outside the gate. A cart drawn by a mule stops at the gate, and a miserable-looking teenage boy hops from the back. He swaps the jar with an identical one from the cart and climbs back in. The driver of the cart is an older man smoking a pipe. Bruce cries, "Hallo, Merrill!" The man turns to face you and bows his head, removes his soft leather cap and waves it with a flourish, as if he were a courtier saluting his king. He then gives a shake to the reins and the mule plods forward to the next house.

As you turn back to face Bruce, Lankin comes up the steps with padlocks and keys and begins to silently hand one to each of you. The padlocks match those that were on some of the chests in the Bunkroom upstairs.

"Merrill is a fellow guildmaster, believe it or not," says Bruce. He got fed up with some of the Council's decisions a few months ago, and stopped dung collection throughout Bridgeport until he got his own guild! My, that was a smelly three weeks! I know it sounds ridiculous, but the Doge, the Marshal, and many of the priests supported him, what with the way some of the guilds have been behaving. Turned out well for us, because you can thank Merill for our own guild status - his was the deciding vote! I don't need to tell you that the idea of an Adventurer's Guild was not a popular one, but you know what they say: Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity. And politicians desperate for a shift in the balance of power created the perfect opportunity for me to spend my pension on this little venture. Oh, that boy on the cart is Quinn - I'm afraid he's a bit of a delinquent, but Merill's keeping an eye on him."

"Well, like I said, down those steps are the kitchen and stores, and that's about it. I'm going to go help Eldon finish drawing up your contracts. In case the bards didn't mention it - they usually gloss over details like this - we'll provide your room and board, ammunition and a few other supplies, stabling for your animals, and a steady supply of ale! In return we ask that you not do anything to give the guild a bad reputation - we've enough enemies as it is - and we'll need fifty percent of your profits until we recover our start-up costs, at which time we can renegotiate your contracts. Oh, and Father Eldon will provide his services free of charge whenever he's at the guildhall, which is most days. Take some time to explore, get settled in if you'll be staying with us, and ask anyone any questions you have. Ana has some eggs and salted pork - and ale if you want it this early - waiting for you in the Common Room."

2008-01-23, 03:08 PM
Omoris looks at the common room's wooden feature with disdain, and mumbles quietly to himself

By Obad-Hai! what a waste of good ceder..

He suddenly perks up, and says

Guildmaster Bruce, Sentinel, my trusted companion, dorms with me if that is satisfactory with you.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-24, 10:54 AM
"Oh, Sentinel is his name, eh? Very good. Of course it's fine by me, and Ana and Brelgan love animals. Elga on the other hand... well, I'll tell her you'll take responsibility for anything the doc does. You may want pick up an old horse blanket for the beast when you go down to get your other suppplies. Excuse me, I'll be right back."

(a few minutes later)

Bruce (entering the common room)
"Your contracts are prepared, bold adventurers, and if you will all make your way into the library Eldon will help you sign them, then he will enter your names in the Roll at the Council Chambers when they open in an hour. So please, finish your food and drink, but it would be helpful if Eldon could be on his way before the Chambers get too busy, or the good Father will be there all day. Oh, and once you sign you may take your insignia, and also Lankin has some small welcome gifts for you down in the stores."

(Should you go into the library, this is what you will see.)

The library is decorated in an odd assortment of styles. A map, which appears to be fairly new, adorns one wall, with a worn spot over the city of Bridgeport. A few shelves have books and scrolls on them, but most are empty. The table appears to have been fashioned from a large wooden door, and there are two rough-hewn benches about six feet long, one on either side of the table. On the table are pen, ink, and sheets of parchment (the contracts). Also on the table are several small silver brooches, in the form of three intersecting lines: a winding road, or perhaps a river, overlaid with a crossed sword and a staff. A narrow window opening onto the back yard allows some light into the room, but there is also a candelabra on the table and a torch in a bracket on the wall.

(If you are literate in Common, this is what the Contracts say - Eldon will read it accurately to you if you request it.)

Let it be known that the signer of this contract is a full member of the Adventurer's Guild of the Fair City of Bridgeport, having agreed to the following expectations and benefits:

Expectations: Member is expected to spend most of his or her days actively seeking opportunities for experience, glory, and profit. Member will contribute his or her talents to support other members and the Guild as a whole in pursuance of the same. Member will exercise reasonable discretion in these activities, especially when conducted within the city and surrounding area of Bridgeport. Member will endeavor at all times to prevent the Guild from dishonor or excessive financial loss. Member will contribute 50% of monies earned through any activity to the care of the guild treasurer, until such time that the value of 1000 gp have been contributed. Thenceforth, member need only contribute a tithe of 10%. Should a member experience material gain in a form other than coinage, a reasonable contribution to the guild is expected.
Failure to follow these expectations may result in temporary or permanent forfeiture of your benefits, and a guild officer may ultimately request the Council of Guilds expel you from the Roll of Members.

Benefits: Member shall enjoy free room, board, stabling, and drink at the Adventurers' Guildhall. This privilege shall not be extended to family or guests without the approval of a guild officer. Members are free to go where they please and do as they please, provided activities meet the above expectations. The member shall enjoy the physical sanctuary of the guildhall and representation by the Guildmaster in the Council of Guilds. Requests for loans or grants of monies or equipment, when necessary for a highly profitable adventure or in situations of dire need, may be granted by a majority of guild officers. Should a member be wounded or fall ill while conducting legitimate guild activities and return to the guildhall alive, his healing shall be provided for with guild resources. After ten years of active adventuring, member shall enjoy guild benefits for life, as long as his or her conduct remains good (as determined by a majority of guild officers), whether or not he or she continues to seek adventure.

The new member shall proudly wear the insignia of Adventurers, and a guild officer shall enter the new member's name into the Roll of Members of the Council of Guilds at the first possible opportunity. This contract shall not expire until such time as the new member should resign his membership, or such time as the Council of Guilds decides his membership must be revoked, in accordance with the laws of Bridgeport.

______________, New Member
Bruce Wrightson, Guildmaster
Eldon Highburrow, 2nd Adventurer
Lankin Copperbags, Guild Treasurer

(If you go down to the kitchen and stores, this is what you see.)

It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim light in the cool basement of the guildhall. There are two fireplaces, sharing their chimneys with those of the rooms above. There are three spits for roasting meat, cauldrons on hooks that can swivel in and out of the fireplace, and various other cooking accoutrements. A block of kitchen knives, a mortar and pestle, and a small supply of herbs and raw vegetables sit on one side of a table identical to the one in the library. Wooden buckets, sealed with pitch, are in one corner, along with some cleaning supplies. A calico cat, not fully grown but missing part of one ear, yowls at you and skitters behind some wooden pallets, on which are stacked sacks of grain or flour. Some casks and bottles are stored next to the dumbwaiter which may convey them to the bar above.
Walls made of large bricks separate the half of the room that is furthest from the door (and closest to the main street) into three smaller rooms. Two of the rooms have no doors, and you can see they are each lit with dim, slow-burning torches. You can see smoked and salted meats hanging in one room, while the other is crowded with various adventuring equipment. The third room has a sturdy door, locked with two large padlocks.
Lankin sits on a stool outside the equipment room. He hands you a sack with five days' trail rations, five torches, and a standard bundle of ammunition for your ranged weapon (slings and bullets are available for those without a ranged weapon). He then solemnly counts out ten gp worth of coins to any character who answers that he or she lacks this amount (any combination of gold, silver, and copper that you want), explaining that it should be used as your expense account for guild purposes.

2008-01-24, 08:15 PM
Ulysses can think of no reason to delay, and so steps into the library to read over the contract.

Hmm... experience... glory... profit.

Profit is immaterial to Ulysses, but experience, and glory... those are valuable. Gripping a quill, he sets it decisively to paper. He had always imagined himself pledging his fealty and his sword in a throne room on bended knee, rather than standing silently surrounded by books.

Let it be said that Ulysses Valeris never shrank from service... that he acted with the honor and nobility that befit his father's son.

With swift but precise movements, he signs "Ulysses Valeris of Caulbrook" on the line.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-25, 05:22 PM
Durx signs "Durx of Clan Ironbeard"

Durx walks to the counter and takes a plate of salted pork.

I missed Breakfast to get here on time.

2008-01-25, 06:26 PM
The library was ornate, and the girl went to the parchment on the table first. Some of the others signed it quickly, but she wasn't as quick a reader. Althea read over the contract slowly, making out the words carefully before picking up the pen and scratching out her name on the line. It was messy and barely legible, but her own at the least. She grinned, perhaps a bit too happy with the simple signature. Still, the idea of the Guild had almost swept her up as they went round her new home.

It was surprisingly large, and far better then the girl had dared hope. Her new companions were not undesirable either. The elf seemed a bit hostile though, but that was a small matter. The knight seemed dependable, as well as the tall man. The man with the dog seemed to be nice as well, and he gave off a vibe as being a shaman or a nature man. Althea didn't run into many of them, but she met one or two when she had traveled to Bridgeport. Bandits were already to attack anyone with a blade such as hers, but the almost feral beast that served a nature man unquestionably helped as well.

She took her insignia, frowning a little at the strange badge. She didn't really have a place to wear it, but that was a problem fixable later. She shifted her pack, and the sword as well. She felt oddly lost though. She turned to the knight, smiling a bit sheepishly at him. She actually had to look down at him slightly, something Althea wasn't that used to. Still, a quick glance also confirmed that only the tall man was actually bigger then her. It was a little disconcerting at least. She looked at the holy man who first brought them there again, trying to hide a slight embarrassment from being noticed.

"When are we going to start? Soon? Or are we going to wait for a bit?"

2008-01-26, 01:06 AM
Searching for a place to put his own insignia, Ulysses finally settles on pinning it in prominent view directly to the belt strap that crosses his chest at an angle and holds his sword on his back. Then he too turns to Eldon.

"I'd personally like to get started as soon as possible. Anyone who's ready is welcome to join me in finding employ befitting us as new members of the guild." He pauses for a moment, thoughtfully. "I'm not very familiar with the area though. Our contract states we should seek adventuring opportunities that will bring glory and prosperity to the guild, but I don't really know where to start." He looks around the room at the odd assortment of other guildmembers present. A towering half-orc holy man, a grizzled woodsman, a tall girl in furs with strange straw-colored hair, and an elf with even stranger hair. None of them had the look of locals, to say the least.

He turns back to Eldon. "Perhaps you could advise us on where to start our search?" Then Ulysses remembers something Bruce said. "Or... wasn't there another gentleman we were supposed to meet with first? A quartermaster?"

2008-01-26, 01:53 AM
Finde signed the contract, then took his insignia.

He turned to face his companions, then revealed a half-smile, somewhat pleased to be part of a group. He would have to work on his hatred for the humans in the group later, but the half-orc helped ease things a little. The human that spoke had a valid question, so Finde remained quiet, waiting for an answer.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-26, 09:30 AM
Bruce shows the newcomers down the stairs just outside the back door of the house to the basement, where Lankin is waiting for them. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dim light in the cool basement of the guildhall. There are two fireplaces, sharing their chimneys with those of the rooms above. There are three spits for roasting meat, cauldrons on hooks that can swivel in and out of the fireplace, and various other cooking accoutrements. A block of kitchen knives, a mortar and pestle, and a small supply of herbs and raw vegetables sit on one side of a table identical to the one in the library. Wooden buckets, sealed with pitch, are in one corner, along with some cleaning supplies. A calico cat, not fully grown but missing part of one ear, yowls at you and skitters behind some wooden pallets, on which are stacked sacks of grain or flour. Some casks and bottles are stored next to the dumbwaiter which may convey them to the bar above.
Walls made of large bricks separate the half of the room that is furthest from the door (and closest to the main street) into three smaller rooms. Two of the rooms have no doors, and you can see they are each lit with dim, slow-burning torches. You can see smoked and salted meats hanging in one room, while the other is crowded with various adventuring equipment. The third room has a sturdy door, locked with two large padlocks.
Lankin sits on a stool outside the equipment room. He hands you a sack with five days' trail rations, five torches, and a standard bundle of ammunition for your ranged weapon (slings and bullets are available for those without a ranged weapon). He then solemnly counts out ten gp worth of coins to any character who answers that he or she lacks this amount (any combination of gold, silver, and copper that you want), explaining that it should be used as your expense account for guild purposes.

2008-01-26, 02:06 PM
After signing the contract with a flourish (Using a quill from his hat), Omoris followed Bruce to the basement, uttering to Sentinel to "Stay!" at the top of the stairs (For the cat's safety).

Thank you for the money. I would wish to travel light, so I Will be taking only two torches from you, and no ammunition

*Turns to Bruce*

May I leave this staff here? I find it to be an unessercary burden.

Now I have more than enough food, Would anyone like any bread before I feed it to the birds?

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-26, 02:54 PM
(in the basement with Omoris)
Bruce nods, and Lankin takes the staff and places it in the equipment room.


Back in the Common Room, Bil and Ana are moving furniture - pushing the tables and chairs up against the walls. With them are five men and one woman, all of short stature, fine-boned, with olive to brown complexions. The woman is exotically beautiful, her nose, cheekbones, and jaw prominent yet still delicate. She wears a modest, loose-fitting orange dress, and a large assortment of inexpensive jewelry, bangles, and bells. Her waist-length braid of black hair has fresh spring flowers woven into it. Ana sweeps the floor fastidiously, and the men, wearing simple tunics and breeches, unpack instruments from leather bags and seat themselves on the floor in front of the fireplace. The woman removes her shoes and places zills on her fingers, which are already decorated with copper and silver rings. The musicians began to play a few melodies and beats, stopping from time to time to adjust their instruments, while the woman stretches and swings her arms and legs, as if warming up for a footrace, occasionally chattering the zills together.

Bil explains, in his shy manner of speech:

"I told them to come today. They're staying down at the docks, but I thought it would be nice to welcome you here - celebrating the guild having reached our expected number of members..." He blushes a little, and adds, "Bruce gave me a guild badge too, even though I won't be doing any adventuring," and smiles. "Anyway, Father Eldon wanted to remind those of you who are not from Bridgeport that after they perform, don't throw any coins. All the people from outside of town do that, but in Bridgeport it's the proprietor's duty to pay, and Bruce is giving them a nice little sum - not that Lankin or Elga are happy about that!" Bil chuckles.

2008-01-26, 06:23 PM
Althea collected the new pack and coins from Lankin, feeling the cool metal in her hand. They were fairly shiny, and had a soft, heavy weight to them. The pack itself was of a tough, but somewhat coarse material, with room to spare within the confines. She smiled at the nature man for a moment, amused at his notion.

"I'm fine, thanks for offering. I think I'm going to go up to the rooms for a minute or two. I wish to just put some stuff into my room. This sword gets kind of heavy after a while."

Feel free to follow Althea up to the rooms, or go with her or something. If not, she'll be going down to the guild common room later.))

2008-01-26, 10:09 PM
Ulysses accepts the coins with grateful thanks, and gives a bemused shake of his head to the offer for bread.

Wanting to get to started searching for employ appropriate to his new contract, but noticing that others seem to want to settle in first, Ulysses purses his lips and martials patients. He tromps his way back up to the common room in the hopes that his fellow guildmembers will eventually wander back from their various peregrinations and congregate there.

2008-01-27, 03:07 AM
Finde accepted the coins, pocketed them, and also took the rations and torches offered to him.

He returned to the common room, and took a seat in one of the pushed aside chairs, taking his time with the day. He would wait for the group to decide on something before figuring out what to do.

2008-01-27, 05:21 AM
Suit yourselves. I will not be a second. Come, sentinel

Omoris went outside for a moment, leaving the loaves on the soft, green grass.Almost instantly, several small birds flutterd down, chirping and pecking at the bread. Omoris smiled as Sentinel cautiously eyed the birds, then made his way back to the commonroom, with sentinel close behind him.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-27, 07:34 AM
The musicians stop tuning their instruments and the Common Room goes quiet. One of the musicians gestures for all the adventurers present to take their seats. The young woman demurely walks to the center of the room and assumes a pose, standing very still with one leg to the side and her hands on her hips. Then one of the performers starts a slow, deliberate drum roll, his hands playing a pair of small, asymmetric drums placed between his feet. Suddenly the other musicians join in, and the woman begins to dance and sing. The music and her dance are powerful and quick-tempoed, but even though the language is unknown to any but the six strangers, there is something about the performance that seems to tell a melancholy story, or perhaps even a tale of desperation. As the song progresses it becomes more instrumental, allowing the woman to weave more energetic dancing in with her beautiful, haunting vocals. By the end of the song, she is almost leaping around the room as she strides and pirhouettes with amazing power and grace, her long braid whipping around her like a partner in her dance. A final crescendo, and the music stops, the woman frozen in a pose with her feet and one hand supporting her as she arches her lithe body backwards, her other hand gesturing to the imagined sky beyond the roof of the guildhouse. After some appreciative applause from the small audience (Bruce and his family, Ana, Bil, and a few adventurers), the performers take a break to sit at one of the tables and eat, drink, and talk in their mysterious language. Eldon and a short young human man (taller than Eldon, of course) also applaud from the foyer. Eldon then hands the man a guild pin and shakes his hand, then returns to the library as the newcomer walks into the Common Room.

This is the cue for Ian Luminor's entrance - new team member.

2008-01-27, 03:58 PM
Ian Luminor

The young man had the common adventurer pin put right beneath his chin, holding together his rather worn red cloak. He entered the room with a smile on his face, greeting whom he believed to be his fellow comrades from the Adventurers Guild. He was of an average human built, having a slightly long black hair that was kept in a braided ponytail, and wore brown leather pants, covered by a red skirt that went down up to his knees. Over his back he wore a rather worn, and slightly dirty, red cloak over his beloved leather armor. His eyes had the color of honey, and a long scar crossed his right eye going down until it reached his mouth.

He curved his torso slightly and spoke to them, but his voice didn’t quite came out of his mouth, only his lips moved. The young man didn’t seem to have noticed that, and simply stood there smiling as if waiting for a reply from them.

Those who can read lips perceive that he speaks: "Greetings, I am Ian Luminor and I will be your cartographer on future missions. Pleased to meet you.

[OOC: He is not telepath or anything, that is just one of the ways I decided to roleplay his low Charisma. And no, he is not fugly :thog:]

2008-01-27, 06:41 PM
Ulysses Valeris

After the dazzling finale of the performance, Ulysses applauds along with everyone else in open amazement. His awe only serves to reinforce on him just how far from home he's come, as well as the ironic quaintness of his own "high" upbringing. He wonders at the sad, elegeic feel of the song.

A young man who entered during the performance turns to him and his guildmates, and opens his mouth to speak, but, strangely, no sound comes out.

Spot check to read lips, which I will no doubt fail: [roll0]

Eyeing the newcomer for a moment in puzzlement, Ulysses shakes his head and decides not to concern himself with that particular oddity right now, as there were other things that tugged at his interest.

Striding to the table of performers, trying not to make his height seem intimidating or overbearing, he addresses them. "The gods' blessings to you, and welcome. And well done! I've never seen a performance quite like that. A very beautiful song, I must say. It had such a meloncholy sound, it reminded me of... how far I am from my homeland. I'm curious of the song's meaning...."

While I'd personally never attempt this, I figure that Ulysses is one of those rare people simultaneous bold enough and charismatic enough to walk up to a table of people he doesn't know speaking a foreign language and not make a complete ass of himself. :smallbiggrin:

I'll take 10 on a Charisma check, just in case, which can substitute for an untrained Diplomacy or Gather Information check in a pinch if necessary. But I hope I get some kind of circumstance bonuses for roleplaying out my action instead of just saying, "Okay, I use Diplomacy." :smalltongue:

Shades of Gray
2008-01-27, 08:13 PM

Durx greets the strange man.

If success on check:
H'lo Ian, welcome t' team Dingo.

If Failure
H'lo, welcome t' team Dingo. What's your name?

2008-01-27, 08:51 PM
Ian Luminor

OOC: the roll was successful :elan:

Ian greets the half-orc with a smile and a nod, shifting the weight of his body from his right foot to the left, and then back to the right. Feeling a but uneasy being in what seemed a pompous celebration of sorts to him, Ian clears his throat and asks the half-orc “Do you know if we are required to stay here?”.

He would feel better working on a new armor or on a new map, smelling the fragrance of a brand new sheet of paper or parchment mixed to that of an open ink vial.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-27, 09:46 PM
No we aren't. Speaking of which, I don't know where in this city I'd'ifit in. There are barely 'ny worsh'pers of St. Cuthbert here. 'n the library isn't my type of thin'.

Say, Eld'n, The Guildhouse has a trainin' room, right? I've Been here for two days and I'm gettin' a bit rusty. Is there a Gym in the town?

A map of this place would be useful.

OOC: *nudge Ian*

2008-01-27, 11:16 PM
Ian Luminor

“A map eh? Say, which place would like to have mapped? I happen to be a cartographer and a geographer myself, and I would love to have an excuse to leave this party, especially if I were to make a map”.

He smiled happily as the previous anxiety for being in a “pompous” party is replaced by a more calm feeling within him, “If the place is near maybe we could leave whenever you want and map it”.

OOC: Yeah. I'll make a map OOC as well whenever Ian makes one

Shades of Gray
2008-01-27, 11:24 PM
A map 'o Bridgeport'd be nice, 'fs* not too much trouble. Or maybe even a map of the district. Anythin' to help me get 'round better. 'Ow do you usually make a map? D'you check out the library or walk 'round the places you're mappin'? I 'member we had a village cartographer, spent all 'is time s'plorin' places to chart them. 's that why you joined th'guild? To 'splore 'n chart the unknown?

OOC: *if it is.

2008-01-28, 08:29 AM
Ian Luminor

“Yup, I need to walk around the areas doing a rough sketch of it while I take notes of the important features. Only after that is done I go to the library to see if they have any other information about the area that I missed. When all is done, I transform the rough sketch on the actual map”, Ian smiles, he was talking about what he liked.

“Ah, yes, I joined the guild because I once heard from an adventurer lady that the guild almost always needs cartographers to map. Plus, I love exploring new places”.

2008-01-28, 01:09 PM
Omoris enterd the common room and noticed a black-haired man in a rad cloak. He turned around and opend his mouth, but no sound came out. Omoris attempted to decipher what the man was saying by looking at his lips

Spot check


Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-28, 01:32 PM
Eldon (to Durx)
"Training room? Ah, no, in fact, we had a little incident a while back with some roughhousing at the bar, so there will definitely be no training in the building. Some of the other adventurers spar or shoot targets outside, and I suppose you could use the stable in bad weather; it's mostly empty."

Ulysses Valeris

Striding to the table of performers, trying not to make his height seem intimidating or overbearing, he addresses them. "The gods' blessings to you, and welcome. And well done! I've never seen a performance quite like that. A very beautiful song, I must say. It had such a meloncholy sound, it reminded me of... how far I am from my homeland. I'm curious of the song's meaning...."

Two of the musicians don't even notice Ulysses, two look at him rather blankly, but one of them acknowledges him and taps the singer/dancer on the shoulder and says a few words in a strange tongue. The woman turns and sees Ulysses.

Female Performer
"Oh!" (rising from her chair to with Ulysses towering over her, she speaks in Common, but with a thick, strange accent)
"Sorry, we are not used to people...talking to us. My friends... they do not speak your tongue. I am Kata. You said the song was...melon ... oh, sad-sounding? Yes, it is a sad song. It is about a search, searching for someone that you need to live, but you know you will never find her, but you must search anyway."

The song may have sounded something like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/music/wma-pop-up/B00006YXCC001006/ref=mu_sam_wma_001_006

2008-01-28, 06:38 PM
Feeling slightly abashed, Ulysses bows by way of apology to the table of musicians who cannot understand his words. Then he bows to Kata. "Forgive me for not introducing myself sooner. I am Ulysses Valeris. How long have you been in Bridgeport? I've only just recently arrived myself. I come from way away to the northwest -- but then I imagine you've traveled from much farther."

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-29, 02:15 PM
"I am from the west also, very far from home. Perhaps I could meet some of your friends here?"

2008-01-29, 06:08 PM
"Certainly," Ulysses replies with alacrity, but makes a mental note to speak clearly and unhastily, as well as prune down his courtly vocabulary to accommodate Kata's non-native ear. "Though I've only really just met them myself. But they're my comrades and guildmates now, so I feel I must trust them implicitly-- er, without question. You must always trust the person who guards your back and they must trust you, as you're guarding their's.

"The towering fellow is Durx, a devout of St. Cuthbert -- a half-orc, but he seems a decent fellow, and amiable enough from what I've seen of him. The tall girl in furs... I believe her name is Althea. A bit shy, that one. Finde is the elf." Ulysses drops his voice to an amused, confidential tone, "I don't think he's fond of me, or humans in general, but I'm sure if you get past his snarky comments he's probably not a bad sort." Resuming a normal voice, he continues, "The bearded gentleman is... well, I'm not sure he ever mentioned his name, but he's a man of nature, as you can see. He has a big wolf-hound that follows him about like a puppy. Quite impressive. The youth with the scar on his face I've never met, I think he's a new arrival -- oh, and I think there may be something wrong with his voice. Just a warning.

"Shall we get acquainted then?" Ulysses offers, guiding Kata in the direction of his companions (assuming she is willing), feeling simultaneously proud, flattered, and strangely out of place, having such an exotically lovely woman on his arm in such humble surroundings.

Feel free to jump in and introduce yourselves to Kata now, anyone who wants to. I decided not to narrate anything about Ulysses introducing her to the group in any particular order; that way, whatever order people end up posting in can be assumed to be the order in which Ulysses introduced everyone. :smallsmile:

2008-01-29, 07:19 PM

Althea had watched the performance in wonder, amazed at both the talent of the musicians and the dancer. There was something oddly mystical, and possibly even divine, about how the dance was performed. Of course, Althea's ears were untrained in the idea of music, familiar with only more of the base beats used to keep rythemn. So many different musicians all at once was almost scary.

Still, her attention was also taken by the new member of their group. He was a shorter looking boy, though not much younger then herself. She collected her small pad of paper that she was scribbling on as the dance went on, trying to capture the life of the dance into a visual medium. She stuffed it into of of her pockets, not satisfied with the results. Still, the newcomer, as well as the dancer and musicians, all seemed too interesting to let that distract herself.

"Welcome to the Guild Hall, I'm Althea," The girl introduced herself as. She did a slight curtsy before the newcomer, a small sign of greeting at the very least. She was grinning, mostly because of her interest in painting. Perhaps this mapmaker could help her one day, or at least offer some advice. "I'm sorry, but I didn't quite catch your name. What was it?"

2008-01-30, 11:07 AM
Omoris wad watched the preformance with great intent. After the show, he took a step towards the center of the room and said

Greetings. I am Omoris Brecht, druid of Obad-Hai, second cardinal to the crown of Obad-hai.

He turned to Kata

I enjoyed your preformance.You are a very talented woman.

Omoris quickly recalled sentinel (Who was sniffing Kata's feet curiously) with a finger motion.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-01-30, 11:43 AM
Kata looks puzzled after Omoris' impressive introduction, but after a few awkward seconds of silence she collects herself.

"Thank you. I think my friends and I make a good team."

She then looks down (not very far down) at Sentinel, and smiles at Omoris, a glimpse of dazzling white teeth escaping her mostly closed lips.

"How long have you had each other?" she asks Omoris, as she gracefully offers the back of her hand for Sentinel's inspection.

Sledge_bro, roleplay your dog however you think he would act given Kata's Handle Animal roll. Since Handle Animal is supposed to be a skill based on getting an animal to do something, I'll say that Kata is trying to get Sentinel to come to her.

2008-01-30, 08:17 PM
Ian Luminor

Already anxious to go out and map he greets the young lady and the bearded man, before he left, with a smile that one would say went from ear to ear, “It is Ian Luminor, miss Althea”.

Ian turns to the tall half-orc “Say sir, are you willing to go today and map part of the city, or tomorrow would be better for you?”, he then turns to the young lady, “You could join us if you wish so miss Althea”. Ian was anxious to leave the party, and mapping part of the city with his new comrades-in-guild was a wonderful way to leave without coming out as rude.

Shades of Gray
2008-01-30, 08:27 PM
Sure, I need a'scuse to see the town.

OOC: Would this be a cartography check for Ian with +2 from aid other?

2008-01-31, 12:07 AM
Ulysses raises his eyebrows slightly at Omoris's self-introduction, but favors him with a bow of his head. "Master Cardinal. It is an honor. I am Ulysses Valeris. Where do you hail from? And what brings from the forest-lands you keep?"

Coming from a heavily forested region himself, Ulysses is familiar with men of the woods, but not overmuch with nature-devoted holy men as Omoris appears to be, and so he is naturally curious about the man.

((OOC @XiaoTie: Did Ian just claim his last name was Hudaur when his name is actually Luminor? Is he trying to conceal his indentity, or is that just a typo?))

2008-01-31, 12:02 PM
Sentinal looks quizically at Kata for a moment, then wags his tail, Smiling in a way that only a dog can.

OOC: Kata rolled a two :smalltongue:

I have known Sentinel since he was a pup, five years ago. I found the little mite curled inside my hammock on night, and I took to him instantly. He is a Shalmhound, and a loyal one too

Omoris crouched down and Patted Sentinel on the head, who replied by licking Omoris with his long, rough tongue.Wiping his face, Omoris stood up and faced Ulysses

Sir, I hail from the woods slightly northeast of the halfling marshes. I have come here as an emissionary from "The Crown of Obad-Hai" in order to spread the judgement of Obad-Hai to those who disrespect his work, and to guide those without his word.

Omoris isn't ready to say that The sect is falling prey of it's enemies and needs support and funds to people he has just met

2008-01-31, 09:58 PM
Ian Luminor

*snippy* “You could join us if you wish so miss Althea”.*snip*

"It's my pleasure. I would enjoy seeing the city as well Ian," the girl smiled. She looked around quick, seeing the others in their group standing nearby. "Should we ask the others to come along as well? Or shall we set off with just the three of us?"

Shades of Gray
2008-01-31, 10:09 PM
The three of us's good. The others are carryin' a conv'sation with Kata.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-01, 01:42 PM
"If you plan to explore the town today, you may want to head for the area around the Great Bridge. There's a festival that starts this afternoon and will last long into the night, some sort of holy day for the church of Garl Glittergold, though all sorts of folk attend just for the spectacle of it."

Kata (hearing Eldon, she turns around)
"Truly? I should like to see that. Perhaps we could all go?"

One of the musicians who has been listening (evidently he understands more Common than he speaks) says something to Kata in their foreign tongue.

"Ah, I have just been reminded that my countrymen have a religious occasion of their own this evening - sort of a prayer meeting before we leave Bridgeport tomorrow, but it's only for men. So they will not be coming, but might I accompany you?"

2008-02-01, 03:00 PM
"I'd be glad to escort you to the festival, Miss Kata," Ulysses offers dutifully. His inflection and outward demeanor imply he'd be gratified to attend her but reveal mostly indifference to the prospect of a festival. "I have no objections to going, if that's where other's interests lie," he says more generally to the group.

Secretly, Ulysses enjoys large scale festivities and social gatherings quite a lot, but that's not a fact that his knightly composure would allow him to admit -- to himself or anyone else. :smallbiggrin:

2008-02-02, 01:09 PM
Omoris put his hand upon Ulysses shoulder

I shall also accompany you. I would like to see the festival, as part of my coming was to learn about the cultures of other folk, and report my findings. Yes, let us go.

2008-02-02, 09:46 PM
"I'll go, that sounds fun," Althea describes. She smiles at the others as she did so, though the throught crossed her mind a moment later. "Would I need my sword or anything? Or can I just leave it behind?"

2008-02-02, 10:10 PM
"I think that's entirely up to you, Miss Althea -- unless there's some law or tradition in Bridgeport that prohibits weapons at a festival. Personally, I try to keep my blade with me at all times." Ulysses absently touches the hilt of his own sword just over his shoulder. "Just in case. It's a habit I've trained myself into out of prudence as much as honor."

A knight must be prepared for combat at a moments notice.

Ironic, I suppose, since I wouldn't generally describe Ulysses as exceptionally prudent.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-03, 03:10 PM

"I've seen other people in this town carrying weapons and nobody seemed to mind. I actually carry my blade with me almost everywhere I go."

She nods toward a pile of the entertainers' belongings, where a sheathed kukri leans against her rolled-up cloak.

2008-02-03, 03:43 PM
That's a relief. I know I am no longer in the forest, but I just feel safer carrying a nice, solid club

Omoris grins.

Shades of Gray
2008-02-03, 04:54 PM
'ello miss Kata, pleasure meetin' you.

Durx gently and subtly (something he isn't good at) nudges Althea on the shoulder.

We'shd go now, we can meet up after th'festival. he whispers to her.

Durx walks up to Ian.

All ready? Or d'you needastop fur somethin'

2008-02-03, 05:58 PM
Ian Luminor

He greeted the lady Kata with a simple smile when she introduced herself and then moved close to the half-orc. “Couldn’t be more ready sir, all I need is here in my backpack. We are good to go and map the some of the area around our guildhouse, he smiled and took a scroll from his back where he had already made some notes earlier this morning about the surroundings.

“I would rather start working first however if you want to go to this celebration first we could start mapping later.”

2008-02-03, 08:13 PM
After Ulysses introduces himself and Kata to Ian, he listens to the man's eagerness to get to map-making, frowning slightly. "While I'm sure mapping out the immediate area is a worthy endeavor, it strikes me that our priorities might be better served by seeking out employ as guildsmen and guildswomen, now that we've signed our contracts. The festival should be as good a place as any to start looking for leads. There's bound to be someone about who's in need of some... adventurers." Ulysses touches the shiny new insignia pinned at his chest. "And a delegation of six of us all with insignia could hardly escape notice."

I think that cartographic research could be accomplished just as easily (and probably more easily) in the HQ thread, but this festival is only happening in the Team Dingo thread, as far as I can tell. Just a thought.

And naturally, a 10 Int and 17 Cha skew Ulysses towards social rather than intellectual pursuits. :smalltongue:

Shades of Gray
2008-02-04, 01:21 PM
Durx looks at Ian.

You don't have to call me sir you know.

Oh right, woops, I thought he said the festival was tonight, rather than this afternoon. I think Ulysses is right, we should go to the festival first, don't worry though, we'll get it done... unless of course you want to skip the festival to get to work, it's your choice.

OOC: Yes this is an attempt to patch up the mistake I misread.

2008-02-04, 03:04 PM
Ian Luminor

With a brief sigh Ian agrees with the half-orc, “Well then, to the festival we go, I guess the mapping can wait”.

OOC: I have to admit that I didn't knew what time it was, the party led me to believe that it was night already.

2008-02-04, 05:16 PM
OOC: I have to admit that I didn't knew what time it was, the party led me to believe that it was night already.

Ian arrived later, but the rest of the characters came to the guildhouse sometime in the morning, so I'd estimate it's probably about midday now, and the festival would just be getting underway by the time we arrive there.

2008-02-05, 01:05 AM
"I think that's entirely up to you, Miss Althea -- unless there's some law or tradition in Bridgeport that prohibits weapons at a festival. Personally, I try to keep my blade with me at all times." Ulysses absently touches the hilt of his own sword just over his shoulder. "Just in case. It's a habit I've trained myself into out of prudence as much as honor."

"I'll just be a moment then, I left it in my room since I thought we couldn't keep them in view," Althea explained as she headed back to the rooms. She returned quickly , the greatsword slung over her back so that it would not trip over her feet. The sword was large, and only her and Durx were taller then the blade. She carried it easily though, as if it were no more then a light pack. Her insignia was now attached to the belt that held her weapon of choice.

"Shall we head off then? We can show Ian some of the bigger landmarks along the way so he'll know what to see first."

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-05, 02:04 AM
The six adventurers and Kata equip themselves and set off for the Great Bridge, to see this festival of Garl Glittergold. While they are still a good ways off, they can hear the sound of music and laughter, and they can smell savory meat being cooked out in the open. The route they take is the exact reverse of the way they first came to the guildhall, but those new to Bridgeport still find things to see in the old Vanorian architecture. The streets are not crowded this far from the festival, but there are people around - humans, halflings, and gnomes. Some do not make eye contact, others give the adventurers a polite nod.

Thought I'd give you guys a chance to do any more role-playing you want before I describe the scene at the bridge as you arrive. I'll be NPCing Finde for a little bit.

2008-02-05, 11:29 AM
sentinel sniffed the air, then suddenly bounded forwards a few feet, eyes bright and tail wagging. but before he could go any further, omoris bellowed


Sentinel stopped sharply, and slowly returned to his master , tail between his legs.

I'm Sorry boy.

Omoris said, stroking his dog.Then he turned to the others.
He gets a bit exicted every now and again you see. The smell and the sounds of a festival always gets him going. I think It reminds him of home

Omoris took a hunk of meat out of a pouch around his waist and fed it to sentinel, who stayed occupied until they party reached the festival.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-05, 11:58 AM
Finde (to Kata)
"You said you were from the West. What kind of voice training did you have out there?"

Kata (sounding somewhat uncomfortable)
"Ah... none, really. I just used to sing with my family, holy songs and working songs and songs just for fun."

"I see."

Shades of Gray
2008-02-05, 04:40 PM
Durx takes some spare string he picked up at the supply room and fashions his badge on it, wearing it as a second necklace, in addition to his cross.

2008-02-05, 05:32 PM
Ulysses gazes around, still amazed at the shear size of Bridgeport and its overwhelming number of inhabitants. Despite himself, he feels almost like a bumpkin goatherd might feel getting his first look at Colos Castle back home.

"I've never been in a city this size," he says, leaning down to accommodate Kata's much shorter form, but addressing his comments generally as his eyes rove about the street. "The fortified villages in the Duchy never get much bigger than a few thousand folk. Are there big cities like this where you come from, Miss Kata?"

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-07, 11:36 AM
"We have a few cities, very old and grand, but not nearly so many people as here."

The Adventurers arrive at the Great Bridge. The massive structure is awe-inspiring, its stone supports standing strong against the mighty river for generations. Even on a normal day, the Bridge is busy with folk crossing the river, carts and peddlers, but today is exceptional. Every peddler in Bridgeport has converged upon the Bridge, as well as muscians and other street performers. People of all types walk among the kiosks and wooden stages that are set up both on the Bridge and at either end. One large group of about a dozen dwarves, wearing the clothing of lumberjacks, walk together. Many of those in attendance are gnomes, costumed as either gnome or kobold warriors, their cheerful voices emanating from fierce masks. Some gnome children are buying crude wooden toy battleaxes from a kiosk to complete their costume, while many of the adults wear genuine weapons.

"I think I smell venison! Let me go get some and bring it back to you, I'll have no trouble finding Durx's big head above the rest of this crowd."

Finde pushes his way into the crowd on the Bridge. A bent-over old halfling man with browned skin and a gnarled cane shuffles up to the remainder of the group and holds out a wooden bowl to beg, as is the custom among halflings, though when he looks up... and up... and up to see Durx' towering form above him his mouth falls open and he stops in his tracks, trembling.

2008-02-07, 11:53 AM
After suspiciously eyeing the dwarven loggers for a moment, Omoris tossed a silver piece and a copper piece into the begger's bowl

Don't mind him.

Omoris said to the begger.

Or him

Omoris pointed to sentinel, who towered over the halfling.

We all all safe, I can assure you.

Shades of Gray
2008-02-07, 04:05 PM
St. Cuthbert's blessings upon you.

Durx gives the man a silver piece.

2008-02-07, 04:22 PM
Ian Luminor

He smiled kindly and handed the man a coin, but instead of putting it on his hat he took the man’s hand, opened and left the coin there, closing it again. “Take care my good sir”. Helping the others was a lesson he learned since the early ages.

A gold coin; taken from the inventory, making it 16 gp and 8 sp now.

2008-02-07, 07:13 PM
Ulysses watches and wonders in puzzlement as his comrades give money to the bent old halfling. "What's this about?" he whispers to Kata.

Ulysses doesn't have any experience with beggars, since he doesn't have any experience with settlements large enough to support a beggar population.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-08, 01:07 PM
"What's this about?"

Kata (quietly replying to Ulysses)
"I don't know - perhaps we just bought a blessing or something."

The old beggar gapes at his windfall and shuffles away smiling. Finde, ahead in the crowd, whistles sharply and waves at the rest of the group with a comically undersized toy battleaxe, gesturing for them to join him at a booth selling food and drink. Around him, gnome children in goblin and kobold masks whack at each other gleefully with the same wooden weapons, as two mounted city guards carefully guide their horses around the little creatures. A gnomish man with wild light brown hair likewise steps carefully out of the way of the small fracas. He wears a harness over his shoulders that bears a rack of small bottles containing various colored liquids. He walks towards the adventurers, hawking his wares to anyone within earshot in a mixture of singsong Gnomish and Common, praising their magical powers.

2008-02-10, 09:25 AM
Althea stood uncomfortable as the beggar began to leave before them. The girl was far out of her element when it came to this sort of thing. The festival and the people there more then a little daunting. Yet she was interested, that was the long and short of it. Her head watched everything, from some of the hawkers to the people bartering them, even to the small children as they tried to whack each other with their wooden weapons. Still, she found herself near Durx nonetheless, using the towering cleric to almost protect her from the crowd. She wasn't quite ready to try talking to them just yet.

Shades of Gray
2008-02-10, 09:29 AM
Shy I see, Miss Althea. Go 'head, enjoy yourself. Thas'tha whole poin'uv'a festival.

2008-02-10, 12:31 PM
Ulysses nods thoughtfully in response to Kata, then smiles disarmingly at Althea, trying to reassure her.

As they walk, he scans the area, telling himself that he's keeping an eye out for anything of interest to the guild (which he is) while secretly searching for any sort of little tournament or competition he might potentially throw his weight into.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-10, 01:34 PM
Kata joins Finde, who purchases two drinks from a human vendor in small clay cups. They each drain their cup and return them to the vendor. The sign over the man's booth says (in Common and poorly spelled Gnomish): "Venison, Honeycombs, Meade."

Nearby a group of gnome adolescents are attracting attention from wide-eyed non-gnomes and disapproving looks from the adult gnomes in the crowd as they practice spells. One of them attempts to cast a spell with sweeping theatrical motions to no effect, setting them all to laughing. Another makes a subtle motion and a sound very similar to a horse's whinny comes from somewhere in the group of show-offs, causing one of the city guard's actual real-life horses to turn its head. This causes the children to cheer and congratulate the young illusionist, accompanied by the clapping of a few of the bystanders, perhaps those more naive about the powers of gnomes.

A young halfling in clerical robes is moving through the crowd with a serious expression, accosting every halfling he finds, only to be turned aside after a moment or two of conversation with each.

2008-02-11, 11:48 AM
Omoris approached the halfling

Is there anything wrong sir? you seem troubled

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-11, 01:13 PM
Young Halfling Cleric
"Is anything wrong?! The people of Bridgeport are forsaking the gods of Good for this betraying god of the gnomes who seduces them with promises of wealth on this plane! The people of Pelor, of Obad-Hai, Ehlonna, and not least of all Yondalla's own people are forsaking her!"

Some gnomes nearby overhear the halfling and start shouting at him.
"No more ale for this one!"
"Go home, redface!"
"Mind your own garden!"

Just at that moment Kata stumbles from where she was standing, and Finde catches her. A second later she goes limp in his arms. He shakes her once, and calls to the mounted City Guards. With help from Finde, one of the guards pulls the light woman up and into a side-saddle position in front of him on his horse's large back where he holds her with one arm. The other guard moves his horse up and makes room for Finde to put his foot in a stirrup. As the elf prepares to swing into the saddle behind the guard, he calls back to the other adventurers.

"We're going to bring her to help!"

Shades of Gray
2008-02-11, 05:18 PM
Kata? Miss Kata! Let me help!

Casts Cure Light Wounds as a spontaneous replacement for Summon Monster I.

After the spell, I might cast detect poison, depending on how she looks.

Spot (to see if anyone did this to her). [roll0]

2008-02-11, 06:23 PM
Ack! So many things happening at once. :smalleek:
"Miss Kata!"

Ulysses casts about frantically -- for signs of an assailant, or a mount, whichever comes first -- and seeths under his breath, "A horse, what I wouldn't give for a bloody horse!"


Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-12, 02:36 PM
Durx's Cure Light Wounds spell has no effect on the unconscious Kata. Ulyssses and Durx can not spot an assailant in the crowd anywhere. Finde, now also sharing a horse with a man in City Guard uniform, shouts "Go!", and the two warhorses charge west across the bridge, scattering shrieking festival-goers before them, even before Durx can cast Detect Poison.

2008-02-13, 03:10 PM
I might have to say that I agree with you

Omoris whispered into the halflings's ear

Far too much metal for my liking

and was about make a retort back at the gnome ruffians when he suddenly heard Finde's cry.

As quick as a flash, Omoris uttered an incantation


A few seconds later he sped away at full speed after the horses, Sentinel close at his heels.

I had written down what his spells were, i will post them on the ooc thread asap

2008-02-13, 06:26 PM
Ian Luminor

For Ian it didn’t seem like she had been hurt in any physical way, and the apparent failure of Durx’s healing spell could indicate that he was right. He didn’t know the lady or had even talked to her, but leaving someone hurt was not the right thing to do according to the way he had been brought up. However there was not much that he could do other than try to spot the possible assailant, which he did.¹


After a few seconds looking around for the attacker, he turned his attentions to the lady, searching for any signs of where could she have been hit, such as a hole made by a dagger or a tear on her dress.²


2008-02-13, 07:03 PM

Marko had to dive out of the way of two double loaded warhorses as he approached the Festival. That left him scratching his head, but the clearly unsettled crowd really put him ill at ease. "Oh no. What now? Just my luck..." he thought to himself. Fortunately, Durx was easy enough to spot, even among the press of the crowd, and Marko made his way toward the towering half-orc. Presenting himself to the one person he knew, Marko asked, "Durx, what's wrong? The guard almost ran me over, and the crowd isn't very...festive."

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-14, 11:07 AM
When Kata was hoisted onto the lead horse, Ian turned in time to look. He saw no sign of an assailant anywhere, and no signs of physical injury to Kata other than her obvious change in level of consciousness.

Omoris and Sentinel run like the wind in the path cleared by the mighty war-horses, but they are hard-pressed to keep up. Only the crowd slows the magnificent animals - despite their utter disregard for the festival-goers in their way, the riders are unable to spur their horses into a consistent full gallop while still on the crowded Bridge.

The horses are unarmored, and even with two riders can still run 200' in one round. Both Sentinel and the longstriding Omoris can run 160' in one round. Right now the horses are also moving about 160' per round, with one rounds' head start on Omoris.

Of the four riding away, Finde is rearmost. The adventurers see him unslinging his bow and nocking an arrow.

Shades of Gray
2008-02-14, 04:21 PM
Marko! We done'know whas'happ'nin 'ver here. Kata jus' fell unconscious. Oi, what's Finde doin'? I don't see anyone.

Oh, 's'that an adventurer's guild emblem y'got there. W'lcome t'the force.

2008-02-14, 07:25 PM

"Who? What?" was all Marko could sputter in response to Durx' quick explanation. When the tall half-orc slowed down and welcomed him to the force, Marko smiled and said, "Thank you. I'm still just happy to have work again. Is there anything we can do for... you said 'Kata', right?"

Shades of Gray
2008-02-14, 07:46 PM
Yeah. Kata. She was acomp'nin us to th'festival.

2008-02-14, 08:07 PM

"Ah, sorry I haven't met her yet. Um, what will do now, then? Seems a bit of a pall has been cast on the festival and all," Marko replied with a worried frown.

2008-02-15, 12:29 AM
Ulysses places a hand on Durx's shoulder, his voice urgent, "Something's amiss here. If your god ever granted miracles, now is the time! -- Gods, but I'd pay a baron's ransom for a twice-damned horse!"

Ulysses is still intent on chasing after the guards and Finde, all the moreso since he's seen Finde ready his bow. He's kinda getting frantic. :smalltongue: Is there ANYTHING even vaguely horse-shaped in the immediate surroundings? I asked before and made a spot check, so I'm guessing there's nothing, but... :smallannoyed:

Shades of Gray
2008-02-15, 07:50 AM
Sorry there's nothing I can do! Clerics have to pray at the morning for their spells. They're basically set in stone! All I have left is a few minor spells and an enlargement spell. I was going to detect poison, but they took Kata away too quickly.

2008-02-15, 08:09 AM
"Gods dammit" Althea swore. She was a bit slower on the uptake for Kata, only noticing what had happened after she heard to heavy warhorse begin to run away. Her attention was divided, entirely captivated by a small snack food that a gnome vender was selling. She held the small food in her hand, heading back to the ever-easy-to-find Durx. "Do either of you two know where they're going? We might be able to just go straight there rather then try to follow."

2008-02-15, 10:37 AM

"I would think they were either headed to the nearest temple, or maybe a Guard barracks," Marko offered, trying to be helpful.

2008-02-15, 09:48 PM
"Who can say where they're headed now?"

Ulysses grits his teeth. He turns to Durx. "I'm sorry, I did not mean to place any blame on you. I only hoped -- well, it hardly matters now. No, this is entirely my fault -- if only I'd paid better attention! If I'd acted faster--!" He casts about himself again, and his fiery gaze comes to rest on the party-crashing halfling cleric.

"You there," he says, placing a hand gently but firmly on the rabble-rousing clergyman's small shoulder and casting his voice in an accustomed tone of authority. "You're a local; where will those guards be headed? Tell me now, quickly!"

It's time to play a little game of "Good Idea, Bad Idea." :smalltongue:
I've applied the +4 bonus for being one size category larger than him.

Edit: Holy crap! How did I roll a natural 1 on that! :smalleek: What, did Ulysses's voice crack? Did he accidentally bite his own tongue, or stutter incoherently in his haste? :smalltongue:

Phooey. I should have taken 10. :smallannoyed:

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-16, 03:48 AM
As the two horses break out of the crowd on the bridge, they begin to run faster, quickly outdistancing Omoris and Sentinel. Omoris loses sight of them as Bridge Street begins to twist and wind into West Bridgeport.

Ulysses looks carefully everywhere, but the only beast of burden within sight is a donkey harnessed to a cart full of a half-dozen wide-eyed gnome children of various ages, led by an adult male gnome dressed in the garb worn by human farmers in the Bridgeport area. A flock of pigeons bursts into flight as a small galley noses out from under the Bridge, its oars moving it slowly upstream.

The young halfling cleric brushes Ulysses' hand from his shoulder angrily and looks up at him in defiance.
"You think I know? Guards never go into West Bridgeport unless they have to, but they could be going to any of the guard posts there. If they'd wanted a cleric they could have just asked around, this is a religious festival after all!"

2008-02-16, 04:56 AM
Omoris saw the horses gallop away. He signaled to sentinel to stop.

Blast!.. I sure could use a map right now.

Omoris said, looking at the rather disgruntled crowd around him.

2008-02-16, 08:00 AM
"You think I know? Guards never go into West Bridgeport unless they have to, but they could be going to any of the guard posts there. If they'd wanted a cleric they could have just asked around, this is a religious festival after all!"


"Maybe we should start with the guard posts, then?" Marko asked, tentatively taking a few steps in that direction.

2008-02-16, 08:19 PM
If they'd wanted a cleric they could have just asked around, this is a religious festival after all!"

The little fellow makes an excellent point.... Going for a cleric was clearly not their purpose, and that meant something was definitely amiss with the whole situation.

Ulysses nods gratefully to the halfling. "Thank you, sir. My apologies."

Diplomacy roll to (hopefully) smooth over the breach slightly: [roll0]
He turns back to his guildmates. "We can't canvas every guard post in this part of the city. For one thing, it would take too long. We'll have to ask around and hope we can track them down that way. It's not like they were easy to overlook. First, let's find the Cardinal. Then we can start our search."

As he starts off in the direction the guards and Omoris disappeared in, Ulysses glances down at the gnome who had just spoken, as if noticing him for the first time. "Oh, you're a guild member? Thanks the gods, we're in need of as much help as we can get sorting this mess out. I'm Ulysses Valeris; welcome."

Well, it looks like no one in the group has ranks in Gather Information (to use to ask around and try and figure out where these stooges went), so Ulysses is going to have to attempt it untrained. I guess then everyone else should roll "Aid Another" checks to represent the cooperative effort; if you get a 10 or higher, then we can add +2 to the following result:

Doc, feel free to put a limit on the number of people who can aid this check, if you think there should be one -- though I personally think that everyone on the team would be able to attempt to aid in the seach. If we had 10 team members, then we'd probably have passed critical mass, but as it stands I think we're fine.

2008-02-17, 04:29 AM
Omoris attempted to aid his companions in gathering information

Is it just a plain d20 roll? I can't remember :P

2008-02-17, 02:04 PM
As he starts off in the direction the guards and Omoris disappeared in, Ulysses glances down at the gnome who had just spoken, as if noticing him for the first time. "Oh, you're a guild member? Thanks the gods, we're in need of as much help as we can get sorting this mess out. I'm Ulysses Valeris; welcome."


"Nice to meet you Ulysses, I'm Marko, and yes, Bruce just hired me on an hour or so ago. I think more formal introductions will have to wait, so please lead on!" the gnome replied with concerned enthusiasm. He was worried about whatever had just happened to this Kata person, but very happy to be part of a crew again. Though his prospects may have been just as uncertain as before, he was no longer at loose ends, simply watching his small store of coins diminish.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-17, 03:48 PM
Ian also aids in the gathering of information.

The adventurers' attempt to gather information is fruitless until one of the gnome children in the donkey cart hears their questions.
Gnome Child
"Is that them getting on that boat?"

Sure enough, two horses, each with two riders, can be seen on the west bank of the river about a half mile upstream of the Bridge, boarding the small galley that had just emerged from under the Bridge a few minutes earlier.

Gnome Farmer
"Hm. They must have circled around back to the river."

2008-02-17, 04:06 PM

Clambering up on the railing of the bridge to get a better look, Marko squinted, trying to make out if the pair of double loaded horses were indeed the same that had nearly trampled him on their way out of the festival. His keen gnomish ears were also pricked up for any conversation that may have carried over the water.

Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2008-02-17, 04:26 PM
Ulysses lets loose a violent curse under his breath.

"Come on!" he calls, gesturing for his companions to follow as he tears off in the direction of the galley.

I don't know how far away they are or if it's even feasible to reach them in time, but unless someone tries to stop him Ulysses is going to take off in their direction at full tilt (4x speed, 80ft/round or 800ft/minute). He's relentless after all. :smalltongue:

2008-02-17, 06:20 PM
"I just wanted to eat my food in peace," Althea cursed. It was nothing more then a simple way to let out frustration. She wouldn't enjoy saying it, but she was rather confused, and following Ulysses was easier then try to understand everything. She wrapped the small foodstuff carefully and packed it into a pocket. She sighed, nodding to the rest of her companions. "I'll catch up to him, get there when you guys can. Hopefully nothing bad'll happen."

With that, she took off after Ulysses, running in his wake and doing her best to catch up to him despite his head start.

Righty right, 'ere we go.

Running as well, so 4x speed. (160ft/round or 1600/minute.)

Our knight's a bit off a slowpoke :smalltongue:

2008-02-17, 06:53 PM

When Marko finished staring at the galley, his eyes scanned the river between the bridge and the ship for any river porpoises he might be able to talk or bribe into helping him get there quickly.

Spot: [roll0]
If he sees any, he uses "Speak with Marine Mammal" and calls out: "Looking for a friend to give me a lift... bucket of fish as soon as I can after I get there... tomorrow at the latest."

Porpoises have a swim speed of 80 feet, and can "run" when swimming (for a total of 320 feet). Marko and his carried gear weigh 56.1 pounds (he was just going to the festival, after all), while a "standard" porpoise has a strength of 11, giving them a light load capacity of 38 pounds, or 57 if they get the "quadruped" adjustment.

2008-02-18, 06:46 AM

Omoris Cried

By Obad-Hai, we must get to the boat on time!

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-18, 03:11 PM
Marko cannot make out any distinguishable sounds coming from the galley, but although he can't make out the faces of the riders, they look exactly like the same four who just left the Bridge. He sees no boats or aquatic animals in the sparkling water over 20 feet below.

Gonna god-mod Durx here, but if he'd rather do something else, by all means tell me and I'll edit - I welcome creative thinking.

Ian and Durx join the rest of the party in pushing their way through the crowd down the long bridge, then turning right to race down the west bank of the river in an attempt to catch the galley... but by the time the adventurers catch up with the boat, it has already cast off is moving upstream and towards the middle of the river (a mile wide this close to the sea) at the pace of a man walking steadily. It is not difficult for the adventurers to keep up walking abreast of the boat, but it is separated from them by a gap of water currently 200 feet and growing wider. There are no watercraft on this side of the river, and only log rafts secured to the opposite bank.

2008-02-18, 06:36 PM

Seeing no faster means to get to the boat, Marko runs along the bridge railing to catch up to the rest of the group.

If the railing is at least 7 inches wide, Marko takes 10 (repeatedly) and conducts double moves to keep up with the group trying to plow through the crowd. If not:
Balance: [roll0]

If he falls in the water, or else once he gets down to the river side, he's looking for more porpoises:
Spot: [roll1]

Heck, if he ends up in the water, he knows sound carries, and will just try "shouting" his request.

2008-02-19, 03:51 AM
Omoris turned to the rest of the group

Should we try these log rafts? They look unstable, but I do not see any othe way of getting to the boat...

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-19, 10:47 AM
Marko catches up with the rest of the group, without seeing a single aquatic animal larger than a panfish.

2008-02-20, 11:16 PM
Should we try these log rafts?

The rafts are on the other side of the river....

Ulysses is pretty much going to keep following the boat unless someone comes up with a better idea. He's a (relentless) man of action, not a strategist after all.

Shades of Gray
2008-02-20, 11:40 PM
Les' think 'bout this logic'ly. We can't catch'p t'them. How'ver there's a crowd there who just saw a woman go unconscious, and carried'way by the police. A large 'mount'a these people'r children, maybe we should focus on calming the crowd down, or explainin' thin's. I'm anggry at who- or what'ver knocked Kata unconscious, but we can't get to her.

Durx stares at the crowd.And all the children asking their parents what happened, and the panic.

I hope you know card tricks'r somethin'

2008-02-21, 04:44 AM

Omoris surveyed the crowd. A couple of young faces look up at him


Omoris' cheeks flushed, and he quickly took a couple of steps backwards and turned around

I am not very good with er... children..

Omoris suddenly saw Sentinel nearby, being patted by two gnomish children who seemed to be oblivious to the fact that the hound towerd over them. Sentinel wagged his tail, giving one of the gnomes a full face lick.

Erm...about the log rafts*FACEPALM*..

2008-02-21, 12:47 PM
"What're you going on about? We can't quit now!" Ulyssses continues to pace along the river bank, keeping abreast of the boat regardless of what his companions are doing. "There's something very wrong happening here, and we need to stop it!" He grits his teeth at the thought of what might become of the young woman, or what she might be going through even now. "If only we knew where her kinsmen were, to warn them about this. But even if we found them, they wouldn't understand our words!"

Shades of Gray
2008-02-21, 01:53 PM
Don' worry, Finde's with her, as well as'ome guards. She'll be fine. Calm down, focus, think logic'ly

2008-02-21, 05:14 PM
"To be honest, Finde didn't seem like a nice guy," Althea replied to Durx cautiously. She went up to Ulysses, skipping ahead a bit and standing in front of him. She stands straight before him, actually needing to look down a little to meet his eye.

"We can't get to her now. And I'm fairly certain there's only one way that the river will go. I'm sure if we find someone with a map or something we would at least know where to go. We can't just follow them, I'm pretty sure we don't even have food or anything to keep up for longer then a day."

2008-02-21, 11:47 PM
"I don't trust those guards or the elf! They've abducted an innocent woman to who knows where!"

When Althea steps in front of him, Ulysses lowers his head menacingly, but stops. "Very well," he grits out reluctantly. "We'll double back for supplies and hire or get the services of a boat for ourselves -- one that's a clip faster than that one," he jerks his chin angrily in the direction of the retreating craft. "But no more delays after that, damnit! They could get off that boat at any town along the way, or even pop off into the wilderness and disappear with their helpless captive for gods know what evil use!"

Sorry if Ulysses is being difficult. I'm not trying to live up to the stereotype of Lawful Good playing out as "Lawful Stupid" here, but the combination of Ulysses characteristics make him difficult to reason with under the current circumstances.

2008-02-22, 05:22 PM

"If I may suggest, Ulysses: only some of us should fetch supplies while the rest keep on eye on that galley. Once we have what we need, we could get some of us ahead of it, and float out into the stream to intercept it," Marko offered.

2008-02-23, 04:24 AM
Sounds like a plan. But who will watch the galley and who will go?

2008-02-23, 10:26 AM

"Well, being that I can't carry all that much, I was thinking I at least should stay to watch the galley. I'd certainly appreciate some company on the road, but whoever goes back to the guild will have to lug our gear in addition to their own," Marko said. "I'm Marko, by the way," he added hastily, sticking out his hand to Omoris.

2008-02-24, 02:39 PM
Ulysses glances at Althea. "The strongest of us who can carry the most should definitely double back for supplies. At least two or others should stay behind. Beyond that, I don't know. I don't even have any idea how we'd get a hold of a boat of our own to chase after these kidnappers -- but it had better be a fast craft. Maybe we can ask the guildmaster or someone else at the guild. But we'd better hurry.

"So, quick and make up your mind: who's coming with me to get supplies and who's staying behind with Marko?"

Shades of Gray
2008-02-24, 03:25 PM
I'll get supplies. Les'go.

2008-02-24, 03:48 PM
"You're not that fast though Durx," Althea commented. She thought for a moment, then began to pull off her armor. She wore a shirt underneath that was comfortable, though any doubts about her gender would be dispelled. She handed it to Durx, then slipped off her great sword, giving it to him as well. She kept her kukri in its sheath though. That wouldn't slow her down nearly as much as the blade and armor. "I'll need a hand getting for what we'll need, but I'll go. I'm faster then most of you anyway, and time's an issue."

Shades of Gray
2008-02-24, 03:54 PM
Durx drops the greatsword and the armor.

Don't give me orders. I'm coming. He says, making his way before anyone can object.

(Durx isn't wearing his scalemail by the way, he thought a mace and shield would be enough, he doubted anyone would attack a priest, especially one that's 7 feet tall.)

2008-02-24, 04:14 PM

"Yes, we must hurry. In fact, I suggest we continue to follow the galley along the shore until it's settled who's staying and who's going," Marko added, nodding vigorously and continuing to walk upstream.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-25, 06:02 AM
Scanning the area again for transportation upstream, the adventurers see only the lografts tied up on the eastern bank. Any actual boats must be on the ocean coast. It is common knowledge that the commercial docks are east of the mouth of the river at the trade center of Old East Bridgeport, while on the coast west of the river one usually only sees small halfling fishing boats.

2008-02-25, 03:08 PM
Guess that means I am with you Marko. Nice to meet you by the way.

2008-02-25, 05:55 PM

"All right, uh, Omoris, was it? Let's keep moving while the rest sort out who's fetching gear, eh?" Marko said with a smile.

2008-02-25, 10:23 PM
"Yes, we must hurry. In fact, I suggest we continue to follow the galley along the shore until it's settled who's staying and who's going," Marko added, nodding vigorously and continuing to walk upstream.

I kind of assumed we were continuing to follow the galley....
"All right, it looks like me, Althea, and Durx are going to get supplies. Marko and the Cardinal will stay behind." Ulysses glances down at the pile of Althea's weapon and armor, slightly annoyed. "We can't leave that here. It might slow you down but it won't do anyone any good lying in the dirt. We can't expect a gnome and an old prelate to wrestle it along the riverbank with them, so we'll have to bring it with." He reaches down and picks up the greatsword. "You and Durx grab some and let's get going. I'm going to slow us down more than anyone in this armor, but I'm not about to waste time taking it off just so I can lug it around. I'll need my arms free for supplies anyway."

Ulysses IS wearing his armor, because he pretty much always wears his armor during daylight hours. Yes it might slow him down, but he's perfectly willing to run all the way back to the guildhouse -- or maybe just hustle, if his guildmates can convince him not to overdo it. :smallwink:

2008-02-26, 05:58 AM
I was thinking we stopped for Althea to remove her armor, but it doesn't matter too much whether we did or not. The important thing is we're moving now.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-26, 01:34 PM
All right, it looks like [Ulysses], Althea, and Durx are going to get supplies. Marko and [Omoris] will [keep marching alongside the galley].

I'll be going back to the guildhall, but...I'm staying there. I have some...personal reasons that I must stay in Bridgeport. Besides, this is a matter of haste and it will be difficult enough finding passage for five people upriver. I'll tell Bruce about everything for you, and I can also take anything you want to leave behind back to the guildhall with me if you prefer to travel light, though you might want to give it to somebody else if you're going to want it, in case you find a boat or some horses or something. Oh, and I'll try to get in touch with Kata's musicians and communicate to them what has happened.

Ian gathers any equipment that anyone wants to leave behind and, after everyone else departs, will trudge back to the guildhall.

2008-02-26, 09:37 PM
"Sorry, I thought someone was going to watch the boat for now." Althea explained curtly, more then hinting at Durx.

Althea fumed silently after that, putting her armor back on. A dozen complaints and jibes were ready to make themselves known, but she stifled them. Now, or ever really, was not the time to be making an enemy of the towering cleric. Though the barbarian was certain she could fight and win, the man was still good. There was no reason to harm him, or even raise a fist. She put the armor back on as they walked, slipping it back over so it fit her feminine form. She did the same for the greatsword, thanking Ulysses as she took it from him.

"I'm ready, let's get this over with. Wasting time won't help us much at all," Althea said aloud, double checking her greatsword's sheath. She nodded at Ian as well. "If you can, try and get one of the wizards to try and tell us if you find Kata's friends, or something like that. I don't think it would be that tough for them to send a message with magic."

Yay for conflict. And don't be surprised if Althea wants to spar with Durx later :smalltongue:

As for running, assume that Althea will keep pace with the top speed of the others. After all, a hustle for her is almost as slow run for you two :smallbiggrin:

2008-02-27, 05:37 PM
As for running, assume that Althea will keep pace with the top speed of the others. After all, a hustle for her is almost as slow run for you two :smallbiggrin:

My thoughts exactly. I think Durx and Ulysses both have the Relentless trait, which should help if we need to make any checks to keep from taking nonlethal damage or whatever. And for Althea the pace won't be nearly as strenuous, so (hopefully) we should be fine.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-02-29, 03:08 AM
"If you can, try and get one of the wizards to try and tell us if you find Kata's friends, or something like that. I don't think it would be that tough for them to send a message with magic."

Ian (as he jogs off towards the Bridge, bound for the guildhall)
"I'll do that."

Shades of Gray
2008-03-01, 02:33 PM
Durx gets to the hall first.

He looks at Eldon No time to explain. Althea and Ulysses will take care of it..

St. Cuthbert, give me the strength. Give me the strength to pursue evil Give me the power to destroy injustice. Give me the strength to move mountains, to uproot trees.

Give Me The Strength

Durx's eyes glow pure white. He doubles in size. He picks up the supplies an easily. He picks up two armfuls of supplies. And rushes into the street.

outta my way!

He rushes back to the group. I assume he gets there with no trouble (After all, the only thing scarier than a 7ft. tall man is a 14ft. tall man:smallwink: )

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-01, 04:01 PM
While Durx was rushing about, Ian explained the situation to the guild officers. Immediately concerned, Lankin threw a bag of trail rations on top of the pile Durx was carrying, while Bruce let the team know,

"If necessary I can call in a favor and get a halfling fisherman I once lobbied for to take you as far as Midford...there are some perks to being a politician, after all. Won't be very fast, but better than walking. I wish we could get you some horses but the coffers are running low, and I don't think anyone would let you borrow a horse rather than purchase it."

2008-03-01, 04:52 PM
"Actually, I think Ulysses can get that, talk ser knight," Althea smirked at Ulysses. She had calmed down a bit in the run. It felt good to have something to do, even if the situation was far from good. She rushes in quickly, collecting her own travel kit, mostly a small pad of paper with some pencils. She picked up her extra belt, stuffing it and the kukri that it was apart of into the bag. While returning, she quickly grabbed some flint and tinder as well, and a blanket that fit into her backpack snugly, A minute later, and she was back down near the entrance of the guildhall again, holding a bag of trail rations as well as a waterskin in it.

"I'm ready when you are Ulysses," Althea commented. She held her bag of supplies in her arms easily. Even with all the extra weight, she was far from encumbered by it. "Can we get that boat or no?"

2008-03-02, 03:55 PM
"Grab my pack for me, if you would," he entreats Althea as she heads for the stairs. He briefly describes the distinct appearance of his Colossian militia pack, with its oil-treated hood to keep the rain and snow out in the wet, hilly climes of Caulbrook.

I'm going to assume that Althea obliged and snagged Ulysses's bag when she went to get her stuff.
Ulysses turns back to Bruce, thanking him and gathering the relevant information about the halfling fisherman, his name and where they could find him.

"Can we get that boat or no?"

"We can get it," he responds to Althea's question, taking his pack from her with a nod of thanks. Then he turns to the Guildmaster again. "How fast is the craft, by the way? We're looking to catch up with these kidnappers, not to continue to fall behind them."

Though I suppose we don't have much choice in the matter if this is our only option for transport...

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-03, 01:50 AM
Bruce writes a note asking a certain fisherman for passage for the adventurers and seals it, giving it to Ulysses.

"It's just an old fishing boat, I'm sure it will be slower than that craft you described to me with all the oars, but it will be free. It's probably best that Ian stays here - that fishing boat is not very big.
"One other thing you could do - if you go to the docks, you could hire a cart that you could carry you up the river road. But that might be kind of expensive, and I'm not sure what they'll have available. If all they have are carts drawn by oxen, you'd be better off walking."

I was looking at the DMG, and their definition of a "galley" is a bit bigger than what I had in mind. I think the boat that Finde and Kata and the two guys in guard uniforms escaped in would only have 12-20 oarsmen plus a few other guys to control the sail, a guy at the rudder, and a guy in charge.

2008-03-03, 03:46 PM
Althea sighed at Bruce's description of the ship. The galley was not one that seemed to be going slowly, and this fishing vassal seemed to be even slower. Still, it would be better than merely walking for some time, or at least it should. The boat didn't really need to rest if its crew was smart. The girl cursed under her breath as she though.

"Should be try and take the boat? Even if it is slower, we'll be able to get off on either side of the river. If we don't then they could lose us the moment they decide to disembark on the other side. We should be able to tell when they lleft though, I think we ought to take it. The cart wouldn't be that much better then walking."

OOC stuff, just assume Althea will follow Ulysses.

2008-03-03, 05:06 PM
Ulysses nods gravely in response to Bruce, rolling over the limited options in his mind. He thanks the guildmaster and turns to leave, motioning his companions to follows.

I'm assuming Bruce told us where to find this fisherman and his boat? If he's at the docks, then I want to swing by wherever it is we'd hire a cart from, assuming it's convenient. If it's at all out of our way, then Ulysses will head straight for the fisherman and his boat.

I was looking at the DMG, and their definition of a "galley" is a bit bigger than what I had in mind. I think the boat that Finde and Kata and the two guys in guard uniforms escaped in would only have 12-20 oarsmen plus a few other guys to control the sail, a guy at the rudder, and a guy in charge.

A keelboat then; pg. 132 of the PHB. It's basically a river galley (though capable of sea voyages).

Unfortunately, they don't have any kind of boat that would be the equivalent of a fishing boat. It's always irked me that the rules have a noticeable lack of any watercraft in between the size of a rowboat (~10 ft long) and a keelboat (min. 50 ft long). Seems like a glaringly large gap to me. :smallannoyed:

2008-03-03, 07:32 PM

Marko was able to maintain a remarkably good pace with Omoris, though not quite as fast as his magically boosted speed.

Marko's move is 30'. Have we managed to catch and/or pass the "galley"? If/when the fishing boat catches up to Marko and Omoris, please wave! :smallbiggrin:

2008-03-03, 08:17 PM
Althea followed Ulysses, saying goodbye to Bruce as they began to make their way towards the docks.

I'm going to assume that we have made it to the docks easily enough. As well, I think it is only ser knight and barbarian lass there at the moemnt, as Durx went running full tilt to the other guys. Feel free to god-mod Althea just following Ulysses for now. He's the talker after all. :smalltongue:

2008-03-04, 02:16 AM
*Huff* I hope the others will *huff* get here soon!

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-05, 08:44 AM
Durx causes quite a stir as he hurries back to Omoris and Marko as fast as he can go - a couple of guards start to reach for their weapons, but hesitate - both from fear and from the appearance that the 14-foot tall monster is not about to harm anyone, and Durx strides away before anyone can think to shout "Halt!" He is still a ways off from catching up with his companions when the spell wears off and he staggers under the weight of his burden, but he shouts and Omoris and Marko run back, distribute the load, and the three of them catch up with the boat and fall into a steady march again. The going is pretty rough along the narrow and uneven path along the west bank of the river. Durx is tired, and a few of the old trees that have not been cut down have large roots that protrude so high above the ground that Marko must pick up his feet quite high to walk among them. The boat is in the middle of the river, oars dipping and rising in a smooth rhythm. The adventurers can see the two uneasy horses on the deck being held firmly by the men in guard uniforms, who are standing. There is no sign of Kata or Finde.

Ulysses and Althea head South towards the Docks, then cut West across the Great Bridge, then turns South again. They follows Bruce's instructions to wharf made of scrapwood where, sure enough an older halfling is cleaning his fishing boat. having already sold the morning's catch. They present Bruce's letter to the halfling, who opens and reads it.

Halfling Fisherman
"Ah, it's my pleasure to help your guildmaster. If it weren't for him pleading my case to the Council of Guilds, I would have lost this boat. Quickly on board now, and we'll try to think of a way to pick up your friends along the bank.

The fisherman whistles sharply, and an adolescent halfling girl bearing a family resemblance to him pops her head up from the other side of the gunnel of the open boat, a half-finished rope splice in her hands. He speaks a quick sentence to her in the halfling tongue, and she drops what she is doing and hustles about preparing the small open boat for departure and the fisherman and his two guest climb aboard.

"Ah, where are my manners? I am Daros, and this is Darla. Hold on now!"

The small vessel rocks and shudders in the waves of the ocean coast as the two halflings perform a carefully choreographed procedure of bringing the boat away from the wharf and tacking into the wind until they turn north up the Timber River, passing a city guard boat at the mouth of the river. With skillful use of the sails, Daros and Darla manage to defeat the current and start creeping up river, though they are challenged in keeping the nose of the little craft pointed upstream, knowing that if they get turned around they will be swiftly carried back to the sea. Daros directs Ulysses and Althea to a pair of long oars, which they set in oarlocks and put to use. They make more headway now, and eventually see the boat containing Finde and Kata cutting through the water far ahead of them, and three small figures moving alongside it on the west bank that could only be Durx, Omoris, and Marko.

"I don't know how we're going to pick them up - there are too many rocks and tree roots close to shore for me to take the boat up close."

I guess technically one could call this corruption if a political official is receiving transportation favors as a result of his political actions. But that's just the way things work in Bridgeport. Also did I get everyone's location right?

2008-03-05, 05:47 PM
The problem of reaching their companions on the shore is one that strains Ulysses wits. He frowns. "Could they maybe swim out to us, if we pulled in as close as possible?"

He waves to the landbound half of the group, hoping someone else will have a better idea of what to do.

Since they know that we'll be coming up the river in a boat, I'm assuming they're keeping an eye out and won't have any trouble spotting us or seeing Ulysses wave to them.

2008-03-05, 08:02 PM

Marko waved back to Ulysses as he picked his way along the bank, dodging roots as best he could. Seeing the others with a boat of their own set the gears of his gnomish mind in motion with thoughts of a sea anchor to slow the other vessel. Attaching it would be a problem, but some stout canvas and light chain or heavy rope would do for the construction. Thinking of problems, he realized there was no easy way to get between the shore and the fishing boat. He and Omoris would be able to swim easily enough, but Durx and his heavy load would probably just sink to the bottom.

Does the other boat have anything visible a sea anchor could be reasonably attached to (at night, by a certain gnomish sailor)?

2008-03-05, 09:31 PM
The oars were surprisingly tough to keep going after a while, but Althea got into a rhythm as she worked with Ulysses. They made good time, coming into view of their companions and also of the ship they were chasing. She looked at the land locked others, trusting the two halflings to hold the boat well while she stopped rowing for a moment.

"Durx would sink though, so that wouldn't work, I like the big guy," Althea responded to Ulysses. She turned towards Daros as she thought. "There anyplace nearby where we would be able to pick them up? Just a safer place or something?"

"Actually," Althea's face brightens at this idea. "Is there anyway to stop the boat? I'm pretty sure if we can use a crossbow or something to fire a rope over, they all can come over to this side without losing their supplies."

Shades of Gray
2008-03-05, 09:48 PM
Whew, huh, ugh. eh.

Durx stands with his hands on his knees, tired.

Whew, I think I need to sit down.

He sits against a wall. he drops his mace and shield.

If I have time I can pray to m'lord for a mist spell, that would slow the'down so they couldn't continue. I could also get a c'mmand spell to try t'get them t'stop, how'ver that usually isn't reliable. All I c'do now is bless a weapon and do other minor spells that wouldn't be useful.

2008-03-07, 12:04 PM
I thought I had a solution to our problem Marko. Using the mystical force obad-hai has granted me, I could summon and animal that could ferry us across.The problem is The ones that I know of are either too small or too feirce to summon..

ooc: GAH! I omoris spent more time by the seaside instead of in the forest, he could have summond a porpoise that marko could have talked into taking us across. Darn fluff vs crunch!

Shades of Gray
2008-03-07, 12:30 PM
Too bad, I could have summoned a creature s'well, however I used my spell to heal Kata instead. Although my summons'oly last six sec'nds anyway.

I'm pretty sure the porpoise would only last six seconds.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-07, 12:55 PM
"Is there anyway to stop the boat? I'm pretty sure if we can use a crossbow or something to fire a rope over, they all can come over to this side without losing their supplies."

"There should be a still spot there just ahead of your friends, behind that finger of land projecting into the river where the bend starts. We could take the sail out of the wind there and probably still hold the boat fairly steady, plus or minus ten feet forwards or backwards, just using the oars and rudder. It's about twenty feet from shore. I've got plenty of rope here but no crossbow. I've also got various fishing nets and an anchor on a rope if that does any good."

"If they had a little rowboat they could come out to us and climb aboard or else be towed, though that would be slow going. Perhaps somewhere on the bank ahead someone will have a a rowboat?

Adventurers both on the boat and on the shore - let me know what kind of things you need (like rowboats) and I'll tell you if you can look around and find it (there are currently no rowboats in view, by the way.

EDIT: Ulysses and Althea are exhausted sweating after their furious rowing upstream, and though their little boat has gotten close enough for them to wave at their landbound comrades, their arms and backs are burning with the exertion and it seems as though, even if they have the endurance to keep rowing, they will not be able to row fast enough to avoid being left behind unless Marko, Durx, Omoris, and Sentinel stop and wait for them. The little fishing boat is just not designed for speed up a river, no matter how strong the rowers are. Just then however, three large timber-rafts appear around the bend of the river ahead. In order to avoid a collision with the less-maneuverable rafts, the small galley pulls to the east bank of the river and waits there for them to pass. Daros pilots his fishing boat as close as he dares to the west bank of the river, getting closer to the adventurers who are taking a breather from their brisk walking.

2008-03-08, 10:16 PM
EDIT: Ulysses and Althea are exhausted after their furious rowing upstream, <snip>

I'm going to assume you don't mean "exhausted" in the strict rules sense of the word here, but regardless, shouldn't we get a saving throw? Not trying to be a rules Nazi here or argue w/ the DM (very bad form, that), but Ulysses having the Relentless trait kind of makes me mindful of this. He doesn't get tired; he's either just spiffy or flat out on his back, with no in between ground. :smalltongue:

2008-03-12, 07:38 PM

Seeing the animated discussion in the fishing boat, and one of the boaters point at the finger of land, Marko increased his pace to get ahead of the little vessel. Stripping off his gear to keep it as dry as possible, the gnome dove into the river and used to current to help him swim out to the boat. Sticking his head just above the gunwale, he asked, "What's the plan?"

Marko takes 10 to swim out to the boat with the current. He also retains a dagger in a secured belt sheath when he dives in.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-14, 12:46 AM
Darla ties one end of a long coil of rope to the boat and offers the other end to Marko.

2008-03-14, 05:36 AM

"Righto," said the gnome, looping the rope over one shoulder and around his body. He tied a quick knot, then swam back to shore, working against the current as little as possible. Once there, he found a tree, and tied off on a convenient branch. Then he turned to bundling his gear with some lighter line and made two loops over the heavier rope. Clambering up on the rope, Marko locked his legs around it and inched along hand over hand, pushing his gear ahead of him. Once back in the boat, he asked for another rope to use so those in the boat could pull the others' gear over while they swam out. Durx' massive frame would simply pull the boat toward shore and soak him anyway, he explained.

2008-03-14, 05:44 PM
Wait for me!

After a quick gesture to Sentinel, both man and beast started swimming onwards.

Take ten+3 13

2008-03-15, 09:24 AM

As Omoris and Sentinel swam below, Marko pushed the gear they wanted to keep dry along the rope with help from those in the boat. As he inched along, he glanced back to shore to see how Durx was doing. The half-orc's armor would be a challenge to keep dry, but if it took multiple trips, then so be it.

2008-03-15, 05:06 PM
Ulysses silently holds the rope steady and taught enough to keep their equipment and supplies above water, looking to Daros for any instruction on how to keep the boat relatively stable in the water.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-25, 12:01 PM
As Omoris and Sentinel climb aboard the fishing boat (Sentinel shaking himself so that anyone who wasn't wet before is now), Durx secures the remainder of the party's gear to the rope running from tree to mast. Marko shimmies across the rope (Taking 10) and attaches a second rope to the gear, then returns to the boat, and hauls the gear on board. Durx unties the rope from the tree, and is about to throw it in the river for Marko to haul aboard, then considers his lack of swimming skill and decides to tie the rope around his waist instead. It turns out to be an unnecessary precaution as he has to swim only a very short distance once the water becomes too deep for him to walk in. With everyone aboard, Ulysses and Althea fall back upon their oars, with Daros at the rudder directing Darla how best to make use of the simple sail. The boat begins to creep upstream again, though their quarry has now slipped out of sight around the bend.

"We only have the two oars, but there's room for two people on each oar."

2008-03-25, 02:22 PM
Right- so which of us is going to do the rowing? is anyone here a dab hand at it?

Omoris turned to the others

I don't have much experience with rowing myself, but I am sure that I could have a good go at it if we need to

2008-03-25, 07:05 PM

As others set about the oars, Marko helped Darla set the sails just right, trying not to quibble too much with Daros, being that it was his boat. When he looked up and realized they had lost sight of their quarry, he cursed under his breath and said, "Perhaps we should land on the opposite bank where the going is easier? I think we may able to make better time afoot than against the current."

2008-03-26, 12:20 PM
"They aren't that far up, I think we might be able to catch them if you move quickly enough," Althea said aloud. She sat down near one of the oars, waiting for the others to decide. "We might be able to reach them in the boat, but I don't know how we'll get onto their ship from here. And if we go to the other bank, then they might pull off before we can reach them.

2008-03-26, 04:22 PM
"Lend a hand then, Cardinal, if you're up for it." Ulysses slides over and gestures for Omoris to take up a seat next to him.

"I don't know much about boats; I'm more comfortable in a saddle," he says, addressing the rest of the group and wishing he was in a saddle right now. "But it seems to me that, if we've any chance of keeping up with the other boat, we should stick to the water. Even if we caught up with them on foot, there'd be nothing we could do. We can't board them if we're landbound. But I have no idea whether we can keep up like this."

I really do have no idea whether we can keep up or not if we stay in the boat. And I doubt Ulysses would have much of a sense of that anyways unless it was really obvious one way or the other; he has no ranks in Profession (Sailor) and a Wis mod of -1 to boot, so making a check would be pointless for him. Anyone with more expertise feel free to weigh in.

2008-03-27, 12:44 PM
Of Course, of course.

Omoris took a seat next to Ulysses, Grasping the fine, oak oar.

Could Omoris take a wisdom check to see if they could catch up with the boat?

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-27, 01:20 PM
Daros shakes his head, as if intuiting Omoris' query.

"That's a fast boat ahead of us. Faster than us, even with all of you rowing. You could catch it running, maybe, but I don't how long you could keep it up, especially with all that equipment you have."

2008-03-27, 06:03 PM

"Not to disagree with you Master Daros, but we were keeping up with that vessel with little trouble afoot on the less favorable bank. We may have to run to catch up to it, but I daresay we'll be able to keep up once we catch it, at least as long as we're awake. We'll undoubtedly lose time sleeping while they continue up stream. I have to wonder how many oarsmen they have, though. They may be limited to sail at night," Marko said.

Does Marko need a Profession/Sailor check for any of that? Better question: was any of what he said wrong, oh wise and powerful DM? :smallbiggrin:

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-28, 12:01 PM
"Well, I suppose if you are that determined, I mean, you'd be walkin' all day...It's just that - beggin' your pardon - tall people sometimes forget to account for those of us with shorter legs." (His ruddy face flushes a shade redder.) "Sorry, Master Gnome, I'm sure you know what you're gettin' into."

2008-03-28, 04:39 PM

"No need to apologize. I'm reckoned quick among my people, and have had no trouble keeping up with these folk yet. But you're right about the walking all day. Unless they heave to at night to rest, we'll fall behind until we're up again. Oh, and it's Marko, by the way," the gnome said, sticking out his hand for Daros to shake. If Daros looked, he would notice Marko's hands were callused in much the same way as his own.

2008-03-28, 06:50 PM
"All this talk of rest, pah. I don't know about all of you, but I'll find plenty of time to rest when I'm dead -- or when they are," Ulysses jerks his chin ahead to indicate the other boat that's pulled out of view, and keeps rowing, waiting for some sort of concensus on whether they're making their pursuit on or off the boat.

@Daryk: If there's ever any question in your mind about whether you need to make a roll or not, my advice is just roll. That way, if the DM doesn't need it, he can ignore it. Otherwise, if you ask instead of rolling, and it turns out he does want you to roll, then you just have to post again. Thus it's a time-saver to just go ahead and roll.

Shades of Gray
2008-03-28, 09:12 PM
I'm not much help, nev'seen a boat 'n my life 'till Bridegeport.

2008-03-28, 10:35 PM
"I haven't seen much in the way of boats either. Not much need for them when you lived in mountains," Althea replied to the big man. "I do think we should decide soon. Or at least get an idea of what to do anyway. If they get too far ahead, I doubt we'd ever catch up to them."

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-29, 03:17 AM
Daros (shaking hands quickly with Daryk)
"Sounds like we'll be setting you all ashore then. There should be a spot on the east bank coming up..."

After struggling upstream a bit further, Daros steers the boat up to a rickety wooden dock, and Darla leaps over the gunnel with a rope to secure them. The road that runs parallel to the east bank is at the other end of the dock.

"Good luck to you on your journey, then. I hope you get your friends back safe and sound. The road here should be pretty safe. Don't forget all your equipment."

2008-03-29, 04:31 AM
Is it worth me using the power of Obad-hai to mve swiftly or not? I might be able to catch them off early.

2008-03-29, 07:54 PM
"You're older and doubtless wiser than the rest of us," Ulysses says in response to Omoris as he gathers up his pack and any other loose equipment he can comfortably carry. "If you think it would help to call on your god to speed you ahead, then do so, but I can't devise what you'd do once you caught up with them, all on your own. Personally, I'm inclined to stick together so as we don't get seperated or lost."

Ulysses turns to Daros and favors him with a sincere if hasty bow. "You have our deepest gratitude, sir." Then he steps off the boat and onto the dock, heading for the road, impatient for them to be on their way.

As an OOC note, didn't Omoris already use his speedy-spell today? Or does he have it memorized twice?

2008-03-30, 07:30 AM
Yes I guess you're correct. I didn't feel inclined to use up the last of my power anyway.

I forgot that druids prepare spells like clerics :smalltongue: * kicks entangle*

2008-03-30, 07:33 AM

"Is there any way you could speed all of us along? I think Ulysses is right in that we should stick together," added Marko.

Turning to Daros before leaving the boat for good, he asked, "Master Daros, could you spare a bit of sail cloth? Say, a scrap four feet by four feet? I may have a way to slow our quarry once we catch it, but I need the canvas. I think I have enough other materials to make a sea anchor, but the canvas is critical. Perhaps an auger or two as well?"

Yes, I know OOC Longstrider is a personal spell, but it's a reasonable question for a character without Spellcraft.

On the other item, Marko is thinking about making a sea anchor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_anchor). Once he fashions it from canvas and rope, he'll need a way to attach it to the hull. I could be wrong, but Sentinel may be big enough to carry Marko ahead during a period of darkness where Marko could make his way out into the river ahead of the target vessel. 16 square feet of canvas may or may not be enough to shave their speed down to 20 or so, but that's what Marko's aiming for.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-03-30, 11:47 AM

"Certainly - here's a 20 square foot canvas. I can't spare my anchor, not that you would want to carry it walking, but here's 50 feet of hemp rope if you need it. I'm afraid I don't have an auger; only a hammer and a saw."

2008-03-31, 12:59 PM
Sadly my powers do not go that far. I am sure that one of the more experienced members of the crown could though. I don't know how you would fare trying to ride Sentinel to make up for...

*Omoris pauses for a second, for a lack of a better word.*

speed disadvantage.

*Another nervous pause*

But If we lose sight of the ship, my Shalmhound could track it for us. He has tracked smaller, less noisy things before!

IC vs OOC knowledge.:P

Shades of Gray
2008-03-31, 01:52 PM
(OOC: Oh no! Omoris is a triplet!)

Worse comes to worse, I can carry ya.
Durx smirks (rhyme!)
'm sure y'can get a good vantage point, we're ten feet tall 'tween the two of us. Don't worry, I'd handle the extra weight, such is the power of m'lord.

2008-03-31, 03:57 PM
"Or I can, or even Ulysses," Althea replied. She got off the boat as well, thanking their sailing captains as she did so. "What are you planning on doing anyway?"

[[Althea is the fastest and most clueless about sailing right now ]]

2008-03-31, 07:40 PM

To Daros, Marko said, "Thank you Daros. Both are most appreciated. It shouldn't take me too long to whip up a sea anchor once I can sit down and do it."

Turning to the rest, Marko replied cheerfully, "I can keep up with most talk folk, but if any of you are faster than that, I wouldn't turn down a free ride."

FYI, Marko has a move of 30 feet through the "Quick" trait.

2008-03-31, 09:35 PM
@Daryk: I'd think Marko could easily ride Sentinel, since he's considered a riding dog in game-mechanic terms, and thus the right size for a small-sized rider.

2008-04-01, 05:18 AM
@souldoubt: Yeah, but I think Althea would be much handier in a fight, not to mention easier to talk to and plan with... :smallbiggrin:

2008-04-01, 06:10 PM

As Daros cast off, Marko turned to Althea and answered, "Sorry... I got a bit distracted there. I think I can make a simple device to slow the vessel we're chasing. Once it's made, I'll need to attach it somehow, but at the very least that will require us getting ahead of the vessel so I can swim out to it. Does that make sense? Ashore, we were able to keep up with it, even on the rougher bank, so I think we should be able to catch it no sweat."

2008-04-01, 11:14 PM
"I think I could carry you fastest," Althea began softly. She sighed, lifting her satchel filled with her things inside. It was heavy, hardly for the barbarian, but with a gnome, it would slow her down a bit. She took it off carefully, checking inside so that nothing was broken. Her rations cushioned her art supplies, and everything seemed in place. "How long wll it take to make the anchor anyways?"

She looked at Ulysses, passing over Durx after the last time she asked him to hold something. She held up the satchel for him to see. "If I do, could you hold this for me? I don't want it banging around with a gnome riding me."

2008-04-02, 06:09 PM

Taking Althea's question as an invitation to start work, Marko whipped out his palm leather, needle and thread and said, "About 20 minutes, I think. Longer if we try to keep the vessel in sight by moving periodically. I suggest we arrange our loads so we can catch the vessel more efficiently, if we don't do it that way. If we do, then you and I can catch the others, assuming they head upstream now."

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-03, 12:11 PM
Daros and Darla bid the adventurers farewell. While Marko finishes the sea anchor, the others cross-level their loads so each person is carrying a reasonable amount of weight for their strength.


It isn't pretty, but the canvas contraption looks like it shouldn't completely fall apart. The adventurers bundle it up and take off North at a fast jog. The road veers away from the river for a time, they worry that their quarry may escape them, so they keep up the pace for close to an hour, loose bits of equipment jingling as they go. When the road finally returns to the riverbank the adventurers stop to catch their breath and look for the boat. They look ahead, far down a straight stretch, and their hearts sink as they realize that despite their efforts, the boat is still nowhere in sight.


Turning to see the boat just coming around the bend about 400 yards behind them, the sweat-soaked adventurers breathe a sigh of relief, then realize they'd better pull back a few feet into the cedar trees if they don't want to be spotted by Kata's kidnappers.

2008-04-04, 02:28 PM
There it is...

Sentinel started to whine for attention.

Quiet! Omoris harshly whispered.

2008-04-05, 12:45 PM

Marko drew back into the trees to avoid being seen, only briefly wondering how they had managed to pass the vessel without noticing it. He supposed the trees had been thicker back there than he remembered.

Marko will take 10 on "aiding" anyone who looks like they might need help (for a result of 21), then hide himself (again taking 10 for a result of 21).

2008-04-06, 12:17 PM
Seeing Marko as the signal Omoris too crouched down low by the trees, And tried to make Sentinel do the same wih some precise gestures.

Handle animal [roll0] Hide [roll1] (Only if I cannot take ten)

2008-04-06, 12:26 PM
Althea followed their example, going back into the trees and quicking hiding herself along with the others.

((Just gonna take ten, so I have an 11))

2008-04-06, 01:27 PM
Ulysses follows his companions back into the trees, not sure exactly what they're up to.

@Daryk: Unfortunately, you can't take 10 on the aid action. :smallfrown:

I guess Ulysses takes 10 on his Hide check (for an 11 total), following the lead of the others, even though he doesn't really understand why they're crouching in the bushes. :smalltongue:

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-07, 02:38 AM
As the adventurers hide in the trees just off the riverbank, the river galley pulls abreast of them. The boat has a single sail and small cabins fore and aft. Amidships is an open deck with five large oars on each side. The tops of the heads of the oarsmen are just visible over the gunnel. The prisoners and horses are no longer on deck (but the aft cabin looks large enough to hold the horses). There are two men on the platform that makes the roof of the fore cabin and two on the aft cabin. The faint sound of a drum reaches the adventurers, in time with the stroke of the oars.

I hope this was consistent with my earlier description. I'm calling it a "River Galley" to distinguish it from the much larger Galley in the DMG.

2008-04-07, 05:27 AM

From his hidden vantage, Marko studied the river galley as closely as distance would allow, seeking hints of its construction below the waterline for an appropriate attachment point for the sea anchor. Perhaps the rudder post, or if there was a keel to counterbalance the wind. The latter was unlikely, given that it was a river vessel, but not impossible. The drogue wasn't designed the stop the vessel in any case, merely slow it enough to facilitate keeping up with it on foot despite the requisite stops for rest.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-07, 01:22 PM
Um, sure. There's a rudder post. Or some other thingamajiggy. :smalltongue:

2008-04-07, 07:50 PM

Marko grinned as the gears in his mind ground to a solution: the rudder post should do nicely. Now to wait for dark, and convince Althea to run him ahead of the vessel. It would be cold, but he shouldn't have to swim for too long. Perhaps a floating log to cover his approach in the darkness, then a touchy bit along the hull of the river galley until he could position himself at the stern of the vessel and rig the sea anchor to the rudder post. With luck, the drogue wouldn't rip the rudder free, and provide sufficient drag to make it possible to catch the vessel in the morning.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-10, 03:11 PM
The trail ahead is fortunately in the trees, and the adventurers trail their quarry without being seen. As darkness falls, the galley stops and anchors next to a small rock island in the middle of the river. The adventurers are not out of breath, but those not used to walking long distances are noticing some blisters and sore muscles.

2008-04-10, 06:32 PM

Marko had to clap a hand to his mouth to keep from whooping with delight when the river galley hove to and anchored for the night. Rubbing his hands together, he said quietly, "Oh, this simplifies things mightily!" Then he looked thoughtful for a moment, and turned to the others.
"I don't suppose you'd prefer to assault the vessel tonight, eh? I mean, it'll be a heck of a lot easier to attach the sea anchor now, but since they've stopped, maybe we should just get to rescuing your friend, right?" he asked of one and all.

Shades of Gray
2008-04-10, 06:37 PM
I'm ok with doin' it now, any'un tired?

Durx silently draws his mace.

2008-04-10, 06:53 PM
Ulysses nods. "I can't think of any reason to wait." He pauses, thoughful. "The question is, how are we going to get to the kidnappers? Durx and I are weighted down by our armor. Maybe if we rigged another rope out to that little island... but that sounds risky, since they could always cut the rope and leave us at the mercy of the current."

2008-04-10, 07:20 PM
"I could do with a break after this Durx," Althea commented. She left her greatsword sheathed for now. It was an ungainly thing at times, and stealth would not help with it. She sat down though, rubbing her feet as she thought.

"I can swim out, if you want, me and Marko," She thought aloud. An idea was beginning to form in her mind. "I'm sure we could shimmy up the rope pretty easy and just rescue Kata fairly quietly. Or throw a line out to you guys and keep the line safe till you make it on."

"Do you know of any ways to sabotage a boat actually?" Althea asked, looking at Marko. She grinned a little at the thought. It was an oddly familiar plan. "Preventing them from going any farther might be better for us then trying to assault them. Especially if it would only be us."

2008-04-11, 05:26 AM

Marko grinned and replied, "Oh, there are many ways to sabotage a vessel. Few of them likely to go unnoticed by the night watch, though. And fewer still that couldn't be repaired in under a day. If we could silence the watchmen, we might have a bit more success. Slipping the oars overboard would slow them down quite a bit, and slashing the rigging will force them to repair the damage before getting underway at all. If we could do all that, though, I'd think we could get your friend over the side and away with us. Of course, even if we sabotage the vessel, they could just drift down stream if we return to Bridgeport..."

2008-04-12, 05:00 PM
"I think the rope plan might be our best bet," Ulysses says. "Those of us who aren't weighted down could swim across and attach a rope -- on that island or on the boat, whichever you think would be more secure or easier to defend. Then the rest of us could make our way across while you defend the rope." He pauses. "I certainly don't like sending anyone into danger ahead of me, but this may be our only option."

2008-04-13, 07:49 PM
"I'm pretty sure that elf guy is a really good shot," Althea explained. She was taking of her boots on the ground, in preparation of the swim. "I'd rather not have him out of my reach if we're going to have to fight." She stood, stretching and checking the straps that held her greatsword in place. She grinned at Ulysses as she did so. "Don't worry, I'm not as Dainty as I look and Marko seems like a tough little guy." She looked down at him as well. "I'm ready when you are."

2008-04-14, 05:35 AM

The gnome considered for a moment, then decided to keep his armor on for this swim. It was much more likely to get ugly at the end of it, and if all else failed, his gnomish magic would be able to restore the leather tomorrow. He checked his weapons and his tools to make sure they'd remain attached to his body, then grinned at Althea. "After you," he said politely.

By "tools", I mean his sailor's tool kit and the sea anchor; he doesn't have thieves' tools yet (hope we don't have to pick any locks...).

2008-04-14, 12:26 PM
I will swim over with Sentinel and help to defend the rope. At a range I am a good shot with my trusty sling, and I can always turn to magic in an emergancy.

2008-04-14, 02:46 PM
Althea nodded at both Omoris and Marko, making last minute adjustments to her armor and her greatsword as she went towards the water. Her kukri was still safe as well in its small sheath, a small loop of leather enough to keep it locked in unless Althea needed it. She dipped a foot into the water, feeling a chill. Despite, she waded in slowly, then began to swim toward the small island that the boat was anchored on.

Taking ten on a swim check, so 13

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-14, 03:51 PM
Althea has to use some of her strength while swimming - the water isn't completely calm - but she reaches the stern of the boat unseen and sees that the anchor of the boat is only halfway in the water, one of its two hooks wedged in a fissure on the upstream/bow side of the small rock island, preventing the boat from being pushed back downstream by the current.

Just then, as Marko and Omoris prepare to take the plunge, a man on the boat lights a torch and walks to the stern, illuminating the water for 40 feet around the boat and the little island. The adventurers instinctively freeze, but Althea is hidden up against the stern of the boat while those on the shore are out of range of the torchlight.

2008-04-14, 06:22 PM

"I'll go next," Marko said quietly to Omoris. The gnome waited for the watchman to head forward again before swimming stealthily out to the boat with the rope. Instead of uncoiling it behind him from the shore, he kept the coil about his body until he joined Althea in the shadow of the hull.
"We have to tie it off underwater to keep it out of the light," he whispered to her before diving down to find something suitable. That done, he quietly swam back to shore trailing the rope to aid the encumbered swimmers.

Marko takes 10 on his swim checks for 14's, tying off the rope for 17, and doing it all stealthily for 17 (move silently) and 21 (hide).

2008-04-15, 03:41 AM
Come on Sentinel...quietly now.

Omoris quietly slid into the water and slowly swam after the others. Soon Sentinel followed.

The Idea was to call Sentinel over afterwards, but he does not know stay and I do not think I will roll 20 for handle animal :smalltongue:

oh, take 10 for swim, total 13

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-17, 11:49 AM
Marko and Omoris join Althea in the shallow water up against the stern of the boat, next to the small rock island, taking their time and swimming underwater part way to avoid being seen. Sentinel does not swim completely underwater but the man with the torch doesn't seem to notice him, perhaps because only his nose breaks the surface.

The port side of the boat looks scalable for someone standing on the island.

The adventurers cannot see if there is anyone else on deck besides the man with the torch on the roof of the stern cabin, next to the rudder.

I tried some ASCII art here but it didn't work.

Anyway, there is only one deck amidships. One mast with furled sail in the middle. Oars protrude through the gunnel. If oarsmen are there behind the gunnel, they can not be seen if the observer is below or at the same height as boat.
A cabin at each end, stern larger than bow. The helmsman's position is on the roof of the stern cabin.

2008-04-18, 07:39 PM
Ulysses watches in silence from the shore as his companions evade the notice of the boat's single guard.

"I don't like all this sneaking about," he remarks to Durx in a whisper. "Couldn't we just announce ourselves and challenge them to come out and face us? Or do you think they'd just heave to and try to run away like cowards again?"

2008-04-19, 06:01 AM

In a low voice, Marko said, "I'm going to take a peek. Stay here for a second."

Marko quietly swam to where he could get a better grip on the hull, pulled himself up, and peered over the gunnel from the shadows.

Marko continues to take 10, if he's allowed. That would be:
Swim: 14
Climb: 14
Hide: 21
Move Silently: 17
And sorry for the delay. It was a very long week, and I fell asleep not too long after getting home from work last night.

Shades of Gray
2008-04-19, 06:11 AM
Is there no other way across?

Believe me, th'last thing'i'wanna do is sneak, how'ver there is no other sol'tion t'this.

Durx sits down, and pulls out some of his rations. Skipped brea'fast t'be early. Want some?

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-19, 07:04 AM
Marko inches along the port side side of the boat, slowly to avoid even the slightest splash. He selects a spot on the gunnel in the darkest shadows where he can lift himself up to an oarlock rather than exposing his hands and head over the gunnel.
Peering through the oarlock, he counts twenty oarsmen sprawled on the deck, appearing to be asleep. Two men wearing parts of the Bridgeport City Guard uniform are also (apparently) sleeping on bales of hay in front of the stern cabin. The man with the torch is still by the tiller on top of the stern cabin, and Finde is sitting awake on a little barrel with a handheld lantern at his feet in front of the door to the bow cabin. Marko can smell horse manure.
Marko's arms start to tire so he slowly lets himself down. As he does so, his foot slips on a wet rock and his knee bumps lightly against the side of the boat before he gains secure footing and ducks down in the shadows.

If listen check succeeds, [roll1]

Findecano stands up.
"What was that?"
"What was what?"

Finde walks over to the port side of the boat and peers into the darkness. Marko presses himself as flat against the boat as he can, most of his body under the shallow water, turning his head so his face will not reflect any of the light of the crescent moon, though he knows that won't help much against Finde's low-light vision.
It seems like Finde is looking right at him, but finally the elf turns away and climbs a short ladder to the roof of the stern cabin, where he stands with the helmsman.

"I'm sure I heard something hit the boat. Though it could have just been some driftwood."
"Do you think they followed us?"
"I've been watching behind us for any boats and I've been watching the west bank carefully. I don't think anyone is breathing down our necks, but I'm sure they haven't given up."
"Well, it's time to wake up the next watch. You can tell them what you heard."
"Go ahead and wake them. I'm staying up though - I'll trance -- sleep, you know -- once we're underway in the daylight again."

The helmsman wedges the torch upright between two pieces of wood in the railing behind him and turns to go down the ladder to the deck of sleeping men.

2008-04-21, 01:34 PM
Althea waited, hoping that Marko was not seen as he slipped on the rock. She remained silent though, watching as she saw the silhouette of the elf from before look for Marko as well. She let out a silent sigh of relief as he remained hidden, and did her best to not move either. She nodded at Omoris, waiting for the switch between watches. As far as she could tell, there was no reason why they would need to fight until they had some advantage.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-21, 02:58 PM
The helmsman goes down the ladder, followed by Finde. Finde takes his old seat back. The helmsman wakes up two oarsman, talks quietly with them for a moment, then lies down on the rowing deck to sleep while the two walk back towards the ladder to where the torch is.

2008-04-21, 05:27 PM

Marko waited until he heard conversation die, and the elf resume his seat before daring to move. When he thought it was safe, he crept silently back to the stern where Althea and Omoris waited.

"Perhaps we should wait til tomorrow," he whispered, pointing up with one hand, and holding up three fingers with the other. He then indicated the sea anchor strapped to his body.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-24, 02:18 PM
With none of his companions dissenting or proposing alternate plans, Marko attaches the sea anchor, and he, Althea, Omoris, and Sentinel carefully swim (underwater while in torch light, except for Sentinel's face) back to the shore where Ulysses and Durx wait, frustrated by the lack of action.

Dawn breaks and the galley casts off, oars dipping in a steady rhythm... but the boat is barely moving upstream, thanks to Marko's contraption. Not long after the adventurers begin to follow the boat, they crouch down in the bushes as the boat pulls into a quiet, shallow patch of water next to the east bank - not fifty feet away from the adventurers! The gangplank is let down and, apparently not thinking they would be pursued on the East Bank Road, the helmsman and one oarsman walk down to the shore, then wade into the shallow water to the stern of the ship to see what is causing so much drag. Findecano stands at the gangplank, leaning over the starboard gunnel to see what the helmsman finds. The rest of the oarsman stay at their oars. Kata, the horses, and the two men in Guards uniforms are nowhere to be seen.

2008-04-24, 03:03 PM

Marko was initially pleased at how well the sea anchor was working, then realized the drag was so great, the crew couldn't fail to notice. His suspicion was borne out when the vessel hove to in shallow water. By the time the anchor was set, the gnome had cocked and loaded his crossbow from the cover of the bushes. "Do we attack?" he asked quietly as the gangplank was lowered.

I hope we can decide before Finde bends over the gunnel. I'd dearly like to take a shot at the elf from about 30 feet (if the cover will support moving that close unnoticed). If we can at least kill Finde, sneaking up on them later will be that much easier, and we might be able to get the helmsman too, reducing their effectiveness at navigating up river.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-24, 04:06 PM
There is some foliage in the span of the distance from the bushes where the adventurers are hiding to within ten feet of the river (and the gangplank). However, it's only high enough to hide someone who is prone, or at best someone on all fours, and even for a prone person the cover is not so thick that one might not be spotted.

2008-04-24, 06:44 PM
"I'm dunknow, maybe," Althea whispered back. She felt a little awkward trying to keep hidden next to the gnome. She looked at the rest of the group as she did so. "This might be our best shot though."

2008-04-25, 10:36 AM
I think we should go for them as soon as thier backs are turned.
They might work out what is going on and increase thier guard later. Of course,I am not sure if we could take them, but this might be out last shot.

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-25, 12:48 PM
The two men at the stern of the boat discover the sea anchor attached to the rudder post and stoop to pull it out of the water.

Helmsman (calling over his shoulder)
"Elf, you'd best have a look at this!"

Finde (still standing at the gunnel, his torso and head exposed)
"Have a look at what?"

2008-04-25, 05:38 PM

"That's three for, and none against. I may regret this, but here goes..." Marko said, drawing a bead on the elf. Unfortunately, the scant cover was too thin to cross with any stealth, so he'd have to risk the greater range to retain the concealment of the bushes. In an instant, the gnome was all motion, firing and reloading his crossbow as fast as possible, focusing first on the elf, then the helmsman, followed by anyone charging their position.

To hit roll: [roll0]
Damage (if required): [roll1]
With his Rapid Reload feat, as fast as he can is once per round (reloading the heavy crossbow becomes a move action with the feat).

Shades of Gray
2008-04-25, 06:19 PM
Marko! No!
Durx casts enlarge person on himself and pushes Marko behind him, he draws his heavy shield.
Next time, let me prepare!

Bonecrusher Doc
2008-04-26, 07:58 AM
Marko's first shot grazes GylvinFinde, who gives a shout and stumbles, touching his head and finding blood on his hand. He looks into the bushes and sees the movement of Marko reloading his crossbow lightning-quick as an intimidatingly large half-orc moves in front of him to shield him. He points at the adventurers and shouts again, and the two men hip-deep in the river turn and look, their faces also showing that they see the adventurers.

I'm going to fudge the initiative rules a little here. Don't roll for initiative. Order of Battle is Marko, Durx, (who both took their turn already) then the rest of you in whatever order you post, then the bad guys. Don't worry - the way I'll roleplay the bad guys, you'll still get most of the rewards of a surprise attack.

2008-04-26, 12:01 PM
Ulysses, who had been crouching in the bushes grinding his teeth in frustration and hoping for just such a moment when they might actually do something instead of sitting around like clucking hens, leaps to his feet and draws his sword as he charges down the bank and up the gankplank for Finde.

I'm going to assume the following in making his move:
a) The underbrush isn't thick enough to obstruct a double move action, and there's no one in Ulysses's way;
b) Since we were about 50 ft. from the boat, my double move action would put Ulysses about 10 ft. away from Finde, given a relatively direct line of approach. I can't strike in a surprise round anyhow (Knight's Code), but I want it to be clear that Ulysses is coming for Finde. Ulysses is not a man of extreme subtlety. :smallwink:

Oh, and since his Base Attack Bonus is +1, Ulysses is capable of drawing his weapon as a free action as part of a normal move action.

Sorry I haven't been posting much, but till now there wasn't much for Ulysses to do that wouldn't involve interfering with or ruining the party's plans. :smalltongue:

And Doc, I'm guessing you meant "Marko's first shot grazes Finde," not Gylvin. Durn elves all look the same, it's so easy to mix them up. :smallbiggrin: