View Full Version : How do I fix my avatar

2008-01-14, 04:51 AM
It is too small for the spot and Has a white background behind it, please help!

2008-01-14, 08:22 AM
Looking at it in this browser(IE :smallyuk:), it looks fine to me....no white background, and looks okay.

Although I can't check the image location...so can't say if the image is larger than the displayed avatar.

Ego Slayer
2008-01-14, 11:23 AM
If it were originally larger, it would look pixelated.

Looking at it from FireFox, I see a 60x116 image with a transparent background... did you fix it already, or what? :smallconfused:

2008-01-14, 12:14 PM
Same for Internet Explorer. Although I have seen transparent shown as white before.

2008-01-14, 06:15 PM
Yeh I fixed it, got some help from a friend about 15 minutes after posting. Sorry.