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2008-01-14, 09:48 PM
You wait three days and then you sneak out of your camp when everyone else is sleeping. You know that people are likely to say harsh things, like that you couldn't take it when you didn't get chosen. That doesn't bother you though, you know you're a part of a bigger plan.

You travel north for two days. The early summer heat is lovely, and the nights are cool and breezy. Based on what you've heard you should reach these ruins in about another day or so, and the village is a day beyond that. To the west, is a vast, empty plain which seems a little out of place for the surroundings.

2008-01-15, 05:24 PM
Irbis begins searching his backpack for the strange hat they were given before.

I wonder if I can see myself as a hummie? Or maybe only the other can? Or it was all a joke? I don't know if trying this is a good idea... But what the hell. Better to find now how well it works.

Without saying anything more Irbis puts the hat on.

Um, guyz, how do I look now?

2008-01-15, 07:42 PM
As 'Hurt concentrates with the hat on, his appearance changes - he gains almost a foot of height, and his features become human.

2008-01-15, 09:20 PM
Striding ahead Ak'iss looked back towards the group as she waited for a moment as she waits to catch up. But seeing that 'Hurt was fiddling with the hat she walked back to regroup with the party. They covered a good distance as they went.

She knew that her people would think she was weak in their dissaperance. She didn't care. If it was for the good of her people she'd gladly go and take the criticism. As long as her people were in the end safe, and more powerful. And she herself more powerful as well.

Blinking as she looked towards 'Hurt and his new form face scrunched in disgust of his form.

As Ugly as most warmlings look, but then again you do look like a warmling, And thats the point of da Hat.

2008-01-16, 03:57 AM
You know, if you want to use proper name, it's Strixhurt. But, honestly, I don't mind. 'Hurt, with a strong 'h isn't just short form of my name, it's what I do. To others, that is.

'Hurt gives you a really nasty smile, takes off the hat and begins to wonder.

So, what now? Willage or ruins?

2008-01-16, 07:27 PM
Rolled her eyes as she listened to him for a few moments as she looked to the rest of the party to see if any of them had any opinions on the idea.

Mission is to find cult , cult in ruins You think warmling Huumons know of dragon cult?

2008-01-16, 07:33 PM
Onsvix takes all of this in with a cool, calm expression, though not totally devoid of emotion, and when it is inquired whether to go to the ruins or the humans first he speaks up I believe it would be wise to see what the humans know of the ruins, both to see if there is anything... special, we should know about it, they may even have some maps. Onsvix's Draconic is less yappy than his compatriots, and closer to the speech of True Dragons. As a Sorcerer, he studied intricately the language of True Dragons and how to speak it properly, so as to invoke the words of power that were his trade.

2008-01-16, 08:38 PM
Turning to look at him she shifted Any one here know the language of the warmlings? I know that i don't. As she looked lightly about trying determine the skills of her compatriots. She knew Onsvix's due those gifted with magic from the dragons, something she didn't innately have, though through her totem she drew forth an other sort of the dragons power. One wore the holy symbol of Kurtulmak thinking he a priest of Kurtulmak. The rest she wasn't sure of. What are you skills i'd like to know what everyone here is capable of.

2008-01-17, 06:33 AM
I know it, but I don't know if they use that dialect. Maybe we should look around that village and try to capture a prison so he might be interrogated?
Thinks about it for a second - After that, one with a hat can go to the village so he might ask for anything the prisoner didn't know. Maybe we can stage an imminent goblin attack to scare them and loot their homes too?

2008-01-17, 07:07 AM
Rethis stays in the back, avoiding anyones gaze as he tries to remain hidden.

2008-01-18, 10:00 PM
Shifting a bit she sighed oh so slightly. I believe Onsvix's plan about seeing if theres a map or some information is the way to go. Lets do that, and try and not draw attention and keep an eye out for the other group we don't want to be spotted by them