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2008-01-15, 03:09 AM
The girls train under Tenmai-sama. Though her appearance is soft, her training methods are almost as painful as those established by Kurina-sensei. From sun-rise to sun-set, the girls are subjected to intense chakra-molding and chakra-control methods. Tenmai-sama is always careful to push each of her pupils to the breaking point, but she never sends one of you over the edge.

The girls can spend their XP on any techniques or increases to stats at this point.

Each girl learns Isha Jutsu: Iichi(Doctor's Technique: First Rank)
CP Cost: [Free]
Energy Cost: 11 Chakra
Grade: Ninjutsu C
Effect: Target regains 2d6+Heart Health.
Creation Details: (Heal * 2, Bonded(Heart), Complex, Difficult * 6)

The boys are subsequently trained under Houza. Though he knows more about ninjutsu than taijutsu, he knows enough to teach you. Of course, most of his knowledge is more book-based than practical. He does know a technique he's willing to teach you both, with enough patience.

The boys may spend their XP on techniques/stat increases now.

Shin and Kyoshin both learn Kage Tokkumiai no Jutsu
CP Cost: [Free]
Energy Cost: 16 Chakra, 16 Endurance.
Grade: Genjutsu B
Effect: Target is paralyzed as long as user concentrates.
Creation Details: (Paralyze * 4, Complex, Easy * 6, Elemental: Shadow, Ranged, Sustained)

One Week Later...


The sun rises on another beautiful day. Tenmai-sama tells the three of you--who have been living with her for the past week and are currently eating breakfast--that they're going to bring Kuro-kun out of his medically induced coma. Because she'll be needed in case anything goes wrong, the three of you are released from your training for today. "You know.. I haven't seen those boys in quite some time.. Ah well. They're probably doing just fine!"

That was the last thing she said as she slipped out the door and headed to the hospital.


"Alright, alright, I give. You've done well. I didn't expect amateurs like you to pick up on Kage Tokkumiai so quickly. Well, lets say we celebrate, huh? Ya know.. A day without training or those boring in-city missions Haiza has been handing down. Whaddya say guys?" The three of you had met before dawn, and begun fighting as per normal for your training. Houza gave up earlier than normal today, probably because he has somewhere to be. "Here, take a two-thousand yen and visit a ramen shop."

The kid leaves after handing both of you two-thousand yen. He heads toward the hospital in a hurry.

2008-01-15, 06:19 AM
Shin Prime

Shin takes the two-thousand yen with a slightly bemused look. "I was just about to suggest we hold no training for today, Houza-kun. I wish to observe Kuro-sama's operation, and perhaps see him after he is brought out of the coma." Turning he starts walking calmly towards the hospital, alongside Houza it seems.

Shin A

Shin A sits in Kuro's room, reading a book entitled 'Icha Icha Paradise 2'. He seems jumpy.

Shin B

Shin B snoozes on the roof of the hospital, fast asleep.

2008-01-15, 08:28 AM

Page fifty-six, fifty-seven... number fifty-eight. ‘The Skeletal System is over move onto muscles,’ finally!
“Tenmai-sama will straighten you up. I’ll be out for a few minutes so be a good girl or I’ll tell your new sensei.” Enkan the bookseller thought he knew everything.
She went sailing to the shelf and snatched her prize then stuck a brain puzzle book behind the stack. Smarty pants. She left before he got back. Father said her artistry was slipping and she needed better discipline. One half a back-breaking torture he called a training session later she was bedridden for three days. He said he was stressed because he had to pay some tiny debt and suddenly realized he didn’t remember going to the bookstore. She wasn’t about to say anything. On second thought she wouldn’t tell him about the old family scrolls she stole, either.

[roll0] – Mind to remember a technique Try as she might things wouldn’t flow. Sayuri just... didn’t feel like it. Eventually she slept the nights away leafing through the vast horde of writing some generous kami built behind the hidden compartments of her drawers out of thin air. Because that could happen!
She even got around to Tenmai when she was supposed to. Her new sensei’s handwriting could be so gossipy. She took it home and traced it to death until she got it right. Her family wouldn’t have a problem with bedtime calligraphy practice. It was for her teacher’s class.

The letter started with Dear Jiraiya, and only got worse from there. It was like Tenmai’s schooling was karmic punishment. It certainly didn’t look hard but the movements worked places she had no idea existed before then. They had to hold their poses and warm up her tea. Then it was textbook recitation balancing on a beam. The following exercise was something like ‘House of Flying Teacups’ and ‘Iron Control of Chakra Monkey’ in I’m-not-listening-anymore stance. It made mailing their Jounin’s letter feel better.

Build + 1
Mind + 1 As soon as classes were over Sayuri went straight to the park passed the village memorial. It would be easier to sneak out through the forest. She got her pack on her shoulders and got going.

2008-01-15, 11:37 AM
Kyoshin's headaches were getting worse. His dreams were becoming more... vivid. And the voice... the voice...

This is no genjutsu. It can't be. Which means... Tired from training, Kyoshin smirks and slips the yen into his shoulder sack. It had taken a week of nearly all of Kyoshin's free time, but the garden was back to full strength, and he was eating normally... for Kyoshin.

"I'll come along, Shin-san, Houza-san... Just... Give me a minute." Kyoshin stopped and ducked behind the trees. Shin and Houza knew that Kyoshin was working on a second technique of his own, but he hadn't shown it to anyone.

Still... from the smiles that Kyoshin always had when he came back from private training, they could both tell that he was making it work.


...and whatever it was, it left odd, circular, indentured cracks in the ground.

Within a few minutes, Kyoshin was trundling back towards Shin and Houza, soon catching up to the both of them, a wry smile on the large genin's face.

2008-01-15, 11:44 AM
The training in chakra control is just the sort of thing Shunrai was hoping for, and leads to the results she was hoping for also. The along with learning techniques for helping people makes the whole week seem like a wonderful dream to her. She spends her free time meditating and trying to commune with her spirit, wanting to get it to work with her instead of having to fight it all the time. Neither of them can survive without the other so they ought to be partners rather than enemies to give them both the best chance.

She give her everything to the training, hoping to please Tenmai for giving her the training she's really wanted and needed. She seems much happier and energetic during this time than anyone has seen her in the past. As the results of the training show she offers her spirit a deal for it's cooperation. If it will agree to help her more, lend her it's power, she'll restrict it less. She'll fly with it, she'll even be learning to channel it's destructive power and using it to wreak some chaos on their enemies.

After successfully managing to new technique Tenmai teaches them, with tears in her eyes she thanks her for making her dream come true, even a little. She then takes some time at the end of the week to make good on her promise to the spirit and goes flying, letting the winds carry her through the air as they please for awhile. While she's floating around above the village at the mercy of the wind, she asks the spirit for it's assistance. She releases her restraints on it's power, her storm shield forming around her and crackling with power. She then focuses and gathers her own chakra between her hands and lets the power from the spirit feed into it as well. Once she is satisfied she has it right she unleashes the power in the form of a massive bolt of lighting across the sky. The bright flash of the bolt in the night sky and the resounding boom of the thunder can easily be witnessed in the village below. Satisfied with their accomplishment but somewhat drained from using that much power she slowly drifts on the winds to the ground and goes to take a nap, drifting peacefully in the middle of her room in the hands of the wind. The storm that surrounds her in her sleep seeming more powerful but at the same time less angry, her and the spirit inside her slightly more in tune with each other thanks to the new link they have formed.

Shunrai is going to be spending the left over cp from character creation, along with all of her accumulated xp, and revealing a secret. Learning the Kamijutsu Elemental Spirit Strike

As the eat breakfast with Tenmai and learn that she is going to the hospital to work on Kuro, Shunrai smiles and quickly finishes eating. I'd like to go to Kurina's place, check up on things. Maybe fill her in on the progress we've made

2008-01-16, 03:38 AM
Natsumi hits the books so to speak like a man in the desert needs water. Always near by watching or listening to Tenmai or doing what ever chore or training ask with silent determination. One could almost call her a brown noser if she ever saught some kind of reward or compliment.

Unfortunatly the tall girl has the bed side manner of one of the walls of Tenmai's home. She delights in the work, though not visably, three times over. One she gets to help people who need it, worlds better to her then doing some challenge for honor's sake. Two she gets to learn something new, not that she didn't like Kurina-sensei's training, but Kurina is physical, she's done physical, this is mostly mental. And oh so guilty pleasure number three, instead of learning how to kill people thirty different ways, she's learning how to fix them, and she knows that will piss her grandfather off. And he can't do anything about it because of Tenmai.

Other things she isn't so happy about. You can read about ninja's performing their missions with broken bones, but actually seeing a farmers mashed hand after it came between a mule and a stall door are two entirely different, and gross, things. Blood, while messy, doesn't spray like in Leematsu's illusions, unless you hit a vein.

I'll post xp spent and baught later as I'm currently on a work computer in the middle of a blizzard/windstorm fourty miles out of town and didn't email myself my character sheet.

Natsumi is pretty good with dropped hints. She's kinda curious how Kyoshin's been without Sayuri or herself around. All set to go hunting the large boy, she stops eating for a second when Sayuri mentions Kurina. After finishing off that bite she talks. "I think I'll go with you Sayuri. But maybe afterwards we should find Kyoshin? Make sure he hasn't devolved past his sneaking-into-the-girls-bath technics."

2008-01-16, 11:53 AM
Kyoshin, Shin, and Houza

The three of you make your way toward the hospital. Houza doesn't offer much conversation, given the serious nature of what could happen. There hasn't been an attack since Matasu split, but Houza didn't graduate by being stupid. He was cautious, particularly when there was no one else in the streets.

Shin A

Tenmai-sama appears after a shunshin teleportation. She looks over toward the shin clone and points toward the door without saying anything.


You make your way to Kurina-sensei's home. The trip is short, as she lived in the same sector as Tenmai-sama. It's empty, and appears to have not been touched in a week. She hadn't been seen again since the day you fought Matasu. Rumors said that she took Buki with her since no one had seen him either. Thankfully, someone had thrown out the burnt food that had been cooking from the week before.

Natsumi and Sayuri

The two genin start making their way through the Memorial and to the forest outside Haigakure. As you pass through the relatively crowded Memorial Square, you notice a very large boy trailing behind two smaller boys. All three are bearing Haigakure headbands, and none of them appear to be talking..

2008-01-16, 02:26 PM
Maybe Tenmai-sama can tell me what's going on. Or at least cure the headaches... But if the headaches go away, will I still be able to do what I've been doing? Kyoshin keeps his eyes alert and open, as he munches on a few carrots while walking. His shoulder sack is still slung in a combat ready position, as it has been ever since Matasu attacked.

I'll move it back when Kurina-sensei tells me to. Kyoshin thinks with a sigh. He hasn't seen his teammates in days, though he knows Shunrai and Natsumi should be all right with Tenmai-sama. But the nagging thoughts he has about not seeing Kurina, Buki, Min, or Rin still bother him.

Still trudging along, Kyoshin wonders what he can do about it.

I know if I want to do something, I'll need everyone. Numbers is just smart. But what? I'm sure there are more skilled chunin and genin already looking for those missing... Right?

The deep, resonating, short spoken voice that Kyoshin has almost - almost - become accustomed to talking to in his own head (even if it still freaks him out) doesn't respond.

Kyoshin fingers his necklace, and worriedly looks to the sky. "What would you have me do, Mother?"

Protect the nest. Kyoshin could feel another headache coming on.

2008-01-16, 07:00 PM
A faint grin appears on Natsumi's normally stone face. She spots Kyoshin, ofcourse, eating. He's going to need a farm when he gets older, no garden is going to cover it. She speeds up her pace to catch up with the three boys. But doesn't do anything stupid like try to quiet her boot falls or stick close to a building. "Well, it's either Kyoshin, or a large rabbit." Loud enough to be heard on the quiet street. "Carrying kunai in that thing now, or are you still using one of the four basic food groups as weaponry?"

2008-01-16, 07:47 PM
"Eh, what's up, doc?" Kyoshin grins, very happy to see Natsumi.

"I wouldn't know what to do with a kunai if I tried. Besides, I have my secret weapon in here that will cause all to quiver and pause before they even think about attacking us." Kyoshin fiddles with some latches at the bottom of his sack, and pulls out a small, wrapped rectangle. "Chocolate! Want some?"

2008-01-17, 02:56 AM
"Sure." That came out faster then she wanted it to. Well, it is actual chocolate. She's pretty happy if theres enough sugar to bake with.. She casts a wave to Shin and Houza, pausing to wonder where she remembers Houza from. "Where are you guys heading? We're.." She looks back over her shoulders at Sayuri. "I've no idea where we're going."

2008-01-17, 06:58 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin's head slides out slyly from around Houza. "Chocolate?" He asks, eyebrows raised. With changing his stance, his head turns to look at Natsumi-san, and he says without changing his intonation "Oh, we're going to see Kuro, if we're allowed to, after the operation."

Shin A

Shin roars out of the chair with a kunai in each hand - and then notices that it's Tenmai, stops, and at her point, turns slightly shamefacedly and leaves.

Shin B

Glops, turns over, and keeps snoring.

2008-01-17, 10:55 AM
Note to self. Increase chocolate carrying capacity. The small bar of candy disappeared incredibly fast, and Kyoshin didn't even get any himself.

Well now, maybe I ought to make a chocolate jutsu, if it works this well on friends. Kyoshin thinks with a smirk, before his thoughts return to the matter at hand.

"Natsumi-san, I actually have to talk to you and... hey, where's Shunrai-san?"

2008-01-17, 07:41 PM
Shunrai tidies the place up a bit while she's there, then collects her things and secures them in various pockets in her outfit before closing the house up. "I hope you're alright Kurina, your team is doing well."

She then turns and heads for the hospital, she can check in with Tanmai and Natsumi and maybe they can find Kyoshin and see how the giant has been getting along.

2008-01-18, 07:00 AM
Sayuri was good at ignoring them. She just kept walking.

2008-01-19, 10:38 PM
Natsumi breaks her piece of chocolate in half and tosses half back at Kyoshin. Some day she'll have mission money, then she'll have chocolate, and boots. Oooh new boots. She shrugs at Kyoshins question. "Shunrai went to check on Kurina-sensei. This whole no being alone thing just doesn't work when theres three of us and two want to go in different places." A small sigh escapes her lips and Natsumi starts after Sayuri. Looking back over her shoulder at Kyoshin she adds. "Being able to fly and all I figured Shunrai would be the most likely to get out of trouble, and least likely to produce it." She waves. Poping the chocolate into her mouth she uses her longer legs to her advantage to get to a respectable following distance.

2008-01-19, 10:59 PM
Natsumi and Sayuri

Both of you make your way toward the village's south exit. Specifically, toward the large park that surrounds most of the village.

Houza, Shin, and Kyoshin

The three of you arrive at the hospital alittle later than expected, primarily because of the sort talk with Natsumi. The nurse at the front desk asks you to sign in before you go to visit a patient.


You arrive at the hospital and see Kyoshin signing a small clipboard. An unknown shinobi and Shimura Shin are with him.

2008-01-19, 11:03 PM
Kyoshin stares after Natsumi and both of his feet want to go in different directions. One wants to run and find Shunrai, and the other wants to follow Natsumi.

Why didn't I learn the clone jutsu? Kyoshin sighs, as he watches Natsumi and Sayuri walk away. Natsumi is probably right. Shunrai is perfectly able to handle herself.

Right? Right. So why do I keep watching those two?

"Shin-san, I'll see you later." Kyoshin changes direction. "Sayuri-san, Natsumi-san, wait up!"

((OOC: Damn simu-post! editing now...)

Kyoshin signs in, something nagging him about Natsumi and Sayuri leaving like that. He turns around and spots his other teammate.

"Shunrai-san! There you are. Find anything at Kurina-sensei's?"

2008-01-20, 11:03 AM
Shunrai walks over and gives Kyoshin a quick hug. "Doesn't see us for a week and doesn't even ask how we are, I'd consider zapping you except that'd probably destroy the hospital and then where would they put you back together?" She smiles and decides to get around to answering his question, even unasked ones

"Just my stuff and dust really, doesn't look like anyone has been there since the fight. I feel kinda bad, I've been doing much better with Tenmai than I was with Kurina. I wonder if someone is looking for her, though I'm really not sure who they would send. The subject of Rin and Min seems to be taboo as well. I know they really didn't like Sayuri's family, maybe they turned on the village to."

2008-01-20, 08:40 PM
"Er, uh," Kyoshin is a bit flustered by the hug, but gladly accepts it. His mood quickly becomes serious as Shunrai continues talking. "Speaking of Sayuri-san, do you know where she and Natsumi-san are off to? Houza-san, Shin-san, and myself saw them as we were coming to the hospital. Something feels... I dunno. Weird? But that may have just been Sayuri-san."

2008-01-20, 10:57 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin, who has been looking thoughtful, chimes in. "Sayuri did seem slightly strange... but I know why. Indeed, I know exactly why." He frowns, and starts walking away, up towards Kuro's room. He offers no further words.

2008-01-23, 10:43 AM
Natsumi and Sayuri

The two of you continue to stand around in virtual silence. The birds can be heard chirping in the distance. You're about twenty feet away from the village gate, and about thirty feet away from the forest edge. There's no movement other than yourselves.

Everyone Else

A young woman is standing outside Kuro's room. She stops you from entering his door, and quietly explains why. "Let me see if Kuro-sama is ready."

The woman turns around and enters the door behind her. She's gone for a full two minutes before she pokes her head out the door and motions for you to enter.

The room is like every other room in the hospital--painted white and sterilized to no end. Kuro-sensei is sitting in his bed. Bandages run across his ribs and left arm, and he smiles when you enter the room. His eyes are closed, and remain closed even after he stops smiling. "Ah.. Mia-chan told me my team had arrived. So, how are you doing? And did one of you put on a couple hundred pounds while I was asleep?"

2008-01-23, 03:18 PM

It was the memorial again. Wind swayed for a baby no one knew about. If they listened hard enough both girls would hear it. Voices cooing, sobbing and wailing in the distance... the birds were only background singers. A breeze dusted her hair. She wanted Natsumi to hear it.
“HAI – GA – KURE,” She whispered slowly. Like the wind was a blanket wrapped around her word. “Haigakure.”
It was a little like... Sayuri tossed a paper bird up and jumped into the air. She had a ponderous fluidity and an empty look that touched Natsumi lightly across the skin. By the time she got passed the bright colours of the bird Sayuri wanted to be where she wouldn’t be seen. She went gliding across an unseen lake of tears into the forest. Actually, the way she could have disappeared into the scenery was a lot like Tenmai-sama’s effortless geisha walk. She was taking a sneaky evening stroll under the trees in the forest. It would have been a painting if she turned around to look over her shoulder.

Basic Leaping Jutsu (with seasonings)
Keep your distance [rollv]4d6[rollv] for a Graceful Escape!
Like a wind you’d never appreciate unless you did [roll0], Stealthy Kunoichi at work

2008-01-23, 03:21 PM
Keep your Distance

2008-01-23, 03:40 PM
Kyoshin smirks, and bobs his head. Thinking he must be the one who 'gained a hundred pounds', the large genin says, "No, Kuro-sensei. It's Kyouko Kyoshin from Kurina-sensei's team. Shin-san and I have been training together while you were unwell, so I came along to see you. And... I was..."

Kyoshin glances over at Shunrai, "Well, we, probably, Shunrai-san and myself, were hoping you might know where Kurina-sensei might go if she were particulary upset. She's... she's disappeared. Others are looking, but, well..."

"Sorry. Not what you want to hear after just waking up, I know. Um, how are you feeling?" Kyoshin looks over Team One's sensei, happy that the man is alive, but the back of his mind still more concerned about his own sensei... and Natsumi-san's whereabouts, where ever she and Sayuri-san are going.

2008-01-23, 06:44 PM
She hears Sayuri whispering, she hears the wind and birds. She hears the creaking leather of her fingerless gloves as the clench into fists. The dead are dead, and they're better off where they're at. Dull brown eyes watch the other kunoichi jump off into the trees and neatly vanish without saying a word.

Natsumi turns around with military like quickness and accuracy. It probably looks like she was escorting the other girl to the edge of the village in exile. She looks at the memorial, then up to the top. She's starting to realize it's just rock, with names on it, very likely not having the name Ash Shadow at the top. Where was Kurina, who she could ask this question, Tenmai would probably give as silent an answer as the Rin and Min question.

With her characteristic faint sigh she starts walking through the village again. Always a fan of silence. She keeps on as the hospital, her destination, comes into view.

2008-01-24, 11:24 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin smiles, genuinely. "It's good to see you well again Kuro-sama." He frowns slightly when Kyoshin asks his question, but doesn't say anything.

Shin A

Shin leans against the wall of the corridor. Damn, I dropped the book back in Kuro's room! He starts up and looks around, for some way to get into the room. Damnit!

Shin B

Snooooooooooooorrrreeee mumble mumble glomp.

2008-01-25, 07:23 AM

Sayuri escapes from Natsumi rather easily, as the other kunoichi doesn't bother to follow her.


You arrive at the Hospital some time later. The nurse asks you to sign in and informs you that Kuro-kun has visitors at the moment.

Everyone else

Kuro begins frowning when you mention that Kurina is missing. "I had heard Kurina-san was missing. But I did not know she had been gone so long. I only know of one place she would go.. Theres a village ten miles or so north of here. It's called Kakou, and it's her home village. I'll take you to the village."

Kuro-sama pulls himself over to the edge of the bed, then tentatively pokes out for the ground with his feet. His eyes are still closed, and it's rather obvious that he can't see. He raises a hand toward the source of the voices.

"Kyoshin, can you help me out of bed?"

Shin B

Other than the front door, the only way into the room is to crawl up the wall and climb inside through the window.

2008-01-25, 09:15 AM
Shimura Shin

"Kuro-sama!" Shin says, shocked, stepping forward and ushering him back into a lying down position. "You're not in a state to go anywhere! What would Kurina say if you killed yourself trying to get to her?" His tone turns sly. "Unless that is of course the purpose." He says, amusement colouring his tones. However, the look he gives Kyoshin is anything but amused, if not blaming.

Shin A

Now is my chance! As Shin steps forward fussing over Kuro the door opens a crack and a black Shin-shaped blur moves across the floor, arrowing towards the book so carelessly dropped that no-one has noticed just quite yet.

Shimura Shin

Shin's arm slides out horizontally, his forearm swinging curling up to cold-**** the fleet-footed Shin-clone, which has only a second of shock before it bursts into dark-coloured smoke, not the normal gray-white of Shinobi tools and ninjutsu. The smoke curls aimlessly for a second, and then streams towards Shin, curling up into his nose and mouth. Shin's head tilts back, his eyes rolling back into his head and his mouth silently screaming - for a moment. And then his head tilts back forward, he gives a polite cough, and leans over Kuro again. "Really Kuro-sama, you have to give your body time to repair. Please? Me, Kyoshin, Natsumi and Shunrai can go to Kakou, if Tenmai-sama allows us to, of course. We've nothing better to do, other than training, which we can do on the way." Shin seems more animated than most of you have seen him, fussing over Kuro like a mother hen, care on his face.

Shin B

Shin wakes up. He hears voices. Is that... the prime? Hanging off the roof, he peers through a window. It is! He quickly scuttles out of view. Dear god, and he'd been asleep! Supposing the prime had noticed? Had he noticed? Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear! Shin begins biting his nails, and looking around frantically, hopping from one foot to the other on the roof. Calm down, calm down. It's going to be okay. I'll just sit here and wait all guard-like starting from right now! Quickly picking up his tea paraphernalia, he carries it over to the other sloping edge of the roof, puts it down, and moves to his station above Kuro's room and sits down, standing up to lay a set of kunai next to him and sitting down again looking vigilant, well as vigilant as someone can be when their eyelids keep drooping and they keep yawning.

Everyone else sees a Shin peek through a window and then pull himself back up onto the roof again.

2008-01-25, 11:06 AM
Kyoshin ignores all of Shin's dirty looks, mostly because they hurt. If the situation were reversed, and it were Kurina-sensei in bed and Kuro-sensei missing, I am sure I'd be the upset one, and Shin-san would be the one trying to find his sensei. Oh, and it'd be a lot louder in this room, since I have a feeling Kurina-sensei wouldn't enjoy being in the hospital.

Kuro tries to move, and Kyoshin offers an arm to steady the chunin, but doesn't try to help the man up.

"I agree with Shin-san, Kuro-sensei. What remains of our two teams can go and look for Kurina-sensei, should Tenmai-sama allow it. We'll have to go find Natsumi-san and Sayuri-san, but once together, a ten mile jaunt would be refreshing. Something tells me that if there had been no... problems... Kurina-sensei would be having us in Team Two running ten miles every day. Oh... and Houza-san, did you want to come along?"

2008-01-25, 06:27 PM

She had to keep going until she got to the edge - then she'd stop to cool off. Carrying this bag was harder than she expected.

2008-01-25, 07:30 PM
Natsumi signs her name in a quick neat scribble. Nodding at the nurse when she's informed of Kuro's visitors even though she already knew of it. Then quietly continues on her way to Kuros room. Her eyes glance over this, that, and the other thing in the hall way in a bored search for something interesting. Theres a knock on Kuro-sensei's door before she steps inside then room.

2008-01-25, 09:13 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin gives Kyoshin a relieved grin. He had been afraid the genin would disagree with him - and there was no way he was letting Kuro leave this hospital room, not after what happened last time.

2008-01-25, 11:32 PM
Shunrai watches the display with interest. Glad nobody is supporting Kuro doing anything but resting with the way her looks. "I have to agree that you look like you need a lot more recovery before you go hunting lost ninja. I don't know that both teams should go though, not too many of us left to go around, might be too good a target for the enemy if we're all together. Since it's our teacher that is missing, I really think it's our responsibility to go find her if anyone is going to. I'm done with letting these gutless traitors treat us like helpless children" She looks and sounds completely serious as she says this, though it may seem a bit silly coming from a tiny slip of a girl with a soft cute little voice to match. Without the storm raging around her, she appears about as threatening as a hare.

2008-01-26, 12:00 AM

You make it to the forest edge without any interference.

Everyone Else

Natsumi enters the hospital room just as Kuro gives up and falls back into bed. "Alright. I'll have to draw you a map, since it's pretty hard to get there from here. You should tell Tenmai-dono that you're leaving. She'll obviously want to know, since she still sees all of us as her students."

Kuro lays back down and looks at the ceiling through closed eyelids. "I'll have your map by this afternoon. Until then.. Well, do what you will."

2008-01-26, 12:23 AM
When did... when did Shunrai-san get so scary? Gutless traitors? I hope she's talking about Matasu, and not Leematsu-san. Hey, who's at the... Kyoshin turns towards the door.

"Natsumi-san! We were just talking about you! Er, not the gutless traitor part, um, I mean, we were talking about going after you so we could go after Kurina-sensei. Which, while I'd honestly think that the three of us can handle it ourselves, I don't think that Tenmai-sama will agree with us, Shunrai-san... Hey, wait a second... where's... um... where's..."

Kyoshin suddenly becomes rigid, and his voice trails out. He just has the sudden, distinct feeling that if Natsumi were standing right next to him, some portion of his body would be getting poked for being just about to say one thing too many. With the kunoichi on his team, Kyoshin doesn't put it past Shunrai for taking the initiative to pick up what Natsumi can't do at the moment. So for obvious reasons, he stops.

I liked it better when I didn't talk so much. Kyoshin squints as he slowly turns back to look at Kuro, subconsciously wondering if the chunin is going to be jumping out of bed to rush after his sister.

Kyoshin realizes everyone is waiting on him to finish what he was saying.

-after-we-go-talk-to-Tenmai-sama-about-going-to-Kakou-Villiage is what I meant to say, heh, heh, haaah. I uh, I haven't seen you guys for almost a week, what with training and all..."

DAMN YOU ZERO! I had a much different post before, but NOOOOOO. YOU have to go and UPDATE twice in one day. It's just a good thing I CHECKED this time, or your great posting skills and successfully more frequent updates would have once AGAIN cause a simu-post.

So THANKS ALOT. Inconsiderate spoilsport. :smalltongue:

2008-01-26, 12:32 AM
I could hear the noise you wrote. Be quiet. :smallsigh: (I'm sleepy and grouchy.)


Sweaty already, Sayuri really didn’t want to run like this. She ended up hiding in long grass. This was what the outside of the village looked like. It was so big. What if she couldn’t find her way?
Where did she go?

2008-01-26, 06:28 PM
Natsumi sighs and shakes her head. Kyoshin shoots from the hip like a baby learning to walk. "Our sensei has left. Their sensei is down for the moment. If you think for one second Tenmai-sensei isn't going to have us working together, I have a monument to sell you." She shrugs, glances over at Shin. At least she understands him, somewhat.

Her her arms cross infront of her chest, looking a bit like a taller version of Tenmai. Eyes gaze over to look at Shunrai. "While we aren't children, we might as well be if we have to fight Matasu again. Four is more then three." She looks over at Kyoshin. "If we're all going to meet Tenmai-sensei, Kyoshin, we won't need a place to meet afterwords huh?"

Natsumi moves away from the door and over to the table beside Kuro's bed. Her hand reaches back into one of the pouches on the back of her belt. An off white paper crane comes out in hand and she sets it on the table. "You'll feel better if Tenmai has any say in it. But get better soon please." She turns and heads for the door, not really wanting to lose to much of a free morning.

2008-01-26, 09:34 PM
Shimura Shin

Shin sombrely stares out over the bed, out the window in the direction of the woods, letting the others discuss amongst themselves, and then looks down at Kuro, putting a slightly forced smile on his face. "Thank you Kuro-sama. I won't fail you." The unsaid word is, of course, again.

2008-01-27, 08:34 PM
Shunrai grins and turns to follow Natsumi "Heal up soon so things can get back to their normal strangeness" and she follows Natsumi out, wondering if she'll have to give a demonstration of her new power on this trip. Way things have gone so far, it's almost a certainty they'll meet trouble along the way.

2008-01-28, 12:33 AM
Natsumi continues down the hall a ways. She looks around for Tenmai briefly. Her movement stops a ways down the hall though, what she assumes to be well out of Kuro's hearing distance from his room. She waits, ready to flag Shin down to talk to him.

2008-01-28, 05:52 AM
Shimura Shin

"I'm going to go now Kuro-sama - well, kind of." Shin gives a weak grin, looking down at his sensei bruised and battered in the hospital bed. "Don't worry about us, we'll be fine. You might not be if you leave this hospital before Tenmai-sama says you can," He says, mock-really-seriously. "She looked pretty serious this time. And as soon as we return from Kakou Village, you'll be the first to know." Shin falls silent for a few moments, and then removing a thumbnail-sized purple ball, he lets it fall to the ground. Smoke swirls up, but Shin's chakra molding hands are ready to catch it.

"Rokujou-Bunshin no Jutsu." The smoke swirls up, becoming a Shin-like shape that slowly gains definition and facial features beyond a pair of coal-black eyes. There are subtle differences, however. Mainly the cut of his clothes, definition of his face, and the two ebony-handled slightly longer kunai in holster-sheathes on his hips. The slightly-different Shin clone rubs it's face where there's a very definite mark. "Ow. You didn't have to hit me that hard!" The Shin-Clone complains, in a whiny tone of voice undertoned by anger. Shin just looks at him and raises his eyebrows. The Shin-Clone subsides to muttering, and picking up his book, re-takes his seat on the only chair in the room.

Shin turns back to Kuro-sama, forcing a cheerful tone of voice. "Well, i'm leaving now Kuro-sama. I'm leaving Rippuku-chan here with you, if you need anything, just ask him, he'll be glad to help, won't you?" On the last words, despite the pleasant tone, Shin gives his clone a look that would cut straight through lead, and the clone looks down at his feet, blushing in embarassment and anger, and mumbles something that might have been agreement. Leaving his sensei and the almost-clone with a smile and a wave, Shin walks out of the room and down the hall, looking for the rest of the Kakou-group.

2008-01-28, 09:32 AM
Kyoshin pats Kuro-sensei's hand, turns, and follows after his teammates and Shin. "Coming, Houza-san?"

2008-01-28, 10:15 AM

He's mostly quiet about the exchange. Tenmai-dono would take care of them. Houza looks toward him when Kyoshin asks whether the boy is coming or not. Kuro waves him off.


"Guess I am since he doesn't need me here.. Well, lets get going, no?" He follows Kyoshin out of the room.


Natsumi hears her voice off in the distance. She can't quite make out what Tenmai-sama is saying, but you recognize the soft murmur of her voice without fail.

Need a Senses check.

2008-01-28, 04:54 PM
"Shin-san. I realize you were sort of new to your team, with Buki and Sayuri. But uh." Now how can she phrase this without sounding like an jerk. "Well, I only have my experience with Sayuri and the fight with Matasu to go on here, so, I have a few questions." She nods in the direction she heard Tenmai and starts walking in that direction at a none-to-quick-pace. "Was Sayuri like, the leader of your team? I know you probably didn't hold an election or something, but I'm trying to figure things out."

Natsumi realizes at this point she's probably spent more time with Sayuri then Shin. But if they're going to work as a team, she at least has to figure things out. She rubs the back of her neck and glances over at Houza. "You seem quite familiar. You were in my class?"

Senses roll [roll0]

2008-01-29, 07:02 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin seems honestly surprised at the question, as far as you can tell. "Leader? I didn't know that Team Kuro had a leader beyond Kuro-sama." He blinks. Was there? Deep in thought for that split second, he turns and gives Natsumi a beaming smile. "I'm sorry Natsumi-san, but I don't know." He then looks back to the corridor ahead, walking calmly along.

2008-01-29, 10:34 AM
Kyoshin tries to think where Natsumi is going with these questions. The more important one is the one that Kyoshin didn't ask while still in Kuro's room.

"Just... just where is Sayuri-san?"

Senses = [roll0]

Also... I am probably going to be on hiatus for a bit. I've got some RL stuff to do, much as it saddens me. I'll keep checking in, but I probably won't be posting unless I feel it is important. So, if you don't see a post from me, Zero, feel free to move the story on. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys and gals.

2008-01-29, 07:13 PM
She weighs her options. Tell the truth and get it over with, or lie and mess with Kyoshin's head a bit. The tall girls huffs out a sigh. On to the real sorta problem first. "It's basic human group mentality. In most cases where there's a group of people, one or maybe two will emerge as a leader. Sometimes they want to, sometimes it just happens." So, if she wasn't the leader offically or unoffically.. that means she's just running off on her own for who knows what reason.

Natsumi suddenly frowns at something, eyebrows forming into a scowl for a few seconds, then like a breeze the look is gone. Thats just great, now we're losing sensei's. She clears her throat. "Anyways, Sayuri disappeared off into the forest. Alone. I'm not sure how Kuro-sensei handled her, but I am not Kuro, and I am tired of the Sayuri problem. After we talk to Tenmai-sensei we should try to find her and tell her what we're doing. If she follows, she follows." She glances around the corner, trying to see who Tenmai is talking to. "Thats my thoughts on it anyways."

2008-01-30, 12:01 AM

Settling a farmer’s straw hat on her head Sayuri walked off in no particular direction. She was sure it wasn’t toward the village. No matter where she ended up she was still getting lost in the sights. The world was even better than she imagined it was. The idea of more kept her back straight and let her put on foot in front of the other one. I have to find Matasu-san.

2008-02-02, 02:45 AM

Note: Kyoshin hears nothing.

2008-02-02, 08:53 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin keeps walking down the corridor with the others.


Rippuku-chan looks embarrassed and nervous about Kuro, in the way people often are around people in hospital beds. "So, like, do you want a drink of water or sumthin'?" He asks, a slight tinge of anger colouring his tone.


Lies back down on the roof. Ahhhhhh. This is the life.

2008-02-02, 09:18 PM
Shunrai follows Natsumi, a little lost in thought right now. They do need to find Kurina, but is it a good idea for all the remaining genin to leave the village? Wouldn't that just make them easier targets for another attack. We do seem to be the targets so far.

2008-02-04, 04:48 PM
Natsumi and Shunrai

You poke around the corner and see a man dressed in a noble's garb talking to Tenmai-sama. She's being rather respectful, much more so than need be.

"Yes, Kyusuki-dono. I have your son to tend to, so if you please..?"

The man waves her off, then turns and moves over to the window. He seems focused on something, and his eyes grow intense as he watches the forest from the window of the hospital.

Tenmai-sama walks toward your group, quietly closing the door behind her so that you could not peek anymore. "Eavesdropping is rather disrespectful, children. I would hope that you didn't hear more than what you need to know."


A cold shudder runs up your back as the feeling of someone watching you becomes prevalent. The edge of the forest isn't particularly far, and soon you find yourself facing the east. If you continue that way, you'd find yourself going toward the Land of the Rice and Otogakure..


"Yes, actually. Could you go ask one of the nurses to bring me a bowl of ramen? Chicken, please. I haven't had a good bowl of food in awhile.."

2008-02-05, 02:25 AM
Natsumi shrugs one shoulder, Tenmai would probably see through a lie so might as well offer a reason. "It would only be evesdropping if it was on purpose." She glances back at those who followed. "Tenmai-Sensei, we came for advise I suppose. The majority of us wish to go find Kurina-sensei. Kuro-sensei said she may have gone north and offered us a map." Her mind spinning with all the teachers they've had resently. Not that Kuro ever taught her anything. "Also." She closes her eyes a sighs. "I lost sight of Sayuri in the forest. Do you happen to know if theres anything in the forest she might have been going to?" Wondering if theres some shrine or something there she's never heard of.

2008-02-05, 03:59 AM

Daddy try cracking my bones now. She knew that feeling from miles away. He was trying to strip her soul bare again. She was going faster, knowing he wouldn’t be nice if she went back now. She wasn’t even a little bit afraid of his anger. He wouldn’t be angry. He couldn’t even afford to be disappointed with an outcast.

2008-02-06, 02:10 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin walks around the corner to see Natsumi and Shunrai talking to Tenmai. "Tenmai-sama." He bows. "I assume Natsumi-san has told you about Kakou village?" He looks over at Natsumi.


Rippuku gets up, and muttering about random old men, and how no-one got him chicken ramen when he was in a hospital bed (he's never been in a hospital bed), and other such things, gets up and searches out some chicken ramen, for all his words being rather diligent about it.


Lies on the roof. Grarglewahoopsit. Snubsnubsnub. *snore*

2008-02-11, 07:21 AM

"The forest? Well, she might have left the village for some reason or another. Which way did she go?" When Shin makes mention of Kakou, she simply raises an eyebrow. "Kakou? I've never of the village before. Are you sure Kuro-kun offered you a map to the place?"


Kuro is gone by the time the Shin clone returns with a bowl of ramen. His clothes, equipment, and headband is missing from the closet as well. Kuro did leave a little note on the bed, however, scrawled in a hasty hand. "Left to find Kurina. Do be careful children. Sorry I had to lie to you."


Your travel east is slow and arduous, but you eventually come to a very large forest. You recognize it as the forest that surrounds Konohagakure. You figure that you could head northeast to Otogakure, northwest to Konohagakure, or north toward the Country of Stone.

2008-02-11, 08:24 AM

Gawk at these words until you’ve understood the enormity. Teachers would be so dry sometimes. Her academy made all the students memorize this place. When she thought about it before Sayuri was forced to admit that it looked much scarier when she was here now. Big trees glared at her from behind their green leaves and thicker-than-you-are branches. “Yummy tum, tum Haigakure kunoichi hum, hum, hum!”
She froze in the clearing all around her and there wasn’t a rattling in her bag to stop the quiet. That was why she packed it early. When she was absolutely sure no one was watching, when she was certain the trees didn’t have teeth and scratchy claws she scampered into a lonely shadow.
Konohagakure was friendly poison she wasn’t going to go there. They would expect her to have official documentation, announcements and letters of introduction, a retinue and a hundred other excuses. Kyusuki Princesses had their tricks – she was always at official meetings practicing her stealthy wall ornament technique. She was after Matasu-san even if she was hungry... Konoha was the biggest village in the country... and she had a pointy straw hat. There would be all kinds of restaurants for girls with pointy straw hats.
Sayuri went in the direction where the trees looked like they did in the picture. This was Konoha... there was a cheery song in the trees, she’d swear by it.

Daylight of Konoha (http://www.animezen.net/midis/naruto)
It was too creepy. No, there wasn’t a happy song.

2008-02-14, 06:43 AM
Natsumi shrugs, eyes glancing upwards for a second in thought. "She went out the south entrance." One of her eyebrows raises when Tenmai talks about Kakou. "Why would Kuro-sensei send us to a city that doesn't exist? Ninja geography trainning?" She itches at an ache developing under her forehead protecter. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like the answer..

2008-02-14, 08:20 AM

"Damn! Damn! Damn damn damn! He's going to roast me alive!" Rippu paces back and forth, the note sitting innocently on the table, mocking him. "Oh man, what am I going to do?" He sounds pretty panicked. Without real warning, a lazy slightly older looking Shin wearing a long green felt coat sewn with small golden dragon outlines and a crusher hat lazily locomotes through the window, bouncing slightly as he hits the ground, and treating Rippu to a dazzling, if distracted, smile. "Yo, dude, what's got your knickers into a not?" He says. Rippu turns on him angrily. "Knot? I'll tell you! That good-for-nothing Kuro has disappeared! On my watch! The prime's going to kill me! Executerate me! I'm doomed!" He throws up his hands in dismay and goes down on his heels, holding his knees and rocking back and forth in fear and impotent fury. "Harsh." The green-coated Shin agrees, stroking his wispy chin-hair meditatively. "Maybe you ought to take that message -" One hand outflung, finger bracketing the piece of paper with definite accuracy " to him right quick? Maybe he'll forgive you?" The green-Shin shrugs. "Worth a try, dude." Like a lazy monkey, he swings back up out of the window. Rippuku looks at the message, uncertain.

Shimura Shin

Shin frowns slightly. "But then-" His musings are cut short, as Rippuku bounds around the corner, caroming off the wall like an eager ball-bearing, skidding to a stop in front of Shin, completely out of breath, simply able to hand him the piece of paper, and breathlessly gesture to it before doubling over. Shin's eyes scan the lines of it, and only a tight control over his mind stops him crushing the letter where he stands. He executes a quick about turn, and standing back straight reports to Tenmai. "Tenmai-sama, Kuro has left the hospital to go looking for Kurina-sama. Permission to pursue?"



Looking like the slightly creepy drug-addict he is. *scowls*



Isn't he the most adorable puppy of the flock? Heeheehee. *tickles*

My view of Sayuri:


All fire and grace, and checking to see if you're watching.

A slightly different view of Sayuri:

http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs6/300W/i/2005/070/e/d/The_Fuuma_Ninja_knows_no_Equal_by_coldfrozensoul.j pg

Possibly closer to her real self? Heh.

A younger Kuro:


He looks so happy go lucky. Hee.

My view of Shunrai:


Yep. Nothing to see here.

For some odd reason, this one made me think of Natsumi:


Pew pew pew! Pewpew!

Of course the devious and completely off his nut Matasu:


Badly drawn cause he gets no spotlight, and he's a bad-guy.

My view of Buki:


The shovel? God knows.

(joy, anger, sorrow, pleasure, love and hatred)

2008-02-14, 08:29 AM
Shunrai sighs "So he lies to us so that he can drag his half cripple butt out of the hospital to try and go hunting himself? I thought Sayuri was the crazy one, is it a family thing?" She quickly checks her gear to make sure she has everything while looking to Tenmai for orders, since it seems she may be the only dependable older ninja they've got in the village.

"At this rate I wonder who is going to still be around next week."

2008-02-14, 11:43 AM

The older woman lets out a soft sigh. "I figured something like this would happen.. And yes, it is a family matter. Come with me, children." Tenmai-sama leads all five children out of the hospital and toward the north gate. Time wasn't on their side, but she seemed to know where she was going.

"You see, the Kyusuki family shares a.. Curse, one could say. Their kekkai-genkai is a powerful one, as it allows their bodies to regenerate at an alarming rate of speed. We don't know alot, as most of their history was destroyed during their civil war and the attacks on our village.." The old woman sighs again, then retrieves a belt pouch from the folds of her kimono. "But I do know that their kekkai-genkai makes almost all of them needlessly reckless, and I've never met a clan member who puts much value in his or her safety. And here I thought Kuro-kun would be the first.."

She retrieves a set of radios for all five genin, and hands them out quickly. "Kurina-chan used to live in Konohagakure, but she left with her clan when they relocated to Sunagakure. Instead of going to the Wind Country, however, Kurina came here. It's my best guess that she would go home--to Konoha--and that Kuro-kun would have went there looking for her. Remember, children. The war is over, and you do not need to hold any grudges. The people have forgotten the war by now with the Fifth's passing, so I expect all of you to be on your best behavior. Any questions?"

2008-02-14, 04:24 PM
"Alright, best behavior, not that anyone ever taught me manners. Or tact or even basic social concepts for that matter. I'll try not to shoot lightning at anyone or fly around screaming though. What sort of reception are you expecting when we arrive though? What about Sayuri?"

2008-02-15, 12:19 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin clearly wants to set off after Kuro immediately, but waits until Tenmai reaches the north gate, and hands out the radios. As she finishes speaking, he straightens up again, shakes his head quickly, and asks "Permission to move out, Tenmai-sama?" Tomi-chan lands with an untidy sprawl of limbs and neat click of wooden platform sandals, bending at the knees and off balance, but straightening up perfectly. Rippuku skids to a halt in the street, and now he knows (or thinks he knows) that he's not going to be boiled alive, seems a bit happier. Tomi-chan flattens his crusher hat, and ***** his head at a jaunty angle. "We ready to go, boss?"

2008-02-15, 03:13 AM
Her fingers rub under her forehead protector now. Reckless? This has gone past reckless and well into psychotic! "I got a headache.." On the plus sde she figures, atleast Kuro isn't dead. He's just running around out there somewhere blind.

Natsumi adjusts her forehead protector with a sigh and takes a radio from Tenmai. "Well Shunrai-chan. If you're ever in doubt about how to act. Follow the golden rule." Then it occures to the girl that Shunrai may not have ever been told that one. "Do unto others as you would have done unto you."

"One question though Tenmai-sensei.." She sighs and looks over at the woman. "If we should happen to find one of our teachers." An amazing feat of luck that will be. She thinks to herself. Her shoulders shrug helplessly. "What do we do? Tell them to come home cause they're in deep trouble? Slap their hands and take away their birthdays? Kuro left to find Kurina, Kurina left to find Matasu. I don't think either will come back until they found what they're looking for no matter what their students think."

2008-02-16, 10:39 AM
Kyoshin, the most quiet he's been for a long time, finally speaks up.

"Natsumi-san is right. When it comes down to it, I'm more concerned about Kurina-sensei than Matasu, but the more I think about it, the more I doubt she'd be willing to just come along with us at the sight of her students... though it might give her pause for thought.

It's that pause that I hope for. It'll give us time to talk.

I just wish I knew what to say."

Kyoshin rubs his shoulders with both hands, and stares towards Kuro's room. He then turns towards Shin, and though his the big genin's words are very quiet, the gravity of them make them easily heard. "Do you know what you're going to say to Kuro-sensei when we find him?"

2008-02-20, 04:42 AM
Natsumi grumbles to herself. "I know what I want to say to her." She tucks the radio neatly into a pouch on her belt. Against Matasu, sure, we'd only be a distraction. She glances at the 4 other ninja around her and crosses her arms infront of her chest. But we could probably take Leematsu out of the situation.. stupid illusions. It's quite obviously been a wrong-side-of-the-bed day for Natsumi.

2008-02-20, 05:18 AM

"I expect a cold reception, at worst and a lukewarm handshake at best. The war is over between Haigakure and Konohagakure, but some of the younger ninja may not like the idea of where you're from. As for when you find them.. I want you to tell them that they must return to Haigakure, by order of the village elders. They will respect an order, regardless of their choices in life. Now go, children. If you leave quickly you may find Kuro-kun before he gets far."

Tenmai sees you all off, and waves as you leave. She's obviously sad to see you go, but it's necessary that you leave. You navigate through the forest relatively easily, and continue heading north to Konohagakure. The hidden village isn't far, and you have the advantage of being fully rested while both runaway ninja are tired and weakened. Note an hour into your travels, it begins to rain softly.


You arrive at the giant wooden gates of Konohagakure's south gate just as the downpour begins. Two shinobi greet you with a clip pad. One of them wears a large yellow bandana across his forehead, with his forehead protector over it. The other is wearing a simple straw hat to cover his head from the rain. They're rather old for genin, so you can assume they're chuunin with relative safety. The one with the yellow bandana speaks first. "Yo, kid. Need you to sign your name, village, and shinobi rank on this. Then I just need to know your reason for coming to Konoha."

2008-02-20, 07:55 AM

Somewhere a monk was carrying more sins than usual under the waterfall. Her smile wasn’t slow to fade with the rain splashing her clothes. She hated that, even had to dig a thick poncho from her pack to cover her chest with and by the then her belongings were feeling bad too. He wouldn’t be able to see her peeking up at him from under her hat. She threw him a sadly shy look anyway.
“Excuse me, please.”
He was probably going to hate her for making him wait so long holding out the pad. She shuffled close and took his pad with both hands. There weren’t very many drops on it, check that out!

(Now all she had to do was keep it semi-dry.) She scratched something fast and thought back to Icha Icha Paradisu, Sayuri was always thinking about cunning plans and this was no exception.

The FormName: Yomi
Village: Konoha
Rank: WHAM!! POW! The gate guys almost smell good in the rain! ^_^! Losers!
Reason: When I get home I’m going to eat Dango
Innocuous, she tried to knock her hat off when the breeze blew. She tried (so much effort!) in vain to grab it when it flew off (for no apparent reason) and even went chasing after it while it wheeled across the ground through the muck and got all dirty.
“Wait hat, come back! Ie!”
When she finally had it under control her hair was all wet but she came sloshing back to the gate in apparent triumph. Would the gates take pity?

2008-02-20, 11:48 AM
Kyoshin, after placing the communicator into his shoulder sack, works his way into the middle of the group of genin, and endeavors to stay on watch. When the rain starts falling, Kyoshin looks down at his feet and sighs.

"It's times like these I wish I had a pair of good shoes. I don't like muddy feet." Pulling out just one apple, the large genin decimates it and returns to watching their surroundings; either for Kuro or for signs of any unexpected encounters.

Feels weird to leave the village for the first time. But I guess I'll have to if I want to find her... Kyoshin's eyes become noticeably more focused, and he begins to finger the wax pouch at his neck.

2008-02-20, 05:30 PM
Shnurai spends the first part of the trip checking out the radio and making sure it works, not that she thinks Tenmai would give them junk gear, but best to be safe and sure in case they need them. "So we just go to a former enemy village, find our AWOL teachers, and order them to return. Oh and maybe find a runaway psycho to, all while being targeted by other lunatics. Who else thinks that this is shaping up to be an exciting and eventful trip? Glad I've gotten better control over my powers"

2008-02-21, 05:17 AM
Natsumi sets off at a quick pace. Happy for once to be tall as her longer legs eat up the distance. She doesn't seem phased in the least as the rain begins to come down. With a quick glance back at Shunrai she adds in her thoughts. "Lately, I can't help but think of that curse. 'May you live in interesting times.'" She shrugs, walking off the stress of the morning. "I'm pretty sure we've been cursed." Her eyes keep scanning the terrain around her. She's seen a good deal of the forest around the city, but beyond that is all new to her.

2008-02-21, 10:49 AM
Shimura Shin

On the trip, Shin seems a font of tireless, if focused, energy. He scouts ahead and to the side, often trying to activate some kind of searching jutsu, and scowling when it doesn't work.

Rippu hangs out, shows off, and flirts with a Shunrai a little bit, possibly being pulverized.

Tomiku-chan just generally performs with the greatest of ease, and laziness, hanging around, appearing in places before other people get there, being generally affable and casually distracting Rippuku whenever he starts getting to a bit too much.

2008-02-21, 01:39 PM
Everyone Else

Kuro makes no obvious attempt at concealing his passing, and you find several boot-marks in the trees where he's leaped from branch to branch. It's rather obvious that he's hurrying as well, so you all press on in the direction his tracks lead.

The forest around you is fairly large. It's trees easily tower over any building in Haigakure, and each branch is as thick as Natsumi is tall. A few birds populate the first, but nothing is particularly activate this early in the morning. Your travels are slow and rather boring, but it's better than being attacked by crazed ninja.


The chuunin takes his clipboard back and looks at you with a frown. "You have to take this seriously, alright? I know being a student is fun and all, but you can't go leaving the village whenever you feel like it! Now get home before we inform your teacher that you left the village. Damn kids.."

Konohagakure seems quiet this time of morning. No one other than shinobi are active, and most of the shinobi you see are genin or students going to class. A few villagers are hurrying to do their daily tasks, but the rain and the time of day kept most of them inside. A young boy bearing a Konohagakure headband scurries past you with a bundle of papers in his arms.

You can see the great mountain in the distance, with six heads adorning it's surface. You do not recognize any of the faces, but you do know that they were the leaders of Konohagakure a long time ago.

2008-02-21, 01:59 PM
"I think we're getting closer. Should we pick up the pace?" Kyoshin asks, finishing off a slice of bread. "Maybe we can reach Kuro-sensei before we get to Konohagakure."

2008-02-21, 02:02 PM
Shunrai lets Shin's creepy clone do as he likes, it's not like she can really make out most of what he's saying while concentrating on keeping up and the sound of her own wind roaring in her ears. That and for more reasons than just not thinking it's safe, she isn't keeping her storm shield down so she can't get too close to anyone without risking them getting a serious shock. Least the weather conceals her own little storm a bit, it's not so bad letting it play and rain on her when she'd be getting rained on anyways. It'd be nice to spend a couple weeks warm and dry, she can't help but wonder if that'll ever happen.

"So it doesn't seem that any lingering injuries or thoughts of stealth are slowing him down any. If he doesn't get tired and have to slow down we probably won't catch him before he gets there."

2008-02-22, 05:02 AM
"I'm rather impressed that he's able to jump around all these branches blind.." Natsumi takes a short pause under a tree and looks up into the leaves of the trees. "Granted he knows where Konohagakure is way better then us. But, does he come out here monthly and memorize where every new branch grows? I've heard of blind ninja that work perfectly well if not better then others, but this is surreal."

"I agree with Kyoshin about speeding up. We may not catch him, but we'd at least be closer." She leaps gracefully up into a tree and springs forward following Kuro's trail as well as she can.

2008-02-22, 09:55 AM
Kyoshin dusts off his hands, looks over at Shunrai, nods, and then jumps up into the trees to join Natsumi.

2008-02-22, 05:47 PM

Paper thin noodles in oil with herbs and seasonings like cravings from heaven she smelled all the way here. Following her nose to a takeout stand students were flocking at was easy. Big villages were just tiny ones with big buildings. It was harder waiting in line for a number slip worth five hundred ryo. When she got her order the cook would call her number and she could eat something finally. She fished an umbrella from the clothes and took shelter underneath.
These ninja never needed to smell an outsider a mile away, they all just turn their heads in one big voice and say OUTSIDER GIRL! and stare at her. YOU DO NOT BELONG! Sayuri tried not to shiver and blended in with the academy crowd.

“I don’t even know where it is why do I have Otogakure?” She whined at no one in particular. There had to be someone like her as bored with Konoha. Those loser Chunin let her in the village so she wouldn’t escape their clutches. No one was going to let her go outside until someone from Haigakure or Konoha Doom Squad kidnapped her. She had to sneak outside when she found how to find Otogakure and Matasu.

2008-02-23, 06:24 AM
Shimura Shin

Shin just nods. Just when it seemed like he was opening up, the disappearance of Kuro seems to have shut him up, perhaps permanently.

Up higher, in a neighbouring tree, Tomi-san casts a jaundiced eye over Shin. "We might have to do something about him... it seems Kanashimi-chan is working her wicked wiles." He smiles. "Again." Rippuku looks confused. "What? But how are we supposed to help?" Tomi looks at Rippu-chan kindly, if a little bit cruelly. "Oh, we just have to cheer him up, that's all." Rippu looks even more confused. "Cheer him up? But..." Tomi gives him a less kindly look. "The time will come. Now, just try and keep up, will you?" With that, he breezily steps off the branch and disappears. Rippu frowns, concentrates, and the branch snaps off behind him as he leaps as hard as he can.