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2008-01-16, 07:39 AM
I just found this yesterday and thought this was really cool. Heres hoping it does well and they make more. Dragons of Autumn Twilight (http://www.daggersden.net/2008/01/16/dragonlance-dragons-of-autumn-twilight-direct-to-dvd/)

2008-01-16, 07:55 AM
Oh gods, raistlin with broad shoulders!:smallannoyed:

2008-01-16, 08:04 AM
Raistlin looks a bit too much like Heman in my opinion. And this probably should be in the Media Discussions.

2008-01-16, 02:46 PM
Oh it looks so corny. I must go see it immediately.

2008-01-16, 03:01 PM
Why did they allow this to be made? MY EYES!

Watching that trailer makes me really want to go watch the D&D movie again.

2008-01-16, 03:08 PM
I confess I am rather concerned by the look of the trailer. The 2D animation is thoroughly unimpressive and the 3D looks to mesh rather poorly; I would probably have preferred to see the latter cut to allow better quality in the former. Seriously, anime has been representing fantasy settings with high-quality art for long enough that this has little excuse.

That said, it may look or work better in the final product.

2008-01-16, 04:55 PM
Honestly? I don't care if the animation is in the style of the 60s Spider-Man cartoon, as long as they get the story and characterization across intact.

2008-01-16, 06:45 PM
Parallel thread here: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69704

It's been getting... mixed reviews from people who have seen it thusfar (poor 2D/3D blending is a big complaint). I'm a big Dragonlance fan, and I'm not sure if I'm going to bother.

Edit: I'm told that the music is quite good.

2008-01-17, 06:03 AM
It looks horrible... I'm more reminded of Heman and the original D&D cartoon than anything else. And apparently someone is killing a dragon with a SWORD! Since this never happens in the actual novels, I'm guessing the storytelling team got a bit out of control.

Also, I'm guessing they'll downplay dragonfear a LOT. It just wouldn't make sense for the American public to have our big strong heroes afraid of a lizard, now would it? *sigh*