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2008-01-16, 07:59 PM
From far and wide, the great scholar mage Madnrake, summoned a conclave of many of the wealthiest and most powerful lords of the Geomundai, border lands. He asked them to come to hear of his latest research into the lost regalia of the once great empire.

Now nearly two dozen men, ranging from ruthless warlords to pious paladins, find themselves sitting around a massive oaken table in the mages tower. The golden inlaid runes of the table, do little to offset the hostility in the room.
As you find your seats, Krain "Lord of Dark Citadel" stands up.

"If this petty mage can't find the time to see me when I arrive, he can watch me leave."

With these words Krain storms out slamming the mahogany doors behind him.. The room is silent in his wake.

2008-01-21, 06:56 PM
Marcus Solarius captain of the bloodcloaks the empirial armies a tall man with scared face and wearing a very decorated military uniform is lost in his thoughts not noticing krain's early departure. Then after what seems an eternity he looks to his bodyguard next to him in quiet and confidence "good things come to those who wait".

2008-01-25, 02:33 AM
As you wait a liveried servent enters the room and sets out a series of unopened chilled wine bottles.

"Please excuse the delay sires, some guests are still not here yet and the master has been detained"

Goblets are set before you, and each baron is provided a sealed bottle so that their trusted servants might pour. The servant bows and exits, several lords take the bottled wine and follow him, filing out of the room in disgruntlement and boredom.

As the wine is poured general atmosphere of relaxed conversation begins to predominate in the room and the remaining lords unwind with their peers awaiting the arrival of the tardy mage.

2008-01-27, 01:50 PM
Marcus begins to eat and drink with perfect posture and begins a conversation with a empirial navy captain next to him on the state of the empire. His main points are of criticism of the placity of the empirial military and wide spread corruption of the senate.