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2008-01-17, 01:18 AM
Hi. Just wondering, for those of you who have been making 'mini-OOTS-style-comics' on these boards, have you been working from any sort of guide as to the presentation size of both the comic frames themselves (that is, their sizing), and the textbox fonts?

When you draw them in inkscape/illustrator, do you usually draw them large and then scale down when it comes time to export? And how many DPI do you export at?

Out of curio, what font and size do you usually make use of?



2008-01-17, 02:21 AM
When i draw my comic, i draw it in a 1:1 scale so i just need to export it from svg to png file. Which typically comes to be about 600x1000 pixels big. As for font i just use comic sans. Font size...varies, i just get a feel for it because i have to stretch it in sodipodi (basically the father of inkscape)

2008-01-17, 06:21 AM
Just try some different fonts and sizes, and settle down on whatever you think it is good...that's what everybody else did...

2008-01-20, 12:02 AM
Mr。 Saturn, thanks for the advice.