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2008-01-19, 07:49 PM
The next in a series of new vestiges.

Dark god of the underworld

Vestige level: high
Binding DC: ?

Mustakrakish was born the most hideous troll ever. Having killed his mother in childbirth, the horned, red troll was named Mustakrakish, or Bringer of Woe roughly. It was very quickly certain that he was bound for greatness, as he outgrew the elders before hitting adulthood. In fact, he ended up being taller than most trees by the time he destroyed the village. Still, he grew, until he was only described as massive. Prophecy began to spring up among troll and goblin communities that their savage messiah had come. Mustakrakish seemed only to live, and thrive even, in the world of bloody war. By the time he had killed his first great wyrm dragon, he had his own clergy of shamans, worshipping him as a god walking the earth.

Mustakrakish found an extreme knack for sowing not only destruction, but also discord. Kingdoms of man and elf rose against him, attempting to thwart a terrible evil before it was too late. For Mustakrakish, it was a game to see how many of his enemies he could turn against each other before killing them all. He was known to keep an eye on a kingdom for a hundred years, turning it in on itself, ending in the death of everyone. Eight hundred years passed, and Mustakrakish was never once stopped in his violence. Finally, the union of five kingdoms, led by the land of Fynn, used their most ancient and powerful of magics against the red troll god to seal him away in another dimension.

Fate threw Mustakrakish to the gray waste of Hades, and even worse in the middle of the Blood War. Caught between the warring demons and devils, Mustakrakish found his only option was to murder them all. Every last one of them. Instantly, he was assaulted from all angles. A heated and fierce battle proclaimed him victor. The bards say he spent the following week tracking down everyone that was on the battlefield that day. Every last one of them.

Now a threat in multiple dimensions, Mustakrakish fought nearly a constant battle. For ten years challengers came from all over the outer planes to slay the red troll god. Something deep inside drove his rage, and was strong enough to keep away the apathy of Hades. Mustakrakish was titled by many to be the god of the Underworld, and indeed it took the master of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus himself, to put down the beast. An insidious plan matched Mustakrakish against four archdevils; Belial, Fierna, Mephistopheles, and Asmodeus. But, even as the beast was pinned to the ground, Asmodeus hatched another plan. This plan would see Mustakrakish chained and magically sealed away for his use only. Hellish spies stole the secrets of how to bind him, but they are very rare to find.

Special Requirement
Magically enchanted manacles worth five hundred gold pieces must be placed on the seal of Mustakrakish. The binder retains these after the ritual. In addition, Mustakrakish will only bind his soul to those that are chaotic in alignment.
Special: The Ignore Special Requirements feat only removes the need for the manacles.

The sky darkens, black clouds gather, and a red haze tints the light the color of blood. A fog rolls in and Mustakrakish is shown standing in the center of the seal, his hands shackled and bound to the ground. His eyes open and glare at the binder, showing rage and murderous violence. He does not speak, only growls and attempts to free himself.

A binder's skin takes on the red hue of Mustakrakish, as well as a random assortment of combat wounds. If attempts are made to recolor the skin, it quickly fades back to red.

Mustakrakish is a being filled with rage and fury, and thus are his binders more apt to anger and fighting. If the option comes down to it, a binder will choose the option that is most violent. In addition, binders are on edge and gruff, half-expecting a fight from a stranger.

Granted Abilities
Mustakrakish grants the power of destruction as well as his rage and will to be free.

Strike of Woe: While bound to Mustakrakish, all attacks a binder makes overcome an amount of damage reduction of all forms by (1/4) effective binder levels.

Red rage of Hades: A binder gains a portion of the rage that fills Mustakrakish, giving him the rage ability. If provoked in any manner, a binder must make a will save DC 10 + 1/4 effective binder level + Charisma modifier, or else go into a rage. He may go into this rage once every 5 rounds, and it lasts his newly improved Constitution modifier in rounds, up to 5.

Struggle for Freedom
Any attempts to force, break, or get loose are treated as if the binder is two size categories larger. This includes, but is not limited to, strength checks to open doors, sunder attempts, and grapple checks. Once he gains a bonus from this ability, he must wait 5 rounds before it is usable again.

Blood of the Troll God: Mustakrakish grants his binders with some of the benefits of troll blood. A less powerful strain of regeneration allows a binder to regrow lost limbs in 8 hours, less one hour for every point of Constitution modifier. The limb may be reattached to the stump if held in place for one hour. Damage taken via acid and fire heal naturally twice as slow. Limbs lost due to acid or fire are ruined and may not be reattached.

Armored Skin: A binder that shows the sign of Mustakrakish benefits from a modicum of his natural armor. As such, a binder gains one point of natural armor for every five effective binder levels.

Questions, comments, concerns?

1/24/08 - updated / clarified powers

2008-01-23, 04:53 PM

No comments? Anybody?

2008-01-23, 05:26 PM
I can't comment on the mechanics (I suck at doing that), but the fluff is pretty good. Loved the idea of a abnormal troll "god" fighting non-stop on the underworld.

2008-01-23, 05:31 PM
Interesting. And powerful. He's gotta be a 7th or 8th level Vestige. You might mention whether the manacles remain after the binding (I would assume so).

Ruinous Strike: I think it needs some clarification. I think it causes the binder's attacks to act as if they were (1/4 EBL) higher for purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction. Additionally, it provides a +8 bonus on sunder attempts.
Rage: The vast majority of Vestige granted abilities are usable every 5 rounds or every round. Very few actually have a daily limit. I'd say remove the per day limit since it's an induced rather than voluntary rage.

The only other concern I would have is that Mustakrakish has abilities similar to 4 other vestiges (Ruinous Strike - Aym's Ruinous Attack; Howl of Freedom - Shax's Freedom of Movement and Vanus' Free Ally; Blood of the Troll God - Buer's Fast Healing; Armored Skin - Dahlver Nar's Natural Armor).

I think that's all I've got for now. :smallsmile:

2008-01-23, 05:44 PM
Let's see... 40 points for being a vestige... 25 points for beign an ex-God... and 35 points for a thorough backstory and use of the word Mephistopheles.
Perfect Score. Can't coment on the crunch, though.

2008-01-23, 11:29 PM
It seems a bit powerful, he wipe out the blood war? What?

2008-01-24, 01:25 PM
Thank you. I wanted to show that he is a creature of Armageddon proportions.

I agree that he is powerful. I want him to be a viable 7th or 8th level option. The binder does in fact keep the manacles. I'll clarify that.

Perhaps I will come up with an alternate set of powers. Similar abilities means they are (potentially) balanced, but ultimately bland choices. Any ideas on powers / sources of powers?

Thank you. I actually felt the backstory could have been a bit more in depth, as obviously a being of such power would have a rich tale indeed!

No, I think you misunderstand. He was caught up in a Blood War battle. He couldn't have stopped the entire thing; its an eternal war for a reason :D

smart thog
2008-01-25, 03:00 PM
Maybe give him a effect I call raging bane. At the start of your rage, select a type of enemy. You may use all feats and skills that you normally could not use during a rage on this type (and only this type) of enemy, including spell casting. You also do not take a penalty to ac agiasnt this foe. You may select additional types of enemy to use this on for every 5 levels you have (1 at first, 2 at fifth, 3 at tenth, and so on.)

2008-01-25, 08:41 PM
Awaken, Awaken, Awaken, Awaken. Take the land that must be taken.

Mustakrakish, the LAKE TROLL!

Nice. Crunch and fluff very well thought-out. Binders are cool