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2008-01-19, 08:00 PM

You open your eyes and, as you vision becomes less blurry, your surroundings become more clear. You immediately wish they hadn't. The barren wasteland around you is seemingly endless. There are bones strewn across the ground of all manner of man and beast in various stages of decomposition. As you become more aware of your surroundings, you find that you are not alone. Eight other people are similarly standing there ((The other party members compared to your character.)). Before you can try to communicate with them, however, the landscape around you ripples, and a great stone structure seemingly appears out of nowhere. A stone stairway leads to a massive door at the top.
Before you stands a lone figure guarding the doors to the great gate. As you approach cautiously, you hear the moans of thousands of mad souls. The figure just stands there, cloak billowing, features distorted by a shroud of darkness. The being smiles as you approach; its lip curling in a dark smirk. A voice comes out from the darkness, "We've been expecting you..."


You open your eyes to find yourselves back in your own world. The vision gone as quickly as it had come. You don't know what it was, where it was, or who those others were, but you do know that you are safe back in Luskan, as safe as one can be in Luskan. It's midday and the streets are bustling with people, perhaps going to the next execution, a tavern, or some shop. Fall is fast approaching the North Sword Coast, and the last merchants from Icewind Dale are coming in to sell their goods.

2008-01-19, 08:21 PM
Gretch shakes his head, to clear his head of the last vestiges of the odd vision, and looked around to get a bearing on his surroundings, he was in a human city, Luskan he had heard it named, he couldn't remember WHY he was in Luskan though, and for what he thought must have been the dozenth time he wondered if he had been sent to this city, so full of those in need of protection, as a test of his faith by The Watcher. He shuffled through the city seemingly without aim.

Where are we supposed to be exactly, like where do we meet?

2008-01-19, 08:45 PM
((You are all out in the streets. Since you've seen each other, you'll notice each other if you pass by each other. You guys are also in the cities center. You might be able to see a couple of the others if you look around for them.))

2008-01-19, 09:41 PM
After traveling for weeks first West along the River Delimbiyr and then North on the trade way Yaroc comes within view of the city of Luskan. He doesn't understand why but the dreams have been getting stronger the closer he gets to the city.

He feels drawn here and as he passes through the gates into the city he wonders what fate has in store.

After being on the road all morning a hot meal sounds very tempting so Yaroc ducks into the first local tavern he sees. He calls to the sirving girl.

A hot meal and a cool drink please.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-19, 09:58 PM
Roland, weary from the vision shown to him, decides to sit down in a nearby tavern, have a pint of mead, and ponder the ramifications of what he has seen. As soon as he enters the tavern however, he immediately recognizes one of the people from the vision! He stands still in shock for a split second, then pulls the cowl of his cloak far over his head, leaving his face in shadow, and settles inconspicuously into a corner to watch this strange person, wondering if they can show some hint of why they are interconnected

2008-01-19, 10:09 PM
Arwel stops walking as he returns to reality. There was something worth noting if ever there was. He replayed the vision in his head try to make sense of it. Coming up empty, he decides to write Hevia about it. Wizards were supposed to know about such things.
Heading to one of the taverns he frequents, Arwel takes a seat.
"Mara! Stew and some ale, if you please" he orders as he takes out pen, ink and a journal. He then starts writing a full account of the vision, while its fresh in his mind.

2008-01-19, 10:29 PM
Gretch walks over to a local "tavern" as some locals had named it, he'd been lead to believe he could get food and drink here. He walked in and went over to a small table in a corner away from most of the people and pondered what to do next.

awww, not a cliche tavern meeting :smallfrown: :smallwink: :smalltongue:

Sir Shadow
2008-01-19, 11:42 PM
Eredar shook away the vision as his mind returned to the real world.

Was that... a waking dream?

Shaking his head once more, Shadowtongue looked down into the streets of Luskan. His target had vanished. Sighing, he lowered his bow and returned the arrow to its quiver. Stepping back from the ledge, he walked back down the flights of stairs to the street.

For a moment he had to double-take as he noticed something peculiar. Something from his short vision had raced across his field of vision. Following the short figure through the crowded streets, he was led to a tavern that he had passed a few times before.

Walking inside, he glanced aside just in time to see the goblin sit at a seat in the corner. Eredar swiftly walked through the room, avoiding tables and serving girls, until he reached that same table, where he promptly sat down.

Hello little one, he whispered in Goblin, you look very familiar...

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2008-01-20, 12:03 AM
Gretch was startled by the suddenness of the strangers arrival... or IS he a stranger... he thought, yes he too found this figure oddly familiar, he whispered a prayer the Helm and looked up at the newcomer. Yes yes, you too are oddly familiar, tell me, who ARE you? said Gretch in oddly well spoken common.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-20, 12:05 AM
Roland watches in awe as more and more people from his vision enter the tavern where he sits by the bar, observing the barbarian. I'm far too conspicuous he thinks to himself, reasoning that if he saw them, they could have seen him as well. He immediately gets up, walks out of the tavern, and finds a local cloak salesman, and trades in his green cloak for a dark dark brown one its the best I can do on short notice he muses, as he re-enters the bar and sits back down, just in time to watch 2 of the people he saw begin to strike up a conversation

2008-01-20, 12:25 AM
Mulligan is woken from his daydream by a sharp pain. After a few choice curses he grabs a few strips of cloth and bandages his hand, irritated with himself to be so careless as to drift off while working.

At least now I know this place makes quality springs... he thinks as he puts aside the lockbox for now. Kind of idiotic to be putting a puncture spike on something a would-be thief could simply walk away with, but he wasn't one to question good money.

The gnome grabs his coat and heads for a tavern. Been working too long, he figures, but one of the people from the vision is stuck in his mind for some reason...

"'Scuse me, sir," a weathered gnome leans on a chair near to Roland (and probably some others; there are only so many dark corners that can fit in one room and all), "begging your pardon, but have you seen a girl, tallish, red hair down to about here," a hand indicates his waist, "anywhere about?"

2008-01-20, 01:36 AM
Previously paying full attention only to the meal in front of him Yaroc, with a full belly, stops to take a look around. It doesn't take long for him to realize that many of the faces he sees come straight out of the dream.

Confused and a little angry he stands up and points at the patrons shouting.

You, and you, and you! What sorcery is this!

2008-01-20, 01:47 AM
Sorry I'm late!

The Tavern

Mara brings Arwel his stew and ale. It doesn't appear that appetizing, but it is surprisingly good. Anything else I can get you, Arwel? She sees that he is very intent on writing and deep in thought and asks, Is there something wrong?

As Yaroc gets up from his meal and starts to yell, the barman steps out and says sternly, What are doing making all that racket? No need to yell my good sir. Now stop scaring away my costumers or I will have to ask you to leave.

((1 sp for a meal and drink.))

Sir Shadow
2008-01-20, 02:38 AM
As the goblin responded to him, Eredar's eyebrows slowly knitted together in irritation. While the goblin's common was surprisingly fluent, he noticed that subtlety was completely lost on him. The reason he had whispered to him in goblin was to avoid notice, but it seemed that it was too late. A very large, very familiar man suddenly burst out yelling his recognition, pointing to several others that the elf had already noticed.

Goblin, have you noticed a few other familiar faces are hereabout?Eredar said, completely ignoring the small one's question altogether, while speaking in common this time.That large lummox's face was quite memorable.

Eredar's hand slowly rose to point at the big man, then trailed over to the bar, then it circled around the rest of the tavern, resting a few times on others that looked like they had just stepped out of his vision.

2008-01-20, 11:40 AM
After waking from her vision Amykath found herself kneeling on the ground, her staff next to her. She stood up and used the staff as a help. Once she was standing straight, Amykath looked around suddenly spotting a strangely familiar figure disappearing through a tavern door.

What was that? And who was that person? Why do I think I've seen him before?
More and more questions were forming inside her head overwhelming her. Hoping to find the answers Amykath walked up to the tavern and entered, mustering the room. While the beautiful elven girl caught many looks from mostly the men inside the tavern her own eyes were gaught by the sight of two men sitting in a corner. A human in green clothes and a black haired gnome talking to him.

The gnome was who caught her attention the most. She didn't know why but his face was stuck in her mind ever since she woke up from her vision. Without further hesitation Amykath walked up to the two men and stopped in front of them her quarterstaff helt before her in a defensive manner.
"I... do I know you?", she stops to think about the way she just approached the gnome, "I'm sorry, this might seem strange to you, but... it acutally does to me too. Have we met before?"

2008-01-20, 11:44 AM
Gretch, annoyed by being ignored, snapped irritably Yes he looks familiar as well, now are you going to tell me who in the All Watchers name you are? Though he had spoken louder than he preferred he didn't really care, he wanted answers and he wanted them NOW.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-20, 12:33 PM
Eredar sighed, looking down at the goblin.

If you must know, I am Shadowtongue. And who might you be? One does not often see goblins walking among cities...

So this little one follows Helm? Now I've seen everything.

2008-01-20, 01:12 PM
Arwel looks up from his writing “Sorry? Oh, thanks Mara, but I’m fine. Just writing a letter to Hevia.” He is about to continue when someone began shouting.
Arwel was surprised to see one of the people he had been describing on paper. Further looking around the room afforded him the view of others from the vision. Very astute. He chided himself. Room full of visionary figures and you don’t notice them till they start shouting.
He made a quick decision that it would probably be better to let them approach him, and gather what information he could till then.
Calling Mara over “Great stew as usual, Mara. I was wondering if you knew anything about the disruptive man over there. He seems familiar.”

2008-01-20, 01:24 PM
Gretch grins, his fangs standing tall in his mouth and responds I am Gretch, I am what your people might call a ranger, I was the scout for my tribe until a while ago with this last he sighs gets a little depressed, bringing up bad memories and old failures never was good for the self esteem.

2008-01-20, 02:53 PM
1sp removed from char sheet.

Ignoring the bar keep Yaroc heads towards the group gathering in the corner. Just before he reaches them a stunning elven woman cuts in front of him and asks the men sitting at the table a question.

Yaroc steps up beside the woman at the now fairly crowded table. For the first time he notices the goblin and his hand instinctivly goes to the handle of his great axe. He keeps his hand there just in case.

*Yaroc is not subtle. He is an imposing figure standing close to 7 feet tall and heavily muscled.

I am Yaroc of the Eagle Tibe. I do not know why you haunt my dreams but I want to know what is going on, NOW.

2008-01-20, 03:37 PM
Mara looks over at the man, a frown on her face. I haven't seen him around before, and I see pretty much every adventurer that comes by here. He just walked and ordered a meal and drink. I don't know who he is, but by my guess is he's part of one of those plains barbarians.

The barman steps out from behind the bar. He approaches Yaroc, and it looks like he's going to say something, but it doesn't come out. He just stands there for a full second upon noticing the goblin. He sputters something unintelligible, then walks away, shaking his head and muttering under his breath. When he walks past Amykath, he stops and asks, Can I get you something Miss?

2008-01-20, 04:42 PM
"Well, speak of the Spider Queen," Mulligan says to himself and looks up at the serendipitous elf. "An ancient place, ruined, broken. A fragment on the edge of madness. Another world, another plane? Who knows. You were there. A goblin, too. Others, but I don't remember them. I assume I was, given our big friend here." He nods to Yaroc and addresses him, "I don't know what's going on any better than you do. No, that's a lie. I really hope I don't know what's going on any better than you do. I've got ideas and I hope they're wrong."

2008-01-20, 05:07 PM
"Thanks Mara. I won't keep others from your company."
Arwel goes back to writing. He puts down what things he can hear through the bar crowd but they do not seem to know anything more about events than he does.
Nearly all the people from his vision are there. He feels, given the circumstances, it is unlikely he can escape their notice for long. And it would seem fate was being a busy body in making sure they all meet up.
Arwel sighs. He has a distinct feeling that his life is going to take some rather unexpected turns in the very near future because of his vision. Might as well not put off the inevitable, he thought.
Getting up Arwel goes over to the large group.
"I beg your pardon, but I feel I may have a vested interest in this conversation.
"My name is Arwel Matak Harr, from Sespech. I believe I have something in common with the present company."

2008-01-20, 05:53 PM
Amykath takes a step back surprised by the sudden growth of the group and slightly scared by the thought that she remembers all these faces without having seen them ever before, and that they also seem to remember each other and her.
"I wish I had an answer to this myself. But it seems we all have seen each other before. In a dream?"
She rubs her forehead with her fingertips trying to remember more details from the vision.
"A wasteland... covered in the mortal rests of once living creatures... a gate atop a massive stairway of stone guarded by a lone creature... Has anyone of you seen that too?"

Sir Shadow
2008-01-20, 06:28 PM
Eredar looked around at the faces that had gathered and was rather annoyed. While the thought that he had a vision of them was a bit curious, he was more curious at to what in the nine hells such a dubious group was doing in Luskan. While it was not strange at all to see a goblin and a barbarian this far north, he could help but wonder about the gnome and the elf. He got up and nodded for Gretch to follow him closer to the bar.

My dear star elf, you and I both know our fair kind is not given to dreaming. We all must have shared a true vision, for I too recall this wasteland you speak of and all the faces gathered... now all we can do is wonder why we were chosen... may I ask what brings you all to Luskan?

He looked with disdain at the Barbarian, his eye glancing at the hand grasping the ax. It was idiots like him that made people like Eredar hate all living creatures. He crosses his arms and subtly sends Yaroc a very rude gesture with his hand.

2008-01-20, 08:24 PM
Well, it beats the dream... Terry shakes his head a few times to collect himself. It's just a training mission...no need to go to pieces. Remembering his purpose, he walks casually into a nearby tavern, a place sure to contain ruffians of some sort. As he goes in, he sees and hears a large man yelling about sorcery. He looks at the man, suddenly realizing that he was in the vision he just had. Noticing that some patrons seem alarmed at this large man, Terry walks over to him and tries to calm him down.
Relax, friend. Keep the axe away, there's no need to hurt anyone. I can assure you that whatever sorcery is going on here, it will be put to rest."

Roland Deschain
2008-01-20, 08:41 PM
Roland decides that since nobody has recognized him in his so recently changed cloak, that he will just stay back and observe the odd gathering happening from across the bar. "boy, this group won't be hard to follow" he mutters to himself as he watches the large angry barbarian huff and puff.

2008-01-20, 09:04 PM
Gretch stands to his full, unimposing height, and scowls at the barbarian Yes lets try and put the blade down, especially while eying me like I just ate a child or something

2008-01-20, 10:36 PM
The barkeep, looking annoyed, and making no attempt to hide his rising temper, tries to get between Gretch and Yaroc, but it's too crowded around the table, so he just says, Hey cool it! I will not permit fighting in my tavern! Even if you are... He eyes Gretch with a look of disgust. Mara runs over to the barkeep and grabs his arm. Come on Dad. Stop. Don't fight!

2008-01-20, 10:49 PM
Gretch, angered by the barkeeps words snaps back Even if I am WHAT? and then he sneers, his fangs poking over his lip Its not like I'm the one who STARTED all this, you should be yelling at the stupid oaf with the axe and not me his sneer widens, more and more teeth poking out of his lip, and he rests a hand on the pommel of his bastard sword.

2008-01-20, 10:56 PM
Terry seems saddened by the barkeep's attitude, and says "Please, my good sir, don't be angry with them." Turning to the somehow familiar goblin, he adds "We don't need to kill each other, especially since I'm getting the feeling that we all know each other. Have either of you two recently had soem kind of vision?"

Sir Shadow
2008-01-20, 11:01 PM
Eredar turned to the rising conflict beside him, his eyes lingering on the star elf. Positioning himself beside the goblin, he rested his hand on Gretch's shoulder.

Your anger is well justified, my friend, but not worth getting into a fight over. Forget the oaf, and let's focus on getting to the bottom of this.

(( OOC: *prays his charisma score is worth something* lol XD ))

2008-01-20, 11:04 PM
And the scowl returns with a vengeance I wasn't INTENDING to get in a fight, I'm just DEFENDING my right to be a Goblin he says putting an emphasis on the word "Defending"

2008-01-20, 11:09 PM
Yaroc takes a deep breath and visibly tries to relax.

He answers the guard.

I have been having a vision, and all of you were in it. You said you might have some answers Gnome. I am listening.

2008-01-20, 11:16 PM
"A gnome with answers? Sorry to butt in, but I'm interested as well." Terry scans the tavern for a gnome and walks towards him.

2008-01-20, 11:46 PM
"Thank you," the gnome in question hops onto a chair to get a better look at the assorted rabble. "Now, I'm not really an expert, but there are only so many things something like that could mean. I've neither met nor seen any of you before so that probably rules out some clever **** of a wizard trying to get you lot all in one place for capture, killing, whatever. I'm fine with that and I hope you are too. But!" he thrusts a finger in the air for emphasis, "let's get that possibility out of the way anyway before we start presuming on things like 'fate' or 'destiny.' So I need to know your names, where you're all from and what you do, if you've been looking into anything strange lately, see if there's any connection. No sense in being a proverbial room of undercover guards trying to arrest each other."

"Oh." An afterthought. "And did anybody see any kind of glass or crystal tower in their dream-vision-indigestion-induced-hallucination?"

Sir Shadow
2008-01-21, 12:06 AM
His eyebrow twitched as he looked down at Gretch. Although his comment seemed to tick off the goblin a bit, it appeared he had calmed down. Shadowtongue turned back to the conversation with the gnome.

The name's Shadowtongue, and suffice to say I haven't been doing anything besides the norm lately.

Eredar's lips turned into a small frown, as if daring the gnome to try and inquire further. The daily routine of this rogue was not going to become an amusement for those gathered. But for a change, he actually had told the truth. He'd like to say he was seeking some great enchanted artifact, but that simply wasn't the case. He was just an elf trying to live as comfortably as he could on the Sword Coast.

2008-01-21, 12:11 AM
Gretch's face goes to a more neutral tone I'm Gretch, I come from a tribe that is... was, based in the Spine, they now live in some forests, I'm what you'd call a ranger, and no I haven't been up to anything "strange" lately, unless you count fighting human bandits "strange" and then he turns quizzically toward shadowtongue And just what IS the norm for you? we can't judge if anythings out of the ordinary if we don't know what ordinary is and he grins at this last.

2008-01-21, 12:13 AM
Mara continues to try to calm her father down. Father... please. Let it go. He hasn't done anything. He's here as a guest and a customer. He has NOTHING to do with..., but she stops short from the look of anger and pain on her father's face. The barkeep takes one look back at Gretch and the storms off to a back room, muttering curses and other unintelligible words as he goes. Mara looks as if she's on the verge of tears, but she manages to get out, I'm sorry. My father doesn't mean anything by it. It's just that my mother... she was killed in an attack and... She wipes away tears off her face, obviously embarrassed. Excuse me. She walks quickly to the bar and takes out a cloth to dry her face.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-21, 12:23 AM
He smirked at Gretch and tilted his head slightly. The little creature truly had no inkling of what life was like in a real city. All the way up in the Spine there wasn't much more than a few towns. Leaning over, he lowered his voice to a whisper.

Ordinary is trying to survive in a city of cut-throats owned by the Arcane Brotherhood of the Host Tower. If you're lucky you live your life in anonymity, just getting by and avoid the ex-swashbuckling ruffians that act like they run this place. And just saying so could get you killed.

Shadowtongue straightened, and turned to the gnome again. He opened his mouth but first glanced around at the others.

I'm not one to consort with wizards, and I honestly can't think of a thing that would make anyone target me for some grand practical joke--and trust me... I'm very creative.

2008-01-21, 12:39 AM
Gretch snarls something unintelligible in Goblin and speaks to shadowtongue You think your talk of cutthroats and brigands is going to intimidate me? Try living in the Spine where you have to contend with orcs and hobgoblins and even others of your own kind just to survive, that is when your not trying to avoid being eaten by trolls or worse, or avoid capture by Dark Elves and other such nasties from deeper down, or fending off Brigands and highwaymen. and with this he gets depressed and distant again, invoking a prayer to Helm.

2008-01-21, 12:50 AM
The gnome, who has started to take notes, speaks up again, "Right. So you're both good at stabbing things and staying alive, whatever other skills you may have," he adds a bit more writing to his parchment, "good to know."

Mull raises a bandaged hand and jerks a thumb over his shoulder in Mara's direction. "Arwel, right? Buy the lady a drink."

Sir Shadow
2008-01-21, 01:01 AM
Eredar's smirk widened as he listened to the goblin's retort. It was almost funny to see such a little person get so angry, and he admitted in a very grudgingly sort of way that he was already fond of Gretch. As he listened to the gnome's response, a distant look entered his eyes, almost thoughtful.

Can it go on the record that I prefer to turn things into pincushions--he gestured to his bow--as opposed to stabbing them.

2008-01-21, 02:16 AM
Everything of late seems strange to me, little one. These lands and this city are far from my homelands near the Greypeak Mountains. My name is Yaroc. What is your name since you have such interest in ours.

2008-01-21, 10:34 AM
Changing between a painful look at Mara and a worried look at Eredar and Gretch Amykath takes a few steps back.
"Amykath is my name...", she turns her attention away from the squabbling pair, "In this world most who knew me called me Amy. It's a name the humans use, I figure. I... well I have a natural talent for the arcane.", she stops to think for a few seconds "I guess the strangest occurence to me was going to a world entirely new to me. But many of my kind do this willingly, as did I."

2008-01-21, 12:32 PM
Arwel seems to consider something for a moment, then says
"Once again, I am Arwel Matak Harr from Sespech. I came to Luskan in search of adventure and have been working in Luskan for the past year."

2008-01-21, 12:47 PM

A tall man, a couple of inches over six feet, had been sitting on a bench near a large tree apparently having his leisure. He wore a simple cloth robe, with a bit of rope apparently tied around his waist for support. On his feet, simple sandals barely provided any protection from the long roads he had walked. Between his feet a well-worn sack, mostly empty from appearances, rested on the ground. Though his eyes were closed his hands grasped the sturdy, if slightly warped, staff of wood that appeared to be his only other possession.

A look of calm serenity seemed painted on his face as he sat resting his eyes. But that look quickly went from calm, to almost pained and afraid. This lasted for a few minutes until eventually his knuckles whitened around his staff and his eyes popped open wide...as if searching for something. He rubbed at his temples and contemplated what had just happened,

Oh my, that certainly was vivid. I have not had such real dreams since my time of fasting. Ahh, perhaps I have not been getting enough to eat lately. Such a state certainly could have cause hallucinations. I only have a little food left in my satchel, perhaps I can work for a meal at a local tavern.

Shaking his head to help clear the last vestiges of the vision from his mind, he made his way towards such an establishment, his sack slung over his shoulder and his staff tapping away with each step.

Planting a bright smile on his face, he pushed through the door of the tavern and stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth fell wide open and gaped as here before him stood figures he had just dreamt about, and they were apparently arguing about something. Completely at a loss, he stepped fully inside and tilted his head to the side trying to wrap his mind around what exactly was going on here.

A meak, "Uhh....Hello...?" escaped his lips as the others continued their discussions.

2008-01-21, 01:54 PM
"Name's Mulligan," the gnome continues writing, making note of the newcomer, "I'm a mason from Lantan, if that makes any difference. Pincushions... adventure... arcane... you! Name, origin, purpose, whether you saw us in a bone-strewn wasteland recently."

"How many were there, anyway? Anyone count?"

2008-01-21, 02:07 PM
I believe there were eight. Though I wasn't taking a tally at the time, so I could be mistaken.

2008-01-21, 02:09 PM
Amykath looks at the gnome puzzled. "Is it me or did you get rather short breathed over the past minutes?", she smirks at him and giggles sliently.
"I remember eight people standing beside me."

2008-01-21, 02:12 PM
Gretch has a quizzical look on his face Wait so wouldn't there be nine including ourselves? or Am I wrong?

2008-01-21, 02:43 PM

The young man almost seems to recoil from the barrage of questions from the gnome as if he were being attacked. When his back collides with the wall behind him, he snaps out of it and stumbles forward towards the gnome, forming answers as his mind tries to get a handle on the situation,

"My name is Christoph, and I'm a simply monk. I....yes, I do believe I have seen you all standing with me before some great stairway in a vision I had recently. I had thought it a simple dream, but that apparently is not so. Do any of you know what this means?"

Reaching the table, he pulls a chair out and plops himself down onto it unceremoniously in case his legs decide this is too much to handle.

2008-01-21, 02:52 PM
"Let's say there were. So me, Yaroc the Heavy, Shadowtongue the Dark and Mysterious, Amy the Reason Why Nobody Can Ever Keep Their Elves Straight Anymore, Arwel the Native, Gretch the Easily Offended, Chris and you." he indicates Terry and puts down his pen, remembering to breathe properly on Amykath's insistence. "So we're missing one."

2008-01-21, 03:37 PM
As your gathering grows, other patrons start to come into the Dragon's Hoard Tavern. Several humans and a dwarf walk into the tavern and sit down at another table. After them, a beautiful elven maiden walks in, if her movements could be considered so crude as walking. She has long flowing dirty blond hair and fair complexion. Her adventurer's clothing and leather armor is simple, seemingly perfect for her and yet at the same time it seems not befitting such beauty. She carries two swords, a longbow and what looks like a wooden flute of some kind. She gracefully walks to the bar and asks Mara for water and something sweet. A couple of the humans in the tavern whistle at her, but she takes no notice of them. When her order comes, she just sits and eats without looking up and around.

2008-01-21, 04:08 PM
"Actually," corrected Arwel I'm not native. Sespech is south of the Sword Coast and inland. But I suppose it applies as I seem to have been here the longest
"Except perhaps Eredar who hasn't actually stated a time period or reason for being here, though he does seem to have a grasp of local politics."
Arwel pauses for a reply or explanation from Shadowtongue that he is fairly sure won't be forth coming, then continues on.
"In any case, I know several local sources of information. I could probably find out if anyone matching our ninth's description has been seen around town.

2008-01-21, 05:02 PM
Yaroc takes another look around the tavern while the others are speaking.

Spot check [roll0].

If i see Roland hiding behind his cowl I'll point him out to the others.

But what does it mean? Why us?

2008-01-21, 05:26 PM
((Roland if you are trying to hide your face, make a hide check. Make a disguise check as well.))

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 06:20 PM
((hide check it is, i will even negate my dex bonus cause it probably dosnt apply here))


Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 06:21 PM
disguise check (sorry bout the double post)

2008-01-21, 06:26 PM
((Yaroc, you see him, but you don't recognize him.))

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 07:05 PM
Roland pulls the cowl of his cloak even tighter over his face and sighs a sigh of relief, as the eyes of the large angry barbarian seem to meet with his, only to move on to the rest of the bar. if i am going to keep following these people I need to get a change of clothes, not just a new cloak. he muses to himself while looking down at his empty coin purse this is going to be difficult.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-21, 07:54 PM
For a moment, Eredar is comepletely distracted as a lovely elf walks across the room. His infatuation with her is not so basic as the human dogs making cat-calls at her from the other table. His stare is more like that of one admiring fine artwork. A thoughtful look crosses his face as he looks closer, wondering how he'd ever missed such a gem before. As he looks around the tavern, he notices others who too are also fascinated by the woman's beauty.

2008-01-21, 08:14 PM
A group of four men at the back, away from your table, start to call over both the elven maiden that just walked in and Amykath to their table to join in on their fun. The men are obviously drunk, slurring their words. Come over sweet thing. Leave them and come have a drink with US, one calls to Amykath. Another gets up and walks clumsily over to the elven maiden. He orders her an ale. You new here? I could show you around if you are... The elf gives him a look of utter disgust.

2008-01-21, 08:34 PM
Gretch looks at the drunken man with a sneer of disgust, and, invoking a prayer to Helm, steps over to the drunken fool Or you could crawl back to whatever pit your crawled out of he says, the seer widening, revealing sharpened fangs, and his hand once again resting on the pommel of his bastard sword.

I suppose I should do an intimidate roll [roll0]

2008-01-21, 08:45 PM
The man looks down at Gretch, a look of annoyance on his face. His drink elevates his arrogance. Why don't YOU go crawl into your hole, goblin? I won't let you harm this lady. I know she must look good to you. The man draws a short sword. As he talks. The elf looks to the goblin then back to the man, her face expressionless.


2008-01-21, 08:50 PM
Gretch's sneer turns slowly into a snarl and he speaks again, with more venom in his voice I said get lost, and what the hell are you looking at me like that for? The barkeep said no fighting, if you want to start a fight with me you'll have to answer to him and he sneers again, standing as tall and straight as he can.

Should I keep rolling for intimidate, or are we just going with the one roll? I'll roll again just in case [roll0]

2008-01-21, 09:05 PM
((Sorry, I was editing my post, but what you wrote still makes sense. Are you taking into account the -4 on intimidate checks you get on him because you're a size smaller? We should make new ones. I'm going to roll then see what I get to determine his response. This could get ugly. :smallwink: ))

The man stands tall, though he does seem a little put back by the mentioning of the barkeep. I'm sure the barkeep won't mind if it's for the protection of a lady. He looks to the elf and rubs her arm, Don't woory mmy dear. I'll protect you. The doesn't recoil from his touch. She quickly looks at Gretch in disgust. If you know what's good for you, you'll leave, goblin. There is an edge to her voice. She looks back to the man. My protector is quite the fighter... She smiles and rubs his right shoulder. She winks at Gretch when the man is distracted.

((Gretch, sense motive to recognize what's happening.))


Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 09:17 PM
Roland saunters over to the table with the drunken buffoon and says "Ma'am, excuse me while I remove this offal from your presence, I will soon be back to try to woo you in a more appropriate manner." he then quick draws his short sword, with it finally coming to rest on the drunk man's collarbone. "Why don't you go somewhere where you can think over your appalling behavior towards this wonderful lady...more specifically...somewhere ELSE!"

Intimidate Check! [roll0]

((I am assuming that my disguise check lasts for an hour, as described in the PHB, it would have been rolled when I went and changed cloaks. what I am doing probably calls for spot checks from everyone else
cause now they all see me))

2008-01-21, 09:22 PM
((Agreed, even though these are a bit different circumstances, spot checks from everyone.))

Hey, buddy. No need to put the sword to my throat. I was just trying to be nice to the lady. If you and you goblin friend don't like it then buzz off.


2008-01-21, 09:32 PM
Gretch stares at the elf and the newcomer in turn, a little confused

sense motive [roll0] and spot [roll1]

2008-01-21, 09:36 PM
((You recognize that she's distracting him on purpose and that she doesn't really want him to be near her. You don't recognize Roland.))

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 09:39 PM
"you're right, there is no need for bared steel here puts away sword this however DOESN'T mean that I'm not going to hand your ass to you"

((If/Then statements to follow))

If- nobody recognizes me as someone from the vision
Then- I initiate a grapple with the drunken fool

If- somebody recognizes me
Then- we shall see!

2008-01-21, 09:43 PM


While looking around the room to see how badly this situation was about to erupt, a face caught the monk's attention amidst the crowd.

"Umm, not to interrupt this defense of a lady's honor...but I think that is the missing member of our vision."

He points towards the cowled man.

2008-01-21, 09:43 PM
Gretch takes his shield and smashes it into the face of the drunken buffoon abruptly and snarls Get lost you parasite

for attack [roll0] and for damage [roll1]

2008-01-21, 09:53 PM
((Spot [roll0]))
"Has Bane possesed you! cries Arwel as the goblin uses his shield as a weapon. He tries his best to intercede in the combat.
His voice has a slight snarl to it as he speaks to the goblin"This is not an establishment where you attack other partrons. Go to a bar nearer the docks if you cannot control your aggresive tendancies.
Turning to the man "Sorry about that. I'm sure it was a misunderstading on his behalf staring down the goblin and I am sure he will apologize for his unprovoked attack.

((Diplomacy [roll1]))

2008-01-21, 09:55 PM
((Christoph does recognize Roland with a 22 spot.))

The man, caught off guard by the blow, falls over, hitting the bar as he falls. It looks like he's unconscious. The barkeep comes back into the room, upon seeing the man fall he loses control. WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT FIGHTING? The elf turns to the barkeep however and says, It is quite alright, sir. These fine gentlemen just saved me from a drunk man's advances. She turns to Gretch and Roland. Thank you both. I am in your debt.

2008-01-21, 09:56 PM
Gretch nods to the elven maiden and the stranger and he snaps at Arwel stow it human, Ive no time fools, drunken or otherwise

2008-01-21, 09:58 PM
Yaroc smirks a little watching the brash display of the goblin. There is some respect to be had for one standing up to a larger foe, not to mention trying to save the woman from unwanted advances.

On the other hand Yaroc is no stranger to battle and in his clan the women fight as well. Yaroc can tell by the way the woman holds herself that she can hold her own. Not to mention the twin swords by her sides.

((Yaroc readies an action in case the drunk's friends decide to jump in))

Spot check [roll0]

2008-01-21, 10:13 PM
In a harsh whisper Arwel responds "Fools resort to violence when subtly would suffice. We are not in your wilderness and situations must be handled differently than what you are likely used to. Though you may not find it good or fair, it is something you must recognize."

2008-01-21, 10:19 PM
"Out cold," Mulligan hops down and inspects the drunk in question, checking for bleeding and all that. "Nice hit, Gretch." Even if it wasn't his specialty, he could definitely respect someone who could cold-clock a human three feet taller and a hundred pounds heavier. Made his little heart proud, it did.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 10:21 PM
((Roland doesn't know that Christoph has spotted his ruse, his charade, his confidence game)) Roland slides up next to the lady and hits her with his best pickup lines, as many as he can as fast as he can
"If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put your sister and I together. Is your father a thief? Because that's totally my horse you parked outside. You must be tired, 'cause you've been running through my mind all day. Screaming. That shirt looks good on you, but it would look even better stuffed into the neck of a vodka bottle and flung burning through this bar's window.

2008-01-21, 10:22 PM
The other men in the group jump at the site of Gretch knocking out their companion. They eagerly draw weapons, two with daggers and one with a short sword. They looked prepared for a fight.

2008-01-21, 10:23 PM
Gretch sneers at Arwel Oh, and what subtelty would have sufficed here? he was a drunken oaf, all such people understand is violence, and as our good friend shadowtongue pointed out, a city is not much better than the forest. Really there was no reason NOT to hit him, it solves alot of problems and I don't have to try and reason with a drunken idiot. No in this situation its stupid and foolish to try and reason with an irrational fool on their own terms, when you can settle with your terms. after his quasi-rant he nods to mulligan.

crud, ninja'd :smalltongue:

2008-01-21, 10:32 PM
as the Drunken mans companions jump up Gretch draws his blade and readies himself as he speaks You really think this is worth killing each other over huh?

[roll0] initiative if i need it.

2008-01-21, 10:35 PM
((OOC, sorry about the delays again, my internet's been hazy since I moved into my new dorm))

Terry seems lost in thought for a while, a look of slight pain on his face. He completely misses the fight at the bar and comes to his senses a few moments afterwards. "I'm sorry, you asked who I am, right? My name's Terry, I'm here on a bit of business for my church. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary recently, and I've experienced nothing relating to the vision." Finally noticing what went on with the bar, he adds "Good job, um...was it Gretch?"

2008-01-21, 10:39 PM
With my readied action Yaroc will stand up with his axe at the ready and yells at the armed drunkards.


((Hehe Intimidate check. [roll0]

Innitiative if needed. [roll1]))

2008-01-21, 10:41 PM
Terry lets out a sigh as the men draw their weapons. "Come now gentlemen, you saw what he did to your friend, are you sure you want to do this?" Not wanting the goblin to stand alone, he tugs his sword out of it's sheath and grabs his shield. "We should take this outside, no sense breaking the bar." Terry starts moving between Gretch and the men, attempting to lead them outside. He carefully watches them, making sure not to let them suprise him.

2008-01-21, 10:41 PM
"I never said it was better" sighed Arwel seeing the other men standing and Arwel drew his sap. Just different
((Initi [roll0]

2008-01-21, 10:46 PM
Mull sighs at the assorted drawing of weapons. "He's fine, just a good knock on the head. Take him home."

(Initiative: [roll0], should brute barbarian intimidation fail. :smallwink: )

2008-01-21, 10:49 PM
((I hope it's alright if I just make one check against the highest intimidate.))

The three men reluctantly sit after the display by Yaroc, but they still throw a few choice curses at Gretch. The elf smiles at Roland. She runs her hand across his forehead and down his cheek. I foresee a great many women in your path. She looks into deep Roland's eyes. Other than that... Your path is different from mine. You are a good man... mister...? She smiles sweetly.


2008-01-21, 10:55 PM
Putting his sword and shield away, Terry nods. "Much more like it." Now where were we?" He takes a seat nearby, inbetween the drunks and the goblins.

2008-01-21, 10:59 PM
Gretch sneers one more time at the drunks, then turns his attention to the elven maiden and the stranger trying to woo her who are you any way elf? and what about you stranger, where did you come from all of a sudden? he says while sheathing his blade.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 11:08 PM
Roland looks around at the assorted gathering, finally seeing that the monk appears to know who he is and gives him a don't say anything look and says "Why...hello there people, my name is...Francesco"

2008-01-21, 11:15 PM
Gretch, still not able to see the stranger clearer looks at him strangely indeed? that seems a somewhat... strange name, where are you from?

[roll0] sense motive

2008-01-21, 11:22 PM
The elf looks to Gretch. I am Lauriel of the High Forest, and who might all of you be who jump to protect me? I am truly grateful.

2008-01-21, 11:30 PM
"Name's Terry, nice to meet you." Wow, I've been here for just a few minutes and I'm meeting all sorts of people.

2008-01-21, 11:31 PM
Arwel wasn't sure about Francesco. The name sounded Turmic but the man looked like a northern ((Sense Motive [roll0] )) Arwel decided to put off his suspicions for now and instead focused on the monk but he could tell the man was lying. Still he knew sometimes there was good reason for people to conceal their names.
"You were saying something before the excitment Christoph?"

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 11:31 PM
bluff check[roll0]

Roland then turns to the lady and says "well for the next 27 hour can One of those women be you?" and winks twice

Sir Shadow
2008-01-21, 11:42 PM
Spot: 5
Sense Motive: [roll0]

Eredar's hand clutched the hilt of one of his daggers as he readied to defend the bold goblin.

Damn followers of Helm... always getting into trouble...

But luckily, the barbarian that had been contesting with the goblin before jumped to his defense. The men, even in their drunken stupor, quickly backed down. The elven lady was extremely glad for their help and gave them their name, Lauriel of the High Forest.

Eredar's jaw dropped.

What is a elf of the High Forest doing in Luskan?!?! ... I'm sorry... my Eredar Shadowtongue, of Neverwinter Forest. I'm just... shocked that a lady from High Forest would grace a tavern in Luskan with her presence... If it is not rude, may I ask what you're doing here?

Diplomacy if I need it: [roll1]

As for the stranger, Eredar scrunched up his nose like he had gotten a bad whiff of horse droppings.

I know a lie when I hear one, and I know dishonest people when I see them. ((the irony XD)) It's just shamefully to hide your name from such a lovely lady. Francesco... it's just ridiculous...

2008-01-21, 11:44 PM
Her smile widens. I'm sorry, I'm happily married.

2008-01-21, 11:51 PM
Gretch, who knows very little of elven politics still realizes this she-elf must be of great import or station, but he does not let it effect him I would like to know someone who is... obviously
he pauses for a moment and glances at Shadowtongue of some import doing in a city like this? ah and forgive my rudeness, I am Gretch, goblin ranger of Helm he says nodding his head in recognition of her status, even if he felt it did not effect him.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-21, 11:55 PM
Why do they always say that Roland Francesco says as he looks into the disbelieving faces of the party

Sir Shadow
2008-01-21, 11:59 PM
Well... maybe if you used a more believable name.

Eredar's eyebrow slowly rose as he looked inquisitively at this very strange human. He had already shamelessly hit on the lady and made up such a strange name. Humans are pigs, and they will never cease to amaze him.

2008-01-21, 11:59 PM
She looks at Eredar. Her smile fades, and she seems to go inward, becoming smaller. I... I'm here for... No it's nothing.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 12:05 AM
His smile turned into a frown as Eredar listened to the fair elf. As a fellow member of the elven race, he felt somewhat inclined to offer help... and it would be a plus just to bask in her beauty for a little while longer...

Dear lady, please, it may be possible that I may be of some assistance, or know of where you might be able to receive some help.

Diplomacy... again... if I need it: [roll0]

2008-01-22, 12:08 AM
Terry smiles a bit towards the elf. "It wasn't a vision was it? Just curious."

2008-01-22, 12:09 AM
She hesitates. Slowly she takes a deep breath. It's my husband. I'm here because he's been taken from me.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 12:14 AM
By who, might I ask? Or... don't you know?

Eredar was a bit shocked, strange how it was the aforementioned husband that was her reason behind braving the dangerous streets of Luskan.

2008-01-22, 12:19 AM
She takes out a necklace. Or what used to be one. It is corroded, black and broken. I know not who did this, but this is the only thing they left behind. The necklace I gave him on our wedding day. She pauses a moment, and when she continues, a small tear rolls down her cheek. There was a struggle. I found blood in our room. Suddenly anger wells up in her. Her voice is filled with bitter, raw rage. I have vowed that I will not rest until I have found them and they are lying dead on the ground.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 12:30 AM
Shadowtongue's frown deepened. It was almost tragic for such a beautiful elf to despair in such a way. He moved closer to try and comfort her.

It's not right for such bitterness to pass through such perfect lips. A woman's wrath is a fearful thing, so much more so if she is an elf. As kindred, I will offer to assist you in any way, there are far too few of our kind left in this part of the world to not aid each other when need arises. As luck would have it, I'm currently job-less, and not to seem rude, but I would ask for some share of the spoils from those that have wronged you after they are cut down.

A steely look entered Eredar's dark blue eyes as he finished speaking. While he was close to homicidal in his relationships with other races, he had a devastatingly strong sense of patriotism for his kin.

2008-01-22, 12:46 AM
Having dragged the unconscious drunk back to his buddies, Mulligan interrupts, "Certainly fate has brought us here for a reason. Wouldn't be too crazy to say this is part of it."

He turns on the assembled adventurers. The request is simple. "Alright, who's in?"

Roland Deschain
2008-01-22, 12:51 AM
this is absurdly ridiculous...I'm in.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 12:54 AM
Who said you're coming Francesco? I'm still waiting for a real name.

Eredar smirked at the human, letting him know without a doubt that he had not forgotten the deception.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-22, 12:57 AM
well then you are going to still be sitting here waiting when the rest of us leave. Roland says eying the elf up and down in a derogatory fashion. because I do what I want, when I want

2008-01-22, 01:01 AM
She looks at Eredar again. Thank you, for the kind words. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I am quite a long way from my home. I may have need of some help. She looks at Mull then as Eredar turns on Roland. You speak of fate quite a bit my good gnome. Our paths may have been meant to cross in this tavern, but I doubt that is the extent of what you mean?

2008-01-22, 02:05 AM
Mull shrugs. "Hard to say for certain, but I think eight, maybe nine people here have just had the honor of becoming cosmic playthings. The lack of a crystal tower means we probably aren't destined to all die horribly," he muses, more to himself than anyone else.

"Unless it was behind us. Regardless, unless you've seen any bone-strewn barrens echoing with the screams of the damned lately, we should focus on the here and now. And Frank's coming with us," he turns on Eredar, "He's probably the lost heir to the lost throne of the lost kingdom of Netheril or Swimchester or something, and his dark, mysterious powers will be very mysterious. He's probably also good at knitting."

2008-01-22, 02:25 AM
She smiles at his jest to Roland, but she seems worried. Perhaps you're right. If we are in this together, then we should probably begin planning what we're going to do. I'm at a brick wall. I do realize that it would be helpful if we could be where the kidnapping actually occurred, but the journey is a very long one, and I don't want to send all of you such a long way just to see some blood.

2008-01-22, 09:13 AM
More riddles and a Gnome that tells us we probablywont die horribly. I guess I'm with you until we find out what this is all about.

2008-01-22, 09:40 AM
"We're all walking a path where horrible ways of death aren't out of question. However I think we should help you, fate or not. Those with the power to help also should take the responsibility"
Yes I tried to stay away from quoting Spider-Man
Also. Wow! A lot happened while i was away.

2008-01-22, 10:58 AM
Terry smiles. "Of course I'm in. Helping a lady, meeting a bunch of people, probably not dying, it sounds fun."

2008-01-22, 11:23 AM
Gretch nods sagely at this, something rather out of the ordinary for a Goblin It is my sworn duty to help others when I can, I would be glad to be of aid, by the Watchers name.

2008-01-22, 01:08 PM

The monk could do little but watch as the scene kep unfolding before him. No one seemed to care that he had pointed out their cloaked newcomer as their missing ninth person, or that he himself was there at all.

Eventually, as plans were being made and people were deciding to help this elf with her ridiculous claims he could take no more.

"Ok, if some of you havent noticed...even though I have mentioned it before...that guy.."

He unerringly points to Roland,

"..is the missing ninth from the vision. Now, that out of the way...are you all really considering this venture to find a missing elven husband...with absolutely nothing to go on except a necklace? Forgive me lady, but wouldnt this be something best reported to the watch?"

2008-01-22, 04:39 PM
((Looks at Roland again prompted by the Monk))


2008-01-22, 04:56 PM
If/Then statements

If I get an aid bonus from the monk then/
He's Right! You are the last one from my vision. Why are you trying to hide from us. Is this your doing?

If no on the aid I say
This man does not look like the man from my vision Monk. As for helping this woman, I feel I owe her nothing. But it seems as if we have all been drawn here together. Mabey the Gods are playing with us but I would see what comes of this.

2008-01-22, 07:04 PM
((Yes, I took another look at it, and anyone that made Spot checks after Christoph pointed it gets a +2 aid bonus to their spot checks. Maybe it should be more, but since it's so late I'm making it just +2. Yaroc recognizes him.))

The elf looks at Christoph. She looks understanding. I realize this is an odd quest, and I understand if you don't wish to take part in it. My path takes me down this rode, whether with your help or not. Her eyes seem to pierce into Christoph's, looking deeper. Your path is one filled with pain and I fear. I pray that you have good fortune along it. She gets up off the chair. She looks to Eredar and says quietly, Perhaps you and I could speak privately for a moment as... kindred? She nods to the door of the tavern.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 08:07 PM
Spot: [roll0]
((... this is crazy.... first I roll a 2 now I roll a 3??? WTF??? XD ))

As the others slowly agreed to assist the woman, Eredar was almost shocked by the monk's response. "Almost" becuase he epected such cowardace and dishonor from a human, but not a monk. Weren't monks supposed to help people and be pious and all that? Then again... who ever heard of an elf monk either? Damn humans. Regardless, he had to admit, this would be fun... if they didn't get themselves killed.

Of course, Eredar replied to Lauriel's request, and led the way out of the tavern at her gesture.

2008-01-22, 08:16 PM
Gretch was suspicious of the elven man, anyone who went by the name Shadowtongue and refused to reveal anything of his past was someone he didn't exactly like hanging around, especially not anywhere near his back, but he supposed to the elven maiden could take care of herself, and he didn't think the swords were for show, plus in his experience most if not all elves were capable fighters.

would it be possible to roll for sense motive here?

2008-01-22, 08:26 PM
Lauriel nods her head and follows Eredar out the door, then leads him to an alley on the side of the tavern. I just wanted to let you know that, over the years, my husband and I have made many enemies and... I've already done some looking, and the necklace isn't all they left behind.

2008-01-22, 08:27 PM
I'll just roll sense motive here, sorry [roll0]

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 08:38 PM
(( I'll roll a bluff... though I'm not really sure what for o.o;;; [roll0] ))

Oh? Please, allow me to see, but if you don't mind my asking, why can't you show the others? Eredar stepped back from the lady, giving her space to reveal what else she had.

2008-01-22, 09:18 PM
((Spot [roll0]))

Arwel couldn't help a small smile at the irony of Eredar's claim to discerning lies and liars.
As for helping the elf woman, he was less certain of what to do. To simply help another for no reason other than they needed help was a strange concept for him. Some reward or favor should be agreed upon. Still from Eredar's reaction she might be someone of importance and so it couldn't hurt (too much) to be on her good side. Then there was the fact that he doubted the goblin would drop the topic now that he had heard about it.
I suppose it can't hurt to help the Lady Lauriel. Waukeen help us if you're wrong. replied his internal thoughts.

2008-01-22, 09:24 PM
Gretch, his suspicions abated, at least temporarily, turned to the human and said without emotion indeed, I for one have nothing better to do, and I believe it is the Watchers will that I go, and I will not fail him... and again Gretch trails off, finishing with a "not again" in his mind.

2008-01-22, 11:03 PM
I couldn't show the others because I didn't want to frighten them. She takes out a small jar with a disgusting green liquid inside it. This liquid was smeared all over the room and in the halls of our home. She opens the jar, and it smells absolutely horrible. It smells like rotting flesh crossed with bad eggs and and other disgusting things. ((Fortitude Save to avoid nausea from the smell.)) She quickly closes the jar, then pauses. Then she takes out a small ring. I found this on his bed. She gives the ring to Eredar. The ring is made of gold, with a small symbol on it; a black spider with the head of a ebony skinned elf. I don't want to cause a panic.

2008-01-22, 11:21 PM
"Can't hurt? I'm sure we could only help her. There's no reason to track down a killer alone." Terry wasn't used to this group's way of thinking; back at the church everyone was ready to help someone for no reason. I wonder why they think like that...maybe there's something to getting rewarded for your deeds... He seems lost in thought.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 11:45 PM
(( Damn... I can already tell I'm gonna fail the fortitude save... well here goes anyways... [roll0]
damn... -___- why do I even bother...? ))

As she uncorked the bottle, Eredar immediately felt dizzy. The smell was entirely repulsive--he'd never smelled anything with such a... unique scent before. He was all too thankful she closed it and brought out her next piece. A gold ring with a spider, the elf immediately frowned and a worried look passed over his face for a moment. The thought that his darker relatives were involved made this very complicated, but only increased his determination to see it through.

I... cannot ignore this. It's origin is obvious, but I simply have to ask how your husband made himself a target for the drow... if it is not too much to inquire.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-22, 11:55 PM
(( I think I'll just make some throws just in case <<
For anything in the alley... Spot: [roll0] Listen: [roll1] Search: [roll2]
On the ring and slime Appraise: [roll3]
and just in case this is a huge lie... Sense Motive: [roll4] ))

2008-01-23, 12:28 AM
((You believe that so far she's telling the truth. With your spot check, you can see that she has another ring on her finger than her wedding ring, one with a symbol of a golden tree and a unicorn. With your listen check, you can hear a slight quiver in her tone. With your quick appraise check, you think the ring would be worth about 50 gold on the surface if you could find a buyer, and the green liquid, you can't really tell. You would need to study it further.))

I can't tell you why, he's always hated them, as do I, but this is the first time we have actually encountered them. I can only say that I followed their trail to this area. I don't think this is some rogue drow. It may well be, but they are very well organized. She pauses. We should probably get back inside. The others are waiting. She sounds a little anxious.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-23, 12:36 AM
There was a brief pause before his response. There was something in her voice, almost as if she was afraid or maybe not telling everything. Deciding that he had probed enough about her so far with so little in exchange, Shadowtongue nodded to her.

Yes... we should get back inside... if I know anything about the drow, it's safe to say that they're also looking for you...

Eredar swiftly led the way inside and approached the bar again. Turning around to look at Lauriel, he quickly surmised what he knew about her. She was obviously a ranger of some sort, the two blades and the bow were enough to give that away without counting in the ring of Mielikki.

Well... where should we go from here?

2008-01-23, 12:40 AM
Gretch pondered for a moment and said I suppose it depends upon where the "High" elf's investigations lead or any clues we could be following.

2008-01-23, 12:49 AM
Lauriel walks back in behind Shadowtongue. My investigations have lead me here. I have no reason to believe they are outside of Luskan. Luskan is a city full of crooks and murderers, it's the perfect place to blend in. I don't know exactly where they could be, but that may be where could start. We should be on the look out. Crimes like these can become a habit. They may try to kidnap someone else. What do you think we should do?

2008-01-23, 12:54 AM
Indeed, though it seems to me they had a purpose in kidnapping your husband, I don't really expect them to kidnap anyone else, or if they do that someone will probably be of some import. Gretch reasons out in his head, but who such person might be he had no clue, he didn't even know what kind of people were important to Luskan, let alone what each individual could do or any reason why they might want to kidnap any of them. Isn't this a port city? perhaps they will try and seek passage on a ship, to cover their tracks. Gretch reasoned.

2008-01-23, 01:08 AM
Lauriel smiles. Yes, perhaps you're right. A ship would make a nice getaway. We could talk to the ship master to see who is sailing within the next few days, perhaps even who is leaving on those ships. Still I think we should have a back up plan in case something goes wrong or no ships are leaving. We could wait and see what happens.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-23, 01:10 AM
In my experience, if you want to cover your tracks, taking a ship is the least likely thing you are to do. Especially, in a city like Luskan. Ships are watched constantly, and strangers are talked about frequently. Surely, even some of you are being talked about by merchants and bystanders. Finding what we need to know should be easy. Learning what we need to know will take some cash... or force...

Not to mention, drow aren't likely to take to open water... Eredar thought to himself. This was going to be difficult. Drow were masters of subtlety and mystique. Finding them would be difficult. But it couldn't hurt to try and find a lead. The people of Luskan were naturally suspicious people and would ostracize newcomers... Hopefully, someone had seen the people that had made Lauriel a widow.

2008-01-23, 01:12 AM
"Best thing in Luskan is passage with no questions asked," Mulligan agrees, "Or so I've heard. Especially if they've come a long way, they probably aren't going to settle down and peaceably set to abducting beggars."

"Unless there's some other lead," here he looks meaningfully at Shadowtongue, "look around the docks, find out if anyone's been trying to drop a lot of gold lately? Or both. You're doubtless quite capable of handling things on your own initiative."

2008-01-23, 01:47 AM
Normally I would agree with you Eredar, a ship would be easily tracked, and thus an unlikely choice, but these attackers have made it clear they will go to any lengths to get what they want, and they certainly showed no subtleties in ruining my home. We should leave all venues open. She looks at Mull. I could go out to the docks and see what I can find out. I think I should go alone though. I'm sure that I can get a few people to talk. She smiles mischievously.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-23, 02:50 AM
Roland snaps out of his daze and looks around at the other assembles vision persons "Oh don't look at me like that people, that was funny" He then saunters outside to fill himself in on the case of the missing husband.


2008-01-23, 09:19 AM
Well were not going to find anyone standing around here. I admit that I know nothing of this city. I wouldn't even know where to start, but if we are tracking a band of Kidnapers or worse it is unwise to travel alone.

Yaroc offers to go with someone more street savy and provide some muscle.

2008-01-23, 10:35 AM
"I agree with Yaroc, going alone is like asking them to take you too. Maybe we should split up? One group go with Lauriel to the docks and another look around town?" Terry will volunteer to go with whichever group Yaroc is not in, to make sure that both groups have some form of fighter in them.

2008-01-23, 11:27 AM
"A whole squad asking around the docks?", Amy looks at Terry with an eyebrow raised. "Besides it would look a bit conspicious, it seems to me like a waste of capacities on such an unlikely possibility. I agree with Miss Lauriel. It's enough if one person goes to the docks, and the rest of us split up to search around the town for any information."

2008-01-23, 11:34 AM
"I will go with the other group to the markets and shops if that is the consensus.
"But I agree with Amykath, we will be drawing attention to ourselves. Groups of outsiders asking questions, one of whom is an uncommonly attractive elf, is sure to start rumors easily picked up on by the kidnappers if they are in town. It would probably be better to have smaller groups of two or three at most.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-23, 11:36 AM
Roland finally saunters outside and walks up to the lady So, what do we kill to get some answers around here? Who took your husband? And why are you trusting a freak with a name like Shadowtongue? That just seems like you are asking for trouble...by the way, my name is Roland!

2008-01-23, 11:50 AM
Arwel laughs heartily. "One could also ask the question of why trust a man whose name is obviously not what he says."

2008-01-23, 06:39 PM
Lauriel's eyes flash with anger to Roland. You will kill no one. Her voice is filled with venom and anger. If I knew who did it, I would tell you. I suggest you not do anything stupid, human. We may be in way over our heads, and if you do anything to endanger this hunt... Her hand moves so fast you barely notice it, a dagger seemingly magically appearing in her hand and against Roland's throat. You will have to answer to ME. As she puts the emphasis on the last word she pushes the dagger against Roland's throat. Then she takes the dagger away, as fast as it came. She storms out the door of the tavern, and before she slams the door shut she says with the same intensity, I'll be at the docks.

I'll roll some dice I guess. 1d20+7

2008-01-23, 06:44 PM
((Sorry about the double post, but the roll didn't work.))


Roland Deschain
2008-01-23, 07:10 PM
Yikes, this could be bad
Roland reels back from Lauriel, stunned at her outburst. Good lord that was insane even by my standards. I'll go check the countryside around the town out. Isolated areas are always good for keeping captives.

2008-01-23, 07:59 PM
Well Roland, your just great at making friends, aren't you.

2008-01-23, 09:51 PM
"Well, I guess now we know she can take care of herself," Mull hops down from his chair.

"Let's get to work, we can make fun of Frank's luck with women later. And by 'later,' I mean 'on the way.' Arwel, you were talking about some sources of information? You and Shadowtongue have been here longest, so anyone who isn't helping scout for outlying camps should probably follow your leads."

2008-01-23, 09:55 PM
Terry laughs and adds "I think she likes you, Roland."

2008-01-23, 10:16 PM
Gretch seems grim as he watches the elf maidens reaction, and his hand went to his sword almost as quickly as her blade went to Rolands throat This doesn't help anyone, you elves and your foolish pride, if you care about the fate of this mission you should not threaten your allies, or all this will have no purpose! He snarls out, outraged at the elf's outburst, how they ever got anything done with their pride and their honor he would never know.

2008-01-23, 10:36 PM
The other patrons are amazed by the display of anger by Lauriel. The barkeep is standing there with his mouth wide open. The bar soon goes back to business as usual.

2008-01-23, 10:49 PM
Lauriel's actions were quite suprising to Arwel but what caught his attention before the knife was her use of the word hunt. He would have used the word search if looking for a loved one. Hunt implied more interest in the kidnappers. That, and the fact that she had spoken to Shadowtongue alone nearly shouted that she knew more about her husband's capture then she was letting on. He would have to trend carefully around her. ((Sense Motive on her recent actions [roll0] ))
"Those wishing to stay in town but not follow the Lady Lauriel may feel free to come with me to the markets. I will return here with any information I can find in about three to five hours." With any luck I'll also find a merchant heading to Amn as well he thinks as he looks around for those that will follow him and then exits the tavern.

2008-01-23, 10:58 PM
((You know that she's hiding something. She hasn't told you everything. You don't know exactly what it could be, but you know there's something she hasn't told you. I'll wait to see what others do before going ahead with descriptions of the outside.))

Sir Shadow
2008-01-23, 10:59 PM
I think my best bet would be in the market as well... there are a few reliable people I think I could persuade into giving me some information... if there's any to be found.

Shadowtongue swiftly followed Arwel out of the tavern.

2008-01-23, 11:02 PM
Gretch, still angry at the elf maiden, was nonetheless still committed to finding her husband, Helm had guided him to this path, and he would be damned if he would not take it because the foolish actions of a she-elf. I will go with Arwel as well, the merchant district sounds like it might contain some useful information. and perhaps I can glean some information as to what shadowtongues and Lauriel's little "conversation" had been about.

I suppose I'll do a sense motive check too [roll0]

Sir Shadow
2008-01-23, 11:11 PM
(( bah, what the heck? [roll0]

2008-01-23, 11:16 PM
((Gretch, you also realize that she's hiding something. You also realize that she was anxious and almost a totally different person when she came back in from the talk with Shadowtongue, based on her actions. Also, she used the word hunt. You think that might be a little strange word to use in this situation.))
((Shadowtongue, you know that she is hiding something for the reason she already told you, but it may be something more. Otherwise, you get the same gist of the same situation as Gretch.))

On the Streets

Gretch, Shadowtongue, and Arwel go together onto the streets. Since it's the middle of the day, many people are running around from one place to another. The shops aren't on this street, but you notice that many people are going to the streets that go to the left off the street you're on. As you get closer, you recognize the tell-tale signs that the next street over begins the market area. People all over the street give Gretch strange looks. Some even mutter words to themselves before moving along.

2008-01-23, 11:37 PM
I will go with Roland. My skills would be put to better use looking outside the city.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-23, 11:53 PM
Roland heads out to the fringes of town with the other party members who choose to come. He then begins to search the surrounding countryside for signs of unusual activity.

a multitude of rolls to aid in my searching
Knowledge Geography:
Gather Information:[roll]1d20

also Sense Motive on the Elf Maiden

2008-01-24, 12:18 AM
Outskirts of Luskan

Roland finds through asking around that many people have come through the gates over the last few days. The sea is to the west, with ships sailing in and out. The wall of the city is a solid stone wall, thick, twenty feet high and strong. You might be able to get over it, but the watch is there and it would take a of work to do. Trying to find the right tracks will be impossible with the amount of prints. The land outside the city is fairly flat and barren, and since it is fall in the North, snow will likely fall within a month or two. The guards standing at the gate and on top are alert to danger. They likely wouldn't let anyone in after dark at all.

((With your sense motive, you know that she is generally concerned with her husband's welfare and wants to get him back in any way she can. If you want a more descriptive answer from the gather information, you will need to ask someone a more specific question.))

Sir Shadow
2008-01-24, 01:38 AM
(( I'll just do some quotes for before hand.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-24, 01:39 AM
(( grr... messed up [roll0] ))

2008-01-24, 04:53 AM
((Shadowtongue knows that the market place in Luskan is a good place to find a lot of goods, services, and information, for the right price, whether or not it's legal. However, the magistrate has no qualms about carting off innocence to jail and then the Caravel. He can hear many different conversations and other noises. He can hear a soft melody of music coming from farther down the street.))

Market Street

The Market street is a busy street. There are shops lining both sides of the street. Weapon shops, armorers, miscellaneous magic items, adventurer's items shops are just some of the kinds of stores you can see. There are even many vendors that are selling there wares in the streets, shouting out to potential buyers.

2008-01-24, 08:06 AM
My rolls for looking outside.


2008-01-24, 10:54 AM
((Yeah shopping! and moving on
Spot [roll0]
Listen [roll1]
Search [roll2]
Gather Info [roll3]
taking [roll4] hours))

Gretch, no offense meant but your nature might upset some people around here. I'm fairly handy with a disguise, and could probably pass you off as a halfling or gnome to the casual observer. Unless of course your pride dictates to you that such action is shameful."

((Should he agree I will take ten on the check giving a 16 total))

2008-01-24, 08:37 PM
Outside the City

Yaroc, after following Roland outside, during his thorough search of the area outside the city finds a rather interesting spot of ground about 20 yards from the city towards the sea. The dirt is an odd green color and it smells horribly, like rotting flesh with bad eggs ((Make Fortitude save vs. nausea)). A green liquid is oozing from the ground. There are faint tracks in the area, a little smaller than a human's foot. It looks like there are at least sets of prints and one looks like it wasn't walking, but running. When Yaroc finds the spot, he hears something. Music, a soft melody coming from the surrounding area. It is a sad, slow melody.

Market Street

People on the street are giving Gretch very suspicious and ugly looks. During the three hours, Arwel finds a man who says he saw a couple of strange men walking the street the other night. They moved from building and looked like they were looking for something. Then they went down an alley and didn't come out.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-24, 11:31 PM
taking [roll1] hours))

Shadowtongue slowly made his way down the street towards the music playing in the distance.

(([roll2] for fun << ))

He casually made his way through the crowds of people and vendors without incident, easily weaving passed the meandering bystanders. Without much interest, he listened to the nearby people and merchants, continually heading toward the music.

2008-01-24, 11:40 PM
((Fort save [roll0]))

Roland be carefull this green slime smells awfull. It could be dangerous. Also do you hear that? Someone must be playing that music near by. We should warn anyone around not to get near this green stuff.

I start moving towards the sound of the music.

2008-01-25, 12:36 AM
Market Street
Shadowtongue doesn't find out much of interest from his listening in on the conversations of the merchants and bystanders, but as he goes down the street, the music gets ever more defined. ((Make a listen check.))

It feels as though the music is calling out to Yaroc. It is definitely coming from the direction of the sea, where exactly he doesn't know though.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-25, 12:39 AM

2008-01-25, 12:48 AM
((You can't hear exactly what it is, but something about something about the music is strangely familiar. You can tell it's coming from a wind instrument though.))

Market Street
As Shadowtongue makes his way toward the source of the beautiful music, a gust of warm wind brushes by him. It isn't forceful, but gentle. Leaves of varying fall colors blow by him in the wind.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-25, 12:56 AM
Shadowtongue now rushes through the crowd, gently guiding people out of his way or simply squeezing past them. The music was infections and triggered something in the back of his mind. It was familiar, but strange... strangely familiar. Leaves blew down the street as a gently breeze suddenly blew past him. He had to follow the music now, it was almost crazy.


2008-01-25, 01:01 AM
Gretch follows after shadowtongue, using his shield and harsh glares to push away those who stood in his path, what effect this had on people he didn't care and didn't notice other than the fact that they got out of the way, he didn't really know what had made him act so, but the music was getting stronger and so he could only guess, why he would react so he had no idea, but he followed anyway trying not to loose the elusive and mysterious elf.

Listen check I guess [roll0]

2008-01-25, 05:04 AM
The music grows louder and louder. ((Gretch can tell that it is from a flute.)) As you get closer, you can hear something else along with the music. As the leaves blow by Shadowtongue, the wind moving with him, he hears a voice. A soft voice in his ear whispering words he just barely can't make out. Then he hears the singing. Voices coming from strait ahead. The whispers form words, You're almost there. Just a little farther. The voice is familiar. Shadowtongue may have been able to remember easier if he wasn't so caught up in the music and singing. ((Roll a Will Save.)) The music and singing is hypnotic, the singing is in perfect elven. The song tells the tale of two elves who fell in love. Together they found their path, and for many years they lived, and when Death came to claim him, she hid him from Death's grasp.

((Depending on the Will save results the song may continue or not.))
((Gretch only hears the music, and doesn't need to make a Will Save. Yet.))

2008-01-25, 07:25 AM
I completely lost the line. I wasn't here the last two days and I have absolutely no idea anymore where everyone is, and most importantly where I am! :smalleek:

2008-01-25, 09:10 AM
Yaroc begins to walk towards the sea searching the source of the music.

(Spot [roll0])
(Listen [roll1])

2008-01-25, 11:35 AM
Since last you left the elf lady went ballistic at Roland/Frank threatening him with a knife to the throat, after which she stormed out to the docks (no one has followed her).
Shadowtongue, Gretch and Arwel went to the markets. Arwel and Shadowtongue separated to gather information and Gretch followed Shadowtongue. The elf and goblin are heading to some strange music.
Roland/Frank, Yaroc went out of town and found green, foul smelling, oozing dirt, as well as heard music.
All others in the party have yet to state destination or grouping and thus are still in the Dragon's Hoard

Arwel thanks the man then heads to the houses and alleyway indicated. He does a casual observation for anything suspicious, though he doesn't actually go into the alley. Dark, secluded places, where people disappeared, tended to be slightly dangerous in his experience. ((Spot [roll0] Listen [roll1]))

Roland Deschain
2008-01-25, 11:38 AM
spot [roll0]
listen [roll1]
Roland hones in on Yaroc's position and saysYou found something odd? He then notices the odd patch on the ground and hears the music, which Yaroc is beginning to follow. Hey wait up a second, before we go off with the music, lets take a look at this wierd smelly ground. He then takes a single caltrop and casts it into onto the patch of different colored ground. And steps back

Sir Shadow
2008-01-25, 12:04 PM
(( oh gosh -___- I have a feeling I'm going to lose the save........
[roll0].................................................. .........
[roll1]-----l .................................................
[roll2] ----l---- just in case I notice anything....
[roll3]--l .................................................) )

2008-01-25, 12:19 PM
Thanks, Thistle. Then for the sake of ease and coherency i will stick with Arwel

Amykath who followed Arwel and stuck with him when they separated from Shadowtongue and Gretch also carefully examines the streets before she decides to enter.

"What do you think? Should we go there? I could take some smaller magic precautions for both of us, but that would expend most of my possibilities for today." she says to Arwel while keeping her eyes fixed on the street before them.

Spot: [roll0]
Listen: [roll1]

2008-01-25, 03:51 PM
Terry left the tavern and stayed with Arwel and Amykath. He declined the magical protection, but kept his left hand on his sword hilt, ready if something happened.

2008-01-25, 06:50 PM
Streets of Luskan
Neither Amy or Arwel can hear anything interesting in the alley, but there is what looks like a hole into the sewer. It looks like the opening is bolted closed though.

The music and singing stop. It leaves a empty hole in Shadowtongue as they ends. Looking ahead, he sees what looks like a humanoid made up of leaves of fall on the docks. He feels the being looking at him, then the wind gently caresses him again and the leaves blow away. Gretch arrives just after the leaves blow away. Shadowtongue finally remembers why the whispers sounded familiar. It was Lauriel's voice whispering in his ears. Shadowtongue feels a strange feeling of peace and fulfillment overtaking him, taking over his body. He suddenly can barely stand. ((Make a Fortitude save.))

Outside Luskan
The caltrop hits the green slime and sinks into it it seems. The liquid doesn't destroy the caltrop, but it does seem to cover it. The tracks look like those of three elves wearing boots or something to cover their feet. One was running from the others. Then a new set of tracks appears a few yards up, this one much bigger. It looks like the creature just appeared out of nowhere, and the tracks are far apart. It may have been walking, but the the stride is hard to tell. It is at least double the size of the other tracks though.

Yaroc sees a figure wearing a dark cloak just standing there by the sea with his back to Yaroc. He's still far away, but Yaroc has a feeling, the music is coming from him.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-25, 07:04 PM
(( damnit >__< can't I get a reflex save some time????? I'm actually good at those...
[roll0] ))

2008-01-25, 08:27 PM
Feeling abit more confident (having two people that have been retroactivly standing beside him the entire time helps) Arwel decides to search the alleyway.
"I'll decline the protection for the time being. We'll try to keep our options open for now. If you'll be so kind as to help me search the alley for any further clues, I would be thankful. Arwel then sets about taking a closer look at the side street, as well as keeping his eyes and ears open for any unpleseant persons that might see the group as a potential target for robbery.
((Search [roll0] additional modifiers may apply if the others use aid another option.
Listen [roll1]
Spot [roll2]))
While going over the cobblestones and manhole, he tries to get to know more about his companions.
So, other than names, we know barely anything about each other. What can you tell me about yourselves?

2008-01-25, 08:44 PM
Huh, ....yeah...green stuff smells bad.....

Yaroc seems distant and doesn't pay much attention to Roland but focuses on the cloaked man. At first he starts walking towards the man but goes to loping jog and then to full out run.

((As I get closer to the guy I try to get a better look at him. While not "stealthy" I don't shout or anything to get his attention and I try to get as close as possible before I'm noticed. Base speed 40 run x4, wearing light armor = 160ft per round.))

2008-01-25, 08:45 PM
Terry heads in as well. "I'll take the rear. Let's keep the lady between us." Terry will follow the two into the alley and lag behind them a bit, checking the area out. "Me? Well I'm a paladin in the service of the Great Sheriff. Well, not so much a paladin yet, I came here on a training mission. A final exam of sorts. What about you two?"

search: [roll0] spot: [roll1]

2008-01-25, 10:43 PM
Streets of Luskan
Shadowtongue falls to the street dazed. He doesn't know why he feels so good, but he feels so good he doesn't even want to move from the spot.

In the alley, Arwel finds a good size spot of dried blood around the man-hole. He can't tell how old it is, but he also finds an extremely horribly smelling green liquid on the ground near the blood. When the three of you get near enough to it, it almost makes you hurl just from being near it. Smells bad huh? The man that led you to the alley says.

Outside Luskan
The figure doesn't seem to notice Yaroc's presence until he gets close ((within 30 feet)). When he does, the figure stops playing the music, turns part of the way around, enough for Yaroc to see his beautifully crafted flute and the fact that he is an elf. His hair is dark, skin cream colored, but his eyes are a strange color, bright red. He doesn't speak, all he does is stand there looking at Yaroc, as if waiting for him to make the first move.

2008-01-25, 10:56 PM
Gretch half-jogs up to shadowtongue and stands over him, a slight scowl on his face. Hey, you alright? or you just staring at the clouds? what were you running around here for anyway, something to do with that music? well its not playing now, so cmon lets head out, find some clues as to our mysterious kidnappers whereabouts.

2008-01-25, 11:11 PM
Terry gives the slime a focused look, allowing the power of the dieties to tell him its purpose. He then looks around slowly.

((detecting evil on the slime, and while at it, scanning his companions and the man who led them in))

2008-01-25, 11:26 PM
((Sense Motive on Jerry [roll0]))
"Well can't say my life has been very exciting. For the past year I haven't done anything more dangerous than observe, do odd jobs for a Waterdhavian, and write about it to a girl I know in Amn.
You'll have to tell me more about this exam but first, I don't recognize the title of Great Sheriff. What is he god of if you don't mind me ask.... Arwel stifles a gag at a whiff from the green fluid.
"I'll say it smells!" he says in emphatic response, and using his cloak as a makeshift scarf goes on to say. "By all that Shar keeps hidden, what is it?

2008-01-25, 11:26 PM
I......I heard you playing. Your song......it was full of sorrow. I uh............

Now that he is here Yaroc feels silly for having rushed out to this man. What was he thinking?

I happen to be looking for an Elf. Perhapse you might be him, or know something about him.

((Spot [roll0]))
((Sense Motive [roll1]))

2008-01-25, 11:35 PM
Streets of Luskan
Terry feels the power of his God guide him, and he senses evil in the area. The evil began with the slime. ((Since it's out of combat, I'll be posting this by post instead of by round.))

Outside the City
The elf looks at Yaroc confused. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but the only thing that comes out is a gurgle of air. He shakes his head, and then pulled the neck of his cloak down. His throat has two thin red lines on it. He shakes his head again and makes a motion with his hand that looks like expelling something from his mouth.

2008-01-25, 11:48 PM
Terry's smile turns to a frown as he looks at the slime. "This ooze is evil," he says coldly. I'll tell you of my God later, what shall we do about this now?"

2008-01-26, 12:20 AM
Hrm, I see. You were wounded and you can not speak. Is that right?

Roland Deschain
2008-01-26, 01:24 AM
Roland finally looks up from the ooze and notices that Yaroc has wandered off towards a distant figure. YOU FOOL, GET BACK HERE! He shouts, running towards Yaroc as fast as he can.

2008-01-26, 07:35 AM
Amykath goes next to Arwel carefully examining the area around them.
"There is notmuch to tell about me, I'm afraid. I haven't been in this world for very long. I came here in search for help for my people." - she regards the blood spot only with a look of disgust, but her attention is caught by the green slime.
"We should examine this further. It might be a sign of what exactly has been going on here.", she says wracking her brain for any information about this slime.
Search [roll0]
Spot [roll1]
Listen [roll2]
Knowledge: Arcana [roll3]
And just for the heck of it: Spellcraft [roll4]

2008-01-26, 02:58 PM
Streets of Luskan
Amy doesn't really know what the green liquid is, it could be just some weird kind of poison or something. She does remember reading about a plague in history when people started oozing green liquid though. Whatever it is, she knows that isn't natural.

Lauriel walks up to Gretch about a minute after Shadowtongue falls. She looks at Shadowtongue, then asks, What happened to him?

Outside Luskan
The elf nods his head. Then he mouths something, it looks like he's trying to ask for help. Then the elf is suddenly wracked with pain and starts to writhe. He takes one last painful look toward Yaroc, then seemingly melts into the same green liquid as Yaroc found, leaving behind only his flute and cloak. Roland arrives soon after.

2008-01-26, 03:17 PM
To Roland

Did you see that? It looked like he was trying to ask me for something, and then he just.......melted.

I look around for a stick or something to fish the flute and cloak out of the slime.

((Just in case: Fort save [roll0]

Sir Shadow
2008-01-26, 04:18 PM
Shadowtongue breathed heavily. He felt so... happy. But there was something wrong about it. He tried to force it away, there was no desire within him to be happy. Living wasn't about happiness... At least, not from what his life told him. Gretch said something, what was the little goblin mouthing off about now? But the elf couldn't understand it, his mind was too foggy. Suddenly, Lauriel appeared--and also said something he couldn't understand--but something triggered in his mind. That voice... the one he had heard within the song, it was hers.

... I... heard... you... in the... song... Shadotongue muttered almost incoherently. He tried to stand for a moment, but he was helpless to do so.

2008-01-26, 04:49 PM
"This reminds me of a plague I read about. It has been a long time ago though. Also it wouldn't explain why there is no body here."
Amy looks around for a small object with which she could try to pick up a small portion of the ooze.
If necessary, heres a search check: [roll0]
Looking for something like a long splinter, nail, fork, spoon or whatever is small and long

2008-01-26, 05:44 PM
Gretch frowns and rolls his eyes, there was something to Shadowtongues words, but he didn't hear the voice, though he supposed he was farther away. Gretch dragged shadowtongue over to a tree and propped him up against it.

2008-01-26, 06:01 PM
Inside Luskan
Amy finds a stick in the back of the alley. It is a good size, but not ideal for scooping up liquid.

What? What song? Lauriel looks worried. I didn't hear a song.

2008-01-26, 06:03 PM
Gretch looks up at Lauriel and speaks Well there was a song, you were probably just too far away to hear it, whatever it was it certainly had Shadowtongues attention.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-26, 06:13 PM
Shadowtongue nodded his thanks to Gretch for the assistance as he leaned against the tree.

It was a beautiful song... at first I only heard a flute--or some wind instrument--but then and elven voice joined in, telling a strange tale. .. I saw a creature made of leaves sanding on the docks over there, He points, but the music ended and it blew away. In the song I heard your voice ushering me on... look over there, the flute may still be on the docks.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-26, 06:15 PM

2008-01-26, 06:42 PM
Lauriel stares disbelievingly at Shadowtongue. You heard my voice? I was at the dock, how could you have heard my voice? As for this creature made of leaves, I saw no such creature while I was near the area. Did you see the elf that was singing? What was the song about? She kneels down next to Shadowtongue and touches him on the shoulder. Immediately, Shadowtongue can control his movements again and the feeling of complete happiness leaves, although Shadowtongue does feel at peace still under Lauriel soft but piercing gaze.

((As far as Shadowtongue can tell, she's telling the truth. She was at the dock, and she didn't see the creature you described.))

Sir Shadow
2008-01-26, 07:16 PM
It was strange, the way he felt at ease when she touched him. Suddenly, his movements returned to normal and daze that dominated his mind vanished. What... happened...? Lauriel appeared the be telling the truth, but that touch... was that coincidence? Had he just thrown off the feeling by himself when she happened to touch him?

Yes... it's beginning to get clearer... it was an elf at first, an elf that fell apart into leaves. It was a song about two lovers. They lived together for many seasons, but Death eventually came for the man. The woman hid her lover... but I can't remember how... and that's when the song ended...

2008-01-26, 09:23 PM
Amy picks up the stick and carefully pushes into the green ooze and watches the reaction of the ooze on the tip of the stick.
"Let me see if this does anything. If it's cauterizing it might have been used as a weapon of some sort."

2008-01-26, 09:44 PM
Gretch had a look of bewilderment on his face, He looked at Lauriel, suddenly suspicious again, and unsure of his ability to comprehend whatever was going on

I hope a Sense Motive check is fitting here [roll0]

2008-01-26, 10:52 PM
Inside the City
The green liquid doesn't do anything to the stick except make it smell really bad. The only strange thing that Amy notices is that the liquid is extremely sticky and it goes on the stick really well.

Gretch doesn't know what it is, but something about the fact that he seems to be getting much better after she touched him is kind of an odd coincidence. Lauriel continues to look worriedly at Shadowtongue. Maybe you should go see a cleric, Eredar. She looks somewhat shaken by the description of the song.

Outside the City
Yaroc finds a stick, and fishes out the cloak and flute. The smell still bothers him, but after smelling it once, it seems not so terrible.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-26, 11:09 PM
Eredar hadn't seen a cleric in years, and his general distrust of the clergy would probably keep him from going to a temple. Besides, he was beginning to feel better already.

No... I'm fine, really...

With a sigh, he rose to his feet and dusted himself off.


2008-01-27, 12:06 AM
Though smarter than many goblins, Gretch was still a blunt and straightforward person, and he looked suspiciously at Lauriel Tell me she-elf, why is it that somehow you didn't hear the song yet both of us he gestured toward himself and Eredar heard it, and how is it you show up not 10 seconds after the song ends, and supposedly not hear it? whats more somehow just touching Shadowtongue seemed to make him better, how do you explain that? Even if you were a magic user, in my experience it is never so simple as a mere touch, always there are words of power, chants prayers or whatever, you merely touched him, how do you explain that? After his rant Gretch is still staring at Lauriel suspiciously, his hand however has migrated closer to the hilt of his blade.

I hope its not too much of an RP leap to be suspicious about these things, I can edit if you want >.>)

2008-01-27, 07:22 AM
((Gretch got the feeling that it was just a strange coincidence that he got better. It's a little strong, but you can keep it as is I guess.))

Lauriel looks at Gretch almost amused. True, magic normally takes words, motions, or components to use. But surely you of all people can understand that things aren't always as they appear. You don't have to like me, but you can trust me. I mean you no harm. I am simply following my path. She turns back Shadowtongue. I don't know what you heard or why, but I think you would do well to remember that song. If you wish, we could go look for the instrument where you saw the creature.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-27, 11:48 AM
Yes, we should definitely look for the instrument... though if that creature had the ability to change to leaves, then the same may have happened to its possessions.

Shadowtongue started walking toward where he saw the elf-like creature disappear and motioned for Lauriel and Gretch to follow.


2008-01-27, 09:58 PM
Terry concentrates to try and find the source of the evil. He'll look specifically at the slime, the blood spot, and the manhole.

2008-01-28, 02:52 AM
The source of the evil is the slime. Terry can feel it. It is pulsing with evil power.

Lauriel follows Shadowtongue to the spot. Shadowtongue doesn't see the flute where the creature was though. Is this the spot?

2008-01-28, 09:04 AM
Yaroc gets the flute and cloak out of the ooze and tries to wash them off a bit in the sea.

Roland, do you think we should find the others or do you want to go back and follow those tracks. After seeing this elf melt before my eyes I think it's possible that the patch of green dirt we saw......it could be someone else.......What is happening here?

Sir Shadow
2008-01-28, 10:04 AM
Yes... I'm afraid I'm right... the flute must have transformed with its owner. Oh, well... did you find anything of interest Lauriel?

2008-01-28, 11:19 AM
Amykath turns to Arwel and the bystanding stranger: "Okay it doesn't seem to be caustic. Any other ideas?", she looks back at the spot of blood while dropping the stick with the ooze on it, "Or should we go on searching the alley?"

2008-01-28, 04:09 PM
I think we should investigate the houses the strangers were looking at more closely. We might learn something from them. he says pointing away back down the alley to the street.
But what should we do about the gunk, though? Is it a good idea to leave an evil, possibly diseased, likely contagious ooze seeping into the sewer system? We could take a sample but I think it might be better to destroy the rest, in case it is a plague. Simply looking at the slime made him want to retch. Instead he pulled he pulled his cloak tighter around his nose.

2008-01-28, 04:40 PM
Inside the City
Lauriel searches around the area for any signs of the creature or anything is might have left behind. I don't see anything here. Whatever it was is gone now. I did find something interesting from asking around the dock though. Apparently two cloaked figures came down a few days ago and dropped a lot of gold to be on a ship that leaves tomorrow. What do you think?

The man suddenly gets very scared. A plague! WHAT? We can't have a plague running wild through Luskan! What about my wife and children? What if it's the stuff left behind by a monster? Then what? An invasion?

2008-01-28, 07:16 PM
Terry nods. We should dispose of it somehow, but I don't really have any ideas." Seeing the man's obvious distress, he adds "Sir don't worry, we'll figure out whats going on, your family will be fine. I'd just stay away from the sewers and slime."

Roland Deschain
2008-01-28, 07:29 PM
I'm thinking we follow these tracks some. Roland says as he approaches Yaroc. Once we find something concrete we can take it back to the others.

another tracking roll?

2008-01-28, 08:55 PM
Ok, you lead the way and I'll watch for trouble.

((Spot [roll0]))
((Survival [roll1]))
((Listen [roll2]))

2008-01-28, 09:09 PM
Outside the City
Roland studies the tracks again, and finds the tracks are much clearer. The three sets of smaller tracks are definitely elf tracks, but they are just a little bit smaller than the usual elf tracks. The one that's running is being chased by the other two. The larger set is that of a troll or troll-like creature. It appears that the troll was running as well, and the elf that was running did not escape. The tracks are at least a few days old, and they end where the elf that Yaroc ran to was standing. The two elves giving chase stopped after a little while where the troll's tracks begin, and then a little later and Roland notices that at roughly the same time the elf that was running starts to slow down, then has a serious gimp in his right leg, then falls down pretty much where the elf had been standing.

Inside the City
The man isn't calmed by Terry's statement at all. How can you be sure? We could all be in very real danger! What about our water? What will we drink if it's gotten into the water supply? We should alert the city to the danger!

Roland Deschain
2008-01-28, 09:35 PM
Roland relays the wealth of information he just got to Yaroc. so that seems to have ended badly. These tracks are different from normal elf tracks, which makes me kind of nervous. Also, the 2 pursuers break off right as the one being chased decides to start limping and then fall down. I'm thinking they hit him with an arrow or something in the leg and that it was poisoned, hence his collapse soon afterwards.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-28, 09:51 PM
Normally, I'd say we sneak aboard, but with ten of us it may be far too difficult. Do you know what time the ship departs? We may be able to give watch for when they leave...

2008-01-28, 10:59 PM
Speaking to Roland Before he turned into a puddle of ooze, I saw that the elf that was playing this flute had red eyes. I have seen elves near the forests of my homelands and they didn't have red eyes and neither did the Lady Lauriel. So that is one clue.

Another thing that bothers me is you said one pair of those tracks was made by a Troll or something like one. What kind of elf would side with those filthy monsters?

2008-01-29, 12:16 AM
Lauriel smiles wryly. It's fitting really. It departs at sundown. Tomorrow night.

2008-01-29, 12:31 PM
"That's a good point. How are we supposed to get rid of it? Burn it?", Amykath looks at the stick she just dropped again "As for taking a sample do you think one of the other seven would be able to analyze it?"

2008-01-29, 09:33 PM
"I'm not sure how to destroy it. Maybe burn it? Does anyone have a torch or tindertwig?"

2008-01-29, 11:01 PM
Arwel sighs. The man was on a bit of the hysterical side. He very much doubts that anything he says will calm him much and prevent him from spreading rumors of a deadly plague sweeping through Luskan.
"Sir, my comments were meant to be taken mostly as jest. If it makes you feel better.." he starts listing off facts in what must seem a not entirely reassuring tone.
"We don't know for sure if this stuff is a plague.
"Sewers are not generally linked to water supplies. So if the purpose of the two mysterious figures was to start an epidemic, there are far better ways to go about it.
"Should the water supply truly prove contaminated, alcohol is quite sterile to drink.
"And there is nothing so far to suggest monstrous activities. Unless you have omitted something from your previous report of the two strangers." he eyes the man at this.
After a slight pause he goes on "And as for the guards they might be part of or think us in cohort with what may or may not be a conspiracy to spread deadly disease." Seeing the man's reaction to this statement, Arwel laughs.
"I jest. Is your mind at ease that the town is not in imminent peril?"
((not sure what I should be rolling diplomacy or bluff to calm him down but they both have the same bonus any way so... [roll0]))
Addressing the other two Arwel says. "I have a torch and flint. Give me a second."
He rummages through his supplies for a while and produces the needed items as well as a scroll case "For the sample". A couple of struck sparks latter and he holds up a lit torch with a smile triumph. But looking back to the slimy mess he frowns.
"Umm... I don't really want to get closer to that than I have to. Would either of you like to do the honors?" he asks, holding out the torch and case.

2008-01-30, 09:06 AM
Yaroc tucks the flute and cloak into one of his sacks and takes one last look around.

I think we have done all we can here. Without more information we have nowhere to look. Lets go find the others and see if they were able to learn anything.

I start walking back towards town.

Sir Shadow
2008-01-30, 10:08 AM
Shadowtongue smiled back at Lauriel.

My what a coincidence... that will give them the cover of night if they try to be stealthy... do you think we should head back to the tavern to see if the others have managed to find anything?

2008-01-30, 01:39 PM
"I'll do it." Terry takes the case, using the stick Amy tossed aside to scoop some of the slime into the case. He then touches the torch to the slime and if it burns, he drops it on.

2008-01-30, 02:26 PM
When the flame touches the green liquid, it immediately begins to burn and char. Terry drops it when he realizes it is burning, but the fire seems to amplify the smell of the liquid ((Fort. Saves)). At the same time as it starts to burns, you hear a terrible screaming sound as if it were made by the souls of the damned trying to free themselves from their eternal prison. The sound gets louder and louder as the slime continues to burn. The man that brought you here drops to his knees and hurls. Then runs away scared.

Yes, perhaps it is time that we find out what the others have come up with. Lauriel takes one last look around then nods towards Market street and walks back toward the tavern.

Roland Deschain
2008-01-30, 05:24 PM
Roland follows Yaroc back to town after searching the area one last time.


2008-01-30, 06:44 PM
Roland doesn't find anything else with his last look before heading back into the city.

2008-01-30, 08:06 PM
Once abck in town I will head back to the tavern and see if anyone else has found anything.

2008-01-30, 08:12 PM
fortitude save! [roll0]

"That doesn't sound good," Terry says as he tries not to wretch himself. I've never heard anything like that before...think, Terry, did the priests ever say anything about this?

knowledge religion: [roll1]

2008-01-30, 08:37 PM
The cloak did little to stem the horrid smell. Between the screams and the bile trying to rising in his throat, Arwel did his best not to vomit on the spot
((Fort [roll0]))