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2008-01-20, 02:42 AM
Welcome to the IC thread! All rolls should be made here in text when they are needed (the OOC thread is basically for questions, goofing off, or generating ideas etc.). You should put the roll as close to the relevant material as possible in parenthesis unless it is combat related.

i.e. "The sky is not blue." (Bluff Check) I say to the local leprechaun.

Combat has the following structure:

1) Declaration of Action
2) Attack Rolls/Relevant Action Rolls (i.e. tumble check)/Spell DC
3) Damage Rolls/Spell Results for both Success and Failure/ Any Relevant Results

4) Role Playing Text

Use the forum rollers for die rolls as much as possible, if you need to know how PM me.

One house rule I have is that on any roll a natural 20 will earn you +10 to the result, but a natural 1 will earn you -10. So if something is DC 100 its probably out of reach. The only exception is a second natural 20 after the first to hit something in combat. So if you get a 20, but are for some reason, fighting something with an AC 100 (:smalltongue: ), roll again and if you get a second 20 you hit no matter what. When you roll to confirm, if you do not confirm, you do normal damage, but if you get a third natural 20 it's an instant K.O.

If something has a much more reasonable AC like 17 and you roll two 20's in a row, on the third roll, failure to confirm = double damage, confirmation = triple damage, natural 20 = instant KO.

That should be everything. World exposition coming soon!

That should be it! Im asking players to check in whenever before Monday, January 28th. That's the starting date so far.

2008-01-20, 02:51 AM
Evelyn Raeselle is here! Just need to finish up her sheet... which should be ready by tomorrow.

So if I understand this... on every attack roll, we should roll an extra d20, just in case we make a nat 20 on the first? Then we roll a third one for the crit confirm? I'm glad I'm not playing a combatant character.... that sounds kinda complicated.

I've always played that a nat 20 was treated as an automatic hit, and that a nat 20 on the confirmation was a critical hit with the damage maximized.

2008-01-20, 02:59 AM
So if I understand this... on every attack roll, we should roll an extra d20, just in case we make a nat 20 on the first? Then we roll a third one for the crit confirm? I'm glad I'm not playing a combatant character.... that sounds kinda complicated.

I've always played that a nat 20 was treated as an automatic hit, and that a nat 20 on the confirmation was a critical hit with the damage maximized.

Nah, you just roll, and if you get a natural 20, just edit two more rolls in and see what happens, not two rolls everytime. Usually a 20 is an auto hit, like you said, but in case you are trying to stab Vampire on Super Crack or something, it won't always be a hit if the AC is high enough. That is unless you get the second twenty, then it is a hit no matter what.

For regular, everyday joe schmoe ACs the first natural 20 will always be a hit, but you have to confirm a second roll (another d20 + the same modifiers used for that attack roll against the target AC) to either do normal damage if you don't manage to confirm, or double damage on a confirm. i.e. 1d8+3 vs 2d8+6. Everything is doubled except for extra weapon damage like frost or bane ( I believe so, I may be wrong).

2008-01-20, 03:01 AM
The once quiet town of Gerbrandt is now a writhing mass of tension and conflict. Once it was discovered nearly 60 years ago that the surrounding hills embracing the sleepy village were absolutely rich in the ore Adamantium there was a mad rush to buy up the land in order to take advantage of the valuable natural resource. Luckily in the nearby countryside there was an unimportant Lord of the Land, barely affluent enough to be called a Lord at all, managed to buy up most of the critical areas from local farmers by nearly emptying his pockets out. His proximity and quick action managed to hedge out most other interested parties and in doing so, of course made more than a few enemies.

As the years went by Lord Hael Wilhelm managed to expand upon his assets greatly by controlling the demand and flow of the Adamantium. By some miracle, he managed to survive and flourish. But because of their jealous nature, the High lords never honored Lord Hael with the rank of Lord Renown, despite his being much more affluent and powerful than most Lords Renown. This slight carries on even today, as the High Lords wait in the shadows, waiting to covertly snuff out this "pig farmer's" family from far overstepping their bounds.

Well it seems they were a bit slow on the execution of their plans. Lord Hael passed away ten years ago and his eldest son and heir has proved to be a conniving and prudent politician. Every economic, social, and political move made against House Wilhelm has failed so far. Even the two known assassination attempts, one just last week, have failed.

House Wilhelm has proven to be a dangerous adversary. Most High Lords now eye the family with a sort of apprehensive reproach, as one would eye a rabid dog. Lords Renown while making every show of being superior, reveal in their nervous speech and deference that they eye House Wilhelm as more than an equal. Every member of the Household feels it. Now is the time for change. Now is the time to earn our rightful dues. Now is the time to act.

But there are obstacles in the way of course. A few... aspiring... Houses have come to the conclusion that Gerbrandt is just the perfect place to build their Manor or Summer Retreat. More than the expected flattery and supplication to House x there are dire rumors that on the outstretches of our land illegal prospecting is occurring. This coupled with the blatant prospecting occurring outside of House Wilhelm's boundaries is a source of great irritation and headaches. And of course there was the recent assassination attempt. The assailants were sloppy, barely trained buffoons, but they were local. The sort of people some aspiring House might choose to hire.

But of course, more than the local Lords would want to see House Wilhelm disappear. The recent insurgency against the mining operation was found to be the work of a group dedicated to freeing the workforce, claiming that some were being treated poorly and others were being forced to serve extended sentences to cover the increase in work load. There have also been multiple caravan assaults, whether by the hand of this group or bandits has yet to be uncovered.

With the war with Kiel in full swing, the demand for the precious Adamantium has skyrocketed, but as the treasury grows, so does the danger. More and more House Wilhelm has become the target of enemies willing to do just about anything to oust them. Enemies wait at every corner, from the Merchants Guild to the ever watchful Church. And no matter what their purposes are, one thing is clear, if House Wilhelm is to survive the turbulent times coming at them, no mistakes and no mercy must become our motto.

2008-01-20, 03:21 AM
((I'm here as well. Can't wait to be honest, really looking forward to this. Oh and reserving ROYAL blue :smallbiggrin: ))

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I reserve red. Also... you can't do rolls in an edit angel... which is why i asked. We'd have to either double-post each time, or put both d20 rolls into the original, just in case there is a nat 20.

2008-01-20, 12:11 PM
Oh, umm, you can't? Let me see

EDIT: [roll]1d20+5

Heh, I guess you're right. Ummm... If you do get a crit go ahead and double post. Thats the best option so far, I think.

Yay! World Tidbits!

Family Tree for House Wilhelm

Wayt Wilhelm (M) : Tamara Wilhelm-Delstein (F) => Hael Wilhelm (M), Antom Wilhelm (M)


Hael Wilhelm (M) : Sedna Wilhelm-Vassroyt (F) => Heinrich Wilhelm (M), Stoman Wilhelm (M), Evelyn Wilhelm (F), Lien Wilhelm (F), Wayt Wilhelm (M)


Heinrich Wilhelm (M) : Weyra Wilhelm-Trommle (F) => Tranton Wilhelm (M), Tuefel Wilhelm (M), Kaileena Wilhelm (F), Samuel Wilhelm (M), Soel Wilhelm (F) /// Sybille of Gelderland (F)

Gilliam Raeselle (M) : Evelyn Raeselle-Wilhelm (F) => Gilliam Raeselle II (M)

Rast Daefle (M) : Lien Daefle-Wilhelm (F) => Neya Daefle (F), Hurn Daefle (M)

Wayt Wilhelm (M) : Trini Wilhelm-Redalt (F) => Geina Wilhelm (F)


Tranton Wilhelm (M) : Priel Wilhelm-Dorandt (F)

Alaius Gerus (M) : Soel Wilhelm (F) => Jesea Wilhelm (F)

Albert Lichtenstein (M) : Sybille Lichtenstein (F) => Markus Lichtenstein (M), Susa Lichtenstein (F)

Should be pretty simple if you just follow the names. As you notice, if you are not nobly born your last name is not taken into account with your spouse or children. Only the noble name carries. Bastard children born out of wedlock are not considered nobly born.

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Teufel Wilhelm checking in, and for the record, PURPLE!

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Kaileena wilhelm with this greenlike colour, i think it's called green as my colour

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