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2008-01-21, 01:34 PM
Alright, well here's the IC thread. I don't have the time to post a bunch of junk, as my break is nearing its end. If you guys want to post your entrance into the city and what you do for the first day (classes begin tomorrow). Your parents have set you up with a couple grand in chump change and a high-class hotel (You're all staying in the same hotel, incidentally enough. In fact, your rooms are all next to each others.)

Use this to establish some relationships with each other, perhaps some personality. I like letting my players set the story in motion instead of me. It's your game, have some fun.

2008-01-21, 03:21 PM

Alessandro looks around his room in the hotel. Well, here he is. A room all of his own. No Tony jumping out at any moment to make life hell for him ... and you know, it's kinda lonely too. Sure, there are 150 channels on the satellite TV ... but life is about more than that .. isn't it?

He wonders what his fellow students are going to be like ... if he's going to meet anyone who treats him like a human being. He sighs, and makes a motion as if to push his glasses up on his nose ... and then he stops and remembers: he just had that laser eye surgery. Best clinic in Moscow - the original one where they invented the procedure and all that. No more glasses. Maybe it will make him look like less of a dweeb.

He wanders aimlessly around for a moment. How can he meet anyone here? There's no ice machine or vending machine on the floor - everything he wants is here in the room - no excuse there. He's not old enough for the bar, that's for sure. After a moment of indecision he wanders downstairs to the lobby. Maybe he can hang out there and read a paper or something ... meet someone ... maybe even a girl ... nahh. No girl would ever look at a short little pimply-faced dweeb like him. Anyway. Gotta do something.

He heads out into the hall, walking along towards the elevator in that eerie silence which always seems to exist in hotels where the doors are thick, the carpets plush and the lighting low.

2008-01-21, 04:45 PM

Unpacking his things into the dresser, he closed his suite case and placed in the spot reserved for it in the closet, next to his shirts ties, pants for everyday wear and the 10 identical uniforms that he would wear once at the school.

He looked around the room, seeing the neat bed, the dresser, and the bathroom with his toiletries neatly placed next to the sink.

Everything was in its place.

He was worried about the next morning, but today he was in a good place.
Nothing he could go about that now in any case.

Anyway, worrying never helped anything. What did it say? Something like: who by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Something like that.

Walking into the unnecessary sitting room, Nathan walks to the mirror and checks out how he looks.

Much the same as always. His unremarkable brown hair was looking like it normally did, the hair in back a little higher then shoulder length, the hair on the sides of his head and on top short looking like a rip off from MacGyver, his brown eyes looking through thin framed glasses that he really did not need.

His shirt was a nice forest green today: one of his brightest shirts, and his pants were kaki. His tie was brown and tans and greens all in complementary shades to those of his pants and shirt. It bared a scene of antelope running in a field of grass with a forest in the back ground.

He nodded to himself and glanced at his watch. He had plenty of time on his hands. He may as well go out and see what or who he could talk to.

He opened his wallet to verify he had the key card to his room, and replaced it in his back pocket, creating a second bulge in his pants, his other pocket filled with a small book he tried never to leave behind.

Confident he had anything that he may need; he confidently walked out of his room, heading for the lobby. Even if he did not find anyone there, at least he could watch the people.

2008-01-21, 07:29 PM
Evangeline Suivi

A slender young woman with deeply tanned olive skin stood at the concierge desk, every inch radiating exhaustion and irritation. Dressed in a weather-worn heavy rain jacket over stained t-shirt, grubby khakis and worn shoes, she leaned against the counter. Thick black hair peeked out from a battered ball cap. A large grey duffle lay at her feet. The stench of sweat, dead fish, and mildew perfumed the air around her.

"Look again," she growled.

"Miss, we have no registrations for the name Evangeline Jones," sniffed the hotel clerk, glancing up and down at her and sneering. "I'm afraid we have nothing at all for someone of your... station. Unless you can pay cash, of course. In advance." The hotel lights gleamed from the artificial highlights as the clerk tossed her carefully coiffed hair in disdain.

Muscles bunched as the other woman gripped the edge of the desk, obviously trying to control her temper. She spoke calmly, but with a definite edge, "Look, 'Cindi I'm here to help you', my uncle Vittorio told me I had a room here. My uncle Vittorio never lies. Check again. While you're at it, look for Evangeline Walker or E. C. Smith." At the clerk's raised eyebrow, Eva sneered, "Don't tell me I'm the only one to use a fake name in one of your hotels. Just look for the freaking registration and do your damn job. And if you tell me one more time to leave I’ll kick your ass."

The clerk sniffed, and declared, “This is a quality establishment. I don't have to take language like that. I'll get the manager. Maybe HE can help you out the door."

Evangeline turned away from the desk and surveyed the room for a moment. Her eyes were intelligent and wary as she searched for a familiar face. She shrugged off her jacket to reveal well muscled arms and hands heavy with calluses. Although a fairly attractive girl, her nose had obviously been broken and poorly set some time ago, and a series of faint scars ran down her neck to disappear under the fabric of her t-shirt. A geometric tattoo ringed her right bicep, and the top of another, one of some feathered creature, could be seen at her collarbone.

Eva pulled a phone from her pocket and pounded the keys in frustration. "Daddy. They say I don't have a room. I don't give a sh--, uh, sorry, Sir. I don’t care, but Uncle Vic said I had a room paid for and don't like letting 'em get away with --." She paused. "Yes, sir. Yes. No, Dad." With a sudden flare of anger, "The chica lost us the race, Dad. We had a trophy in sight and the moron let go of the damn line! I coulda drowned her myself, that--." The flood of cursing stopped abruptly. "Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

The manager, accompanied by two security guards and Cindi the hotel clerk, approached her. “The manager just showed up with two goons. I think they want to throw me out. No, Dad! I didn't! Well, maybe a little, but she deserved it! And I didn't actually DO anything, I swear! Gotta go, Daddy. Love-you-lots-call-you-later-hugs-and-kisses.-mwah."

Evangeline closed the phone with a snap and then interrupted the manager’s polite eviction speech. “Dad says to tell you my real name and to add that he would be personally grateful if you could find me a room. I’m here for some doofus school named Bridgeport or Crestwood or some other stupid thing.”

“Bridgecrest School?” the manager asked, a smile on his face. “That would explain it. The school put all the registrations on a special list. You’re all on 10 east. May I have your name and some identification?”

“My name’s Evangeline Suivi,” Eva added in a soft voice.

The manager’s smile faltered for a moment, and then he asked pleasantly, “Suivi? Does your family have anything to do with the, ah, hospitality business?”

Eva muttered, “You could say that. Dad said to say if you were ever in Vegas to look him up…” She looked coldly at the clerk. “You too, Cindi. I’m sure Uncle Frank could find you a job. Now, if you’ll just give me my key, I need a hot shower and some clean clothes. Have my luggage sent to my room; it should have already arrived. Do I have any mail?” With a sardonic look, she added. “Check under ALL my names.” She took the key from the manager, ignoring his apologies, grabbed her duffle and headed for the elevators.

2008-01-21, 08:29 PM

Nathanial whistled a little tune as the elevator made it down the 10 floors to the ground.

When the doors opened, he saw a very dirty and smelly girl... about his age, he supposed.

She seemed impatient and the look she gave him was not exactly pleasant either.

Smiling to her, he noted that it was indeed the first floor before making his way out, giving her plenty of room with a kind smile and a "Good evening!"

She looked at him again as she made her way past, but even though her gaze held an intelligent look, it was obvious she was looking through him rather then at him: a girl with a lot on her mind.

"The world challenges us all, but it never gives us more then we can handle. If it seems tough, then it's only because you are strong enough to deal with it!" he says a little loudly as the door closed to the elevator with the girl on the other side of it.

*sigh* I hope that was encouraging, and not as cryptic as it sounded to me. God, I am trying.

He looked at the to hers there staring at the elevator door and recognized the staff of the hotel and wondered if they were the source of the girls disgruntlement. If so, it appeared to have been mutual.

Such is life in this world. he thought as he started to make his way through the small collection of people with smiles and apologize for needed to get through.

Finally making it to the lobby, Nathan sat down with another sigh

2008-01-21, 09:06 PM
"Jacob it's quite alright you don't have to carry it all....." The princess words of concern falling on deaf ears as always. The agents her parents had sent with her on the trip marched into the room, carrying along the armies worth of luggage; half of which Celeste didn't even pack herself, all pre-prepared for her. They carried it up themselves; granted the hotel had staff for that, but their had been cases before of the princesses luggage being rummaged through before then, and they weren't going to risk it. She had originally insisted most of it be left in the car, after all they'd just have to drag it all out again once her dorm room was prepared at the school, but it was always insisted by others that the princess MUST have everything she needed within arms reach.

Celeste's attire could be compared to that of a librarians right now. A white dress shirt with a black bow (I swear what I'm thinking about has a more specific name then that...), a buttoned up brown jacket, and matching skirt that looked like they could very well be part of her school uniform. Long white socks, and dainty black shoes on her feet. A large light brown purse at her side, the one piece of luggage the agents had let her carry. Her blonde hair waved behind her as always, kept in place only by a black hair-band as she watched her two protectors go about their work.

Jacob, a tall man, with the darkest of brown hair dropped the bags finally. He was wearing what he saw as 'steriotypical' American attire:A brown leather jacket, A white T-Shirt, and Jeans. With the weight off his shoulders he went about checking the room out for hidden bugs or cameras, while his partner Rose standing guard at the door.

"Princess...." He said not turning to look at her as he continued to search "there's no need to worry about us. You're as kind as always, but you know why we have to go through with this every-time...."

The princess stayed quiet for a bit, she hated seeing people deal with so much work over her"But.. we're not 'in' Brittan anymore, surely there is less reason to be so cautious, the papers here care far less about me... don't they?" she said... watching Jacob move about, barely believing her own words.

Rose was quick to turn that suggestion down "With everything that's happened we can't afford to take any chances. Do you remember what happened last time?" Jacob heading to check the shower the minute he heard Rose's words. The mature women muttered "Bloody perverts... " under her breath as Celeste blushed at the mention of it, and immediately sat down at the small table in the center of the room.

After a few minutes of watching them put so much effort into it all she let out a sigh, looking to Jacob first ".... If.. it would be alright, I would like to go out into the lobby, and read a bit...You have no need for me to be here..." She smiled just a bit "I... almost feel as if I'm getting in the way being here" Jacob glanced to Rose who replied with a shrug "I'll keep an eye on her while you finish up here. Go ahead and watch a bit of the telly once all affairs are in order" Which Jacob quickly counterd with "... American TV? You MUST be joking...."

Not to long after that Celeste, and Rose were out in the hall. The Red headed women keeping an eye out, trying to look like a relative or friend simply in Celeste's company, though it wasn't hard to note the two didn't look at ALL related. Heading towards the elevators the first person they were to encounter was Alessandro, to which whom Celeste nodded to, giving her bright smile as always greeting him with a pleasant "Good Evening" as the elevator made its way up to their floor.

2008-01-21, 10:20 PM
Evangeline leaned against the walls of the elevators as the doors closed. The boy's words finally registered. Yeah, he got that right. Stand up straight, girl. No time for whining. Eva pulled her jacket on and hauled her duffle bag up to her shoulder, wincing at the complaints of sore muscles and windburned skin.

Here we go again. Another fun year ahead. You'd think somebody could bother to see me off. She suddenly felt hot tears starting. NO! No tears. Crying is for babies. Vigorously wiping her eyes, she sniffed hard and tried to settle her face.

As the elevator slowed for the tenth floor she readied herself. When the doors opened she stepped out, stopping suddenly as she saw the crowd waiting for the elevator.

"Uh, excuse me," Eva said, a few inches from Rose, who had stepped in front of Celeste when Evangeline barged out of the elevator. Eva rubbed her face, trying to look fierce. "Can I get by? I need a shower."

2008-01-21, 11:05 PM

He unpacks his bags and puts on some casual clothing (a pair of jeans and a simple black t-shirt). It has only been five minutes in the room and he is already bored. He walks over to the window, looks out, and sees the bustling city below. The scene is only entertaining for a few minutes so he goes back and sits on the bed.

This is just as boring as Seattle was and the hotel gym HAD to be in the middle of remodeling this week... He sighs out loud Maybe there is a movie theater or something around here.

He gets up and grabs his wallet ,with key card inside, and leaves the room. Walking down the hall he sees some people around the elevator. Wonder what they are doing. He walks closer and the people are still blocking the entrance to the elevator. He sees a small sign over a door that reads "Stairs". Don't want to intrude...so I'll just take the stairs. Plus i need a little bit of exercise.

He enters the door and begins to run down the stairs. As he gets towards the lower floors he begins to breathe heavily. The second floor passes by, then the first, but he doesn't stop there and continues lower. The stairs stop at the basement and Miles goes through the door.

Umm...this isn't the lobby... He looks around and notices the drab grey of the walls. Guess i went to the basement... He turns around and tries to open the door but the door won't open. Just my luck.....wait... He looks around to see if anyone is there. Then checks again just to make sure. He steps back ten feet then starts sprinting at the door. At the perfect moment he jumps and kicks the handle of the door breaking it off. The door flies back and slams against the wall with a loud crack.

He hears someone yell out behind him "What was that?!" He doesn't even take the time to look and runs up the stairs. He shoves open the door on the first floor and rushes into lobby panting loudly with sweat dripping down his forehead. Everyone in the lobby turns and looks at him. He starts to blush.

2008-01-21, 11:43 PM

After settling into his room, which consisted of tossing his duffel bag on the couch, Vincent changed into some more comfortable clothes and decided to go downstairs to see if he could spot some of his future classmates. Wearing track pants and a long sleeved Under Armour workout shirt that accentuated his muscular build, and carrying a worn football tucked into his forearm as if it were a part of his body, Vincent grabs his room key card and starts to leave the room. As he's walking out, he overhears part of a conversation from the elevator. He hears a girl saying that she needs a shower, and decides to introduce himself. When he saw the dark haired athletic looking girl, he was a bit taken aback, not because of her muscular physique or messy appearance, but because despite her attempt to look intimidating, she seemed to have been crying recently. "Hi. Since you're on this floor I guess you must be coming to Bridgecrest as well. Have you been a student there before? Or are you dreading this as much as I am? I overheard you saying that you needed a shower, and I don't want to stop you from getting one, but if you want to chat or anything I'll be going down to the lobby to see if there's any other future classmates there." He smiles in a friendly manner to try to convey his sincerity. Then he politely excuses himself and waits for the elevator.

2008-01-22, 05:21 PM
(Best to post now I guess. KuH next post will have to respond to a few things that have happened thus far but not too much.)

In a fancy hotel like this there's a sort of.. standard of people you expect. Dirty looking women who may very of had just crawled off the street wasn't one of them. Sadly making a similar assumption as the clerk downstairs (all be it with completely different concerns such as 'why' such a women would be here....) Rose stepped in front of Celeste and ended up in a short staring contest with the girl, though it was stopped by Celeste before she could say anything. "... Oh Rose the poor girl looks exhausted, lets not make a fuss of this, and let her on by?"

Rose stepped aside finally, guiding Celeste away a bit so the stranger didn't have a direct path to her, not that it mattered much as Eve passed by, Celeste giving a quick apology "You must forgive us it's our first time, in Newyork so we're a tad on the nervous side...."

They both headed into the elevator, Rose letting out a deep breath as Eve went by, glancing at the princess wishing she was more cautious at times. Newyork was by no means a 'safe' city in her mind. That could of been easily some poor women who snuck into the building to pilfer things from the rich. To say the least Roses faith in the hotels staff wasn't all that high, but with things that had happened at other places the princess had stayed this wasn't surprising.

At the same time Celeste thought the oposite, that poor girl was clearly tired, Rose's short stand off likely just made her bad day worst. Celeste couldn't help but wonder if she could of done something more for the poor girl, but that would of likely made Roses job all the harder. Besides she was just a stranger, the best thing she could of done was what she just did:Let the girl pass by.

While Rose wanted nothing more to get the elevator moving, Celeste kept the door open, looking to the boy (Alessandro) "Are you going down as well?"

2008-01-22, 10:52 PM

Alessandro blushes when Celeste first addresses him. She's talking to you, dummy. Say something. Say anything. Make it good. Now it's too late. You have to make it really good. Maybe if you don't say anything at all she'll think you didn't notice. Damn. You blew it!! IDIOTA!!!

He moves on past the elevator, trying to pretend that maybe he was just walking down the hall. However, when Celeste stops the elevator door, he hesitates, and looks up at her, taking in her hair for a moment. He stutters, flustered for a second, and then speaks. "Um, ah, y-yes. Come down? I mean go down? Um, ah, yes." That was great, now she'll think you're a real idiot. And who's the older woman?

"So, ah, hi. I'm Alessandro. A student here. Bridgeport. Are you going to be there too?" Please say yes, please say yes, it would be so amazing to have such a cool girl in my class. And my god, look at her hair. Maybe Bridgeport is going to amazing after all. Ooops. Did I say BridgePORT? It's BridgeCREST. I'm such a DUMMY!!!

Up close, you can see that he seems like a desperately shy, but reasonably nice guy with a serious pimple problem. His clothes are surprisingly good - a fine white crisp linen shirt, with not a crease, and styling that looks like it came from the continent, and crocodile skin loafers that wouldn't look out of place in Monte Carlo. It's ridiculous - the clothes just don't fit the image you have of him ... and they look like they belong on a thirty-year old, not a thirteen-year old, which is what he looks like, especially being so short with that funny squeaky voice.

2008-01-23, 12:17 AM
Rose stepped in front of Celeste ... "You must forgive us it's our first time in New York so we're a tad on the nervous side...."

Eve glanced from the older woman to the younger, a slight smile on her face. "She thinks this is bad. She should try The City. Rochester is nothing." Evangeline stared quizzically at Celeste for a second. "I know her from somewhere -- but where?" Shrugging slightly, she moved past the princess with a brusque nod. "No prob. Scusi." As she walked down the hall, she scanned the numbers looking for her room.

Eve noticed the young sportsman coming her way and hesitated. Her experiences with star athletes had been varied; some were devoted friends while others were despised enemies. "Not bad looking. Not too preppy. Maybe he's human," she thought.

Up close, a knowledgeable person could recognize that her clothes, while filthy and well worn, were top of the line LL Bean sports gear. Although she stank of sweat, the usual stench of the homeless was absent.

..."Hi. Since you're on this floor I guess you must be coming to Bridgecrest as well. ... Then he politely excuses himself and waits for the elevator.

"Yeah, I'm checking into Bridgecrest. Another new school to get used to..." Suddenly Eva smiled, white teeth gleaming, "But at least this one is on the water! Maybe it won't be so bad..." As Vincent headed for the elevator Evangeline waved good-bye. "Okay, see ya 'round. Maybe I'll see you in the dining room."

Eva unlocked her room and looked around, pleased to see the hotel staff had delivered her luggage. She carefully bolted the door, pulled out one of her "nice dresses" and the ancillary equipment, and then headed for the shower.

(OOC: Eve will spend about an hour in her room before emerging in a designer dress with heels, jewelry, and understated make-up. To use the vernacular, "she cleans up nice.")

2008-01-23, 01:23 AM
"Sir, is there anyway you could possibly hurry this up, we are going to be late." Ethan's mother asked the cab driver for the umpteenth time.

"Look lady, there isn't a damned thing I can do about the traffic around here, much less when idiots pull some stunt like this. The cab driver, having answered this question several times, said in a very irritated manner.

"Ma, I'll just hoof it, the place can't be to far from here."

"Out of the question Ethan, I will not stand for such things."

"Whatever." Ethan said as he looked out the window. He could see the building from here, heck with how much time they have been stuck in traffic he probably could have walked the entire distance from the airport with all his luggage in a lot less time.

Man this sucks, stupid cities.

In the back of his mind Ethan could hear his mother start gabbin' again, annoying the cab driver even more. This is ridiculous! And with that Ethan opened the door to the cab and stepped out.

"Ethan Dartanian Wilding! Get back in the car!" His mother yelled at him.

"You said it yourself mom, we're going to be late. I'm already dressed up and the building can't be more than a five minute walk from here. I'm sure that you won't have any problems getting my luggage in my room when you get there. If you get there. I'll be fine. I'm more than capable of taking care of myself for a few blocks."

"He's right you know, mam. It might possibly be hours before we can get moving again, not to mention the hotel is a lot closer on foot thanks to the grid." The cab driver chipped in.

Ethan's mom took a few breaths before speaking. "You are right, just be careful and I'll get your things to you as soon as I am able."

"By mom." With that Ethan grabbed his dress coat out of the car and closed the door.

Walking down the street Ethan was pretty much left alone. Apparently a lot of people find him somewhat intimidating to look at, which is to be understood. Ethan isn't exactly a small kid by any means and when he is out in public he almost always wears a full length red leather trench coat, that somehow makes him look even bigger. Besides not to many people are going to mess with a man dressed the way Ethan was. He wasn't just stuck in a generic dress suit, his mother took the liberty to take Ethan to Bermini Customs and have him fitted. A dark red velvet shirt accompanied by a black tie and well cut pair of black slacks, not to mention the dress coat that Ethan carried over his arm. The ridiculously expensive and totally useless dress coat, so Ethan had said when he was fitted for the thing.

As he entered the lobby area of the hotel Ethan thought to himself, Well, heres to two more miserable years of pointless babble. Reaching the front desk Ethan noticed a kid, probably a couple years younger than he sitting in the lobby, as well as another similarly aged kid that looked like he had just run a marathon.

"Can I help you sir?" The lady at the front desk asked.

"Wilding, I guess I'm supposed to be on the Bridgecrest list."

Cindi, the lady at the desk, looked Ethan over before checking the computer for his name. "Wilding, Ethan yes? Here's your key card. Tenth floor, east hall. Enjoy your stay."

"Yah, thanks." Ethan absentmindedly said as he took the card and walked away. Once his back was turned Ethan could have sworn that he heard Cindi say "Bridgecrest is attracting some interesting people nowadays," or something along those lines.

Not really wanting to head upstairs only to head back down in a few minutes Ethan took a seat across from the kid and gave a polite nod. Ethan then sat back, content to relax for a bit before the 'festivities' began.

2008-01-23, 03:16 AM
"Um, ah, y-yes. Come down? I mean go down? Um, ah, yes." That was great, now she'll think you're a real idiot. And who's the older woman?

"So, ah, hi. I'm Alessandro. A student here. Bridgeport. Are you going to be there too?" Please say yes, please say yes, it would be so amazing to have such a cool girl in my class. And my god, look at her hair. Maybe Bridgeport is going to amazing after all. Ooops. Did I say BridgePORT? It's BridgeCREST. I'm such a DUMMY!!!.

Celeste just gave a polite smile, stepping back as Alessandro walked into the elevator, and Rose got the elevator moving, keeping a glaring eye on the short kid. Celeste... not being utterly blind could tell the boy was nervous, Rose was scarring him maybe...? She had a habit of doing that at times but she only had good intentions, Celeste knew that. Or... maybe he knew who she was. Far more likely Celeste thought, she may of not been that big of a deal in the states, but she was still know.

As he mentioned school Celeste brightened up a bit up a bit her voice having a tint of excitement to it "..Oh really? This is highly unexpected, I'll be going to that school as well! Is this your first year? I've been ever so curious as to......" she paused, suddenly realizing her 'mistake' blushing a bit ".. oh wait.. you said BridgePORT didn't you? Oh I'm dreadfully sorry, I'm actually going to BridgeCrest" she laughed shaking her head before looking back at him with a smile "I feel quite silly now, I guess the trip here has left me with a bit of a light head." Another pause and she nods to him "It's nice to meet you Alessandro, my name is....."

Quick Glancing incentive from Rose....

"..... Adelaide" Rose almost face palming when the girl simply uses her middle name. Great cover princess.

Rose puts her hands on her hips, her mean eye looking at the boy "I'm Rose. her aunt, her folks sent me along on the trip to keep an eye on her."

And with that, the Ding of the elevator was heard, and the doors swooshed open to the lobby floor.

2008-01-23, 11:58 AM

"Um, that's what I said ... uh, meant. BridgeCREST. I'm going there too. That'll be so great, having someone so nice as you in my class. Um, if you are in my class.

Her name is ADELAIDE? That's so dumb! I bet her friends call her Addy. Sounds like a poisonous snake. She can't be poisonous though, she seems so nice.

Oh, and pleased to meet you Tia ... I mean Auntie Rose." Alessandro holds out his hand to Rose as if to shake it.

If she takes his hand, he will bow and kiss it. Well brought up after all.

2008-01-23, 01:32 PM

She seemed nice enough. She seems pretty athletic too. "Oh, yeah, maybe I'll see you downstairs later."

When the elevator came Vincent got on and went down to the lobby. When he got off he spotted a couple of people that appeared to be his age sitting in the lobby. He headed over there to see if he could start a conversation, walking right past the princess and her handler without even noticing them. As he passed people in the lobby, he unconsiously switched the ball to the hand furthest from the people. The ball had become such a part of him that he performed these routine actions without thought, but that was the reason for the drill. When he got a little closer he noticed that there seemed to bit a bit of an age difference between the two guys. Maybe they're brothers? Then he noticed how big the older one was. I bet this guy could play some ball. "Hey, you guys here for Bridgecrest? Forgive me for my assumption, but you fit the bill. In either case, my name is Vincent." He smiles and extends his hand to each of the young men. "You mind, if I sit?"

2008-01-23, 01:39 PM

Nathan watches in interest as one boy about his age comes out of the stairwell looking just a little winded, and another comes through the door in a red leather overcoat (London Fog style, I'm guessing) with a nicely fit shirt, tie and slacks.

Two more teenagers come out of the just opening elevator with an older lady who seems to hover over the girl/woman in the group. Another elevator opens to submit yet another teen in well made cloths, and Nathan nodded.

If there were so many well dressed teens in this hotel, at the same time, either there was another reason for their presence, or they were there for the same reason that he was. It would make sense that the school administrators would have a central location for new students to meet before heading to the school (at least in a school like Bridgecrest).

He looks back to the boy in the overcoat and blinks as he heads over and sits in front of him with a nod.

"Hello!" he says, noting for the first time just how intimidating the boy looked. He had acknowledge Nathan though, so may not be an intentional look, rather just a side affect of his clothing and size. "My name is Nathan. I'm here to meet a representative of Bridgecrest School to attend my first year there."

Nathan extended a hand to the stronger looking boy across from him in a way of greeting.

2008-01-23, 02:14 PM

Nathan, smiles at the new comer form the other elevator and switches from offering his had to the strong looking teen to the one who had just introduced himself.

"Vincent? Nice to meet you! Nathan here. Yes, I am going to Bridgecrest, though I have not got that admission from our fellow here." he says motioning with a smile and a nod to the boy in the overcoat.

"Please, do have a seat!" he says, motioning to the plush, overstuffed, leather seat next to him.

I wonder if he was named after M. R. Vincent? Probably not, very long shot indeed. Even if he was, that is not the sort of thing he would necessarily know or care to know. he thinks to himself, his mind racing as always.

He notes the football the guy is carrying and nods to it, "You look like a ball player. You planning on going out for the team?" Nathan asks. He himself had no such aspirations. Not that he was not agile enough, or strong enough, he just had no desire for that sort of thing.

2008-01-23, 03:56 PM
"...oh.. now I feel even more silly" The girl laughs to herself lightly again "... Well then Alessandro, I hope we have some of the same classes as well. What courses might you be taking this year?" She starts to walk out of the elevator as she talks, she can't hardly keep the thing occupied after all.

Rose, at first, doesn't even realize the boy is reaching his hand towards her. Though she does eventually accept his hand rolling her eyes as he kisses it "Well at least you know your manners..."

The boy was clearly a shy one, at least thus far it seemed. So the kiss of Rose's hand surprised Celeste a bit. Manners, and dress Celeste believed she may have to thank his parents for. He certainly wasn't the first nervous boy she had spoken to before though, the trick to them she found was to find their topic of interest, which any person is more then happy to speak about. For now though... it seemed best to stick to the topic they both had in common:the school.

Our good princess, and her guide, start walking towards the lobby likely with Alessandro following unless he decides to go elsewhere (in which case I'll edit my post to fit). "... oh, and to return to my previous question: is this your first year? I've been wondering what the school is actually like, those pamphlets can be so misleading at times... though I am sure it is a very nice school either way"

Celeste chooses an empty rounded table, taking a seat, neatly laying her purse on top of, Rose making it a point to sit right beside her. For the record they're about a raised voice away from the three boys chatting right now;Ethan, Vincent, and Nathan. Near enough to be seen, but not understood unless someone speaks with some volume

Rose, just in case you're all wondering, is a women who looks to be in her mid or late 40's, though by no means looks fragile; more like an athlete who's reaching their later years. Her hair is Red, though a keen eye can tell she's been dying it to keep it that color. Her outfit is similar to Jacobs:Jeans, a Red t-shirt in her case, and an aviators jacket (think leather jacket with fluff at the top).

2008-01-23, 06:22 PM

Alessandro looks up at Celeste after kissing Rose's hand, and suddenly blushes. I didn't kiss Addy's hand - and Dio mio, how can I offer to do that now?. He stands stock still in the elevator for a minute and then rushes after them. He starts to say something to Rose, and then cuts off as Celeste speaks.

"This is my first year here at Bridgecrest" got it right that time "I'm from Canada. My dad's in business up there, and wants me to go to Harvard ... even if I'd rather do engineering at MIT. So I'm studying, well, math of course, and science and history. We're still fighting over economics which I think is stupid to study now - but I don't want to give up chemistry for economics. They'll just teach it to me all over again when I get to Harvard. And I think everyone has to take English here ..."

"English. Your accent is funny. Let me guess, are you English? Or maybe from New Zealand or somewhere?". He pauses for a minute and then stutters out in a horrible imitation accent of some sort of hodgepodge of American regional accents overlaid on broad Canadian. "You sure ain't from around here, honey." You think he's trying to make a joke. And he seems so embarrassed over his futile attempt it is almost painful to look at him.

2008-01-23, 08:08 PM

Vincent takes Nathan's hand and shakes it before he sits in the chair next to him.

He notes the football the guy is carrying and nods to it, "You look like a ball player. You planning on going out for the team?" Nathan asks.

When he hears Nathans comment, he absently looked down at his off hand, as if he had forgotten that he was holding a football. Then after realizing what he was talking about he responded to Nathan, "Oh, yeah. I'm a running back, and the game just sort of 'clicks' for me you know? Do you play any sports? You look like you could be a baseball player. Coaches always wanted me to play in the off season to stay in shape, but it's just not my sport. Anyway... I'm looking forward to the new school, but I'm not really sure what to expect." He looks around casually, to see if there are any other prospective students and sees a beautiful girl and a pimply boy sitting at a table along with an older woman. They could be students, they're the right age, I guess. I wonder if that's his mom. Vincent smiled over in their direction, and then continued to converse with Nathan and the larger, and upon a closer look, noticeably older guy. "So what about you big guy? You going to Bridgecrest too?"

2008-01-23, 08:52 PM
"English. Your accent is funny. Let me guess, are you English? Or maybe from New Zealand or somewhere?"[/color]. He pauses for a minute and then stutters out in a horrible imitation accent of some sort of hodgepodge of American regional accents overlaid on broad Canadian. "You sure ain't from around here, honey." You think he's trying to make a joke. And he seems so embarrassed over his futile attempt it is almost painful to look at him.

Celeste listened to the boy with a smile, staying quiet, not trying to interrupt him as he described the classes, and parental of issues of note (something she could related to...). Rose at this point was mostly just siting back in her chair, keeping an eye on the surroundings. The Nerdy kids whining didn't really concern her.

"You are quite correct. My family is from London." she said with a tint of pride. "Though I've always wanted to see more of the world, I haven't had much as chances to travel as the rest of my family; this is my first time really..."

As Alessandro made his poorly thought out imitation, the first response he got was from Rose, who only heard one word which she didn't sound to happy about "Honey?"

Celeste was quick to make her response before Rose decided they should head back to the rooms. "Oh, I reck'en it's my first time all'right" The princess says, purposely trying to sound as silly, and off as Alessandro's own imitation. It left Rose sighing, and shaking her head "Kids...." Celeste just laughing lightly at their poor attempt at foolishness.

It was difficult to talk to people with Rose, and Jacob around at times, though Celeste would no longer be in their company when she started class, the school having it's own protections (or so it promised anyway).

Resting her hands on the table, her attention focused on Alessandro still the princess said in a cheerful voice "I.. must say I can related with you somewhat. My own parents do tend to dictate how my education will be dealt with. It's not to say I don't enjoy the topics they insist on, or that they don't have their reasons, but a little more freedom would be appreciated a times..." She paused for just a moment, leaning back in her chair, and looking at the people passing by idly for a few moments before bringing the topic back to the boy "So you mentioned you had an interest in engineering? I'm just curious on what aspect of the field you're interested in."

2008-01-24, 12:58 AM

She laughed! I can make her laugh!! She's soooo nice. And beautiful. It's not fair - she'll probably fall for one of those jock types - like those two big guys over there. Well, I'm just going to enjoy it while I can.

"You're from London? Wow, why come to school over here? I thought people from London always went to school in Switzerland or something, not upstate New York. And that's really nice of your Auntie Rose to come all the way over here with you to make sure you get settled in."

"Why engineering? I dunno. I guess I just like figuring out how things work."

He looks awkwardly for a moment at their chaperone, and then seems to decide he should stop ignoring her. Of course his comment gives away his thoughts oh so transparently.

"When do you fly back home to England, Auntie Rose, and leave Adelaide here?"

2008-01-24, 12:49 PM

Nathan relaxes back in his chair and smile contently.

"Sports? Oh, I like to play most sports, though only recreationally. My time is spent in other pursuits. I do think sports allows people to show the glorious abilities that humans can ascertain to when they desire, but on the whole, I would rather concentrate on what I think is more important." he says, looking at the silent large boy/man across from him and Vincent.

He also watched the beautiful girl and another kid sit at a table nearby: the same ones he had noticed in the elevator recently.

The woman next to the girl seemed very protective, which Nathan admired. In this world, you could never be too careful, especially with a looker like that girl.

God has his plans, but he leaves room in them for time and unforeseen circumstances. he thinks as he leans over and pulls out his holy book from his rear pocket and starts to flip through it, his attention completely on that. Ah, here it is. ...nor do even those having knowledge have the favor; because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all. Better to be ready for such things. he thinks to himself as he puts the holy book back into his rear pocket.

He looks up to Victor and nods to his look. "Yup, my main pursuits are spiritual. I certainly hope that it will not matter too much in the new school."

Nathan knew it would, but he was not afraid to show his convictions and beliefs, though he would follow the holy books advice and read day and night in an unodtrusive manner.

2008-01-24, 05:39 PM

She laughed! I can make her laugh!! She's soooo nice. And beautiful. It's not fair - she'll probably fall for one of those jock types - like those two big guys over there. Well, I'm just going to enjoy it while I can.

"You're from London? Wow, why come to school over here? I thought people from London always went to school in Switzerland or something, not upstate New York. And that's really nice of your Auntie Rose to come all the way over here with you to make sure you get settled in."

"Why engineering? I dunno. I guess I just like figuring out how things work."
"When do you fly back home to England, Auntie Rose, and leave Adelaide here?"

"I Don't" Rose said, leaning back in her chair now arms crossed, glaring back at the boy. The words fell like a hammer hitting an anvil... if that Anvil was the boys head anyway. "... I'm in the city on business. It'll be months, if not longer" She explained Shattering the nerdy boys hopes and dreams, though Celeste does make an attempt to repair them

"Though, You certainly 'won't be going to class with me Aunt Rose, I would say you're a bit old for high-school now" to which Rose responded to with a laugh, and mirth that Alessandro hadn't seen yet "Hahaha, Old? I'm 29, and holding! You already know that" apparently more tolerant of Celestes bad jokes then she is of his. The young girl now playing with her hair as she thought up her reason for being 'over seas'

(Just trying to show Rose isn't all GRRR :smallfurious: . She's over protective for a few reasons, one of them being:it's her JOB. Also she isn't so oblivious to what Alessandro is thinking (you seem to act as if it 'should' be obvious) unlike Celeste who generally just believes he's 'shy'.

"... It.. struck me as odd when my father first mentioned it as well..." Celeste said trailing off a bit, twisting a strand of hair around her finger "The Dean of the school is an old friend of the family, and the topic of my education came up during one of their conversations. I had always mentioned how I would like to see more of the world, so it seemed like a perfect fit in his eyes..."

(Bluff bluff bluff the Nervous nerd!)

The Girl let out a sigh, shaking her head looking a little unhappy "I really hope it doesn't lead to me getting special treatment, I would much rather Excel through my own merits, and effort." She finally left her hair alone with that, brushing it back as she looked up her smile returning. "But It should all turn out well. I have yet to even go to the school, and I'm already making friends there after all"

After words, Using her latent Psionic powers Celeste takes notice of the group of three boys not far from them, realizing that they are all somehow plot relevant unlike the other NPCs, and Extras that Dot the lobby. Sadly she has yet to take any levels in Psion so she has no idea how to use said talents. And so getting Grief killed for that one hahaha. Just kidding folks, I'd be doing the same if Celeste didn't have someone to chat to right now :smallamused:

2008-01-24, 06:49 PM
When Nathan offered his hand in greeting, Ethan enjoying the look of the hotel lobby, didn't notice what was going on until another boy that looked like he might be a similar height and girth as himself arrived and introduced himself, diverting Nathan's hand from it original target. Not that Ethan minded at all, it wasn't that he was being impolite, he was just trying to regain his mind. Dealing with his mother on any level was taxing at best, and Ethan was always at his best when he has time to gather his thoughts.

"Hey, you guys here for Bridgecrest? Forgive me for my assumption, but you fit the bill. In either case, my name is Vincent." He smiles and extends his hand to each of the young men. "You mind, if I sit?"

Unfortunately. Thought Ethan as Nathan answered Vincent.

The two started talking and Ethan closed his eyes, just taking in what he could. His keen ears where picking up small bits of the conversation happening at a nearby table. Nothing to detailed, but he was able to get that they were Bridgecrest bound as well. Ethan opened his eyes to see who is was that was talking.

Hmm, a crag face and a looker. If thats, her aunt then she must not be blood related, they look nothing alike.

"So what about you big guy? You going to Bridgecrest too?"

Raising his voice a little, so that he could be heard by the trio at the table, Ethan answers. "Yep, I'm purgatory bound as well. To bad Bridgecrest won't allow for pilots to get any flying time in. The jerks." Ethan decided that he probably wasn't going to get to collect himself much more sat up a little. "And no, I've never been much for traditional sports. Could never really get the hang of some things."

It was starting to get a little warm, so Ethan stood in order to take off his jacket. Unfortunately, doing so also somehow snapped his hair tie, causing his knee-length mass of raven black hair to flow free from its binds and the now broken elastic band to shoot off towards the table dwellers that had been talking about Bridgecrest.

Well, crap... Ethan thought as his hair encompassed his face. He dug through his jacket pockets looking for a replacement.

2008-01-25, 01:39 PM
Evangeline took a last look at herself in the mirror of her room as she applied a whiff of expensive perfume. Maybe it’s too much. She spun in place, making sure that everything was perfect, from her gleaming hair to her three inch heels. No, I need to show off a little. Grinning, she stuck out her tongue at the reflection. Mama would say I’m engaged in Dominance Posturing to demonstrate my Tribal Worth. Ha! It’s just simple revenge, Mama. She adjusted the designer dress to better display the phoenix tattoo rising from her cleavage. The colorful design, a phoenix rising from a pile of rocks, almost camouflaged the ugly surgical scar on her sternum. Thick black curls cascaded down her back, and expertly applied makeup disguised the crooked bridge of her nose. A slim gold watch, some diamond earrings, and a gold crucifix completed the ensemble. Eva slipped her key card into her evening bag, checked the locks on the room safe and the windows, and with a last look around left the suite.

Elevator doors opened and the impeccably dressed young woman smiled wickedly at Cindi. Take that, sweet cheeks. Looking around the lobby, Evangeline noticed the other students grouped around a few tables. Heels tapping lightly on the parquet, she approached the others just as Ethan’s hair broke free. Eva laughed heartily and reached into her bag, pulling out a sturdy black hair band. “Here,” she said, handing it to Ethan, “This will hold in anything short of a hurricane. Trust me, I know.”

With a wink, she moved on to the other table. Completely ignoring the bodyguard, she held out her hand in welcome to Celeste and said, “We haven’t been properly introduced. My name is Evangeline Suivi, and you look oddly familiar. Have you ever been to the casinos in Nice?”

2008-01-26, 08:00 PM
Celeste, as one might expect, was a bit surprised when the women suddenly greeted her. Keep in mind I say a 'bit' surprised, considering who she was this was hardly something that rare. Roses mind on the other hand simply brought up 'bah another one' changing focus to this girl, not recognizing her as the girl in the elevator... at first anyway.

Celeste of course didn't have that difficulty cheerfully greeting her "Ah Hello again! I'm afraid I can't say I have ever been to a Casino, this is my first time in the country" She accepted the hand shake of course "It is nice to meet you Evangeline, I'm Adelaide" She waves her hand towards Rose once their hands part "This is my Aunt Rose, and this is" She motions towards a certain nerd "Alessandro. The two of us are students at BridgeCrest, or...will be once classes starts"

At this point Rose had figured out who this girl was, and was strongly considering they head back to the room now. Jacob would of finished checking the place out by now. Celeste could just read up there.

The young princess kept talking though, smiling as she often did "You certainly seem in better spirits now then when I first saw you. You really looked like you had been through a lot." The princess wanted to be careful on that topic, best not bring up events of the day the girl didn't want to think about, but on the same coin she might very well be interested in ranting about her day. Different ways of venting after all...

2008-01-27, 05:44 PM

As Alessandro sees the broken hair elastic darting towards them, he reaches out his hand to catch it ...


2008-01-27, 05:47 PM

... and although he seems to have his hand perfectly timed to catch the elastic band he didn't notice the flower arrangement on the table, which he catches in a perfect arc, sending the vase crashing over. He desperately switches his attention to attempt to catch the vase ...


2008-01-27, 08:12 PM

... and his hands are just to late to catch the vase, which bangs on the table top, spilling flower and splashing water out towards Auntie Rose, the leather sofa and anything or anyone else in its way.

Alessandro blushes crimson, leans forward to try to help Auntie Rose (who seems to have the worst of it) wipe the water off, and then stops, stunned by the fact that he was trying to put his hands on her legs and lap.

He pauses, and then lamely picks up the [broken] black hair elastic, now sodden from the water. He holds it up as a peace offering towards Ethan ... desperately trying to excuse himself to the girls and Auntie Rose at the same time.

"I ... I ... wasn't sure if you would ... still be ... wanting this?"

His voice tails off with embarrassment, getting quieter and quieter towards the end of his speaking. He looks like he wants to melt into his chair and just die.

2008-01-28, 10:28 AM

When Nathan suddenly pulled out a bible and began to flip through it, obviously looking for something in particular, Vincent was a bit surprised. The closest thing he had ever had to religion, was the occasional pre-game prayer led by one of the more spiritual players. He didn't have anything against religion, or religious people for that matter, but he had never really gotten into it himself. This guy seems pretty serious about God. That can't be a bad thing. Before he could figure out anything to say to him, the other guy finally responded that he would be attending BridgeCrest also. Vincent almost couldn't contain himself as the young man stood up, unintentionally launched a hair elastic at the other table of probable students, the pimple faced boy apparently attemped to catch it, only to knock over the vase of flowers and douse the older woman with its contents. It was almost like something in a movie. With his attention on the developing situation at the other table, he almost didn't notice that the well dressed newcomer who gave the long haired man a new elastic was the same girl he had spoken with briefly in the hall. A shower really made a wonderful transformation for her. She cleans up very well. Fighting off the urge to get up and go do "something" Vincent sits back and waits to see what happens with the rest of his classmates. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that there aren't a whole lot of jocks here, most of these people have probably had money for generations. What need do they have for sports? Oh well, gives me even more room on the field I guess. After a few minutes of sitting there, he realizes how hungry he's getting. Not wanting to eat alone, he asks in a loud enough voice for the people at the other table to hear, but not directed at anyone in particular "Want to get something to eat?"

2008-01-29, 12:06 PM
Alessandro "I ... I ... wasn't sure if you would ... still be ... wanting this?"

His voice tails off with embarrassment, getting quieter and quieter towards the end of his speaking. He looks like he wants to melt into his chair and just die.

The way Rose was looking at him at this point you'd be surprised if lasers didn't come out of her eyes to grant Alessandros wish. Celeste was already trying to find something to dry her off quickly, spouting out apologies of her own, mostly along the lines of 'he didn't mean to'!

This is followed by a laughing though "I see your reflexes are beaten by school children again" Jacob said as he walked over. Rose's death rays switching targets "I thought you were going to stay up in the room" Leaving Jacob with a shrug "I hate American Television you know that"

As Rose gets up, still a mess she growls "Well perfect timing anyway, you can watch 'Addy', and her friends while 'Aunty' Rose gets changed." Jacobs eyes almost roll out of his skull. She used that name again?!

Rose finally departs, after whispering to Jacob her 'thoughts' on the visitors, Jacob also confirming her found nothing in the room. Perhaps this hotel will actually prove to be five star after all?

so far in, and I'm doing nothing but toying with the NPCS! Celeste must speak!

The poor girl had wanted to try to clean up the mess, but with a place like this various hotel employees were already dealing with it leaving Celeste to speak to a certain nerd ".... I wouldn't worry about it too much Alessandro, Rose is... always a bit....Well yes. But she is forgiving" she tries to switch away from that "... You should see some of the tumbles I have had. I can most certainly be called a klutz as well" She laughs "Nothing to turn too red about..." Wait, I just called him a klutz effectivly! Celeste pay attention to what you're saying!

Her thought process is interrupted as Jacob approaches though "Everything alright here now princess" Jacob saying 'princess' as if it was some sort of odd nick name rather then an actual title, though he simply didn't see as much reason to hide her here:They were rich among the rich after all! Besides there are plenty of people here who would recognize her in an instant. Celeste answering in a nod "... Um, Yes of course everything fine now Jacob, just a minor little accident...."

Jacob glanced off towards Vincent as he heard the suggestion, only to look back to the princess "I would say the boy has the right idea. None of us have eaten since the flight, you should be feeling at least a bit peckish by now? I don't see why your new friends can't come along"

"A wonderful idea" Celeste said with a smile. New scenery to forget the little mishap. And she admittedly WAS hungry. She looks to the others "The restaurant here is as highly rated as the hotel itself from what I've read. Unless you have other plans." the question particularly put towards Eve, seeing as she only just 'said hello' it would seem a bit odd for her to walk off with them for a bite to eat (not that Celeste minded if she did. She seemed nice enough)

I should note Jacob is simply getting the 'idea' from Vincent, he isn't actually responding to him. Though the whole hair-band issue has created a bridge between the groups either way.

2008-01-29, 12:24 PM
The young princess kept talking though, smiling as she often did. "You certainly seem in better spirits now then when I first saw you. You really looked like you had been through a lot."

Eva was just about to answer when the world erupted in chaos. Eva tried. Oh, how she tried. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, she couldn't help it. First a giggle, then a snort, and finally all out laughter.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she gasped, desperately trying to gain control of herself. "But seriously, kid! That was amazing."

Finally she was able to stifle the chuckles, and walked over to the poor boy. "Sandy, come on, breathe. Breathe in, breathe out. Deep breaths." She demonstrated, sucking air in through her nose and blowing the air back out her mouth. Putting an encouraging arm around Alessandro's shoulder, she continued. "It'll make you feel better. It's going to be okay. No need to be this scared. Come on, now. Breathe for me. There ya go."

... asks in a loud enough voice for the people at the other table to hear, but not directed at anyone in particular "Want to get something to eat?"

"That sounds like a great idea. I hear a plate of linguine bolognese calling my name."

2008-01-30, 10:04 AM

"Sure!" Nathan says to the request from Vincent to get something to eat.

He wasn't hungry, but eating always seemed to open people up. He smiles to himself when he remembered what God's messenger had said about himself when he compared one that came before him and himself saying that the one coming before him came neither drinking nor eating and the people at that time called him demon possessed, but God's messenger came eating and drinking and they called him a drunkard and a glutton. No matter what you do, someone can always find fault if they want to.

Besides, Nathan enjoyed eating!

His eyes followed the new comer and did not recognize her from the same bedraggled, frustrated girl he had nearly shouted encouragement to.

He did notice the tattoo and the cross and smiled.

Was she serious about religious matters? Probably not. She may be tied to the religious factions that he had found false, or she could be wearing as a simple piece of jewelry. Either way, it meant she was probably not an avid reader of the holy book... but who knew? Maybe she would surprise him.

Then everything happened at once over at the other table.

Nathan was on his feet in an instant, but it was handled with efficience by all those envolved, including the girl with the cross and tattoo.

he sat back down, a smile blooming on his face. How encouraging! All these people trying SO hard to make each other feel welcome! It was amazing to him, and so unlike most places with more then 2 teenagers in a room.

He stood up again when the girl mentioned a typs of italian food that Nathan knew the name of, though not the dish itself (he liked to eat, but he was not a conisour).

2008-01-30, 11:55 AM

Alessandro stands up, and takes Celeste's words impassively, though with a beaten puppy type of look in his eyes. A klutz! She called me a klutz! Well ... I'm not normally so klutzy ... am I? Maybe it's just a nice way of calling me a dweeb.

Then when Eva comes up and puts her arm around him, for some reason he blushes an even deeper red. My god! The girls here are sooo amazing!! I'm going to like this school!!! Thank you, papa, for making me come here!!!!

Umm ... my name is Ah-leh-ssandro ... and I do feel better. I would like to eat - though the linguine is making my mouth water for some pasta al nivuro di siccia.

Turning back to Celeste. "I'm so sorry about your Auntie Rose. I'm really not a klutz ... I mean ... I was ... but ... anyway. Sorry for soaking your wife that way, he says turning to Jacob. And then his eyes narrow. There's something about the way he walks. Sort of like Guido. Unnhh ... or are you a ... bodyguard ... umm ... you look ... uh, pleased to meet you. Are you Addy's uncle? My god, I'm not going to call her uncle a bodyguard, that would be sooo klutzy! But he sure acts and moves like one!!

2008-01-30, 08:40 PM
More NPC ramblings. I think I'll be happy when I just have Celeste to control, and dead bodyguards to cry about. Yay Character development ^_^.


Jacob blinks for a second at Alessandro's insinuation "..... Wife?" being silent for a few seconds before laughing "Oh God no. I would never marry THAT" It should be noted Jacob is considerably younger then Rose. Late 20's, early 30's at most. As Jacob laughs at the entire notion Celeste objects with a simple "Jacob!"who finally stops his chuckling

".. I'm sorry Princess, but I couldn't help it." He gives Alessandro a dismissive wave "Oh no you haven't worry there, I'm just a friend of the family, though it feels like I'm more a slave at times." Celeste was already taking a few steps towards the eating area of note, Jacob already walking in line with her "And yes, our Dear Addy has had far greater spills then that. I remember that time you brought the an entire library down with you. We all heard such a racket of noise, we thought a bomb went off! But once we got there we instead found the floor covered with books, every single shelf fallen, and broken, and our poor Princess sat down int he middle of it all; covered with dust, her hair ruffled up, and glasses barely hanging in a slant. A copy of France, and Smiths, world physics in her hand" (made up name. Is it just me or do school books always have names like that? Either that or MATH 2 or something).

Once again Jacob was silenced with a "Jacob!" The Princess looking away a we bit red "I just... didn't.. want to bother anyone to get it for me...Besides I was only a child...." she stopped her whining with a light laugh "Ok, I can see how that was a comical sight, though I'd rather not relive it...."

Quickly wanting to move away from that subject she joined the others in their thoughts of what to get ".... Perhaps I'll get something Italian as well, though getting a more local dish would be a good idea... seeing this is my first time in the city.." She honestly felt like hot-dogs out of all things. The Princess actually very much LIKED the very simple common meal not that she was allowed to ever admit so.

Not wanting to leave her a stranger Celeste looked to Evangeline as they walked "With all the distractions I had almost forgotten to ask, what brings you to the city Evangeline?" Celeste assuming a bit. Locals generally didn't stay in hotels did they? :P

2008-01-31, 12:50 AM

Umm ... my name is Ah-leh-ssandro ... and I do feel better. I would like to eat - though the linguine is making my mouth water for some pasta al nivuro di siccia.

Evangeline's face froze for a moment, but then she forced a small smile and said, "OK, 'Ah-leh-SANDRO' it is. You can call me Evie, or Evangeline Maria Katarina, if you prefer. Come on, let's eat." She turned away from Alessandro towards the dining room.

".. I'm sorry Princess, but I couldn't help it." He gives Alessandro a dismissive wave "Oh no you haven't worry there, I'm just a friend of the family, though it feels like I'm more a slave at times." Celeste was already taking a few steps towards the eating area of note, Jacob already walking in line with her "And yes, our Dear Addy has had far greater spills then that. I remember that time you brought the an entire library down with you. We all heard such a racket of noise, we thought a bomb went off! But once we got there we instead found the floor covered with books, every single shelf fallen, and broken, and our poor Princess...

Evangeline was looking at Celeste while Jacob spoke. Her mind raced as she searched for an elusive memory. 'Princess?' Princess of where? I know that face from somewhere... She said no to casinos, so it's not Monaco... not Spain with that accent... As Celeste turned her head and gestured while they walked toward the dining room hostess, something about her profile or her body language gave Evangeline the clue. Got it! Princess Something of Britain! Constance? Camille? I'll figure it out. Who would pick Adelaide as a cover name? Uggh!

Celeste looked to Evangeline as they walked "With all the distractions I had almost forgotten to ask, what brings you to the city Evangeline?"

Evangeline stared at Celeste for a long moment, her thoughts obviously elsewhere. With a shake of her head, she blurted, "I'm going to Bridgecrest too. Are you going to tell us your right name, or do I have to hack the student roster to find out? Oh, hey, Jacob, tell Ruth to brush up, 'cause she really needs to work on her threat identification protocols. Sheesh!" Eve grinned toothily at the bodyguard.

Charisma of 8 lets you channel your inner B*tch!

2008-01-31, 09:40 AM

Alessandro stares in wonder at Evie's back as she walks away. What did I say wrong? Why is she so mad at me - after first hugging me like that? Girls! I'll never understand them!

Oh! There goes Addy. Let me keep up. Uh, she's talking to Evie.

'Threat identification protocols'. That must be Jacob's job. He must be just like Guido - da muscle, da goon, da heavy - the 'pillars of the roof', as papa's friend Vlad says.

I guess Addy must be important. I guess that means she won't like me. And I'll never understand that Evie girl. Or maybe she prefers Evangeline?

2008-01-31, 10:43 AM

Seeing that his idea was being so widely accepted he realizes that he should probably introduce himself to the others. He walks over to Evie and says, "Hello. Evie, is it? I don't believe we've been properly introduced. I'm Vincent. I'm afraid that I am a bit underdressed. Well, compared to you, I guess we all are." He smiles at her, and then says, "I'll be right back, I probably shouldn't be bringing this into a restaurant of this caliber." He eyes his football, and smiles weakly. He makes his way quickly through the lobby to the front desk. In some ways it was almost a surreal slow motion version of what he does on the field, except no one was trying to tackle him. When he arrives there he places his football on the counter and says to the attendant, "Hey, Cindi. I was hoping you could hold this back there for me, until I get done with dinner. It's got alot of sentimental value so please don't let it get away, ok." He smiled kindly at the woman and walked away to catch back up with the group.

2008-02-03, 05:39 PM
Evangeline stared at Celeste for a long moment, her thoughts obviously elsewhere. With a shake of her head, she blurted, "I'm going to Bridgecrest too. Are you going to tell us your right name, or do I have to hack the student roster to find out? Oh, hey, Jacob, tell Ruth to brush up, 'cause she really needs to work on her threat identification protocols. Sheesh!" Eve grinned toothily at the bodyguard.

Charisma of 8 lets you channel your inner B*tch!

Celeste beams a cheerful smile the moment Eve mentions she's going to Bridgecrest as well "Ah, so we'll be classmates as well, I never did expect so ma...." Quickly going a bit quiet letting out a deep sigh as Jacob chuckles respond first "You'll have to forgive her, she worries too much about what a bunch of loud mouthed teenagers can do" Teasing both 'Rose', and Eve in the same sentence. Causing Celeste to go "Jacob!" Once again. Letting out a sigh as her protection laughs.

She looks back to Eve though nodding "But you're right Evangeline, my Name Isn't Adelaide. I'm sorry for troubling you with it, We were hoping such a deception would work here; in Britain there was never a point, people would just recognize me an in instant, and you would of known once we were going to school anyway." he almost bows as she walks "Princess Cel..."

Being interrupted half away by one of the Restaurant attendants who had been waiting for her arrival "Princess Celeste! You majesty it's an honor" he bows graciously "We've been waiting for your arrival, we already have a private room prepared.... hmmm..?" He looks up at the crowd of kids following, or at the very least not far behind her, not really realizing they're two separate groups "... I.. did not expect you to have this many guests with you... hmm" He whispers to another one of the attendants "Prepare a few more tables for her guests" All the while Celeste blinking "What.. no really it's alright you don't need to... I mean" She lets out a sigh having little choice but to let the royal treatment go through. "That would be all quiet welcome, Thank you very much for the hospitality you're showing..." She waves to the others "These are classmates, or will be classmates of mine once classes start at BridgeCrest, treat them as well as you would me"

The attendant nods, giving a wave "if you would just follow me" starting to lead the bunch to their eating area. as Celeste whispers to Rose, loud enough for Alessandro to hear assuming he hasn't put a distance between them "... my Status doesn't bother you any I hope......? Sometimes it can be a bit embarrassing in situations like this..."

2008-02-05, 01:28 PM

Following behind the others, letting them do all of the talking about nothing really important to him, he just watched and thought.

A princess, is she? Well, each has their place in the world. "who are I to be answering back to God? Shall the thing molded say to him that molded it, “Why did you make me this way?" I think... he thinks as he once more pulls out his holy book to reference it. Yup

He looks over that the princess and smiles. She seemed to acknowledge that her position was what it was and that there was no benefit in challenging it.

He waited for the waiter to show them to their table, not really surprised by the attention the girl was getting, and thanked God in his mind for the great experience he was about to have.

I love food!

2008-02-06, 11:11 AM
The restaurant attendants scramble a bit to find a table big enough for all nine of you (The bodyguards need to eat too).

After a few minutes, one of the attendants approaches you. He smiles cordially, then speaks. "You are the students from Bridgecrest, yes?" He doesn't wait for an answer. "A Mister Press has already reserved a private room for you. If you would please follow me..." He leads you into one of the many private rooms at the back of establishment.

You enter the richly furnished room to find a table already set out for you. An older man sits at the head of the table, dressed in a very expensive-looking suit. The grey strands in his dark, chestnut hair bely his age, but his face still shows a youthful exuberance. He smiles and stands up as you enter.

"Welcome, students. My name is Mister Press. I am the principal at Bridgecrest. He bows to the ladies and moves to shake the young men's hands. He then motions ot the table. "Please, sit."
When everyone else is seated, he takes his own seat once more at the head of the table. Various apetizers of different culinary tastes are arrayed on the table (american, british, spanish, french, etc.). The glasses are already full of what looks to be like whine (but is in actuality sparkling grape juice).

He smiles. "Before we start the meal, I'm sure Nathan here would like to say grace. At Bridgecrest we try to encourage religous behavior, rather than stifle it like some of the other schools."

2008-02-06, 10:33 PM
Evangeline glanced around the room, eventually picking a seat where she could face the door without blocking Jacob's line of sight between the entrance and Celeste. If possible, she sat at the end of the table away from the headmaster, hoping to watch and listen without being forced to "chat".

"Before we start the meal, I'm sure Nathan here would like to say grace. At Bridgecrest we try to encourage religous behavior, rather than stifle it like some of the other schools."

Evangeline twitched at this, and stared intently at Mr. Press. How does he know this about Nathan? Does he have a dossier on all of us? What does mine say? She sat up for a moment and considered what she knew about this school, and its faculty. Not enough, apparently. Well, I know what I'll be doing tonight.

2008-02-07, 01:42 PM

Her status bother any of us? And she looked at me. She's sooo nice!!! Oh, dio mio, that means ...? She's the princess of England!!! Oh wow!! But she's just like a, normal girl, only prettier and nicer. Wow. This is going to be crazy!!! ...

... oh, that's our principal. I wonder if she would care if I sat next to her still. Alessandro starts to move forward to pull out Celeste's chair for her, but he is much too slow and awkward compared to Jacob's smooth move and has to stand back, flustered, as Jacob takes care of her.

Jacob turns and raises an amused eyebrow at Alessandro as he hesitates over the chair to Celeste's right. He gives a quick only partly blocked smile and a nod of permission to Alessandro (who seemed to be waiting for this), who hastily pulls out the chair and sits down beside Celeste.

Well, so you're sitting beside her. So what do you say now? To a PRINCESS!! There is a long, painful silence as Alessandro looks around, noting Evie briefly at the far end of the table and his other classmates, but almost seems to avoid Celeste. Then he somehow stammers out. "Um ... so ... you're ... a princess. You don't look like a princess. Um ... I mean ... well you don't exactly look normal either ... um ... I mean ... um" his voice tails off. Dummy!! What do you mean she doesn't look like a princess. Is that an insult? And now you called her weird!!! What is she going to think about you NOW!!!

As he hesitates the principal's voice cuts in over his stammer.

2008-02-07, 05:01 PM

Nathan's eyebrows raise far enough to disappear into his hair a the principles admission to a prayer before the meal began.

He was pleasantly surprised and nervous as well.

He says an appropriate prayer, hoping to cover all of the points he had learned through his studying, using an example form the holy scriptures.

Nathan barely heard the end of the prayer, his heart beating so loudly in his ears to drown out his own words. He believed he had covered all of the points that were in the model prayer, and he resisted pulling out the holy book to check.

Nathan looked at the principle and smiled with a nod before taking his seat, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

He looked at the others, smiling and says, "I have not introduced myself. My name is Nathan, and as I'm sure you now will be attending Bridgecrest with the rest of you for the next few years, God willing. It sounds like we have some very prestigious individuals going to this school, and I hope that our different stations can be overlooked so that we can all be friends."

2008-02-07, 06:57 PM
I remind you of the following excerpt, from The Revised and Expanded Rules of Posting (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/announcement.php?a=1):

Inappropriate Topics
The following topics are always off-limits on these forums, no matter what (hence, Inappropriate Topics). Any posts including these topics will be edited, and any threads started to discuss these topics will be locked. Please note that, as specifically stated below, these topics remain off-limits even where they intersect with gaming or other activities discussed on these forums, and that putting an alert for “Adult” or “Mature” content on the thread does not allow circumvention of this rule.

* Real-world religions (including religious reactions to gaming)
* Real-world politics (including political reactions to gaming)
* Graphic violence
* Illegal drugs
* Criminal activity
* Explicit sexuality

(emphases mine)

2008-02-08, 10:55 AM
With all due respect, that rule goes against the fundamental freedoms in both the American Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I think we're all mature enough to recognize that real-world religions exist in this world. Besides, this is technically a D20 Modern game at the moment. Are we to ignore religion alltogether? I think not. If they seek to kick us off, than I shall simply move this game to a less stringent Forum.

I have no intention of forcing religion on people, but If people are offended by a player simply playing out his or her character's religion, they choose to be offended.

It doesn't seem fair that we can have fantasy, pagan religions that worship demons and deities similar to the Norse and Eqyptian pantheon, but we can't note in passing real-world relgion? It seems hipocrytical.

2008-02-08, 11:25 AM
Though I agree with your sentiments, Paper_bard, I can understand, in this medium, how that rule could be necessary.

If the administrator that I sent an IM to okays with the style I've editted my posts to, then I think all is good.

If not, then I will remove my character. I am not here to create strife and even if I was, it would not be on this forum, which I take great pleasure in participting in.

The thing here is that true relegion causes division:

"Do not think I came to put peace upon the earth; I came to put, not peace, but a sword. For I came to cause division, with a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a young wife against her mother-in-law"

2008-02-10, 07:17 AM

Alessandro listens to Nathan's prayer, a little confused by the format of it. I didn't realise someone of our age could be a priest ... and this is clearly not a bible academy, is it? Papa would never send me to one, would he? And why does he use that funny formula at the end instead of the proper way of doing things?

As the prayer ends, Alessandro puts the wanderings of his thoughts behind him, and shrugs, returning his mind to more mundane world issues ... like all the gorgeous girls in his class, and when classes are going to start, and who his roommates are going to be, if they have roommates, and ...

2008-02-10, 11:14 AM
(Hardly going to be my best post ever haha. Brain has soo many ideas, just not much for this particular scene/post)

Celeste, naturally, was guided along with the rest of the students to their new sitting area. Mister Press... well, what could she think about him? He struck her as rather well 'normal'. Most principals she met were open, and friendly with only a few exceptions in the various schools she had attended.

classmates, but almost seems to avoid Celeste. Then he somehow stammers out. "Um ... so ... you're ... a princess. You don't look like a princess. Um ... I mean ... well you don't exactly look normal either ... um ... I mean ... um" his voice tails off. Dummy!! What do you mean she doesn't look like a princess. Is that an insult? And now you called her weird!!! What is she going to think about you NOW!!!

A smile, and a friendly face is what he gets for his 'mistaken' insult not that Celeste even seems to notice it. "Despite that Eve did realize the truth quickly. I.. think maybe different people have different ideas of what a princess should be" She laughs lightly "sometimes I wonder myself... But for now Alessandro you can just think of me as a classmate?" and.. another one of those blasted smiles.

Though one of those 'shoulds' Celeste did know was to be respectful towards religion, whatever the source, and her attention was on Nathan once he began to say grace. Repeating the words in her mind as he went 'praying' as it were. She nodded in agreement to his final statement "Yes I must agree with that. We are all classmates, and we should act as equals"

2008-02-10, 02:27 PM
Miles sat at the first seat that was open. The food in front of him looked very appealing since he hadn't eaten since the plane ride.

He remained silent and didn't even try to talk to anyone there. I guess these are my new classmates, they pretty much seem the same as the people from my other school. Maybe I can make some friends this time around though....but I don't even know where to start... He sighed loudly on accident and looked around to make sure no one noticed.

Nathan began his prayer and Miles' mind began to wander. I really want that food right now... hurry up with your prayer...this is taking forever...

As soon as the prayer was over, Miles reached out and started grabbing the food and placing it on his plate. I'm not even sure what half this stuff is....

He placed one of the unknown appetizers in his mouth. The taste was overwhelmingly horrible and he started to gag on it. He quickly spat the food out of his mouth back onto his plate and coughed violently. He knew everyone had to be looking at him and he kept his head down and turned bright red.

2008-02-11, 12:44 PM

Nathan started to help himself to some of the more familiar dishes, his mouth watering at the aromas.

He had dished himself a small portion of 4 dishes before miles started to choke.

Looking up at him, startled, Nathan could just stare for the first couple of seconds, not moving or thinking.

He started to back his chair out and stand, accidentally overturning it in his haste, and moving in Miles direction before the large mans gags subsided.

Standing a couple feel from where he had started, and a good 5 feet from Miles still, Nathan stopped, recognizing that Miles was fine.

"Swallowed down the wrong pipe?" he asks as he continued to Miles chair and handed him his water. "Here, perhaps this will help."

2008-02-11, 01:29 PM

Taking a seat near Evangeline, Vincent was struck by how different this was from his previous school. Is this type of thing normal to these kids? In his old school the only time anybody ever saw the principal was if they'd done something wrong. But here the principle seemed like a real person, even a bit approachable. He treated the students like people. I suppose they don't have the same kinds of discipline problems at a rich kids school. He hoped it wasn't always going to be like this though, he was hoping to get to know these kids in a more relaxed setting. His mind wandered for a bit before he realized that Nathan had finished saying grace, and Vincent was the last one to open his eyes and look up after the prayer. Hoping that he didn't offend Nathan, his thought is cut short when he sees the disheveled looking boy begin to shovel food into his mouth, leading to him choking a bit. Vincent had to stifle a chuckle because it all seemed so surreally comical to him, all of this rich kids and they're just as unrefined as some of the inner-city kids he played ball with. He helped himself to some food before leaning over to whisper to Evangeline, "Having fun yet?" He gives her a half-smile before continuing with his food.

2008-02-11, 05:30 PM
Evangeline waited patiently for Nathan to finish, grateful that this was a short ceremony; some of the cultures Mama had studied took hours to get around to actually eating the food. Once he was done, she quietly took care of her own ritual and then began dishing up a large plate of food, the more exotic the better.

Vincent ... helped himself to some food before leaning over to whisper to Evangeline, "Having fun yet?" He gave her a half-smile before continuing with his food.

She smiled back and muttered, "Some fun, but this guy makes me nervous. He's too chummy. It feels like he's trying to sell me a timeshare condo at Disneyworld. The food's good, though." She drank down a large glass of water and went back to tucking in food, ravenous after her day on the lake.

2008-02-11, 07:10 PM

"...Thanks..." Ethan replied as someone gave him a hair tie. He could hear what was happening due to his broken one, but could not see anything until the crag-faced kid was offering the broken elastic to him.

Hehe. "Sure why not." Ethan took the band and stuffed it into on of his many pockets.

"Want to get something to eat?"

About time...I'm bushed.

Ethan trailed behind the group as they went into a room that had been reserved for them. As the other students where taking their seats Ethan decidedly headed to Mr. Press's right hand, he had a few things which he wanted to ask the man.

"Before we start the meal, I'm sure Nathan here would like to say grace. At Bridgecrest we try to encourage religous behavior, rather than stifle it like some of the other schools."

Hmmmm....strange... Ethan thought at this statement.

Deciding that it would be better for him to be civil Ethan resisted the urge to take some of the dishes, instead taking the opportunity to take a good look at what was actually on the table. He spied a few dishes that he recognized from home, but he knew from experience that they where richer than he was used to, and continued looking for something a little less 'refined'.

Once the blessing of the meal had finished, Ethan took a few of the appetizers and began munching on them. He didn't pay much attention to the goings on of the rest of the table, although the coughing fit and upturning chair did catch his eye for a second.

"Well, Mr. Press. Allow me to be the first to thank you for this arrangement. I do however have some questions and concerns that I would like to have clarified, if it is of no problem."

2008-02-12, 09:18 AM

Alessandro seems relieved by Celeste's comment. "Classmates - sure .... I can do that. I hope we are in the same class. It's going to be a very interesting year here discovering new people, new teachers, new things."

When Ethan's coughing fit starts, he looks over, frozen in his chair, and then the concern in his eyes turns to relief as the coughing subsides.

He turns his attention to the table, serving himself sparingly from the dishes on the table - with the exception of the onion rings, battered zucchini and mushrooms which make a good way onto his plate. This hotel really has no concept of how to cook food properly ... other than junk food. What can one expect in Rochester, after all? He shows good table manners throughout, always offering Celeste before serving himself. He also offers food to Vincent on his other side ... although Vincent's attention seems to be more taken up with Eva.

As Ethan speaks to the principal Alessandro also looks up, eager to hear more. "Yes, Mr. Press ... and I was wondering ... are all of us" he glances involuntarily over to Celeste, and then quickly around the table with his eyes momentarily settling on Eva "in ... the same class together?"

2008-02-12, 11:23 AM
Mr. Press smiles at the students gathered around him. He takes a sip of his drink (actual wine) before speaking.
“I do hope that you are enjoying the food. While I can’t vouch for this restaurant’s culinary expertise, I can assure you the food at Bridgecrest is spectacular.” He smiles again, looking into each of the student’s eyes. “I’m sure you all are a little confused; this is probably not what you all were expecting.”
He sighs, putting the wineglass down. You notice that he hasn’t even touched the food. In fact, he doesn’t even have a plate.

"Yes, Mr. Press ... and I was wondering ... are all of us in ... the same class together?"
“Well sort of. You see… all of you were late entries into Bridgecrest. The other students have already arrived; they’re already set up in the dorms. Classes haven’t yet begun, but they will tomorrow, when you arrive. My staff and I have already taken the liberty of setting up your dorms.” He laughs. “Don’t worry, you all have your own rooms; we don’t believe in cramped quarters at Bridgecrest.”
“The courses you’ve all chosen will determine if any of you will be in the same regular classes, but you’ve all been set up in the same home room. We at Bridgecrest realize that some students need time to adjust to their classes, so we appoint teachers to a group of students to facilitate their integration into the student body. Any questions or concerns can be directed to your homeroom teacher, in this instance – me.”
“I know you may find it hard to believe, but I prefer to socialize with my students, to actually deal with issues that arise, rather than leave that to the Vice Principal like in other schools.”
He takes a sip of his wine. “I’m telling you all this because I hate secrets. I hide nothing from my students. And I say students, because in addition to being the principal, I also teach history.”
“If you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

2008-02-13, 08:03 AM

Wow, cool teacher. I'm going to take history.

2008-02-13, 04:50 PM

Listening to Mr. Press' speech about being their home room teacher as well as the principal, and his desire to socialize with the students, Vincent decides to ask a question that's been nagging at the back of his mind since his parents originally skirted the question. "Excuse me sir, but what is your athletic program like at Bridgecrest? I'm hoping to play this year." He says the last sentence as if the word football is a given.

2008-02-19, 08:32 PM

As one would expect Celeste ate like, well, a princess! She knew the proper placement for everything prepared, which fork to use for what, even which was best for poking peoples eyes out, eating salad. This didn't come off as forced thing, rather it was completely automatic, second nature if you will. She didn't even 'need' to think about it.

As she heard of Mr Press's field of teaching she smiled at the principle. "Well then I'm pleased to hear that, I'll be taking history this year. I do know much of the history of the united kingdom, but I know quite little of American history. It should be interesting"

2008-02-20, 10:26 AM

Alessandro eats with equal grace, manners and facility to Princess Celeste. He even manages to keep his white linen shirt free of sauce and other bits of food - food which he eats a surprising amount of for a boy who is so small and thin (perhaps he needs to feed his pimples?).

"American history? Oh. I was hoping for a little world history, and something earlier. Medieval times for instance. I really liked things back in those days, where cities were islands of civilization and just traveling from one city to the next was an adventure. When Italy was a mass of city-states full of politics, as opposed to today when ... well, I guess the politics still exists."

In his excitement over his subject he appears to have lost his shyness, speaking with confidence and passion.

2008-02-21, 10:58 AM

Politics. Another interesting subject, and a testimony on the outcome of mans attempt to rule himself. Without a true leader, such as the god himself, or his son whom supported him perfectly, any government would surely fail, as all of them have. Nathan could not wait for the foretold kingdom, with the son as the king and the remenant as the people. He looked forward to that time when all of the enemies are placed at the feet of that one so that he could rule.

But those times were not now, that he knew, so he leaned forward in interest. Mainly gods advesary controled such governments, but gods hands could still be seen in their dealings.

Nathan thought of two passages from his holy book, and the Devil said to Jesus: “I will give you all this authority and the glory of them (the kingdoms of the world), because it has been delivered to me, and to whomever I wish I give it." and Let every soul be in subjection to the superior authorities, for there is no authority except by God; the existing authorities stand placed in their relative positions by God.

2008-02-21, 12:03 PM

Evangeline finished eating and carefully wiped her mouth. She leaned back in her chair and took another sip of water, while she slowly looked around at all the others at the table. Well, this will be interesting, at least. She set down her glass and looked into Mr. Press's eyes. "So, let me get this straight. You're going to be our homeroom teacher, and our history teacher? Aren't you going to be too busy dealing with the trustees, let alone the faculty and the parents?"

2008-02-21, 12:08 PM

Well, my parents won't be a problem. Nathan thought to him self as he continued to eat and listen.

His parents didn't really care what he did as long as he did not get in their way. Oh, they loved him, and wished to provide him the best, but his father was too busy with his work, and his mother with her clubs and helping with his fathers business. Nathan came second, or perhaps third in their priorities, so since they knew he was safe and in a 'great' school they would not worry unless Nathan reached out to them. Slim chance of that happening. He wondered if the tohers had simular cercumstances, though he thought they might.

Schools with live in dormatories normally had very little parent interaction.

2008-02-27, 11:02 AM
Mr. Press nods and clears his throat, ready to answer your questions. Before he can begin, however, his cellphone rings.

Still smiling, though with a slight tinge of embarrassment, he gets out of his seat. “Excuse me.” He says as he makes his way to the corner of the room. He speaks in hushed tones but due to the room’s smaller size he is easily heard by all present.

“Press here… what? Are you absolutely sure? …Yes…I…no…no I don’t think so. We’ll just have to accelerate the project… yes… yes I have them right here… yes… I… I understand sir.”

He places the cellphone back into his pocket and turns to face the teenagers arrayed before him. He sighs, as if a great burden has just been placed upon him.

“I’m afraid you must come with me. I have a limo parked just outside. I’m sure you all have questions and I assure you, I will answer what I can, but only after we’ve made it to the vehicle. I do apologize for the inconvenience.”

OOC: I'm just gonna let everyone write a response and let me know they're still on the band wagon.

2008-02-27, 11:08 AM

Nathan blinked and put down his half eaten roll.

"Excuse me sir, but should we get our things or is there no time? Will we be coming back?" he asks in a calm voice as he stands up from his chair looking ready to go.

Project? Interesting. What do you have in store for me?he thinks to himself, a little embarrassed about ease dropping on the conversation that was obviously not meant for him.

He saved that question for later since they were now, it appeared, in a rush.

2008-02-27, 12:25 PM

Overhearing the Principal's converstion on the cell phone and then his exhortation for them all to leave in a hurry, Vincent couldn't help but think of movies like "The Skulls". It's probably some weird rich-kid initiation ceremony that is supposed to throw us off guard. I think I can handle it. He stands up and says, "Alright, sounds important I'll be right there." He trots off to the front desk of the hotel with a slight smirk on his face. "Well, Cindi, looks like we're going to blow this popsicle stand. Could you please have my things forwarded to BridgeCrest and I'd like my ball back as well please." He flashed her a winning smile and when she gave him his ball he thanked her and went to go wait for the rest of the group at the front doors of the hotel. Maybe this will be fun after all...

2008-02-27, 03:56 PM

"Press, dude, you have 15 seconds to convince me to drop everything and come with you, or I'm going up to the room and getting into more comfortable shoes. I'm not interested in your 'project' and I can protect myself better outside your limo. No offense, but if this is your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing; I quit 'going along with things' since the last time I had to eat monkey brains." With that, Eve wiped her mouth, leaving a smear of lipstick on the hotel linen, and stood up. She looked around the room to see if any of the hotel staff were visible; if they were, she looked to see if they seemed upset about anything.

2008-02-27, 05:27 PM

Ethan let the other students ask their questions first, knowing that if he waited for his own he was more likely to get an answer with out having to repeat it. Sampling a bit of this and that Ethan started to get the sense that something weird was going to happen, and as he was about to mention his own question to his new principal, Press's cellphone began to ring.

His conversation with whoever was on the other side of the connection didn't strike Ethan as odd in any way, after all his parents would mention project this and project that all of the time due to their own work.

Not having to worry about his things, or 'being comfortable' Ethan grabbed his trench coat and prepares himself to follow Press to the vehicle. Monkey brains....can't be any worse than tree bark...

2008-03-01, 07:03 AM

Alessandro looks around, a little uncomfortable. Hmmmm. I've seen this game before. This is when da muscle shows up and things get funny for a while. Why is Mr. Press so nervous?

Well, Celeste has her own muscle here. If they give us a thumbs up, I'm sure it is OK. They are the professionals after all.

Alessandro puts down his fork, stands up, and hurries to pull out Celeste's chair for her before her bodyguard can get to it.

Where are we going to, Mr. Press, and is there any urgency?

2008-03-01, 05:11 PM
Mr. Press smiles at Nathan. "Don't worry, somebody will pick up your stuff later."

With Evengeline's comment, Mr. Press's smile becomes much more strained. "My dear, while I have great faith in your ability to protect yourself, I must inform you that you are in mortal danger and I am taking you someplace safe, probably the only safe place in all of America. If you don't come with me, I assure you... you won't live to regret it."

He turns to Allessandro "Yes... things are somewhat urgent."

2008-03-01, 06:09 PM
No I'm not dead really! A catch up post this is taking into account various things said. It'll be noted at the end when it's in the present.

While others were worried over the word 'project' initially Celeste saw it much as nothing. The word project could mean anything:The Dorms being prepared, some sort of welcoming party, or even just some fancy science project for later in the term. Her mind did not jump to strange ideas, and worries of tests from that.

What DID fill Celeste's Mind with strange ideas, and visions of Ill was WHY everything suddenly had to be so rushed. Naturally the first thing that jumped into her mind was a wall of cameras waiting outside having found out she was staying there, and jumped at the chance, the idea making the her sigh muttering "not again"

She was a bit surprised at some of the students reluctance though, the urgency was strange, but nothing to worry about right. She glanced at Eva as she spoke out in defiance of the word 'project' "I'm.. sure it isn't something so horrible" She smiled softly "It's likely some sort of surprise that had in store for us new students at the school... and things haven't gone quite as planned.. I can understand the stress from something like...." Celeste slowly went quite after that, her body guards strangely quiet themselves as Mr Press spoke, glancing to each other and nodding quickly double checking their firearms which became pretty apparent to most in the room now.


Celeste blinked saying the mans words to herself aloud ".. Mortal.. Danger?" her mind going on a few trips around paranoia lane. Much of them involving: Princess+Terriost+Hostage+Bomb. Whatever it was going on it was all her fault was her greatest worry that much caused her to look down, and away as Jacob, and Rose stood behind her Jacob now very serious, and composed spoke to the group "If Mr Press says it's Urgent: it is. We'll be going with him Princess. Sorry for interrupting the dinner" to which Celeste looked up to him and Nodded, Rose looking to the other students Particularly Eva of course "Please try to act like Adults here alright?"

2008-03-04, 08:42 AM

Alessandro blanches at Mr. Press's words, and talks as he hurries along to the limo. "The only safe place in all of America? That must be an exaggeration! What is the danger and can we warn our families?? Or are only we in danger ... in which case ... why us, from what?"

2008-03-04, 09:04 AM

Waiting towards the front of the hotel, Vincent notices some of the group finally heading his way and he overhears part of Alessandro's comment as Vincent walks towards him.

"The only safe place in all of America? That must be an exaggeration! What is the danger and can we warn our families?? Or are only we in danger ... in which case ... why us, from what?"[/color]

Vincent is in a playful mood and decides to go along with it.

"Whoa. Did you say we're in danger?!? We'd better do what Mr. Press says then, he's got to know what's going on and how to save us..."

Vincent does his best to keep a straight face because he truly thinks the whole thing is just some kind of initiation ruse. They used to do the same kinds of things to new kids who joined the football team.


Then Vincent says, "Where is everyone else? Listen, you go on to the limo and I'll go make sure everyone else is coming. Just don't let the driver leave without ALL of us, okay. I'm counting on you."

He then rushes off back towards the restaurant to see if he hurry along the rest of the group. He feels a little bad about trying to fool the kid, but he knows its all in good fun and that one day he'll be able to look back at it and laugh.

2008-03-04, 08:42 PM

Vangie glared at Press for a few seconds, then continued in a colorless voice. "Either you are telling the truth, in which case we have no time for arguing, or you are playing some bizarre elaborate game, in which case there will be revenge. If not by me, by my famiglia. Is there time to collect my duffle? I expect it to take 90 seconds or less."

If yes: kick off shoes, and run to room. Grab backpack, grab boots, grab toothbrush. Run back down.

If no: open purse, take out cell phone, call father's bodyguards and repeat, exactly, what Press has said.

2008-03-05, 07:43 AM

There will be revenge ... by her 'famiglia'? Even in his current rush, Alessandro looks at Eva a whole new way ... though perhaps none of you notice.

2008-03-06, 04:04 PM

Nathan had never been in mortal danger before, other then walking across a busy street, and the feeling was not much different.

If this was out of his hands, then he would trust the road presented to him.

He placed himself directly behind the principal, ready to be lead to where ever he would lead.

2008-03-07, 08:32 AM
The principal looks to Evangeline. If you ABSOLUTELY NEED it, I suppose you can go get your purse..."" He rolls his eyes slightly.

Alriught everyone, please follow me to the vehicle."

He leads you all through the doors and out into the front of the hotel. Just like he promised, a long, black limo awaits you. He waits for everyone to catch up, then ushers you all into the limo. Celeste's bodyguards hang back.

"See ya princess!" They both say, their eyes getting a little misty. "You're in his care now."

Mr. Press nodds to the bodyguards, who make their way back into the hotel.

The interior of the limo is luxurious, to say the least. To some of you, it's no different than any other limo you've been in, to others, it's amazing.

You all pile in, with three of you sitting in the back and two at each of the sides. Mr Press sits on the other side, alone.

As the Limo gets rolling, he smiles. "So now, you can ask your questions..."

2008-03-07, 10:02 AM

Still feeling paranoid and more than a little ticked off at the high-handedness of the "principal" (whose credentials she had never checked, she reminded herself with irritation), Eva grabbed her stilletto heels and raced to the elevators, one of which was just closing as she got to it.

Key card in hand, she sprinted to her room door and slammed it open, then dashed in and zigged to the left in case this was some elaborate ambush. Finding the room empty, Eve dropped her shoes on the bed and ripped open the closet door. Mortal danger, huh? Well if I'm going to die today it's not going to be in Dolce & Gabbana.

Making a quick check that her hiking gear (and more importantly, warm comfortable clothes) were still in her backpack, she grabbed her favorite pair of boots and stuffed them into the pack. On top she tossed her kit bag from the bathroom and her dress shoes. She grabbed her warmest coat and slung her backpack over her shoulder. She took ten seconds to carefully stow a photo, a worn book, and a set of prayer beads from the bedside table into her purse. For you, Nani. Thinking of her family reminded her, and she sent a quick text to her parents and siblings. "Bridgecrest boss sez trbl, limo ride to save fr _mortal danger_ WTF? Lvng hotel now. ETA unk. Call me."

Slinging her backpack, Eva dashed to the elevator. Couldn't be that lucky twice, she thought, as the lights indicated the cars were floors away. Still barefoot, she scampered down the stairs to the lobby floor and joined the others.

Once in the limo, she plopped her backpack on the empty seat next to Press, reached in and pulled out her shoes, carefully replacing them.

"Questions? Yeah, I have questions. Where are we going and why the ---- should we trust you?"

2008-03-07, 10:57 AM
Mr. Press smiles, lounging languidly on his seat.

"I think the first question I'll answer is why you should trust me. Yes... that seems like a bit of a problem..."

He stretches, smiling still, than suddenly his face becomes serious and he leans forward. "You should trust me because your families paid me quite a large sum to assure your safety. You should trust me because I'm saving your lives...."

He nods to the driver, and you hear the doors lock.

"You should trust me because about 25 nuclear bombs are headed our way, and I'm taking you to the only place that's not going to be bombed into the next stoneage!" He almost yells, plainly annoyed at Evangeline's reluctance.

2008-03-07, 12:09 PM

Vincent follows Mr. Press to the Limo but does not get in until Eve gets back, not wanting to leave her behind.

"You should trust me because about 25 nuclear bombs are headed our way, and I'm taking you to the only place that's not going to be bombed into the next stoneage!" He almost yells, plainly annoyed at Evangeline's reluctance.

Still thinking this is all just an elaborate ruse, Vincent does his best to keep a straight face and act concerned. "WHAT!?! Nuclear Bombs?!? How do you know where they're going? How do you know we'll be safe? What about our families?" He changes his tone from incredulity to quiet thoughtfulness finally trailing off into silence and stareing out of the window.

2008-03-07, 12:37 PM

Celeste as one might expect comes to a dead stop as Jacob and Rose don't follow, naturally a little confused, and a good bit more worried as she noticed the look in their eyes. In the end though with the others waiting, and her Guards already leaving she took a deep breath and waved lightly "May the force be with youSee you too.."

The distraction puts her.. technically third last in the limo, seeing as vincent was holding the door, and Eva took some time coming back downstairs. As she sat she pulled her bag up into her lap, getting in an overly.. straight, sitting position for a luxury limo, half from habit (Proper poster+Princess yo) And half from the nervous feeling she was getting from all of this. Glancing towards the windows with concern she thought What was this really all about?

The questions was answered just a moment after Celeste flinched from the noise of the locking doors. Just staring blankly for a moment, blinking at the words as Mr Pres spoke them. She wouldn't of believed it for an instant if it weren't for the way Jacob, and Rose were acting earlier. "... who..." She muttered at first, he voice getting louder as she spoke, the princess quite not having Eva's bravery for yelling "Who would do such a thing? And Why?! Such an attack would be suicide... no one would.." glancing lightly towards Vincents reaction as he shouted for a moment, and then went quiet...

2008-03-07, 01:50 PM

25 Nucular 'bombs'? Why bombs? Ah, they would deply 'strategic' nukes from plains, so in that case they would be bombs. But 25 of them? To what end? Is this the beginning of the end? Nathan thought.

He was both excited and apprehensive.

Being as close to a follower of what Nathan saw as the true relegion, he felt he would be safe, as well as the others around the world, if this was trully the end as the holy book said.

He wondered how long it would take, and when the rulership of the world would be passed on.

He wondered if he would be found worthy of continued life.

His heart did not slow down, but rather his blood presure went up, his hearing seemed impared and he could hear his heart in his ears as his chest started to tighten.

All he could do was look to follow instructions that may be directed to him, and look at those directions as devine intervention.

He wondered where their final destination was, but figured it would have to be close. If bombs were being used, then there was only a short time available. Even if other means of delivery for the bombs were in use, it would still be very short.

2008-03-07, 05:08 PM
Mr. Press sighs, and shows a look on his face that resembles someone who realizes they've said too much.

He clasps his hands together and sighs once more before answering your questions.
"After the events of "Nine Eleven", the US government started a research project on Armageddon survival techniques. Unfortunately, with the war in Iraq, the research was put on hold."

"The Noverra organization, to which I belong, took over the research, using our considerable funds to back the project. We selected at random seven families of considerable wealth to be part of the program. We only had enough money to fund seven units, so we had your parents choose a child to put into the program. They chose you. We had no intention of putting you into Bridgecrest, but we found it one of the only ways to get you in Rochester without any fuss. This is a private venture and we would like to keep it that way."

"Don't worry, your parents are en route to a seperate facility, where they will also be safe."

He smiles ruefully at Nathan.
"My organization has the official backing of the eight most wealthiest countries in the world. Trust me, we know. We've been surveying the nucleaur hotspots for some time now."

He smiles at Celeste.
"I know you yourself are a Brit by the pruest definition, but you must understand, the United States government has spent the last two decades angering just about every nut job out there. China. North Korea. Iran. Just to name a few. We don't know who exactly is launching the bombs, or if even it is only one country, but we know they're on there way. They haven't et been launched, but they will soon. We offered one of the spots in the project to the royal family as a... token of good will."

2008-03-07, 06:07 PM

Alessandro trots along out to the car, and looks around with a smile as he ends up next to Celeste, and across from Eva.

When Mr. Press comes out with his incredible statements, Alessandro looks shocked for a moment. As more follows, he listens with a frown. Selected seven families "at random"? I should say not!! Papa would have more influence than that. Maybe ... that explains ... that excitement three months ago ... but I guess he didn't trust Mr. Press that much ... so he only sent me and not ...

Alessandro looks nervously out the window for a moment and then back around the car. He suddenly, embarrassingly, starts to perspire on his forehead and his lovely white linen shirt gets damp under the armpits.

He looks around again, eyes squinting slightly as he evaluates every member of the group one by one.

"Tell us more ... Mr Press. Tell us about Noverra, and your plans." And in the telling let us see how comfortable you look, and whether your eyes turn up in the sign of invention ... and betrayal.

2008-03-16, 07:08 PM

Ethan sat quietly absorbing what was being said, he figured he would learn just a much no matter what he did. Mr. Press's story although highly improbable was not totally unlikely and would explain some things that had been happening at home.

Ethan's father, although being retired, had been leaving the house a lot more often than he had been since his retirement. And Noverra organization was a true organization, or so he assumed as he though he remembered one of his parents saying something about it before or it might just be deja vu, in either case the name seemed familiar.

2008-03-17, 07:23 PM
Mr. Press smiles.
""Just a second.", he says, as he turns to a set of controls beside him. He presses a button, and a pane of what looks to be glass slides up to seperate him from you.

He smiles disarmingly as if nothing was out of the ordinary.
"The Noverra organization was started by a European multi-billionaire by the name of Aurthur Noverras. With his money and influence, he moved to the United States, setting himself up as an entrapenuer. He bought out small companies and expanded his own, which eventually lead to the massive empire the Noverra organization is today. We offer many different kinds of services and goods, from weapons to furniture to home electronics. Arthur once claimed, 'If it's out there, we sell it.' His real interest, however, was research."
He straightens up, and says proudly "Noverra is at the forefront of technological research. The CC units, which you will become very familiar with, were his pride and joy. Unforutnately, we were only able to make seven of them before he died. You see, he was the head of the research department as well as the head of the company. When he died, unfortunately his secrets died with him. He was very eccentric near the end of his life."
"How this all relates to you... that's what you want to know. Congratulations! You have been selected to test our state of the art Cryogenic Containment units. You will be frozen and kept asleep until the fallout has run its course."

He smiles even wider, as if what he just said was not, in fact, positively ludicrous.

2008-03-18, 06:02 PM

"Frozen? And kept asleep with cryogenics?? What sort of a nutbar are you??!!!" screams Alessandro, as he launches himself at the glass, and bangs futilely against it.

Seeing as how his puny blows have made no impact on the glass itself, he falls back to the bench, settling awkwardly against Eva, and then pulling away a bit as he murmurs scusati unthinkingly. He looks around, intensely frustrated, to see the reactions of the rest of his classmates ... his face on the edge of blushing yet again.

2008-03-19, 08:10 AM

Random families? Not likely. Cryogenically frozen? Us? Not likely. He's got the little guy all riled up though. Surprising, since the whole thing is so unbelievable. But, might as well play along, it'll be no fun for anyone otherwise...

"Wait a minute! You expect me to believe that we were all chosen at random? She's the bloody princess of England. I don't know why any of the others are here, but I don't believe that we're just here out of dumb luck. And then, to top it all off, you just want to throw us in a freezer? How do we even know those things are safe? And what about you? You're just going to freeze us all and then die yourself? I just can't believe this..."

At the end of his tirade Vincent throws a single punch at the divider before sinking back into his seat.

2008-03-21, 11:52 AM

Evangeline started with surprise as a divider began to rise up from the floor between the two rows of seats. Without hesitation, she grabbed her bag from where she had dumped it next to Press and yanked it over the quickly rising plexi.

Something was wrong, but there was little she could do about it. Either the principal was a complete nutbar or this was some insane version of a "reality show" and her father would lose his mind when he found out about it. This was Not Good. Ignoring the others, she moved into autopilot. Eve rummaged through her bag, taking stock of what she had. "Damn... no weapons. Didn't even think to bring a steak knife from the table." As the boys pounded against the glass she glanced at the doors out of the corner of her eye to see where the handles were, and looked forward to the chauffeur to see how much attention he was paying to the chaos in the passenger compartment.

2008-03-25, 03:53 PM

With the guards emotional responses earlier motivating her to believe what Mr Press said she wasn't a hard girl to convince. Nukes coming to the USA? Sure why not, there are plenty of nuts out there. That they had been chosen at random (she being the only exception there) for a secret bunker plan? Sure! Everyones paranoid about this sort of thing, and likely went over board with some extremely safe bunker somewhere. That they were to be FROZEN, and thawed out once everything was safe? Uhh not so much. Her worried expression, sad eyes, and quiet voice vanished in an instant. Switch to that of almost a glare then a light chuckle. Though the girl could barely manage to look 'mean' (you'd be surprised if a kitten was afraid of it) ".......Cryogenic Containment units........ " she took a breath "Are we to expect the Doctor to guide us in their use?"

The raising glass was honestly more of a worry to her now then the supposed 'nukes' coming, but she had enough fair in Rose, and Jacob that she wouldn't think they'd 'set her up' for something criminal, this was a prank, and they were in on it. She felt very silly now... Rose, and Jacob would be laughing at her once they saw her again... And their act had been so convincing ugh!

"I'm.. Sorry Mr Press but whatever Prank this is.. I think you let it out of the bag the moment you mentioned we were to be frozen...." the girl brushing her hair back casually, looking to Alessandro, and Eva as she spoke ".. This all was a little overly dramatic don't you think?" finally turning to Vince with a smile, and a quirked brow. She had seen through his acting earlier (Remember that sense motive?) and suspected he had just been skeptical then.. but perhaps he knew all along? "I don't suppose you were in on all this? Or did you just see through it before the rest of us..."

2008-03-25, 04:36 PM

Cryogenics....THAT'S where I heard the name before....hmm.....Maybe this guy isn't bluffing and this is a real thing.

The hubbub on this side of the glass pane, was starting to get on Ethan's nerves causing him to loose his cool.

"Would you people mind shutting up for a moment..." He said with an obvious 'no nonsense' tone. "Why don't we sit back and enjoy the ride. Press here is obviously doing one of two things, pulling some elaborate prank or giving us a full bill. Quiet frankly I tend to believe him. The Noverra organization is in fact a real group, I know because mother has mentioned the name before and she is head of research and development at NASA. I also know for a fact that she has been working with cryogenic technology for a while, something about long range space missions or some such.

Ethan leans back a bit and tries to get comfortable and continues, "Whether you believe the same or contrary it won't do anyone any good to freak out. If it is a prank then la-dee-da no harm done. If he just so happens to be telling us the truth, then I would much rather be in this little group than outside unknowingly waiting for my own death. At least in a cryogenics chamber there isn't anybody trying to teach me things I don't really need to know.

2008-03-26, 10:30 AM
Mr. Press simply listens to everyone's complaints. His face is impassive, as if the entire affair isn't fazing him. As Ethan speaks up, he smiles widely.

"Absoultely, my good man. You are exactly correct. As for the random generation, allow me to explain. As I stated earlier, one of the positions was given to the princess here as an act of respect for the royal family. The rest of you were randomly selected form a group of families with enough wealth to fund the project. The company has been stockpiling food, building materials, everything wee need to rebuild our world, and that stuff doesn't come cheap. Your parents paid well for this opportunity. We have numerous bunkers all across the US, and I assure you, all our personnell and your families, will be quite safe. However, it has been hypothesized that a nucleaur fallout could take as long as a century to disperse. We could be stuck in those bunkers the rest of our lives. That's why we've taken young people such as yourselves to test our cryogenic units. If given enough time, we might have made more, but unfortunately, that's time we just don't have."

He leans backward in his seat. "I'm going to be completely honest... you might never see your parents again. We've put them in a seperate bunker, and we don't have time for you to visit them."

He speaks the words with a grim finality. He points to the glass. "This is for my protection... from you."

His features soften. "I'm sorry. I know what this must be like for you. I myself don't look forward to living underground for the rest of my life, but its better than the alternative."

2008-03-28, 05:15 PM

Alessandro looks to his left and right for a second, with a little spark in his eye. Cool, what if we really were the last people left alive on Earth. And what if ... well, Celeste ... and maybe even Eve too ... wow!!! Cool!!!! OK, stop day dreaming. This isn't real. But maybe it will be fun to go along for a bit ...

He sits back in his seat, lost in daydreams, and surprisingly quiet for someone who just exploded and hit the window.

2008-03-31, 03:28 PM

Nathan had calmed himself after a silent prayer. He felt separate from the entire incident.

He wondered if all of this was true (which he had a feeling that it was) how it would fit into the prophesies of the holy book.

Pulling out his book, he began flipping through the so called newer portion (only 2000 years old rather then up to 3500 years old) and found a passage where the son of the most high, when on earth to show the way, had healed his friend from death. In that account, he had called his friend sleeping, instead of being dead. Like we will be when we are in the frozen state. he thought. Further, then his friend had been brought back from the dead, he was completely healthy without a mark of the four days he had spent in the death chamber.

Four days... what would that be the equivalency to? he mentally asked himself.

Flipping to another portion of the holy book, he read 'For a thousand years are but like yesterday to you, when they are past'. He flips to another section near the end of the book and reads 'that one day is with the most high as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day'.

His eyes wide, Nathan looked up to the principle and asked "How long do you expect for us to be in this frozen state? A century you said? Just out of curiosity, suppose something went really wrong... would we be able to be woken after... say, 40 centuries?"

2008-03-31, 05:24 PM
Mr. Press notices Nathan flipping through his holy book. He smiles weekly at Nathan's question.

"I highly doubt that... and If your book is to be beleived, armageddon will most likely have come and gone by then. Besides... not everything in that book is a literal depiction, some of it is metaphorical."
He raises his hands up defensively. "I'm not talking about the fundamentals, of course, just certain depictions of end times and the like could be mostly imagery, like the dreams of the prophets..."

2008-04-02, 08:38 AM

Feeling a little bit embarassed that the princess had seen through his ruse Vincent says, "You got me princess. I've been playing along since the beginning. But I'm not in on the joke, exactly. I knew as soon as I heard it, that it had to be some kind of initiation, to put us through some challenge that doesn't have the kinds of consequences that we're told they do, just to make us feel closer at the end of it all. I just figured I'd play along, because I think the ends are worthy of the means most of the time with these things, and I didn't want to take the fun out of it. But I can't believe how much some of these people are still believing this, it's just so... science fiction. It just can't possibly be true. But it looks like we're along for the ride at this point."

2008-04-04, 04:18 PM

The princess let out a light sigh as Alessandro dove into his little dream world, surprised he was still buying it, but.. trying not to be a judge about it. After all: up until a few minutes ago SHE was still buying it. She kept her eye on vince though as he replied laughing at herself "... Ah... I feel so foolish now for believing it in the first place... If it weren't for Jacob, and Rose's Act at the start... ugh.." she rubbed the bridge of her nose "they'll not let me hear the end of this once we get to the school..."

At this point Mr Press's speech was more amusing then it was scary, and Celeste didn't pay it too much mind. "But.. yes.. we're stuck along either way... speaking of which..." she glances to Mr Press, more or less calm now, lightly holding her purse in her lap, and giving a present, all be it clearly skeptical look "How long until we arrive?"

2008-04-04, 05:02 PM
Mr. Press scowls. "I guess this all so much to take, you've gone and started denial. Fine. Since it seems not many of yu are taking this seriously, and since I'm rather bored of this conversation anyway, I'll show you why I put up this screen..." He grins, almost malicously.

Turning around in his seat, Mr. Press places his hand on the same controls he had used to bring up the screen in the first place. He presses a button, and turns back to you, looking smug. You hear a slight hiss as a green gas starts issuing forth from the ventilation system on your side of the screen.

It takes only a few seconds for the gas to fill the chamber your side has become, and you begin to cough and gag as you can't help but breathe it in. You start to feel dissy, and your vision begins to blur.

The last image you see before your eyes close is Mr. Press' smug grin from the other side of the barrier.


You open your eyes, and quickly shut them again as a bright, white light nearly blinds you. You feel light, almost floaty, and a soft breeze blows across your cheek.
After several moments, you open your eyes again. You appear to be surrounded by white. It's everywhere, creating a serene and calm atmosphere. It envelops you, comforts you, soothes you. You see each other, clothed in what looks to be silk, white garments. What's more, their feet don't seem to be touching anything, just floating. You look down at yourself and find the same for you. All anger and resentment is washed away, almost supernaturally. You feel only peace.
A figure appears among you suddenly, clothed in white as well. His ageless face smiles as his eyes gaze deep into yours, and you feel that he can see into your very soul.

He speaks, and his voice is soothing, but carries an undertone of power, as if this being is one deserving of respect.

"Do not fear, this is but a dream. You slumber deeply, slumber like the dead. A time will come when you will awaken, and I shall return to you then. For now, I can answer any questions you might have..."

OOC: None of you can muster enough anger at him to swear or curse, so Evangeline will have to keep her speach to G-rated.

2008-04-08, 08:51 AM

This is a dream? I can't remember ever dreaming a dream that I knew was a dream... Maybe those are the dreams you don't remember... This doesn't feel right, even for a dream. There's something... wrong, here.

"Hello, there? I have a few questions. Who are you? How can you be in my dreams? Why are these other kids here, in my dream? I don't understand... When will it be time to wake up?

Vincent looks down at his empty hands and he feels, alone.

2008-04-09, 06:07 PM

Even with the Gas there is still a time Celeste thinks this is nothing more then a poorly thought out joke.. by the time it starts to take effect though she's having second thoughts on that logic of hers.. just maybe something else is up here... but by the time she's realized that she's already on her way out, the world fading around her.

in her dream.. or what seems to be a dream Celeste looks around her mind in a daze, as one would be when they just wake up. The light, and the voice are like a soft-blanket but not much more as she regains her senses. ".. what.. is this?" trying to remember, what, where, and who was going on. The car.. yes she remembers that... it didn't really worry her right now, what with the calming effect of this place, but she was still.. concerned lets say. with one head on her forehead as she shook her head.

"... where am I... what happened to the others...?"

Is everyone here? Celeste unsure if she's hearing Vince's voice or not just a tad distracted by the world of light, and God-Like voice tis all(honestly I'm unsure if we're all in the same place, or having this dream individually?) What was this light? ..... And. .this wasn't one of those dreams where you were in your underwear was it V.v?

2008-04-09, 06:36 PM
OOC: White linen robes, sorry! And yes, you're all present.

The figure smiles at Vince. It is obvious that you are confused... but that is of course understandable given your current situation. In your tongue... I am Miachael.

"As to how I can be in your dream... you must first understand what you are truly seeing. This is not a dream, as such... at least not the ones you are used too. This is what we call a 'Seeing'. Like a collective dream... where we can meet and converse in your subconcious even while your body is asleep. My master, Goel, told me to contact you in this fashion. He has plans for you... oh such wonderous plans. Your cooperation is entirely voluntary, of course, but I do hope you help us, we do so need your help..."

The figure hovers up a few feet, looking down upon you. You will awaken when 'the seekers find the sleepers', that is how the prohpesy goes... yes... it will be fulfilled in short order. As we speak, a woman, a giant, and an underdweller come to your resting place. Do not worry, they are servants of Goel and they will help you adapt to the new world."

2008-04-10, 02:47 PM

Vangie's eyes snapped open. With a hiss, she tried to pull her hands over her face. This was when she realized she was floating? in space? in some sort of goofy frilly nightgown? When the surge of rage and adrenaline she was expecting failed her, she decided this was, in fact, her worst nightmare: tranquilized into a zombie and wearing a hospital gown while some weird dude prattled on about his "master".

She took a deep breath, and thought, "All right then, stay calm. Be prepared. And if anybody shows up wearing a hockey mask, then you can panic."

Eva knew she was on some powerful medication, because despite her best efforts she couldn't seem to wake up. She wasn't quite sure why she thought she was floating, but she remembered that some of the psychoactives had some ... interesting ... side effects. Pinching herself didn't seem to be working, and she couldn't tell whether the others were truly there or if she was having some sort of solipsistic hallucination. She decided to sit tight and listen; right now she couldn't begin to think of a question to ask that wouldn't give away more than she would learn.

2008-04-11, 06:38 PM

Alessandro also sits there, floating, accepting, wondering.