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2008-01-23, 10:52 AM
The Sun rises over the oceans horizon line, spreading forth warm rays of light across the dock village of Njords Crest. In the surrounding forest all sorts of animals and beasts stir from thier winter slumber, as snow plops down from tall pines. This winter was difficult for many, but in some ways a blessing from Uller himself, for in the lands to the south, were warm warm weather is year round and jungles have taken over the landscape, a dark evil stirs. Horst catches the first rays of sun as they shine into his dwelling, he grumbles moodily and then rises to put on his tunic and strap on his axe and sheild. With a saddened and wanting look back to his bed, were his amber haired wife still slumbered, he throws on his winter cloak and walks out. A large St. Bernard is thier to greet him, and he pets his ccompanions head solidly.

"Come Ufir, it's the first day of snowmelt." Slowly Horst meanders throught town, waving to all he passes on the boardwalk planks, he goes to his station at a large tower with a bell adorned on top. Ufir bound shappily behind, panting exitedly and basking in the suns glow.

Horst climbed the steps nimbly, for a man in his early forties, he was in great physical shape. He stared at the Aesirs Chime, a richly adorned bell depicting the Asgardians battling unnamed evils to liberate the people of the North. Horst smiled to himself and picked up a hammer that lay at his belt side, and struck the Gong four times, each chime sending a warming wave of energy throughtout the town, strong enough to blast snow off of roofs, but warm enough to bring a smile to an Elder as she revels in the warm breeze flowing through her wispy gray hair. With his this duty done, Horst jogged down the steps, Ufir at his heels, and made his way towards the towngaurds longhouse, four rings on the bell meaning for them to assemble, now was the time to hunt and fish, tonight there will be a celebration and a sacrifice to the Gods to keep them safe and healthy. Those who recognized the four chimes began to all converge at the townguards house, one by one walking in and grabbing some breakfast that Horsts wife, now awake, was spooning into wooden bowls.

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2008-01-23, 12:43 PM
Snorri walks swiftly through the streets, a hood drawn over his head, as if hiding something. His morningstar is hung from his belt in clear view. It is obvious he is trying not to draw attention to himself.

I don't even know why I am out here, Amon was in a surly mood today, I shouldn't even be walking the streets

Snorri walks over and takes a bowl of food, not even saying thanks. He finds a corner and begins to eat it. Anyone who is watching him carefully will notice that when he opens his mouth to eat there is a faint glow, as if embers were lodged in his throat.

2008-01-23, 01:40 PM
The evergreens rustled over the crunch of boot to snow. Brander wanders east of Njords Crest, following the great wolf Grasulfr's tracks within the melting snow.

The ringing call of the Aesirs Chime broke over the crest and filled the small valley with echoing sound. With a start, Grasulfr broke up through a snow drift, head tilted inquisitively. The wolf stood still in the ringing warmth as panting sweat clouds rose above the jet black, heaving fur.

Some twenty feet behind and knee deep in snow Brander called to his denbrother, "Ujak!" an old orcish word for wolf, and Grasulfr's training command for come/heel. As the Dire came in closer he slid his fingers through its scruff to dislodge the pine cones nestled within. "Darman Fund [orcish:winter ends] and we are called to the village."

The wolf casts longing eyes back toward the bush, where rabbit scent drifted thick, before bounding through the snow after the departing Brander, toward the manling village with its plethora of interesting smells.

2008-01-23, 03:42 PM
Valtam awoke early, as always. Stretching his arms, he surveys his small hut that lies in a grove some distance from the town. Geri is outside, pacing and eager for breakfast. After donning his armor and clothes, Valtam steps out of the hut and cuts a off few pieces of an Elk they caught a few days earlier, preserved by salts and the cold. He builds a fire, thaws some of the Elk for Geri, cooks some for himself, and gives some feed to his warhorse, Hrimfaxi.

Sitting by the fire, Valtam meditates on the wisdom of Nature and the power of Odin. He knows that this will be a year of war, and gives thanks for living in a time and place where he might prove himself worthy of Valhalla. Shortly after his meditations are complete, the sun begins to creep over the horizon, and not long after the sound of the Gong can be heard.

Come, Geri he says, standing. Valtam saddles Hrimfaxi and rides to town, Geri following behind.

Once in town, he stables Hrimfaxi and proceeds to the longhouse, but skipping the breakfast as he has already eaten. Most of the common folk avoid Valtam, finding his druidic ways a bit odd, his missing eye unsettling (OOC: no eyepatch), and his wolf companion unsettling. Still, the other guards respect his loyalty to the North and his abilities in battle.

2008-01-23, 03:47 PM
A man wrapped head to two in thick wool grey wool walks through town, towing a small, white with black splotches, horse behind him. A long scarf is wrapped all the way around his head leaving on his dark green eyes uncover.

A few children run up to him and look up expectantly. The man pats one the head and then holds out his other hand in a fist. The children lean in, as he opens his fingers revealing sever copper trinkets. The children grab them at them the run away giggling. The chuckles to himself and continues towards the long house.

He ties his horse to a post outside then enters. He grabs a bowl of soup, nods at Horst, and sits down laying a short bow made of horn on his lap.

2008-01-23, 04:03 PM
Snorri looks over at Garik.

Looks like I'm not the only one who is scared to show themselves in public.

His eyes roam about until settling on Valtam

A druid type eh? Scum. I just hope his wolf doesn't catch Amon's smell on me, they never seem to take to kindly to the scent of demons.

Feeling that his food was getting a bit cold he quickly ducks his head down and, hoping no one is watching lets a lick of flame spurt out of his mouth to warm it up. He then continues to eat.

2008-01-23, 04:12 PM
On the edge of the village the chime of the bell was distant but loud enough to wake a man nonetheless. And somewhere in a ramshackle hut a wild man arose from the arms of a woman he did not know the day before. He grabs his head and covers his ears in a faint attempt to hide from the noise of the bell, his head hurt like a bitch from the night before. Too much mead. Too much brawling.

The end of winter was a blessing and a curse for Thangbrand and indeed the entire northern realm. It marked the end of long nights by the fire singing and drinking. But also that of bitter cold and little game in the forests around them. But with the snow thawing and the cursed sun showing it's face more early every day evils awoke and gained enterance into the land of the sons of Odin.

Cursed be Thrym and Uller. Wicked are the gods that make a man wake at a hour like this to do his duty. Surely they rang that damned-be bell to let us all know about some goblin invasion. Can you believe it? GOBLINS?! Tiny green vermin and they try to convince us that they are a threat to us.

The large man let out a long low laugh that woke the woman next to him and probably a few of his neighboors.

No no, lass. Stay in bed. You don't want to wake up today. Winter has come and gone and duty is at our doorstep. Praise be Sif for the snow and the ice that act as out border guard. But now as they leave it is up to men like me to defend the borders. Sleep some more, I will be heading to the town watch. That chime, that infernal noise, is a sign that we have to meet.

The woman pays him little heed as she turns around and goes back to sleep. Thangbrand walk to the fireplace, that houses only ashes now, and grabs his chainmail. He throws it over his head and then grabs a huge mean looking axe that leans against the wall and lets it hang at his back. With a discontent grunt he slams the door open and starts his march towards the guard house.

2008-01-23, 04:22 PM
Grimolfr, in wolf form as usual, padded into town. He smelled and heard before he saw the bustle of forms and the rationing of food. He trotted into town, content with a belly full of the deer he had slain, and wandered through town, his bright white fur in contrast with the grays and browns of the buildings and the emerging brown of the dirt and mud below the feet of the many villagers. Grimolfr went unnoticed by most save some of the elders and more important villagers, who recognized him for the village born young man he truly was, but to the rest he was just another wolf like so many that lived in and around the town. He spotted a large Dire wolf next to what he presumed was a druid, and trotted up to him. he growled and barked a greeting deep in his throat, unable to make the words and sounds of a human with his wolfish vocal cords.

2008-01-23, 05:26 PM

Akio can barely hear the bell. By the fourth tone, however, he feels the warmth soaking into his bones and realizes that it is time to awaken.

Still, he mutters angrily at the summons. "Up all bloody night playing and dancing, and now I'm awakened at the crack of dawn." He sighs, shakes his whole body, and makes a small cup of tea while he readies himself.

He decides on only his traveling clothes, thinking to save his finery for the nights performance later that night and that his armor would be cumbersome. When his tea is ready he dons his fashionable cloak - which was also quite warm closed - and headed out to meet the day, somewhat late.

Akio smiles as he thanks Horst's wife, giving her an elaborate bow after she dishes up his share. He settles comfortably nearby, on a rather large rock.

2008-01-23, 07:18 PM
Grasulfr yips and smells the odd wolf. "Smells like man," the Dire sends to Brander with the simple question, "play?"

"Aye pup," Brander responds as he looks the new wolf over. There seems to be more to it than just its odd smell. Despite his long stay at the Crest's outer district, Brander and Grasulfr know little of the town's inhabitants aside from a few hunters and trainers.

As the trio nears Brander's yurt, he stops to collect his war-gear. "Ujak!" he summons Grasulfr and cinches a riding saddle into place over the brute's broad mane. He checks over rooms and supplies before latching the outer door shut, not knowing when he will return. The winter sled is stowed next to the boat outside.

With this, they set off once more to the heart of town and the guardhouse.

2008-01-23, 10:09 PM
Grimolfr walked alongside the Dire Wolf, he knew they probably suspected him of being more than a wolf, but felt he was safe for the moment. He realized the intelligence of his fellow wolf, but was confident he would be as connected to the wild as he was, and so he growled and barked and yipped in the closest approximation of speech a wolf could have, a general inquiry as to their destination.

2008-01-24, 01:55 AM
"How do they expect anyone to concentrate with this racket?!", Talin exclaimed as he left the inn. He pulled his cloak closer to himself, for the morning air was chilly, even with the approaching warmer months. He bounded off to stable before he headed for the guardhouse.

"It is bad enough for me to be stuck in this town, but to have not found any leads at all! I cannot wait until the roads are clear so that I may continue my journey."

The thought of his journey had become less important over the last several months. Talin had begun to realize that his parents had probably died by now, by disease or goblins. Even if they were still alive, they probably wouldn't recognize their son anymore. He had not had a solid lead for 5 years now and he his own future to worry about. Njords Crest opened up the possibility of settling down. He had even considered opening a school at one point.

He reached the stable door and opened it. Sleipner, his horse, slept soundly, undisturbed by the bell, but Talin's raven Hugin stood at attention on top the horses head.

Hugin, lets us depart., Talin thought to his small friend.

The small bird lifted off the head off the horse and landed on Talin's shoulder.

"Excellent.", said Talin.

Talin closed the door to the stable and procceded over to the guard house.

2008-01-24, 03:49 AM

Jal leapt to attention at the sounding of Aesir's Chime. He considered, for a moment, sliding quietly out of bed; but the reverberating gong would wake just about anyone. He grinned back at his sleepy lover, her flowing black hair framing a face he found more beautiful and angelic than depictions of Freya or Sif. Her smile in return, even after seeing it so many times, never failed to melt Jal's heart.

A fellow skald, Nadja had arrived in Njord's Crest two years past, around the same time as Jal. The two young poets had clashed, each trying to outdo the other in an effort to win over the populace. Ultimately, competition and fierce public arguments turned into a mutual respect and friendship. It was about a year ago that the pair had confessed feelings for eachother and begun to share the same small hut. Both Jalthak and Nadja had worn semi-permanent grins ever since, and it was certainly said around town that tales of love had been hear from both storytellers more often ever since.

But Jal had little time to reflect on his good fortune - the gong signified that it was time to gather at the house of old Horst. With a quick kiss and softly-spoken professions of love, Jal sprung out of bed, searching for the tunic he had hastily discarded the night previous. Finding it after a minute of searching, he donned Axeturner, the magically imbued chain shirt that his old mentor had given him. Jal gingerly lifted Stormcaller from the small table that the massive greatsword rested comically upon, the contrast between sizes amusing the clouded early-morning mind of the skald. With a whispered farewell to the already-sleeping Nadja, Jal exited the hut into the cold morning air.

Jalthak reached the guard's house soon after, arriving with a short, meandering gait. He had, in fact, run most of the way, trying to rouse his mind and body from their clouded state, but did not want to appear too hurried to arrive at his destination. Wouldn't do if they thought him too eager to arrive on time - at least, so went his thinking. Graciously accepting his meal from Horst's wife with a flashed grin and words of praise for her cooking, Jal strolled over to where Akio sat.

"Look who's up a bit early after last night!" Jal grinned at his fellow performer, "Wasn't sure if you were going to get any rest before the Chime sounded! By the time we finished the tale of the Sons of Ivaldi, it looked like you'd never stop capering about. Nadja and I have a bit of a bet going - did the crowd finally allow you to retire for the night, or did you collapse from exhaustion first?"

(OOC: Apologies for quality, I'd rather get SOMETHING out than hold things up! :smallsmile: Also, sorry if I'm assuming too much about Akio, but I imagine that three performers in a smallish town would be pretty likely to know eachother.)

2008-01-24, 05:43 PM
Horst greeted everyone that entered warmly, and took a seat towards the front of the mess tables and cleared his throat with emphasis, waiting for the general chatter to lull.

"Friends, brothers, thank you for responding swiftly, as you know tonight our village will celebrate the coming of spring.."Many of the men in the hall give a few positive grunts and whoops."... and Elder Fofi has asked that we be in charge of attaining a sacrifice for tonight, hence the early rising." Horst took a sip from his mug and continued. "I scouted out into the sorrounding forest a few days ago, and for those of you that walk its domain perhaps you have seen this too, it seems the All-Father has blessed us for I found a pair of massive boars foraging at the roots of some trees, I would say about a mile or so in. So I say we track em, slay one for my wife to prepare, and the other we capture alive to give thanks to the Aesir!, what say you?"

Resounding cheers trembled the hall, Horst grinned.

"I will be out at sea today fishing, but thier trail is easy to spot, so as soon as you finish breakfast, assemble for your hunt but keep a sharp eye, already I have recieved raven reports of goblin scout ships docking on several coastlines, most didnt survive the arrow volleys, but our Kings intelligence believed there may be others."

(OOC: once you all are ready to leave, those of you who can track, roll when your hunt begins)

2008-01-24, 07:38 PM
Grasulfr lays curled up beside a loose bale of hay some thirty hards from the guardhouse. He is bored, but remains obediently in place guarding their kit and Branders axe. This does not, of course, preclude his from lifting his muzzle at each passer-by. Seeing no immediate return of Brander, he stretches and then circles to rest once more with a paw over his cold nose.

Inside the building Brander remains near the entrance. The interior is much to hot and humid with occupants for the rugged druid. He joins in the cheer with an orcish "Huzzah!" When the conversations return once more to excited chatter he looks for the most capable collection of townsmen and offers his aide, "Your village has been kind to me and my denbrother, we would gladly lend ourselves to your hunt."

2008-01-24, 11:18 PM
We hunt, for Odin and the Æsir!

As Valtam stands, he comments, If there is a risk of goblins, a wise man might bring some healing potions. I have some skill with tending to the wounded after battle, but my talents are not well-suited for healing in the midst of heated battle.

Outside, Valtam mounts his horse, and with a wry grin waits to follow the large wolf (Grimolfr) that sits nearby.

(OOC: Valtam does not have track, but his wolf companion, Geri, can track by scent... assuming Grimolf tells Geri that we're tracking boar. Geri's Survival roll: [roll0])

While not adept at tracking, Valtam nevertheless keeps his keen eyes and ears peeled--for boar, or anything else out of the ordinary.

2008-01-24, 11:35 PM
Grimolfr joined the two wolves, and he snarled and growled out the basics of the plan, as well as he could in the wolfish tongue simple as it was, and padded up to the head of the pack, his tongue lolling slightly out of his mouth as he pants, before retracting it and padding up to the horses.

2008-01-24, 11:50 PM
Garik Argot

The man in the heavy winter clothes, began unwrapping his scarf the covered his face. He is revealed to have unusually dark complexion and deep black hair.

"I don't care if you say its spring, Its still damn cold." His voice is deep and has a tone of annoyance, but he is smiling. "It’s been a long time since I have hunted in a group. I welcome the company." He stands and heads out the doors, wrapping only the bottom half of his head in the scarf before exiting.

Outside he smiles at the wolves (at least that’s what it looks like what his eyes and brow is doing, not being able to see his obscured in by the scarf) and pulls himself up on to his light horse.

2008-01-25, 12:31 AM
Brander follows the others out, relishing as the crisp air catches his breath in fog. A gentle pat of his thigh brings Grasulfr to hand. We hunt he whispers to the Dire as he re-checks the straps and equipment lashed to its back.

He leaves Grasulfr readied with the other animals to help organize with the others, "Do we all have mounts?"

"In the times I have taken small boar in the past, I have always found they fight to the last. Taking one alive may require more than brute strength. We druids can sometimes coax animals...but convincing a powerful beast to willingly walk to its death may be beyond our...charm."

Brander stops to reflect a moment, recalling the boars met over the years, trying to awake thoughts that could aide him in the hunt.
Knowledge Nature [roll0]

{edit} [OOC: Have I listed my spells anywhere yet? If I have let me know and I'll use the old list, otherwise they are as follows]
0th snowshoesx3, purify food/drink, Ram's Might
1st Silvered Claws, longstrider, claws of the beast
2nd Master Air, Nature's Favor
3rd Thorns

These are also now on the character file

2008-01-25, 04:52 AM
Thangbrand grunts his approval when he hears of the hunt and looks around the room to judge the rest of the people assembled. Most of them he had atleast seen before and he had exchanged a few words with some.

Aye, a hunt sounds better then more stories about invading goblins. Atleast you can eat boars and they offer a better challange too!

When he hears the ideas of his fellow guardsmen he shakes his head a bellows in a loud, though slightly amused, voice:

What?! Already all of you are talking off bringing horses and magic? Why don't we just bring a catapult or a legion of warriors?! Are you men of the north or what, here we hunt on foot and we watch our prey in the eye while we skewer them on our spears. We don't use horses or fancy magic! Say, Horst, do you still have those boar spears we used last hunt?

2008-01-25, 07:58 AM
Brander smirks at the youth's confidence. "On the chance our quarry has moved another ten miles off, these old bones of mine prefer Grasulfr here. I like nothing more than the match of beast to brawn, but taking one alive may be harder than stalking and killing two. Failure to kill makes a few men hungry and angry...failure to capture and sacrifice makes the gods angry."

2008-01-25, 08:50 AM
Thangbrand slowly nods his head in agreement and calms down, resigning to the fact that this is a hunt of necessity rather then a contest of strength.

"Your words hold wisdom. I spoke too soon and too rashly. If we are to capture one of these fierce beasts we could use a bit of help. Like you said killing one be a lot easier then dragging a live one back home. And I do not like the thought of having to stand before the altar and telling the gods on high that they will recieve no sacrifice this year.

He grins slightly and turns to Horst.

I do not own a horse but I am sure I can borrow one around the village. Or maybe you, Horst, can find some horses for those of us who have none.

2008-01-25, 09:29 AM

Akio groaned in an exaggerated manner. "A bit early? You have no idea! You went to bed before I even started the The Stones of Argenta, and we both know how long that one takes to tell."

After Horst finishes telling all of us about the mission, Akio sighs. "I have a plan," He says brightly. "It begins with digging a hole..." He trails off, and a whistful look comes over his face. "I don't suppose that any of you are good at digging?

2008-01-25, 09:31 AM
What?! Already all of you are talking off bringing horses and magic? Why don't we just bring a catapult or a legion of warriors?! Are you men of the north or what, here we hunt on foot and we watch our prey in the eye while we skewer them on our spears. We don't use horses or fancy magic! Say, Horst, do you still have those boar spears we used last hunt?

(OOC: chronologically, this happens before Thangbrand's most recent statement)

Valtam fixes his one eye on Thangbrand and says "A boar can run faster than a man; I doubt we'd ever catch them on foot." He continues, "If you'd like a spear, you can borrow one of mine.", as he pulls a spear out of his quiver and twirls it around. You can't help but notice that the spear is longer than the quiver. The spear appears brown, like wood, yet has a shine to it, like metal. (OOC: +1 spear, made with ironwood spell)

2008-01-25, 09:49 AM
((Chronology is a bitch in PbP. This comes after Valtrams reply and before Thangbrand's last message))

He might run faster then a ordinary man but I am confident I could keep up with one. I have hunted these woods for some years now and not once did I use a horse.

Thangbrand takes the spear and twirls it around once before nodding approvingly and handing it back. He gives Valtram a friendly but firm slap on the back.

"You know your trade, sir, whatever that might be. Not often have I seen such finely crafted spears. Tell me though what wood it is made of, if it is wood at all. Not once have I seen a tree that grows iron and it smells of witchcraft. But enough of that! I appreciate the offer but one should not give such finely made items to relative strangers. Maybe after we hunted together I'll take you up on it."

2008-01-25, 10:51 AM
"I have but one horse Thangbrand, I will go fetch him"
Horst trots out of the gaurdhouse and arrives back in a few moments later.

"Gmibold is stabled outside" he says with a jerk of his thumb. Horst jogs over to kiss his wife goodbuy, grabs his pack, and summons Ufir to his side.
"If any of you still need mounts, the Bifrost Inn and stables might have a few, be sure to return Gmibold too me Thangbrand, give her too Diesa.." he indicates his wife "Im heading out to the fishing waters my friends, good luck to you!"

With that the doir shut behind him, those who are outside see Horst sprinting towards the docks.

2008-01-25, 11:06 AM
"You know your trade, sir, whatever that might be. Not often have I seen such finely crafted spears. Tell me though what wood it is made of, if it is wood at all. Not once have I seen a tree that grows iron and it smells of witchcraft. But enough of that! I appreciate the offer but one should not give such finely made items to relative strangers. Maybe after we hunted together I'll take you up on it."

The wood is solid ash, as all good spears are. I called upon the grace of Odin and the forest to bless this spear with their magic... for a time. The magic on this spear will expire this evening, when I shall call again for their blessing.

2008-01-25, 11:37 AM
"Grasulfr here always loves a good dig, but usually only if there's a badger at the bottom," Brander chuckles to Akio while rubbing the wolf's flank, "but I'm not sure we have the time to dig such a trap big enough to hold a large beast...nor could we easily move it once inside."

He looks over the group once more, "Does anyone know the locals well enough to secure poisons or influences over the mind... Ha! perhaps we could just get it smashing drunk, then the gods could enjoy its flesh, spirit and spirits."

Brander then leads Grasulfr to the eastern edge of town and leaves him with the instructions, Find Big Boars, NO attacking, Find me. He kneels, with one hand on Grasulfr's thigh and runs his fingers through the dirt, whispering a prayer. Trusting in the animals to locate the beasts and return to lead the men, Brander returns to the group to work out how one is to be captured. Once the wolves locate the prey, Grasulfr will return to collect Brander.

Brander cast Longstrider on Grasulfr (lasts 5 hours). Grasulfr tracks by scent the boars. Perhaps the other wolves go with him? He sees the little wolf quickly catch the scent and follows to aide with the search. Aid Another (tracking) DC=10 [roll0]

OOC: taking something that does not disable or fall unconscious until at -10hp is going to practically require one of us to think of necessary magic or skills. The druids might be able to aid one another and make a successful Wild Empathy check, but the -10 penalty to do it in under a minute would be hard.....now if only we could make it calm or stand still and listen to us for a full minute....them it might work.

2008-01-25, 11:49 AM
Grimolfr bounds after Grasulfr, and barks and yips the question of destination, though he trusts the large Dire and believes he knows the destination anyway.

2008-01-25, 12:37 PM
Arriving late to the conversation, Snorri plods up to the group, looking very surly. Upon seeing all the wolves his mood darkens.

Great, why so many Odin-damned wolves? it will be a miracle if none of them smell Amon on me, today just keeps getting worse.

"I have no mount, never liked horses. Also, is it ok to, ugh, pre-cook the boar?" He says, patting his morningstar. The observant will notice that tiny licks of flame seem to be playing in the back of his mouth as he speaks.

"as to capturing it alive, surly we could bludgeon it into unconsciousness?"

2008-01-25, 12:58 PM
Thangbrand thanks Horst for the horse and promises him that he'll get it back as soon as he is done with it.

A trap hole might work to catch one alive. But the winter is not quite done yet and the ground is still mostly frozen. It will be a hard and arduous task to dig a hole let alone one for a huge boar. Maybe a few of us could hold it down while another ties it's legs together? As for knocking it into submission I am not sure. We could very well kill it and then we'd have to come back home with two dead boars.

Either that or we chase it into the village and hope we can lock it in someone's house...

He bellows his loud laugh and checks the horse's saddle and to hang his longbow from one of the straps.

Whatever we decide though lets talk about it on the way. We still have quite some distance before we get to the thick of the woods that Horst told us about.

With this he mounts his horse and gets ready to follow the others.

2008-01-25, 03:21 PM

Akio grins, "I know I can distract them, at least as long as I can play," He stops for a beat, "Jal and I, I should say. Combined, our talents will have the beasts staring for hours,"

He frowns then, and says, "The rest of you would have to be careful, though. If you distract them, we may end up with a stampede toward us frail dancer types," while looking pointedly at himself.

2008-01-25, 08:55 PM
The dark man pulls down his scarf to speak "Boars don’t fall unconscious, they fight to the last breath. Perhaps if we had a large enough net, we could chase him in to it. We would have to make sure it was well secured before bringing it into the town. If it was to get free it could cause severe casualties. He shrugs and pulls the scarf back up over his mouth.

2008-01-26, 03:42 AM
Snorri turns to Thangbrand.

"I have ways of melting the snow and unfreezing the ground, then perhaps the dogs could dig the whole and you prancing types can lure the boar into the hole. Then we can immobilize it using, say, one of the fishing nets?"

2008-01-26, 10:13 AM
"Ha!" Jalthak laughed at Akio, "Frail dancer, my foot! One who can caper all night long can hardly be called frail!"

"As for me... Well, I don't mind it when things get messy." Jal grinned, pointedly patting the greatsword strapped to his back.

"Snorri's plan sounds excellent to me. Between Akio and myself, I think we can distract and lure the boar towards the pit. While a boar might not be appreciative of skaldic poetry, a good song might distract it well. And Akio here... Well, his dances can be just plain fascinating."

"If Akio and I stick together, I should be able to hold off the boar for a short while should something go wrong. I'm a poet AND a warrior, don't forget! Still, I've hunted these boars before, and I can't say it'd be easy - so we better have a solid backup plan, should something go wrong. What do the spellslingers have in the way of charms and barriers?"

2008-01-26, 11:45 PM

Akio heads off to Bifrost Inn, collects whatever mounts the group need, and brings them back, along with a rather large fishing net.
OOC: I'm assuming that we can procure these items, and just getting the fetching out of the way. If we can't, let me know and I'll edit this post.

"Brander, I see that you've sent off your wolf, and perhaps we should follow? He will certainly find the boars before we will, and we can finish our chat on the road." With a small frown, he mounts and starts after the wolves, "So, who's digging?" He asks. "I may have a song to help you do that..."

2008-01-27, 01:36 PM
[ OOC: From the looks of the rolls I assume the animals have no trouble tracking the animals. So, Grasulfr will quickly return (longstrider after all) to pick up Brander and lead the group onward.]

Despite the urgings of the others, Brander waits patiently at the edge of the forest a few minutes longer. Soon, the Dire Wolf Grasulfr bursts from the underbrush and scampers over to excitedly lick Branders hand.

He mounts up onto Grasulfr and has the beast lead the group to a spot until within five hundred feet upwind of the prey. There, he turn in the saddle to Valtam, "My training has brought me down a differing path, but do you have the gift of shaping? If nature grants you the claws to burrow then perhaps this pit-trap idea could come to fruition."

2008-01-28, 05:52 AM
"My training has brought me down a differing path, but do you have the gift of shaping? If nature grants you the claws to burrow then perhaps this pit-trap idea could come to fruition."

Valtam appears startled for a moment, wondering where his mind has been. "Of course! Here's the plan. I'll take care of digging a hole that is wide enough to hold two boars and deep enough so they cannot escape. If one of you can conjure an illusion to cover the hole, great. If not, we'll gather some fallen branches, thatch them loosely together, and cover with whatever kind of underbrush is available."

"Jalthak and Akio, can you lure the boars into the trap? If not, someone on horseback will agitate the boars so they give chase, then run towards the trap and leap over it with their horse. The rest of us will be hiding near the pit, in case something goes awry."

"Once the boars are in the pit, we can pelt them with rocks and other things at our leisure until they're unconscious. Then we can climb down with a rope to kill one and tie the other securely. We'll wrap them in a net, one at a time, and use the horses to haul the net out of the pit. We'll also need a cart in which to transport the boars back."

(OOC: "pelt with rocks" = or do non-lethal damage with ordinary weapons at a -4 penalty to attack. Also, replace "cart" with "sled" if the terrain is snowy/icy; I don't know but Valtam does)

Once we select an appropriate location for the trap, Valtam transforms into a Dire Badger (http://liberty.barsoom.org/~agthorr/dnd/www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/direBadger.htm) and digs the hole in a few minutes. (OOC: 10' wide by 30' long by 10' deep should be enough?)

Once the hole is complete, Valtam returns to human form.

2008-01-28, 09:20 AM
(OOC:Gunna expedite a wee tad)

Thanks to Grasulfr,Grimolfr, and Geri your hunting party manages to locate the boars with ease. The boars are forraging by a massive tree with thier snouts low to the ground, your party moves a few hundred feet away and begins to prepare the trap.

Please make the appropriate rolls to prepare and EVERYONE please make a move silently check twice DC10 for both.

2008-01-28, 09:35 AM

Move Silently - [roll0]
Move Silently again - [roll1]

Akio withdraws his pan-pipes and "prepares his dancing shoes", as he says.

2008-01-28, 10:41 AM
((**** I have movesilentphobia))



Cunhail draws his long bow and prepares to shoot as soon as the boar notices them. (Ready action to shoot on a failed Moev silent check)

2008-01-28, 10:59 AM
Since Valtam knows that in human form he's about as stealthy as an elephant, when the wolves start to draw even vaguely close, he dismounts, ties up Hrimfaxi (horse), changes to dire badger form, moves to the appropriate location, does his digging business, and waits in badger form around 100' from the trap in the direction furthest from the boars (and closer to Hrimfaxi).

(OOC: retconing slightly because I originally pictured digging the hole first and finding the boars second; hope that's OK? In human form the mod on these rolls is -7 instead of +3)

Move silently as Dire Badger:

Move silently for Geri, wolf companion:


(OOC: I'm assuming the Hrimfaxi is tied far enough away not to matter)

(OOC: Hey, Akio, want to cast Silence on the prep area? You're pretty stealthy, but with a group of 8 or 9 somebody is bound to make noise)

2008-01-28, 01:03 PM
Snorri follows the group, hanging at the back. When they arrive at the scene he grudgingly turns to Valtam.

"Need a help thawing the ground before you start digging?"

2008-01-28, 01:04 PM
Brander winces at the crunching up sticks nearby and tries to hold himself still.
[roll0] [roll1]....maybe he would get situational move silently check as he is not 'moving' and is mounted

He holds a hand out, palm down, signalling Grasulfr to skulk. [roll2] [roll3]

2008-01-28, 01:28 PM
Both boars prick up thier heads at the sounds of twig snaps and shuffling. For several heartbeats they remain still, twitching thier ears and sniffing at the air. The boars grunt and begin to wadde away at a light trot another few yards, before resuming foraging, but at a slower, more alerted, pace.

I recommend the silence spell as well;)

2008-01-28, 02:32 PM
Move Silently checks: [roll0], [roll1] .

"Aye, I think Akio and myself can lure those boars. I know there's enough fair ladies who'd like to follow that dancing all around town! If all else fails, I have a bit of illusion and fast feet - I'd bet ya anything I can run just as fast!"

Jal cursed silently as he stumbled over a still snow-covered root, feet crunching down hard on a stray twig. He drew in a sharp breath at this own clumsiness, mentally whispering a plea to Ullr for the boars to not pay heed to his oafishness.

He sat back from the diggers, having no real ability to aid them in their task - singing a song would be rather counterproductive, given the necessity of silence. Jal simply shuffled through his mental catalog of songs, trying to pick one that might have a pleasant enough tune to appeal to wild beasts.

2008-01-28, 03:24 PM
Grimolfr stalks the snowy woods as deftly as any of his wolfish kin, stalking the boars, his white fur blending with the snowy ground as his piercing ice blue eyes tracks them, he sniffs the air as if sampling it.

Wouldn't i get the skill benefits from my animal form? if so move silently 1[roll0] move silently 2 [roll1] if not move silently 1 [roll2] Move silently 2 [roll3] also, what does DC stand for? (this is probably a very nooby question, but I'm tired and I can't remember right now :smallconfused: :smallredface:)

2008-01-28, 07:14 PM
The man pulls on horse’s reins to single him to halt. He eyes the two boars and whispers, “Well which one should we take alive. I guess we could decide once they’re in the pit.” He trails off. He shifts in his saddle and pulls an arrow from his quiver.

[OOC: I’m assuming you already made my Move Silently rolls for me judging how you continued the game]

2008-01-28, 07:35 PM
Nope, I just pushed the boars farther away so this can be sped up and you guys can get the meaty, tender part :D

2008-01-29, 09:17 AM
ok then MS rolls


I guess I should roll for horse too.


2008-01-29, 09:25 AM

"Gather 'round, my friends. I've a spell of silence I can use to quiet us." He sighs. "Silly me, forgetting that I have spells..."

I'll cast silence around wherever we decide to dig, and hang around there until we finish.

2008-01-29, 10:41 AM
After finishing with his digging as a dire badger, Valtam makes some paw gestures indicating that someone should cover the hole with an illusion spell.

2008-01-30, 12:27 AM
Grasulfr and Brander sit at the northern edge of the silence, ready to bound off and wrap around the flank of the boars. Brander takes the moments of silence to study the brush along his path, planning out the route to funnel the boars towards the hole.

[knowledge nature: [roll0] preparing for a situational bonus to his next action through the brush]

2008-01-30, 07:47 PM
(OOC: I have Silent Image, which would be perfect for this... Except it requires concentration. If Jal is going out into the open, he can't concentrate on that AND distracting/enticing the boar.)

2008-01-30, 09:44 PM

"No offense, my friend, but I think you should cast the illusion spell," Akio says to Jal, just outside of the silenced area and opposite the boars. "You and I can both preform, but we both know that my shirt(/vest-thing) let's my be better at it than I normally am."

Ok, I have two preform skills, and both are at a +17 bonus (yay ability bonus magical items!!). I was hoping that I would play and that we could get an aid another action going with you playing, but if one of us needs to cast the spell...
In any case, since I'd make two preform checks, I think the boars would have to beat both of them to become not fascinated, and my effect would last longer because I have more bard levels.

2008-01-31, 03:18 AM
Snorri stands nearby waiting, his abilities are worthless until there needs to be some killing done.

2008-01-31, 05:53 PM
"Aye, s'true. Besides, I doubt the boars would be interested in an epic poem anyhow!" Jal whispered, winking at Akio, "I guess I might as well cast this illusion I've been holding in reserve!"

Taking a small bit of fleece out of the component pouch girded to his belt, Jal mumbled a few words of arcane power. Spells and storytelling really weren't that different - he'd decided that a long time ago. Unfortunately, he knew his magical potential was far too limited to do much more than the few tricks he already knew - it was not where his talents lay. Still, for small, silent illusions, he could proudly cast one.

As he concentrated on the effect, the pit began to be covered by underbrush virtually identical to that of the area surrounding it. As he mentally manipulated the arcane energies surging through his body, he worked hard to integrate the illusion convincingly into the surrounding environment. Finally satisfied that his trickery was suitable to fool a dumb animal, he wordlessly signalled to Akio to undertake his portion of the plan. As he continued to concentrate on the spell, he drew Stormcaller from its sheath - he wanted some backup, in case things went wrong.

2008-01-31, 06:29 PM

In one fluid motion, Akio dissolves his bubble of silence, and reveals himself to the boars.

"You may remember this tune," his says gaily as he raises his pipes to his mouth and begins to dance.

Preform checks
Preform(dance) - [roll0]
Preform(pan-pipes) - [roll1]

Statblock, just in case
{table]Akio |Human |Bard |5 |Chaotic Good |Med
22/22 |+2 |30 ft |AC/T/FF |17 / 12 / 15 |Chain shirt
Melee Atk |Scimitar +5 |1d6+2 |Ranged |Dagger |1d4+1
Saves |Fort +1 |Ref +6 |Will +4
Srt - 12 |Dex - 14 |Con - 10 |Int - 14 |Wis - 10 |Cha - 20[/table]

2008-02-02, 05:44 PM
Brander tenses and glanced side-ways to Akio and the others, "Are the beasts bedazzled and fascinated...or waiting for the right moment to gore us?"

Grasulfr is signaled to bring the duo north and slowly circle at a non-threatening pace. They are both careful for to make eye contact with the boars.