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2008-01-23, 12:46 PM
{first off, heres basically the stuff from the first post in recruitment}

The empire of Castantium has been more or less peaceful for nearly half a century. Nobody has risen against the Emperor; the foreigners have decided to stop trying to take Castantium as their own; and even the Gods have stopped interfering. Unfortunately, things are about to go downhill.

The dead are restless. For some reason they just will not stay put. They are becoming a minor nuisance in towns, every other night thereís another Graveyard springing intoÖ well life I suppose. A lot of people regarded this as a passing irritation, nothing major. But then Crowhaven fell, and the significance of the dead hit home.

Crowhaven had been the only town established on the wasteland isle of the coats of Castantium. It was hit worst by the dead, and eventually over-run. Nobody can make contact with the residents, and ships refuse to go near it. There were rumours of elaborate tombs and mass graves being found deep in the deserts, but none confirmed.

Nobody really knows what to do. The problem isnít so bad in towns, and is being contained quite well. But nobody knows the cause of all this, and many are unwilling to find out.

And so we come to the city of Utovion. A place renowned for its good quality ale, sold at low quality price. The city attracts all sorts of people, from peasants to nobles, from merchants to assassins, and of course; adventurers. It is to these people that the residents now turn to, looking for a way to stop these dead. Utivion Has suffered less than most cities from this affliction. Itís just minor issues with a few dead appearing overnight.

{and the map and area descriptions (may be updated slightly later today)}



Atrian City. This is the capital of Castantium, the home of the Emperor, and all the authority of the Empire. The city is built like a fortress, the whole place contained within extremely high white walls, which circle the whole place. There is also an inner section in the centre, which contains the great tower, fortress keep and residence of the Emperor. The townspeople are proud of their city, and will defend it at all costs.


Utovion. The town of great ales! Utovion is renowned for its alcohol business, particularly that of Drath Longaxe. Utovion is a laid-back town, which attracts all kinds of people, particularly adventurers. The town has a rich industry, particularly in alchemy, but also has extensive poor areas.


Estova. The port city. Generally Estova is a trading city, although in the past it has been fortified in defence against other nations. Due to its extensive docks, it is able to harbour a Navy. The city itself is quite small, though also well off. It is a residence for merchants, and a stop off point for sailors, due to the extensive amount of inns.


Crowhaven. The town everyone is talking about. This is where the un-dead risings began. The town is now completely over-run, and no contact can be made with any residents. Crowhaven was the only town ever to be established upon the hostile wastelands of Ibovand. Most of the isle is unexplored. (No character histories from Ibovand or Crowhaven please)


The city of Sha'lathal
South East of Utovion lies a desert that seems to be vacant to any who come. That is, everyone but the Asherati. Underneath the sand lies the great city of Sha'lathal, the home of the Asherati in Castanium. They prefer to stay anonymous from other races, pretending to be humans while they trade precious gems from under the sand for food and supplies, and using the ocean as a water source.


Virosius is another port city, similar to Estova. However, unlike Estova it is a much richer place. This is where cruise ships, and rich merchants come and go. It also harbours the Emperors private ship. The inhabitants are generally wealthy retired merchants and a few of the nobility. Virosius was the main port for transports across the sea to get to Crowhaven, and it is where the few survivors fled to. Now it no longer offers to take people there, even adventurers looking to fight some un-dead.

G. (the one in the forests, itís a bit hard to make out the G)

This is the approximate location of ďThe shrine of Ehlonna.Ē It is generally very hard to find in the thick woodlands. The shrine is in act only part of it. Around it there is a community of people concerned with nature, who do not like contact with city-folk much. They have been relatively unaffected by the un-dead crisis, but this canot last for long.


Talom is quite a big farming community. It is a big supplier for food in a lot of neighboring towns. It only really serves as a crossroads for adventurers. A few villagers make their living here; they are quite kind to travelers. The buildings in the area are few, since farms and orchards make up about 65% of Talom. Most of the villagers serve Heroneous, a large church can be seen in the middle of the town dedicated to their god.

If there is one thing this town lacks, itís a town militia. The town is completely un-protected. Most of the villagers have been trained for combat, but not as much as ordinary soldiers. The villagers also barely have enough money to keep up their lives, so they donít have any gold to spend on mercenaries. Due to recent undead outbreaks around the town, theyíve made an escape plan to get out in case of an attack. However things have been quite difficult due to their town mayor suddenly leaving without warning, Rhys. Who is the only one actually capable of protecting the town of Talom. His fellow priests of Heroneous donít nearly have as much skill as the high priest Rhys, so they can only use minor protection spells to protect their town.


Laestra is located in the forest at the foot of the eastern mountains, next to an amazing waterfall where the river descends from the mountains. It is a mixed community of elves, containing primarily high elves, then wood elves, then wild elves. There are a handful of members of other races, but combined they are barely into the double digits of population. It's not that it's a racist community, it is just so elf-dominated that members of other races are typically not very comfortable there. Change comes slowly, and the ruling council is slow to grant building privileges, and the social structure is such that businesses do not thrive easily. If it weren't for the large numbers of elves who give in to wanderlust and spend time as adventurers, and a few merchants who deal primarily in exporting elven goods, it would be unlikely that anyone would ever know it was there.

{heres a map of the districts in Utovion, it's a bit too big a place to draw up an entire streetmap, but this gives ideas of whereabouts things are. I'll stick major places on here as they come up.}

Im not sure how easy it is to read the key, so here it is again:

red = Rich district
Blue = Middle class areas
Brown = Indutrial area (breweries etc)
Orange = Mercantile areas (markets, merchants etc)
Muddy green = Poor district/slums)
Black lines = Major roads
Grey box = The dragons wings

Im sure your all familiar with this sort of stuff
1. Rolls (labelled) in spoilers
2. Thoughts in italics
3. Speech in your colour
4. OOC stuff in spoilers OR {In these brackets is fine}

2008-01-23, 01:08 PM
It's not a bad life, living in Utovion, especially on days such as today. The weather is fair, with a light breeze, and only a few clouds in the sky. People greet each other happily in the street. Merchants shout their wares out at whoever should pass by. Even the usuall lingering stench from the breweries over the river seems to have lifted. The air tastes clean, a rare thing with industry such as Utovions. Upper class gentry swan through the streets, their servants buzzing about them like flies, while the average poor man sidles along the same street. Even the minority races are enjoying looks with less disgust in them than usual. It's times like these you wouldn't believe some of the abominations the guards and clerics have to deal with every night.

And now we come to The dragon's wings, the most renowned Tavern in Utovion, perhaps even the Empire. It is famed for its supremecy in the alcohol business, which is quite something in a town who's industry and commerce relies almost solely upon such a product. The owner, Drath Longaxe, is almost a living legend. Formally an adventurer, he later hung up his axe and armour and struck up business in Dwarvern ale. Quickly he expanded into all kinds of drinks businesses, and is now regarded as the richest man in Utovion.

The Dragon's wings attracts all kinds of people, though it's biggest patrons are the adventurers. They come between their excapades, to share stories over the finest drinks in Castantium. It is not a rough bar, far from it, but the prices aren't too high, so its popular. The building is well kept, and stands out in its location; against the river, with it's other sides surrounded by a large courtyard. It looks inviting to all, from the lowly peasant to the Emperor of Castantium.

As you approach the Tavern, you notice a message tacked to the door. It's not rare for people to recruit adventurers here, but this message sticks out more than others...


The undead have to be stopped before they rise too high!

The city guard aren't doing enough, and the clergymen are too busy! DRATH LONGAXE has taken up the matter personally. Able-bodied adventurers are wanted to help fight back, and hunt down the causes behind the restless Dead!

Rewards, both material and in reputation, shall be handsome! In addition, success grants free ale for a lifetime! Courtesy of The Dragon's Wings

See bartender inside for details.

Pushing the door open you make your way through the jovial adventurers to see the barman. He directs you to a table nearby, saying "Take a seat sir, I'll take you to see Mr. Longaxe shortly"

The order in which your first post comes in is the order yuor characters come in. i.e. the first person to post is the first person enetering the bar, so nobody else will be at the table. The next person who posts comes in second, and so 1 person is already at the table. Hope thats clear

2008-01-23, 02:14 PM
Tauah makes his way to the table and sits down. He feels out of place here and tries to blend in to avoid contact with anyone.
Why does there have to be so many outsiders here. I wish I could just head back for the sand.

an kobold
2008-01-23, 08:19 PM

The gnoll entered the tavern and quickly closed the door behind him. Taking a moment to shake himself of the occasional rotten fruit pelted at him on the streets, Arruk gruffly asks for directions to the table and as an afterthought, a drink.

Bout time I got off the streets. Such a huge place,probably could fit all us gnolls in it. If there was something good round to eat. The out of place figured reached up to brush off his shoulder, where some cabbage leaves got left behind from the head of a green projectile, then gave an animal smile. Filthy grasseaters'd show some respect if they'd see me hunt n' fight.

He sits down across from the tan and bald man and gives a grunt of a greeting before taking a closer look and showing a bit more interest, posing Tauah a question.

Are ya sick or somethin'? Ya look a little funny.

2008-01-23, 08:44 PM
Tauah, seeing the gnoll as another that doesn't fit in with the current surroundings, becomes more comfortable.

I'm not from around here. I come from below the sand. From the natural beauty of the desert. These clothes are to prevent overheating in the hot sun. The eyes are normal of my people, nothing is wrong.

2008-01-23, 08:57 PM
For two days now Kirgor had been in the region of Utovion, the children still followed him even now as he made his way to the renowned Dragon's wings. He had not visited the tavern before, having spent the last two days partaking of other unique features the city had to offer. He stopped and stared long at the posting outside describing the job being offered and knew that this was what he was hoping for since he first heard about these undead attacks.

Being led to the table with the two gentlemen already present his gaze turns back to the man who led him there and then back down to the two men at the table. This was highly unexpected. Kirgor was typically the only one in towns that received such odd stares, but he had rarely or maybe never seen a pair as odd as these two before. Perhaps the person who led him here misunderstood and was simply keeping the collection of odd individuals seperate from the rest of the populace. If that was the case, Kirgor understood and moves around to an empty seat and sits down with out a word to the others.

an kobold
2008-01-24, 12:03 AM

Arruk begins to speak upon hearing the desert person's reply.

Name's Arruk. Also a ways from my home. You got a na. . .

The gnoll trails off as his attention is focused on the new arrival and remains silent as he/she/it sits down with them.

2008-01-24, 12:36 AM
A thick hard finger taps mindlessly on the table and the newcomer looks up and from one face to the other as the conversation stops and eyes look to him. A gravely basso voice comes out with a note of naivety portrayed in but a single word, Hello

2008-01-24, 03:22 AM
The barman comes over to your table

"Would anybody care for a drink? on the house of course"

The three strange creatures at the table are drawing a few looks from the other patrons, but most soon return to quaffing ale and bragging about their latest achievements.

2008-01-24, 11:44 AM
Tauah turns to face the barman.

I could go for one I guess. How about anyone else?

He turns back to the group to wait for an answer.

2008-01-24, 02:38 PM
Yes, of course. I would like to try one as well.

His fingers stop tapping the table and he sits up somewhat straighter as the bar keep approaches the table and talks to the three.

an kobold
2008-01-24, 06:25 PM
The gnoll turns to face the barman.

Sure, strongest ya got.

2008-01-24, 06:43 PM
The barman returns to the bar. He fills two tankards full from one of the taps labelled "The Dragons finest." The ale aslo happens to brag the biggest price tag. He then bends down and takes a stone pot from under the bar. He hefts it onto the bar and gradually leans it over, pouring a slightly cloudy liquid into another tankard. It fizzes and spits as it hits the container.

He returns, and lays the glasses down

These two tankars ontain the finest ale we serve at the Dragon's wings. Drath wants to make his future employees as welcome as possible. Turning to Arruk Since you asked for something stronger, this is... Well, I'll let you taste it. It's as of yet un-named, one of our latest creations. It's... Mostly apples.

He smiles, returns to the bar and looks towards the door, hoping some more adventurers will arrive soon

2008-01-24, 06:53 PM
Thank you sir. Will we be able to meet Drath soon? He seems to be a nice man from what I've seen, and we've been attracted some stares.

Tauah motions to the rest of the tavern. He then takes a long drink from his ale.

2008-01-25, 02:18 AM
Having just returned from a dull journey protecting a merchant caravan, Celix is ready for a decent drink. Even though the land is supposed to be crawling with the dead leaping from their graves, the sorcerer hardly saw a hungry squirrel during the whole trip. Well... at least it payed for living between the exciting things in life. One his way to the tavern, he passes by the job offer poster and shrugs. If there was some kind of Armageddon going on, Celix hasn't seen much of it yet.

Coming in the front door, Celix approaches the bartender with the intent to buy something that would make the local ladies appear that much more attractive, but is waylayed into sitting at a nearby table. Before sitting down, Celix turns to the barkeeper and says, "I'll be needing two drinks, bird here's a drunk." He motions to the hawk perched so comfortably on his shoulder. In response, Storm replies with a loud call.

Taking no notice of how the rest of the tavern would take to the noise, Celix takes a seat and takes a quick look at the others already seated. He finds that mixed company is certainly agreeable, and leads to more interesting conversations. Waiting for the next convenient time to speak, he asks of them, "How is the alcohol treating you today?"

2008-01-25, 03:08 AM
The batender shrugs at the request of a drink for the bird. He fills another tankard with the finest ale, then hesitates, unsure of wether the animal could drink out of the tankard, but then decides not to worry and fills another. He brings the two more tankards over.

"You'll be seeing Drath soon, he's a little tied up at the moment, with paperwork. He'll send once he's done.

2008-01-25, 11:41 AM
Walking past The Dragon's Wings, the sign on the door catches Byron's eye.

Ah, so someone else is actually doing something about this undead menace, well lets see if theyre up to scratch, could be useful grouping up with them.

He pushed the door open and felt the warm air spill out. Rushing inside he quickly closed it behind him and looked around. Strolling up to he bar he beckoned the bartender over and quietly asked where he should enquire about the sign on the door.

The bartender pointed over the room to a table where 4 figures were sitting,, one with a bird of some sort. Byron strode over and introduced himself to the gathered people.

"Greetings friends, I hear we're of a similar mind with regards to the current undead situation. Hopefully I might be able to lend a hand... and a mace" Byron said heartily, resting his mace on the table and taking a seat..

2008-01-25, 03:06 PM
Kirgor takes up his mug and brings it to his face as though he is savoring the smell then takes a long draw, almost draining the mug. As the two newcomers arrive he sets it down on the table with a sigh, "It is indeed very good, isn't it?" He seems to be unsure and asking Tauah if he too finds it enjoyable. "I'm glad to see more folks here interested in finding these undead everyone is talking about."

an kobold
2008-01-25, 04:51 PM
Arruk takes a swill from the fizzing tankard the barman brought out to him. He continues to drink while watching silently as the first human walks towards the table, wincing at the sound of the hawk. The barbarian stops drinking for a second when the armored figure enters, sizing him up. When all are seated, he looks around the table and gulps down the remaining liquid in his mug then faces the metal man.

Course it's good. But you're right, I came here to stop the dead, not to drink.

He then goes back to silence, tapping his fingers against the empty mug occasionally.

2008-01-25, 04:52 PM
I like this ale, we don't get much of it under the desert. Only what we can get from traders and caravans. I don't see why the leaders wouldn't help with the zombies.

2008-01-25, 05:58 PM
A door behind the bar opens, and a young human steps out. The teenager sidles over to the barman and mutters something to him. The man nods, and comes over to you.

"Drath will see you all pretty soon, just after he's done with *ahem* the lawyers, he's keen to get this thing rolling. If you would be so kind as to finish your drinks quickly, and follow James here... Drath doesn't like to be kept waiting. Time is money and all that. So it's best to be at the office door before he calls you" He indicates the teenage human as James, then returns to the bar to serve a dwarf customer, who seems to be ordering a whole barrel of ale.

You all get up and follow this "James" around behind the bar, and through the door he came in. Behind it seems to be the stoors. The smell of alcohol is strong in this corridor. A door on the left is open, and inside is an innumerable amount of barrels. James leads you through the door on the right, behind which is a set of ordinary stairs. Winding around a few corridors on the next floor, you come to an ordinary door at the end of a passageway. A few chairs are positioned along the left wall. James leans against the left wall next to the door. He still hasn't said a word to any of you.

2008-01-26, 01:12 AM
Celix takes his drink in hand a starts downing the contents. Meanwhile, Storm hops onto the table and curiously looks over the other drink. But before either of them really have the time to enjoy the free beer, the bartender comes back and informs the group they are to see Drath now. The sorcerer takes a long drink and then grabs Storm, who was just now wetting his beak. This does not sit too well with the bird, who gives a surprised and saddened squawk.

Celix looks around as he follows James up to the office door. It seems the place has enough alcohol to get all the fish in the ocean drunk. When the party arrives, he takes a seat and then casually remarks, "So... lawyers, huh?"

Realizing that he likely isn't going to get much of a reaction out of James, Celix shrugs and leans back in his chair.

an kobold
2008-01-27, 05:21 PM
Arruk follows James to the room on the second floor with the rest of the group. Upon reaching it, he sits down in one of the chairs, and pulls another away from the wall to prop up his feet, and crosses his arms.

This Drath fella certainly don't mind keepin' us waitin'.

He then turns to James and flashes a toothy grin.

You stuck sittin' with us, kid?

2008-01-27, 05:53 PM
Sorry to those who didn't get chance to post between the bar and waiting. But I'd like to keep things moving.

James galnces across at Arruk when he hears his name. Just visible beneath the long hair, his eyes show a hint of curiosity and fear at the Gnoll. His mouth twitches slightly, almost into a smile. Yeah I guess so. Mr. Longaxe just told me to...

James is cut out by a sudden shout of rage from the room beyond. Through the door you can hear ranting torrents in what is obviously Dwarfish. No other language has such creative use of ennunciation to produce curse words. After this stream, the voice suddenly switches to Common

And you sir! You disgust me with your offers! And your manipulative use of law! I ain't no common man! And you won't get anything from me, or my company! Now all 4 of you OUT!

The door opens quickly, and 4 figures emerge from it. 2 dwarves followed by a human, who is flanked by a half-orc. The two dwarves are dressed smartly, with scrolls under their arms, and more in containers slung on their backs. They have the look of men who are about to get hell from a client, since that is exactly what they will get. The human is dressed lavishly. Jewellery glistens on his hands and about his neck. He looks irritated, and looks down upon all you adventurers, even managing to appear above those taller then him. The half-orc is dressed up a bit, though not as smart as the lawyers. He looks quiet, but loyal and strong. He eyes each one of you with suspicion. At his side is a longsword, and he looks like the human's bodyguard.

The 4 people sweep down the hallway, and towards the stairs you came up, not giving you a second glance.

James goes to the still open door, knocks and says politely The adventurers are here, Mr. Longaxe

Through the door you can see a dwarf behind a carved desk, writing quickly on a piece of parchment. Ok James, you can go back to your work now, come in all of you.

Drath's office looks very expensive, but functional at the same time. The desk is positioned in front of a huge window, which looks out over the west side of Utovion. Drath has his back to it. The two side walls are lined with bookcases, though they are clearly used quite regularly. The ceiling is carved and ornate, like the desk. In one corner there is a glass case, inside which is a full set of decorated plate armour, along with a decorated greataxe, it's haft longer than usual.

Drath looks up, and adresses you, moving the parchment onto one of the two enormous piles either side of him. Some has even spilled onto the ground nearby.

Ah, hopefully the solution to at least one of the cities problems. Please take a seat, unfotunatly theres only two of them though.

Drath indicates two deep looking armchairs infront of the desk. He looks like a typical dwarf. Long red beard, matched with hair. Stony features, quite short. He does wear expensive clothing though. He folds his hands ahead of him, resting on the desk in a business like fashion.

I hope we can get things rolling as soon as possible

Phew, long post. Hope it's not too much to take in. Things will get shorter now, I promise :smallsmile:

2008-01-28, 12:52 AM
Kirgor is quiet as they follow the young man upstairs and then into the room. His gaze does not stay on any one thing for very long and seems to almost ignore the dwarf behind the table. He moves to infront of the glassed in armor but is quick to move on to the bookshelves full of books. He remains there with a finger poised in front of the books as he looks along their lengths at all of the different material.

2008-01-28, 01:25 AM
Celix moves into the office after the lawyers have left and takes a look around. He is the first one to take a seat and doesn't wait long for everyone to sit before speaking.

"So I'm to assume that you have something on the dastardly forces behind this plague? Any information on the undead might also be good."

Celix extends his arm to offer a handshake to Drath.

"I'm Celix, a Willbender, the feathered beast here is Storm."

an kobold
2008-01-28, 11:40 AM
Arruk plops down in the remaining chair without a thought. He briefly glances over towards the glass case holding instruments of war, then turns to the dwarf behind the desk, clearly reevaluating him.

Sooner we get started, the better. Ya can call me Arruk.

2008-01-28, 12:20 PM
Byron follows the rest of the group up the stairs and stands aside as the group of four push past him. Walking into the office he lets out a low whistle as he sees the opulence filling the room.

"Damn fancy place you have here"

Declining one of the seats, he props his mace against the wall and leans against it himself.

The name's Byron. So youre looking to do something about this undead problem then?

He says in the Dwarf's direction.

2008-01-28, 05:03 PM
Tauah enters the room and leans against a wall, looking closely at everything.

Nice place.

He looks directly at Drath.

So what makes you interested in whats happening with the undead? You seem perfect here.

2008-02-01, 04:42 PM
Sorry for the lack of advancement, for some reason my UserCP didn't tell me this thread was updated. I'll check personlly in future. Thats to an Kobold for reminding me

Drath reaches over his desk and shakes the hands of all those who offer.

Speaking to TauahWell you'd think it'd all be good, and I'll admit, i'm hardly slumming it. But I care about this city. And more to the point it's only a matter of time before we get over-run! And that wouldn't do well for my business now would it?

Drath smiles. He's obviously intelligent, and didn't get where he is now just by hitting things very hard (not to say that didn't help). He is totally unphased by the variety of races.

Information on the undead? Well I have some sources, so I have built up a fair amount of information {He indicates a section of his bookcase, 3 shelves, about 1.5 metres (4-5 foot), packed with files and books} The guard won't do anything decisive on these dead, so I'm taking it into my own hands. This is where you come in. I need some adventuring types to help out and get to the bottom of this.

He leans back in his chair

The only thing is... I only like the best to work for me. And I need proof that that is you. The undead now infest the underworks of the city. They are contained, but I still don't want them there. I want you lot to go down, under my establishment, and clear out at least some of these abominations. One of my men will go with you, to ensure it is done.

He goes to the door, opens it, and yells

Trynfar! Adventurers are here!

After returning, he sits and asks

Anybody got any questions? Issues? anything at all?

2008-02-01, 07:19 PM

"Well I'm not one for jumping through hoops sir, but I can see your point. I'm ready to prove myself if I must."

an kobold
2008-02-02, 03:26 AM

The gnoll nods all throughout Drath's talk, his eyes glazing over when the dwarf motions towards the books. Arruk's countenance darkens when he hears they must proof there worth but remains sitting quietly. Upon Drath's completion, the barbarian silently gets up and stands in the door frame, waiting for silence, at which point he addresses the dwarf.

We'll be back with your *gnoll curse* proof. Then we'll get to the real business, eh.

2008-02-02, 01:43 PM
If the man wants proof we should give it too him.

Tauah turns to Drath.

So, when do we leave.

2008-02-05, 03:22 AM
THe door opens again, and in walks another dwarf, in full battle armour, carrying a shield and a heavy mace. He speaks to Drath as a friend, rather than a master

Hey there, Drath. I take it these are the adventurers? Well I suppose we should get going quickly. Time is money! I'm Trynfar, Drath's personal cleric. I've had much experience in fights, so I won't be holding you back down there. You just do your thing, and I'll follow, and tell you when you've done enough. Shall we go then?

He leads you from the office, back down the stairs. Instead of returning to the bar, you head into the store-room. The stench of alcohol is extremely strong here, and it seems like half the ale in Utovion is down here. You go over to a small hatch in the corner, only large enough to admit one person at a time.

Well here we are. One at a time down the hatch. There's all sorts down there, so watch your step. I'll follow you all in. Go when your ready

He takes a few steps back, and takes some pebbles from his pouch. After muttering a few words, the stones glow with magic light. He offers them to any adventurers who may want them, and then waits patiently for the adventurers to move in.

2008-02-05, 06:17 AM
Tauah seems to concentrate for a moment. Suddenly, his body is cloaked in light.

Those stones won't be necessary.

Tauah enters the hatch, motioning for the others to follow.

an kobold
2008-02-05, 05:50 PM
Arruk does a double take at Tauah, then shrugs.

I ain't got no use for them rocks neither.

Then he too descends into the darkness.

2008-02-06, 03:35 AM
Trynfar shrugs and slips the rock back into his pack.

What strange talents these adventurers have

2008-02-06, 06:27 AM
Byron too refuses Trynfar's offer, graciously however.

"Thanks for your offer but I prefer to bring Pelor's light to the darkness"

He touches his hand to the tip of his mace and whispers a few words. The mace begins to glow like a torch, casting shadows around the room.

OOC:Casting Light on my mace, 50 minute duration

2008-02-16, 04:49 AM
Kiba arrives late into the Dragon's wings tavern. And when he speaks to the barman, he is sent off with James straight to the store room to meet with the other adventurers

{see earlier posts if you want to know what happened. I'll say James fills you in on the details from Drath}

Here you see a dwarvern cleric in full battle-cleric armour, and three other adventurers climbing down a trap-door inot the underworks of the tavern. Each adventurer is different. One is a strange creature - an asherati, whose skin glows with light. A gnoll follows him, and they are all followed by a human cleric with a glowing mace.

{I'll assume Kiba heads down the trap door too, in order to keep things going. Post anything you want him to do before going}

Tauah, as you step down from the last ladder rung, you hear a groan from nearby, and a greatclub swings down. Thankfully, it thuds into the ground next to you. Unfortunately, there is now a zombie trogolodyte stood in front of you. In the gloom, just outside the radius of your glow, you can vaguely see figures shuffling about.

all roll initiative. It will take a move action for each of the rest of you to get off the ladder. Tauah is already in front of the creature.

2008-02-16, 11:25 AM

Kiba doesn't say anything before he goes down, he simply nods his head.

When the Zombie appears when he is about down, he tries to slash at it with his long sword if it is within range.

((If it isn't within range or it is already dead by the time it's his turn, he'll just draw a long sword, if it doesn't conflict with combat rules since I think he needs to be attacking to draw it for a free action...))


((My apologies for lack of RP, it'll get better.))

2008-02-16, 02:46 PM

Byron cautiously decends the ladder, looking carefully around. Out of the corner of his eye he sees movement and all of a sudden a great figure swinging a club appears out of the darkness. He readies himself for action.

Initiative: [roll0]

an kobold
2008-02-17, 03:01 PM

The gnoll lets out the eerie laugh his species is known for as he descends the ladder, eager for combat.


2008-02-18, 04:20 PM
ok, In the interest of keeping things rolling along, I'll roll experiments initiative for him for now.

Tauah init [roll0]
Zombie init [roll1]

Dashing in through the inn doorway comes a Wizard. After talking to the barman, you are directed behind the bar, though to the back store room. Inside there is a battle armour clad dwarf about to head down a trap door.

oh! another latecomer! you'd better hurry, we already have our first kil of the day!

His eyes gleam at the thought of crushing undead skulls.

{Sornjss, We'll have the others tell you what happened IC later on. Some chance for RP :smallbiggrin: }

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-02-20, 10:01 PM
Walking to the underground took little to no time, and soon enough Nym found himself facing a group of intreped adventures, a gitty, fully armored dwarf, and a lurching, ungraceful zombie. Things couldn't get much more fun, and Nym couldn't help himself from smiling.

With uncanny forsight the overly flourishing, flashy robed wizard, makes two curt gestures, and snaps out a hurried three syllabile word, as sparks fly from his lips. Pointing with three fingers on his right hand, his index, middle and ring, which glowed red against his pale skin. Color's reaching their vibrant apex quickly became a orb of roaring flames about four inches across and streaks towards the awekward undead.

Inti: [roll0]
Cast Orb of Fire, Lesser:
To hit (ranged touch attack): [roll1]
If hit, Damage (fire): [roll2]
((This is all of course if the zombie is alive when it's my turn))

2008-02-21, 04:53 AM
Order of action:

19 - Tauah
13 - Trynfar
12 - Byron + Kiba
11 - Aruk
10 - Zombie
8 - Nym

oh and a roll for Trynfar (dwarf cleric) [roll0]

now I'll give experiment a chance to get a post in again, before NPCing his character.

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-02-26, 05:05 PM
((I think it's safe to say that he isn't there))

2008-02-26, 05:55 PM
sorry, RL getting in the way, will get a post in tomorrow. I'm afraid it looks like you won't have a rogue, at least for now.

2008-02-27, 03:46 AM
13 - Trynfar
12 - Byron + Kiba
11 - Aruk
10 - Zombie
8 - Nym

Tauah sems to simply fail to exist any more

Being the last one to enter the trap door, Trynfar moves slightly futher down. He then reaches into his bag, and takes out a handful of the stones again. Still glowing, he scatters them downwards, slightly away from the ladders end.

{The zombie is now clearly seen, and more shapes are more defined further out.}

Byron moves deliberately down the ladder, finding himself facing the zombie at the bottom.

Lightly dropping from the ladder, and over Byrons head, Kiba takes a swing at the creatrure, his attack strikes it, but fails to penetrate its thick skin {miss due to natural armour}

Laughing as he goes, Arruk follows Byron down the ladder, stood next to him at the bottom

The zombie grunts at the disappearance of its first target, and takes a swing at Kiba. Its blow very nearly lands heavily in Kibas side, but swings slightly wide and strikes the ground again.

Nym had much greater luck with accuracy. As the arcane power launches from his hand, it strikes the zombie squarely in the chest. It staggers slighlty, clearly in pain. Small chunks of flesh drop from the wound and it roars again. {18 damage to the zombie}

More shapes begin to shuffle towards you. They are clearly recognisable as human zombies.

{next round}

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-02-27, 06:57 AM
Pausing, Nym decides to gather from the arcane energys around him, instead of the spell's memorized in his mind. Holding forward his right hand, he clinches and twist his fist and a ball of fire exploded where the undead stood, making a plume out to five feat.

((Reflex save for half damage.
Damage- [roll0]

2008-02-29, 08:16 PM
Kiba growls quietly. He decides not to go with two swords, but stick to just 1 for now.
He swings at the zombie who struck him.

[roll0] (*Headdesk*)

an kobold
2008-03-01, 03:13 AM

The gnoll unsheathes his falchion and takes a swing at the closest zombie, his mouth still open but the laugh gone, replaced with the concentration required of battle.


2008-03-01, 06:09 AM

With his hammer readied, he concentrates and the light it glows with intensifies. "By the light of Pelor, begone from this place!" he shouts and swings at the nearest zombie.

Using my Sun Devotion feat, my weapon deals +5 sacred damage to undead for 1 minute.

Attack: [roll0] (heh, just as good as you MasatoHyuga)
Damage: [roll1]

2008-03-01, 07:44 AM
13 - Trynfar
12 - Byron + Kiba
11 - Aruk
10 - Zombie
8 - Nym

Trynfar hurriedly casts bless on everyone (+1 attack rolls, +1 save vs fear. I'll add this to your rolls, snce trynfar had first go)

Kiba's next swing with the sword goes wide again

Byron too manages to avoid striking the beast

Aruk has much greater luck. His falchion swings through the air and bites deep into the zombie. The creature falls with a slight moan, and lies on the ground more or less motionless.

{the closest human zombies are now 10 feet away from your group. There are 10 of them in total, 5 of which will reach you next round}

Nym, seeing the trogolodyte zombie fall, turns his arcane attention to one of the approaching zombies. The zombie ignites, and falls striaght to the ground, deader than before.

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-03-01, 10:32 AM
Quickly relizing they won't kill all the zombies before some body reaches them, Nym makes a sweep, and gesture with his hand, pulls forth a piece of cured leather from his cloak, and repeats a three word trigger to bring forth a translucent force that covers his entire body. After that, Nym falls back into casting, deciding that the spell before was as effective as any he again clenchs his fist and twist, as a plume of fire blooms in the midst of the slow undead.

((Cast Mage Armor and then activate m Fiery Burst Spell
Damage on hit- [roll0]))

an kobold
2008-03-01, 05:39 PM

Wrenching his blade from the fallen corpse of a corpse, Arruk growls and charges forward towards the nearest human zombie, swinging his blade with more force than before.

Charging for +2 to attack, taking -2 on a power attack, for an overall +0 to the attack roll, +4 to damage, and -2 to AC.

2008-03-01, 07:21 PM

Not missing a beat, Byron spins after missing the zombie, now falling to the floor, and turns to face it's friends. He charges at the nearest one.

Charging for +2 to hit.

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2008-03-05, 08:04 PM
*Is finally able to post*

Just to make things quick in case site goes down again, Kiba charges a Zombie that isn't being attacked.

Power attack -2 to attack roll
Charging for +2 to attack roll
-2 to AC till next turn

2008-03-05, 08:06 PM
Confirming Crit!


If yes... (Not sure if charge counts on this too....)

2008-03-06, 03:43 AM
19 - Zombies {next round}
13 - Trynfar
12 - Byron + Kiba
11 - Aruk
8 - Nym

Seizing the initiative upon the new opponents, the party rushes them.

Trynfar casts bulls strength upon Kiba, and holds his ground. His job here is to support and view the party, so thats what he'll do. {Kiba +4 STR}

Byron hurls himself forwards, smashing his weapon into the creature. Th zombie buckles and collapses, not dead (I need a better word for that) but almost there. (15 damage)

Under the power of Bull strength, Kiba shoots off at another zombie, spearing it traight through. Unfortunately the penetration fails to deal extra damage. but the zombie still flinches. (9 Damage)

Spreading the party further, Arruk dives off after another creature. His blade hits home again, slicing straight through the zombie and felling (that works better) it in one swing.

Nym is wreathed in arcane energy, and then flames launch from his hands. A zombie catches alight momentarily, and bits of charred fless drop from its torso. It still continues to advance. (12 damage)

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-03-06, 06:52 PM
Staring determined at the closest zombie he waves his hands in mystical patterns, releasing a tiny bit of bat guano and pinch of sulfar into the air and shouting to the plane of fire calling forth a bit of it's magic.

(( If there is three or more zombies bunched together I'll cast fireball in their area (It must also not effect any of my fellow party members.

Damage: [roll0] (+1 to caster level from Fiery Burst Feat

If there isn't I'll just go for the closest one, with my Fiery Burst feat,

Damage: [roll1] ))

an kobold
2008-03-06, 07:44 PM

Stepping forward to attack another zombie, Arruk grins, crying out:

Shouldn't have fussed so much, I'm enjoyin' myself.

He's letting himself go, so -3 to bab for power attack.


2008-03-13, 07:38 AM
Kiba remains focused on attacking the zombies. He attacks the same one, since it apparently hasn't "died" yet.

(Very busy, can't add bull strength spell to my rolls at the moment)

(*Feels guilty for not posting:smallfrown:*)

2008-03-13, 08:04 AM

Byron takes another swing, hoping to fell the foul beast

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2008-03-13, 09:07 AM
Crit confirm... I'm on a roll.


2008-03-13, 11:48 AM
19 - Zombies
13 - Trynfar
12 - Byron + Kiba
11 - Aruk
8 - Nym

The zombies retaliate at last! Aruk takes a blow on his shoulder from a club (4 damage) Another zombie takesa swing, but fails to hit Kiba at all, the swing being far too wide. A third swings at Byron, but the club simply clangs off his armour, barely even leaving a dent.

A fourth zombie approaches Kiba (AoO for Kiba) and takes a swing, but misses horribly, like the one before.

The last zombie approaches Trynfar, but its club too, clangs off the armour of the dwarvern cleric.

The other 5 zombies continue to approach.

The dwarf retaliates against the undead. Unfortunately, his accuracy with the mace isn't that good, and his swing goes wide.

Kiba slashes at the zombie again, but this time his blade skewers straight through the creature. With a deft twist, he removes the blade, the undead falling to the ground, now almost in two pieces, and clearly "dead".

Byron's second swing mashes the zombies face into pulp, it falls clumsily to the ground, minus a head.

Arruk's weapon bites into the zombie, and it falls instantly, collapsing and "dead" on the ground.

Nym hurls a large lump of arcane flame at the approching zombies, instantly burning 3 of them to ashes, and 1 of them becoming extremely charred. (11 damage)

Summary: 6 zombies killed this round, only 4 left now. 1 is engaging Kiba, who has an AoO against it. 1 is engaging Trynfar, who could do with a hand. 2. 1 is still approaching on full health, and will reach Nym next round. The other is also approaching but extremely charred.

Sornjss Lichdom
2008-03-13, 06:05 PM
Focusing on his conjurations, Nym points towards the floor below the two Zombies. As if sprayed from the mouth of a dragon grease appears at their feet. As slippery as lard.

an kobold
2008-03-14, 01:56 AM

The gnoll turns on the zombie attempting to get past Tryndars' armor and takes a swing, seeming to take more care now that a comrade is nearer to where the arc will take the sharp edge of the blade.

If said zombie turns out to be down before Arruk's go, he'll go after the healthy one closing down on Nym.

2008-03-14, 06:07 AM

Byron charges to intercept the zombie heading towards Nym.

+2 Attack for charging (-2 AC too)
Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2008-03-17, 07:30 AM

Kiba continues to strongly slash at the other Zombie engaging him.


2008-03-17, 07:34 AM
(Gah... Forgot AoO, so just assume the one above was the AoO and this is his normal move)

Kiba quickly slashes at the Zombie again, his face shows determination and a slight anger of annoyance that these things aren't dead yet.


2008-03-24, 09:49 AM
((*Casts True Rez on Thread*
This isn't dying on me!))

2008-03-24, 11:47 AM
I'll get a post up tongiht, sorry, been a little busy recently.

2008-04-10, 04:33 AM
I'll get a post up tongiht, sorry, been a little busy recently.

((Casting Raise Dead on thread))

2008-04-10, 05:25 PM
((Casting Raise Dead on thread))

((*Helps with spell... Somehow*))

2008-04-11, 07:51 AM
post coming. I'm doing it Right now this post will be edited with it.

19 - Zombies
13 - Trynfar
12 - Byron + Kiba
11 - Aruk
8 - Nym

Somehow, every zombie manages to completely fail to do anything useful for a whole round. They all manage to miss every player. (I rolled terribly bad that time)

Trynfar reacts better this time, swinging his mace at the zombie next to him. (3 damage)

Kiba spins round, driving his longsword into the newly approaching Zombie, clearly tearing verious parts off it, though it is still left standing. (12 damage). Focusing again, he takes another slash at it, felling another creature. (another zombie "dead")

Byron dashes infront of Nym, and swings his weapon at the zombie. It hits it squarely in the chest, but doesn't bring it down. (14 damage)

Arruk comes to Trynfars aid, and easily fells another zombie (1 zombie "dead")

Thanks to Nyms arcane power, the floor around the 2 remaining zombies becomes extremely difficult to stand on. (I can't seem to find your sheet in my bookmarks Sornjss, and I assume thats were the DC for the reflex comes from. I'll do the zombies save when I find the DC.)

Summary: only 2 zombies left, one heavily damaged engaged with Byron, One still burnt, almost on Nym. Both close to "death"

2008-04-16, 07:06 AM

Byron swings and hits the zombie again, hoping to finish it off.

Attack: [roll0]
Damage: [roll1]

2008-04-16, 09:23 PM
EDIT: @^: You're character does THAT Much damage?:smalltongue:

((For those that haven't seen post in "goodbye" thread in Friendly Banter... I won't be posting much, for the most part. I will still post here however, but it may be slower... Then normal:smallbiggrin:))

Kiba will go for either Zombie, depending on who's closest, and what is "dead" by his turn.


2008-04-17, 01:56 AM
(OOC - lol, idiot me, Damage: [roll0])

2008-04-19, 08:07 AM
And bumpaga.

2008-04-19, 11:38 AM
waiting on the other players. And just a warning, A level exams are coming up for me, so (even though I dont exactly post tonnes) expect a decrease in progress rate for a while

2008-04-19, 02:21 PM
I know, just a bump for them:smalltongue:

PM's would probably work though if they still don't >_>

an kobold
2008-04-30, 11:12 PM

The gnoll goes after the zed bearing down on Nym without any heed of form or training and raises his blade blade over his head before bringing it back down.


Sorry for the delay. The loss of the internet was followed shortly by my loss of a hard drive and my exams. Tech karma seems to have reverted to neutral, though.

an kobold
2008-04-30, 11:15 PM
Roll didn't work.