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2008-01-24, 07:50 AM
Would it be possible for a wizard to get into mindbender any earlier than level 6 by using a feat to bump up his caster level?? Also, what's the earliest spell on wizard or cleric spell list that can be used to contractually bind someone's soul to a plane or fiend.

(character is a wizard/urpriest mystic theurge who works for hades, bringing souls back to his plane to fuel his cleric spells, thematically. Dont need something that prevents them from being resurrected, just something that makes them go to hades when they die.)

2008-01-24, 09:40 AM
Would it be possible for a wizard to get into mindbender any earlier than level 6 by using a feat to bump up his caster level??

Hmmm. Human Sorcerer with one Flaw. Take the feats Divine Sorcery (Creation Domain, +2 caster level), Domain Focus (+1 caster level for domain spells), and Ship's Mage (+1 caster level when on your bonded ship) or Storm Magic . You now cast conjuration (creation) spells (such as create water or grease) at +4 caster levels.


Water Focus and Earth Focus (Dragon #314) might work as well if the spell doesn't have a save (Water Focus and create water, for example), but I don't have my Dragons handy, so I'm not sure what the exact text says... realmshelp doesn't say anything about Water Focus increasing the caster level.

There are several other domains that offer +1 caster level (Divination, Chaos/Evil/Law/Good, Artifice, etc.) but it's hard to beat Creation's +2. A Wizard 1/Cleric 1 with both the Creation and Artifice domains gets a +3 caster levels on conjuration (creation) spells, add Storm Magic/Spell Thematics/Sanctum Spell and you should get +4.

Other possibilities:

Spell Thematics (Players Guide to Faerun) +1 caster level to your "thematic spells".

Earth Spell (Races of Stone, requires Earth Sense and Heighten Spell) +1 caster level when standing on earth and using Heighten Spell (usually mentioned being used with an Illumian sigil but I'm not sure how it works).

Sanctum Spell (Complete Arcane, requires another metamagic) +1 caster level when cast inside sanctum.

Mutable Body (Races of Eberron, requires shapechanger subtype) +1 caster level to transmutation spells.

Strength of Shadows (Dragon #330) +1 caster level to (shadow) or [darkness] spells.

Draconic Power (Complete Arcane, requires Draconic Heritage) +1 caster level to matching energy damage spells.

Aerenal Half-Life (Player's Guide to Eberron) +1 caster level to necromancy spells.

Words of Creation (BoED) +1 to good spells

Focused Specialist (Dragon #351, requires Arcane Focus) +1 caster level to next spell cast.

Bloodline of Fire (Players Guide to Faerun, regional) +2 caster level to [fire] spells.

Infernal Sorcerer Heritage (PHBII) +2 caster level to conjuration (summoning) evil outsiders.

Superior Summons (Dragon #311, ceremonial spell) +1 caster level to conjuration (summoning), might work well with the previous feat, but I'm fuzzy on what the ceremonial requirements entail.