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2008-01-26, 11:41 AM

The sun is beating down mercilessly upon the baked clay streets of Rhuves. Striding down the main throughfare are people of all descriptions heights and ages. You see boys running about playing tig whilst the girls and doing something with a rope strung between two of them and a third jumping over the top. Market vendors hawk at you as you walk through the city trying to sell you some stuff, most of which looks tacky, but every now and then something glints and catches your eye.

The buildings look to be mostly wood but the bigger buildings which are obviously more expensive are starting to be clad in stone. The only true stone building in the city is more like a marbelite structure, but it has veins of pink and purple running through it. Massive pillars hold up balconies and arches are spread throughout looking like something out of elfish legend. The windows have glass in not hide skins as some of the buildings in the city have and there are even rich purple curtains in most windows. Whatever people may say about the royal family, they will never say they are poor. It is of course the royal residence and where you have been requested. Your meeting is at mid-day after Prince Saech has finished the latest convening of his fatherís council.

The massive wrought iron gate is flanked by a pair of elite guards dressed all in black trimmed with crimson. They do not move and allow you access as you walk past and through.

{{There is about a half hour till the meeting, role-play meeting each other, talking to the guards anything. You can do your walk through the city as well if you wish}}

2008-01-26, 12:57 PM
Steve arrives first. Finding himself in the antechamber with nothing to do, he takes a seat at a table laid out with a chess board and begins experimenting with a new opening he's trying to master.

2008-01-27, 12:11 AM

Elora had made the promise to the prince, but despised the thought of entering the capital. The stone roads and oppressive walls of buildings made her uncomfortable. She walked to the edge of her beloved forest and headed through the pastures and farms to the capital. She looks out of place, but walks confidently through the town; women avoid her generally, pointing at her back and whispering. Occasionally, men gaze at her transfixed by her cold blue eyes.

She arrives at the home of the prince and enters quickly; a bird which had been circling the area lands on her shoulder just as she enters--a majestic, if small, eagle. Her hand goes to pat the eagle on its head and she asks it, "Ready?"

Once she enters the room with the others, she finds a nice corner to sit in and practices tricks with the bird.

The others in the room notices the young woman is quite beautiful, though dingily dressed. Her long white-blond hair is unkempt and falls past her shoulders. Her skin is pale but dirty. Her eyes are a penetrating clear blue and it is hard to see anything but her eyes.

2008-01-27, 01:45 PM
Drenzen feels ill at ease today, possibly rightfully so. The price has a scheme going on, and those usually justify him being ill at ease... even more so when the man keeps it a secret. What makes things worse is that Drenzen has been on a week long rest because the prince said "You'll need it." Although he doesn't like to delegate his duties, the short reprieve was a nice chance to catch up on a few things with some locals he can't usually waste time with. Now that was at and end and Drenzen will finally be able to see what the prince is coming up with.

Leaving most of his weaponry with his horse at the stable, Drenzen approaches the royal residence with just a spear and his armor. Most of his clothing is dull gray or brown except for his cloak, a dark green cloak with red trimming, the uniform piece of the King's Spears mounted bodyguards. He walks down the street from where he was staying, salutes the guards as he passes by them and goes into the palace.

Drenzen leans up against the wall next to the council chamber door, his spearhead making a small clink as it hits the stone. He takes a quick look at the two that have already arrived. Chess player. Possibly a decent match. Woman training an eagle inside of a building... interesting. Making a quick assumption of why Elora would be there, he turns to her and asks, "So you would be the woman the prince sneaks out to see?"

2008-01-27, 04:58 PM

Worl had been up, as usual, since the early morning. He sat in the inner courtyard of the temple, meditating on the mission ahead of him. Map the island and see what's out there. That's a good job. Needs doing, and sounds interesting. Wonder who else is going? Saech will pick good people. This is going to be fun.

He sat in the sun, absorbing the light of Ra until almost noon. Sighing, he stretched his arms high and faced the full glare for a moment. Time to go. Carefully checking over his clothing for cleanliness, he straightened his holy symbol and walked the short distance from the temple grounds to the palace. He left his armor and weapons in the temple.

"Good day, guardsmen!," called Worl as he approached the gates. "How goes it for you this fine day?" The cleric chatted with the guards for a few minutes, trying to gauge their level of tension, but he soon moved inside to the meeting rooms. Spotting the others who had arrived, he nodded at Drenzen and Elora and went to sit with Steve.

He declined to play with a laugh. "Now, Steve, you know you can whip me at chess. Don't even ask. Do you know anything more about this job?"

2008-01-27, 05:00 PM
"Might I suggest that you should pay less attenion to the gossip at court, Sir Drenzen. We both know what that is worth." Dante said as he strode into the room. He was a tall man if on the lean side. His clothes are well made but plain. The only adornment on him is the royal crest over his left breast. He kept his jet black hair cut short and well groomed. Small clerks glasses were worn before his dark brown eyes. A the momment those are flicking from Drezen to the person playing chess. Hoping that Drenzen would take the hint. "If one that did not know you well heard such speech they might wonder of your loyalty."

With that he turned to the others and gave the a comforting smile. "Thank you for coming. The prince will be a while yet but a small snack and some drinks are on their way. Please make yourselves at ease. Madam, Would your eagle wish something to eat? I can have kitchen bring up so strips of meat if you wish."

2008-01-28, 01:37 AM
Drenzen gives an annoyed but amused shake of his head as Dante smooths over his question with pleasantries. Dante seems to have a way with occasionally annoying Drenzen. In fact, Drenzen is pretty much certain that the information about the prince sneaking off, and how damned long he's been going unnoticed, came from him one way or the other. Either Drenzen is about to punch him or he's doing his job better than could be expected.

Regaining his usual focus, he turns to Dante and asks, "Well I don't suppose you have any information on this plan of his? He's been keeping all of the Spears and especially me in the dark about it."

Then realizing that Dante was hinting that he should be talking gracefully and nobly, he apologizes to Elora.

"I must apologize for being so forward. It's my job to make sure the prince doesn't get in over his head in danger."

2008-01-28, 10:19 AM

The double doors to the antechamber come gliding open, and out steps a man. A rather tall man with a bald patch on the top, he's dressed as a butler with a black suit and hat under his arm. Noticing the group he walks over and intone's

"The Prince will see you now.

I would tread carefully his father is feeling worse for wear and the council meeting didn't break up with good will towards everyone there."

As he turns around you see a name tag on his left lapel entitled "Jeeves" and he strides back up to the door to wait for you. Once you follow he leads you down a thickly carpeted and well ordered hall way with pictures on the walls at regular intervals which all seem to be aristocratic people with a fairly boring air about them. All posing in one way, you assume the royal family.

He stands ouside a thick oak door and knocks politley. A deep voice you all recognise as Seachs answers


And walking in you see him in a richly appointed study. Oak bookcases lined with leatherbacked books behind him and he is on a formally rich chair behind a massive teak and polished table.

"Welcome friends. I would have some formal speech prepared but basically im too run down to do so. There is not much time left and ill give you the basic facts. Up on what we class as the border there have been sightings of 'things'. They look like humans crossed with dogs which then bred with goblins. Castle Ormek has sent out patrols that have never returned and what was once a mighty empire is stagnating. I want you to go up there, and fully map everything out. So we can find any mines or minerally rich deposits, any other people settled here we can trade with and just information as much as you can get. I give you one chance and one only here, if you want out say so now. I do not pretend this will be a walk in the park for any of you. I would accompany you but i am needed here, i know each of you individually and well and know you are all up to this task."

With this he leans back and a comfortable glint that you are all used to seeing settles into his eye and a faint smile creases his handsome face.

2008-01-28, 10:44 AM

"Does the prince really have to sneak anywhere?" Elora responds to the man in metal without looking up.

When beckoned, Elora taps her shoulder and the eagle hops from the ground to her knee and then to her shoulder, facing backwards. Elora stands and walks down the hallway into the study. She looks around and reaches out to touch the shelves; the warmth of the formerly living material pleases her. Even once cut from the ground, wood is never cold to the touch the way stone or metal are.

Elora appears distracted by the shelves during the speech, but she promptly answers back to the prince when he is finished, "Do you have a way for us to communicate back to you?" Her words affirm she plans to go on this expedition.

2008-01-28, 11:16 AM
Steve responds in a rapid monologue, "I mean no offense, my Prince, but if the patrols have not returned... then we do not know what we may be up against. If it were coming from anyone else, I would assume this was a suicide mission. What gives you confidence that we will succeed? Do you have other information which, for good reasons no doubt, you cannot share? Yes, that must be it. I'm in."

2008-01-28, 01:02 PM

The prince turns his steely blue eyes on Steve.

"The main reason why the patrols failed, is dissension. Those who support the court's side against my father are arguing that we should never have left the old land. That we should never have sailed to this island. I know you all personally and i believe that this will not be the case with this group. If it is, then that is most unfortunate for yourselves because it is your lives, not mine."

Turning his gaze to Elora she sees the familiar smile directed at her and herself alone,

"Well I wouldn't send you out there without something now then would I?"

He leans down and opens a drawer pulling out a fist sized blue crystal. He hands this to Worl.

"The power of the Sun God is infused into this crystal they work as pairs, whatever you say into this will be repeated in the other. I hold the other and have it normally set so only i can hear it. You must think your thoughts into it as well as how loud you wish them to come out and how loud it will be speaking back to you."

2008-01-28, 01:07 PM
Dante shrugged his shoulders at Drenzen but the enterence of the servant stopped him from saying more. He followed the servant to the study.

As the Prince spoke he watch the response of the other. carefull noting thier reactions. To what the Prince had just said Dante merely shook his head before readjusting his glasses. "My answer hasn't change since I first said it, M'Lord. The Jerkins boys will handle your schuduel well enough and I have left the other matters in capable hands."

2008-01-28, 03:15 PM
Drenzen listens to the prince's plan and the objections and thoughts given by the others in silence, thinking them over in his head. He finally says to the man, "This is all well and good, but it still leaves you a man behind on your guard. The roads are perilous with predators, maybe caused by these wolf-monsters you describe. I assume you've already picked out someone to fill in while I'm gone?"

Drenzen then softens his expression and gives a sly grin.

"I'll assume you've already thought of any other objections and have found ways to convince us otherwise."

2008-01-29, 09:31 AM
Worl's normally sunny expression turned grim as his prince spoke of the dog-monsters. For a moment, memories of the last sight of his parents clouded his vision.

He leaped up in frustration. "It's stupid to waste time with 'woulda coulda shoulda.' We're here now. I knew there were whiners, but I didn't think it was this bad. Blessed Ra, shed some light on these idiots!" The priest folded his arms and glared in the direction of the council chamber.

Suddenly realizing he had been asked a question, Worl relaxed his angry stance and smiled at his friend. "Of course I will go on this mission, my prince. It's a good thing, and it'll help us all to live in peace and prosperity! As far as dissension, I don't think that will be a big problem. I love you like a brother, and I think that goes for everyone else here too."

With a sweeping gesture, Worl waved at the others in the room. As his eyes met Elora, a blush slowly spread over his face, eventually turning his ears an interesting shade of crimson. "Ah, er, yes, everyone ... friends ... work together ... sitting down now" With an embarrassed thump, he dropped into the nearest chair.

2008-01-29, 03:53 PM

The prince sweeps his gaze across all of you, his gaze lingering on Elora's a moment longer than the rest.

"Very well assuming there are no more complaints or questions, you are free to leave. I want a report when you reach Castle Ormek, or earlier if anything catches your attention, remember this area has only be roughly mapped and we don't tend to stray too far off the beaten paths, so call in earlier if you find something that looks intresting"

[[If none of you mind a fastforward we'll go straight to the first intresting thing, if you do ignore everything below and we'll go with what you want]]

Sun and landscape passes by for a few day's with absolutley nothing of intrest or note. You pass a few travellers all bound in the opposite direction and after nodding your heads and smiling at each other they are forgotten when it comes to the end of the night. However when you come to within 10 miles of Wornach and are about to start the northward leg of your journey, you spot a stack of smoke raising its way into the sky directly north of your position. From the city it would be hidden by a ridge of hills but from where you are it looks to be about 20-25 miles, and if what Elora remembers is right, it is in the middle of some form of woodland.

2008-01-29, 07:06 PM

Elora had been drifting on and off the path; the hard road is good for booted feet, shoed horses and carts, but the soft grasses on the side of the road were more pleasant to her. Her eagle is perched on her shoulder for most of the day but takes the occassional flight, especially to catch a small creature or even to play in the updrafts of the warm days. The bird calls out and returns suddenly to Elora, drawing her eye to the black smoke rising in the north.

A familiar feeling of fear and dread comes over Elora and for a moment she looks quite sad.

"Worl, it might be a good time to notify the prince. There's a large fire in the forests north of Wornach." Elora's face maintains a look of concern.

2008-01-29, 08:00 PM
Steve squints at the smoke, trying to gauge the size of the fire. He also tries to recall the recent weather and assess whether a naturally occurring forest fire is likely.

(OOC: size of the fire meaning "small campfire" versus "huge bonfire" versus "OMGEVACUATE!", for example)

Rolls, if needed:
Spot: [roll0]
Knowledge (nature): [roll1]

2008-01-29, 11:06 PM
Dante grimaces at the sight of the smoke.He had hope that the situation was a product of the council's scheme but this didn't look like something they'd do. Shrugging off his doubt he drew one of his long knives before looking back at the others. "I think we'd best be alert friends. I doubt that smoke is a welcoming bonfire. Elora, you'd probably know this area best. What's in that general area?"

2008-01-30, 12:10 AM
"Worl, it might be a good time to notify the prince. There's a large fire in the forests north of Wornach." Elora's face maintains a look of concern.

"Yeah, you're right. First let's see what we can find out from here, and then I'll make a report. What can you sense of the forest, Elora? You're much better at it than I am." Worl stared at the sky for a moment, and then turned in a slow circle, looking for any other odd happenings.

Unless a Survival +4 check will do something, Worl's got nothing but the Mk1 eyeball and common sense to help with this. Spot +1, Search +3, and Listen +3 are all untrained.

[I have no problem with zipping ahead, but I had some housekeeping issues I'll cover in the OOC thread.]

2008-01-30, 09:51 AM

Micheal was very quiet during the meeting knowing his duty was needed and wanting to have his first real adventure instead of being couped up in a castle. Micheal wears the same uniform as Drenzen, except for one differences instead of a spears on his chest, there is a shield with a picture of a hawk with 2 swords crossed behind it.

2008-01-30, 10:32 AM
Okay, what can Elora know? The area is a wooded area north of Wornach, there is a forest surroudning Wornach. What time of year is it? Are forest fires common in this time of year? Has it been dry? Windy?


2008-01-30, 12:07 PM

Elora knows that in this particular forest live mainly doe and deer and many varaities of wild plants and smaller animals. If her eagle happens to be about with her, she gets a strong strong feeling of horror from it through her empathic link.

To your memory the recent weather has been fairly hot, but it has rained nearly once in every 3 days, infact it rained 2 days ago, and it was a fairly substantial downpour which happened.

Worl sees atop a hill close to the wood which appaears to be a fire what would seem to be a blood red flag flying atop a flagpole. {{Dang nat 20 on what i rolled for you :)}}

It is currently around spring just coming into summer, and the wind at this current time is not all that substantial. Not even enough to barely rustle the branches of some of the taller trees.

2008-01-30, 01:02 PM
Worl pointed at the hill top and asked the others, "Hey, does that look like a flag to you?" He then turned and took a good grip on Donk's reins, just in case.

2008-01-30, 02:11 PM

Elora considers the situation and the weather recently and replies, "It's a good forest, lots of animals, no settlements. I would suspect that fire is not a natural forest fire. The weather recently has not been too dry or windy. And I just feel like it is being burnt maliciously.

"We are a day's walk away from it now, if we are not slowed by hunting. I would like to get there quickly. Are any of you opposed to extending our walking time today to arrive there without stopping?"

OOC: What time of day is it. How long have we been walking? Do you play by the Forced March rules?

2008-01-31, 04:55 AM

Its roughly 11 o clock in the morning.

You could turn up as fast as you can push yourselves, forced march i play with yes, specially with the monsters.

You set off at about 9am this morning only been walking for a couple of hours.

Now that Worl points out the fluttering pennant you can all make it out and as soon as Elora's eagle looks at it, Elora feels a feeling of dread and horror permeate her through the eagles empathic link.

2008-01-31, 01:48 PM
if I can make a knowledge nobility I will


Micheal looks at the flag trying to think of who the banner belongs to. He scratches his head and saysThats strange in all my study I have never seen a herald as that one. In my opinion whatever banner it is, the owner is not human, or from are parts

2008-01-31, 01:56 PM

It would appear that you have not seen this banner at court before. Ever. Infact you don't even know of a single human noble that uses this red background with two crossed swords against an upraised mailed fist.

2008-01-31, 02:30 PM
Unease began filling Dante. Fire now seem unlikely to have bin started naturally and now this flag. "I think it would be best if we exercise caution in this, Friends. I might suggest that those of us that can move without being noticed should scout ahead to see what we face. I am able to do this myself but I would welcome company."

2008-01-31, 04:21 PM

who ever goes to scout better have send a signal if any enemys of the crown are near.

2008-02-01, 11:58 AM
Worl glared at the discomfiting flag and declared, "We need to go look at that hilltop. We need to get there as quickly as we can. I'm not going to let some other family be burned out of their homes if I can help it!"

Worl looked around at the others, looked at the distance they had to travel, looked at Donk and Butterscotch, and said, "Right. We need to be smart about this. Scouts. Well, not me, that's for sure. But Sir Mickyle's right, the scout needs to have a signal or something in case of trouble. I don't have a useful spell for that, and I didn't bring a whistle, so I hope somebody else has a good idea."

The priest shrugged, trusting that somebody, probably the ever-dependable Dante, would have a solution. "Plus, I'm worried that whoever scouts might get separated from the group. Whatever happens, I figure it's going to be well after dark before we get within a mile of that flagpole, unless Sir Mickyle can go faster."

Worl turned to Donk and rummaged in the packs for a while, emerging with a feed bag and waterskin. Loosely tying Donk's halter to a nearby bush, Worl fed the mule and then composed his mind for the communique.

Let's see how this works. Think and then talk, right. I want it at normal volume at both ends. Okay, so just talk to the rock... Clearing his throat, Worl spoke slowly in a slightly stilted voice, "Ah, Prince Saech, this is Worl with a report from the mapping party. We're about one half day's travel from Wornach and we've spotted a major fire in the woods to the north, about a day's travel north of the road. Ah, there's a flag on a hilltop, near the fire. Nobody here recognizes the flag. We're going to go check it out. Oh, uh, the flag is red with a mailed fist over crossed swords. Uh, did you get that?"

Worl waited, feeling a little embarrassed to be talking to a rock (even if it was a magic rock), to hear if his prince had a response.

2008-02-01, 12:57 PM
Steve chimes in, "Oh! I brought a whistle.". He pulls on a cord necklace, that had been completely obscured by his cloak, and reveals a simple wooden whistle.

He continues, "Dante can take this. I think he's the only one here with any real skill as a scout.

"Since the flag is many hours away, I suggest that we continue to travel together for awhile--and bring the donkey. If Dante gets that far ahead, we won't be any help if he's discovered. A forced march may leave us fatigued and in no condition to face whatever challenges may be ahead. I suggest we travel as far as we can today and make camp for the night. Tomorrow we can close the rest of the distance, refreshed and alert.

"Once we get with a half mile or so, Dante can reconnoiter and see what there is to see. Perhaps he can keep some short distance ahead of us throughout our travels though. If the owner's of that flag are unfriendly and have scouts of their own, it would be good if we can spot them before they can spot us.

"Speaking of which... Elora, can that eagle of yours fly circle above us and alert us if anyone approaches?"

2008-02-01, 01:07 PM

"She could, but that would be kind of noticeable. Travelling through the woods, she would do better to move from tree to tree, and not circle above us. Out here in the open, it would make her a target, unless there were other birds around."

2008-02-01, 01:16 PM

Some crackling travels through the crystal to your ears and a voice replies just at above a whisper, which you all recognise as Saechs immediatley

"Do you really need to bellow into my ears? These things are sensative you know. Anyway sorry about the time lag reply I only just got out of a meeting with the council, and they all heard you. So yeah, the consensus is that you go and investigate, no noble recognises this banner or flag, but one did mention about it being seen on some of the monsters shields near Ormek. So proceed, but with all caution. Report back in when you know whats happening there, end of tomorrow at the latest or im going to come looking for you."

2008-02-04, 12:30 AM

"Do you really need to bellow into my ears? These things are sensative you know. "

"No, your highness, I didn't know," grumbled Worl in an irritated whisper. "I hope this is better." He waited for a few seconds to hear if there were any more complaints, and then continued, "We'll go up there and look around. We should be on the move again in a quarter hour or so. Ah, goodbye?" Worl glared at the crystal for a few more minutes, waiting for any further instructions.

Once he was certain the messaging was done, he carefully returned the stone to its wrappings and replaced it in his pouch. Standing up, he dusted off the seat of his pants and walked over to where Donk was finishing lunch. Worl rubbed the mule between its ears and looked over at Drenzen. "So, King's Spear, any suggestions? On the one hand, I don't want to push Donk here past his endurance, but on the other hand I don't want to sit on my duff and drink tea while someone's home burns down. An' I really don't think its a good idea to camp in the path of a forest fire, so if we could figure out which way that fire was moving that would be a good thing. I didn't pray for any water spells today, and I'd rather not be burned to a crisp." While waiting for a plan to form, he put away the feed bag and water and offered Donk an apple.

2008-02-05, 10:03 AM

A voice comes cascading back across the crystal, rather quietly

"Yes well now you do. Also about that banner one of the men says he remembers something like it near the castle, but can't remember what exactly. It would appear that you will need to go looking but be careful. I want you to report back in when your done investigating and not before. There will be a pair of fire control squads there from the city by mid day tomorrow - be ready for them if theres anything wrong."

With that the crystal goes dead.

2008-02-05, 12:53 PM
"Well there we have it. We have till midday tomorrow to find out about what's happening. I would suggest we get moving so as to get there in time. We can talk further while were moving." With that Dante adjusted his pack on his back, turned and began to walk toward the smoke.

2008-02-05, 01:12 PM

"Then we hurry today." Elora looks pleased with the decision.

2008-02-05, 03:46 PM

"Yes, let's go!" Worl wrapped Donk's lead over his arm and began to move after Dante. "Elora, do you have any suggestions on helping Donk? I don't really know what I'm doing here." Worl's face flamed red, but he plowed on, determined to make his point. "I mean, I do know what I'm doing in the service of Ra, but I'm not too up on what to do with a mule. Feed the mule, water the mule, brush the mule ... am I missing anything here?" The young priest walked on, steadfastly not looking at Elora as the blush slowly ebbed from his face.

2008-02-05, 04:58 PM

Knowing the pace to set and trudging along playfully passing banter with each other or loosing yourself in your own thoughts, much of the journey looks the same. The same wavy greens and browns of the grasses stroking the calf muscles as you trudge through them and night sets on, and the wind whistles through your hair as early evening comes around.

The smell of woodsmoke gets heavy and heavy in the air and you see the large black roiling cloud overhead, turning a corner in the trees as you reach a tree line, you find a sight that horrifies all of your eyes, especially Elora's.

There is a HUGE space been cleared in the forest you can see it extends at least 2 miles back roughly and about 1 and a half across, all the trees are in a massive pile in the centre being burnt on a massive bonfire. There are trees that would be hundreds of years old with their limbs now sloping down and burning away, you can hear sap popping inside and leaves burning to a crisp and floating away on the air with the ashes. What has struck Elora dumb now strikes you all, every single kind of animal you could imagine lays slaughtered around the fire, limbs and entrails galore most spread into grotesque wierd shapes.

What surrounds this is what is creepier, there are 4 or 5, what you would call human's, except 4 are bone white, dressed in silver robes dancing around the fifth chanting and gesticulating. The fifth is dressed in a golden robe with a sceptre in its hands, and looking up it see's you. It has no normal eyes but they are a deep bloodshot red and they stare hungrily at you.

Initiatives please; there are 5 'things' roughly 200 feet away now.

To Elora

Will Save please m'dear

2008-02-05, 06:14 PM
"Dante, what kind of scout are you?", Steve says. "We're approaching through a forest, which means there's plenty of opportunity for concealment. On top of that, those... those... well, whatever those things are--they're near a gigantic bonfire which means their night-vision is shot and all that crackling has got to practically deafen them to boot, and you can't alert us about them until we're on top of them?"

Steve scowls, while peering at the creatures, trying to see if recall anything about such creatures from the many tomes he has studied (OOC: I'm not sure about the Type of these creatures, so I'm not sure which Knowledge skill to roll here. DM?).

Initiative: [roll0]

On his first action, Steve moves behind the nearest large tree in order to gain some cover and/or concealment and casts Mage Armor. If the nearest large tree is with 5', Steve also loads his light crossbow.

2008-02-05, 07:10 PM

Elora politely educates Worl on the proper way to keep a mule happy to participate. She's glad he asked, because the mule had been packed unevenly which might have worn out the mule and possibly injured it. She also pets the mule and makes friends with it.

When the group arrives at the bonfire, Elora is horrified, "My goodness."

Glad I rolled the Will last! :smallsmile:

2008-02-05, 08:58 PM

Initiative: [roll0]

Blessed Ra, shine your light on us in this our hour of darkness. Let not the smoke of these unholy fires cloud our vision.

Worl quickly wrapped Donk's reins around the nearest branch, hoping that would slow the mule's headlong rush away. He pulled out his crossbow and checked the load while he stared at the creatures, hoping for understanding.

Knowledge(religion): [roll1]
Knowledge(arcana): [roll2]

Does Worl recognize these creatures? Undead? Extraplanar? Something else?

OOC: Clarification, please: is it still daylight? By my calculations 11 am + 7 hrs = 6 pm, so it should be, but...
Also, can we travel with crossbows loaded?

2008-02-06, 08:51 AM
"What type of idiot keep following the scout when they near their objective?" Dante hissed, "Now shut up before they notice us." He drew his other long Knife and stepped back in to the darker shadows allowing them to envelope him.



2008-02-06, 05:11 PM

{{Two things; first waiting on Drezen. Second please post 2 rounds of actions. First IC second in the OOC so i can do two rounds but adapt your actions as needed for the second round}}

Looking closer at the creatures they all look human, but bone white, almost as if they have been kept indoors for way too long. Worl recognises the spell that appears to being weaved as some form of summoning spell, to a god called Set or Seth or something along those lines, exactly what he is unsure about.

They seem to have noticed the group, except Turbit, the 4 outer ones seem unperterbed but the fith, moves out of the group and walks slowly towards you in a shuffling gambit his red eyes piercing you all the time.

Elora feels nothing at all is still living from the natural forest around her, and is lucky to have overcome the immense feeling of dread which passed through her.

2008-02-06, 05:25 PM
Sir Micheal
and so it begins...
First he will un lock his guantlet so able to grab sword later

He will charge going 190ft and attacking the robed figure(got to get the caster)
When in range to dectect evil will do it if evil Smite it

[roll1] if evil +3
[roll2]x2 +1 if evil

2008-02-06, 09:32 PM

Elora stands, frozen in her gaze as an uneasy feeling nearly overcomes her, but she manages to shake it off, but not before the paladin and everyone else has a chance to react to the situation.

Deciding quickly she shoes away the eagle who alights and moves away from the group into the woods, and moves with the rest of the party towards the party of foul creatures.

Move with group. Get no closer than 30' of the creatures before changing actions as specified in OOC.

[roll0] Good golly I hope there's a bird in forest hide modifier.

2008-02-06, 11:19 PM

Worl gulped and said to the others, as quietly as his nerves would allow, "I think they're human, and they're summoning something for Set. There's a lot of death here. We need to distract them --" Suddenly realizing that Sir Mickyle had kicked his horse into a charge, Worl continued in a slightly louder voice, "Or we could just throw Mike at them. That'll work."

Crossbow in hand, Worl ran towards the golden robed creature, fervently thinking, "Don't hit the paladin. Don't hit the paladin. Blessed Ra, please don't let me hit your paladin in the butt with a crossbow bolt. Unless, of course, you want me to.

2008-02-07, 08:58 AM
OOC: The second action that you wanted.

IC: Dante cursed undr his breath at the armed fools impetuence. Ducking low he move as quickly as he can with out giving away his position. He tries to stay in te shadow as much as possible as he circles the enemy group so he can take them from behind.

Dante takes 2 move actions for 60ft. Circling around the right of the enemy.
Move Silently: [roll0]
Another hide check if needed: [roll1]

2008-02-08, 12:15 PM

Steve responding faster than anyone could even anticipate runs behind a tree close by and casts a spell on himself, it takes the form of a slightly shimmering blue cover, covering all his clothes. He sees religious symbols covering the golden robe yet the priest of Ra could make nothing of them, only the name Set seems to ring bells, perhaps if he wracked his brain.

The 'human' with red eyes walks out to about 75 foot away from the group, spots who he believes to be most deadly, then changes his mind as soon as he notices Sir Mickyle Branson on horseback. Levelling his hand at the paladin he says

"Your kind is an abomination to my lord, you will make a good sacrifice"

then a small purple missle appears on his fingertips oscilliates and then flies full force smack bang into the middle of his chest.

The other 4 continue their chant and the darkness seems to start to gather around a central point.

Sir Mickyle Branson spurs his warhorse forwards and casting detect evil all 5 come back as very very evil, but so intent is he on checking the other four out as he levels his lance to strike at the golden robed figure he didn't seem to place it right and the lance seems to go over his shoulder as if pushed away by some invisible shield.

Dante steps backwards into the shadows close by and seems to vanish from sight, everyone was watching the other figures and the shadows of the trees seem to want to take him in futher than normal as if hiding him from the 5 'humans'.

Worl finally realising that the paladin has gone off on a headlong charge rushes after him stopping when he gets to about 40 foot away and readies his crossbow for an attack.

Elora moves to follow Worl after sending her eagle to hide, she gets an empathic feeling back of extreme safety and comfort, then noticing her surroundings stops and readies her quarter staff to charge in shortly about 10 feet infornt of Worl.

Drenzen almost coming out of a trance and finally realising the rest of the party has moved charges his horse forward turns as he comes to within about 30 foot of the paladin and golden robed figure and throws a spear which hits.....

Nothing. His shot was so bad the spear flew out of his hand and shattered mid flight.


Steve noticing his friends in trouble moves forward and casts enlarge person on Sir Mickyle Branson, hoping this would give him an edge in the fight with the golden caster now.

The caster responds in kind, gesturing towards Sir Mickyle Branson again and instead of a purple missle, this time a smal green orb comes flying from his hand and seems to somehow hit his now enlarged frame, as if he can't dodge out of the way in time.

The other 4 caster's now move in and surround the shadow, linking hands a green pulse passes around all four of them and then they are thrown 15 feet backwards and to the floor as the shadow spins, and starts to slow down as if it is about to form a black window into another world.

Sir Mickyle Branson, vaults from his horse whilst grasping his bastard sword in two hands and brings it crashing down onto the head of the golden robed magi, yet he hits him and seems to only open a cut up along his shoulder, as if all the effort went into hitting the enemy.

Dante sneaks silently along and around the enemy till he is directly flanking the golden robed magi and two of the others.

Worl runs past the fighting opponents, and as they seem to have moved back towards the party a little as he gets past them, he looses a bolt at one of the downed summoners, on the opposite side to Dante, nailing him right in the forehead and as the bolt comes out the other side you see no blood but a huge pink brain comes sliding out. {{Gotta love 3 20's in a row for an attack roll.}}

Elora cast's a spell upon her quarterstaff turning it green and shimmering and pulsating with magical energy and potential.

Drenzen decides to play it safe and drawing another spear throws it with all his might impaling the second summoner next to the one Worl nailed and pinning it to the ground, it twitches once or twice but that is all.

{{Sorry for th eslow reply i couldnt get on yesterday at all, remember 1 action IC here - another in the OOC thread so that i can adapt as needed. And yes it is still day time, although the sun is starting to sink in the sky now. }}

2008-02-08, 01:05 PM
To his companions, Steve says, "Try not to kill them all--we're definitely going to need some questions answered!".

Steve watches all the magic flying from these magi and tries to understand the cosmic forces at work, and fires a crossbow bolt at whichever magi he can get a clear shot at. Steve tries to maintain a safe distance from the fighting, and reloads his crossbow.

OOC details:

Steve prefers to shoot the magi in the golden robes, if he can get a clear shot. If not, he readies an action to shoot at whichever of the other magi stands up first and he has a clear shot at.

Crossbow attack roll: [roll0]
Damage, if needed: [roll1]

Spellcraft checks to identify the spells:

the small purple missile: [roll2]
the small green orb: [roll3]
the green pulse and black window: [roll4]

He gets an extra +2 on anything from the Transmutation school.

Was Steve able to identify these human-like-but-white-as-bone creatures using a Knowledge skill check?

2008-02-08, 01:21 PM
Dante drops into a low crouch before charging toward the golden robed enemy. As he reaches the his enemy he thrust one of his long knives at the robed enemy, hoping to bury it deep in him.

Attack: [roll0]
Comfrimation(if needed): [roll1]
Damage: [roll2]
Sneak attack damage (If needed): [roll3]

After striking at his opponent he calls to his friends. "We need to take one alive so don't kill them all."

OOC: Dante will use a full attack against his current opponent if it's still there other wise he'll move onto the next nearest.

edit: Ouch

2008-02-08, 04:22 PM

Seeing that the main 'bad guy' was surrounded, and knowing that the magic was beyond her, Elora concentrated on the henchmen.

Move into melee range and attack the nearest henchman that is still standing.

Since I don't know how far Elora is from anything, or where people are situated, I don't know to roll. Elora has +3 to attack and 1d6+4 to damage with the quarterstaff. She uses the quarterstaff as a two-handed weapon, but only uses one end.

Next round: Same thing, unless drastic something changes.

2008-02-08, 04:36 PM

Feeling both triumphant and a little queasy at the decerebration effect of his first crossbow bolt, Worl looked around. He was certain of two things: whatever these creatures were summoning was not something he wanted to see, and this guy in golden robes needed to be quashed.

Worl reached into his pouch and pulled out three sling stones. "Holy Ra, please put your power into these stones so that they might crush your enemies. Help my aim to be true." [casting Magic Stone] He carefully slipped the enchanted pebbles into a handy pocket ready for use, and then reloaded his crossbow.

He had turned so as to be able to watch both the ember-eyed opponent and the tower of darkness. The spell seemed to be progressing even without the caster's assistance. Remembering he had a flask of holy water, Worl searched his brain for any way to disrupt the spell before the summoning was complete.

Spellcraft: [roll0]
Knowledge (religion) [roll1]

Insert: Suddenly he noticed the entrails and corpses seemed to be arranged in a specific pattern. "Ra save us! It's a summoning circle!" Worl shouted, as he moved towards the circle at his best possible speed.

Edit: Please forgive me if I have stepped over the line, but what with having to steal time to read the posts between shuttling children about I completely missed an important point until I went back and read the DM's post again. (Doh!) Having done so, I beg permission to edit my original post as indicated by strikeouts and insertions. I will, of course, abide by my original post if you so rule, and with no whining, neither.

2008-02-09, 06:13 PM

{{Just one round - because something happens and seen as people said if something major they want to change what they had - so looks like you will have to. Sorry folks. :smalltongue: }}

Steve not able to get a clear shot becuase of the mellee swirling around the golden robed figure, instead looks over the spells and decides to attack one of the two remaining henchman, piercing his leg with a crosbow bolt and watching a fairly large amount of blood pump out and onto the floor, obviously having the henchman bleed to death. It seems as if the spells were a magic missle, and a minor acid orb.

The caster noticing 3 of his 4 useless seeming henchmen drop, steps back 15 feet and releases a handfull of coloured sand at the paladin, having swirling patterns jump through the sand and into his eyes {{I rolled your save - nat 2 fails. Sorry. :smalleek: }}

The final henchmen decides that this fight looks much too tough for him, but instead of running away he pulls from beneath his robes, a small spiked star of some description which he throws full force hitting Steve in the arm, causing a spasm of pain to cross his face and then subside as the star drops from his arm. {{Rolled a 19 for the save :D}}

Sir Mickyle Branson, snores.

Dante charges into melle standing over the paladins body, seems to slip and almost impales himself with his own knife, completley missing the robed figure.

Worl stares at the portal fully realising what it is and imbues the power of his god into some stones. He recognises Set as a god of great evil and assumes therefore holy water must somehow affect whatever in the 900 hells that are commanded by Set is going to come through will get hurt by it.

Elora staff gripped tightly in hand goes rushing full speed into the final henchmen and smacking him as hard as she can across the head he crumples to the ground as if hit by a giant not a druid.

Drenzen seeing his spears have had no effect against the robed figure, decides its time to try a different tactic. He wheels the horse slightly, dismounts and draws a spear as he goes before throwing it full force at the portal, just as the spear hits......

The centre of the portal collates. The swirling purple blackness condensces on a single point and from within steps a hideous figure. Well you actually assume it would be hideous but you can see nothing of it, so cloaked in shadows it is. The haft of Drenzen's spear is visible in its shoulder, and it lets out a terrifying roar.

Damage; Steve 1. Everyone else; nothing.
Okay - actions now and info in the OOC thread as well, going to need to have a willsave as well please boys and girls.

2008-02-09, 08:29 PM

Worl continued to move forward towards the circle. He knew he must disrupt the spell, and could only hope that his limited abilities would be enough. "Holy Ra, guide me!," he prayed as he rushed to the swirling darkness, "Shine your light upon me, O great one, that I might succeed." At the edge of the pattern*, he let his crossbow fall and brandished the holy sunbeam of Ra at the swirling darkness. "Begone! By the power of Ra, I pronounce you banished back from whence you came. Let the Light of Ra burn you! Let the power of the Great God destroy you! Let the One who will shine His light upon the world pierce the darkness! Begone, I say, begone!"

* OOC: or however close he could come at normal movement

Greater Turn Undead: [roll0]
(sun domain granted power)

Will save: [roll1]

2008-02-10, 12:42 AM
Just before that thing comes through the gate, Steve muses out loud, "You know, Worl, focusing your positive spiritual energy just might disrupt that gateway...".

Will save: [roll0]

Steve, apparently a little slow today, suddenly has a flash of insight. He rapidly once again takes in the scene at hand, and acts accordingly:

If the creature appears to still be in the gate,

Steve shouts to Worl, "Focus your positive holy energy into the portal. It might cause it to collapse--and take that foul creature along with it!".

Since the golden-robed magi has backed away from melee, Steve fires a crossbow bolt at him, then reloads his crossbow.

Crossbow attack roll: [roll1]
Crossbow damage roll: [roll2]

If, on the other hand, the creature is through the gate, with the gate still open behind it,

Steve shouts to his fellows, "I'm going to try to distract whatever that thing is. Drenzen, try to charge and bull rush it back through the gate with your horse. Worl, focusing the positive energy of Ra into the portal may disrupt it and cause it to close. Get ready to blast it as soon as this foul beast is back where it belongs!"

Steve moves in range and casts Color Spray to hit the creature, and the remaining magi if possible (Will negates DC 15; exact effects depend on HD of creature).

(OOC: If I did the math right Drenzen's horse gets a total of +9 on the Strength check for a bull rush (+2 for charge, +4 for size, +3 for horse's strength). I'm not sure if the Color Spray will give the creature any penalties on it's strength check or not, but it will at least prevent attacks of opportunity--if it works)

If the creature is through the gate, and the gate closed behind it,

Steve curses, and decides to let the more durable types deal with whatever that things is. Since the golden-robed magi has backed away from melee, Steve fires a crossbow bolt at him, then reloads his crossbow.

(OOC: rolls under first spoiler above)

2008-02-10, 05:29 PM

Can everyone check the OOC thread please, fairly important message there.

2008-02-15, 12:04 PM
Okay boys and girls im back! Lets get these actions in so i can do an update before bed. The trip was brilliant - sorry for making you wait so long.

2008-02-28, 10:12 AM

Elora blinks at the monstrousity. She looks around at her companions, briefly and makes a prayer to the gods of earth and sky to protect her land should she fall. She then steps forward to attack the creature.

I like this character too much to see the thread die. Was waiting on a description of how far everything was from everything else, but I guess I just guess.
Attack +3, 1d6+4 damage, if she is in range.

2008-02-28, 03:21 PM

Worl stood, hands raised, holy symbol presented. He felt the power of Ra flowing through him, and waited...

So, DM, I know that's four players looking to restart... How 'bout it, huh?