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2008-01-29, 06:46 PM
Here is the thread, ill edit this post with the introduction as soon as i add the link to the OOC.

It is July 31, 3049. Geraspia celebates it mid-year celebrations of its visit from General Kerensky to fight off an invading rouge armada. This day was said to be the day of a new birth of Geraspia, of prosperity, growth and most importantly peace. The celebrations are focused on, like many yeas previous, the union of the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Suns. A new era of peace and prosperity between the two great house of Steiner and Davion. The people believe that this is the first step in rebuilding the great Star League. There are, as always those who have other plans.

Steiner military forces have quarantined the entire planet, shooting down any unauthorized ship trying to leave. A contagent has spread affecting 1 out of every 50 people result in disablities or even death. There is a cure but reuires many expensive synthesised biological components that can only be afforded by the rich and military forces, and of course, select others. Taking advantage of this disorder, a bandit force has sprung up and began to raid small, outlying military outposts. Not wanting to waste more money on yet more innaculations, the military has requisitioned several mercenery units to maintain order. The Kell Hounds, in or to honour their duty have launched a full company to assist and command the mercenary operation. Additional units have been launch to be placed under their temperory command.

"This is Hauptmann Verlos, move second lance to flanking positions, hit the LRM carriers and pull out."
"Pull out sir?"

A full lance of battlemechs put on a renewed burst of speed and then suddenly stopped and pulled a 180 turn sending a shower of dirt over infantry forces desperately trying to avoid the giant battle machines. Each fired their full payload of weapons obliterating the carriers but not before a return salvo of weapons fire riped through the air and nailed a Wasp chassis in the chest, breaking away what armour was left and hitting the fusion reactor. With an almighty thump, it struck the ground and exploded, showering shrapnel everywhere.

"Thats an order"

The remaining Steiner forces began a full retreat into the cavernous mountain region south of Omerta Base. Flicking a switch on his comm-set, Verlos began his message

"This is Hauptmann Verlos, Federated Commonwealth, 9th battlemech division to all Steiner forces, base Omerta has fallen to a well equipped and well supplied bandit force. I advise pulling out and not to reutrn unless significant forces are available to retake the base. Verlos, out"

With a sign he began to turn his mech around only to find a Jaegermech staring him down its autocannon barrels.

"My lucky day."

Before he could pull his hunchback out of the firing line, its upper torso was riped to shreads as the ejection pod exploded out of the mech, launching into the horizon.

* * * * * * * * * *

The spinning lights slowly began to fade away as the jumpship, completed its journey. Ripping through the very fabric of space so that it manipulated its faster than light transportation. The rocking and distortion also faded away and the crew of the Kell Hound Jumpship got to work immediately preparing for the release of its cargo, among which was the Union class Dropship: Viper, home and command centre to the Kolt's Kommandos mercenary company. The jets roared as the docking clamps were released and the plummet to the planet began. Although they were some way off, the briefing room was already beginning to fill up as the mechwarriors and vehicle commmanders arrived to prepared for their first operation.

OOC: Everyone show up in the briefing room and then we will begin the first briefing.

2008-01-29, 11:20 PM
A small black-haired young woman enters the room in the Wolf's Dragoon uniform, military boots, green eyes, well-done mostly straight hair with the organized wisps, standing at about 160.

"Zeissa present Sir..." she says, approaching Joe whom she was a few years familiar with and looking up at him with a smile of vague, albeit spaced, intimacy.

2008-01-30, 01:41 AM
OOC: better point this out but we are Sponsored by Wolf's Dragoons not Kell Hounds, they are just in command of the current operation, or you could say you stole the uniform.

2008-01-30, 08:51 AM
OOC: better point this out but we are Sponsored by Wolf's Dragoons not Kell Hounds, they are just in command of the current operation, or you could say you stole the uniform.

OOC: Changed. I'm glad. Wolf's Dragoon is much kewler and neato and linguistically beautiful imho.

2008-01-30, 09:48 AM
Sgt. Stefan Feldbaum, driver of the Pegasus Scout Tank in the unit, reports in... A slender, slight young man, with a slightly uneven gait resulting from a nasty accident, he is known as a bit of a risk-taker and a pretty fair pilot...

He prefers to wear as little formal insignia as possible, but tries to at least look like a vehicle pilot at all times...

"What news?" he asks somewhat sleepily.

2008-01-30, 01:54 PM
A much-bronzed, hard-faced lad bows over fisted hands to his commanding officer as he enters. "Good-a morrnig, sir", he forces through dry lips.

Staring blankly ahead, still somewhat sick from the hyperjump, Yoshioka Sakay unconsciously pats down his thick black-and-red DC jacket, assuring himself that the whisky flask, lucky coin pouch and laser pistol are still there. His thick black brows twitch slightly when he catches himself and he straightens up, but not without having palmed a coin into his hand and passing it from finger to finger without knowing it...

He sighs to himself, thinking, Old habits die hard... Training his eyes to the fore of the briefing table, he takes a deep breath and prepares to listen...

2008-01-30, 08:50 PM
Zeissa turns to smile diffusely at the others, greeting their presence.

2008-01-30, 09:59 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

With a sharp, professional gait, a man of average height and build marches into the room. The uniform he wears is of the cut and color of the Federated Commonwealth Armed Forces, but any unit insignia has, in typical mercenary fashion, has been ripped off and replaced with the emblem of his most recent employer, Wolf's Dragoons. His short auburn hair is brushed lazily back, not so much "spiking" as it is unwilling to truly lay down flat. He has a very light, sun-kissed tan; like a person who had been fair-complected his whole life, but had just in recent years been given much time outdoors. His face and eyes seem pleasant, but both carry an almost immature eagerness to them.

He strolls into the room and takes a place near the front of the briefing room. He doesn't speak to anyone upon his entry, but judging from his curious glances it isn't out of disinterest or apathy.

2008-01-30, 10:09 PM
Lietenant Justin, the commander of the Kommados' vehicle lance, enters the room. Scars and burns on his face and heands bear mute testimony to the consequences of a life lived on a razor-sharp edge. The lighter clutched in his left hand hand betrays his anxiety, and the grease smear on the back of his neck, staining the collar of his Wolf's Dragoons uniform, betrays his previous activities.

What's up? he asks as he moves to take a seat.

2008-01-31, 12:04 AM
Looking around at the variety of face before him, Harlon sighed. This bunch of misfits were truly what gave birth to a name: mercenary. The people together, from a variety of backgrounds and alligences, were united towards one cause, one goal, one dream, money.

"I don't want to strain this any hard than it has to be but it seems that the situation planetside just got ugly. Which means a contract was effectively covered in gravy and served on a silver platter. As of 0800 Wednesday (3 days ago), Base Omerta fell. Hauptmann Verlos sent out a message before his mech comm-signal failed. Our first operation will be based around retaking and holding the base along with many other secondary objectives."

He bent down over the tabled, opening a small glass lid and activating the holo-projection unit he had found at the lostech cache all those year ago. The screen rushes up and a clear blue sky appears. The image rushes along a coastline and enventually reaches a lush forest sorrunding a bowl of mountains and then Harlon presses another button and the image stops. He points at the bowl and it zooms in to reveal several industrial facilities.

"This is one of our secondary objectives. It was a mining facility but we believe the bandits are using it as a slaving mining operation. Here to the left the camp is the main road between the camp and Omerta. A convoy or two are moving constantly through the region and these will be our first target."

The movie continues to reaveal a heavily fortified military outpost obvious Omerta along with two roads leading out from it.

"Our primary objective is the base but that other road leads northwards. It has been spotted carrying weapons and supplies from wherever the bandits are located."

The footage then veers sharply left to travel over and heavy mountainous region and again it stops.

"That is where the survivers of the base are supposed to be held up. Bandit forces have been looking for them day and night but have not found them yet. Another of our secondary objectives."

He presses another button and the screen deactivates and rolls up.

"Our first mission is to hit the road between Omerta and the mining camp in preparation to hitting the camp itself. Enermy forces will mainly consist of infantry , mobile infantry and light vehicles, mainly J. Edgars, Harassers, galleons and Strikers, but to hit that base they must have had mechs. These were most likely Flea's and Wasp chassis. Stolen from the base includes a few Guardians, rare designs used for anti-infantry suppressing and also additional Wasps, Locusts, Stingers and even a few Commandos. The biggest threats are a Vulcan and a Clint, medium mechs captured by the bandits, but we don't know exactly what the military got out with and what was left behind."

He breathes in and looks around the room "Unfortunately this operation means we'll be on our own, no Kell Hound support. Any questions?"

2008-01-31, 02:32 AM
Yes, I have several.
1: What are we doing for repair, rearmament, and refueling?
2: About how many enemy armored units are we dealing with total?
3: Do we know what is on those convoys that run from the mining camp to Omerta?

2008-01-31, 02:42 AM
"Negative Sir." Zeissa says, memorizing his message with mnomnic techniques after she finishes scribbling down her notes, underlining only one keyword to speak with him later on.
"I look forward to working with you again." she finishes, the murky look on her face turning into a brilliant smile for a short moment.

2008-01-31, 03:33 AM
Matthew McGonnegal

Having been in remarkably few actual combat situations, McGonnegal begins reflecting on some of his days back behind a desk in the HQ. Out of boredom, he'd frequently find himself running combat simulations on his computer. He speaks out with a slight Scottish accent. "Well lad, sounds like it's a standard beach head operation - having ****e for logistics kinda comes standard with it. We just have te keep a low profile; prevent tha bandits from I.D.ing us and staying mobile until we can establish a field HQ. With a tad bit of luck, they may suspect that the units we kill were lost to guerillas."

After a moment of thought, he thinks about the other questions posed by the rough-looking man. "Some Intel on tha mining convoys would be dandy, though. Me money says we'll have to get it ourselves, though."

2008-01-31, 04:54 AM
Harlon nodded, understanding the necessesity of the questions.

"Well Lieutenant, the dropship should serve as a mobile field base for now, as I am fairly sure the bandits don't have anything that could bother it, but would prefer it remain on the ground as little as possible.

As to enemy strength in the area, i really cant say. Constant troop movement through the region has shifted the bandit forces from place to place. The best we can do is spot the enemy the days before the attack. In relation to the convoy, they are usually escorted by a few vehicles each, along with a battlemech, though from the looks of things, in poor condition and a low ranked pilot. Although that could change as the Steiner guerillas did hit one recently.

What is in those convoys is the most difficult question. We know for certain those heading towards the mine are either empty or carrying slave mines, usually accompanied by some light APC's and armed troops. As to what is taken from it, well i believe it is a wide array of weapons. The mine was created as a cache in case the base was taken, seems the bandits knew about it too. This gives me the suggestion that they had a traitor working for them but Steiner command denied it. Big surprise. The reason they are spreading their forces thin for this action gives makes me think that thee weapons are desperately needed, cutting the supply will hurt."

2008-01-31, 06:10 AM
"Joe, Sir... our operation may at some stage be leaked then depending on the level of potential infiltration and contact with Steiner operatives." Zeissa notifies him.

2008-01-31, 08:01 AM
OOC: ((Yo Moechi. Yo King. The commanding officer's name is Harlon Kolt, right? What's with the "Joe"? Moechi, if this was a mistake on your part, I'm sorry, but methinks it's something to 'ride on', IC. Hope you don't mind. If ya do, just feel free to PM me and I assure you, I'll remove the offending paragraphs))

IC: "Ahum-ahh... looks like we'll have to be extra careful with stray shots and... ahem... collateral damage", says Yoshi, chipping in and leaning back into the ratty leather of the briefing-room chair.

"We don't want to kill any innocent slaves nor blow up ammo stores and weapons caches now, do we? Ah... do we have salvage rights on this op, eh, chief?" he continues, his mind already racing with the possible profits... "Speaking of salvage, do you want us to hold back or not during engagements? Yep, as in do you want us to take the enemy out as quickly and efficiently as possible or do you want us to hold out for leg-shots and headshots?"

Suddenly, something clicks as he listens to Zeissa's input... Why, by all the kami does she keep on calling the chief 'Joe' when he's actually Harlon Kolt? Yoshioka's gaze narrows as he brings steepled hands to his face and places his chin on the thumbs thoughtfully, leaning on the main table as he does so. Huh, and she talks of infiltration... something doesn't seem right here...

Sakay then pulls back into his seat, swiveling it a bit so that both chief Kolt and the enigmatic Zeissa are in the middle of his field of view. His right hand makes an elaborate and flamboyant show of flipping the copper coin end over end, palming, fingering and fisting it over and over. His eyes drift for the slightest instant to the faces of the coin as they flash in the well-lit dropship cabin. On one side is the face of ShogunTheodore Kurita and on the other side is the black-and-red snarling dragon insignia of the Draconis Combine. Damned highborn bastards, chucking me out of the Academy... hellsteeth, lookit these bloody poor folk... is there anyplace in the damned galaxy without... ugh...

Summer grasses,
Of brave warriors dreams,
The afterglow...

Thus had the great Buson written over a thousand years ago. And where are we now? It's still the same old wheel of suffering and death... its axle greased with the blood of the slain. What can one do in the face of man's evil nature? Nothing but try and live on as best one could... bah!

Meanwhile, his left hand has passed beneath the table and is behind his back, nervously stroking the rag-wrapped handle of the kunai he had tucked into his belt that morning. Damnit Yoshi. Stop that. This isn't the yakuza... these are better folk... if there are better folk amongst these money-grubbing ronin. And by the kami! One, she's a woman; two, you don't have proof; three, if there is one shugenja amongst us, there are bound to be more--- I'll need some proper planning and preparations; and four, um... damn, she's hot...

Curse me! THAT'S why you're stuck with that kamikaze-crazy COM-2D instead of the spiffy new Jenner! You kept ogling Boss Hinchiro's daughter and LOST the shogi match, taking the money out of your hands! Yeah, then there was the second-hand Panther Sensei Kurayama was offering but noooo, I just had to bow that much longer... ahem. Longer.

Ahhh, whaddheck...

Moaning frustratedly, he palms the coin and, while seeming to stretch his arms, slips it back into his breast pocket. Rubbing his temples to ease back the migraine of his failures, he runs his hands through his grimy black hair then looks up at the chief...

"You implied the presence of infantry, chief..." he says, straightening again and leaning back, his left hand fisted and on the table, his right open and stroking his long, scraggly mustaches. "From what I remember back at Sun Zhang, there are only three kinds of infantry responses to battlemech assault. There are those who stand and fight and die stupidly; there are those who flee and stab you in the back with guerrilla tactics and there are those who surrender. What's our policy regarding the third kind, sir?"

2008-01-31, 09:49 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum looks up eagerly, "Only one question: When do we start? "
Well, to be back in battle... I almost miss the thrills... It'll be me and my unit against them, and only one of us coming out... Maybe in a few months, I'll get tired of this, but for now, it's been a couple years, and I'm eager to see if I've still got it. It's time to roll the dice and see just how they come out... J. Edgar's are gonna be a bit faster than most of us, but I oughta be able to take 'em. Maybe I'll even get a shot at taking out a 'Mech.
Sgt. Feldbaum appears a bit excited, having been away from battle for awhile... but looks to his superior officers, as though awaiting a decision.

2008-01-31, 10:43 AM
((I didn't quite get it, but hi. Good to see you well. Didn't quite understand what was wrong about calling him Joe though. Oh he's 'Harlon Kolt'. I read the Joe part, maybe it is his nickname.))

Zeissa reacts a little bit at the initial questions regarding slaves, looking mildly more awake, surprised. Her body posture leans slightly towards Yoshi.. deep green eyes looking him over. Then she blanks, thinking slowly over a few items; thoughts shatter in midair when he once again speaks.
With a small amount of content Zeissa waits for Kolt's answer, to listen to his reply centered on realism and individual case basis.

2008-01-31, 12:27 PM
Well, how about an OOB for Omerta? That oughta at least give us a starting point.

2008-01-31, 02:35 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

Well, how about an OOB for Omerta? That oughta at least give us a starting point.

McGonnegal runs a hand back through his hair and answers a bit sheepishly. "Well, a pint on me if I be mistaken, but I cannae imagine we know much more than what's been told. We got no way of knowing anythan' about the bandits' leadership or training - it's not like their House units with books on their history. We've nary in the way of satellite recon, so our BirdBoys will have to find out their dispositions, and we're sure to find out more when we can get word from the slaves or our...the Lyran resisters. The sooner we could meet up with them, the better off we'll be, says I. There's no beating first-hand intel on the enemy."

2008-01-31, 09:15 PM
Under the table, the lighter rolls over in Justin's hand as he turns to face the Lyran.

And that is precisely why we should get the Omerta OOB-in such a absence of information, anything at all is helpful.

Remember the counsel of Sun-Tzu-no, not Liao, the other one-'Know thy enemy and know thyself, and in a thousand battles you shall never be in peril'.

And then, maybe it is a trick of the light, but maybe it is a maniacal gleam in the Lieutenant's green eyes as he continues with a broad smile.

'Sides, I need to know how many Infernos I gotta pack.

2008-01-31, 11:46 PM
Harlon nodded as each question was asked, wishing he could give more information.

"I hate to say it but.. we are the first orginized force to engage them, we have no idea how they suddenly sprung up out of nowhere and shattered a Lyran contingent. When we make an entrance, we are to report what we find, hopefully so the other mercs don't run into the same trouble as we sure will..We better get ready to hit that convoy, ETA: 4 hours before touchdown, ready up and be prepared to move out as soon as we touch ground. I hate to do this but we go in relatively blind, so remember, eyes open and one hand on the trigger. Move Out!"

Leading the way out of the briefing room he made sure of final preparations for the touchdown. Checking out the techs and inspecting the mechs, advising any last changes as the dropship began shuttering through the atmosphere.

2008-01-31, 11:46 PM
Hearing the lieutenant quote the eternal words of General Sun Tzu of ancient Terra, Yoshioka groans inwardly then sighs out loud. Another coin seeming to appear out of nowhere in his palm, he flips it through the air and then slaps it onto the table, saying with a sly smile, "Black Dragon says we'll be needing every one of your Infernos, Lieutenant... and more besides..."

He then removes his hand and breaks into a great grin as he sees the black-and-red dragon insignia on the coin roar up at him, menacingly affirming his ill-worded prophecy. Well I'll be... I win a bet, albeit with myself... but it's still an ill omen. Damn.

2008-02-01, 01:21 AM
Justin returns Yoshi's grin as he regards the coin.

Well then, guess I can't ignore a sign like that now, can I? If ya guys will excuse me, I've got some missiles to load.

And he gets up and leaves, first to his room to change, and then to the Viper's vehicle bay, to see to some last-minute work on his hovertank.

2008-02-01, 05:49 AM
Move Out!"

Leading the way out of the briefing room he made sure of final preparations for the touchdown. Checking out the techs and inspecting the mechs, advising any last changes as the dropship began shuttering through the atmosphere.

Following Harlon and the team down the mechbay Zeissa diverts off with her chief, her small arms, survival pack and sundry items already stacked inside her mechanical suit. "Gott Segnet uns." she calls to Yoshi.

Later, once he's finished briefing the wrenches she poses Joe with a question. "Würde es, überhaupt möglich sein, das unmittelbare Gebiet zu scannen, das unseren LZ mit Sensoren vor der Landung umgibt?" she touches his hand, squeezing it a bit to emphasize her concern then letting it go. "Ich... weiß, dass das ein bisschen stumm ist, aber ich bin nervös." she shrugs nonchalantly, smiling at him, the trust in him evident.

God bless us.
Would it at all be possible to scan the immediate area surrounding our LZ with sensors before landing?
I... know it's a bit dumb (to suggest this to you), but I'm nervous.
May I modify my character to having German as a language?

2008-02-01, 09:47 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum hurries over to the vehicle bay and addresses any techs, "Thanks for getting my ride in decent shape... I'll try not to chip the paint too badly while I'm out. "

And it's once more into the fray... I miss this and yet there's something to be said for jobs where the definition of a hazardous mission does not include hostile machine gun fire as a "low-risk" element... Maybe I can convince some of the folks here to start up a card game when we get back... Or maybe I won't be feeling so lucky then...
Sgt. Feldbaum visibly shakes his head, walks over to his Pegasus hoverscout, and manually exams the surface...
A good ride... and hopefully a safe one today. We've got some bandits to take down a peg or three.

2008-02-01, 03:23 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

When dismissed from the briefing room, McGonnegal practically races out the door in his own excitement. Sure, he's simulated and studied hundreds of hot drops into enemy territory, but this was going to be the first time he'd actually BEEN in one. Back to his bunk in a flash, he quickly squirms out of his jumpsuit and slips on the (uncomfortably) small shorts and tank top that the heat of his BattleMech requires. That dannae mean I have to like them, he thinks to himself as he tugs at them awkwardly. He slings his cooling vest (the life-saver of MechWarriors everywhere) over his broad shoulders and begins heading down to the MechBay.

The sheer size and grandeur of a MechBay never ceased to give Matthew pause. The towering metal giants, the machines of war that have dominated the galaxy for centuries, always gave him a reverant chill. When standing there, idle, they reminded him of gargantuan-sized suits of armor, like the ones he'd seen in museums, the academy, and the homes of his more-affluent prep school friends. They stood there in their silent vigil, waiting for their time to march forth into battle.

That time was now.

Matthew wasn't particularly fond of the blue-and-gold color scheme that the Wolf's Dragoons favored on their 'Mechs. Fortunately, since Kolt's Kommandos was more of a subcontractor for the legendary merc unit, their rules for design and decor were a bit more flexible. His Javelin retained its rich burgundy tone, but now featured gold stripes and trim to identify him as an affiliate of the Dragoons. The Scot whistled in wonder, and congratulated the Techs nearby. "She's a real beaut, lads. I'll be a gentleman - you cannae be too careful with one this lovely." With that, he climbed up the maintenance scaffolding and slipped into the rear cockpit hatch. After getting settled into the command couch, he plugs in his cooling vest, starts up a diagnostic, and opens the Comm to the rest of the team.

++So lads, I dannae reckon we've been introduced properly. Matthew McGonnegal. If the moniker escapes you in the heat of battle, just call me 'Spright'.++

2008-02-01, 05:28 PM
Harlon Kolt

Watching over the mech bay gave him that same thrill everytime. The fusion engines powering up, the crabbling of techs making every last minute adjustments to cover their arses in case something should go wrong. Lowering the neurohelmet, he suddenly felt the weight on his shoulders and repositioned himself to manage it better. Loading systems up one by one he activated comms.

"Alright, techs tell me we hit ground in a few minutes, finish up those power-ups and move out the second the bay doors open up. Sensors give us clear scope on the ground but who knows if we were spotted or not. By the way, callsigns Fang."

Just as he was finishing, the dropship slowed down with sickening force, shacking everything not already strapped down and even rattling the mechs. Coolant could be heard rushing through to the engines and servo motors suddenly activated. A wide beam of sunlight exploded into the mech bay, blind all but the mech pilots, safe in their cockpits. A sudden thunk of the bay doors hitting ground woke everybody out of their stupor.

The mechs led the way through onto the blasted surface below.

* * * * * * * * * *

Minutes later the mechs and vehicles were in position. The Hovercraft and Sniper teams on the left side of the road and the Scrappers on the other.

"Alright everyone, we power down for now but remember to leave comms online, dont send a message but bird-dog (company's VTOL) will contact us when the convoy approaches, she's mounted with some advance sensors and can relay that data to all of us."

Minutes pass, the heat, even in a shutdown mech can stifle most people. The sudden activation the mech's primary functions suddenly shot you into action.

"This is bird-dog, hotspot is inbound, ready up, i repeat, hotshot is inbound, going radio silent"

The warning was clear and the rumble of truck engines were just over the ridge line supported by the clear thumping of battlemech movement.

"Alright, this it people, hovercrafts, break in hard and fast and try and force the cargo trucks to pull away, snipers support their actions, scrapper, hit the mechs hard and fast, focus on the wasp first but first at the other vehicles when possible to take the pressure off the hovies. Lets hit it!"

Initiative Rolls:

Wolfhound WLF-1: 11
Javelin JVN-10F: 8
Commando COM-2D: 7
Valkyrie VLK-QA: 4
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 12
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 2
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 9
Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 3

Guardian GRD-1N: 8
Wasp WSP-1A: 11
Galleon Light Tank GL-200: 11
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2: 3
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #3: 9
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #4: 2
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 11
Harasser Missile Platform: 7

Dice Roll: here (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1479387/)

Round 1:

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #4 (At Rear of column)
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2(At Front of column)
Saracen Medium Hover Tank
Valkyrie VLK-QA
Harasser Missile Platform (At Rear of column)
Guardian GRD-1N (At Front of column)
Javelin JVN-10F
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #3 (At Rear of column)
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank (At Front of column)
Wasp WSP-1A (At Rear of column)
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 (At Front of column)
Wolfhound WLF-1
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #4 Actions:

The rapid powerups of various mechs around the convoy sshocked most the crew. The most they had fought so far were scattered bunches of guerillas after the main force took the base. The tank commander did what he could to break the column, holding his own tank while the front half continued on route, killing much of the hope they had to defend the force. Without significant targets available he held ground, for now.

EDIT: Wish i could give a map but OOC tells why. Also blue is us red is them.

Eureka a map! A bit rushed but oh well.


EDIT: Changed map to add in facing direction

2008-02-01, 10:44 PM
"Roger." Zeissa answers, and starts targeting.
Her mech starts moving when the powerup finishes, maneuvering quickly towards a defensible position (a (roadside) ditch, a dirt mound, small trees, boulders, other vehicles (allied scrappers, no point in two being in the open in her opinion unless there are splash weapons)), etc.) and simultaneously firing its medium laser at forward Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2.

I prefer to let the GM roll, please. Thank you. I'm less familiar with the actual gameplay as our PBP sessions never got into a campaign properly, but I can roll my own actions if you want.

2008-02-02, 01:57 PM

Initiative: 8
Heat: 0

When the order to move out has been given, Matthew nervously smiles to himself. "Ach, I was just getting comfortable in here," he mutters to himself. A quick pull on the throttle has his BattleMech's fusion reactor running at full power once again, and a sharp stomp on the pedals at his feet sends the burning fury of that miniature star firing out of several jets on the backside of the Javelin's torso. His 'Mech lifts into the sky and sails forward in a slow turn. When he finally touches down again, he has spun his Mech in mid-air to face the east. As the heat is already beginning to spike inside his cockpit, he lines up the enemy Wasp for a shot. At least he'll feel this more than I will. Two ruby beams blaze out from the BattleMech's torso.

Move phase: Activate Jump Jets - move 6 hexes to 0412, my facing will be southeast
Shooting phase: 2 medium lasers targetting the Wasp (if he's still in my firing arc when the time comes - if he isn't, I'll take the closest attack I can get)
Physical phase: I'll take punches if anything is dumb enough to get in range. I'll pass on any kicks this round, though.
Heat phase: Heat goes up 12, heatsinks dissipate 12. Net gain: 0!

2008-02-04, 09:58 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum Pegasus Hover Tank + Scimitar Hover Tank

The rear of the convoy... the right place to hit 'em hard and get out safe.
Scimitar moves to 0116 (cruising speed) and turns to face towards the rear of the convoy. I believe the Pegasus can also use cruising speed to reach 0315 and turn towards the rear of the convoy as well... (will do so unless tactical situation changes greatly).

Plan: open fire on hostile Wasp with both units... preferably in rear arc.

2008-02-04, 10:01 PM
Since there is really nothing Galleon #2 can do to change my move:

The Sracen smoothly glides around the rear of the enemy formation. The turret swings to the left and blossoms fire as it lofts a salvo of missiles into the air, which come down not on the beleaguered Wasp, but the Harasser missile platform, blasting away almost all the armor from its side. Before the crew can fully grasp what is happening, another missile salvo arrows out from the Saracen, which cores through what armor is left and blows the Harraser apart.

Saracen will cruise: R/F4/L/F2, expending 8 MP, traveling 6 hexes (TMM +2), and ending in 0111/4

Rotating turret to facing 3, firing at the Harraser Missile Platform with 1xLRM-10 (BTH 5) and 3xSRM-2 (BTH 6).

To-Hit rolls

Whoo! Four direct hits!

Missile hits

6 LRMs, four SRMs. One group of five, one of 1, four of two.
Hit locations, on the left side.

Turret locked, -2 MP. Turet reduced to four armor. Oh, and also it is dead.

Critical hit rolls (to see if there is any salvage left):
No critical hits.

2008-02-05, 12:08 AM
Scimitar Actions:

Racing along the rough terrain, oblivious of the hardship any tracked vehicle could face, the Scimitar moved into position, Rotating its main gun as it did. The moment it finally slowed down was the moment the targeting computer had been updated. The barrel glinted in the harsh sun and a furry of shells ripped into the wasp. Without having a chance to prepared, the salvo rained true, shreding the left arm of the mech.

Fires AC/5 at Wasp-1A takes 5 damage to LA. Armor destroyed, 2 Internal Structure remaining Critical hit on LA. Roll is 4; no effect.

OOC: didn't know what you wanted to fire, just assumed it was the AC/5. Also i dont know if you want to write the fluff for these guys or me. Will write them this time but tell me next time.

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2 actions:

With the skill and expertise of most trained military units, the rear of the collumn had yet to present orders of the new situation. As a result, the galleon pushed on. Scanning the horrizon as it did so.

Saracen Medium Hover Tank

R/F4/L/F2, expending 8 MP, traveling 6 hexes (TMM +2), and ending in 0111/4


Valkyrie (Zeissa) actions:

Moving to 0808.

Firing: Medium laser at Galleon (miss)

2008-02-05, 12:19 PM
Ronin Yoshioka Sakay in the Kamikaze Commando COM-2D

"...dy ra...o! ...ver" comes the garbled groan from his comms-set.

Although bereft of proper orders, Yoshi's eyes sight the looming Wasp upon the ridge and he knows what to do.

His hands fly over the controls as his mech lurches into motion, climbing forward onto a rocky outcropping for a better shot. As he crests the hill, a couple of tanks and the backs of the convoy greet him, far too many for a count.

He grunts acknowledging the weapon muzzles slowly moving towards him and quick as a royal flush, he mashes the primary trigger and unleashes an alpha strike upon the Wasp. Hardly have the last SRMs cleared their racks, he guns his mech in reverse, dropping off the outcropping.

Landing with the heavy thud of twenty-five tons of falling metal, it takes him an effort to steer his "Kamikaze" at quarter-speed around the outcroping of jagged, broken rocks. Mastering his breathing, he turns the corner and looks up at the ridge and around at his allies...

Actions: moved up to 0615, then fired an alpha strike at the Wasp.
Moved back down then circled over to 0316, covering for Spright (if I'm not mistaken)

Rolls, if applicable:

2008-02-05, 11:39 PM
Guardian Actions:

The laser and ballistic fire taking place behind them was hellish at best. Without a clear command struture, the situation could go to hell without a moments notice. The mechwarriors were generally accepted as the commanders in a situation like this, but only due to the firepower they could bring to the table should there be disobedience.

"Continue onwards galleons, i will deal with this rabble. "
Turns out things were a little hotter than he expected.

Guardian falls back towards the Valkyrie, position: 1010

Harasser Actions

In a desperate act to counter the incoming hostiles, the harasser launches towards the racing Javelin, firing its primary missile systems. The drivers vicious smile suddenly diappears as a hail of missiles coverge on his position.

Firing: SRM 6 at Javelin JVN-10F miss
SRM 6 at Javelin JVN-10F (4 hit)
Javelin JVN-10F takes 2 damage to CT. 13 Armor remaining
Javelin JVN-10F takes 2 damage to RL. 11 Armor remaining
Javelin JVN-10F takes 2 damage to RL. 9 Armor remaining
Javelin JVN-10F takes 2 damage to RA. 7 Armor remaining

Javelin (Spright) actions:

Move phase: Activate Jump Jets - move 6 hexes to 0412, my facing will be southeast
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1A "miss"
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1A takes 5 damage to LT, 1 Armour remaining.
(If he moves around i will just change it to hitting front torso).

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #3 Actions:

Spotting the damage caused by its fellow tank-jock, the galleon racing towards the javelin blasting with everything it had, the only problem was, ther crew wasnt half as good as the harassers and all weapons fell short, blowing enough holes in the ground to cover the vehicle in mud and debris.

Moves to 1512
Misses with 1X Machine Gun and 1X Medium Laser.

2008-02-06, 10:24 AM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

Justin greets the helicoptor crew's heads-up with a 'Bout time. as he punches through the J. Edgar's start-up sequence-undampening the reactor, spooling up the fans, and loading the SRM racks with the deadly inferno missiles.

He acknowledges Harlon's order Roger, slamming the throttle to the stops even before the word escapes his lips. Justin keeps a sharp eye on the speed and time guages on his HUD as the Blaze of Glory accelerates. Zero to one hundred in three-seven. He shakes his head and mutters I coax and I plead and I get down on my knees and beg, and I still can't get a good pickup outta this thing.

Deciding the 'Mechs have the rear of the convoy handled, he sets course for the front-sticking close to the ridge to keep from being spotted. As he rounds the base of the rock formation, he chops the throttle back and turns hard right, sending the hover into a deliberate spin. In sceonds, the J.Edgar is cruising in reverse at 110 kph on its own momentum. The turret swings to the left and as rocky outcropping sheilding the tank from view fall away, Justin stabs the fire buttons...

Fire from the escorts tears away almost half the armor from the left side. HEY! Do you jerks have any idea how much time that paint job took?! The SRMs that leap from the Blaze's missile racks detonate and cover the offenders in highly flammable jelly which promptly starts to burn fiercly. The tank's medium laser flares out in search of a more distant target and welds another Galleon's turret ring to the hull, making it almost useless. Burn in hell-it serves you right.

Flanking: L/F8/R/F2/RRR spending 15 MP, traveling 10 hexes (TMM +4), and ending in 1108/6.


Turret rotate to 4. 1xSRM-2 (Inferno ammo) at the J. Edgar (Primary) (BTH 5), 1xSRM-2 (Inferno ammo) at Galleon #1 (Secondary)(BTH 6), and Medium Laser at Galleon #2 (Secondary) (BTH 8).
SRM 1, SRM 2, ML (2d6=5, 2d6=7, 2d6=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1484193/)

Still batting 1.000:smallbiggrin:

Missile hits.
Missile Hits-1, 2 (2d6=5, 2d6=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1484194/)
J. Edgar is hit once, burning for three rounds, while the hapless Galleon is hit twice and is on fire for 6. Also, hexes 1110 and 1210 are set on fire.

Hit Location on Galleon #2:
Hit Location on Galleon-left side (2d6=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1484195/)
Turret takes 5 damage. 13 armor left, and it is locked.

2008-02-06, 11:10 AM
Ronin Yoshioka Sakay in the Kamikaze Commando COM-2D

The sun glints upon the metal shells of three bandit machines in the rearguard of the convoy. Commander ((What's the rank again? Anyhow, I'll go with a reasonable alliteration...)) Kolt's words ring crystal clear to his ears throguh the communicator in the neurohelmet.

"Hai", comes his reply across the mercenaries' frequency. "This is Ronin Yoshi Sakay, over. Orders acknowledged, engaging Wasp, over"

Yoshi maneuvers his mech over the broken rocks, towards the rising ridge. Fighting the urge to charge in madly, he brings the throttle up to the halfway mark, trotting up the plateau.

His heart hammers in his ears just as the mountain of metal that he's piloting hammers upon the riven rocks of the ridge. His hands fly across the controls, keying the missile triggers to fire together.

Cresting the slope, a fey mood of madness comes upon him, a bloodlust that overthrows his faculties of reason. His right hand zooms to the throttle and rams it forward, throwing the mech from a stately stride into a reaver's run. His left hand clicks on the loudspeakers and then he roars a battle-cry dating back to the mid-20th century on old Terra, "TORATORATORA-TORA-TORA-TORA!"

Right before his Commando, which he dubbed Kamikaze smashes itself against the bandit mech, he mashes both of his triggers into an alpha strike and hauls back on the throttle. The Kamikaze Commando skids to a halt, its churning legs throwing up a shower of scree as the last SRMs leave their racks in ten flaring trails of flame while the medium laser on its left arm flashes in a scarlet spear of coherent light.

The momentary rage passes away ever so briefly and, coming to his senses, Yoshi starts back in alarm at the situation he had put himself in... nearly point blank range with three hostiles. Switching his comms back to the frequency of the Kolt's Kommandos, he spits out nervously, "I have engaged as ordered, over. Request support, over"

Actions: moved up to 0614, then fired an alpha strike at the Wasp.
I respectfully defer the rolls to you, King.

2008-02-07, 12:13 AM
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank Actions:

The fear of the explosions taking place behind the collumn was enough to drive the pilot forward, add the arrogent, trigger happy 'child' behind the controls of the guardian and that basically sealed the deal. The hostile vehicle suddenly closing in on his location brought him together, atleast enough to fire back.

Continues to 1250, as current head of convoy, the trucks also increase location by 1 hex.
Firing: Medium Laser at Burnout miss
SRM 2 at Burnout miss
SRM 2 at Burnout 2 missiles hit
Burnout takes 2 damage to FR, 28 remaining
Burnout takes 2 damage to FR, 26 remaining

Wasp WSP-1A

The sudden awakening of forces was only ever handled well by someone with experience. Someone trained to face the dangers. The pilot was not this kind of person. The worst mistake he could have made at this time was to stay still. The second worst was to turn around. That is exactly what the pilot did, reactig atleast to the incoming forces he fired at the approaching battlemech, panic overcaming him as the weapons became a furry of clicking and motion, blinded by the sensors of his mech's heat dial. The incoming fire didnt help either.

Movement: Turned 180, facing Javelin, no other movement. This causes the AC/5 round to hit his right arm instead, same damage, different location.
Medium Laser at Spright miss
SRM 2 at Spright miss

Galleon Light Tank GL-200

Following the lead of his superiors the happy crew simply went about its business, somehow, amongs the chaos of the bandit hierarchy, they seemed organized, and maybe even confident. The arrival of a target only gave them an opportunity to exert that organization.

Movement: To 1110.
Medium laser at Burnout, takes 5 damage to FR, 21 armour remaining

Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: Covered
Firing: Medium Laser at Wasp miss
SRM 4 at Wasp, 2 missiles hit
Wasp takes 2 damage to LL. 3 Armour remaining
Wasp takes 2 damage to LT, Armour destroyed, 4 internal structure remaining
SRM 6 at Wasp, 2 missiles hit
Wasp takes 2 damage to LA 2 Armour remaining
Wasp takes 2 damage to LA, Armour destroyed

2008-02-07, 02:20 AM

Powering the mech up was the last thing on Harlon's mind. The action that was so close waited for him, and his command were already on their way. The last systems checked in and launched the mech forward at full throttle, preparing the defeat the bandits through pure awe of the animal approaching them. His first priority was to clear a path for the rest of his forces, breaking their rearguard. From the looks of things, the line was already shattered but one more battlemech never hurt.

Wolfhound Actions:

Movement: To 0515, facing northeast

Large Laser at Galleon Light Tank GAL-200 #4, takes 8 damage to Rear, 6 Armour Remaining
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1A (miss)

Heat: Raise 12, Sinks 10, Gains 2 heat.

2008-02-07, 10:05 AM
Pegasus Hovertank (if not already covered):

Will attempt to close (within 3 hexes) with the hostile J. Edgar and fire all weaponslaser at it... as the M. Laser is forward arc, this limits location...

Ideal scenario: find side/rear arc of J. Edgar for maximum damage potential.

Edit: use RL's suggested movement in OOC thread, fire only M. Laser

2008-02-08, 12:55 AM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1008 i guess.
Medium Laser at Galleon Light Tank GAL-200 #1 (cant see J.Edgar) takes 5 damage to LS, 8 Armour Remaining.


"Alright everyone were doing great, lets break these guys and get out before help arrives. You all have authority to fire at will, just be careful of the convoy and all that juicy salvage. I trust your own decisions, birddog, give us the updated tactical map ASAP."


Commando COM-2D: 9
Valkyrie VLK-QA: 9
Guardian GRD-1N: 9
Wasp WSP-1A: 9
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 8
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #4: 7
Wolfhound WLF-1: 6
Galleon Light Tank GL-200: 6
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #3: 6
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 5
Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 3
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 3
Javelin JVN-10F: 2



2008-02-08, 10:52 AM
Engaging at will, sir!" Yoshi radioes back then rips away with a cat call on a general frequency, "Meat's up, let's sup, yo!"

With that, he levels both arms of his mech at the stagering Wasp, its left side armour already blasted away in certain places. Four more missiles foot forth from the right while the left roars with its ruby beam.

The smoke clears and he eases into a quarter-speed reverse, then twists the Kamikaze's torso to the right, lining up its central SRM rack with the Guardian tank overlooking the rearguard's ruin. Aiming so that if some of his missiles miss, they'd hit the cliff and might--- just might cause the cliff to collapse, bringing the tank down with it--- he grimaces grimly and depresses the trigger...

As the six missiles disappear in violent blossoms of fire and steel, Yoshi switches his comms back to their own channel then says, "Movin' outta the way, Fang..."

Actions: (As your Dueling Rules said, "two simple actions... and any number of incidental actions...")

First Simple: Fire SRM4 and MLAS at Wasp.
Incidental: Walk to 0615, thus giving Fang better LOS on the Guardian
Second Simple: Fire SRM6 on Guardian in 0714

2008-02-08, 12:34 PM
Glide Pegasus over in front of the Galleon (0610, facing south, and firing all three weapons into it) using cruising MP... "This is where the fun begins..."

Scimitar: unleash all weapons on the Wasp... move only as much as need to get a clear shot...

2008-02-08, 04:54 PM
Physicals for last round

Commando COM-2D Kick at Wasp WSP-1A: hits
Wasp WSP-1A takes 5 damage to LL. Armor destroyed
Piloting check failed, falls on RL, takes 2 damage, 3 armour remaining
Avoids further damage.

Wasp WSP-1A Kick at Commando COM-2D: miss

Heat for tanks:

J.Edgar Light Hover Tank : test failed, crew burnt alive!
Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2: test failed, crew burnt alive!

OOC: guess those lucky rolls are coming back to bit them eh?

2008-02-09, 09:35 AM
Engaging at will, sir!" Yoshi radioes back then rips away with a cat call on the loudspeakers, "Meat's up, let's sup, yo!"

With that, he yells "HYAAA!" on the loudspeakers then skips stompingly upon the pedals, jet-less leap. The twenty-five ton warmachine wobbles five metres in the air, unmade for fire-less flight. Then the right leg crashes forward into the Wasp's left leg, crushing the armour on the thigh to a ragged ruin. The Commando falls back to the ground and Yoshi jerks on the joystick, sending it into a follow-up spinning kick, smashing the shin's outer plating away and exposing the spark-strewn internal systems of the leg.

((Please forgive the flavour text if it went too far. Just give me a kick and I'll remove the offending parts--- probably the spin-kick part, right? Heh-heh-heh, well, at least it wasn't a Striking Tiger double kick, eh? Heh-heh-heh...))

The Kamikaze Commando settles back down just as the bandit Wasp staggers on its damaged leg then tries to kick back. Yoshi deftly dodges the feeble blow then smiles with grim satisfaction as the enemy battlemech collapses, falling heavily upon its right leg.

((Did I read that right? King said "falls on RL"?))

Well, well... looks like I lost my own bet again... , Yoshi thinks wryly as he pulls back on his mech's left leg then slams it forward, aiming for the already-damaged legs. Skipping backwards a step, he readies the medium laser on the left arm, aiming again for the legs and fires. Consecrated Kami, banish my ill-fortune, I beg..., he prays.

Clicking on the loudspeakers, Yoshi declares, "Pilot of the Wasp, surrender. Shut down your mech and surrender... or else you will be SWATTED out". Chuckling at his own joke, he reverts the SRMs back to singular firing then launches a flight of missiles from the 6-pack at the prostrate Wasp to further prove his point.

Two brilliant beams lance out from Fang's weapons-ports and slam into the Galleon guarding the ridge at his two o'clock. Yoshi briefly considers merely aiming with his mech's right arm but decides against it and goes for the safer bet--- torso-twisting towards the tank and taking careful aim with his SRM4.

The ronin takes a few moments to admire his commanding officer's handiwork, gazing in awe upon the half-slagged rear armour of the tank, nearly soldered to the ridge with a swift-cooling slew of molten metal... and then he takes a deep breath, sighting down the length of his Commando's extended arm. Satisfiedwith the aim, he lets loose with four more harbingers of short-ranged explosive destruction...

Actions: (As RandomLunatic suggested)

Shooting: Swat... er, kick the Wasp. SRM6 and MLAS fired at the Wasp.
SRM4 shot at the Galleon in 0714.

2008-02-09, 06:34 PM
Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: (none?)
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1A, takes 5 damage to LT, section destroyed! 1 damage transfers to CT, 5 Armour remaining
LA blown off!.
SRM 6 at Wasp WSP-1A, 2 missiles hit
takes 2 damage to LT, transfers to CT, 3 Armour remaining
takes 2 damage to CT, 1 Armour Remaining

(lets get) Physical:
Commando COM-2D Kicks Wasp WSP-1A, takes 5 damage to LL,
LL destroyed, 1 damage transfers to CT, Armour destroyed!

Heat: Raise 7, Sinks 10= 0 heat

Not looking good for the Wasp...
These rules are much better.

2008-02-09, 09:07 PM
Yaaatta..., Yoshi exults silently as he looms over the writhing and ruined reaver below him.

"Repeat. You cannot move and are about to be cored like a rotten apple. This is your last chance to surrender. Pilot of bandit Wasp, shut your systems down now and come out like the worm that you are... and you will NOT be SWATTED" he says over the loudspeakers.

Yoshi's brow twitches as he remembers something... There's another bandit battlemech out there! Accessing the comms logs and topological sitrep from Bird-dog on another monitor, he quickly spots the Guardian and the other Galleon still up in the convoy's vanguard.

Switching comms over to the mercenaries' own frequency, he says, "Yo Komandos, be advised. Bandit vanguard still hot, mech still fresh and unscathed, over. Repeat. Bandit mech in vanguard still fresh, over."

2008-02-10, 05:16 AM
Wiedhurst engages her heat sinks and fires the medium laser again at Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2 while unleashing a barrage of six missiles at it.

2008-02-13, 06:34 AM
Whaddaheck?!" Yoshi exclaims as the SRM4 clicks impotently when by rights it should have blossomed with four missiles' plumes.

Banging on a bulkhead, he yells irritably, "COME ON, FIRE, YOU PIECE OF COVENTRIC CRAP!"

He then clicks comms back on and radioes to his allies, "This is the Ronin, over. Engaged the Wasp--- mostly down, over. Trying to finish off the Lieutenant's targetted tank, but my SRM4 has somehow crapped out on me..."

"Firing again... or trying to... over" with that, he mashes the trigger for the SRM4 as hard as he could, trying to coax... or rather force some fire from the stubborn weapon.

Posting just so that this thread won't drift away into obscurity.

ACTION: fire SRM4 at Galleon tank in hex0714.

2008-02-14, 01:39 AM
Valkyrie VLK-QA Actions:

Fires at Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #2
Medium Laser hits, takes 5 damage to TU, 8 armour remaining
Turret locked, again.

Guardian GRD-1N Actions:

Moves to 0810, facing northwest. Twist to face north
Fires machine guns X5, All miss :(

Wasp WSP-1A Actions

Movement: Attempts to get up, succeeds! Turns to face south
Firing: SRM 2 at Commando COM-2D miss
Medium Laser miss
(karma dudes!)
Physical: Kick at Commando COM-2D miss
Doesnt fall.

Edit: sorry was a little stupid and forgot the wasp had lost its leg (must have read it as armour or something) basically the guys going to shut down and get the hell outta there!

2008-02-14, 09:56 AM
Justin loses no time in announcing his first kills over the general frequency. Woohoo!! They're toast! He laughs at his own joke.

He lived for this-the thrill, the challenge, of man and machine pitted against each other-may the better pairing win. The man willing to risk it all to get ahead, and the machine able to perform thei mpossible. The adrenaline rush was a high no drug could ever hope to match. After seven years, Justin was back in the driver's seat, and the stakes had never been higher...

Clenching his jaw to bring up the Merc's tactical frequency, Justin replies to Yoshi Oh, the van's hot all right-HAHA!-but they ain't fresh. And we'll see how long that 'Mech is untouched for. Over.

Temporarily freee of enemy fire, Justin applies throttle to slow the tank down. The acceleration cruelly slams him into the back of his seat as the 145 Leenex is pitted against momentum. The plant wins out, and Justin throws the throttle open as he brings the hovercraft to the left and attacks the slope. The Guardian comes into view as the J. Edgar crests the rise, and Justin moves around to the machine's flank. The targeting computer bleats a lock, and Justin is about to fire before he gets an idea.

He brings the tank around to face the enemy 'Mech and brings the throttle up all the way. C'mon, faster, faster! he hisses as the tank accelerates too slowly for his tastes. The Guardian finally notices the J. Edgar coming in like a cruise missile and tries to get out of the way.

And somehow, he manages to fail so badly he succeded. Able to make no sense of the Guardian's erratic moves, Justin misses completely. He peels off to the left, up the ridge, to set up a point-blank shot on the 'Mech's rear armor while it is stil lstumbling around-but Justin is too busy laughing, not from mania, but mirth at the pilot's antics, that he cannot line up the shot. Instead, he manages to open the general frequncy and taunt Hey, great moves there buddy. Who the hell taught you how to pilot-was it Larry, Curly, or Moe? Yuk yuk yuk!*. With that, he switches over to the Merc's own frequncy and chokes out Zeissa, get his attention and hold it-I'm gonna circle 'round and try that again.

Complex Action: CHAAARGE!!!

Using cruise movement to move L/F2/L/F1/R, ending in 0910/5, traveling 3 hexes (TMM +1), spending 10 MP and declaring a charge on the Guardian.

My TN is 6+net piloting skill (I have 4, I am going to assume he has a 5, making it 5)
Charging Guardian, To-Hit roll (2d6=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1493551/)

Damnit! Hope he he has a piloting of 7.

If I do hit, he will take 3x2.5=7.5, round up to 8, damage to the right kick table (which means the right leg, which means it will be destroyed), and I will take 2 points to the front, displacing into 0810 and him into 0711.

If I miss, I will displace into 0911/5 and be very screwed.

*-As the only holovid shows in the BTVerse I know of are MechTalk and The Immortal Warrior, I had to use an RL ananlogy. If it helps your feeling of versimilitude, imagine he named the 31st-Century equivalent of The 3 Stooges.

2008-02-14, 12:15 PM
((This post was a victim of Retcon. Let us mourn its passing with a moment of silence... :smallsigh: :smalltongue: ))

Yoshi's eyes bug out in awe at his opponent's skill as the courageous Wasp pilot manages to stand and continue the fight. With cracked actuators creaking and ripped myomers spasming, the devastated mech stands with dignified pride despite having only one leg remaining.

More than half its torso armour is gone. Its internal circuits spark spastically and leak fluids. The engine rumbles through the ravaged chassis yet it keeps on going and even swings around for an alpha strike.

The Wasp hops into the air and tries to strike out with a Crane kick but misses horribly. One of its SRMs hits the dirt in front of it and the other shots off on a wide tangent. Landing heavily, the Wasp then shoves its right arm into the Kamikaze Commando's face and fires at nearly point blank range but Yoshi just leans the mech backwards and a little to the right and the ruby ray of revenge shoots harmlessly to the side.

With a racing heart, the Ronin ties the SRMs back together under one trigger in preparation for the next salvo. Just a couple more hits aughta finish this bugger, especially with its leg in tatters and the engine already showing...

2008-02-15, 01:32 AM
Suicide Run J.Edgar Light Hover Tank:

The pilot of the guardian, although know for his pathelic skills as a mech pilot, seemed to have luck shine on him. So focused on the enemy mech approaching him he barely had time to releazie the vehicle streaming towards him. What saved his mech was his own lack of skill, stumbling in the mist of a machine gun salvo and twisting the torso to spot the hover tank. Again by mistake he tried to right himself and in the process pulled away from the incoming vehicle.

OOC: RandomLunatic, im not sure if i should even roll this one :P Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #4 Actions:

Movement: rotates 180 degrees to face southwest
Firing: medium laser at Commando COM-2D, hits
Commando COM-2D takes 5 damage to RA, 1 Armour remaining

Wolfhound WLF-1 Actions

As the action really began to heat up Harlon thought it might make an impressive show if he actually did something! Kicking his mech into action he sent himself to cover the collapsd wasp as the pilot quickly scuttled out. (thats for those who didnt re-read the wasp post). Switching to right view he span the torso around and proceeded to blow the living daylights out of the galleon which had just taken a chunk out of his lancemate.

"Alright close up and push through the convoy, we may win this but lets try and finish it in one piece."

Movement: Moves to 0613, facing northeast.
Firing: Medium Laser at Galleon Light Tank GL-200, hits
Takes 5 damage to RS, 8 armour remaining
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to RS, 3 armour remaining
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to RS, armour destroyed, 1 internal structure remaining.

Physical: Punch #1 miss
Punch #2, hits, Galleon Light Tank GL-200 takes 4 damage to Rs, internal structure destroyed, Critical hit: Powerplant, BOOM!! Powerplant desroyed.

Heat: Raise 10, sinks 10, 1 heat total.

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 Actions:

Movement: 1110, facing northwest.
Firing: Medium Laser at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, hits takes 5 damage to FR, 21 armour remaining

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 #3 Actions

Movement: Faces southwest.
Firing: Medium Laser at Javelin JVN-10F, hits, takes 5 damage to LA, 4 armour remaining

2008-02-16, 01:39 PM
The Galleon's slagged, molten rear armour cracks loudly as black smoke erupts from the tank's exhaust pipes and the tracks churn into life, wresting the chassis away from the ridge to which Fang's laser had welded it. Even with the turret locked into place by its own melted turning ring, the brave crew manages to make the mechanical monstrosity about face.

Yoshi, intent on the floundering Wasp, suddenly hears an ominous hum and sees the tank turn towards him from the corner of his eye. The turret may have been locked but the gun barrel itself was far from immobilized. It lowers its aim, then rises a mite... until the Ronin's astonished eyes gape at the laser cannon not fifty metres away, pointed directly at his face.

Knowing that to leap away would be too slow, he does the next best thing and raises his mech's right arm reflexively just as he would raise an arm in defense against somebody who'd suddenly stab or shoot him point blank. The tank's muzzle flares with a sudden scarlet glare, hitting the right arm spot on. Molten metal from the mech's armour spatters the head, torso and legs just like bits of flesh from a shotgun wound.

From his eight o'clock, there rumbles the engine of his lanceleader's Wolfhound as it leaps over the Wasp's crumpled corpse, battering the Galleon on the ridge with a barrage of laser-fire. Steel slags off and flows in rivers down the steep cliffside but still they hold on.

Finally, Fang closes the gap. One fist, powered by sheer momentum, slams into the ridge in a shower of stony shards but the other drives deep into the tank's innards and rips out the heart of the iron beast, crushing the powerplant inside in a shuddering explosion.

Yoshi smiles and heaves a sigh of relief as he salutes his valiant lanceleader with the battered right arm of the Kamikaze Commando. Swiftly clicking the comms on, he radioes to his victorious commander, "Thanks for the assist, chief!"

Suddenly, he notices that the power-signal of his opponent, the Wasp, has gone dead. Looking across the mere twenty or so metres separating them, he discerns that the cockpit had been popped and that the pilot has already taken to his heels and given them wings.

Patching into the Kolts' frequency, he calls in, "Tankers, be advised. The Wasp pilot has popped the hatch and flown the coop, over. Secure, capture or kill--- he could have a comms set with which to blow our oh-so-vaunted stealth. Could still be used for interrogation, over"

Hearing the commotion and seeing the dustclouds and weaponsfire on the other side of the hills, Yoshi radioes in again, "Justin, Zeissa what is your situation? Whaddaheck, folksa craking up a comedya over there?"

2008-02-17, 05:50 AM
"Roger. Switching to engage Guardian." Zeissa responds.
"I'm good." When her weapons system comes around she unleashes a small barrage of 5 missiles on her missile lock target (if it is still around) and fires her laser at it.

2008-02-18, 10:17 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum whips his Pegasus around and turns to engage the Guardian: (find a nice spot 3 hexes away and fire all weapons)

"All right, I'll try to snag that pilot after we take out this bogey."

(Deploy the other vehicle (Saracen, I believe?) to try to capture the Wasp pilot).

2008-02-18, 12:49 PM

As the enemy Wasp crumples onto the ground in a hail of fire from his allies, and the enemy armor assets continue to scramble about, McGonnegal's Javelin is left staring straight into the front of a lone enemy Galleon. The machine spews a few rounds from its turret, chipping away armor at his 'Mech's hip. With a wolfish grin, Matthew pulls back one of the massive fists on his machine. "Swappin' blows, aye? Guess it's my turn then, lad!" His viewing screens light up red as he unleashes all four lasers on the tank. Only moments after the energy attack, he swings both giant mechanical fists crashing down on top of the enemy craft.

Simple action: Fire all 4 Medium lasers at the Galleon in hex 0512
Simple action: Make 2 punches at the same target
Gain 12 heat, dissipate 10. Net gain, 2 heat.

2008-02-18, 10:49 PM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

Justin answers One blower, one crawler out of commission, and one MechWarrior who has spontaneously decided to audition for the Donegal Ballet Troupe or somethin'. Burnout, over, putting emphasis on the callsign. Damn Mechheads. Treat everyone else like they were in the servitor caste.

Saracen actions:

Cruise B2/R/B5, expending 8 MP, traveling 7 hexes (TMM +3), ending 0606/5.

Incidental: Turret rotation to direction 4.

Simple: Fire 1xLRM-10, 3xSRM-2 at Galleon #1. TH 5 LRMs, 6 SRMs.
To-hit rolls on Galleon-LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=11, 2d6=9, 2d6=7, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1499681/)

Four hits.

Missile Hit rolls
Missile hits on Galleon-LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=5, 2d6=7, 2d6=10, 2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1499682/)
6 LRMs, 4 SRMs.

Hits on front table:
Hit location on Galleon-group of 5, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2 (2d6=6, 2d6=7, 2d6=10, 2d6=11, 2d6=5, 2d6=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1499683/)
5 damage to FR. 9 armor remaining.
1 damage to FR. 8 armor remaining.
2 damage to TU. 6 armor remaining.
2 damage to TU. 4 armor remaining.
<<TURRET LOCKED>> (Yet again :smalltongue:)
2 damage to FR. 6 armor remaining.
2 damage to FR. 4 armor remaining.

2008-02-19, 12:42 AM
Pegasus Acions:

Movement: To 0909? Facing southwest
Firing: Medium Laser at Guardian GRD-1N , miss
SRM 6, miss
SRM 6, all 6 hit
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to RL, 3 Armour remaining
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to RA, 2 Armour remaining
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to RL, 1 Armour remaining
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to RA, Armour destroyed
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to RA, section destroyed!
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to RL, Armour destroyed, 2 internal structure remaining

Scimitar Actions:

Was just a move wasnt it?

Javelin JVN-10F Actions:

Medium Laser at Galleon Light Tank GAL-200, hits, takes 5 damage to LS, 8 Armour remaining, Movement system destroyed!
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to LS, 3 Armour remaining
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to LS, 1 Internal structure remaining
Medium Laser, miss
Physical: Punch, hit, takes 5 damage to LS, system destroyed!
Vehicle Destroyed!

INCOMING: coded transmission from birdog:
"Moving mission status to code blue, incoming second convoy from the north, engage if able, lightly defended, primary escort, two battlemechs. Also reading a couple of apcs with full of bandit troops. Reading heat signitures inside the cargo trucks, best guess is a prison convoy."


Guardian GRD-1N: 11
Flea FLE-15: 11
Wolfhound WLF-1: 10
Javelin JVN-10F: 9
Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 8
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 7
Commando COM-2D
Commando COM-2D: 7
Galleon Light Tank GL-200: 6
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 5
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 4
Valkyrie VLK-QA: 4



2008-02-19, 04:39 AM
She had resisted questioning her commander on what he would do with the prisoners. Zeissa finishes off her enemy with a laser blast and a salvo of missiles from her defensive position.

2008-02-19, 11:51 PM
Guardian GRD-1N Actions

The make believe pilot was angry. He was also shocked. He had facing down infantry before, that was his job. In the rougher fights he had engaged light vehicles but this...These were mechs, he was supposed to be their equal wasnt he? WASNT HE?

Movement: rotates to face Pegasus
Firing: Fires machine gun X3
1 hits pegasus, takes 2 damage to FR, 24 Armour remaining

Flea FLE-15 Actions:

The approval of his commander was all he needed. He was the main combat unit of his lance. He was piloting the most powerful machine they could muster. He would do his job.

Movement: To 0804, facing southwest
Firing: Medium Laser at Saracen, hits, takes 5 damage to RR, 19 Armour remaining
Medium Laser, miss
Machine Gun, miss
Macine Gun, hits, takes 2 damage to RR, 17 armour remaining


With the rear guard of the convoy defeat it was time to finish the frontline and face the rear threat. A second convoy, that was a real spanner in the works, guess the only thing to do was to take it out and make it their problem!

"All right Kommandos! I want fire support and hovercrafts focusing on the flea, take out before it can get close and really cause the damage! Scrappers, with me, were going to break this convoy and hit the next one head on!"

Wolfhound WLF-1 Actions:

Movement: To 1011

Firing: At Galleon
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to RR, 9 armour remaining
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to RR, 5 armour remaining
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to TU, armour destroyed, 2 internal structure remaining.

Heat: Raise 10, Sinks 10, 1 heat remaining.

2008-02-20, 12:46 AM
"Roger Harlon. Changing targets." her voice crackles shortly over the intercom.
Zeissa turns her Valkyrie to face the Flea.

2008-02-20, 05:08 PM

As the ruby lances melt away inches of armor plating from the surface of the tank, the Javelin's crashing fist slams deep into the side of the vehicle, completely disabling the machine. His sensors had barely begun to ping new contacts when Bird-Dog's transmission came through. Just bonnie - seems as though we have a few party crashers. With Harlon's orders, McGonnegal sets his sights on the battered Guardian. A stomp on his pedals again ignites the jump jets on his BattleMech, venting fiery plasma out as he lifts into the air. He glides over to the northern side of the hill and settles down facing the enemy.

++Sorry, lad, but we're in a hurry.++ Matthew feels the heat like a wallop as he unleashes fire from all four of his weapons. The refreshing surge through his cooling vest is all that stands between him and a heat stroke.

Simple action: Activate jump jets - move 5 hexes to 0709, facing southeast
Simple action: Fire all four medium lasers at the Guardian

Heat phase: Generates 17 heat, sinks 12 heat. Now at 5 heat

2008-02-20, 10:49 PM
Saracen Medium Hovertank

The crew quickly shifted into forward gear as the Flea bore down on the tank, gouging away rear armor with lances of coherent light and heavy machine gun bullets. The Major's order was superflous as the crew was already acquiring a new target for the Saracen's missiles. Instead of bolting away, the tank swung around hard at medium range, presenting the suprised MechWarrior with a full view of all of its missile tubes for the briefest of instants before they belched smoke and fire as the deadly warheads raced out.

The missiles fly true, exacting retribution for the damage to the rear armor and then some-the machine's left flank is exposed to the elements by a well-placed cluster of LRMs, two other missiles cost the 'Mech half of the armor protecting its fusion heart, one worries armor from the left leg, and three more land around it. The final insult is a single missile exploding on the viewscreen-while failing to penetrate, it gives the pilot a good shaking.

Incidental: Cruise F3/R/F1/RR/F1, 8 MP, 5 Hexes, TMM +2, ending 0307/2.

Simple: Fire LRM-10, 3xSRM-2 at the Flea, TH 8 for all.

To-Hit Rolls on Flea-LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=9, 2d6=5, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1502197/)

LRM and 2xSRM-2 hit-not bad.

Missile Hits:

Missile hits on Flea-LRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=8, 2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1502199/)

6 LRMs, 3 SRMs. Groupings of 5, 1, 2, 2, 2.

Hit Locations (Front Table)

Hit Locations on Flea-5, 1, 2, 2, 2 (2d6=8, 2d6=12, 2d6=2, 2d6=9, 2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1502203/)


5 Damage to LT. Armor destroyed.
1 Damage to HD. 4 armor left.
<MechWarrior takes 1 damage.>
2 damage to CT (Critical). 6 armor left.
Critical hit on Flea-CT (2d6=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1502208/)-No crits.
2 damage to LL. 2 armor left.
2 damage to CT. 4 armor left.

And now the pilot needs a conciousness roll, unless he has MW3 stats (due to your less-than-subtle hints that this is a major NPC here), in which case he takes 2d6*0 damage, type M. This needs to be resolved before the Pegasus moves.

2008-02-21, 01:21 AM
Javelin JVN-10F Actions

Movement: To 0709, facing southeast
Medium Laser at Guardian GRD-1N, hits, takes 5 damage to LA, Armour destroyed, 1 Internal Structure remaining
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Lower Arm
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Upper Arm
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to LA <<<SECTION DESTROYED>>>, 4 damage transfers to LT, 2 Armour remaining
Medium Laser, miss
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to LT, Armour destroyed, 1 Internal Structure remaining

Flea pilot rolls: 8
Desperate to try and hold onto the flea, the damage of the inside of cockpit cuts and slices into the mechwarrior. His ears ringing and head thumping from the impact of the missiles, all he can do is keep the mech standing. Slowly the blood began to leak out of his neurohelmet and his eyes closed.

Pilot unconcious, mech immobilised!

2008-02-21, 09:56 AM
Pegasus Hoverscout:

Sgt. Feldbaum spins his hovercraft around to face the new threat, starting to close on the inbound Flea... (flank to 0904 facing North), and releasing a blast from his medium laser, together with a pair of missile salvos from the SRM 6's...

"How much more of this? I don't want to run out of ammo!"

(On the Scimitar's turn it will perform a similar wheel and fire...)

2008-02-21, 10:48 AM

Despite the surging heat in his cockpit, Matthew replies warmly.

++We're finished right about the time there's no hostiles left moving, I imagine. Besides, be positive, lad; each bastard we frag today is one less te have te worry about on the morrow!++

2008-02-21, 11:47 PM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 0904
Firing: SRM 6 at Flea FLE-15, 4 missiles hit
takes 2 damage to CT, 1 Armour remaining
takes 2 damage to LT, 1 armour remaining
takes 2 damage to LT, Armour destroyed, 4 Internal structure remaining
takes 2 damage to LL, Armour destroyed
SRM 6, 2 missiles hit
takes 2 damage to LT, 2 internal structure remaining
<<<Critical hit>>> on HEAT SINK
takes 2 damage to LT, system destroyed
Cant fire medium laser, not facing target.

Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: To 1404, convoy follows.
Firing: None

2008-02-23, 11:55 AM
Fire, shrapnel and dust fly in seemingly decisive intervals from beyond the broken bluffs of the ridge. Yoshi leaps over the powered-down Wasp and halts at the cliffs' bend just as the communique from Birdog comes in through a cracking Coventry comms set.

Banging his fist on one of the nearby screens, Yoshi snorts in scorn as the image finally comes into focus. Apparently, two more bandit mechs had entered the fray but one was just as swiftly taken out while another convoy was making its slow way into the valley of death.

Tapping his neurohelmet, he zooms in on two hulks of smoking metal in the distance. One is... apparently... some strange new battlemech which his computer identifies as a "Flea" and opposite its blasted cockpit is the slightly battered Komandos' Saracen hovertank.

"Yo Burnout, great work, man!" he yells into his comms set, hoping that his shouting would overcome the unit's slowly increasing amount of static...

Looking to the right, he spies the staggering Guardian, its left torso blasted away and the myomers on its legs bleeding oil and coolant. Here's mopping up, yo..., he thinks as he then charges down the slope and lashes out with a one-two punch with both fierce fists that stop short of impact and unleash a barrage of fire at point blank range. Hardly has the smoke cleared than he tucks both arms back into Horse Stance and he lashes out in a vicious kick.

Run to 0711.
Fire at Guardian with SRM-4 and MLAS.
Kick at Guardian.

2008-02-23, 07:24 PM
Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: To o711
Firing: Medium Laser at Guardian GRD-1N, hits, takes 5 damage to LT, <<<SECTION DESTROYED>>> ,damage transfers to CT, 2 Armour remaining
SRM 4, 3 missiles hit,
takes 2 damage to CT, Armour destroyed
takes 2 damage to LT, damage transfers to CT, 1 internal structure remaining
takes 2 damage to CT, mech destroyed!
Physical: Kick, hits LL, smackage on a downed mech :(

Galleon Light Tank GL-200 Actions:

At the overwhelming forces beginning to surround their crippled vehicle, the wisest choice of action was to bail out. Hatchs were blown as the crew scampered to get away from the melting hulk of metal that was their tank. Mercy was the best course for survival.

Scimitar Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: 0510, facing north

2008-02-23, 07:44 PM
Zeissa pilots her mech forward from her defensive position, training her targeting computers at the fleeing convoy and firing off a warning shot at the road half a click ahead of the lead vehicle, immolating the tarmac with hot laser.

2008-02-23, 10:40 PM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

Justin was about to lay waste to the Guardian's inviting backside when the computer beeped for his attention as the Biddog's update flowed in. New icons appeared in the bar running across the top of his HUD, compressing a full 360 degrees of view into a managable 160-by the symbols, he could tell two light 'Mechs, two light tracks, and two non-combatant vehicles had entered the fray from the North. He turned away from the Guardian and started negotiating his way down the escaprment in search of something more worth killing.

"I want fire support and hovercrafts focusing on the Flea, take out before it can get close and really cause the damage!

The Major's order caught Justin by surprise-he was already angeling to take the fight to the Commando, which he judged the bigger threat than the Flea, which was best for COIN work and not slugging it out with enemy 'Mechs. The Flea sir? As ordered... trying and failing to keep the confusion in his voice from bleeding over the airwaves.

He selected the Flea as his new target, even as it disappeared under a shower of explosions as his two lancemates plastered it from ahead and behind with missiles. When the last fireballs had died away, the enemy 'Mech was still, its left side in tatters, but upright nevertheless. Good, there's something left for me after all.

He brought the throttle up as the tank reached the flat plain, while centering the reticle on a missile-weakend spot of armor on the enemy 'Mech's left thigh. He swung the hovercraft to the right to give himself a shot on the tattered rear armor, and then fired.

The laser struck true, coring thorugh what little was left of the armor before slicing into myomer psuedo-muscle and then the 'Mech's foamed-titanium skeleton. The left thigh glowed white-hot for a couple of moments as the laser's hellish energies played over it, and then gave way, causing the 'Mech to fall.

The missiles, seeking the heat of the reactor, flew higher, plowing into the wreckage of the left side. Two detonated mostly harmlessly in the already-ruined flank, but the other half exploded into tongues of flame reaching for the 'Mech's heart. One destroyed the 'Mech's flamer, and the other blasted through the 'Mech's gyro casing, destroying one of the seneitive intruments in the process, on its way to the fusion core, where it ate at the shielding contaning the nuclear energies that gave the 'Mech life.

He swerved away from the falling hulk and spared the situation display another look-aside from the mangled Flea, only the Commando, the two APCs, and the trucks remained. Damn.

Sir, tell them to give up. They ain't got a prayer of winning this, he urges his commander, as he swings around towards the the rear of the last remaining enemy forces, just in case they are not so reasonable.

Simple: Flank RR/F8/R/F1, 17 MP, 9 hexes, TMM +3, ending 1002/2.

Incidental: Rotate turret to 4.

Simple: Fire ML, 2xSRM-2 at Flea. ML is being aimed at the LL, and all weapons need 1s-e.g. autohit.

Aimed shot confirmation (2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505784/)


Missile hits
SRM hits on Flea (2d6=4, 2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505788/)

Two SRMs. Groups of 5, 2, 2.

Hit Locations (Rear table)
SRM hits on Flea (2d6=4, 2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505788/)
5 damage to LL. <<SECTION DESTROYED>>
2 damage to LA. 2 damage transfers to LTR, transfers to CTR.
2 damage to CTR. Armor destroyed, 5 internals left.
Critical hit on Flea CT (2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505794/) =1 crit.
Crit on Flea CT-upper/lower, slot (1d2=2, 1d6=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505800/)
<<CRITICAL HIT>> to Flamer. (Phew!)
2 damage to CTR. 3 internals left.
Critical hits on CT= (2d6=10) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505804/) =2 crits.
Critical hits on CT-upper/lower, slot: (1d2=1, 1d6=1, 1d2=2, 1d6=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505805/)
Reroll of Critical Hit-upper/lower, slot (1d2=1, 1d5=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1505806/)
<<CRITICAL HIT>> on Engine.
<<CRITICAL HIT>> on Gyro.

Well, it is going to fall, so two more damage to the 'Mech, plus more pilot damage. Ouch. I almost feel bad about this.

2008-02-24, 05:00 AM
Valkyrie VLK-QA Actions:

The Valkyrie begins to move in but before it even has a chance to finis preping its missile salvo, the remaining commando powers down. The bandit forces get out of their vehicles surrenduring. One even has the initiative to unlock the prison cells, perhaps hoping to gain favour with his captors.

The Kommandos gather around the collection of trucks, along with the few transports that had recently unloaded from their dropship. The flea, with severe damage and the commando came as clean salvage, while the parts of the flea and various of the light tanks could be scrapped and taken onboard.

"Well done Kommandos, lets head home, we got some serious supplies, and a good opportunity for intel. Most of the prisoners we are letting go, the officers and mechwarriors are comming with us. Lets find out who these guys really are."

************************************************** ********

The briefing room was packet with people, well rested, most of them. Major Kolt has that same tired look he always has, while Lt. 'Burnout', looked surprisingly tired. Undoubtedly they had spent the night 'interviewing' their prisoners. The meeting was called, because the information was gathered and prepared.

2008-02-24, 10:21 AM
Zeissa is there, hands behind her back at ease and looking well rested.
She approaches Kolt slowly, asking him a question right before the main briefing: "This OP, you want me to maintain a moderately aggressive independent and responsive stance?" She also notes his wearout. "I am available to assist in future debriefing of captured personnel and secretarial tasks (like bringing you coffee or giving you a backrub or checking the balance on the salvage spreadsheet)."

2008-02-25, 02:47 AM
Matthew McGonnegal

Matthew came walking into the meeting in the morning, looking a bit worn-out but cheerful. After returning from what was essentially his first successful offensive, he had spent the remainder of the evening celebrating with anyone and everyone within 20 feet of his current drink. When the morning comes, his bloodshot eyes and drooping shoulders don't diminish the beaming smile on his face.

"G'marning, sirs. I look forward to hearing who the hell we're up against in the brief. Now if you dinnae mind, I'll just have me a sit 'til the meeting starts."

With that, he takes a seat against the wall and leans up against it, waiting until the briefing begins.

2008-02-25, 11:29 AM
Yoshioka Sakay stumbles into the briefing room with his face flushed scarlet and his eyes bloodshot. Clad in his stained and weathered DCMS black-and-red leather jacket and with his right hand clutching a half-full brandy bottle while his left holding a kunai unsteadily, he presents--- literally, a spitting image of the paragon of Legion of Vega delinquency.

Tripping over the room's threshold, he grabs a support rail and pants for breath, the jacket parting ever so slightly to reveal the lasgun holstered within. A cold and cunning gleam glitters in his beady eyes, betraying the steely serpent's resolve beneath the swaying grasses of a debauched demeanour.

He bows to the two superior officers but overextends himself and falls, nearly sprawling all over the floor. Catching himself on a nearby ledge with his blade, he stumbles a couple more steps and then sheathes it deftly, despite his apparent drunkenness.

Spotting McGonnegal, Yoshi slams himself into the chair opposite him and slides the brandy bottle to the officer, saying, "Yer shloppy, sher. Naoh only ye leaf yer drinksh, yer twosh ladeesh at the bar came ta me fer comfet arret yer ill-treating ob deeem, sah..."

2008-02-25, 12:25 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

Matthew smiled as an eyebrow reflexively raised up at Yoshioka. Simply remembering brief parts of the night before reminded him of how tired he was, and a hand reached up to gently rub his closed eyelids. "Well, friend, I was trying to do you a favor. By my figuring, I wasn't sure if just one woman could keep you under control!" When offered the bottle he tentatively accepted, but set it down on a seat next to him instead. "Eh...perhaps later. We're deployed, so there's no telling when we'll next go into battle. Until we've secured the planet I'm trying to limit the revelry to just a few hours; you might'nt want to consider a similar approach, Yoshioka."

2008-02-25, 01:12 PM
Justin sits at the table, one hand tapping at the noteputer sitting in front of him, and the other clutching his drink-a large, steaming mug of black coffee. He barely manages to offer a Mornin' to to McGonnegal.

Yoshi's entrance, however, is noisy enough to tear his attention away from the noteputer. He manages a weak grin at the antics of the drunken Drac. Rubbing his hand in his eyes, and then running it through his short black hair, which is as dirty and disheveled-looking as his uniform, he asks nobody in particular, Somebody remind me why I accepted this commission, as he fingers the rank insignia on his shoulder.

Fixing engines is a lot easier than fixing attitudes, he decides as he takes another long swig of his drink and goes back to his notes.

2008-02-25, 11:53 PM
Suddenly, Yoshi's jaw drops in shock at McGonnegal's proposal and he reels back as if struck by a blow. Shaking his head vehemently, the redness inexplicably flees his face and eyes as he says almost frantically, "No-no-no-no, sir! That bottle was yours--- 'twould be extremely bad luck to not take it back... And yessir, I don't usually get this drunk, sir... 'pologies..."

Damned traditions! Might've blown my cover! By the Kami, I hope not... that Zeissa should be thoroughly investigated--- she kept referring to the Major as "Joe", is very quiet and hardly participated in the fight... I smell some mischief afoot...

Spotting Justin, he bows to him and says, "Kunichiwa, Chu-i Justin. My compliments on your work on the Guardian and the Flea... 'twas your crews, if I'm not mistaken...? Impressive work, 'twas..."

Bowing to Major Kolt, deeper, this time, he says, "My abject apologies, sir. Sorry for coring the Guardian and losing the salvage. It seems I was overeager..."

2008-02-26, 12:09 AM

Finally bringing himself up to his full hieght, Harlon stares out at his command. Thinking that they might get a little restless unless he actually recognised they were in the room. His brown hair, and recently his matching stubble were equally iritating but like any good commander, he knew his people were much worse. He towered above most of them, a quality he never devalued, as it had come in hady wheneve intimidation was useful. Although not particularly muscle-bound, he was fit enough to keep up withthe best.

"Alright. Guess we proved we can get the job done. Kell Hound command still doesnt have much respect for us so thankfully we dont have to answer to them on a regular basis. The problem for them is were the only unit that has engaged so far, so they have to rely on use. I'll explain in a minute."

"First order of business is our new recruitment. Enough of the prisoners were pissed off, so they signed up for a chance of revenge. The Lt. has the list if you want more information."

"Second, i believe the bandits may have some access to lostech equipment. Dont ask me how but i indend to find out. Its not much equipment bu the flea we salvage had traces of it. Also, techs beleive the flea and the commando can be back in action soon, if anyone want to call these mechs for the missions to come, speak up now or we send them to the market."

"Third, and heres the big one. We have a priority target presented to us. Our interview proces revealed the reason behind the two battlemech per convoy. A mobile HQ is currently located at the mining complex, waiting for us to capture and steal as much information on the bandits as we can carry. I also have a plan, which might work, or could go horribly wrong."

"The base has atleast a lance of mechs and another 2 lances of vehicles guarding it. As it is sandwich between 2 mountain ranges it gives them a bottleneck for defencesive purposes. We did a scan and found the southern ridge is extremely unstable, i plan to blow it up. The mountain falls, crushes their military stationed just under it. The slaves are digging on the northern ridge so they should be fine. How we do this, well, im fielding it out to you."

"Did I leave anything out Lt?"

2008-02-26, 12:54 AM
That's all the major details, sir.

The supply convoy was toting enough small arms and support weaponry to supply a regiment for a year-nothing the 'Mechs can use, really, 'cept the SRM reloads.

The enemy forces in this area were two companies strong, and had to be spread thin to guard the convoys and search for guerillas. Now that we've wasted a third of 'em, opposition at the base may become weaker than it is right now.

Finally, some of the enemy strength is drawn from old Merc units that went rogue-so try to at least leave some identifiable remains out there-we can pick up some good bounty money when we get back to Outreach.

2008-02-26, 09:51 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum

Sgt. Feldbaum sleepily addresses the officers,
"So, they somehow got their hands on some lostech, and we think that their base might tell us how they got it, but it's probably too well covered for our unit to take out, so we're planning on knocking down an entire mountainside to try and even the odds. With all due respect, I wonder if I had a bit too much of my special pipe last night. When do we leave to try this miracle?"

2008-02-26, 12:45 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

The powerfully-built Scot nods back at the vehicle lance commander and casts a lustful eye at the man's cup of coffee. However, he is distracted and a bit confused by Yoshioka's apology. Kuritans were always strange ones. His fellow MechWarrior had already backed away before McGonnegal's (currently) sluggish mind managed to process something the man had said earlier. Still, he muttered it aloud to himself. "Relax, I'm no officer or anything..." He considered following him to try and smooth things out, but at that time Harlon rose to address the team.

He sat and listened to the brief, weighing the odds and trying to come up with old combat simulations he had ran that could help in this situation. At Harlon's suggestion of crashing the cliff down, Matthew chuckles a bit. "Hehe. Forecast calls for 'hard rain', aye sir? If you think enough of the mobile base will survive the landslide for us to salvage, it strikes me as a good plan. I cannae say I'm looking forward to digging the place out to get our Intel, but there's no arguing with a strategy that costs them so much and us so little. A few men with explosives experience could set the charges at night."

2008-02-26, 10:06 PM
Zeissa somehow after the end of the briefing doesn't seem to be listening anymore, sitting in her chair, her gaze locked on to the middle distance. Resisting the impulse to discreetly send Harlon a text message to read later.

~~after the briefing Zeissa follows Kolt out of the room~~
"Please stop ignoring me Harlon." she asks him in the corridors.
"I need to feel appreciated by my friend and commander of a few years, never ignore me."

"I'm a slow thinker so I need your input during battle."
~~ ~~

2008-02-26, 11:44 PM

Lighting a whole face was very difficult to do but the confidence in the plan did it.

"Alright. Explosives sould work just fine but the main problem is the HQ vehicle. If its taken out we lose out on a vital opportunity, thus the Kell Hounds have supplyed us with a commando team and a hover APC, mounted with an ECM."

Pausing just long enough for the new information to sink in,

"I think we will need to split our forces into three groups. The hovers will need to escort the commandos in and guard them while they steal the intel then get them out. The second team will be forced to hit the enemy forces head on. Piss them off long enough to get the first team out. The final team will be the most difficult. To face them head on would not be particularly smart. Thats where the jump team comes in. They need to hop over the mountain line and cause enough panic before they fall back to second team. Any ideas on how to improve this plan?"

After briefing:
"Zeis, i cant be watching out for you. I have a whole command to worry about. Everyone thats dies is on my hands. I trust you, your a mechwarrior, your capable of becoming a leader yourself. Trust your own instincts, your own skills. One day you will be without me, when that happens, if you fail, we all might fail."

2008-02-27, 12:31 AM
Matthew McGonnegal

Matthew thoughtfully (and wearily) rubs his forehead for a few seconds. He had hoped that the plan didn't involve engaging the enemy forces at all. However, it seems that it was mandatory to extract the data before setting the charges.

"Well sir, I'd just have two requests. The first is to make our strike at night; at least then some of their troops would be asleep and it'd take them a short while to get to a combat-ready status. The second..." He stops a second to swallow nervously. "The second is to request that the Jumper team cover the withdrawal of the rest of the unit. We'll be able to hold the hostiles in the canyon until the last possible moment, then leap clear of the avalanche. It's the best way to guarantee that we'll snag them all, sir."

2008-02-27, 10:29 AM
I volunteer for the second group, sir" says Yoshi with a wry grin. "We'll rip their eyes out, chw 'em up, spit 'em out, strap 'em to SRM warheads and shoot 'em up the blasted bandits' collective asses. That ought to be more'n enough for 'em ta be pissed off, as ye say..."

2008-02-27, 03:11 PM
"I volunteer for the second team. I request a modification of the Valkyrie towards a more offensive bent, a clean triple link of close-assault autocannons, mid-range lasers or long-range LRMs. It lacks immediate or concentrated firepower."

After briefing:
"Zeis, i cant be watching out for you. I have a whole command to worry about. Everyone thats dies is on my hands. I trust you, your a mechwarrior, your capable of becoming a leader yourself. Trust your own instincts, your own skills. One day you will be without me, when that happens, if you fail, we all might fail."

"Thank you." she smiles and nods. "I will do my utmost to blossom."

2008-02-27, 10:31 PM
I like the night attack idea. I would also like to request we load several salvos of Infernos per tank-we can use them to lay smoke screens to cover the commando's advance and retreat, and light up targets in addition to their obvious uses.

The mere discussion of setting things on fire seems to revitalize Justin-the fatigue drops form his voice, he sits up a bit straighter, and even some of the circles under his eyes seem to disappear.

Plus, a particularly bold individual could make a run and torch the barracks before the enemy crews even have a chance to get into the fight.

He raises his hand.

I'm willing to volunteer.

2008-02-28, 01:15 AM

"Alright then. Hitting at night is perfect. I managed to blackmail the Kell Hounds into leaving us with a much larger supply of inferno rounds. We dont exactly know which builds are the barracks but the more buildings that get torched, the longer the commando team has to get the intel."

"All ammunition has been restored with each SRM equiped vehicle mounting atleast 3 salvos for each weapon. With the new tech support, our mechs have been repaired to full effeciency, work has yet begun on the salvage as they were pushed to get repairs done early."

"Maps will be placed in your rooms. Tonights the night we hit. I want as much of the base on fire as possible, just make sure it doesnt reach to the slave encampment. We want them to be damned sure they're in the worst place in the whole inner sphere! Give em hell and meet me at 2000 at the hanger and we can strike our first major blow. Dismissed!"

2008-02-28, 02:45 AM
Matthew McGonnegal

Matthew rises to his feet and salutes his commander. He's almost ready to walk out of the meeting room when his eyes alight on the bottle Yoshioka had given to him. The corners of his mouth slowly lift into a sly smile. "Well now, looks like we'll be needing to get some rest if we're to be having a soiree. Better have a wee draught of something to make me drowsy." He picks up the bottle and starts heading towards the door. If he catches the Kuritan's eye, he'll pause to point at the bottle and look up at the man invitingly. Otherwise, he'll head back to his bunk, had a single large chug, and lay back down to get some rest.

It was going to be a long night.

2008-02-28, 06:10 AM
Ronin Sakay shakes his head vehemently at McGonnegal's offer as he scratches out his last notes on a scraggly old, dog-eared journal. Tucking his ballpen into the notebook's spine, he stows it away in his jacket's breast pocket.

Bowing to the Major's dismissal, before departing the room, he catches up to him. Saluting briefly and trying to keep his thoughts from the tackle-gutpunch-jawcrack the bigger guy line that he had learned while running with the yakuza gangs and the Legion of Vega, he asks Kolt, "Sir, these... inferno rounds... do you mean to say that even my mech has been outfitted with these? If so, then will firing them be even hotter than firing regular missiles?"

2008-02-28, 06:56 AM
Following the Major as well, waiting for Yoshi to leave, Zeissa can't help but smirk at Yoshi for his comment. But she quickly turns away, wanting no conflict, she didn't know the outwards design of the missiles.

Once she's had her conversation with the boss she'll make her way to the bar then to McGonnegal's bunk to find him. "Want to talk about the mission Matthew?" she asks in a friendly tone.

2008-02-28, 09:39 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum

Sgt. Feldbaum turns towards the vehicle bays, ostensibly to check out the repair job on his ride, partially to get himself psyched up for the mission: bold, daring manuevers would be required, and it was necessary to be ready for it.

"Well, that convoy wasn't too well covered, so maybe we can pull this one off, even if it does look a mess now... If not, maybe it's better to go out in a blaze of glory than die of old age on the farm..."

2008-02-28, 10:36 AM
Well, if you need me, I will be catching up on some sleep. He rises to his feet and winces. He brings his watch up, stares it for a moment, and then shakes his head. When that fails to produce result more to his liking, he shakes the watch. When that fails too, he accuses it Liar. He reaches into a pocket and produces a bottle of pills, two of which he takes and washes down with a swig of coffee. Leaving the drink, he takes the noteputer and the bottle back to his cabin and collapses into the bunk.

After some rest, a shower, and a change of clothes, he is ready to face the world again-but first a sandwich. After eating, he makes his way to the Viper's vehicle bay to check on his tank-the idea of others working on his ride still bothered him. He had spent long hours on that stupid garrison job tuning it so it moved as an extension of his will. The last thing he needed was some astech going and screwing all that work up-especially one of the new ones, who may not have been told to be careful with the Blaze. His Blaze.

To his pleasant surprise, however, his inspection reveals his fears are completely unfounded. Thanks, he says to the tech in charge, I couldn't have done a better job myself. Then he spends some time meticulously adding a black and a white band to the base of the laser barrel-kill markers.

2008-02-28, 11:46 AM
Matthew McGonnegal

McGonnegal had just quaffed a sizable portion of the bottle and was getting ready to lay down for some sleep. He had just begun brushing his teeth when the door slid open and someone walked in. Matthew turned to see that it was the female MechWarrior of their unit - Private Wiedhurst.

Once she's had her conversation with the boss she'll make her way to the bar then to McGonnegal's bunk to find him. "Want to talk about the mission Matthew?" she asks in a friendly tone.

Matthew holds a finger up on one hand while continuing to finish scrubbing his molars. In a few more seconds he went ahead and spit out the remaining suds and rinsed his mouth once with a handful of water from the sink. He then dabbed his face off with a towel, and turned to Zeissa with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about that, lass. You caught me right before bedtime. Come on in, have a seat if you'd like. Drink?" He points to the increasingly-empty bottle resting on his bed. Whether or not she accepts, he waits for her to choose before continuing.

"There's not much to discuss, really. The two of us have a tough scrap ahead. We'll need to bear the brunt of the counterattack while the others retreat. It willnae be easy, but it's the best plan we've got." For a second Matthew seems to stare off into space and his eyes occasionally flit left to right. It looks as though he's crunching the numbers in his head, and the look on his face shows that he's not pleased with the results. "Just keep mobile, aye? We dinnae have to beat them ourselves; just stay alive long enough for the landslide to handle them."

After a short, uncomfortable pause he seems to wake himself up from his grave mood with a shrug of his shoulders and a weak smile. "Still, if we're in for the fight of our lives, we may as well be all prettied up for it, aye?" He turns back to the sink and starts washing his face. The cold water helps to wash away his negative thoughts - a little.

2008-02-28, 04:51 PM
Matthew holds a finger up on one hand while continuing to finish scrubbing his molars. In a few more seconds he went ahead and spit out the remaining suds and rinsed his mouth once with a handful of water from the sink. He then dabbed his face off with a towel, and turned to Zeissa with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry about that, lass. You caught me right before bedtime. Come on in, have a seat if you'd like. Drink?" He points to the increasingly-empty bottle resting on his bed. Whether or not she accepts, he waits for her to choose before continuing.

"There's not much to discuss, really. The two of us have a tough scrap ahead. We'll need to bear the brunt of the counterattack while the others retreat. It willnae be easy, but it's the best plan we've got." For a second Matthew seems to stare off into space and his eyes occasionally flit left to right. It looks as though he's crunching the numbers in his head, and the look on his face shows that he's not pleased with the results. "Just keep mobile, aye? We dinnae have to beat them ourselves; just stay alive long enough for the landslide to handle them."

After a short, uncomfortable pause he seems to wake himself up from his grave mood with a shrug of his shoulders and a weak smile. "Still, if we're in for the fight of our lives, we may as well be all prettied up for it, aye?" He turns back to the sink and starts washing his face. The cold water helps to wash away his negative thoughts - a little.

She accepts the drink.
"Maneuver warfare it is McGonnegal."

"Auld Lang Syne to you Matthews. Good night." she closes the door.

2008-02-28, 11:41 PM
"Yoooom, yatta kum pak boom...", come some jaunty, off-key tunes wafting from the common shower room.

"Tuuuu-raya tung-kiri-tok
Kum sheeee ya hong koom", Yoshi's voice sings out in a senseless shanty as he soaps and scrubs beneath a steamy shower nozzle set on full blast.

Yooorrrraaaa-ka-taaaaaaaaay!" he roars out in a mock-tenor voice set to drown out karaoke kings.

"Fust-che!" he suddenly swears as suds get into his eyes. Wiping off the irritant, he commences his rinsing with yet another bawdy song.

"Naaaaaa-tayyyyyen ni Kuuuuuuu-dang-dang!
Naaaaaaaaangeg ku kinnnni Ro-man
Diiiiiiii-na-mag ku nu inya
Ti impataaaaaaaaay
Ni Kudang-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!" Finally finishing his awful shanties, he towels off then walks into the locker room, scratching his crotch.

He then pulls on and tightens the knot of a pair of clean cotton trousers then fastens his gi in place. Whistling merrily as he puts his insufferable jacket back on, he takes out the laser pistol from its holster and juggles it along with a couple of coins and his kunai up until his room. There, he stows everything away in the chest at the bed's foot then lies down to sleep, but not before praying for his family and his comrades-at-arms at the Shinto shrine beside the bed.

Hardly had he closed his eyes than he sits back up and slaps his forehead. Groping in the darkness, he searches out his alarm clock and sets the ringer to a couple of hours before the appointed mission departure.


CLONK! "GAH!" he yells then rubs his head then throws the alarm clock that had fallen upon his head across the room and crashing against the far wall but it refuses to shatter. Grumbling, he performs his devotions before the shrine and then, as a clincher for his morning ceremony, he takes a guzzle from the sake bottle within the shrine, gargles with the liquor then sprays half his load at the shrine's copper idol while swallowing the rest.

With none but the graveyard-shift guards and techs around, he proceeds to the hangar and there, in the relatively open space, practices some katas of both Arnis and Karatedo. For a while he loses himself in the timeless rhythm of kicks, jumps, punches, steps, chops and turns, in the sweetness of sweat and the bitterness of muscle burn.

Suddenly, while pausing for a breather, he notices that the common chronometer in the hangar says that there are only 43 minutes left until departure. Yoshi sprints to the mess hall and gasps out his order of beef ramen and vegetables. Gasping out his thanks, he wolfs down his food and then guzzles down one full litre of water on his way out.

Jogging back to the common bathroom, he takes a swift shower then ducks back out to the hangar. There, he paces around his Kamikaze and inspects the repair work on the battlemech. Despite the Major's words that it was a rush job, apparently everything was fine, even the SRM4 when he climbed into the cockpit for a quick testfire without the ammo feed.

Patting the metallic behemoth, he thinks, Ah, this sure beats hauling crates... Spying the hunched and weary forms of some of the technicians, he clambers back down the mech and sprints towards them. Reaching them, he taps the leader's jaw and from his slack mouth seemingly produces a small bottle of gin which he tosses into the hands of the tech's astonished comrades. "Domo arigato!" he says as he runs back, grinning at his own trick...

2008-02-29, 01:59 AM
"Oyasuminasai." Zeissa responds with a casual smile as he passes by on her way into the bay. Once in the hangar she'll bug the technicians to ask what modifications are possible for the mission.

2008-02-29, 03:41 AM
Terrain Imaging:


2008-02-29, 04:29 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

After Zeissa's somewhat-odd salutation, Matthew sprawls out onto his bed and gets another few hours of well-needed sleep.

McGonnegal wakes up around 1700. Still wearing the t-shirt and shorts that he went to bed in, he shuffles down to the mess to grab a tray of whatever type of processed slop was on the menu. He'd learned through trial and error that, whatever it was, it tasted better if he just mixed it all together. After a few minutes of force-feeding himself, he grabs a cup of coffee and walks back to his room. He sits down on the edge of his bed and stares at the terrain map he and the others had been issued. Only the gradual cooling of the liquid in his cup keeps him aware of the passage of time as he continues to absorb himself in his studies; he carefully notes the highest elevation points on the canyon walls, the chokepoint entrance to the northwest, and the open terrain near the water to the southeast. His mind races through details that may be needed for the upcoming battle.

When his alarm goes off an hour later, Matthew finally shakes himself out of his pensive mood and starts getting dressed for the night. The attire still isn't much different; a black tanktop and shorts made of a polyester material that allows sweat to bleed through, and his cooling vest. He examines himself once in the mirror, and turns to leave the room. As he does so, he spies the nearly-empty bottle sitting on his trunk. He smiles. "One more for the road, aye?" He finishes the last sip from the bottle, lays it down on his bed, and jokingly addresses it before he walks out the door. "If we all come back from this one in a single piece, you can bet I'll be bringing you a friend!"

Minutes later, he's in the cockpit of his Javelin, inputting his access codes and warming the warmachine for the job to come. As its fusion engine begins to hum, McGonnegal pats the control console in front of him. "We're in for a big night tonight, friend. Let's both come back from it, aye?"

2008-02-29, 09:21 PM
With an orderly salute in McGonnegal's direction Zeissa passes by his machine and enters her own Valkyrie for the pre-mission preps.

2008-03-01, 12:28 AM
Justin adds the last details to his tank with a flourish. He climbs down off the the turret and leaps from the reactor housing down to the bay floor, landing with catlike grace. He checked the chronometer as he washed off the paint on his hand and arms. Two hours left. What to do, what to do. Eating was out-he never ate less than three hours prior to an event-saved weight. Drinking was also out-he never understood why people would go and voluntarily handicap themselves in an activity where they fought tooth and nail for every advantage. No, both drinking and gluttony were best saved for the victory bash afterwards-the victory making both all the sweeter.

The map, he recalled, I need to see the map. His mind made up, he makes his way back to his room, sets the alarm to alert him 50 minutes prior to mission time, spreads the map out on his bunk, and examines it, picking out features that could win him an edge at a hundred klicks per.

The alarm's shrill sound pierces the air, jolting the Lieutenant from his concentration. He reaches up and slaps it off. Alright, time to dress up. Unlike the MechWarriors, locked up in their sweatboxes, who wore as little as possible, Justin could pretty much wear whatever he damn well pleased. And tonight, what pleased him was a pair of jeans and a T-shirt-an outfit that he had worn many times on summer's nights races. Over that went a flak jacket-not a part of his normal racing attire, but then again, despite the talk, the people on the circuit were not actually trying to kill you. He grimaced while sliding his left arm into the jacket, the move sending a jolt of pain down his back. Usually, he corrected himself. The bottle stood on the nightstand, and he took two before tucking it into a pocket on the jacket. Finally came the gunbelt, with his hand flamer and a pair of extra fuel cells in case one was not enough to incinerate a target to his liking.

Making his way back to where his Blaze of Glory lay, he started his habitual pre-race check. On an intellectual level, he knew the gesture was waste of time-he had already checked it earlier that day, and the chances of sabotage in the Viper's vehicle bay were slim to none. Nevertheless, old habits die hard, and besides, the ritual was important to him. Completing the outside check, he climbs in, and dogs the hatch behind him. He then piles into the seat and closes up his jacket. He reaches into another pocket and produces a pair of fingerless black leather gloves, which he slides on. He had spent years trying to find a match to the pair his Uncle had given to him for his 18th birthday-a pair that had burned up with his previous career.

As nobody really cared about non-'Mech vehicles, it seemed, a simple alphanumeric code was all that was needed to grant access to to the controls. He punched in the startup sequence, bringing the slumbering Leenex 145 to life. Displays lit up, lights came on, and cycled through startup until everything showed green.

And with that, he finally buckles into the restraining harness.

Burnout, ready to party.

2008-03-01, 12:29 PM

...Yoshi hits one of his machine's processors by its screen again, sorting out the choppy engine monitor, muttering, "Cursed Coventric crap... only so much repairs can do... a flawed product is a flawed product..."

Finally, it comes into focus. Almost all the lights, screens and switches are set. The fusion reactor beneath the seat of his pants hums with power while the ewly-washed myomers flex and flash. Weapons systems show no bugs.. for once... while targetting checks in at full efficiency.

Donning the neurohelmet, he runs through the final preparations carefully, remembering his Sensei Iado's caution against the hotstart. Donning the neurohelmet and tapping comms on, he reports in, "Ronin here. Let's rock and roll" Ahhh... alliteration...

2008-03-03, 11:41 PM

Looking around the complex one last time before jumping into the cockpit and donning his cooling vest and neurohelmet. His stomach finally beginning to adjust to the gravitational pull of the dropship screaming into the planet.

The last thump and the dropship doors opened, the giant machines lead the way into the darkness beyond, followed behind by the hovercrafts. He watched and waited as his command fanned out to their appropriated positions, frustrated that radio silence was to be maintained. They all knew the plan, hit the defenses simultaniously, looks like they were about to see if coordination was their strong-suit.


Javelin JVN-10F:11
Wasp WSP-1K:11
Savannah Master Hovercraft:10
Saracen Medium Hover Tank:10
Wolfhound WLF-1:8
Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil:7
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank:6
Valkyrie VLK-QA:5
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank:5
Hover APC (commando Team):5
Commando COM-2D:4
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank:4
Spider SDR-5K:3
Stinger STG-3G:2



2008-03-04, 03:07 AM
Zeissa hits the jumpjets and swings her mechs thrusters against 0711.

2008-03-04, 09:30 AM
Seeing a 'mech jump in over the hill, Sgt. Feldbaum throttles his Pegasus forward, cruising northward into 1111, preparing to launch off the inferno rounds into the nearby buildings, if he can get a sensor readout...

2008-03-04, 03:57 PM
Cruising along with the external lights doused and all sensors on passive to avoid betrying his position, Justin cruised along solely by the tank's UV headlamps and starlight imagers. To the J. Edgar, there was no difference between the water and an eight-lane highway, save the occasional spray that rose up to cover the front of the tank. Air warmed by the tank's fusion core and directed over the viewscreen kept Justin's vision unobstructed.

Taking the blaze of one of the unit's BattleMech's jump jets as the sign, he throttles up and swings around to the clear space to the west of the base, bringing the TTS and sensor array to active mode. Thumb-selecting Inferno rounds for the SRMs, he quickly takes in the data presented to him and selects his targets.


Incidental: Cruise R/F6/L/F1 to 1308/6, 9 MP, 7 hexes (TMM +3)

2008-03-05, 03:25 AM
If only to ensure that th Kommandos never got an easy run, the sensor grid of the Valkyrie lit up everywhere. Before having a chance to change the landing trajectory, powered-down mechs were sorrounding the mech. Signals went off detecting and analysis the mechs which were already active and those beginning to power up. Only one vehicle was detect but there were bound to be many moe hiden inside the buildings, crews scrambling to get them online.

As the hovercraft began making for the shore a light naval craft sped out of a small cave entrance, reading its weapons to catch the hovercraft by surprise.

2008-03-05, 09:05 AM
Whaddaheck?! I thought the Jumpers weren't supposed to come in yet! Yoshi's mind screams as he sees the Valkyrie jump into the bandit-controlled canyon.

His eyes nearly pop out of their sockets when he sees the rough sensor scans and he feels his mouth go dry. Kami's curses! It's an ambush!

Hands roaring hot with battle-fever fly over the controls. In a trice, he brings the inferno-tipped SRMs to the forefront of the firing line and keys both of the missile systems under one trigger.

Targetting the (?) Wasp at the mouth of the canyon, he sends his Commando into a brisk half-speed trot. Midway through the charge, his medium laser spears through the darkness of the night. Right before impact, he releases a full spread of missiles, twisting his torso to compensate for his opponent's inevitable evasive maneuvres.

Finally closing the gap between the two towering warmachines, Yoshi gives the pedals a stuttered stomp, sending the Kamikaze into a short leap forward. Two huge legs churn the air in inertic locomotion and then the right leg lashes forward in a savage kick as the left touches back down in a mockery of the famed Crane Style.

Move to 0605
Fire an alpha strike at the Wasp (?) in 0706.
Kick Wasp (?) in 0706.

2008-03-05, 11:19 PM
As soon as she is able to Zeissa steers her machine towards 1113 or even into the water right behind the ship if she can reach it as she alpha strikes the boat, firing her laser and targeting for a missile lock.

2008-03-07, 02:11 AM

As soon as Zeissa's Valkyrie begins to lift into the air, McGonnegal's jaw clenches in frustration. Not wanting to break radio silence and reveal himself (as was the plan), all he can do is shout to himself in anger. "Damned gomeril! Be a gone corbie, she!" He fumes for a few moments, only to soon find himself recalling part of his childhood - his father's voice admonishing him for using non-English euphemisms. He scoffs at himself and grips angrily at his controls, biding his time until the Jump Team's moment actually arrives.

It gives him plenty of time to ruminate.

Ball's up on the slates, anyway. Just missing myself, planked here...

No actions

I found this awesome website with a bunch of Scottish expressions on it. Matthew was raised to try to not "sound Scottish", but when he gets really A: emotional or B: drunk, it'll come out.

2008-03-08, 05:45 PM
Javelin: no actions

Wasp WSP-1K Actions:

Movement: To 0305, facing North
Broadcasts emergency beacon (hostiles spotted)
Firing: Medium Laser at Commando, miss

Savannah Master Hovercraft Actions:

Movement: To 1008 Facing North
Firing: Medium Laser at J.Edgar Light Hover Tank, hits LS, takes 5 damage, 14 armour remaining

2008-03-08, 10:36 PM
The Saracen swerves to the right to bring its missiles to play. As it transitions seamlessly from open water to desert hardpan, its turret blossoms fire. The LRMs arc high into the sky before coming down on the distant Wasp like falling stars, while a pair of SRMs streak across the compound and explode into a conflagration turning night into day, while a final quartet streak out towards the Savannah Master.

Incidental: Cruise F1/R/F6, 8 MP, 7 Hexes, TMM +3, ending 1309/1.

Incidental: Turret rotate to 6.

Complex: Engage multiple targets without secondary target modifiers.

Target 1: Wasp; engage with LRM-10 (TN 9).
Target 2: Hex 608; engage with 1xSRM-2 firing Inferno (success automatic, as even if I miss, the hex is still on fire).
Target 3: Savannah; engage with 2xSRM-2 firing regular ammo(TN 7).

To-hit rolls: LRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=9, 2d6=10, 2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1521739/)

Damn-these guys are like clones of Nasty K. Three hits.

Missile Hits-LRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=7, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1521742/)
6 LRMs, 3 SRMs. Wasp takes group of 5 and group of 1 to the right column. Savannah takes three groups of two to the right column.

Missile Hits-LRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=7, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1521742/)

Missile Hits-LRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=7, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1521742/)
Wasp takes 5 damage to RT. 2 Armor left.
Wasp takes 1 damage to RT. 1 Armor left.
Savannah takes 2 damage to RS. 4 Armor left.
Savannah takes 2 damage to RS. 2 Armor left.
Savannah takes 2 damage to RS. Armor destroyed.
And Hex 608 is now on fire.

2008-03-10, 04:27 AM

At the sudden awakening of the guard units, his wolfhound kicked into action. Before even having a thought as to how to respond to this situation a hostile battlemech rushed around the mountain line, alerting the rest of the base to their prescence. His computer quickly resgestured it as a wasp chassis.

"Alright everyone, hit em' now, set as many buildings as you can on fire. Chaos is the key, if we burn the buildings, we take out the crews before they can ready their tanks!"

Wolfhound WLF-1 Actions:

Movement: To 0304, Facing south
Firing: Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1K, hits, takes 5 damage to LL, 1 Armour remaining
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1K, hits, takes 5 damage to RT, 1 internal structure remaining
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1K, hits, takes 5 damage to LT, 2 Armour remaining
Physical: Kick at Wasp WSP-1K, hits, takes 7 damage to RL, Armour destroyed, 3 Internal Structure remaining
<<<Critical Hit>>> On Foot
Wasp WSP-1K passes.
Heat: Raise 10, sinks 10, Total = 0

2008-03-11, 01:36 AM
Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil Actions:

Movment: To 1314, facing southeast
Firing: SRM 4 at Saracen Medium Hover Tank, miss

2008-03-11, 08:47 AM
Scimitar (which I believe was the target of that last shot?)

Cruise around to 1213, turn to face SE (6MP, I believe), fire on rear arc of hydrofoil, using both sets of SRMs, and a probably off-target AC/5

(can't let it take out the APC)

2008-03-11, 12:53 PM
Zeissa will fire her LRM as well if she does not need a missile lock.

2008-03-11, 03:48 PM
The threat reciver chirps a warning as the Savannah comes aorund gunning for Justin. He tries to cut towards the Savannah, but the gunner was ready for the move, its laser flaring out to slag armor away from the J. Edgar's flank. Falling back on his native Mandarin, he uttered "Ta ma de!" as he swung around to get a laser shot of his own at the Savannah's SRM damaged flank, but Valkryie's guns beat him to the job.

He swung back to the right, aiming for the Wasp. Then he suddenly whipped the tank into a punishing left-hand turn, swinging the rear end around to bring it through 150 degrees in seconds. He set his sights on his true target-the hangars at the end of the row. When the the lock tone sounded, he mashed the trigger, sending a spread of missiles into the night. He grinned broadly as the hangars he had targeted exploded into a blazing holocaust as the warheads detonated and scattered their lethal contents far and wide. Then the laser flared out into another building, but failing to penetrate deep enough to set it ablaze.

Damnit people, do I have to do all the arson around here?

Simple: Flank L/F1/R/F5/L/F1/LL/F1/R/F2/R, 17 MP, 10 hexes, TMM +4, ending 0709/5.

Incidental: Rotate turret to 5.

Simple: Fire.
Primary Target: Hex 0510. Engage with 1xML, trying to set fire (TN 3, keep roll for SM)
Secondary Target: Hex 0809. Engage with 1xSRM-2 firing Inferno (Success automatic; targeting building from adjacent hex)
Secondary target: Hex 0710. Engage with 1xSRM-2 firing Inferno (Success automatic; targeting building from adjacent hex)

Shooting Savannah (2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1524439/)


Roll to set Hex 0510 on fire (2d6=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1528627/)


Hexes 0809 and 0710 now on fire.

2008-03-12, 12:41 AM
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1203 facing southeast
Firing: SRM 2 at Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil , miss
SRM 2 at Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil, 2 missiles hit
Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil takes 2 damage to RR, 4 armour remaining,
Sea Skimmer Hydrofoil takes 2 damage to RR, 2 armour remaining
Power Plant explodes! Vehicle destroyed!
Physical: performs victory dance

OOC: Moechi, i guess you want to change your actions now

2008-03-12, 03:32 AM
Zeissa runs her mech straight east, making sure not to collide with the unit in 1111 and fires her LASER and targets and fires/targets her LRM rack at the unit in 0906.

2008-03-13, 01:14 AM
Valkyrie VLK-QA Actions:
OOC: um... i cant tell exactly where your moving to but ill take a guess that its 1210 or 1211.

Movement: To 1210, facing northwest
Firing: Medium laser at Savannah Master Hovercraft, hits, takes 5 damage to RS, armour destroyed, internal structure destroyed
Vehicle Destroyed! Crew Killed!
LRM10 makes a cool explosion, possibly hitting or missing the tank

2008-03-14, 02:53 AM
OOC spoiler: Sorry. I'll be more specific next time and use your language and read up on movement rules and weapon specifications and usages. I didn't know how far I could go. Some GMs have wanted me to be vague so they can steer me a bit. I'll try to be exacting with actions in Battletech language. Sweet! My LRM was 10 - I thought it was 6 for a while. That's deadly!

"Success." Zeissa whispers over the intercomm, watching the remainders of their bodies and the wreckage burn in the fires of the LR missiles.

She only has an interest in immolating people and machinery. :) I don't think she has any infernos. Does she?

2008-03-16, 12:57 AM
Hover APC (commando Team) Actions:

Movement: To 1110, facing north.
Commando team exits tranports and begins attack on mobile HQ

Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: To 0204 (assume you want to just move into physical range so you can smack him?)
Firing:Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1K, hits, takes 5 damage to LA, armour destroyed
SRM 4, misses
SRM 6, 4 missiles hit, takes 2 damge to CT, 5 armour remaining
takes 2 damage to LT, armour destroyed
takes 2 damage to LA, 1 internal structure remaining
takes 2 damage to LA. section destroyed! 1 damage transfers to LT, 2 internal structure remaining
Physical: Kick hits, takes 5 damage to LL, armour destroyed, LL destroyed!
Wasp WSP-1K falls, takes 1 daamge to LT, 4 internal structure remaining

2008-03-16, 03:56 AM
"HARLON. Do you want to capture the mobile HQ?"

2008-03-16, 11:08 AM
Shuddering from a furious fusillade from both the Kolt Wolfhound and the Commando, the bandit Wasp collapses to the dark dust of the desert night in a flurry of sparks, molten metal, clinging flames and flying debris.

Flicking comms to the general channel, Yoshi barks at the hapless pilot below, "Your mech has been lamed, devastated and is about to be cored. Surrender now or be swatted"

2008-03-16, 01:40 PM

McGonnegal continues to wait impatiently in his 'Mech, hands practically twitching to clamp down on the controls to launch himself into the fray. He sits and listens to the combat chatter and tries to visualize in his mind's eye the battle that he's missing. Still maintaining radio silence, he just keeps speaking to himself inside his cockpit. "Heh. That Drac is racking up his own personal list of P.O.W.s." Hearing that things are going well relaxes him a little. However, Zeissa's transmission once again makes his blood boil. "What the blazing hell was that lass doing during the briefing?! 'Are we to capture the HQ'!" Matthew continues to grumble to himself for a while.

2008-03-16, 10:13 PM
Wasp pilot

The blaring sounding of the commando piloting public speakers where enough to scare away the technicians but a mechwarrior was a bit tougher. The countless missiles and laser point in his general direction however, were a different story. Popping the hatch he scrambled out, running in the direction that would be considered the exact opposite of those guns.


Watching the Wasp pilot attempting to make a get away almost made him laugh but there were more important things to worry about.

"Thats right, Zeis, we have to keep that HQ alive, the commando team is attacking the crew and downloading the information. Provide cover fire if possible, Spright, that means your up, show them why surrender is a good idea. Burnout, how about you see to whatever is keeping those slaves from escaping, i think they're itching to get in there."

2008-03-19, 04:16 AM
"It seemed a shame to waste such an artifact after we got the documents." Zeissa replies in a cocky tone.
"If the battle continues like this we might not want to fulfill the other plan? Speed would be of the essence Harlon, I am intuiting inbound enemy reinforcements."

Briefing Specifics
Zeissa was paying attention to that part in particular (though I kind of forgot about the waiting thing). She just wants to capture as much as possible. :) Sifting through those ruins without boulders over them could be fun! If we secure the area from reinforcements...

"Third, and heres the big one. We have a priority target presented to us. Our interview proces revealed the reason behind the two battlemech per convoy. A mobile HQ is currently located at the mining complex, waiting for us to capture and steal as much information on the bandits as we can carry. I also have a plan, which might work, or could go horribly wrong."

We were asked to capture the information. Capturing the HQ could be presumed to go along with the information, but I tend not to take it for granted in modern military operations. In fantasy games though... :D. But I guess this is Battletech, where looting salvage/-capture is king.

2008-03-19, 10:46 PM
(skipping the Pegasus' turn, sorry Shish, looks like the crew is getting unruly!)

Spider SDR-5K Actions:

The flames began to quickly engulf the crew, most abandoning the other vehicles in the hanger, survival on their mind. The damage on the warehouse was beginning to show as the gantry collapsed under the flames and panicing technicians. A large support beam began to collapse, and the pilot tried as had as possible to pull his mech away in time. He succeeded, atleast partially as the beam collapsed onto his right arm, severing it completely. The engine finally kicked into life and he proceeded outside the hanger.

Complex: Power up sequence (Cold Start)
Movement: To 0909

Stinger STG-3G Actions:

Although the Stinger pilot was placed in a similar position, his engine seemed to give him just a bit more power, allowing him to clear the hanger.

Complex: Power up sequence (Cold Start)
Movement: To 0709

2008-03-19, 11:07 PM

Wolfhound WLF-1:9
Saracen Medium Hover Tank:9
Commando COM-2D:8
J.Edgar Light Hove Tank:8
Stinger STG-3G:7
Wasp WSP-1L:7
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank:7
Javelin JVN-10F:6
Valkyrie VLK-QA:6
Spider SDR-5K:6
Hover APC (commando Team):5
Scorpion Light Tank:5
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank:5



2008-03-20, 02:42 AM
Hardly taknig the time to properly exult over his victory, Yoshi takes a swift glance at the latest sensor scan and sends the Kamikaze trotting through the desert at halfspeed. Taking a turn and slowing just enough for him to draw a good bead on the other Wasp, he lets loose with another alpha strike, taking care to switch the salvo back to non-Inferno rounds. In the smoking wake of ten missiles comes a massive metal foot in yet another savage kick.

Move to 0308, halfspeed.
Alpha strike, no infernos.
Kick at Wasp or whatevertheheck it is(?) in 0309
Net Heat: 0 (?)

2008-03-20, 05:21 AM
Wolfhound WLF-1 Actions:

Movement: T 0706, facing south
Firing: Medium Laser at Stinger STG-3G, hits, takes 5 to LL, 2 amour remaining
Medium Laser, hits, takes 5 damage to CT, 3 armour remaining
Medium Laser, miss
Physical: Kick, hits, takes 7 damage to RL, armour destroyed,
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Heat Sink, falls on RL, 1 internal structure remaining

2008-03-20, 09:04 AM
Late Pegasus movement if possible:

Float forward two hexes and punish the Spider (no Infernos, though, not worth it on a Spider) with all weapons.

Sorry about the delay.

2008-03-20, 10:05 AM
Saracen Medium Hovertank

The Saracen flanks across the base, turret tracked left to launch Infernos into more more of the main complex. Reaching the north end of the complex, it swings around and its LRM launcher again blossoms flame, lofting a salvo of missiles at the Spider. The warheads came down and tore the 'Mech's torso armor to shreds.

Simple: Flank L/F9/LL, 12 MP, 9 Hexes, +3 TMM, ending 0404/4.

Simple: Fire.
Primary target: Spider. Engage with 1xLRM-10 (TN 5, assuming it is illuminated, 7 otherwise).
Secondary Target: Building 0309. Engage with 1xSRM firing Inferno (Success automatic)
Secondary Target: Building 0407. Engage with 1xSRM firing Inferno (Success automatic)
Secondary Target: Building 0508. Engage with 1xSRM firing Inferno (Success automatic)

To-Hit rolls-LRM (2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1533044/)

Either way, that hits.

Missile Hits-LRM (2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1533047/)

These guys are nothing if not consistant. 6 LRMs-group of 5 and group of 1.

Now, assuming the RA was the only damage;

Spider takes 5 damage to CT. 3 armor left.
Spider takes 1 damage to LT. 5 armor left.

And hexes 0309, 0407, and 0508 are all on fire.

2008-03-20, 10:28 AM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

"Roger," Justin confirms. But the Stinger emerges from the inferno he had created almost on top of him, and Justin starts evasive manuevers as the enemy 'Mech tried to draw bead. The intervention of the Mercenary commader's Wolfhound gave the enemy MechWarrior bigger things to think about, allowing Justin time to put his tank into reverse and get out towards the slave compund.

In passing, he takes a snap shot at the Spider, beautifully silhouetted by the burning hangar behind it. Half of the missiles lose tracking and instead home in a the giant IR signature behind the Spider, but the other half combine with the laser to chew through the armor covering the 'Mech's right flank and eat at the machine's skeleton underneath, although none of them manage to find vitals.

And then, he circles the slave compound, remianing out of small-arms range while observing.

Incidental: Cruise B2/R/B3/L/B2, 9 MP, 7 hexes, TMM +3, ending 1407/5.

Fire at Wasp with 1xML, 2xSRM-2 firing HE. TN 6s if illuminated, 8s if not.

To-Hit rolls on Spider-Laser, SRM, SRM (2d6=11, 2d6=10, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1533063/)

Either way, 3 hits.

Missile Hits: SRM, SRM (2d6=6, 2d6=3) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1533074/)

2 SRM hits. Groups of 5, 2, 2.

Hit location on Spider: 5, 2, 2 (2d6=6, 2d6=4, 2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1533077/)

Spider takes 5 damage to RT. 1 Armor left.
Spider takes 2 damage to RA. 2 Damage transfers to RT. Armor destroyed, 6 internals left.
Spider takes 2 damage to RT. 4 internals left.

Determining Critical hits on Spider: RT, RT (2d6=4, 2d6=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1533081/)

No crits.

2008-03-20, 05:48 PM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions (last round)

Movement: To 0910
Firing:Medium Laser at Spider SDR-5K, miss
SRM 6, 5 missiles hit
takes 2 damage to RA, Damage tranfers to RT, 4 armour remaining
takes 2 damage to HD, 4 armour remaining
takes 2 damage to RL, 4 armour remaining
takes 2 damage to CT, 6 armour remaining
takes 2 damage to RA, Damage tranfers to RT, 2 armour remaining
SRM6, miss

Which means:
Saracen Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Spider takes 5 damage to CT, 1 armour remaining
Spider takes 1 damage to LT, 5 armor remaining

J. Edgar Light Hovertank Actions:

Spider takes 5 damage to RT, armour destroyed, 4 internals remaining
Spider takes 2 damage to RA, 2 Damage transfers to RT, 2 internals remaining
Spider takes 2 damage to RT, section destroyed!

Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: To 0308 facing south
Firing: Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, miss
SRM 4, miss
SRM 6, 3 missiles hit
Wasp WSP-1L takes 2 damage to LA, 2 armour remaining
Wasp WSP-1L takes 2 damage to LA, armour destroyed
Wasp WSP-1L takes 2 damage to LL, 3 armour remaining
Physical: Kick at Wasp WSP-1L, miss

Stinger STG-3G Actions:

Movement: Gets up
Firing: Medium Laser at Wolfhound WLF-1, miss
Medium Laser, hits CT
Wolfhound WLF-1 takes 5 damage to CT, 11 armour remaining
Physical: Kick, miss, falls, takes 1 damage to RL <<<Section destroyed>>>

Wasp WSP-1L Actions:

Movement: None
Firing: SRM 4 at Commando COM-2D, 2 missiles hit
Commando COM-2D takes 2 damage to CT, 6 armour remaining
Commando COM-2D takes 2 damage to LT, 6 armour remaining

2008-03-23, 11:56 AM

The Scimitar will float up to 1410, turn to the NW (cruising, if I can count correctly), and fire an AC/5 round into the Spider if it has LOS... Infernos can be lobbed into a convenient part of the base (not the slave quarters or the Mobile HQ) for good measure.

2008-03-23, 05:33 PM
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1410, facing northwest
Firing: AC/5 at Spider SDR-5K, hits
Spider SDR-5K takes 5 damage to RT, damage transfers to CT, armour destroyed, 6 internal structure remaining
Infernos at building 0810, now on fire

2008-03-24, 09:57 AM
"This would be a good time for you all to surrender... you will not die now and might get amnesty." Zeissa calls out to KoltC's opponents from her speakers and on the open radio band.

"That goes for you Wasp pilot. I will vaporize you immediately if you do not stop running." Zeissa says, remembering their enemy and tracing the path of his direction with her grey irises.

2008-03-27, 06:34 PM
Spright - Better late than never!

After being given the order to move in, Matthew jams down on his JumpJet pedals and lifts into the sky. The whoosh of the jets, the shuddering of the 'Mech around him; McGonnegal lived for the jumping. After making a quick survey of the battle beneath him, he espies his target - the Wasp standing in melee range of Yoshi. He controls his thrust to settle himself down on the hills above the enemy machine, and before it can react to his presence he unleashes three ruby beams at it.

OOC: Again, my bad!
Simple Action - Jump 5 hexes to 0308, facing southeast
Simple Action - Fire 3 Medium Lasers at Wasp

Gains 14 Heat, Dissipates 12 Heat. Now at +2 Heat.

2008-03-27, 09:37 PM
Javelin JVN-10F Actions:

Movement: To 0308, facing southeast
Firing: Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, miss
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, hit
Wasp WSP-1L takes 5 damage to LL, armour destroyed
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, hit
Wasp WSP-1L take 5 damae to LA, <<<section destroyed>>>, 2 damage transfers to LT, 4 armour remaining

2008-03-31, 04:05 AM
Zeissa spares her medium laser for the fleeing pilot if he has not surrendered, otherwise unloading both her weapons at 0508 as her mech klunks up to reach 1205 so she can check on the slaves.

2008-03-31, 06:23 PM
Valkyrie VLK-QA Actions:

Movement: To 1205, facing southwest
Firing: Medium Laser Scorpion Light Tank, miss
LRM 10 at Scorpion Light Tank, 6 missiles hit
Scorpion Light Tank takes 5 damage to LS, 6 armour remaing
Scorpion Light Tank takes 1 damage to LS, 5 armour remaing

Spider SDR-5K Actions:

Movement: To 0909, facing south
Firing:Machine Gun at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, miss
Medium Laser at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, hits
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank takes 5 damage to FR, 21 armour remaining

Hover APC (commando Team) Actions:

Complex action: Downloads Data
Movement: escapes into Hover APC

"Got the data sir, were good to go, give us a minute to get out and we can hit the charges!"

Scorpion Light Tank Actions:

Movement: To 0507, facing southeast
Firing: AC/5 at Wolfhound, miss

2008-04-01, 09:16 AM

(Ummm... you have both the Pegasus and Spider in the same hex... 0910....)

Also, the Pegasus will move to get a shot at the side arc (shouldn't be hard, but will keep using cruise MP) and will fire off all weapons at the insolent 'mech... (2 SRM 6's, and the M. Laser).

"Now that's just not nice... Well, two can play that game, and I have more firepower and armor than you do..."

2008-04-01, 07:22 PM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: Facing north
Firing: Medium Laser at Spider SDR-5K, hits
Spider SDR-5K takes 5 damage to CT, 1 internal structure remaining
SRM 6 at Spider SDR-5K, 5 missiles hit
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LL, 4 armour remaining
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LA, 3 armour remaining
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LA, 1 armour remaining
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LA, armour destroyed, 4 internal structure remaining
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LA, 2 internal structure remaining
SRM 6 at Spider SDR-5K, 5 missiles hit
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to RT, damage transfers to CT, section destroyed!
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to RT, above
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to CT, critical hit on machine gun ammo
<<<AMMO EXPLODES!>>> takes 392 damage
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LA, 2 internal structure remaining
Spider SDR-5K takes 2 damage to LA, section destroyed!

Can someone say overkill?

2008-04-02, 06:53 AM
On allied band: "Sure we want to do this Harl? Currently handling all just fine."

2008-04-02, 12:21 PM

Matthew grins as his attacks melt through his target's shoulder, dropping the superheated appendage to the ground. Zeissa's transmission does catch his ear, though. ++She might have a point, sir. Unless we're expecting reinforcements soon, we may have time to do a bit of salvaging. We could blow the place once we're finished.++

2008-04-02, 09:59 PM
Yoshioka Sakay taps into the allied bandwidth through a crackling comms system as the bandit battlemech in front of him shudders from yet another barrage of laser fire. "Thanks for the assist, chief. Yep, I'd greatly appreciate it if ye didn't blow the ridge just now--- as I'm still underneath it!" With those words, he prepares to disentangle himself from melee with the Wasp and get out of range of the blast zone just in case...

2008-04-02, 11:08 PM
Firing off another burst of lasers Harlon managed to pull his mech around just in time to avoid the missile launch he assumed came from the hostile wasp. The metal melted away as the intense heat from his lasers pushed the enemy stinger back into its already flaming hanger.

"Well, things looks to be shaping up, lets try and clean things up and.."

Again he was forced to halt his mech to avoid another SRM salvo, as he turned aroun to face the pesky wasp he noticed the smoke trail leading from the closest hanger. Switching to a more detail termal scan he notice what he'd been afraid of, swarms of infantry, equipped with SRM tubes and more demolitions than he'd care to have placed on his mech.

"Garrison has finally woken up, looks like we have serious problems here, everyone get clear before they can launche onto your mechs, i think an avalanche might come in very handy! Repeat, disengage and fall back to the slave compound!"


J.Edgar Light Hove Tank: 12
Javelin JVN-10F: 11
Stinger STG-3G: 10
Wasp WSP-1L: 10
Wolfhound WLF-1: 10
Scorpion Light Tank: 10
Hover APC (commando Team): 9
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 8
Commando COM-2D: 7
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 7
Valkyrie VLK-QA: 6
Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 4
Anti-mech SRM Infantry HORDE: 2



2008-04-03, 09:05 AM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

Justin brings the Hovertank up to speed as he whips south around the compound, getting a look at the swarm for himself. He whistles. "He wasn't kidding." The computer warns of missile lock, and he throws a quick juke into the tank's path, causing a salvo of missiles to knife across the front and explode in the ground. The computer indetifies those responsible, and Justin returns the favor. The laser slices into one of the platoon's SRM launchers, setting off the reloads and killing the crew. The Blaze's own SRMs detonate and cut down a dozen more with sycthing shrapnel.

Incidental: Cruise F2/R/F8, 11 MP, 10 hexes, TMM +4, ending 0404/6.

Incidental: Turret rotate to 3.

Simple: Fire on A-M SRM platoon in 0406 with ML and 2xSRM-2. TNs 4 if illuminated, 6 if not.

To-Hit rolls on the SRM platoon-ML, SRM, SRM (2d6=10, 2d6=7, 2d6=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1549220/)

Not that it matters. 3 hits.

Missile hits on SRM platoon (2d6=7, 2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1549222/)

2 SRMs.

Platoon takes 9x2=18 damage. 3 Men left alive.

2008-04-04, 05:23 AM
"They are only infantry with tubes Sir. We can handle them, at least make sure we get the mobile headquarter to add to your assets. There may be tons of information and valuables in the base. Payrolls... electronics, watches, boots, ammunition, weapons! Mineral caches. Eggheads or skilled prisoners with knowledge. A chance to use these commandos to clear the buildings out. A base to turn over to government for a bonus."

"Let's just massacre them please?" Zeissa pleads. "Harl. This is a real opportunity at low risk. Request that we fall back yet continue engagement?"
"If you decide to go with my recommendation than you might also wish to redeploy the Commando team ASAP to handle a platoon or two."

"Huh." she skims over the data.
"They were almost a full regiment, only a company short of nine. Seven now."

"This seems to be an important base. There may be more danger waiting inside to come out or ambush us if we go to collect data, but there is a high probability of infiltration in the local government command and I feel it would be highly lucrative for us to not throw away this chance to gather additional data."
"You know you love my advice Harlon." her voice crackles over the intercom in an attempt to soften his anger.

2008-04-04, 01:40 PM
Justin activates the Merc's general channel and pipes up in Zeissa's defense, "She's right, sir. Those PBIs have no cover 'cept the burning buildings behind them. If we retrograde to the Northeast, we ought to be able to pick 'em off without too much fuss.

2008-04-04, 04:06 PM

Spright hears the order to begin withdrawal, and lets loose one more scorching blast at the target in front of him. Suddenly, his infrared sensors light up with the emerging of dozens of small heat signatures - human bodies. "Damn!" Without sticking around to register the damage he dealt, he again engages his thrusters to send him flying to the north.

++Negative; Harlon's right. We may be able to take them, but we'll be damaged in the process. We're fighting a guerilla battle here; it's more important to keep ourselves at full strength since we're never guaranteed time to repair before our next fight. A single direct blast from one of those platoons could damned near strip the armor from your entire craft!++

Simple: Fire 2 Medium Lasers at Wasp
Simple: Jump 5 hexes to 0104

2008-04-04, 06:02 PM

"You heard the Scot, we're pulling back, we could probably kill them but who knows how many more could be ready to come out, not to mention possible reinforcements. Besides, we can't hold this area, if we don't take it out completely they will just roll back in with more forces than we can handle! That would make this mission a failure, now cover that APC and pull back!"

2008-04-05, 07:39 AM
Suddenly, a swarm of singular SRMs rattles in from the left. Jumping, dodging and hopskipping in a series of evasive maneuvres, Yoshi barely manages to avoid the furious fusillade. "GAH! Whaddaheck...?!"

The Major's orders crackle in on the smoking comms set and Sakay slaps it in response. "Movin' out, SIR, YES SIR!"

Checking the alarming sensor feeds and noting that his paths to the northwest are blocked, he radioes in, "Sir! Retreating, full reverse! My path to the slave compound is blocked!"

Patching in to a general frequency, he shoots at the Wasp pilot ad the incoming infantry, "I'd love to stick around, but somethin' tells me, you'll meet the ground before I do!"

With those final words, he launches a swift punch with the Kamikaze's right fist then snaps off a blast from the MLAS in the left. Not taking the time to relish the destructive power of his weapon, Yoshi guns the mech's throttle in full reverse. He keeps on looking behind him, making sure that the distance is just right to get clear of the blast zone. Finally, when his mech's back is right against the opposite cliff, he releases a breath that he didn't even know he was holding.

Fire MLAS at Wasp... (not that it matters...)
Punch the Wasp.
Run to 0304
Facing south

2008-04-05, 06:07 PM
Javelin JVN-10F Actions:

Movment: To 0104
Firing: Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, hits
Wasp WSP-1L takes 5 damage to LA, section destroyed, damge transfers to LT, armour destroyed!
Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, hits
Wasp WSP-1L takes 5 damage to LT, section destroyed!, 1 damage transfers to CT, 5 armour remaining.

Stinger STG-3G Actions:

Movement: Gets up, fails, falls on RL, section destroyed!
Firing: Medium Laser at Wolfhound WLF-1, hits
Wolfhound WLF-1 takes 5 damage to LT, 6 armour remaining

Wasp WSP-1L Actions:

Movement: none
Firing: SRM 4 at Commando COM-2D, miss

Wolfhound WLF-1 actions:

Movement: To 0705, facing south
Firing: Medium Laser at Stinger STG-3G, hits
Stinger STG-3G takes 5 damage to CT, armour destroyed, 5 internals remaining
Medium Laser at Stinger STG-3G, miss
Medium Laser at Stinger STG-3G, hits
Stinger STG-3G takes 5 damage to CT, section destroyed!
Mech destroyed!
Heat: +11, sinks 10, 1 heat total

Scorpion Light Tank Actions:

Movement: To 0506, facing north
Firing: AC/5 at Saracen Medium Hover Tank, miss
Machine Gun at Saracen Medium Hover Tank, miss

Hover APC (commando Team) Actions:

Movement: To 1512, evacuated map (intel secure!)

2008-04-06, 10:28 AM
Pegasus Scout Hovertank, Sgt. Feldbaum
"Order to withdraw acknowledged."I do not want to go down facing off against a bunch of crazies who'll try to climb all over my tank and rip up the airskirt... I think one of my lance-mates went down that way back in my last tour... Can't let it happen to me, that's not how I want to die.

Movement: Reverse, cruising speed, reverse two hexes, turn to face NW, resume reverse for five more hexes (traveling SE), give infantry in 1010 a parting gift of one M. Laser and two sets of Inferno missiles.

2008-04-06, 07:49 PM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: A little confusig but iassume you want to go to 1414?
Firing: Medium Laser at Anti-Mech SRM Infantry(1010), hit
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry(1010) takes 5 damage, 26 members remaining
SRM 6 at Anti-Mech SRM Infantry(1010), 4 missiles hits
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry(1010) takes 8 damage, 18 members remaining
SRM 6 at Anti-Mech SRM Infantry(1010), 4 missiles hits
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry(1010) takes 8 damage, 10 members remaining

(squads wiped out if we are using the double damage for anti-infantry weapons rules)

Commando COM-2D Actions:

Firing:Medium Laser at Wasp WSP-1L, hit
Wasp WSP-1L takes 5 damage to CT, armour destroyed!
Physical: Punch Wasp WSP-1L, miss
Movement: To 0304, faing south

2008-04-07, 06:47 AM
Silent, but still enigmatically animated by her task Zeissa drives her Valkyrie forward while alpha-striking the crowd at 0906. Knowing her weapons are not too effective for the task she finishes off by stepping on the ones that haven't reached cover.

2008-04-07, 08:36 AM
Clarification: I was aiming for hex 1414... out over the water... so that I'd move 7 hexes in reverse, ending up 6 hexes away from my target. :smallredface: This way I don't get swarmed by infantry, even if it means that I miss my weapons fire.

Path: 0910-0912, turn, continue reverse into 1414.

I don't see the point in sticking close to hostiles if we're trying to retreat.

2008-04-08, 08:54 AM
"Target the infantry over damaged mechs comrades." Zeissa suggests to the others.
"They are far more of a vulnerable threat per tube."

2008-04-10, 05:18 AM
Valkyrie VLK-QA actions:

Movement: To 0906
Firing: LRM 10 at Infantry, miss
Medium Laser at Infantry, hits
Infantry takes 10 damage to Men, platoon destroyed!

2008-04-10, 08:57 AM

(Sorry, I realized a bit slow it was this guy's turn, and then the forum ate a post...)

Reverse thrust to take it back over the water... about 1515 or so...

Fire all weapons (including last shot of Infernos) at nearest infantry unit.

2008-04-10, 12:58 PM
Saracen Medium Hovertank

The Saracen heels to the left and disengages at high speed, all the while spreading death with its missiles, the warheads mowing down the unprotected troopers.

Simple: Flank L/F10, 11 MP, 10 Hexes, TMM +4, ending 1409/3.

Incidental: Turret twist to 6.

Primary target: Fire 1xLRM-10 at 0607 TN 7 illuminated, 9 if not.
Secondary target: 3xSRM-2 at 1109, TN 8.

To-Hit Rolls: LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=10, 2d6=9, 2d6=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1558635/)

LRM hits if target is illuminated, SRMs all hit.

I included a roll for the LRMs if they hit.

Missile hits: LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=4, 2d6=9, 2d6=5, 2d6=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1558638/)

4 LRMs, 4 SRMs.

(Infantry unit 0607 takes 4x2 damage. 13 men left.)
Infantry unit 1109 takes 8x2 damage. 5 men left.

2008-04-11, 01:14 AM
OOC:Well, love how internet explorer can randomly crash and delete my nice long post: the gist of it was, infantry shoot and miss, mountain falls on them, good guys perform victory dance....

2008-04-11, 01:25 AM
OOC:Well, love how internet explorer can randomly crash and delete my nice long post: the gist of it was, infantry shoot and miss, mountain falls on them, good guys perform victory dance....

OOC: What kind of check do I need to make in order to get a Light Hovertank to dance on their graves?:smallbiggrin:

2008-04-11, 08:38 AM
OOC: What kind of check do I need to make in order to get a Light Hovertank to dance on their graves?:smallbiggrin:

OOC: Probably not a very hard one, since your J. Edgar's faster than almost anything this side of a Savannah Master... at least for units that can't fly.

2008-04-11, 07:59 PM
Zeissa targets any enemy survivors with laser and if its not the pilot she fires, taking care not to hit any friendly slaves.

2008-04-14, 03:23 AM

Hitting his hand on the console and mumbling something derogatory managed to clear the connection to the Kell Hound jumpship. The message, although heavily blurred in static informed the two Kell Hound companies and the Kolt’s Kommandos dropship that it was breaking orbit, having cleared is cargo.

Satisfied that the transmission had actually finished and the star league era communication system hadn’t simply decayed beyond repair, Harlon moved away from the console back to facing the group. The atmospheric sensors had been affected by the heat of the planets surface and convinced the air conditioning units to flood the dropship with air, much cooler than was really necessary. Except for this minor inconvenience, the landing had gone about smoothly and had met the rescued slaves and returning battlemechs and vehicles.

With the attack on the bandit forces fully underway the real operation could actually commence.

“I doubt I need to inform you all that the Kell Hound companies have each began their strikes on targets of opportunity currently under the bandits influence. What we are hoping to achieve with this is to limit or perhaps reduce the standing forces at base Omerta. Even with this reduced garrison I would not be too confident in an all out assault to retake the base, and apparently neither do the ‘Hounds. They’ve seen fit to provide a second mech lance, contracted independently, not under my control but not my superior either.”

“We are supposed to co-ordinate together but I would prefer to prove that we don’t need them. That means our first priority is to find those guerrillas and work with them to retake the base. I have planned a quick recon with birddog in her VTOL but will need to be escorted, sorry Lieutenant, you’ve volunteered your lance, don’t worry, it’s just an hour or two, simple recon really, just want a force nearby in case contact can be made this early. That also means the mech lance needs to stay awake! The guerrillas might just need a hand. Any questions before I go and have lunch?”

2008-04-14, 08:41 AM
Sgt. Thomas Feldbaum

"What's the protocol for the recon if we spot bandits? Engage, withdraw, or does it come down to whether we can take 'em?"

2008-04-14, 12:41 PM
Matthew McGonnegal

Matthew blurts out a few excited expletives as the avalanche goes crashing down on the remains of the base. The heat of his cockpit finally begins to diminish in the aftermath of the battle. When Harlon passes on the info about their next assignment, McGonnegal chimes in. ++Just one, sir. What's the mess hall serving up right about now?++

Matthew pilots his 'Mech into the DropShip hanger and leaves the fusion engine idling in the event that he'll need a quick start-up. As he was exiting the warm cockpit of his craft, he couldn't help but notice how EXTREMELY cold it felt inside the ship. Shivering a little, Matthew walked back to his room and grabbed a jacket to pull on over his piloting "outfit", then proceeded to the mess hall for a bite.

2008-04-14, 05:18 PM
Lieutenant Justin Grassi

"No rest for wicked," Justin sighs.

"What do we know about these new guys we got coming in?"

2008-04-15, 12:40 AM

"I beleive it is chicken vindaloo althrough the name sounds a lot fancier than the dish is."

"These guys coming in are apprantly a medium mech lance, whose definition it is, i can't say. Apparently they're being dubbed hammer lance, not very original but i already get the feeling they are a flashy type."

"Also, rules of engagement, i'll leave to you, i don't expedct much combat however, simple recon then you can get to sleep. Deal?"

2008-04-15, 08:43 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum
"'Hammer lance?' That doesn't sound terribly exciting to fight against. If they have another one name 'Anvil Lance,' I'd expect quick 'mechs with decent firepower. Anyway, I'm not sure we have the raw firepower to take out a medium lance in a straight fight, but I bet we can outpace them, so long as there aren't too many trees..."

I may not sleep very well... It sounds like we might've made our bandits a wee bit angry. What are the odds that my short-range firepower ends up being needed to give a nice helping hand to one of my fellow pilots? Probably better than I'd like...

2008-04-15, 10:43 PM
Lieutenant Justin Grassi

"Fair enough I 'spose. I'll see you in an hour."

And with that, he gets up and makes his way for the cafeteria. Let's hope that chicken vindaloo tastes better than it sounds.

2008-04-16, 05:15 AM
PFC Antonio LLanos

Antonio exits his cockpit and goes straight to his cabin. Gets changed into some warmer cloths. He then walks into the mess hall, moves aside to let Justin walk past and gives a nod to him, then takes a seat.


Looks around the hall, looking at the people in the mess hall.

2008-04-17, 05:23 AM
Zeissa passes by Antonia and nods at him, smiles.
"How are you doing Antonio?"
"You should'been downstairs. Was ways cool."

"Want coffee or tea?" she says, eyes lit up with a story to tell, trying to make it a bit up to him.

2008-04-17, 06:12 AM
PFC Antonio LLanos

He looks up at Zeissa staring at him.

"Hola, I'm good and you? I wouldn't mind having a coffee with you."

He moves a seat out, showing a hand to her to have a seat.

2008-04-18, 06:05 AM
Zeissa takes a seat, waits for him to place his order before making hers.
"Didn't take prisoners much. But a mountain fell on the SRM horde." she smiles.
"Where you been?"

2008-04-18, 06:13 AM

As the crew spilled into the mess hall they were greeted by a few thankful salutes and guestures from the gathering of ex-slaves, now ready to take revenge on the pirate forces.

Harlon quickly grabbed himself a coffee without really checking what was in it. He had a quick look around the hall, approaching the various tank crewman reminding them they only had a few minutes before they were out on patrol. Between that point and now, the technicians were furiously at work, trying to repair what they could but only really succeeding in reparing minor armour damage (OOC: that means the damge from last mission carries over!)

Whenever people are ready they can post themselves getting ready for the next mission or socialsing with the time they have.

2008-04-18, 08:18 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum

Sgt. Feldbaum heads over to the repair bay where his Pegasus is frantically being attended by techs,
"So, I'm gonna have to go out there again before they can get my ride fully patched up? What's command thinking? Can I speed things up on getting the armor back on if I take a welding torch? Or would it be more harm than good? I'd really appreciate that, even if it's a recon mission."

Sgt. Feldbaum paces nervously near his ride, seeing if there is anything that he can do to help the techs put it back together...Going out on patrol without proper armor is something I remember all too well... Late time I was on duty, I recall nearly getting shot up by some punk in an H-WAG one time that I tried it... At least I have a real vehicle and not a wheeled coffin, though...

2008-04-18, 09:35 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

He stares at Zeissa eyes. My God her eyes are stunning

"Ah yes, I was piloting the Scimitar, it was pretty intense the last mission wasn't it?"

He starts to focus back into the conversation

"Ah how can I forget what would you like me to get for you to drink?"

Antonio stands up preparing to get their drinks

2008-04-18, 10:09 PM
Lieutenant Justin Grassi

Justin acknowledges Antonio's nod with one of his own as he passes. He gets his food and, not up for conversation, finds an empty table. He is not really hungry either, so he ends mostly pushing the food around his plate for a while before dumping it in the garbage.

He then makes his way from the Mess to the vehicle bay to check on how the work to his tank is coming along. "HEY CHARLIE!" he calls out over the din, "When you go to reload her, make 'em all Infernos, willya?" Then, as an afterthought, he adds, "Good work." On his way out, he nods and says "Hi" to Sargeant Feldbaum.

He heads back to the mess to grab himself a large cup of coffee in time to meet up with the Major and his warning.

2008-04-19, 05:24 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

He stares at Zeissa eyes. My God her eyes are stunning

"Ah yes, I was piloting the Scimitar, it was pretty intense the last mission wasn't it?"

He starts to focus back into the conversation

"Ah how can I forget what would you like me to get for you to drink?"

Antonio stands up preparing to get their drinks

"It was lovely. I wish it would not have been so hurried.."
Curious at his momentarily receptor-widening direct eyecontact Zeissa flushes a bit and absentmindedly tries to notice the mix of his irises.

"Red tea please." she notes as he stands up and waits happily for him to fetch their drinks.

2008-04-19, 12:07 PM
PFC Antonio Llanos

"Ah nice choice, I'll be back soon"

As he walks of to get the drinks he feels a wave of sleepiness hit him. I better order something strong too keep me awake. Antonio walks of to the cafeteria and orders a Red tea and a black coffee. He walks back to the table that Zeissa is sitting at and hands her the Red tea.

"Here you go Zeissa, by the way why did you not want the mission to end so quick?"

As he sits down into his chair staring at her eyes once again.

2008-04-21, 09:29 AM
Zeissa mumbles out a first word, staring into her tea. "So.. so we could get loot."
"More that is."
Zeissa looks back at his eyes, looking over his form and tags for a moment, curious about him and why she is getting so much attention. (apparently) An attentive nice fellow.
"Mmmmm... but it is good Kolt decided not to. Lean, weak Valk did not take any damage. Is yours fine?"

...<conversational pause>...

"From where did you originate?"


"Where do you think Harlon will take us for vacation?" she asks politely, with a blank, dreaming look of high content. Her arms are leaning outwards and her head slightly forward above the table. She reaches forward to grip one or two of his fingers with her hand. "It is nice to meet someone around here with time for some real fellowship." She smiles at him, her thin red leps drawing a distinct line as she pulls a lock of hair fallen forward back behind her left ear, subconciously preening as he stares on.

2008-04-22, 06:10 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

Antonio blushes for a short second when she touched his hand.

"Harlon is a great Leader he knows when things are going to go wrong, my Scimitar is in pretty good form but its still gonna need some tuning up"

He looks down at his hands and her hands touching each others. Then looks back at her eyes making direct eye contact.

"I come from the area of Magistry of Canopus, it is a very nice place well to me also my background is Latin what about you?"

He looks back down to their hands and then looks back up. With an awkward look on his face

"I don't know where Harlon will take us but it will still be good anyway, thank you its good to know that their is still fellowship around here"

He looks at the clock on the wall and notices the time. Damn it I have to get down to the mech bay since i got to patrol. Damn I was having fun speaking with her. He looks back at her with a sorrowful look.

"Zeissa it was very nice speaking with you and I hope we can continue this talk after because I have to go with Justin and Feldbaum to do a patrol of an area."

He scull's the rest of his coffee and gets up and kisses Zeissa's hand and starts to walk but then turns around and looks directly at her.

"Unless you would like to come with me to the mech bay?"

He stretches out his hand towards her waiting for her replay.

2008-04-23, 11:39 PM
"Definitely." she says, getting up and following him to tour the Scimitar before straying over to look at and check on her Valk.

She'd probably made him uncomfortable, but he seemed able to take it mostly in stride.

OOC: Were his hands coarse or soft or somewhere in between? Zeissa likes to grab men's hands, cuz' they're so big it's freaky and funny and kinda handsome.

2008-04-24, 03:03 AM
(rushing everyone to their tanks)

The hovercraft quickly raced out of the dropship hanger, into the mess of tents and campfires which the group crew and just finished putting out. The fact that you hadn't slept did nothing to raise your spirits, the caffeine on the other hand…

The crewman gathered together in the morning chill, slowly replacing the night watchmen. The light rain began to fall but was hardly noticed by the infantry let alone the vehicle pilots. The Ferret light scout VTOL began to power its rotors and the ground crew scurried out of the way of the makeshift landing pad. Through the old machine made a clear creaking noise as it took off, it was the most reliable machine in the company. Ripping through the air towards the mountainous region just over the first hill, the ferret began testing its communications equipment, noting that everything was clear, the hovercraft began to follow.

The first ridgeline was clear but a small dip gave way to a small structure hiding among the rocks. The pilot noted the infantry patrol and the battlemech in poor condition, registering as the second guardian. The landscape was heavily scarred from what appeared to be multiple engagements.

The first warning light which should have gone off was the way the weather drastically changed. One moment there was a calm rain and the next the storm swept up the light scout helicopter, forcing the pilot to focus on keeping level. The second warning was the kilos of explosives suddenly slamming into the rear rotor blade, spinning the ferret out of control. The rival VTOL, a H-7C Warrior Attack VTOL pulled away, recognising the danger of the storm.

The comms died and the Ferret span out of control, the pilot furiously fighting to land on a clear patch of ground as the nearby tree line was certain death…

The VTOL had seen something after all; a brief radio signal had managed to get out to the hovercraft. They had to head into the storm.

2008-04-24, 04:49 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

"Well thats the end of the tour of my tank"

Antonio turns around to face Zeissa. He then notices that everyone is rushing in the mech bay.

"Hmmm, I think my patrol is about to begin. We'll Zeissa it was nice talking to you I had a good time I hope you did too. I'll catch ya later"

Antonio gives a salute to Zeissa and then grabs her hand and kisses it. He then walks off to his cabin. Man why do i have to go on a patrol.

When Antonio reaches his Cabin he changes into his piloting cloths and puts a black cap. He then walks to the Scimitar and gets into the cockpit. Before Antonio turns on the engine he does the sign of the cross.El nombre del Padre, del Hijo y Espiritu Santo Amen takes out his crucifix and then kiss it. Santa Maria, madre de Dios, ruega por nosotros...

The first one means Father, Son and Holy Spirit amen and the second one means Holy Mary, Mother of God, prayer for us...

2008-04-24, 10:56 AM
Lieutenant Justin Grassi

He had just finished his inspection. The armor patch to the damage caused by the Savannah was ugly, but effective. He climbs the ladder up to the hatch, pausing at the top to accept the mug passed up by his tech. "Thanks." He starts to climb in but pauses when he spots Antonio and Zeissa. As he kisses her, Justin shakes his head and mutters "Typical Canopian." before continuing his descent.

Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

Just perfect. The gunmetal gray sky above made a perfect mirror for his mood as he led his lance out into the expansive desert wastes. The rain drops pounding on the roof and the gusts of wind making the tank fight his control only served to drag the mood down deeper. No good can come of this.

He had no idea how right he was. When the call came in, he spat a couple of choice invectives in his native tongue while moving the map from its position on one of his secondary monitor to one of his primary ones. He quickly ran through his list of options, until only one became clear. He brought up the needed comm channel...

Ohh, cliffhanger! But I need soem more info before makign a decision.

2008-04-26, 04:47 AM




J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 12
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry: 10
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 9
Unknow Sensor readings: 7
Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 6
Guardian GRD-1N: 6
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 4

ETA for Mech Lance to arrive: Round 2
Location: Southwest corner

2008-04-26, 10:50 PM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

"Alright, you guys keep the baddies busy-I'm gonna go check up on the wreck site," Justin orders over the Lance's channel, punctuating the sentence by putting the hammer down on the Blaze of Glory. The swift tank easily pulled away from its companions.

As the Justin rounded the bluff, its threat warning reciver lit up. Somebody was trying to paint the Blaze with a missile lock-the lack of a signature down that bearing meant infantry. Thumb-selecting Inferno rounds for the SRMs, Justin fired the tank's own missiles blindly into the storm, adding the Diverse Optics laser just for good measure. He could not tell if he hit, but the TWR went silent for now, so he assumed he had dealt some damage.

Threading between two stands of pines, he guided the tank onwards towards the crash site. As it approached, Justin eased off the throttle and started switching through all of the tank's sensors to scan the site. One good thing about this storm, he mused, is that if either of the two had survived and gotten out, their body heat will stand out like torches on the IR scan.

Simple: Fire at SRM Platoon. Using ML, 2xSRM-2 firing Infernos. TN 5.

To-hit on AM SRM Inf-ML, SRM, SRM (2d6=7, 2d6=6, 2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1579021/)

3 Hits.

SRM hits on Infantry-SRM, SRM (2d6=6, 2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1579025/)

2 SRMs hit. This is why I hate SRM-2s (or anything that uses the 2 column in general).

AM SRM Jump Platoon take 7x2=14 Damage. 7 Men left.

Simple: Flank F2/R/F3/L/F3/R/F2, 13 MP, 10 Hexes, TMM +4, ending 0809/1.

2008-04-28, 05:36 AM
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry Actions:

Movement: To 1312, facing south
Firing: SRM at Scimitar, miss

2008-04-29, 05:30 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

Move Scimitar to hex 0913 and fire both SRM 2 at Infantry and then fire AC/5 at Guardian. End by facing NW

Hmm, damn rain I can't see much out there better use my IR Scanner. Antonio then feels the ground shake near him like if some missiles just hit the ground near his tank.

"Wow that was close, I'll try to get their attentions off you Sir."

Antonio moves straight past the infantry and fires both SRM 2 at them, he then targets the Guardian and fires his AC/5 at it.

"I bet that got their attention, Lieutenant Grassi is there any sign of the crew from the crashed VTOL?"

2008-04-30, 05:56 AM
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: to 0913, facing northwest (i assume)
SRM 2 at Anti-Mech SRM Infantry, 1 missile hits, takes 2 damage, 5 troopers remaining
SRM 2 at Anti-Mech SRM Infantry, 1 missile hits, takes 2 damage, 3 troopers remaining
AC/5 at Guardian GRD-1N, miss

Unknow Sensor readings:

Sighted by Burnout as : Striker Light Tank
Movement: To 1208
Firing: SRM 6 at J.Edgar Light Hover Tank, miss
LRM 10 at J.Edgar Light Hover Tank, miss

2008-04-30, 11:57 AM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

"I found a Striker, does that count?" Justin asks as he puts the tank into a violent S-turn to throw off the enemy's missile lock.

Saracen Medium Hovertank
The Saracen climbs the hill ahead of it to give its missile launchers a commanding view of the battle below, the missile tubes blossoming smoke and flame as they issue judgement from on high. A half-dozen missiles crashed into the Striker's glacias plate, while two missiles shredded armor from the enemy 'Mech's flank and arm.

Simple: Flank R/F1/L/F6/R, 12 MP, 7 Hexes, TMM +3, Ending 0813/1.

Simple: Fire.

Primary Target: Striker. Engage with 1xLRM-10 (TN 6, assuming +1 TMM
Secondary Target: Guardian. Engage with 3x SRM-2, firing regular. TN 8.

To-hit rolls-LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=8, 2d6=10, 2d6=4, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1582725/)

LRM, 2 SRMs hit.

Missile hits-LRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=7, 2d6=5, 2d6=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1582726/)

6 LRMs, 2 SRMs.

Hit Location- Striker 5, 1-Guardian 2, 2 (2d6=5, 2d6=9, 2d6=8, 2d6=4) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1582727/)

Striker takes 5 damage to Front. 19 armor left.
Striker takes 1 damage to Front. 18 armor left.

Guardian takes 2 damage to LT. 4 armor left.
Guardian takes 2 damage to RA. 2 armor left.

2008-05-01, 03:55 AM
Guardian GRD-1N Actions:

Movement: To 1013
Firing: Machine gun at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank, hits, takes 2 damage to FA, 19 armour remaining
Machine gun at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank, hits, takes 2 damage to TU, 19 armour remaining
Machine gun at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank, miss
Machine gun at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank, miss
Machine gun at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank, hits, takes 2 damage to FA, 17 armour remaining

2008-05-01, 08:47 AM
Pegasus Scout Hovertank

Travel at cruising speed to 1314, turn to face NW, open fire with M.Laser and both SRMs at Guardian.

"I think I can clean up this one... Any news on our VTOL crew?"

2008-05-02, 02:45 AM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1314, facing NW
Firing: SRM 6 at Guardian GRD-1N, miss
SRM 6 at Guardian GRD-1N, 4 missiles hit
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to LA, 2 armour remaining
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to LT, 2 armour remaining
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to LA, armour destroyed
Guardian GRD-1N takes 2 damage to LT, armour destroyed
Medium Laser at Guardian GRD-1N, hit, takes 5 damage to LL, armour destroyed

2008-05-05, 02:00 AM
OOC: weekends, busy, stuff heres now...



Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 11
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 10
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 9
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 9
Commando COM-2D: 9
Guardian GRD-1N: 8
Commando COM-3A: 8
Flea FLE-4: 8
Scorpion Light Tank: 7
Striker Light Tank: 7
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry: 6
Wolfhound WLF-1: 6
Javelin JVN-10F: 5
Valkyrie VLK-QA: 5



2008-05-06, 10:23 AM
Saracen Medium Hovertank

The Saracen races around to the damaged 'Mech's left side to fill the gaps in its armor with high explosives. The missiles easily tore through armor more memory than fact and blasted the 'Mech's entire left side side apart in a spectactular fashion.

Simple: Flank RR/F4/LL/F1/L, 11 MP, 5 Hexes, TMM +2, ending 1214/6.

Simple: Fire at Guardian with all weapon, SRMs firing standard. TN 10 LRM, 6 SRMs.

To-Hit on Guardian: LRM, SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=9, 2d6=9, 2d6=6, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1588555/)

Three SRMs.

Missile hits on Guardian-SRM, SRM, SRM (2d6=9, 2d6=3, 2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1588556/)

Five hits. Five groups of 2.

Hits on Guardian (left side)-Groups of 2. (2d6=7, 2d6=7, 2d6=3, 2d6=6, 2d6=9) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1588557/)

Guardian takes 2 damage to LT. 2 internal structure left.
Guardian takes 2 damage to LT. **SECTION DESTROYED** <<LIMB BLOWN OFF>> LA blown off.
Guardian takes 2 damage to LL. 1 internal structure left.
Critical hit on Guardian LL-checkign for limb blown off (2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1588558/)
One crit-details irrelevant.
Critical hit on Guardian LL-location (1d4=2) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1588559/)
But in the interest of completeness, it is the Upper Leg.
Guardian takes 2 damage to RT. 4 armor left.
Guardian takes 2 damage to LL. **SECTION DESTROYED** 1 damage transfers to CT.
Guardian takes 1 damage to CT. 5 armor left.

And the Guardian falls down (roll to avoid pilot damage at +6) and takes no further part in this battle.

2008-05-07, 07:10 AM



Suddenly, a shrill buzzing alarm clock goes off, snapping Yoshi back into wakefulness. He irritably slaps the clock, knocking it clattering across the ferroglass of the cockpit.

There he moans for sometime insensate, the steady thudding of the Kamikaze's feet lulling him into the grey land between sleep and wakefulness. His body's throbbing with horrible aches and abrasions does little to remedy the situation. Every so often, he'd have to give his mech's erratic gait a little more kick to put it back into proper formation with the others.

Scratching his nape ruefully, he bites back a curse as he sees the displays flashing with unrepaired battle-damage through the spotty stains thereon. Flushing slightly and wincing as he leans forward, he hastily wipes the stains away with a rag that he always keeps on hand. Man, that should teach me to screw around in a mech's cockpit! Damn, I hope this machine didn't sustain too much damage after the last mission!

As the battlemech lance enters the dusty gorge, their VTOL passes down the latest sensor scan of the battlefield, showing three additional hostiles coming in from the far end of the canyon. At the prospect of action, Yoshioka's blood finally stirs once more, pumping with adrenaline. The clarity returns to his sight and senses and his hands lose their sluggishness.

Gunning the throttle, he charges out of the canyon's southmost chokepoint and into the main valley. There, he twists the Commando's torso to the right and aims a shot of his MLAS at the fast-deteriorating Guardian in the distance but apparently, he'd arrived too late to contribute. "Good work, comrades!", he radioes in.

Sorry fer the absence, folks.

Actions: move to 0413

2008-05-12, 04:52 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

"Damn it I missed, Hey Sir its nice that you joined in"

Antonio moves the Scimitar near where the J.Edgar. He targets and fires all his weapons at the Striker.

Move to 0810 and Fire both SRM's 2 and AC/5 at the Striker

2008-05-12, 09:48 AM
Sgt. Feldbaum, Pegasus Hovertank
"Curses! I've left myself very few good shots... Well, I think I can get the Scorpion. Leutnant, got any Infernos left for our friends on foot?"
Sgt. Feldbaum inwardly winces as he realizes that the Lyran title for his lance commander might not be appropriate
Cruise along ridge to 1510, facing N (takes 8 MP), fire both SRM racks and the M. Laser at the Scorpion

2008-05-12, 12:55 PM
Burnout, J. Edgar Light Hovertank

Justin chuckles. "You should know me better than to ask," he says. "Can't slow down enough for a proper sensor sweep, else you're gonna have two people in need of pickup," he reports on the company channel as he accelerates to put some solid rock between him and the two enemy tanks. He starts to turn his own tank around when the HUD paints two new threats. He reads the tags and swears.

"I got two 'Mechs outta the northeast-Flea and Commando, bearing zero-five-seven," he calls out as he slides the tank up against the bluff to conceal himself from their weapons.

Now, the smart thing to do was to get the tank turned around and hightail it out of there. But the smart thing to do would have been to get a job as a tech. The smart thing to do would have been to throw that race. But the smart thing was often boring, and Justin hated boring. Besides, the open stretch in front of the two 'Mechs was perfect for accelerating up to a good speed, which gave him an idea.

"I've got them," he says with equal parts confidence and smug.

The Blaze of Glory emerged around the bluff and turned towards the two 'Mechs. Stunned by the sheer insanity, audacity, or maybe just plain stupidity of their opponent, the two MechWarriors almost stopped dead in their tracks. Justin locked onto the Flea and put the tank into a right-hand drift, both to throw off enemy fire-control and create the optical illusion the tank was moving slower than it really was. When he failed to fire and turn away, the enemies understood-he was closing for a good shot. They too, held their fire. At the last minute, Justin wheeled the tank hard to the left and floored the pedal, causing the tank to streak right towards the enemy Commando. Gotcha. His knuckles whitened on the control yoke as he braced for what was to come.

The air was rent with the shriek of tortured metal as the tank's front end bit into the Commando's right ankle. The sharp prow of the high-powered tank easily tore through the 'Mech's armor and myomer. The 'Mech's foamed-titanium skeleton, however, proved a more formidable obstacle, slowing the right front of the tank down enough to cause its rear end to swing out and sideswipe the Commando's other leg, the impact ablating away the protection for the 'Mech's left shin and giving Justin a good shaking in the cockpit. Even the skeleton, however, could not hold out against the crushing forces subjected to it, and the 'Mech's right shin snapped, and suddenly the tank was free and racing onwards.

But the Blaze of Glory had not escaped unscathed. The Commando had left a parting gift in the form of a piece of its shattered endoskeleton, which had severed one of the myomers controlling the tank's turret before wedging itself quite firmly in the turret ring. Even so, Justin was pretty happy.

After a quick manipulation of the controls to bring the tank back under control, he pumped his fist in the air even though nobody could see the gesture, and called out over the general channel "Haha YES!!! Then, in a commnet directed at the Flea's pilot, he taunts, "There's still time to give up before you get your dose of the same, buddy." Then he wiped the coffe that had sprayed onto his face from the now-forgotten mug with his right hand and started to turn the tank to the right.

Complex: Kneecap special (charge).

Cruise F3/R/F6 declaring charge on COM-3A Commando.

9 hexes, 11 MP, TMM +3

TN is 6 plus net piloting skill (assuming -1)

Ramming Commando (2d6=7) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1593948/)

Assuming he is not a super-elite MechWarrior with a piloting of 2, that would be a hit. A very palpable hit.

9x2.5=22.5, round up to 23 damage, using kick table. Groups of 5, 5, 5, 5, 3.

Ram damage location-5, 5, 5, 5, 2 (1d2=1, 1d2=1, 1d2=2, 1d2=2, 1d2=1) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1593949/)

Commando takes 5 damage to RL. 1 armor left.
Commando takes 5 damage to RL. Armor destroyed, 2 internals left.
Commando takes 5 damage to LL. 1 armor left.
Commando takes 5 damage to LL. Armor destroyed, 2 internals left.
Commando takes 3 damage to RL. <<SECTION DESTROYED>>, 1 damage transfers to RT.
Commando takes 1 damage to RT. 3 armor left.

Commando auto-falls, rolls to avoid pilot damage at +8.
Determining critical hits on Commando-RL, LL (2d6=6, 2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1593950/)
No crits.

J. Edgar takes 3 damage on front table.

Ram damage to J. Edgar-group of 3 (2d6=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1593953/)

J. Edgar takes 3 damage to TU. 21 armor left.

J. Edgar ends in 1503/2.

Commando displaces off the map.

***Commando DESTROYED BY RING-OUT!!!***

2008-05-14, 03:28 PM
"Hüzzah." Zeissa cheers as her teammates molest and bully around the red dots on the radar.

2008-05-15, 04:31 AM
Hmm, what happened to my post?

Scimitar Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 0810, facing northeast
Firing: AC/5 at Striker Light Tank, hits
Striker Light Tank at 5 damage to FR, 13 armour left
SRM 2 at Striker Light Tank, 1 missile hit
Striker Light Tank at 2 damage to FR, 11 armour left
SRM 2 at Striker Light Tank, 1 missile hit
Striker Light Tank at 2 damage to FR, 9 armour left

Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1510, facing north
Firing: SRM 6 at Scorpion Light Tank, 4 missiles hit
Scorpion Light Tank takes 2 damage to LS, 9 armour remaining
Scorpion Light Tank takes 2 damage to LS, 7 armour remaining
Scorpion Light Tank takes 2 damage to LS, 5 armour remaining
Scorpion Light Tank takes 2 damage to LS, 3 armour remaining
Medium Laser at Scorpion Light Tank, hits
Scorpion Light Tank takes 5 damage to LS, armour destroyed, 1 internal structure remaining
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> Crew killed
Tank destroyed: and just for the hell of it:
SRM 6 at Scorpian Light Tank, 4 missiles hit
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> Engine explodes
Internal structure destroyed
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> AC/5 ammo jammed for 1 turn :smallwink:

Commando COM-2D Actions:

As per PM
Movement: To 0611
Firing: Medium Laser at Striker Light Tank, miss

Flea FLE-4 Actions:

Movement: To 1504, facing north
Firing: Small Laser at J. Edgar Light Hover Tank, miss
Small Laser at J. Edgar Light Hover Tank, miss
Large Laser at J. Edgar Light Hover Tank, hits
J. Edgar Light Hover Tank takes 8 damage to RS, 11 armour remaining,
Movement system damaged!

Striker Light Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1507, facing south
Firing: LRM 10 at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, 8 missiles hit
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank takes 8 damage to FR, 18 armour remaining
SRM 6 at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, 2 missiles hit
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank takes 2 damage to FR, 16 armour remaining
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank takes 2 damage to FR, 14 armour remaining

Anti-Mech SRM Infantry Actions:

Movement: To 1213
Firing: Infantry SRM at Saracen Medium Hover Tank, hits,
Saracen Medium Hover Tank takes 2 damage to RS, 18 armour remaining

Wolfhound WLF-1 Actions:

"Alright everyone we've engaged them now, may as well finish them off, watch your infra-red, i've got infantry moving in from sectors 0404, and 0504. Also reading additional mechs coming in from the north, i read 4. There could be more, so lets form a firing line around the downed VTOL. Burnout could you kindly take care of these new approaching PBI."

Movement: To 0613, facing northwest
Firing: Large Laser at Anti-Mech SRM Infantry, hits
Anti-Mech SRM Infantry destroyed!

2008-05-18, 11:11 PM
Activating her jumpets Zeissa flies her Valkyrie to 0814 and alphastrikes at 1507 at the withdrawing Striker Light Tank, noticing its deft carve into the armor of the Pegasus.
"Nice shot." she congratulates the enemy driver over the open band.
"Think you can hit me?" she asks sincerely, with a note of consequence.

2008-06-20, 06:41 PM
Valkyrie VLK-QA Actions:

Movement: To 0814
Firing: LRM10 at Striker Light Tank, 6 missiles hit
Striker Light Tank takes 6 damage to FR, 3 armour remaining
Movement system Destroyed!

2008-06-24, 11:30 PM

The call to mount-up and head to the field in their 'Mechs surprised McGonnegal. He had only barely finished his dinner before the alarm to move out had been signaled. Matthew ran into Yoshi along the way and the two scrambled up through their cockpits and set off to the vehicle lance's Nav Points. Yoshi seemed to be doing a little yawning as the pair took off. ++Feel free to catch some shut-eye, lad. Key in your autopilot on my signal and I'll get us there.++

The BattleMechs then set off into the distance to join up with the rest of their company. After a long cruise, the MechWarriors were soon to arrive at their destination when suddenly sensors began pinging multiple hostile signatures in the proximity. ++Yoshi! Watch it - we're going in hot!++

OOC: Since the Valkyrie was the last unit to go (and it was at the end of the Initiative order), can we get a new round for the resumption of our combat here?

2008-06-25, 03:07 AM


Javelin JVN-10F: 11
Commando COM-2D: 9
Locust LCT-1S: 8
SRM Infantry #3 (0404): 8
Saracen Medium Hover Tank: 7
Flea FLE-4: 7
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank: 7
Striker Light Tank: 6
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank: 6
Hatchetman HCT-3F: 5
SRM Infantry #1 (0504): 5
Clint CLNT-2-3T: 4
Wolfhound WLF-1: 4
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank: 3
Valkyrie VLK-QA: 3
Jenner JR7-F: 3
SRM Infantry #2 (0403): 2



Fluff coming soon....

2008-06-25, 09:18 AM
Gah! Whaddaheck?! Who... how... the Jenner and the Hatchetman belong to that other lance, right?

Run to 0807.
Fire SRM4 and MLAS at the Clint (?) in 0803.
Prepare for one heckuvva beating from said bandit, unless it turns around to engage the big guys behind it, in which case it'd be one sweet time to go flanking with sneak attacks...

((No, I haven't played many Rogues...))

"Sir! Yes..." Yoshi barks back to McGonnegal and then his voice catches in his throat as strange sensor readings pop up on his screen. Friendlies coming up from behind them? A friggn' bandit CLINT?! Damn, a Jenner! If we make it through this, I'm a-wanting one of those! If he's one of us, I wonder if I can gamble him for it...? "What in... who? How'd we... those two heavies, are they with us?"

Not waiting for an answer and eagre to draw first blood this time, he pushes his mech and opens fire with his MLAS and SRM4, both arms of the Kamikaze Commando blooming with flame.

2008-06-25, 12:48 PM

McGonnegal had nearly forgotten that Harlon spoke of an allied lance coming in to help in this battle. When the IFFs of the Hatchetman and Jenner came back as friendlies, Matthew smiled with relief. "Shoo! Damn near stained my seat, here." With his newfound understanding of the ally-to-enemy ratio bolstering his confidence, Matthew slams his Javelin into top speed and goes cruising up the western flank of the battle. ++Spright, going north! I'll try to pin in those infantry for us.++

Ah, just run full speed to 0409, facing north.

2008-06-25, 05:17 PM
Mikhail (Saracen)

Mik was annoyed. No he was well and truly angry. Those low down bandit ground pounders had actually chipped the armour off. Well, he’d seen them off but his sensors and radios were telling him about new targets but he couldn’t see a one o them. And if you cain’t see it (he thought) ye cain’t hit it.

“This is Mik. Taking the high ground.” He slammed the rudders over, tipping the Saracen, his yì jiào tú, slightly as he swivelled her around. Slowly she responded and he gunned the engine as he forced her up the hill side behind him. Flooring her, it was a matter of moments before he came up onto the ridge line and could see the targets he wanted.

“Ai Yah Tien Ah.” He muttered as he could see most of the targets laid out across the hilly terrain. “ First things first. “ He muttered, as he locked the turret in place and triggered a salvo.

R2, Forward 3 (&up 3 levels) L1, ending in 1514.
Fire LRM’s, SRM’s at Striker

2008-06-26, 07:05 AM

The slow rhythmic thumping of a battlemech is what many technicians and mechwarriors alike prefer to sleep by. Unfortunately when enough firepower is unloaded upon that particular mech, the gentle beat becomes a strained and painful crunching of various servos as mryomers struggle to maintain the mech in the upright position.

Such was the case was the remnants of the Steiner garrison, displaced and in dire need of supplies and support, the Hatchman ground its way forward. Hauptmann Verlos, push his new mech forward, desperately rasing his autocannon upwards in an effort to return the damage he had sustained, only to remember ammunition had run dry days ago.

The resounding beep from his IFF system reported definite friendly contacts. Verlos, feeling a sense of hope, drove what was left of his command lance forward, at the heels of the bandits.

2008-06-26, 07:18 AM
Commando COM-2D Actions:

Movement: Run to 0807, facing north
Firing: Medium Laser at Clint CLNT-2-3T, hits
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 5 damage to LT, 1 armour remaining
SRM 4 at Clint CLNT-2-3T, 3 missiles hit
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 2 damage to CT, 9 armour remaining
Critical Hit: no effect
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 2 damage to LA, 4 armour remaining
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 2 damage to LT, armour destroyed, 9 internal structure remaining
Critical Hit: no effect

Locust LCT-1S Actions:

Movement: To 0706, facing south
Firing: SRM 2 at Commando COM-2D, 1 missile hits
Commando COM-2D takes 2 damage to LT, 4 armour remaining
SRM 2 at Commando COM-2D, 1 missile hits
Commando COM-2D takes 2 damage to LA, 4 armour remaining
Medium Laser at Commando COM-2D, miss

SRM Infantry #3 Actions:

Movement: To 0505, facing south east

Saracen Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1514, facing north
Firing: LRM 10 at Striker Light Tank, 6 missiles hit
Striker Light Tank takes 6 damage to LS, 12 armour remaining
SRM 2 ar Striker Light Tank, miss
SRM 2 ar Striker Light Tank, miss
SRM 2 ar Striker Light Tank, miss

2008-06-26, 07:41 AM
The left arm of his mech shudders as the missiles leave their racks, the exhaust plumes backlighting the slagged and pitted armour. Looking at it, he winces as if he himself had lobbed a punch using a bleeding-and-bandaged arm.

Having confirmed that the contacts beyond the gorge coming up behind the bandits are friendlies, Yoshi takes heart and gives in to the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Patching into a general frequency while keying his weapons together, preparing to launch an alpha strike, no longer bothering with subtlety, he cracks out to all and sundry, "Hammer and anvil, fellas! Have at them!" Smiling to himself, he recites in a softer voice,
"Wolves are mighty in a pack
Many fangs do stain
The moonlight red"

The ronin's voice fades from the comms frequencies as he clicks his set off for the meantime. Speaking with sudden inspiration, he declaims to an ethereal audience in the cockpit,
"Where tide and tide together meet
No rock shall stand
Proud and tall"


And then as he grandiosely finishes his little bit of poetry, he nearly bites on his eloquent tongue as the Locust's missiles hit. The Kamikaze rocks back on its chassis, readily absorbing the blows. Yoshi checks the damage both through the ferroglass and through the onboard computer and sighs to see that the bandit has yet to penetrate the armour.

2008-06-27, 01:07 AM
Flea FLE-4 Actions:

Movement: To 1403, facing northeast
Firing: Large Laser at J.Edgar Light Hover Tank, hits
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank takes 8 damage to TU, 16 armour remaining
Small Laser at J.Edgar Light Hover Tank, hits
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank takes 3 damage to TU, 13 armour remaining
Small Laser at J.Edgar Light Hover Tank, hits
J.Edgar Light Hover Tank takes 3 damage to TU, 10 armour remaining
Turret Locked!

2008-06-27, 10:19 PM
(*Reads Flea's shooting.* Are you freakin' kidding me? Also, I already took 3 to the turret, so I am down to 7 there.)

"Uh, just a second sir. I gotta get this guy off me," Justin says as the Flea's lasers strip virtually every kilo of armor from his tank's turret. He curses the MechWarrior virulently in his native Chinese. "You're gonna pay for that," he promises as he turns the tank hard to the right. Perhaps mindful of what had happened to its comrade, the Flea broke hard towards and around behind the tank. Smart. But not enough. Justin angled behind the Flea and accelerated away.

The enemy 'Mech's torso swing around the other way in response. The smalls were already out of range, but the large laser peeled almost half the armor the tank's right flank. Damn! Justin thinks as he again swings the tank right. Time to end this. The enemy frantially tried to get out of the way, but heat build-up had rendered the controls sluggish, and it was pinned between the bluff face and the 25-ton projectile. The J. Edgar cleanly tore the 'Mech's right leg off at the knee.

"Tolja so," Justin says over the general frequency, "I'd love to stay and mock you for a bit, but I got places to go and people to frag."

Complex: Charge.
Move: Flank RR/F1/R/F4/RRR/F3/L, declare charge. 14 MP, 7 hexes, TMM +3.

Charging Flea (2d6=8) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1642373/) *CRUNCH*

Flea takes 7x2.5=17.5, round up to 18, damage on right kick table. Groups of 5, 5, 5, 3.

Hit location rolls are unecessary, as there is only one possible location.

Flea takes 5 damage to RL. Armor destroyed, 2 internals left.
Critical hit on RL (2d6=11) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1642827/)
Two crits
Critical slots hit on RL (1d6=4, 1d5=5) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1642829/)
<<CRITCIAL HIT>> on Foot.
<<CRITICAL HIT>> on Heat Sink.
Flea takes 5 damage to RL. <<SECTION DESTROYED>>, 3 damage transfers to RT.
Flea takes 3 damage to RT. Armor destroyed.
Flea takes 5 damage to RL. 5 Damage transfers to RT.
Flea takes 5 damage to RT. <<SECTION DESTROYED>>, <<<LIMB BLOWN OFF>>> RA blown off.
Critical hits on RT irrelevant, roll skipped.
Flea takes 3 damage to RL. 3 damage transfers to RT.
Flea takes 3 damage to RT. 3 damage transfers to CT.
Flea takes 3 damage to CT. 2 armor left.

Flea is displaced into hex 1402.
Flea auto-falls, rolls to avoid pilot damage at +8.

J. Edgar takes 2 damage to front table.

Ram damage to J. Edgar (2d6=6) (http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/1642831/)

J. Edgar takes 2 damage to FR. 28 armor left.

J. Edgar displaces into hex 1403.

2008-06-30, 10:40 PM
OOC: sorry for the delay, giantitp playing up again...

Striker Light Tank Actions:

Movement: None
Firing:LRM 10 at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, miss
SRM 6 at Pegasus Scout Hover Tank, 2 missiles hit
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank takes 2 damage to TU, 19 armour remaining
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank takes 2 damage to FR, 12 armour remaining

2008-07-02, 02:56 PM
Pegasus Hoverscout

"I think I can finish off this one... Where to next?"

Move to 1308, turn to face North (cruising speed),

Fire SRMs and M. Laser at Striker Light Tank (hope this finishes the job).

2008-07-03, 05:40 AM
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 1308, facing north
Firing: Medium Laser at Striker Light Tank, miss
SRM 6 at Striker Light Tank, 5 missiles hit
Striker Light Tank takes 2 damage to FR, 1 armour remaining
Striker Light Tank takes 2 damage to FR, armour destroyed, 3 internal remaining
Striker Light Tank takes 2 damage to FR, 1 internal remaining
Striker Light Tank takes 2 damage to FR, vehicles destroyed by damage!
Striker Light Tank takes 2 damage to FR, huzzah!

Hatchetman HCT-3F Actions

Movement: To 0802, facing south
Firing: Medium Laser at Clint CLNT-2-3T,hits LTR
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 5 damage to LTR, armour destroyed 9 internals remaining
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Medium Laser.
<<<CRITICAL HIT>>> on Jump Jet.
Physical: Hatch at CLNT-2-3T, miss, maintains balance

SRM Infantry #1 (0504) Actions:


Clint CLNT-2-3T Actions

Movement: runs to 0709, facing south
Firing: AC/5 at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank, miss
Medium Laser at Scimitar Medium Hover Tank , hits
Scimitar Medium Hover Tan takes 5 damage to LS, 13 armour remaining

Wolfhound WLF-1 Actions:

Movement: To 0610 facing north
Firing: Medium Laser at Clint CLNT-2-3T, hits
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 5 damage to RA, 1 armour remaining
Medium Laser at Clint CLNT-2-3T, miss
Medium Laser at Clint CLNT-2-3T, hits
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 5 damage to RA, armour destroyed, 2 internals remaining

2008-07-04, 03:47 PM
Zeissa fires a barrage of missiles at the infantry at 0504 and scans the new friendlies.

2008-07-05, 06:56 AM
PFC Antonio Llanos

"Ahh damn he hit me, oww his gonna pay for that"

Antonio fires all his weapons at the Clint CLNT-2-3T and moves the Scimitar to 0708

2008-07-09, 05:54 AM
Scimitar Medium Hover Tank Actions:

Movement: To 0708, facing north?
Firing: AC/5 at Clint CLNT-2-3T , miss
SRM 2 at Clint CLNT-2-3T , 1 missile hits
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 2 damage to RA, section destroyed!
SRM 2 at Clint CLNT-2-3T , 1 missile hits
Clint CLNT-2-3T takes 2 damage to CT, 10 armour remaining

2008-07-21, 05:20 AM
"Pathetic partisan scum. They never know when they are outmatched by our batallion." Zeissa says on the team comm.

2008-07-25, 01:48 AM
Valkyrie VLK-QA Actions:

Movement: None?
Firing: LRM 10 at SRM Infantry #1 (0504), 6 missiles hit
SRM Infantry #1 (0504) takes 6 damage, 22 remaining

Jenner JR7-F Actions:

Movement: To 0905, facing southwest
Firing: Medium Laser at Locust LCT-1S, miss
Medium Laser at Locust LCT-1S, hits
Locust LCT-1S takes 5 damage LL, 1 armour remaining
Medium Laser at Locust LCT-1S, hits
Locust LCT-1S takes 5 damage to L armour destroyed, 1 Internal remaining

SRM Infantry #2 (0403) Actions:

Movement: To 0404

2008-07-26, 05:34 AM
What about her using her scanners to look up the friendlies? If that's not an action, may she fire the medium laser at the infantry instead?