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2008-02-02, 01:23 AM
Political map of the two nations

http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/1363/campaignmapau7.th.jpg (http://img352.imageshack.us/my.php?image=campaignmapau7.jpg)

After nearly a decade the war between Gredora Concord and Jovor Coalition has reached a stalemate neither side was able to hold on the gains made earlier in the war. Following their victory at the Vencenti System, the Jovori 12 Assault Fleet in conjunction with the 18th, the 4th, and the 23rd Guard Armies Launched a massive attack against the the Nala System. Gredorian Defense Fleet was scattered in the opening week of the assault, and 3 Jovori Guard Armies smashed into Army Group Epsilon and despite heavy resistance pushed the remaining units into the eastern islands.

Current Ground Situation

http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/1267/base1sf9.th.jpg (http://img255.imageshack.us/my.php?image=base1sf9.jpg)

Current Space Situation

http://img505.imageshack.us/img505/9954/systemmappx6.th.jpg (http://img505.imageshack.us/my.php?image=systemmappx6.jpg)

16 Days after the assault on Beleis, Gredorian Intelligence concocted a plan to retrieve or destroy the sensitive data and weapons cache left behind, known as Operation Blackhand. The operation will coincide with Joint Fleet Operation: Retribution

Each member of the operation was selected not only for there combat ability but also for various technical specialties need for this mission.

Operation Blackhand has 3 phases and 5 objectives

Phase one is the insertion of the strike force into the Nala System and the infiltration of the Planet Beleis.
The Team is expected to rendezvous in the port city of Zentra, where a sizable 5th column of Gredorian agents operates. Using Zentra as a staging ground the strike force will have 5 objectives on the surface

Phase Two is the completion of mission objectives
-The former Headquarters of Army Group Epsilon, just out side Zentra city, where key military documents where left behind during the hurried retreat east. The Facility has recently fallen into enemy hands, insure none of the data is leaked.

-Factory Complex 33, Several advance Mecha units were moved there for testing just prior to the invasion. The factory is heavily fortified, and hidden over 2km under ground, however 4 days ago, contact with the facility was lost.

-Mobile Fortress Keltian, Nearly complete before falling into the hands of Jovori Shock Troops, Keltian field the most state of the art particle beam cannons developed by the concord today, the enemy must not be allowed to keep the fortress.

-Fort Hales, large quantities of precious metal looted from the Concorde is awaiting transfer off world there, this is a side objective if the mean exist to capture and transport the metal, the an attempt can be made at the force commander's discretion.

-Sector 12 Ai Laboratory, several Fusion Warheads where moved there for safe keeping during the initial day of the invasion. Sector 12 is still garrisoned, but is in a precarious position, once the word of those warheads leak out, The Jovori are sure to launch a massive attack, arrange with the garrison commander to smuggle the warhead out of the base and off world. Before the warheads existence go public.

Phase 3 is the extraction of the team offworld

Two possible path has been Identified

1. The Starport at Ivar's Peak, the only operational starport on the planet.
2. Derelict Orbital Elevator, still partially operational.

During Operation Blackhand, Operation Retribution will attempt to draw heavy units from the enemy fleet, by attacking the Jovori Fleet's supply train, Stationed at Nala III. Strikeforce Vanguard and the 21st CL Division Will be the Diversion. After Heavy Enemy Units have be drawn away, Strikeforce Tysis Will engage the reserve units, and allow the supply fleet rush to relieve the garrison on Beleis.

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[OOC: Ok the game is starting:
Everyone except cwDeici is currently on board Belia 1, a major station orbiting the moon. The Three of you are expected to catch a shuttle down to port city Zentra, due to leave 1 hour after you freighter the Persephone has docked.
Everyone's current situation is detail below, please describe yourselves as you meet each other to give me a good idea about your characters posture's and style.
Any questions and issues please post to the OOC thread, any dice rolls please use the dice thread.

Belia is an airless moon of Beleis approximately 1/5 its size. There were numerous mining stations and factories dotting moons surface that one time. The constant fighting has reduce most of it to ruins. Belia One is the only functional station in orbit around the moon. It serves as a layaway for large interstellar vessels and the planet. The station is a binary ringed spinner 1.5km in high and 753m at the widest point. The upper ring is reserved for commercial activities and serves a trade hub, while the lower ring serves as the habita for the stations crew complete with greenhouses and parks. The total population for the station is a little over 5000 and fluctuates frequently with the coming and going of ships.
The lounge is a long rectangular room set along the curve of the upper spinner's hull. It seat about 250 and has seen better days. Many heavy reinforced windows line the lounge to give the guest a good view of space, the moon, and Beleis. There is an on location bar and cafeteria for service the transit passengers, and prices and quite high.


Traveling very light and carrying no contrabands, your passage through customs was very smooth. It took you less than 20min to clear customs and reach the passenger lounge.

You are currently in the passenger lounge of Belia 1 waiting for your teammates. The lounge is situated on the upper spinner ring outboard.While much of the lounge is in disarray, battle damage is clear visible through out, and armed guards routinely patrol the area; the lounge quite is spacious and have a good view Beleis, an ashen colored planet with occasional white streak. there are about 40 or so people in the lounge with you, no doubt also waiting for a shuttle to one of several spaceports on the planet.You are currently seated near the edge of the lounge with you back toward the hull of the station. A quick glance at the clock tells you that you have to leave in about 40 minutes.

A pretty young waitress dress in a dark blue uniform approaches your table and asks,
"Sir may I get you something to drink?"

[OOC: A basic summery of what happened roll wise I won't do this for every post this is just to give you all an idea how some of the result is determined by me
- passed boarding check
- passed exiting check
- no issues at all since you have no items of note with you.


Aside from your knives, the customs official looked suspiciously at the large quantity of medical supplies you are carrying, but made no effort to detain you or confiscate them. Your trip through customs was uneventful, but their insistence on searching your belongings delayed your exit from customs.
As you leave the last check point your glance at your watch and realize it took you over an hour to clear the customs and you will have to rush to board the shuttle on time.

[OOC: A basic summery of what happened roll wise I won't do this for every post this is just to give you all an idea how some of the result is determined by me
- passed boarding check
- passed exiting check
- they wanted to search you lot due to the large number of tube and syringes you are carrying but all your paper works checks out.

Issac Cronos:

You have spend nearly the entire trip on board this vessel in the machinery rooms. During boarding military officer congratulated you for volunteering to work in the ships heavy machinery spaces, in the hot cramp lower decks of the freighter. However after demonstrating our rather exceptional technical knowledge you were able to be assigned to the maintenance crew, and avoided much of the hard labour. Thanks to the friends you made in the maintenance department you departure from the freighter was quick and easy, and you took along with you a bonus pay of 100 credits for technical services rendered.
Standing at the one of the entrances to the lounge you spotted one of your team mates a punkish looking young man in a trench coat sitting near an observation window talking to a waitress.

[OOC: A basic summery of what happened roll wise I won't do this for every post this is just to give you all an idea how some of the result is determined by me
-bad luck during boarding
-jury Rig roll successful
-pay for you technical services and good luck exiting the freighter


After a encounter with port security while trying to board the Persephone, Gerdorian Intel came up an alternate method to insert you onto the planet
it involves a small re-entry pod disguised as an asteroid to be detached from Persephone ads it approaches the planet. Everything went well till launch time, an surprise inspection by the chief engineer spooked the scrawny technician bribed to launch you. The launch was early and the trajectory was off. the resulting messing took you half a day and over a third of your fuel reserves to correct.

Finally after having being stuck inside this Re-entry Pod for 2 long days, the re-entry window is nearly open. The 6m Sphere jammed packed with machinery and electronics is cramped beyond belief. The stale is suffocating and your suit feels sticky from sweat and after 2 straight days, is down right irritation to you skin. You glance over your fuel reserves, and silently curse, there is only enough fuel for one try.

As the countdown reaches zero you brace your self for re-entry.

[OOC: A basic summary of what happened roll wise I won't do this for every post this is just to give you all an idea how some of the result is determined by me
-missed the boarding luck roll due to your attempt smuggling an assault rifle with box DU ammo, you where in a fire fight with port security and your entire insertion was re planned.
-missed the luck roll for exiting the freighter in your pod, it was launched early due to a surprise inspection
-made your piloting roll for course correction.

Please make 3 piloting rolls, one for entering the trajectory, one for any course corrections during re-entry, and one for crash landing

2008-02-06, 06:33 PM
So that's Beleis, huh? the mechanic distractedly thought. Absentmindedly glancing out one of the lounges windows, he couldn't help but feel a slight sense of awe.

Slouching slightly, the goggled man leaned easily against one of the lounges walls. His hands rested peacefully within the pockets of his long coat as he waited for his next flight. The trip had gone well, all things considered,and now all that was left was to rendezvous with the other members of the team. He knew there was still some time till departure, so for now it was time to take things casually. Rushing about in worry would only make the next few stressful hours all the more... stressful.

He had noticed his fellow teammate some time ago, but had decided to wait till the waitress departed before making himself known. Then again, after all the peculiar stares* he had gotten over the past few minutes probably warranted attention enough. Noticing the waitress walking away, he retrieved his nearby bag from it's resting place at his feet and slowly made his way over to man's table. Pulling out a nearby chair he sat, set down his bag, and casually said, "So, how was the trip?"

*He was getting stares because of the goggles.

Thought Pattern
Speech Pattern

2008-02-06, 08:17 PM

Description :
Anzen has the pale alabaster skin of someone with mixed Japanese and German heritage. His shiny black hair is cut short, but groomed into a stylish faux-hawk. He is wearing a stylishly cut but fairly nondescript long coat and black combat boots. His expression hints at deep reserves of inner strength, and a degree of calm unusual in one so young.

"Hm." Anzen sits quietly for a moment, apparently deeply engrossed in thought. "I'll have a water please. Tell me, is there a gym facility here?" He looks into her eyes, pauses again briefly, then smiles.. "Actually, perhaps you can talk me through the various... amenities...." He stops just short of open flirtation, but the twinkle in his eye conveys his message perfectly.

(after I deal with waitress flirting - an important part of any anime - , i'll do my post response for you isaac :)

2008-02-06, 09:38 PM
The waitress smiles at you, and tosses a strand of dark hair over her shoulder. Leaning extra close as she passes to you a glass of water,
she pauses for a moment be fore saying "I'm afraid that the gym here is for residences only, as for showing you the amenities... perhaps." Glancing quickly at the clock, "But I but doubt we have the time."
Rising with her tray before you can respond, she flashes you a quick smile as she turns and walks over to other waiting customers.

2008-02-06, 09:47 PM

Smiling slightly, Anzen watches the waitress walk away. Then, noticing movement towards the table, he looks up. He nods in welcome to Isaac, and with a small gesture of one hand offers him the free seat. "The trip? So far, so good. You?"

2008-02-07, 12:53 AM
Singing one billion bottle of beers on the wall Celine merrily does her very best to prove she was the ace pilot top of her entire elite academy. Finely tuning the controls, thrust, angle, gravitic trajectory, heat tolerance and numerous other luxury concerns she makes darn sure her entry is perfectly comfortable to a tee and within a one-meter radius of her intended landing site.
It was exhilarating to risk her life so early in this mission, since it wouldn't go wrong, that was for sure.
Stupid controls too, why wouldn't they understand if it was in their own and her best interest not to check her evil, huge duffel bags and military-size rucksacks closely? She never had any luck. What's with officials not being able to find her bribes and relying on her for plan B.
And when would that filthy nation finally make her friend Depleted Uranium legal? It had been proven to only have a noteworthy residual effect on the areas where the cartridges land, and those could be cleared up!
She spent a few moments consciously trying to think about her family. Not because it was natural to her to think about them two hours a day rather than just one, but because she knew it was a part of her she had to constantly polish. And Gredoria... her home. The beautifoul vistas... the endless forests. Oh how she loved those planets. Their skies... the people there she did and didn't know. The criminals and the law enforcement... the heavy machinery plants that produced farming implements for the agriculture sector.

2008-02-07, 04:25 AM
Might've jumped the gun a bit on the post, so rewind back some.

The room was small, but well lit with a high pile of miscellaneous equipment and clothing lumped on the lone table. Neatly arranged to the side were various medical sprayers, pill bottles, quick-pop syringes, a strait edge dagger and two identical mono-blade knives.

A blue uniformed man sat at one end of the table, idly flipping through custom papers, reading nothing. Opposite sat a hard man of harsh angles. Not particularly large, but hard, compact muscles toned at 1.44 Gs showed through old fatigues. Average height, but wide, with messy medium length black hair seemingly cut with a knife. Large scarred hands seemed ready for explosive action. Clear dark eyes blending into black irises measured the room with cool, calculating precision.

For the seventh time within the hour he explained what was already on the custom declaration form. He spoke slowly, hoping someone would hear what he was saying and let him go. He finished into silence, the small plastic chair shifting uncomfortably under his weight. A muffled PA announcement sounded outside, most likely the boarding call for his fight.

The lone door suddenly opened and a suited middle aged man with graying hair stepped inside.

"Beowulf Genir, you're free to go," he said gruffly. Getting up, Beowulf began shuffling his stuff back into his duffel bags while looking at his watch. He cursed silently to himself but maintained an steady pace.

He had time. Looks like he would have to run.

2008-02-08, 08:26 PM
"As well as can be expected. Managed to make a few extra credits working in the maintenance department," Isaac says with a grin. "Then again, this is the easy part, after this is when things start to get difficult."

Eying the room cautiously and lowering his voice he whispers, "Any word from the rest of the team? I heard they've bumped up security in several areas."

2008-02-08, 08:49 PM

Anzen smiles slightly, and shrugs. "I'd say at this point, all we can do is enjoy the experience." He contemplatively looks over at the waitress he was talking to earlier and catches her eye for a moment, giving her the 'come hither' look.

2008-02-08, 10:07 PM
[OOC gonna write everything in 3rd person from now on, the amount of "you" I have to use is getting to me.]

Catching Anzen's glance, she skillfully extracted her self from two drunken, and overly familiar customers. Straightening out her uniform and folds her serving tray behind her as she approaches the table.
She gave a grateful smile to Anzen,
"Anything else I can get you two?" She asked the smile still on her face.

Snapping out of her reverie, Celine flip the lever to kick in the retro thruster, as the ground jumped out into her HUD. The re-entry pod slammed in the the ash and snow creating a splash of melted snow and a bellow of steam, bouncing twice before sliding to a stop against a mound. The hatch popped opened with a loud hiss of steam. Stepping outside for the first time in 3 days; the freezing air bite deep into her skin as she removed her helm. Ashen snow relentlessly fall to the ground from a overcast sky, a smoggy haze fills the air reducing visibility. Judging by her instruments Celine determined that she is about 5km from Port City Zentra, and 2km away from her landing rendezvous point.

2008-02-09, 01:29 AM
Smiling in welcome as she approaches, he listens to her speak, then, like he is choosing every word carefully and deliberately, Anzen replies... "Wellll..... What is good here?" His carefully innocent eyes dare her to react.

2008-02-09, 07:48 PM
Celine pulls out her two duffel bags and rucksack, fastens it on properly, puts her helmet back on and starts lugging her baggage through the two kilometers of landscape. Once she's there she'll set up a tent if she brought one or get into one of her thermal open landscape winter sleeping bags. With her assault rifle at hand under an additional cover Wiedhurst is waiting for her partners to show up.

2008-02-11, 11:34 PM
[OOC real quick Moechi_Vill is your char's name Celine or Zeissa? or is it Celine Zeissa? ]

The young waitress giggled at Anzen's expression,
Shifting back to her professional look, she continues,
"I Recommend the soup of the day, we just got fresh King Crabs from Weita, this could be your only taste for the sea for quite some time if your going to Beleis."
Turning to Issac,"What about you sir? Perhaps you'd like to start with some beer or wine?"

2008-02-12, 01:14 AM
OOC: My mistake. Celine Deici Wiedhurst. She has a sister named Zeissa in a Mechwarrior game on these boards.

2008-02-12, 11:09 AM
"Thanks Miss, but I'll just have a glass of water if that's alright. I try not to drink much while traveling," he says with a slight smile.

"Some fish sounds good though. Do you serve any perch here?"

2008-02-13, 11:01 PM
"We do have some Perch, but their...um... their not as fresh..." trailing off she smirked while giving Anzen a shrug, then asks
"Will that be all?"

Celine arrives at the rendezvous point, after locating a suitable site, and cleared the area of debris, she proceeded to establish a temporary camp in the snow. The entire ordeal took much longer than expected and the camp was setup just after dusk. Taking a long sip of her coffee, Celine took a seat by her tent. The rest of the team is expected in six hours.

2008-02-14, 12:19 AM

Raising an eyebrow and twisting his lip as if debating his answer to 'Will that be all?', Anzen lets a few slow moments drag by... then... "For now... I'll just have the soup of the day." He smiles in an engaging, yet teasing manner.

2008-02-14, 01:18 AM
Ten or so minutes after taking the order, the young waitress returns with a steaming bowl of King Crab Chowder for Anzen and a glass of ice water for Issac.


Along with the napkin the waitress deftly sliped a note to Anzen,
'XXX-XXXX-XXXX, Call me if your ever in Thronsville ~Vicky'

A older man walks up to the table, the waitress bows to the seated men, "Thank you for coming to Lou's Lounge, this is the end of my shift." Gesturing to the waiter. "Mel will be continuing as your waiter. I hope you enjoy your stay and have a pleasant trip." With that she removes her vest as she walks towards the employee's lounge.

Anzen was barely done with his soup before the boarding call for the Zentra Shuttle is announced.
"This is the first boarding call for shuttle 188 bound for Port city Zentra. All passengers please board the shuttle at gate 12C."

By the end of the second announcement, Mel the waiter arrives with the bill.
"That will be $21.73 Sir." Mel said as he sets the bill on the table.

2008-02-15, 07:42 AM
Celine arrives at the rendezvous point, after locating a suitable site, and cleared the area of debris, she proceeded to establish a temporary camp in the snow. The entire ordeal took much longer than expected and the camp was setup just after dusk. Taking a long sip of her coffee, Celine took a seat by her tent. The rest of the team is expected in six hours.

Deici puts on her amplified goggles, rechecks her weapons for ammo and security off if they have any, compartmentalizes the more obscure or expendable items into the duffel bag and organizes weapons, ammunition, medicals, tech items, food and water within arms reach. She chews a pan-spectrum antibiotic pill and considers popping a painkiller as well but blanches. The mission had just started after all, she smiles to herself.

Celine suppresses the urge to scout a half-mile perimeter around camp and instead remains vigilant and alert, paying more attention to the auditory background than the now temperate coffee in her thermos or what's in her immediate sight.

2008-02-15, 08:54 AM

With obvious enjoyment, Anzen devours the soup of the day. Dabbing away a few imaginary spots of food from his mouth with (another) napkin, he slips the other one into his pocket. When the waiter arrives with the bill, he smiles and pays it, stands, straightens his clothing, and strides off to the Shuttle. Smiling, he makes a 'lets go' head gesture to Isaac.

2008-02-16, 09:12 PM
The flight to Zentra Space Port is expected to be a little under five hours. The shuttle a Sarov C228 is an old but reliable model, it can seat just under 300 and this flight was fill to capacity. The passengers are largely composed of Jovori civilians. Looking about the cabin, most of them seems pretty well off, not the riff-raff refugees that intel reported. The seating of each operative was separate from the others, supposedly to minimize suspicion.

Even high in the air the space port looks to be in a mess, large sections of buildings are in ruins, several of the launchpad are nothing more than rubble. Even the runways for local flights are littered with numerous bomb craters. From what can be seen of the spaceport in the night, with the exception of the runways and launchpad, the entire port was covered in snow.

Shortly after landing, a gruff customs officer lead Anzen, Issac and Beowulf through a dark snow covered path, to a shed near the back of the Spaceport. Even though the air is calm the coldness still stings any exposed skin. Snow constantly falls from the sky, even for this short walk, snow built up on the heads and shoulders of the four men. The customs officers comes to a stop at what appears t be a tool shed, padding the snow off of his shoulders and chewing up what left of his cigar, he gave all three men a quick look over, with a chuckle, and says
"You SOBs are getting younger and younger every year, soon I'll be sneaking kids through for these ops."
He shrugs and with reveal three snow mobiles, hidden in the shed.
"But what the hell do I know."
He gestures twoards the snow mobiles,
"These babies are charged up and ready to go."
He then throws each man a map.
"We and Zentra City are in the "neutral zone", the city supposedly governs it self till the peace treaty is signed, but just about everyone of them police is working for the Jovis, I stay clear of them if I were you all."
He unwraps and chews on another Cigar
"The rendezvous point is three clicks that way."
He points a thumb behind him
"No official Jovi patrols in the area but I'd stay off the roads anyway. If you all don't have any questions, then I'll be getting back to my post."


http://img520.imageshack.us/img520/2628/portcityzentratoptg0.th.jpg (http://img520.imageshack.us/my.php?image=portcityzentratoptg0.jpg)
Red dot is the rendezvous point each hex is 250m.

2008-02-16, 10:19 PM
Beowulf quickly familiarizes himself with the map before folding and carefully tucking in a pocket beneath his duster. He looked around at the winter waste land, inhaling deep on his cigarette to get some warmth to his lungs. It didn't help.

He slowly let out a puff of gray smoke against a gray sky. Hell, even the snow beneath his boots looked gray.

"Gonna be one depressing trip," he mumbled under his breath. Shaking off the snow he looked back to the custom officer. "Reminds me, why was Intel wrong?" He thought on that a for a moment and then quickly appended, "Why all the suits in the shuttle?"

2008-02-17, 05:43 AM
The military space armour kept her warm, waiting for her companions. Too bad it made her roughly five times as suspicious though. Still, Celine wouldn't trade it for being less of a sore thumb. A random snap shot that hit would kill her easily without it.

OOC: The Jovs are coming in to rebuild. Where and how do we get our vehicles btw.? Did you design one for me Zyrion? If so thanks. If not, would you do so please? I'm not too familiar with doing so. Graces!

2008-02-21, 04:37 PM
While loading his supplies onto the snow mobile Isaac surveyed his surroundings. The war here had done more damage than he had expected. Navigating through the area would be difficult with the amount of damage and snow littered about.

Stuffing the map into one of his coat pockets he double checked his supplies to make sure everything was accounted for. Confident everything was fine he returned to where the others were standing.

Turning to the officer he said, "Thanks for the help sir. Do the snowmobiles have enough gas to make a return trip, in case something should go wrong?"

2008-02-21, 10:23 PM
The officer turn to Beowulf and chuckled,
"Heh, you'll get use the weather... we all do eventually"
Raising an eyebrow
"As for intel being wrong, is that really a surprise?"
He scratches his chin, and thinks for a moment.
"Well a lot of big whigs are being flown in... I haven't heard anything on why though."
A Smirk appeared on his face.
"You can always hack into the passenger list at the space port to get the details, eh?"
Turning to the young man in glasses, who just went through the trunk of his snow mobile.
"Don't worry about your gear its all there."
He pats one of the snow mobiles,
"The little buggies are running on full capacity, you got enough juice for about 500km. "
Finishing his second cigar, and spiting out the end, he snaps his finger.
"Thats right, knew I forgot something, all of your heavy gears are going to be transfered to the rendezvous point, if you got other ideas for them, let me know."

[OOC:Moechi_Vill you mecha is posted in the OOC thread]

2008-02-21, 11:16 PM
"Skip it," Beowulf mumbled more to himself than to the others. If its important they'll learn about it eventually. With luck it won't broadside them like a 70-ton mech.

"Not like it hasn't happened before," he thought flicking his spent cigarette butt which hissed momentarily in the snow before dying. He immediately lit up another, cursing the cold.

Strapping his bag to the back he swung his legs over and flipped the switch. The powercell hummed to life as a lone headlight pierced the gloom.

"I don't trust my tongue to smuggle heavy equipment into the city." He rubbed his rough stubble, trying to get feeling back to his face. "Or I suppose we could just attack it from outside, or simultaneous attack from both."

2008-02-21, 11:43 PM

Now that the mission has begun, Anzen has undergone a drastic transformation. The smile has dissapeared from his face, replaced with a look of tranquil concentration. His eyes never stop slowly moving, and he moves with a lithe and practiced grace. Taking his pistol out of a rucksack, he clips it to the side of one of the snowmobiles. Quietly, he checks the controls, makes sure he can quickly draw his pistol from its position. "I'd like my Mech to be prepped and ready for instant use upon my arrival. Also, If it can be camo'd, that seems like a good option. Do you have any up-to-date information on troop movements or such?" His eyes fix briefly on the officer, then return to surveying his surroundings.

2008-02-23, 09:38 AM
[OOC:Moechi_Vill you mecha is posted in the OOC thread] OOC: Thank you.

Celine continues to wait in the cold. Hopefully her new colleagues wouldn't careen in on her in a firey blaze like her shuttle had through the athmosphere and the dying screams of the last inspector or her late teammates tasked with her in defending the Carrier Excelsin.
She keeps watch of her surroundings through the riflescope with her amps, fixating once or thrice on the minutia of snow crystals surrounding her. Confident no one is approaching her she finishes and lapses fast into idleness.
The lone figure Deici remains steadfast, head inclined a near imperceptible few degrees downwards, legs apart, but shorter then on a shooting range as the snow drifted around her. She preferred not to lean against any trunks for fear of silhouetting her form or rendering her more comfortable.

2008-02-23, 04:42 PM
The officer wrote on his notepad as he listened to Anzen's requests.
Looking up from the notebook at Anzen.
"No actual Joviri divisions in the area, they are all to west, at the border of the neutral zone, for now. As long as the truce hold you should only be encountering police or the "Plantery Militia" composed largely of Jovori sympathizers. Hell. if you keep a low profile, you probably just deal with the police. As for the camo, You want them to string some camo net to you mecha or something?"

2008-02-23, 05:00 PM

"My interest is just in keeping as low a profile as possible... Hm. I guess I'm really just trying to figure out an option that confuses our enemies as much as possible. Any chance of getting some IFF beacons that identify us as Jovian units? I know it wouldn't stand up to visual confirmation... but a few seconds of hesitation is a wonderful thing..."

2008-02-23, 08:32 PM
"I see. So as long as we go north by northwest we won't run as much risk of running into any Jovi patrols. That's slightly reassuring."

Pausing a moment in thought he continued "What's this Planetary Milita like?"

Sorry for the short post, head cold is bogging me down.

2008-02-23, 10:07 PM
The officer gave a sheepish smile to anzen
"afraid IFF transponders are beyond me, once you make contact with out boys in the city, you can get them to fix you up with a few, they should have hacked police one's if nothing else."

Turning to Issac he shask his head.
"No no no, don't head west, leat not till your ready, that's the Jovori Zone of Control."
He hold out a data pad and it projects a much larger map.
"You all should have this info already but doesn't hurt to get a refresher."

http://img255.imageshack.us/img255/1267/base1sf9.th.jpg (http://img255.imageshack.us/my.php?image=base1sf9.jpg)

He points about the map.
"The red markers are Jovi divisions, green are ours. We're north west of Port City Zentra right now. Southeast of here is the rendezvous point, and then to Zentra. Some major enemy stations are listed too. Feel free to download a copy, you can also get better maps inside the city."

[OOC: oops forgot to answer Issacs question]

He rubs his hand together for a brief moment.
"The Planetry Militia..."
He say rather disdainfully,
"Collaborator every damn one of them, it was started by a few wealthier residents of the planet that wanted to keep their fortunes. After the invasion force gained control of most of the planet, a bunch of them decided that staying loyal is not profitable and offered to join our new governors."
Still shaking his head,
"The PM is well supplied and funded. Drawn up largely from Jovi loyalists, and collaborator. I have heard some units are convict units but overall their nothing compare the the Jovi Guards on the planet. Their discipline and moral is low, but occasionally puts up a good fight. Far more dangerous than the police though, when in mass."

ooops ok I swapped the colors in this post, the correct color is green is gredorian and Red is Jovori sorry about the confusion

All maps now reflect the correct colors once again sorry about the confusion

2008-02-27, 11:24 AM
"Looks like we have more to worry about than just the military. I bet this Planetary Militia will make it harder to gather information within the city as well. Oh well, just makes the job more exciting," Isaac said with a grin.

Taking a copy of the world map and putting it together with the city map given earlier he felt ready to depart for the rendezvous point.

Turning to his two fellow planetary stowaways Isaac says informally, "Alright, I'm ready to head out. You guys ready?"

Ah, I see what happened. Zyirion, was the city map you posted earlier upside down? The red dot for the rendezvous point was at the top of the map so I assumed north. My bad. :smallsmile:

2008-02-27, 04:33 PM

Settling himself onto the snowbike, Anzen puts on his goggles. "Ready when you are." He starts his bike, and prepares to leave with the other two.

2008-02-27, 08:04 PM
Beowulf waited patiently for the others, burning through another cigarette in the process.

He couldn't shake an uneasy suspicion that things were just not clicking the way they were supposed to. He chalked it up as the initial disarray of a new unit forming, and matters weren't helped that the Mission Commander wasn't present, but there was also something else...

It nagged at him, but he's suffered through worse. Much, much worse. And these things eventually work themselves out.

"Let's get our equipment into the city," Beowulf said, slipping him a few credits for his troubles, then waiting for him to be well out of earshot. He was awfully well informed for a bribed custom official and hoped he wasn't bright enough to piece together too much with what he overhead from the three of them.

"Now lets hope nothing has changed too much in the city and our contacts are still in one piece," Beowulf mumbled as his snow mobile whined into the steady snowfall.

@Fisher - We're well north and a bit west of the city, being how you don't want re-entry vessels touching down too close to populated areas. Southeast takes us on a strait line to the rendezvous point and then the city proper.

2008-02-27, 09:26 PM
The Journey to the rendezvous point was a bit under an hour, avoiding the roads, the team traveled in silence and darkness, only the muffle engines of the snow mobiles and rushing wind accompany the group. The snowy dunes is interlaced with partially burnt pine forests, and blasted craters the snows has yet to fill.

The group stop near the rendezvous point, and examines area. A small camp is built near the point it is unlit and does not appear occupied.


Maybe it was the wind in his hair, or perhaps it was his new brand cigarettes, but Beowulf was unnaturally alert and aware of his surroundings as he approached. His senses peered out into the darkness, around trees and behind rocks, it was almost a zen moment. And this incredible new sense found a battered and worn planet... the forest are burnt and dead, the land is cratered and blasted, covered in ash and snow. A lone figure sat near a unlit sloppily built camp, from her posture she was obviously a Gredorian soldier, her rifle form was text book perfect, she peered out through the scope at her surroundings.

Off in the distance, high above him he hears the low pops of parachutes opening, four perhaps five of them, judging by the turbine noise of the departing plane they are likely to be friendly.


The base appears deserted, it looks as though the encampment was made fairly recently, and in a hurry. At this distance in the darkness, not much else can be made out.


Issac easily spot the person near the camp, a rifle and scope ready in hand. His identity is hard to make out in the darkness. The camp appears to have been built in a hurry, or some one without skill though pretty well camouflaged its configuration is similar to a foxhole. (This obviously rules out hunters) Issac thought to himself.


Celine was able to hear the sounds of several snow mobiles, long before they came with in visual range, three of them appeared on a snow mobile each, and stopped near her camp. Through her amplified goggles she was able to make out that all three were men and are in civilian clothing, one of them appears to be armed.

awareness rolls in the dice forum here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3995634&posted=1#post3995634)
Not sure where you placed your self in relation to the camp Celine so I placed you slightly out of the way from it.

Lets do some quick introduction now that everyone is finally together, and get the show on the road.

2008-02-27, 10:04 PM
Beowulf would've preferred a more subtle delivery method for everyone else's equipment but considering the time constraints he figured there was little time for much else. Now, if anyone with half a brain was looking...

"Lieutenant," he said briefly with a curt salute. Not one to dwell on ceremony he gets to business while fishing out another cigarette. "Seems they air dropped your equipment but I had them keep my stuff inside the city. Not sure what the plan is, but I was told you're the mission commander, ma'am." The last added belatedly, while he lit the smoke. Beowulf wished he bought more than a single carton with him.

Looking around he tries to approximate the drop location. Would be one helluva start if they dropped it on top of 'em.

Awareness - Base 16 + highest of = [roll0]

[OOC = Might be a good idea to hold a strategic meeting in the OOC thread here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3996225#post3996225)]

2008-02-27, 11:07 PM
Approaching the campfire and setting down his supplies the mechanic introduced himself to the waiting 4th member of the team.

"1st Lieutenant Isaac Cronos checking in," he said accompanied with a simple salute. "Any trouble getting here?"

When formalities are finished, Isaac will await instructions. In the past his role has been in the mechanic bay, not staging missions. Offering insight when appropriate, he'll leave the main planning to the experts.

Thanks guys, I didn't realize till after rereading one of the earlier posts. Got it down now. :smallsmile:

2008-02-27, 11:41 PM

Quietly sizing up the newcomer, Anzen nods to himself. Saluting briskly, he gets up off his snowmobile, holstering his pistol on his hip as he moves. "Right. Lets get our mecha warmed up and start moving. We have a rendezvous in Zentra to get to." Looking around warily, he pauses. "Unless there is a reason to delay?"

2008-02-28, 07:59 AM
Smiling back at Isaac she replies in a low voice. "Yes Lieutenant Isaac, there was trouble. I'll tell you about it later."
"Good to see you men." she addresses them all, then reaches into one of two dufflebags next to her feet and into her own pockets and produces several items per grab.
"I requisitioned these items for you at my own expense and danger. If you find them not useful or superfluous then please keep them in storage somehow on yourself or in the compartment in my mekton as we can trade them in later. And the money is a loan if you want it." she adds with a smile.
Celine quickly doles out a number of items, a light bar for each with two batteries, a canteen filled with water and two day-ration packs, a breather, two stun-stims, a sleep pill, a poison neutralizer, a speed heal, a synth-flesh spray, four painkillers, 100 credits.
"Here's two silencers." she offers up, holding two scoped smartguns, needle and sniper rifle, for inspection with detachable silencers. "And 600 rounds of DU rifle ammo and sleep poison and venom for the needler."
"Also I brought along 10 sleep grenades, five frags, five phosphorous, one amp each." she hands out to the two who aren't wearing one. "Four uniforms of either nationality, shifts of rugged civilian refugee clothing. A patch kit for each of you and a medikit if you do not have one and a survival kit. There are more meds, supplies, repair tools, hi-tech and other supplies in here for any eventuality." she strokes the bag. "And more coming down from the sky. I'm sure we can requisition backpacks if your fatigues won't hold it, and as noted, anything you find excessive from the sky can go in the cargo compartment."

"Help me raise the camp Isaac, while you... Beowulf and Anzen I believe." she says, looking at them. "Watch the perimeter while you locate the landing positions of our incoming equipment and take prudent action as you deem necessary or practical."

As Isaac gets a head start on packing up the tent Celine undresses down to her underwear then puts on her compressed spacesuit again with the helmet retracted, with the worn civilian clothings covering her body superficially. Then she gets to her task and helps the Lieutenant finish up.

2008-02-28, 02:40 PM
Before the team can begin clearing the camp, the paradrops floated over the camp, four large covered pallets landed near the eastern side, each look over 40m squared, their retro rockets kicking up small clouds of ash and snow.

A tall thin man walked out of the cloud, he has a long sharp face, with short graying hair brushed back. Wearing a Gredorian Major's uniform, he peered out at the camp from squinted eyes. Apparently locating his target he headed towards the only woman in the group, Behind him as the dust settles, several other men can been seen about the pallets unsecuring the equipment around them.

He walks up to Celine,
"Captain, please assemble your squad."
He then gestures to the the men scrambling about the pallets.
"All pilots and support personnel please report to me, all remaining persons shall continue with detachment procedures"

Three men and one woman, left the group and joined the gathering. One male and one female, both in pilot suits assembled next to the major. They both looked to be in their early twenties, the man is of average height with nondescript features. He has short brown hair and droopy brown eyes, giving him a sleepy look. The young woman currently looks somewhat disheveled, the long blond hair spread about her shoulders, that still complement her fair skin and almond shape green eyes, her pilot suit looks dirty and in disarray, but the tight suit accentuate her curves well, even in this state she can't be anything other than beautiful.

The other two men looks to be in the late 40's. First is a man of slightly above average height, but with a great girth and solid build, He has stubbaring a deep blue coveralls stained in grease, his hairy but powerful forearm marks him as a man not to be taken lightly. He took to one knee on the snow at the edge of the gathering. The final man is of similar build as the major, with gray hair and a receding hair line. He has a monocle over his right eye. Even while walking to the group he is constantly typing on his notebook.

Once all have gathered, the Major spoke in a monotone voice.
"Morning everyone, I am Major Anthony G. Stiltmen. And it is a pleasure to welcome you all as part of Operation Blackhand."
The pleasure completely lacking from his voice.
"Despite my rank, I am not your commanding officer, I'm here strictly to fill a support role, I'll be managing your logistic, and serve as your liaison to our forces stationed here."

"Now I like to introduce you all to your commanding officer captain Ellesviel,"
He gestures to the stunning brown haired woman next to him.
"Captain Ellesviel is one of our top aces in the entire fleet, some of you might know her by her call sign Stalker, with over 200+ confirmed kills, before she was transfered to the ground forces."
Pausing for a moment
"Dismiss any rumors you might have heard, I have every confidence in her ability to lead this mission to a successful end. We all should be very glad that she is on this mission with us."
An empty smile filled his face as he said this.
The other two pilots seemed very uneasy as he said her callsign.

Turning to Issac,
"1st Lieutenants Cronos is your second in command. He has a record of exemplary service with the Elite 87th RGT on K-12, he experience there will gave us a valuable advantage during key parts of this mission. I also understanding you were an assistant to Dr. Hevel?"
Without wait for an answer.
"She was a brilliant researcher..."
Pausing again.

"Warrant officer Genir..."
A disturbingly wolfish grin appeared on his face.
"You came... very, highly recommended..."
Sizing Beowulf up.
"I am certain, that you will not disappoint."
Not caring for a reply

"2nd Lieutenant Anzen rounds out the force sent to us by high command."
Looking at the two other pilots.
"He is just like you two, very new to the force but shows great potential."

"On my end I like to introduce, ensign Alison Ittora, and ensign Richard Lohngram."
He turns to the two pilots
"Ensign Ittora is the best pilot by far, best of her class at the naval flight school."
Alison gave a bright smile and a thumbs up to everyone, at the mention of her scores.
"I'm also the 2nd best shot!" she added happily
"Ensign Lohngram is a electronic warfare expert at the naval technical school, also, the best of his class."
The major continued.
Richard give a non committal grunt at the mentioning of his name.

"Aaron Bennit is our chief technician." He gestures to the stout man kneeling in the snow.
The gruff man looks up at everyone with a crooked smile
"You break them, I fix them! I get paid per repair, so be as rough as you want!!"
His smile got bigger at the mention of his pay.
"Last but not least, Doctor Johan Krautz, his is our chief medical officer for this team."
The doc still typing away on his note book complete ignoring everyone.

"Now before I go into the situational briefing, are there any general questions?"
Folding his arms before him he looks each and everyone in the eyes.
Aside from a few empty smiles and the wolfish grin earlier, his expression remains unchanged.

[OOC: yeah pretty slow at work today, The major will give a indepth intel brief, in a moment, actually only if the afternoon proves to be just as slow. Maps for sure won't be up till I get home though.]

2008-02-28, 04:20 PM
"Nein Sir." Celine answers, with a slip of another tongue as she is just settled into her new clothes and she snaps to attention with a respectful nod and smile that makes full eye-contact with him that conveys her relief and pleasure at his presence on the campaign, and her promotion and that she didn't quite get around to handing over her equipment and cash to her companions. "There are a few more exhaustive points I need to go over with you later, I have also received information that the elite unit, enemy callsign 'Bloodhound'* is stationed on this planet as reserve."
"Bennit, I hope switching fusion cores and modifying weapons are part of your pay grade." she adds with a friendly grin.
"Pleased to meet you all." she states sincerely, sizing up everyone overtly and making eyecontact.

*I went ahead and made up a name for her nemesis. It's ok? I might be mistaken, but did the Major bring a replacement pilot? Or are the two of them aeroforce and tanker? Well, I guess we might always pick up pilots and replacement suits down at the archipelago if we get there in time. If we go... ;)

2008-03-01, 04:19 AM
"Very well captain, we will address those issues, at a later time."
Seeing no more questions, he took out a PDA from his pocket and started the brief.

"Now, the current strategic situation is grim, so realized support for our operation, despite the high priority will be limited. We have a sizable 5th column in the city of Zentra, in the slums. That will be the staging point for this operation."

"Zentra city is the life line for near by Zentra Space Port, which am sure that most of you have seen. The city has about 300,000 residence and another 250,000 or so squatters and refugees."

A map is projected from his PDA

http://img509.imageshack.us/img509/7466/portcityzentraab4.th.jpg (http://img509.imageshack.us/my.php?image=portcityzentraab4.jpg)

"The city's total police force numbers about 5,000, they have access to numerous light APC, usually variants on the Type 98 and what ever else that can get from the local PM regiments. About 2 dozen have be modified to be equipped with the ATM-3 LOSAT (Line of Sight Anti Tank) Missiles. These missile are armed with a high yield HEAP warhead. "

Type- 98

Type 98 Light Armored Car

Crew: 2 Driver:1 Gunner:1
Passenger: 2
Armament: 1x 10mm MG (5d6, BV5, 500 Rounds, 32-500m)
Armor: 11.5mm (12h SP)
Dimensions: L 3.7m W2.02m H1.7m
Weight: 3.35tons
Powerplant: PevKot EX 1T (Powercell)
Speed: 10h
4 Road Wheels (5H each)

Type 98M Light Armored Car

Crew: 2 Driver:1 Gunner:1
Passenger: 2
Armament: 1x 10mm MG (5d6, BV5, 500 Rounds, 32-500m)
1x LOSAT 3T Missle(10K, 4 Reloads, 6h-24h,)
Armor: 11.5mm (12h SP)
Dimensions: L 3.7m W2.02m H1.7m
Weight: 3.37tons
Powerplant: PevKot EX 1T (Powercell)
Speed: 10h
4 Road Wheels (5H each)

Type 98B Light Armored Car

Crew: 3 Driver: 1 Gunner:2
Passenger: 1
Armament: 1x 10mm MG (5d6, BV5, 500 Rounds, 32-500m)
1x 15mm MG (7d6, BV3, 500 Rounds, 50-500m)
Armor: 11.5mm (12h SP)
Dimensions: L 3.7m W2.02m H1.7m
Weight: 3.38tons
Powerplant: PevKot EX 1T (Powercell)
Speed: 10h
4 Road Wheels (5H each)

"Our main threat here is the Planetary Militia. The PM maintains a single mixed battalion here in the city. It boasts one regiment of mecha, and two regiments
of mechanized infantry, remaining two regiment are support and logistic units."

"despite being a designated as a regiment, the 18th Heavy Regiment haves only 28 operation units, most of these are old outdated military units, GCM-18 and variants, some are second line combat models or upgunned police and civilian models."


Model GCM-18

Weight Cost
Total 41 114.2

Humanoid: -4 7 0

CP SP KL ML+ ARM TYP Frame Wt: 30
HH 04 04 04 04 Std
TT 08 08 08 04 Std
RA 04 04 04 +0 04 Std
LA 04 04 04 +0 04 Std
RL 06 06 06 +2 04 Std
LL 06 06 06 +2 04 Std
PD 05 10 00 04

Type Space Control
Cockpit Armored 1 Screen

Sensor TYPE Range Comm. CP SPC KL Loc
Main HS 11 1300 06 01 02 H
BKUP BK 02 300 02 02 02 T

Cost Space Kills
Liftwire 0.3 0 0
Spotlights 0.2 0 0
Nightlights 0.5 0 0
MicroManip X2 2 2 0
Escap Pod 2 1 0

Cost Space MA Loc
Wheel 2 1 +2 LL
Wheel 2 1 RL

Range Weight

Powerplant: Hot Fusion XS:5

Hydraulics: Standard
Arctic Protection .05
Desert Protection .05

Weapons Range Dmg WA Kill BV Shots Wgt Space Cost Loc
Hand 1 2 0 1 .5 1 2 RA
Hand 1 2 0 1 .5 1 1 LA
Autocannon 4 2 -2 2 8 10b 1 5 6 T
Hard point 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 2 2 LA
Rocket Launcher 7 4 0 3 10 1.5 4 4 HP
Heavy Missile 24 12 +2 0 1 .5 3 3 PD
Heavy Missile 24 12 +2 0 1 .5 3 3 PD
Heavy Missile 24 12 +2 0 1 .5 3 3 PD

"The mechanized infantry regiments uses the Type 101 APCs and variants with a small number to Type 78 medium tanks. All the infantry are armed with a assault rifle and several grenades, some squads will carrier a support weapon , types will vary by mission."
APC 101

APC 101s Armored Personnel Carrier

Crew: 2 Driver: 1 Gunner:1
Passenger: 10
Armament: 1x 15mm MG (7d6, BV3, 500 Rounds, 50-500m)
Armor: 25mm (1k SP)
Dimensions: L 5.98 W2.49m H2.06m
Weight: 13.98 tons
Powerplant: MISD (Powercell)
Speed: 7h
Half Tracked (snow model)
-Track 4 1k wheels
-Ski 2 1k ski

APC 101 Armored Personel Carrier

Crew: 2 Driver: 1 Gunner:1
Passenger: 10
Armament: 1x 15mm MG (7d6, BV3, 500 Rounds, 50-500m)
Armor: 25mm (2k SP)
Dimensions: L 5.98 W2.49m H2.06m
Weight: 13.98 tons
Powerplant: MISD (Powercell)
Speed: 7h
Half Tracked (road model)
-Track 4 1k wheels
-Wheel 2 1k wheels

Type-78 Tank

Type-78 Medium Tank

Crew: 3 Driver: 1 Gunner:1 Commander: 1
Armament: 1x 10mm MG (5d6, BV5, 500 Rounds, 32-500m) Hull
1x 10mm MG (5d6, BV5, 500 Rounds, 32-500m) Coaxle
1x 76mm Rifled Gun(6k, 10 HE, 7hex)
30 HE, 10 AP 10 HEBR1
Armor: 65mm (6k SP)
Dimensions: L6.09m W2.98m H2.75m
Weight: 30.9tons
Powerplant: V-2-34 (Hot Fusoin)
Speed: 5h
Tracked -Track 12 .5k wheels

"The following is a quick rundown of the prominent figures of the city"

"The head of the police is chief Taylor Shoels"
The PDA projected a picture of an older dark haired man, with a neatly trimmed mustache. He wore a combination cap with dark sun glasses. "He was the deputy chief of the city just a little while ago. He took power when the Jovori took control of the city, by deposing of his superior."

"The deputy chief is Reison Teylon "
The Picture Changed to a young man with light skin and a dark afro, he as a wild look in his eyes, and what appears to be artificially sharpen incisors.
"He transfered here from a logistical unit in the Jovori Army, thanks to his father. He is not a very sane person and having a bit of power seem to have gone to his head."

"Mayor of the city, Fredrick Heim"
A new picture appears, of an old sweaty man, he is complete bald and over weight, wearing an unflattering business suit, surrounded by attractive women."He was a former business tycoon that bought himself the position from the Jovori Military. Your standard corrupt city official."

"Mayor's personal assistant, Fritzgeradine 'Fritzy' Oulian."
A seductive women in her late 20's shown up on the projection, she seems very confident and sure of her self in a provocative gray business suit.
"She is also the mayor's mistress, despite her looks she is very intelligent and has a hand in pretty much everything that is going on in the city. She is likely the most influential person with the major power brokers here than anyone else."

"PM Commander Colonel Ghuri Kolath"
A young man in a full dress uniform, complete with a sword. He has clean cut short blond hair, and blue eyes.

"His a political appointee, only 28 years old, he got where he is because of his father, neither inspiring nor competent, he can do little to affect the outcome of our mission."

"The second in command, Major Henri Kilsap."
A mug shot of a man in his early 40s, he has short buzzed brown hair and dull brown eyes, and a permanent frown on his face.
"A defector, was a sergeant in the our army, now work
for the jovi's, I do believe he use to serve with you on Fiat, 2nd Lt Anzen."
"He has numerous commendation from army high command, and is an accomplish veteran, known to inspire loyalties in his men, do not underestimate him."

"Are there any questions regarding this briefing?"
He looks around the group.

2008-03-01, 08:49 PM
The same name (Henri Kilsap) popped up twice. Oh and btw., Celine has platinum hair with a blue stripe. But iffen ya wantz her to be a brunette, that is ok. ^^

"Major Stiltmen Sir, where is the cockpit located on the GCM? Any intel on the number of units at standby on the base? Does torching their hangars seem a reasonable solution to delay a response?" a nick throw of the head indicates Celine is simply brainstorming. She looks more seriously at Anthony...

"Sir, I'm worried about carrying out a mission so close to our hideout. Why have our agents not yet managed to extract the documents manually? I assume we have been brought here to force through a violent solution? At the moment I am leaning towards a strategy of blitzing in and simply focusing all firepower to quickly leave our former headquarters a crater unless the files are located underground or in a blast-proof cabinet in which case we would need a bomb, incendiaries or specific knowledge on which area to target. Your thoughts, Sir?"

Do the vehicles have an internal kill rating to destroy besides their armor?

2008-03-06, 08:59 AM
In the midst of taking down notes on the key figures of the city, Isaac pauses to comment on Celine's question.

"I don't think that'd be wise 1st Lieutenant. If we suddenly attack in force we'll have every soldier, policeman, and militia member in the city breathing down our necks in no time. It would also reveal our purpose to the remaining units and soldiers elsewhere on the planet."

Returning to his notes, he puzzles over various figures. Starting to formulate the beginning of a strategy he asks the Major:

"Major Stiltman, what sort of communication power do the soldiers and militia possess within the city? Do they rely on a few long range communication towers or do they all have their own long range communicators? I'm worried that no matter what we do, word is going to get out.

2008-03-06, 08:14 PM
Isaac"I don't think that'd be wise 1st Lieutenant. If we suddenly attack in force we'll have every soldier, policeman, and militia member in the city breathing down our necks in no time. It would also reveal our purpose to the remaining units and soldiers elsewhere on the planet."

"Its Captain now, Isaac Cronos." she smiles at him with some flair.
"I would agree with you, but we are on a time limit. Before the end of this campaign we will have to deal with the problem or move our base of operations."

She turns to look at Stiltmen.
"Major? Do you agree with Isaac on this? Unless we have a terrific hidden base to operate from there is an inherent danger in staying in the area, exponentially so should we conclude the local objective ASAP by using the hardware given to us. Have you considered if it would be possible to draw us south to the Archipelago, Sir?"

2008-03-08, 01:47 AM
The major looks over at young 2nd Lieutenant.
"Do to the years of fighting on this planet, most of the infrastructure including communications have suffered heavy damage.The PM headquarters and the mayor's office is the only two buildings in the city equipped with long distance transmitters. Most everyone else use low power transmitters with ranges less than 400km. This also allows the mayor and the PM to monitor long distance transmissions in and out of the city."
He take a moment to reads from his PDA.
"All long distance communications from the city relies on a series of repeater tower scattered about the region to rely the data. Sometimes they can get a cruiser in orbit to relay the transmission."

Turning back to the Celine.
"Now captain, only you can really answer your question, I am not to be involved in any operational planning, as my role here is purely logistics, High Command believes that having me, a Major to requisition your supplies would expedite the process, and show the ground forces here the importance of your mission. You are to carry out this mission with your best judgment, and if that judgment should lead you to decide to contact our remaining ground forces here, then feel free to do so."

Turning off his PDA and placing it back inside his jacket.
"Since there a no more questions, this meeting is adjourned. We have gone through great trouble to obtain all that you have requested, double check your gear, you will find everything there."

He turns around and gestures for the Doctor and the Cheif Tech to follow him.
"If you will excuse me, I must discuss some supply issues with the doctor and the chief."
He stops and look back at everyone.

"The support units will move out in one hour, to ours base in the city, if you all are on a different course of action please inform me."

[OOC: ok everyones equipment has be acquired, your support units are in 3 heavy transports, kinda like military 18 wheeler transports. Three mecha can fit in each truck, plus supplies and one final truck for the mobile repair and surgery centers. If you guys don't want to go with the the support units then the you can begin planing for the mission here, other wise we will pick up once you guys are in the city slums, at the headquarters of the Gredorian fifth column. And Planing will start there.]

2008-03-08, 02:14 AM
The cockpit location on the GCM, please?

"I read you loud and clear Sir. You are Quartermaster and Representative but not an advisor." Celine says, hoping she could get more information later on the tactical and strategical situation on the planet from the agents in the city.
"OK boys, saddle up and stay in the truck where your Mekton is at all times except for essentials in case we are ambushed. Mission planning is scheduled for the city due to a lack of intelligence on how to complete the objective effectively and how to stay hidden or retreat afterwards should we have chosen to rush the objective."
She double-checks her gear and loads up on the vehicle carrying her machine.

As soon as they get to the base Celine will resume asking the Major questions: If there is a bomb available (logistics), whether they would be ok if left behind by the Mekton Squad to complete assignments elsewhere ('I'd prefer not to leave you guys behind if that puts you in danger'), how transport will be accommodated for missions across the globe and who among the agents to speak to for further information in how to carry out the local objective.

2008-03-08, 02:23 AM

Anzen nods. "I will sleep in the cockpit." He straightens his holster, then begins to jog in the direction of his mech.

2008-03-08, 07:55 AM

"Excellent Anzen. Very professional." Celine notes with admiration.

Soon as she gets an opportunity at the base 'Deici' chats up Alison and Richard and the others for ideas on how they feel about the mission. She talks for two hours with the intelligence officers present and slowly begins to formulate a plan to destroy the old HQ in its entirety conventionally based on its frailty.
The main problem would still be how to relocate to the Archipelago as she plans, taking along as many of their support functions as possible while minimizing risk.

2008-03-09, 12:37 AM
"Now here is my finished plan." she notes to them over a small map with some sketchings.

"We move our non-combat departments legally, without breaking the truce, to the archipelago. Then we blow up the headquarters and boost across the sea with an escort if we can attain it or if enemy interdiction is weak, otherwise we will have to rely on stealth and laying low after the mission before following suit."

Celine shows the plans to the Major and asks him for input and if there isn't an Operations Officer present to look them over.

2008-03-13, 12:30 PM
Taking leave for the night, Isaac traveled from the camp to his mecha. The 13th Jinx seemed to be in good condition and operational. Isaac was thankful that the landing hadn't disrupted any of the sensitive systems.

Climbing up to the cockpit, he quickly initiated the AI. The familiar sound of the computer warming up was a welcome change compared to the cold wind and unfamiliar sounds from outside.

"Joker," he said, activating the AI. "Ready for another run of field duty?"

READY SIR, the computer responded.

"Good. Looks like tomorrow's going to be a long day."

2008-03-18, 05:46 PM
The trip to the city was uneventful, the major appears with all the right paper work and large sums of cash, leaving many happy and soon to be drunk guards at every check point passed through.

The city is in shambles, and the roads is filled with pot holes from war and disrepair. Most of the city seems to be with out power, with the exception of some large mansions in the center of the city and the police and military bases. The headquarters is nothing more than and collection of huts, and bombed out building in a make-do shanty town on the western side of the city, all the trucks were immediately covered and stowed into there hiding places, and rooms assigned to all the members, the four male pilots shared one room and the two female pilots another. The rooms are bare with barely enough furnishing to be comfortable.

Soon as everyone arrived, assigned rooms and informed of the meal times, all the pilots are ushered in the a meeting room, barely enough room for all its occupants, a single electric light dangles in the room, maps are sprawled about, with notes hastily scribbled on it. Several file cabinets and book shelfs is over flowing with documents. The Major was already there, he is currently chatting with another older man with a thin wiry frame. He barely glances up as you all enter.

As everyone take a seat, he crossed his fingers before him and speaks,
"I am Commander Kondler, the major here called on a favor from me, and wanted me the help out with your operational planning, and after long discussion with you captain, have come to the decision of blowing up the old headquarters and all thats inside including the documents."
He pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath,
"I have drawn up the necessary plans base on the captains suggestions. There will be 3 teams, team one will be just you captain. Team two will consist of Ensign Lohngram and a person of your choice. Team three will whom every is left over."
Opening up a city map an actual paper map.
"Seeing everyone's stares, yes it a paper map, power delivery is erratic in this section of the city, and I'm old fashioned."
Looking down at the map again his points one part or another as he spoke.
"Back on topic, there is going to be a demonstration against the mayor tomorrow at his residence, about the lack of utilities and supplies in the city. It happens quite often, and we will take advantage of this to strike and the militia base. Team three in a capture police APC, will respond to the demonstration with excessive force in an attempt to spark a riot. Team two in position at the mayors residence mixed in with the crowd, when the fire works start to send a power surge into the residence and shut down its transmitters. Team one in a customized unmarked GCM-18 will do a drive by on the police station after it has dispatch some of its forces to respond to the riot. At which point team one and two shall during the firefight, disable the second transmitter at the police HQ. After the second transmitter is down, team tow and three will meet near the Milita base with your support personnel and get into GCM-18 with police markings. and All three teams with attack the base, and team two will plant the bomb, and detonate it as you all are transported outside the city. Which bring up my last point where is our next destination captain? And of course the meeting is opened to question and suggestions."He said and looks about the room.
Ensign Lohngram spoke up first,"Do we really have to blow up the base, and more importantly do I have to be the one to set the bomb?"
"Yes." Snapped commander Kondler "I do not tolerate cowards, you will do your duty."
Ensign Lohngram whithered under his glare.

[OOC ok that the plan, any suggestion or changes in the roster, or want to do something differently now is the time. Otherwise the mission starts tomorrow sometime in the afternoon, the demonstrators are not very punctual.]

2008-03-19, 04:49 AM
"Isaac Cronos will accompany Lohngram." she says with a nod to the trust lieutenant pilot XO.
"Anzen, Genir and Ittora will form the third team. I have the utmost faith in you all."

"Next destination is the archipelago, and I wish to bring the whole team. We must secure our next objective."

"This is a brilliant plan. Not only can we accomplish our objective... if the bomb is strong enough. It better be, the files could be protected inside a safe. We can also make the Mayor and Jovian forces more unpopular and it is more lowkey than my initial idea of using our mektons.
We will have to exit quickly in order to make use of our window of escape. What mode of transportation will we be taken out of the city in?"